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Cathy & Company

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Catherine Botha and Amanda Shott. How odd and strange this world is, how peculiar it is sometimes, how mixed up and crazy it gets.

I’m still struggling with myself, battling with my urges, hovering between loyalty to Derek and loyalty to myself. After Andrea the RAU student, Elaine the lesbian from hell, Clyde and Margi from Adam123 and Dennis the restaurant quickie wizard I decided to lay low for a while, take my foot off the accelerator to gather my wits about me.

Derek and I even took time off to go down to Mosselbaai, to get away for a while. It didn’t help. I bumped, literally and repeatedly, into Dennis there but that’s another story altogether.

I was surfing through the Gynaedoc site the other day, looking to see if there was an article or reader question relating to tender nipples (mine had been feeling too sensitive for a few days – this has since mysteriously cleared up) when I came across a reader question about what an orgasm feels like. Dear heaven, were there still women out there that didn’t know what they were missing? Anyway, with my tongue partly in my cheek (if you know what I mean) I supplied an answer. In fact, I got so involved in it that I aroused myself and had to go the ladies for a quick stroke and rub. Delicious. Talk about taking your own advice!

Imagine my surprise and delight when I started a mini-correspondence with Sandi about female sexuality in general, and, later, about my stories in particular. Sadly, I haven’t heard from her in while – she simply stopped writing and disappeared. Any way, before she went silent she referred another correspondent to me – Cathy – who read the little exchange between us on the Gynaedoc site and asked to join the fray, so to speak.

I was a little wary at first, you know how it is, strangers rocking up and all that, but after a few exchanges I warmed to her quite nicely. Quick and sharp, bright like a needle, she turned out to be amusing and entertaining. Open-minded too, not at all difficult to talk to. Well, after some talking and e-mailing, we arranged to meet at Guido’s, a pretentious little Italian pub (can you imagine?) that was filled with Italian flags and pictures of Ferraris. It also has artificial bunches of grapes and empty bottles of wine hanging of the wall. Yech! The owner is a greasy little shit who thinks he is God’s gift to women but its saving grace is, despite all the kitsch, a happy, comfy vibe. Anyway, being the expert now, I rocked up early (always good because you can never tell) and waited in a corner where I could see who came in. Cathy said she would be wearing a white pants suit with black braiding. Guido, grease-ball supreme, sauntered over and tried to seduce me (again – the shit has a short memory) with what he thinks is a sultry, smouldering and irresistible look. If only he knew that he looks like a dimwit trying to remember his own name. I gave him my withering ice-queen glare and locked eyes with him. He spat an imaginary match out of the corner of his mouth and slunk off, to perch again on the corner of the bar where he surveyed his kingdom.

I sipped my wine (the house brand is pretty good) and watched. Abba, nauseating as ever, were wailing money, money, money in the background. Punctual as an accountant (which she is) Cathy arrived on time. She stood at the door, wide-eyed and looking around for me. I waved to her and smiled brightly and she came over. I made a rapid assessment: she was a pretty blond and had a lovely figure. Size 32 was my guess and she probably weighed 51 or 52 Kgs. Nice boobs, high and proud, full cups, decent cleavage. Not bad, I though, very nice actually. Lovely wide smile, innocent and yet not naïve. Her hair was shiny clean, parted in the middle and resting on her shoulders. Nice, long neck, which made her look really cool. She showed her neck off perfectly; she wore a simple rope of pearls. Understated and elegant.

“So,” I said, as she sat down, “we meet.”

“Yes, Aimee, I’m so thrilled to meet you – I couldn’t wait.” She looked around. “I can’t believe I’m here with you.” This puzzled me. She talked as if I were a celebrity or something.

“Its no big thing: I’m here, you’re here and we’re Greasy Guido’s pub.” I smiled at her. “Nothing special about that.”

“Oh no,” she replied, “It is big deal: I admire you so much!” And that typified Cathy – she was open and honest. She said what was on her mind. As we talked it turned out that my stories had made a big impact on her. I couldn’t decide if it was the actual experience or the way the story was told. Didn’t matter, though, because as far Cathy was concerned I was someone important. Imagine that. Hah! Fame at last! But seriously, I enjoyed chatting to her and we exchanged some personal details. I found her to be very intelligent and she confessed to being a closet gay. In fact, she wasn’t at all sure if she was bi or gay. She found the Andrea story to be a revelation of some sort and it made her question and examine her own sexuality.

