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Surprised and Used Again

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Just when I thought that nothing would happen, on the thirteenth day after my trip to Birmingham, a text arrived at around 8.30 pm saying “Hope to see you at 6.30 pm tomorrow at the same place or will contact as previously notified.”

This was a veiled threat that to anyone else would have appeared innocuous. A further message arrived shortly after saying “Just in case you are having second thoughts, here is a sample photograph.

” The photograph clearly showed my face and a prick causing a bulge in one of my cheeks. With a sinking heart and my mind in a whirl I spent the rest of the evening wondering if I dare ignore the message. The truth was that I could not risk being exposed like this. There was something else too; secretly, I felt a quiver of excitement that ended in my groin.

This gave me just one day’s notice, so I was thankful in one respect; that I didn’t have too long to dwell on the matter. I felt alternately tense, then excited, and spent a fidgety night without much sleep, until I gave in to pleasure and had a long slow wank with a crashing orgasm finale, cum soaking my belly and chest. I cleaned myself. Then I slept.

I kept myself fairly busy the following day until around 4.30 pm when I started to get ready for the journey. I showered, shaved ad dressed in T-shirt, tracksuit bottom and slip-on shoes before filling my car with petrol and driving the sixty-mile journey carefully. As I drove my mind worked overtime with thoughts of what the evening had in store.

I timed my arrival to be spot-on, as I didn’t want to be waiting around anxiously for the old man’s arrival. The car park seemed pretty quiet as most shops had closed and the shoppers had gone home. I parked a little way from the public toilet so that no one would see which car I had arrived in, locked the doors and hid the key behind one of the wheels. I didn’t want to carry anything with me that could further identify me.

As I approached the appointed spot on foot I saw the old man waiting outside. He held a mobile phone in his hand with a finger poised on one of the buttons; to forward messages to all and sundry with the incriminating photograph of me sucking enthusiastically at his cock.

When I was a few feet away he smiled and spoke “I’m delighted you were able to join me. Go into the second cubicle, strip naked before putting these cuffs on your wrists behind your back and then face the toilet. And wait.”

I took the handcuffs from him and said “I won’t cause you any trouble, just please don’t send the message.” I entered the scene of my humiliation, stepped into the second cubicle and took off my few clothes, put on the cuffs and waited. The evening was starting to cool and I felt a shiver, causing my nipples to stand erect. In no time I also involuntarily had a very hard cock.

After a minute or so I heard a car pull-up close to the toilets. With the sound of the engine running outside, the old man entered the cubicle and said “That’s very good” before slapping my arse really very hard. The slap stung but only hardened my erection. The old man picked up my briefs and, like last time, stuffed them into my mouth before running a length of adhesive tape round my head to ensure my silence.

Next he applied some sort of lubricant to my arse, fingered it and then said “I’m going to insert a butt plug now for your own benefit. Relax and enjoy it. It has a remote vibrator that I’ll set to throb at intervals.” He kicked my legs apart, pressed the tip of the butt plug to my sphincter and slowly applied pressure whilst turning it. It was not long until it was almost completely inside me. Then with a “plop” it sank up to the hilt and my arse gripped it tightly.

He then walked back to the toilet entrance before returning and, to my alarm, pulled me roughly outside. There was no one around to see my nakedness fortunately. That was such a relief, but the boot lid of the large saloon car was open and I was forced inside. The lid closed, shutting out all light and the car set off. He must have driven around for about 45 minutes, though it was difficult to keep track of time in such circumstances. I felt nauseous from the journey, though the intermittent throb of the butt plug held my attention for much of the time and served as a welcome distraction from my uncomfortable surroundings.

Eventually, the car slowed to a halt and I heard the old man get out, followed by the sound of heavy gates opening. He then returned and drove through, and I heard the gates shutting behind. The sound he made when walking around the car had a kind of echo quality to it, as though we were now indoors.

The boot lid opened, blinding me with light from above. A blindfold was put over my eyes before I was dragged out of the car boot and told to “Stand still while I look you over.” The floor was concrete and damp. I felt the old man’s hands touch my arse, checking the butt plug was still in place, before running them up my back and round to my chest.

He twisted first one erect nipple and then the other quite painfully, though it was bearable and I felt a hint of pleasure. He then ran them down my belly, grasped my prick, wanking it back and forth a few times. It felt wonderful but I didn’t say anything. Finally he cupped my balls in one hand and said, “These feel quite full. We’ll have to do something about that. I hope too that you have an appetite.”

