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The Reluctant Heterosexual

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Thinking back on it, I still ask myself, ‘Did I really do that?’

Let me explain. I owned a small house on the north side of Indianapolis, Indiana. Being young, I think I was 23 at the time, I took on a roommate to help me make ends meet. I knew that over a few years my income would rise to let me comfortably make my house payment, until then, leasing a room seemed to really make sense.

Chris was about the fourth person I interviewed. His credit checked out, he had excellent references, and best of all he was gainfully employed as a Database Administrator. I figured being a computer programmer that I could learn from Chris’s expertise. We seemed to hit it off from the minute he moved in, after a week or two, it become obvious that Chris was gay, but hey, this was the 1990s right—no big deal.

If Chris had a boyfriend, he was really pretty discrete about it. Most of the people he invited to the house were girls. For a guy who was supposedly gay, he seemed to draw chicks like a magnet. Luckily for me, one of those women happened to be Jasmine. The olive skinned, dark haired girl and I hit it off from the day we met. She just happened to be really good friends with Chris.

At first, when Jasmine and I started seeing each other, I kept myself reserved. Not only did I like the girl, but I found myself really attracted to her physically. She seemed to exude sex appeal. She was 5′-7″ to my 6′-0″, and it was like her and I were made for each other.

On my third date with Jasmine, I was invited in to her apartment for a nightcap. After a drink or two, the two of us found ourselves in a tight embrace as I kissed the 19 year old girl passionately. Our hands seemed to roam everywhere as we explored each other’s body. I don’t think either of us had any doubt where all the kissing and caressing was leading.

Standing in the living room of her apartment, we slowly started helping each other out of our clothing. As Jasmine’s pretty pink bra came off, my hand found its way up to caress and massage her shapely breasts. She had the most perky, dark brown nipples I’d ever seen. I couldn’t help brushing their wonderful hardness with my finger tips. Before long I was lightly pinching them and giving them a gentle tug. Jasmine seemed to purr as I gave her magnificent breasts my attention.

After spending time kissing her neck, stroking her back and sides, moving ever so slowly downward. My mouth was rewarded when I took one her hard, protruding nipples between my lips. I gently suckled her as one of my hands massaged her other breasts. My other hand found its way inside the waist band of her panties and was kneading her delightfully soft cheeks of her butt.

I was rewarded for my attention with a quiet moan and a few delightful tremors that seemed to travel throughout her body.

Jasmine was busy herself. Not only was her hands stroking my skin, when I started to love her magnificent boobs with my mouth, her hand found its way inside my boxer shorts. She fondled my cock as my hand continued to explore her ass.

That’s when I decided I wanted to taste the girl. So I began to kiss down her chest, around her diaphragm, and down onto her soft, firm tummy-as she like to call it. To facilitate my intensions, I encouraged Jasmine to lay out on the carpet. Once in place, I continued to explore her abdomen with my warm, wet kisses. I could faintly make out her musky scent wafting up from below.

Jasmine’s body was shapely, she had large breasts without them being so big they were out of proportion. If I had to guess, she probably wore a ‘C’ cupped bra. To match her delightful breasts, she had a small tight waistline that curved out pleasantly into her shapely, rounded hips.

I kissed lower and Jasmine giggled. She said, “You know, in my heritage, what you’re about to do it really taboo.”

I chuckled, “What am I about to do?” She blushed and giggled.

With a little bit of concern, I asked, “You don’t mind do you?”

Our eyes met-hers sparked, she bit her lower lip demurely, and she answered, “No, I want to see what it’s like.”

With that, I went back to kissing her tummy underneath her belly button.

I began to remove her panties slowly as my mouth followed the waistband down even further. My mouth grazed through her dark, tightly curled pubic hair. Jasmine let out a little gasp and trembled as my mouth moved over her mons.

I moved my body around, peeling off my boxers as I did. I wanted to be ready for action when the time came.

Jasmine raised her hips slightly, allowing me to pull her panties from beneath her butt. With one hand, I pulled them down past her knees as my mouth continued to explore her dark triangle. As soon as I had her panties off, she spread her legs slowly, allowing me to crawl up between her lovely, smooth, soft naked thighs.

I could feel a soft, warm thighs against each of my shoulder as my mouth found its way to her amazing pussy lips. I began to kiss her pussy lips like they were the lips on her mouth. Jasmine closed her eyes, her mouth hung open slightly and she repeatedly moaned as I began to explore her folds.