I was pleased with this. Okay, I know it sounds bigheaded and all that, but, really, if my experiences were beneficial then, I mean, I liked that. You know? I felt comfortable with her and decided that I would involve her with Amanda. So, on the spur of the moment, I sprang it on her.

“Would you like to go out with me on Wednesday night?” I watched her. This was the nitty-gritty, the rub, the acid test.

“Wednesday? Sure, sounds good. I mean, I’d like to.” Here eyes were sparkling, a faint blush on her cheeks.

“Don’t you want to know where to?” I was amused at her ready acceptance.

“Of course, sure, yes – where to?” We both laughed at the realization that she had answered too readily.

“Surprise. Do you like surprises?” I was playing a little game, I know and maybe it was a little cruel. I mean, here she was, all star-struck and so on, and I was leading her on.

“I don’t know – never had enough to be sure. But I trust you Aimee – it’s that simple. I feel safe with you and I like being with you.”

“Thank you,” I said, liking her even more because she said such a nice thing. “Dress is smart casual. Can you sleep over my place? It may end a bit late and it’s not safe to drive around alone.”

“Yes, I can. No problem.” We chatted a little more and then called it an evening. When we left we walked to our cars together and I held her hand briefly, giving it a soft squeeze. She tilted her face, almost as if she expected me to kiss her. I decided not to; I wasn’t sure about her agenda. Anyway, we still had Wednesday to get through.

I drove home thinking about her, unable to decide. Unbeknownst to her (I like that word, sorry if it sounds old-fashioned) I already had plans with Amanda. Amanda has to be one of the more beautiful women I have ever met. She looks like Demi Moore; silky black hair, square jaw line and aquamarine blue eyes. She has a single dimple. Straight jet-black eyebrows and an arresting gaze. Great body, sexy, full breasted. She works for one of my clients. I met her last week in a meeting. She is the senior P.R.O. there and had to sign off a sale I had made. From the moment she walked into the meeting I was unable to take my eyes off her (I wasn’t the only one – everybody was struck with her statuesque beauty).

During the meeting I caught her looking at me too and I couldn’t decide if this was a moment when two women were flirting with each other. I felt stupid at not knowing if we were experiencing the same thing. The next time I caught her looking at me I smiled brightly at her (I hope I didn’t look like Guido) and she winked back. That settled it: she was gay and she was hitting on me. Yeah Aimee, babe magnet!

Seriously though, after the contract was signed she asked me to stay a while to discuss a “technical” issue. Yeah right, I knew that she was going to take it a stage further. When everyone had left, I fiddled with some papers while she watched me silently.

“Ok,” I said, sounding a lot calmer than I was feeling, “what technical matter?”

She chuckled. “Excuse me if I embarrass you with this question: would you like to go out sometime? With me? To a gay club?” Her voice was level; her blue-blue eyes drilling holes into mine.

“And excuse me if I answer equally honestly; are you making a pass at me?”

“Of course I am – what else?” There was a hint of laughter below all this; a devilish little smile was dancing around her lone dimple.

“I have to know: what makes you think I’m gay?” I mean, really, how did she know? I had wondered the same thing with Andrea.

“Quite simple really – it’s the way you were looking at me. Most women hate me on site but you looked at me as if you liked me. Do you?” Andrea had answered more-or-less the same. I’ve got to be careful. I mean I can’t go around openly letching at other woman, can I?

“Yes – you are quite striking. Okay, I will. What club?” I had no idea that there were gay clubs.

“Private place, someone’s house really that’s being converted to a club. Exclusive. No riff-raff, no drugs, no bullshit, no men. If you have a partner, bring her along. Do you? Have a partner?” I decided that if she was going to think I’m gay, I was not going to let her think I was loser by being a single gay. One has to keep up appearances, after all, gay or not.

“I’ll think about – perhaps, perhaps not.” Slippery Aimee, cool and in control.

Amanda smiled and stuck her hand out. We shook gently, lingeringly. “I’ve got your card and I’ll call you with details.” Not so fast, huh-huh, I want to be in control.

“How about I call you? I move around a lot.”

She raised her eyebrows. “Sure, whatever – talk to you soon.”

I was in a bit of a tizz driving back to the office. What do I do? Easy: go for it! All my life nobody had ever taken any notice of me. These days, every Dick (sorry), Tom and Sally wanted to screw me. Yippee! I was feeling really chuffed. I enjoyed the feeling of sexiness that surrounded me these days. Maybe it was scent or a vibe I gave off but everywhere I went, sex was sure to follow. I sang along to the Dramatics in my car, the romance real, the feeling, and the sense of Amanda hovering over me.