I was then pulled along to some steps and made to fumble my way down, probably two levels, and then into another room. My still handcuffed arms were pulled above me and I was again chained to an overhead pipe before the mask was removed and I could see that I was in a dimly lit room about twelve feet square. There was no furniture and the walls were just of breezeblock construction. The old man said, “I’m going to remove the gag as no one can hear you. Shout if you wish, but you will be punished. I have to make a few preparations and then we can start.” I received another resounding slap to my arse, which felt like it was aglow. With that he was gone for about twenty minutes, locking the heavy door behind him. The butt plug was still throbbing and I was desperate to cum.

I figured that I was in some kind of industrial plant, a disused factory perhaps or a warehouse. On his return, the old man unlocked the chain holding me to the pipe and said, “We can go in now, everything is ready for you.” He held my, still cuffed, wrist and steered me along a dark corridor and through a Judas gate, leading into some sort of large dimly lit workshop with high ceilings and heavy lifting gear. I was led to the centre of the room where a bright spotlight shone down from above, forming a circle of light about ten feet square. It was difficult to discern the edges of the workshop in the gloom, though I could see small red lights glowing from several locations. It was absolutely quiet apart from a slight humming from the gloom

“Lay on your back” the old man ordered and I did as I was told, feeling the coolness of the floor against my skin, soothing my glowing arse. He stepped outside the light and came back with some leather shackles that he fastened to each of my ankles. These were in turn hooked onto a heavy-duty rope and before I truly realised what was happening, there was a whirring noise and the rope was pulled into the air with me hoisted behind. My legs were apart and I was suspended in mid air with my head about three feet off the concrete floor.

The old man disappeared into the gloom once more leaving me feeling very vulnerable as I tried to spin myself around to see where he was. Though I couldn’t see him, I could hear some rustling sounds to one side, from where he emerged wearing a mask, but was otherwise completely naked. “We’ll start you off with something you enjoyed last time we met” I heard him say before grabbing my nose between finger and thumb. My mouth fell open so that I could breath and I tasted the salty-ness as his erect prick slid quickly into my mouth.

He released my nose and clasped my head to his groin, causing me to gag. “Relax and concentrate on sucking my cock as far down as you are able” he said, then slapped my arse several times causing an intake of breath and allowing his cock access to the very furthest reaches of my throat.

“That’s really very good. Suck it hard” he said as he drove his cock in and out, time after time. I was dribbling a combination of saliva and pre-cum down my face and into my hair.

After five minutes or so, his pace quickened and he gasped, “Take my spunk, you little cock whore.” My mouth was filled with a stream of cum which I tried to swallow, though some leaked out over my face. Having withdrawn his cock, the old man teased the escaping cum back into my mouth with his fingers. I swallowed it down hungrily.

Next, as he recovered his breath, he reached into the gloom for a whip that he draped over my groin and slowly pulled back so that the leather tickled my stomach, cock, balls and arse. This was repeated several times until, on the last occasion, he pulled it back very quickly and brought the lash down on my bare arse causing me to wince from the sharp pain. Again, this was repeated several times and I could feel the red marks rising on my buttocks. My relief was only temporary when he stopped as he curled the lash round again and whipped across my stomach. I was wriggling in pain and pleading loudly to be released.

It was at this point that the old man announced to the darkness “Now we move onto the removal of body hair.” He stepped into the darkness and, to my horror, I saw another figure approaching. It was a tall, muscular black man holding a cutthroat razor and a bowl of water. He was naked and had a cock at least nine inches long by my reckoning. It was much bigger than my more modest equipment anyway.

“How would sir like it?” he said. I was dumbstruck.

“OK, all off it is then sir.” I really was in no position to argue as he lathered my groin ready for the shave.

“Don’t struggle sir. We don’t want any nasty slips do we?” I took his point and tried to remain perfectly still.

I realised then that the black man had been in the darkness all the time and that the red lights I’d noticed earlier were from video cameras that were recording all of this abuse, presumably for later enjoyment. This seemed very organised and professional to be random and surely I could not be the first victim. They were also careful not to use names to avoid identification. My anxiety deepened. No one knew I was here. What was going to happen to me?