She had a delightful musky smell mixed with of all things, jasmine perfume. Apparently she had put a drop just above her pussy before our date. The scent was heady to say the least.

After kissing around her entire bottom for a bit, I moved my mouth to the center and started to explore her pretty brown labia. They were thick and fluffy, but didn’t hang down like with some ladies. They made her pussy look plump and inviting. I ran my tongue up between the fluffy inner lips and began to taste the juices that had been gathering between her legs.

I moved to explore her opening, I ran my tongue up inside her vagina as far as I could. Once inside her, I started to undulate my tongue in an attempt to stimulate the numerous nerve endings that a lady usually has around the opening to their love canal. I certainly enjoyed the taste of her copious secretions that seemed to flow from inside her vagina.

After giving her a tongue fucking, which her writhing hips told me she totally enjoyed. I slipped a couple fingers up inside her honey pot, and I began to finger fuck the girl as I moved my mouth and tongue up through her lips, my destination was her puffy, swollen clitoris. I wanted to see how she tasted after she came.

I moved on her love button. I gently sucked it inside my mouth as I began to flick it with my tongue. Jasmine began to wriggle her hips as I felt shivers of delight course through her naked thighs. She moaned frequently, gasped occasionally, and whined constantly as her passion began to overwhelm her.

Knowing she was on the cusp of her orgasm, I increased the intensity I was applying to her clitoris, and at the same time, my fingers curled up behind her pubic bone and I began to massage her ‘G’ spot.

When Jasmine came, she did it in a big way. She nearly screamed as her passion released. She arched her back up and began thrashing her head from side to side. Her entire body was writhing in pleasure. Her thighs clamped against the side of my head over and over again.

I notice a flood of juices began to flow from her vagina, and I was down on top of it with my mouth, lapping up the flow with my tongue. Her nectar was sweet and wonderful and there was plenty to enjoy.

After enjoying her wonderful taste, I felt like it was time to move to the main event. This was confirmed when Jasmine, coming off her climax, asked, “Wow, was that ever nice! Fuck me Tanner, I need to feel you inside me.” I didn’t need to be asked twice.

I quickly crawled up the olive skinned girl, the head of my hard cock finding its way inside the lips of her pussy. I moaned out as the feeling of her hot, wet lips enveloped the head of my shaft. With great expectations, I adjusted myself with my hand, sliding my mushroom shaped head inside the opening to her vaginal canal. I pushed.

She was so delightfully wet, that I slid deep inside her tummy. I was quickly buried completely inside my lovely lady; our pubic bones were snuggly mashed together. She gasped out, “My gawd, Tanner, your stretching me out like you wouldn’t believe, you fill me up completely.” She whimpered and continued, “Fuck me Tanner. Fuck my pussy.”

With my weight resting gently on her body, I began to cycle myself in and out of her hot, wet, tight vagina. I could feel her walls gliding over the skin on my hard shaft. It was a pure delight to be inside the girl, fucking her with a leisurely rhythm.

Breathily she gasped, “Wow, I love the way you fill me. You make me feel whole. The flange on you cock is lighting up the walls of my vagina like a Christmas tree.” I learned that Jasmine loved to vocalize what she was feeling as she made love.

I continued to rock my hips up and down, causing my cock to piston inside Jasmine’s canal. She was tight and silky causing the pressure up inside my bottom to climb. Before long, I was about to cum. Not knowing if she wanted me to pull out or what when I came—I wasn’t wearing a condom, I announced, “Wow, um, ah, I’m about to cum!”

Jasmine purred, “Fill my pussy with your cum, Tanner. Spurt it all up inside me.” I granted her wish.

As my cock began to throb, Jasmine seemed to enjoy it all. She whispered, “My gawd, I can feel you pulsing against my walls. It feel fucking fantastic!”

I held myself tightly against her bottom as I felt pulse after delightful pulse inside my cock. I know I was bathing the inside of her belly with my hot semen. Nothing between me and her cervix. That’s when I began to hope that Jasmine was on birth control. I really liked the girl, but I wasn’t ready to begin parenthood quite yet.

After what seemed like forever, my cock stopped throbbing. I had delivered my load inside the lovely dark haired girl. I gently slid my body off of her, and I pulled her into a tight embrace as we both enjoyed the afterglow of making love.