I called her mid-morning on Monday. It was a cooler conversation, nothing heavy. She gave me the address, told me again that it was up-market and said the best time to get there was about 9:30 or so. Wednesday was great because Thursday was a public holiday. The buzz we had last week felt absent, distant and I suddenly had doubts.

This is why I decided to take Cathy with me. Yeah, yeah, I know it sounds like I was using her but this way everyone would score, in a manner of speaking.

So the next day, Wednesday, Cathy and I exchanged e-mails, confirming our arrangement. She was really growing on me, was Cathy, and I looked forward to our evening. I wasn’t sure about how she would re-act to the gay club place (hell, I wasn’t even sure myself) and I thought we could have a drink and then go for a massage. The massage thing was a gift from Derek; one of his friends had been there and told him about it. Good place – sensual massage, sexy even, and I enjoyed it.

When we met that night – at Guido’s again – she looked so sexy in a short black dress. She had nice legs, shapely, and they were longer than I thought. She wore her hair up with a little cameo broach and that told me she knew how to exploit her strong points.

There was an air of intimacy between us as we sipped our drinks and chatted. Her eyes were sparkling and she looked at me adoringly, hung on to every word I said. This was novel to me and I enjoyed it. Strange, with all her defenses down and being vulnerable, it made me like her all the more and I felt protective towards her.

At one stage I let my hand rest on her thigh. A bright scarlet blush mantled her cheeks and her lips parted. Arousal stage 1. Brilliant. I squeezed gently, caressed her leg and felt the alien feel of stockings. She uncrossed her legs and parted them slightly, leaning forward towards me. I left my hand there, airily talking about my boss, and let my fingers trail along the inside of her thigh.

She was breathing in shallow, quick little gasps, oblivious to the crowd around us. Truth be told, they were ignoring us and I felt like an exhibitionist, showing off my new main squeeze.

We finished our drinks and I told we should leave.

“Is this the surprise?” Her eyes were shining, her pupils dilated.

“Yep – one of them. You up for this?” I enjoyed the wide-eyed innocence, the trust she showed.

“Oh yes, very yes!”

We left the pub, holding hands. This drew some attention but it did not bother me at all. Cathy was too wrapped in the little bubble that surrounded us to notice. She had had three glasses of wine to my two and I could see that she was feeling extremely pleased with life.

“Follow me home – I live around the corner. We’ll leave your car there and go in mine.”

She nodded and leapt into her car, a new Peugeot 206 cc. Neat little car and she somehow she looked rich behind the wheel. An accountant with zip.

After she had pulled her car into my driveway, I watched her walk to my car. She looked even sexier as she fixed her hair. When got in I leaned over and kissed her, wetly and softly. She opened her mouth and I slid my tongue in and explored her gently. Her mouth was hot and she kissed me back ardently. I cupped her full breast and squeezed her tit. It was soft and yielding and I could feel the nipple harden instantly. She moaned softly. “Yes, oh yes”, mouthing the words in my mouth.

I pulled away from her, feeling the heat build between my legs, damp heat. “Later, more of that later. Smoke?”

“I haven’t smoked since ‘varsity but, what the hell!” That’s my girl – let your hair down, tonight promises to be wild ride. She lit one for each of us and we smoked in silence, companionable silence.

I drove swiftly to Fourways, to the “The House of Seven Pleasures”. Neat names the Orientals have for their establishments. Seven Pleasures? I liked the sound of that, not at all sure what they were.

As we pulled in tot the parking lot and faced the pagoda-shaped building I could see that Cathy had an expression of expectation. Controlled excitement simmered beneath the surface.

“We are here and you are going to have the massage of your life!” I said.

“A massage? I thought this was a restaurant.”

“It is, as well, I think but we can eat later if you are hungry.”

The place was decorated as you would expect: ethereal paintings of floating pagodas, bamboo sheets depicting Chinese symbols and, of course, that almost discordant sound of Oriental music. It was beautiful.

Madame Ling – such a cliché don’t you think? – was a small, precise kind of woman. She showed us into the recesses, leading us behind ornate screens and pot plants.

“Double or single?” she asked softly. Cathy looked at me, not understanding.

“Oh double,” I said, “Definitely double.” I smiled at Cathy

“Male of female” Her voice was a whisper, escaping from her bobbing head.

“Female.” Cathy raised her eyebrows. I winked. “Please, this way. Changing room at the back. Gowns on hook.” She motioned to a dark wall.

We were in the double room; two massage tables in the center. I led Cathy to the changing rooms and she whispered to me.