He set to work trimming the longer tufts of hair first with scissors then, making sure I was completely covered in soap, delicately trimming away the pubic hair on my stomach, working ever closer towards my still rampant, and now tingling, prick. Eventually he seemed satisfied with this and manoeuvred the blade around my balls, leaving me bald.

“Dear, dear, there’s more between your cheeks to remove.” I was perfectly still, though also feeling a cold sweat from fear of any accidents as he shaved the last hair from my nether regions.

“A job well done.” He congratulated himself as he ran his fingers over my belly, prick, balls and arse to confirm he was finished. Then, quickly, he removed the hair from my chest and my armpits too. Setting down the razor, he reached for my arse and slowly worked the butt plug from between my cheeks. It came free with a “plop” after much twisting and pulling. I felt like I was having a shit! He inserted three fingers and worked them round for a minute.

The old man stepped back into the light. “That’s it, he’s ready now.” My arms too were hoisted into the air so that I was suspended face up but levelled out at about a three feet high.

The old man announced to the darkness around us “Now the double penetration”, whilst positioning himself between my legs. The black man moved to my head and both inserted their cocks into me at the same time. I was fucked very hard by both of them as they managed to co-ordinate their thrusts to attain maximum leverage. After several minutes, they stopped and changed ends before fucking me some more. My arse was getting accustomed now to insertions and the pain was less, though I was still gagging while being deep throated, particularly by the black man’s longer prick.

The old man cautioned the black man “Remember, you’re not to cum in his arse. That pleasure is mine tonight.” He nodded in response and I received another round of fucking whilst the two men’s hands roved wherever they chose on my body, stroking, pinching and slapping. Eventually they changed ends again and my mouth was once more filled with black cock whilst my arse had white. This time they really went hard at it and were soon shooting their loads into me. The black man made me open my mouth and show the cum to him before swallowing. The old man inserted two fingers into my arse and scooped out some of his cum before insisting I licked them clean.

Slowly they lowered me back to the ground and I lay there for a few minutes recovering. I couldn’t help touching my newly smooth and shaved skin. I started to wank off, urged on by my two assailants until, in a burst, I sprayed several jets of hot, sticky spunk onto my belly and the concrete floor beside me. I had so needed that release and just lay there getting my breath back for a while.

I was pulled into a kneeling position. Both men stood before me and I was ordered to “Open wide.” First the black man started to rain down a stream of piss on my head. When I closed my mouth I received a hard slap and opened up again, letting the urine bubble and froth in my mouth, some of it running down my chin, chest and groin. I couldn’t help swallowing some of the piss. It didn’t taste so bad after all I guess. Then the old man pissed on me too, my hair completely soaked. I swallowed much more this time and the old man looked pleased.

“OK folks, that’s all this time. I hope you’ve enjoyed the show and our new participant’s debut performance. There will be a party for members in two weeks so get your bids in early. The ten maximum will apply.”

I was reeling. Did they really intend that I would do this again? I didn’t have long to wait for an answer. “You’ll meet me at the same time in two weeks or it will be the worse for you if you let down our members.

He handed me a card saying “Here’s a website address and a password to enable you to access your film. I’ll edit it tomorrow and it will be available to view from Monday. That was quite a performance.”

The black man spoke “There’s just one more thing before we let you leave; a nipple piercing.” He produced a small block of ice and held it to my left nipple. I could feel it going numb and after a couple of minutes the old man produced a type of gun that he clamped onto my nipple and pulled the trigger.

A bolt of pain shot through me, and a small amount of blood trickled down my chest. He then inserted a sleeper and said “It will be sore for a couple of days. Bathe it in salt water…and make damn sure you’re wearing it next time.”

“Ok, you can shower over here and dress.”

I showered quickly and dressed. My briefs were missing and I thought to myself “This could get expensive.”

The old man blindfolded me again and took me to the car where I was placed back into the boot. We drove only for twenty minutes or so this time before stopping. The boot opened and I was back at the public toilets.

“Thanks again for your submission tonight. You’ll enjoy our party. I’ll be in touch.” The he drove away into the night and I walked back to my car, trying to get my head round the perverted pleasure I got from the humiliation and abuse I’d undergone. While my arse and mouth were sore, I started to feel excited thinking about the next time and what it might hold.

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Bob wrote

O fuck that was one cum loving story.