I spent the night, and we fucked throughout the early morning hours. Jasmine wanted to see if she could give me a blowjob, another taboo in her culture. Even so, she did a marvelous job given the fact she never attempted one before. Along with all the fucking, I ate her pussy several times all over again so I could taste more of her delightful cum when she had her orgasm.

The question is why am I telling you all this, it really has nothing to do with the main story I’m trying to convey. I guess I’m telling you so you will believe me when I tell you I’m entirely heterosexual. Something you may not believe after I tell you the rest of my tale.

It was Halloween. I dressed up like Dracula so I could greet all the little kids that came to my door. Chris, who was going to a partly later, dressed up like a woman. To be more precise, like a princess. Knowing Chris, I didn’t find it entirely out of line with his character. What amazed me still to this day is how good he looked while he was in drag.

Chris in drag: if I was to see him out on the street, I would swear he was a nice looking young woman. He had a heart shaped face, and his eyes were set wide on his face. He had skillfully applied makeup and had on a shade of deep pink lipstick.

Chris normally wore his blond hair long, so he didn’t need to wear a wig. He had his tresses done up in long curls at the side of his head instead of done up in his normal ponytail. He had a hair stylist as one of his many girl friends. Chris, a guy, looked like a woman who had just stepped out of a Jane Austin novel.

As young as he was, he was only 19, the same age as Jasmine, he didn’t have much in the way of a beard, what he did have was closely shaved along with his armpits, which were visible when he raise his arms in the sleeveless dress he had on.

He didn’t bother to stuff a bra. He had just enough shape to him to make him look like one of the boyish models that everyone seemed to enjoy in the fashion world. His hips had a natural feminine curve to them.

Why am I telling you all this. Well, I guess it’s because I was finding myself attracted to my roommate. I knew he was a guy, but my eyes were telling me otherwise. If Chris and I had been in a bar, I’m sure he would have drawn the eyes of every lounge lizard and bar troll in the place.

Chris helped me give out candy. A young girl commented, “I like you’re wife’s princess costume, she’s pretty.” So, you see, I wasn’t the only one. At 8:00pm, Chris and I turned off the porch light. Chris was heading for his party.

I don’t know if he was being polite, or what, but Chris invited, “Hey, Tanner, why don’t you come along. There are going to be a lot of straight ladies attending. I know most of them, and they are the kind of girls I’m sure you wouldn’t mind meeting.”

I said, “Hey, you know that Jasmine and I are dating.”

He giggled charmingly, and in his feminine way he chided, “I wasn’t suggesting you fuck them all. I just know how much you enjoy the company of nice looking girls. Most of them are between 19 and 21. I think you’ll have a great time. Come on Tanner. You don’t want to hang around the house all evening by yourself, do you?”

I gave in. I asked, “Is my costume okay?”

To my amusement, Chris said, “Hey, you look hot! I’m sure the girls will be all over you. I certainly think you look sexy.” I didn’t think anything of his comment. He had said things like that before, he meant nothing more than a compliment.

So Chris and I headed for the car to head to the party.

I decided to drive knowing that Chris liked to drink more than me. I was a sipper. I nursed a drink over long periods of time, keeping myself delightfully tipsy without becoming drunk. Chris was happy to just ride along. I was astounded with myself when I absent mindedly opened the passenger door for Chris so he could get seated. Alarm bells started to ring when the younger man looked up at me through his curls in an appraising manor.

The party was a lot of fun, just like Chris had said it would be. I found myself having delightful conversations with not only the girls in attendance, but several of the guys too, knowing that at least half of them were gay. Gay or not, they were marvelous conversationalists. I found myself sort of disappointed when people started saying their goodbyes, and the party began to wind down.

Just a little after one in the morning, I found myself opening the car door again for my roommate. It seemed like I kept forgetting that Chris was a guy. Honestly, I knew it, but my instincts were behaving in opposition to my knowledge.

When we got home, I could tell Chris was feeling good, but he wasn’t noticeably drunk. Again, I opened the car door for the guy. Somehow I seemed to be wishing he was the delightful creature he appeared to be. As he climbed out of the car, he snugged his chest up against my arm. Had he been a woman, his breasts would have been pressed into my arm.

I was set back a bit when Chris reached out with his hand and took one of mine. He pulled me towards the house and said, “Why don’t we get inside.” I let him continue to hold my hand as he pulled me towards the front door.