“This is great! What happens next?”

“No need to whisper, girl and, yes, this is great. Get undressed and put that gown on.”

She seemed a little hesitant at undressing in front of me so I led the way. As I took my clothes off I folded them neatly and hung them on hangers. I did this slowly, without watching her. From the rustling sounds I knew that she was undressing too and I contained my eagerness because I wanted to look at her.

As I was slipping the silk gown on – it was a thing of beauty, dark red with golden dragons twisting around it – I turned to look at her. She was placing her shoes together and, as she bent over, I could see her perky little bum with her pussy lips sticking out. Instantly I felt a charge ignite between my legs and I knew that I was getting wet. She stood up and looked at me. Wordlessly she came to me and we hugged and kissed again. We were in a deep clench and I felt her back and bum, rubbing and squeezing. I liked the feel of her skin, the hard nipples pressing into my tits. She bent her head and sucked my tit, softly, teasing me. I slipped my hand in between her legs – she was unshaven but neat – and felt her clit. She was wet too and I rubbed her clit. She arched her back.

“Oh God that feels good – yes finger me.” In the meanwhile she had placed her hand on my cunt too and was feeling my slippery puss juice, running her fingers between my lips. I thrust on to her fingers, rocking them, feeling my clit grow to the size of a small grape. She had small inner lips, like mine, but her outer lips were fat and plump. Not quite like Andrea’s but they were fat. I rubbed her puss with the flat of my hand, kissing her and sucking her tongue. She was moaning softly.

I pushed her away gently. Her eyes were bright and shiny.

‘Whoa! Slowly tiger, lets slow down here.”

“Oh Aimee, since I read your stories I have been dreaming about this – please don’t stop now.”

“Later, sweetie, later – we have time. Lets go back inside now. They must be waiting.” She nodded, looking disappointed. I took some tissues from my bag and gave her some. “I think we need to pat ourselves dry here.” She smiled.

“God, I’m so horny and so wet.” We stood there for a moment, drying our wet pussies.

Sure enough they were waiting: two Chinese girls were standing patiently at the beds, hands folded demurely in front of them and their heads down. As we approached the tables they both bobbed in unison.

My girl spoke first. “My name is Su-Chan. Pleased to meet you.” She had a sweet smile. The other one said, “Hello, please my name is Ana.” There was a small tray with small little ornate cups on it. It was Sake, I knew, and I knocked it back swiftly, feeling it burn like fire as it slid down my throat. Cathy did the same, wincing as she felt it bite.

The old woman appeared magically. “What massage you want?” she whispered, almost apologetically. We were both lying down now, on our tummies, facing each other. “What’s on offer?” I replied.

“You can have Relaxing, very good, or you have Sensual, very stimulating. What one please?”

“Sensual.” I winked at Cathy. She winked back. “And pelvic? Can we have pelvic too?”

“Yes,” She sighed sadly. “That is our Full Sensual one.” She nodded to the two girls and floated off.

I closed my eyes. The scent of sandalwood filled the air and I felt Su-Chan gently spreading some oil on my back. Her fingers were firm and light at the same time. I listened to soft music, twanging and musical and I gave myself up to the expertise of Su-Chan.

She worked every muscle, gently, lovingly and I could feel a warm glow spread throughout my body. I could smell different scents now, strange and pleasant. When I glanced up at her she smiled sweetly at me through the straight hair that hung over her face. She moved up and down my back, skipped passed my bum and went on to my thighs. Whatever it was she was pouring on me felt pleasantly hot and made my skin tingle. She parted my legs slightly and I complied, letting her have her way with me. I glanced over to Cathy. Her eyes were tightly shut and her cheeks were flushed. Good, I thought, enjoy it sweetie – this is only the beginning. Su-Chan was rubbing my calves now and I began to feel totally relaxed. She moved on to my feet and she rubbed each toe between her thumb and index finger. The she moved up my legs again and this time she poured some oil on my bum and kneaded my cheeks briefly, lightly. I felt aroused, tingling all over, hot. She worked my back again, using the heel of her palm.

“Please, to turn over now?” She said sweetly, a cute smile on her face. I rolled over. Ana was still busy with Cathy’s feet. I looked down on my body. It looked good because after that thing with Clyde I had joined a gym, personal trainer and all, and I was in good shape. Clyde had told me that me that I looked good but I knew that could look better so I went to the gym. Voila and presto – Gawie had made me work and the results showed. I was toned, in shape and I was proud of myself. My tits looked 34, damn, but gym wouldn’t fix that. I briefly wondered if I would have cosmetic surgery one day but I let that thought slip away. Time enough for that later and, anyway, my tits weren’t that bad.

