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The Boss’ Wife

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When I took over as chair of the office social committee, I was not aware that one of the tasks I’d inherited from the previous chair was helping the boss set up for the company Christmas party that he hosted at his house. It wasn’t something I should have had to do, but the previous chair had set a precedent that I was then obliged to uphold. It wasn’t all bad, though, since the party was on a Saturday night and they offered to let me get ready over there rather than having to run home and run back.

Also, they gave me the option of crashing for the night in their guest room. I wondered if I’d be the only one who was offered that perk given the amount of alcohol that was likely to be served. Even crashing on a couch would beat crashing my car and going to jail or, even worse, to the morgue.

There wasn’t a whole lot to do to get ready for the party since the house was already decorated for Christmas. Mainly it was getting things ready for the caterer and getting the house arranged to promote socializing. I had met Mark’s wife, Kim, at previous company events, but didn’t really have the opportunity to get to know her very well. She probably had ten or fifteen years on me but wasn’t too hard on the eyes and was quite thin. She was also quite a flirt. It didn’t get to the point where I felt uncomfortable in front of the boss but I did realize that the longer I was there, the more glances I was stealing at her ass. I was thinking that I’d better be careful about how much I drank that night so that I didn’t do something stupid like make a pass at the boss’ wife, especially when I noticed her hands on me more and more often. She would give me a playful shove or have to put her hands on my waist as she squeezed past me but I just wrote it off as her being one of those touchy-feely types and appreciated it while resisting any thoughts of reciprocating.

We were nearly done when Kim asked Mark about a particular errand he was supposed to take care of which, it turned out, he hadn’t. I asked if he’d need my help, but he didn’t, so he took off, leaving Kim and me alone. Initially, I didn’t think that she had intentionally neglected to remind him of his errand until this time. Once he was gone down the street and her arms were around me, though, I started to consider otherwise. Her tongue was in my mouth before I knew it and I figured, as long as we didn’t get caught, I’d just go with the flow. I let my hands find their way to her ass and began to massage it as my cock grew harder against her. There was a large ottoman a few steps away, so I picked her up and carried her to it while she wrapped her legs around me. I dropped to my knees as I lowered her onto it, then immediately went to work opening her jeans as we continued to make out.

Once I got her jeans open, I had her lay back and lift her ass up so that I could work them down. I took her panties with them, exposing a neatly trimmed bush. Her jeans and panties on the floor, Kim spread her thin thighs wide as I lowered my head between them. She was dripping with pungent juices which I worked on lapping up before slipping a couple of fingers into her. She moaned gutturally when I started licking and sucking her clit while sliding my fingers in and out of her slippery hole. Her hips were rocking rhythmically as I ate her and I stole a glance up to see what her hands were doing. I watched as she unbuttoned her shirt and unfastened the front clasp of her bra, my cock going even harder as I got my first glimpse of her tits. Her nipples were hard and she immediately began to tug on them gently.

Playing with her nipples sent a shudder through her and apparently brought her closer to an orgasm. She dropped one hand down to my head to hold it against her pussy while she humped her hips toward my face. The other hand alternated from one tit to the other, fondling each hard nipple. I focused my efforts on bringing her maximum pleasure, licking and sucking her clit as I slid two fingers in and out of her dripping pussy. The longer I ate her, the harder she held my head against her and the faster she rocked her hips. Her moaning wasn’t necessarily getting louder, but longer and higher pitched, echoing off the high ceilings. When her second hand landed on the back of my head and she began to tense up, arching her back up off the ottoman, I knew she was just about there.

It was just a few seconds later when she let out a cry and, while I lapped up the fresh flood of juices, she convulsed through an intense orgasm, bouncing up and down on the ottoman. When she went limp and let out a sigh, releasing my head, I straightened up and admired her mostly naked physique. Her hard nipples called to me and, while she was catching her breath, I leaned over and started to lick and suck them. She allowed me to indulge for a few minutes before taking my head and raising it while she began to sit up. We made out again briefly before she had me stand and went to work opening my jeans. As soon as she got my jeans and briefs slightly down, my rigid cock sprung out in Kim’s face. I watched as she took it in one fist, pumped it briefly, then wrapped her lips around it and engulfed it in her hot, wet mouth.