To say my emotions were conflicted would have been an understatement. I was actually letting a guy hold my hand-a guy who looked like a princess—he was still a guy. Once inside, Chris turned on some soft music and reached into the refrigerator as he brought out a half drank bottle of wine. He quietly poured two glasses and brought on to me. After I took mine, Chris held up his glass and said, “To a wonderful party.” I raised my glass and then took a sip.

Chris looked at me and chuckled, he shocked me when he said, “You know, I’ve been watching you check me out all evening. You know, that’s really flattering Tanner. I’ve always thought I should have been born a woman, your sneak peeks seem to validate it.”

He smile when I blushed. He said, “Hey, don’t worry about it.” Then he caused me to almost drop my glass when he asked, “This is a nice song, would you like to dance?”

I stammered, “Um, Chris…”

He chuckled sexily, “Hey, all you need to do is pretend I’m the pretty woman that you think I look like. Tonight, you dance with a princess.”

More than stunned with my actions, I reached out and took Chris into my arms and we began to glide around the room, dancing to the soft music. Taking his advice, I tried to forget that Chris was a guy—somehow it worked. I found myself dancing with a delightful young woman.

The next song to play was a slow, rhythmic love song. Chris snugged up against my chest and I found myself pulling him tight against me as we rocked slowly back and forth to the music. Chris cooed as my hands moved down to rest on his lower back, almost on top of his shapely butt.

After a minute or two, Chris looked up at me longingly, expectantly, obviously wanting me to kiss him. Lost in the moment, I move my lips to his glossy, pink lips. I gently kissed him.

Chris hungrily started to kiss me back. Amazingly, as I began to kiss the young guy, I felt my cock begin to twitch. I was getting aroused kissing a guy! Okay, he looked like a princess, but he was a guy!

Something snapped inside my head, I told myself, ‘Just go with it, Tanner.’ I was enjoying dancing, I was enjoying kissing Chris; I didn’t know where this would all end up, but for the moment, I was willing to try things.

After a bit of tender kissing, it started to become passionate. I stiffened just a little when Chris slipped his tongue between my lips, but soon I felt myself relax and I move my own tongue to greet his. To me, it seemed like I was kissing an attractive woman.

When Chris started to unbutton my formal button up shirt, I almost pulled back and put a stop to what was happening. Almost.

The entire time we were kissing passionately, our hands were stroking each other. Chris broke the kiss eventually and started kissing my neck. Almost the same way I would kiss Jasmine’s. Chris kept kissing down until he moved his mouth to my nipples.

I didn’t realize how nice it felt to have someone suck on my breasts. I’m a guy; it’s not supposed to feel good to a guy, right? Especially when it’s another guy doing it. But, it did; it felt really nice. Having his hot, wet lips forming a seal around my smallish nipples, having him run his tongue around them, felt wonderful.

Then I felt his hand move down as he slowly unbuckled my belt, then he unclasped my slacks, followed by him slowly pulling down my zipper. With my pants loose, they fell down my legs. I was appalled, yet I was so intrigued. I didn’t do a thing to stop him. My cock began to grow in anticipation of his touch.

I felt his smaller warm hand reach inside my boxers. He grasped my hardening shaft; for the first time it was being fondled by a male. Again, my intellect was telling me a man had a hold of my cock, my perception said I was being fondled by a woman. As I decided earlier, I just decided to go with it.

I felt myself enjoying the attention Chris’s mouth was giving my nipples at the same time his hand was stroking my hard shaft. When he started to kiss down my chest, I had to make a decision. I knew what Chris wanted to do, but was I willing to let him do it? Eventually, to my astonishment, I decided I would let him.

I felt him plant kisses all over my body, on my ribs, around my diaphragm, and down onto my belly. He even stuck his tongue inside my belly button and reamed it. These were all things I did to a woman to whom I was making love to, and now it was being done to me. I would be lying if I told you I didn’t enjoy it.

I gasped when Chris, standing on his knees, pulled the head of my cock to his mouth. I felt him take it in as he gently began to suck on it as he teased it with his tongue.

I’m not a Don Juan, up to that point in my life I could count the number of different lovers I experienced in life on one hand. Only a couple of those ever went down on me. Having Chris do it was a totally a weird experience. I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy it, mind you. But, knowing it was Chris, a guy, pulling me in a lip lock, well…

I concentrated on how Chris looked, not on what he was. I half convinced myself that I have having my cock sucked and licked by an attractive young woman. Chris licked my shaft from top to bottom and then he teased by testicles with his tongue. I almost died when he took them inside his mouth and bathed them in hot saliva. Then he lifted my sac up and licked and kissed me underneath. It felt awesome.

After spending a good amount of time exploring what was under my scrotum with his mouth and tongue, he kissed his way back up my ridged shaft until he was back at the tip again. He took my tender head back inside his mouth again as his tongue drilled into the tiny slit on the end. After a moment or two of that, he concentrated his tongue work on the soft ruffled skin just underneath the head. He nearly had me cumming with that alone.

Then he started taking me deep. I was so worked up, I began to wriggle my hip as I face fucked his mouth. He was working himself up and down my shaft with his lips, swishing over the underside with his tongue. Chris was sucking cock as well as any woman who had ever done it for me, probably better. At least with Chris, he had personal knowledge on how different things felt for a guy.

I looked down, watching Chris’s princess curls flying around his head as he continued to bob. Soon, not being able to help myself, I began to rock my hips forward and back, fucking Chris’s mouth. I felt the pressure begin to grow up inside my bottom, I knew I was seconds from blowing my wad. Not know what Chris would want when I began to cum, I announced, “Oh shit, I’m about to cum!”

If anything, Chris began to suck me harder. Guy or not, it was an incredible blowjob. Chris was giving no indication that he was going to spit me out, so I just let things release. I felt it erupt out from my bottom as my climax throbbed through my cock. It was incredibly strong. I could feel the pulses in my back and legs, as well as through my cock.

Chris greedily sucked it down. He swallowed about every second pulse. By the time I was done getting off, he had swallowed down everything I had to give.

He sat back and looked up at me through his mascara coated eyelashes and asked, “How was that, did you enjoy?”

I couldn’t help myself; I chuckled and said, “Um, yeah, that was great.”

Then to my consternation, he asked, “Why don’t you do me now?”

I gulped; it was one thing letting a guy suck my cock, but another thing again to do it to another guy. I asked, “You do realize I’m heterosexual, right?”

Chris grinned up at me and said, “Of course, but I just thought as long as your were experimenting, you might consider giving it a try.”

I don’t know if it was from the buzz of the alcohol, or if I was just in a perverse mood. I responded, “Okay, I’ll give it a try, but if I can’t do it, don’t push it, okay?”

Chris smiled angelically, he said, “I can’t ask for more.”

Chris stood us as we began to kiss again, I could smell a faint scent of my cum on his breath, but could taste nothing. As we kissed, I figured I couldn’t do anything if Chris was still wearing his princess dress. I reached around his back as we kissed passionately; I slowly lowered the zipper down his back. The zipper kept going down, and down further, until my hand came to rest just above his butt.

As Chris shrugged the dress off his shoulders, letting it fall to the floor, I stood back to check him out. On top, he was wearing a bra, it looked to me to be a real, probably ‘A’ cup, bra. Below, he had on a pair of panties. Only, with a big bulging cock inside. Chris blushed and said, “Um, normally I tuck everything back up under my legs, but I got pretty excited sucking you off.”

I looked up into his eyes as I responded, “I guess it happens.” Yeah, lame, I know.

We went back to kissing, quickly taking my mind off what I was about to do, or try to do. As we kissed, I reached around and unclasped the bra. As soon as it was loose, Chris shrugged his way out of the thing. Then I decided I would treat Chris like he had done to me, I began to kiss down his neck slowly. I was amaze how aroused he was becoming from my kisses. I was more amazed that I began to feel a twinge again inside my cock.

After a bit, I had my mouth down on his nipples, and I began to suck on them, about the same way I would have sucked on Jasmine’s. Chris stood with his eyes shut, biting his lower lip, obviously enjoying what I was doing. Then he opened his eyes and said, “Why don’t we go to my bedroom.”

Taking my hand again, he led me down the hall to his room. Once inside, I resumed sucking on his nipples and at the same time, I worked my hands inside the panties he was wearing and I kneaded the cheeks of his ass. Chris whispered, “Wow that feels great Tanner. It isn’t every day I get my butt massaged.”

As I broke loose from his chest, I started to kiss down his body like he had done to me. This I knew how to do, it was no different than what I would have done for Jasmine. It’s only when I got down to his hips, and saw the tip of his hard cock sticking up out of the waistband of the bikini cut panties that things changed.

I had no choice to face what I was doing with a dose of reality. I could look at his curls and see a woman, I could see him in a dress and see a woman, I could look at his face done up in makeup and see a woman, but what was in front of my face was all male. I couldn’t hide anymore behind a façade, I had to face that what I was doing, all of it, was with another guy.