I ran my fingers through her hair as her lips traveled up and down my achingly hard cock while one hand pumped the base and the other fondled my dangling balls. From where I stood, I could see out the front window and would be able to see if Mark was coming back down the street but, even so, I wasn’t anxious to draw this out too long. Kim’s mouth felt so good sliding up and down my cock, but I didn’t feel that this was the time or place to prolong my pleasure as much as possible. Kim was a skilled cocksucker, though, so there wasn’t too much worry that I wouldn’t be able to cum quickly. She also seemed to be enjoying sucking my cock as much as I was enjoying having it sucked.

I was aroused from the moment her tongue had slipped into my mouth, but the way she worked my cock with her mouth had my level of arousal increasing rapidly. When she removed her mouth and pumped my slippery shaft in her fist while licking and sucking my balls, it only pushed me closer to cumming. Taking my cock back in her mouth once again and inhaling it as deeply as she could, she took my ass cheeks in her hands and pulled me in even deeper. I could feel the greatly anticipated orgasm building and promising to be unforgettable. I was thrusting my hips as she pulled on my ass and took nearly my full length into her hot, wet mouth. I couldn’t hold back the moans of pleasure as I got closer and closer, finally letting out a cry as I started spurting down her throat.

She continued to voraciously suck my cock even as she swallowed my load, only slowing down when I was finally spent and beginning to soften. Letting my cock fall from her mouth, she looked up at me and smiled, saying that she couldn’t wait to see what the rest of the night would hold. As she pulled her panties and jeans back on, she suggested that I do the same but I had to take that opportunity to fondle her breasts in case another one never presented itself. Again, she allowed me to indulge myself then covered them up again once I was finished. By the time Mark arrived back at the house, we were not only presentable but nearly finished with the rest of the tasks we had remaining.

Knowing that she would take the longest to get ready, Mark insisted that Kim go and get started while he and I wrapped up the very last few items. With everything just about done, I went ahead up to their guest room and jumped in the shower there. As I lathered up, I considered the possibilities of the night ahead. Kim had mentioned that Mark slept like a log after he’d been drinking and suggested making sure that his glass was always topped off. I still was thinking that events would depend on who else ended up spending the night and where everyone ended up sleeping.

Once I’d dried off and stepped out of the shower, I was surprised to see Kim sitting on the edge of the bed. She looked outstanding all dolled up and I told her as much, but she said that she had something else to show me. First, she asked if I could hear the sound of the water running from the shower in the master bathroom. I confirmed that I could and she said that she just wanted to make sure so that we would both be aware when Mark was done with his shower. She then began to raise the hem of her dress higher and higher, showing off her legs encased in black stockings. Just above mid-thigh, however, the stockings ended and the garters began. I was rock hard again by the time the hem of her dress was at her waist and her pussy was framed by two black elastic garters and the garter belt above it. I let the towel drop so that she could see the state I was in.

Her eyes went wide and her mouth formed a tight “O” before she turned around and crawled onto the edge of the bed. By the time I’d stepped behind her, she had the whole of her skirt around her waist and her bare ass aimed directly at me, framed by the garters and the belt they were attached to. I didn’t waste any of our valuable time and slipped right into her slippery pussy, pushing until my hips touched her ass. I grasped her hips and began pulling her back against me each time I thrust my throbbing tool into her slick pussy. Glancing to my right, I could see our reflection in the big mirror over the dresser and noticed that Kim was already staring raptly, watching me fuck her.

I could see that one of her hands was back between her thighs as I fucked her and I figured I should be more concerned with not getting caught than with trying to make sure she came, so I went all out, fucking her as hard and fast as I could. Her slippery pussy felt outstanding and, since I had been replaying the day’s earlier events in my head during my shower, I was feeling aroused enough that I knew I’d have no trouble cumming pretty quickly. Still, I was appreciating the feel of her pussy and admiring her firm ass as my hips bounced against it.

I could hear Kim’s soft moans as she was pushing back against me and felt her pussy becoming more engorged, which was bringing my orgasm all that much closer. My cock was growing thicker as I pushed into her harder and faster, anxious to blow my load deep into her. When I felt that I was right on the verge, I slowed down somewhat and pushed deeply into her for a few amazingly pleasurable thrusts, then began to spew. As I was flooding her pussy with spurt after spurt of my goo, she started to quiver as my orgasm triggered hers. I continued to thrust into her as she came, stopping only when I was completely spent and becoming too soft. I pulled out and stepped back as she maneuvered off the bed and let the hem of her dress drop again. She gave me a quick and passionate kiss before saying that she’d better go and slip into some panties before my cum ran all the way down her legs.

I wiped my cock on the towel then went ahead and got dressed, wondering again what the night ahead might hold.

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