For some reason, it wasn’t as shocking as one would expect. Fortunately, as I tugged the panties Chris was wearing down over his hips and down his legs, his cock looked pretty normal. I would have really had a hard time if it looked like some of the big, ugly dicks on the porn sites. If it had been all purple and bulging with veins all over that would have been the end of it. Chris’s cock was tan like his skin and only show hints of veins inside. It was long and cylindrical and had a fairly nice looking pink head.

I kissed first one of his hips and then the other, working up the nerve to take him inside my mouth. When I finally did, it ended up being pretty anti-climactic. The first thing I notice as I slipped the head of his penis inside my lips was how soft it felt. It was almost like I was sucking on pussy lips, only with a bit more structure to them. I started to gently suck on the softness and began to twirl around his head with my tongue.

From there I pretty much mimicked what he had done to me. I kissed down his shaft, licking it up and down. Then I took his shaved testicles inside my mouth and began to tease them with my tongue. Amazingly, I found myself getting into it. I can’t say it was turning me on, I would be lying. But, it wasn’t grossing me out either—I was enjoying myself because I was making Chris feel good.

After spending several minutes teasing his sac, I moved up and took his shaft inside my mouth again. Soon, I was moving my head forward and back, letting him face fuck me. He was gently rocking his hips, push his cock into my mouth. Occasionally, it would hit the back of my throat, but as long as it missed my uvula, I didn’t gag.

With my eyes shut, I started to suck him with a steady rhythm. In and out, apply suction, teasing with my tongue.

The one thing I wasn’t going to do was let him cum in my mouth. I couldn’t go there. Fortunately, he had other plans also. Unfortunately, his plans were to take it to entirely higher level. Pulling out of my mouth he whispered, “I need to be inside you.”

Not really comprehending at first, I asked, “What?”

Then he whispered, “I want to fuck you. Then you can do it to me.”

I gasped, “Man, Chris, I don’t know…”

He smiled at me and said, “Really, it will be okay, I promise. Take it from me, it feels really nice.”

I shook my head. After I just sucked his cock, I figured I might as well experience the whole thing. I reluctantly agreed to let Chris have his way with me.

Chris pulled me up and directed me to his bed. He told me, “Go ahead and lay down on your tummy. I’ll do the rest.”

I gulped, “Okay, but I’m not so sure about this.”

Chris chuckled, “Honest, it will be fine. Just relax and go with it.”

So, I climbed onto the queen size bed and stretched out on my stomach. I felt Chris reach inside the waistband of my boxers and he tugged them down my legs. Just that quick, I was laying on the bed naked. I felt naked and vulnerable—an entirely new set of emotions for me.

Chris climbed up beside my hips and reached over to his nightstand for something. That something I found out in short order was a tube of KY lotion. I felt him tug first on one of my legs, and then the other as he spread my legs apart. I let him do it. Then I heard him snap open the cap on the lotion and felt a shiver run up though my body as he squeezed out a liberal glob of the cool lotion onto my anus.

With my legs spread, and my anus coated in jell, Chris moved up between my legs. Then I felt the soft head of his hard cock begin to tease my bung hole. I thought, ‘My gawd, I’m going to let him stick his cock up my ass! What am I thinking?’

Chris soothingly said, “Okay, I’m going to enter you now. Just relax and let your anus stretch.”

Chris pushed up against my asshole, and I was amazed on how easily his cock slipped inside me. I felt my sphincter rebel a little, but as he slowly slid inside me; I felt it begin to relax. In just a few seconds, I could feel his hips against my butt. I could feel his long hard cock filling me. I have to admit, it was a really an unusual sensation. Honestly, he was right, it felt nice.

I have had the finger at the doctor’s office, having Chris inside me felt nothing like it. It was most like, forgive my description, but it felt like when you had to go to the bathroom really bad and had to wait, then you get your chance, when you finally get to let it go, it feels really good. That’s kind of what it was like with Chris’s cock inside me-kind of.

Chris asked, “How are you doing, Tanner? Can I start moving?”

I chuckled, half embarrassed, half enthralled, I replied, “If you mean, can you fuck me, I guess, sure.”

Chris pulled out several inches and then gently pushed back in. Then he repeated the motion. After two or three cycles he began to rhythmically work his cock in and out of my ass. I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I said the feeling was interesting. I actually was enjoying it. The best thing of all was that he started to pull way out, and as he would push back in, the head of his cock would ride over my prostate. I made me rock hard in less than a minute.

If he would have kept going, I’m sure I would have ended up cumming as he fucked me. But, Chris was pretty aroused already from the blowjob I had given him. It wasn’t more than four or five minutes Chris started to tense up and declared, “Oh my hell, I’m gonna cum!” Good thing, I was close to it myself.

I felt Chris slide all the way inside me as he held his hips up hard against my butt. Then I felt it. He began to pulse inside me and each time he did, I could feel it in my anus. It was a remarkable sensation. I chuckled breathily, and said, “Nothing like a semen enema, eh?” Chris giggled.

After Chris was done unloading his cum up inside my colon, he slowly pulled out of my ass. Then he laid down on the bed beside me and said, “You’re turn.”

For me, the hard part had been sucking his cock and letting him fuck my ass. I had anal sex once before with a girlfriend, so I wasn’t a stranger to it. Only with my girlfriend, I had used her natural vaginal secretions to make things slippery. Doing it to a guy required the outside assistance of KY.

So, I doped up Chris’s brown button and then I slicked up my shaft with it. I couldn’t believe how incredibly hard I was, especially having gotten off inside Chris’s mouth. But the fucking I just received had made me as horny as could be. With everything all lubed up. I positioned the head of my cock up against Chris’s anus and began to rotate it clockwise in a tight little circle. It allowed me to slip right inside his ass.

I felt his tight sphincter band slide up my cock as I slid deep inside him. Fucking an ass feels nothing like fucking a pussy. Most of the sensation for the person doing the fucking comes from the tight little band sliding up and down your cock. I began to ride Chris’s ass.

Chris gasped out, “Oh man, does that ever feel nice! Fuck me Tanner, cum in my ass.”

After a minute he said, “Let me climb up onto my hands and knees.” I let him, my cock slipped out as he did. Once he was in place, I pushed my cock back inside his ass and I began to ride him doggie style. I looked down and what I saw was entirely out of my experience zone. I watch as my balls would snug up against his, as my cock pushed deep inside him. I could see his semi-erect cock hanging down between his thighs. I had no doubt in my mind that I was fucking a guy’s ass.

Having gotten off once already, it took quite a while before I was able to do it again. Chris kept making moaning noise and would chuckle now and again. It was obvious to me, that he was really enjoying being fucked. It wasn’t unpleasant for me either.

Finally, after at least 10 minutes, I felt the pressure up underneath my testicles as I built to another climax. With the pressure to a point it almost ached, I finally started to cum. I held myself tight against Chris’s bottom as I shot spurt after spurt of my semen up inside his ass.

Spent, I lay down at Chris’s side and he rolled onto his side facing me. We gave each other tender little kisses for a while as we enjoyed the afterglow of some pretty intense sex. He smiled and said, “Gawd Tanner that was great. I know you’ll never do this again with me, but I want you to know that the whole thing was fantastic. Hopefully, you have a better understanding of what it’s like to be gay.”

I smiled, “I would have never thought in a million years that I would make love to another guy. I can honestly say, it was interesting.”

Chris asked, “But, did you like it?”

I thought about it, and gave an honest answer, “I think for this once, just this once, I did.” Then I added, “Like you said, I really don’t plan on ever doing it again. I like girls too much, and guys really don’t do a thing for me.”

Chris let out another giggle like a girl, “Except for tonight.”

I shook my head, “Yeah, except for tonight.” I teased, “You really make a hot looking chick when you dress up in your princess costume.” We both laughed.

After a bit, we both got up and took a shower.


The next night, I had a date with Jasmine. It ended with Jasmine coming in with me into my bedroom where we spent the night. We fucked like rabbits and I had a wonderful time going down on her. After fucking her for a while doggie style, sometime during the night, I asked, “Can I fuck your ass?”

She giggled, “Hey, we’ve broken every other taboo in my culture, why not that too.”

So, with her copious juices from her previous orgasms, I lubricated up her anus and gently slipped my cock inside her. After I began fucking her ass, after letting her sphincter relax a bit, she cooed, “Mmm that feels interesting. It feel nice.”

I was feeling my passion reaching a peak, I said, “I know. Doesn’t it?”

She giggled, “How would you know?”

I turned crimson, I whispered, “I won’t tell you, that way I don’t need to lie.” Just as soon as I finished saying it, I exploded inside Jasmine’s ass.

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