Su-Chan was oiling my belly and her fingers were like little butterflies. I heard Ana ask Cathy to turn over. I reached my hand out and Cathy took it. We squeezed hands, our musical masseuses fading into the background. Su-Chan spread my thighs and I felt her hand briefly stroke my pussy lips and then she moved on to my thighs. Yes, I liked this; I liked the anticipation she was building up. She knew how to tease and taunt. My clit was swollen now and I could feel her budding out. I was clean-shaven, preferring to see my mound and I could see my clit poking out. Nice, I liked this a lot. I squeezed Cathy’s hand again, linking my throbbing clit to her.

Her hand was slippery with oil. Su-Chan was at my feet again and I marveled at how sensual every part of my body had become. I literally tingled all over. She moved up my legs again and then she settled on my pussy, pouring a liberal amount of oil there. Not that I needed it: I knew that I had a waterfall of cunt juice going already.

She expertly fingered my clit, alternating between it and my inner lips. I spread my legs wider, giving her full access. “You like?” she whispered. “A lot,” I said, “A whole lot.” I sighed and settled, preparing for an expert finger job. I heard Cathy moan softly and as I glanced over, she was moving her hips to meet Ana’s hand. I smiled. This was damn sexy. Su-Chan moved to the other side of the table so that there was only space between Cathy and I.

She kept her one hand on my pussy, lightly rubbing my clit. Her other hand squeezed my tits with exactly the right pressure. I, too, started moving my hips in a circular motion, fucking Su-Chan’s hand. Taking my clit between her thumb and finger, she pulled it gently. She placed her other hand on top of my shaven mound and pressed down. I almost jumped off the table with exquisite pleasure, feeling heat deep in my cunt. I made a mental note to remember this technique; pressure on the womb while fingering the clitty. I was thrusting quite vigorously now. Su-Chan was keeping her hand on my lower belly and fingering my clit. I was in heaven. She leaned forward and whispered.

“Missy want my mouth now or want to be with friend?” I blinked. This was unexpected.

“Friend,” I gasped, incapable of full speech. Abruptly she stopped and said something Chinese (or Mandarin – how would I know?) to Ana. They turned and left silently. Cathy was laying flat on her back, her chest heaving. I sat up.

“Cats? How are you doing?”

“Fucking marvelous, fucking wonderful. Oh my God, what was that girl doing to me?”

I put my hands on her, feeling how slick and slippery she was. Her body was shiny, oily and her skin had a glow on it.

“Here, open your legs – I want to see your pussy. Did she make you come?” She took my hand and placed on her puss.

“God, no, but almost. I was almost there.”

I rubbed her cunt, feeling her fat outer lips and her hard clit. It was bigger than I thought, swollen. I leaned over and kissed her hard. I slipped a finger into her and she was wet and hot in her cunt. I ran my finger in and out her puss rapidly, touching her clit each time. She was moving her hips again, in time to my hand. I sucked her nipple and, to my surprise, the oils tasted pleasant.

“Aimee, oh Aimee fuck me like that – I’m going to come now.” I quickly lowered my head and sucked her clit, drawing it into my mouth and running the tip of my tongue over it. I felt her spasm then, her clit jerk. She grabbed the back of my head and forced my mouth down onto her puss and I sucked and licked it. She was trying to say something but I only heard her choking and gasping. She moaned loudly, rubbing my face with puss juice and aromatic oil, arching her back clear off the bed. I pressed down on her lower belly and she gasped loudly and I felt her cunt spasm again. I rubbed her clit – it was twitching and jerking.

“Oh mercy, mercy, Mary Mother of God – oh, oh, oh!”

She eventually slowed down and I kept my finger deep in her cunt, liking the way it felt. Hot, wet and smooth. I caressed her tits.

“My turn, sweetie, but get your breath back first.” She smiled, her forehead beaded with sweat. She looked so sexy.

“What do you want me to do for you?” She held my hand.

“Suck me and lick me but do me from behind.” She looked puzzled. I got up onto the bed and assumed the doggy position. I glanced over my shoulder, my bum high in the air. “Lick me like this and suck me hard.”

She obliged. She planted her face between my bum cheeks and licked my cunt. When her tongue licked my clit I could feel her nose touch my bum-hole. Erotic. I moved up down, rubbing my pleasure pit all over her face. She stuck her tongue in to the opening of my pussy, her nose applying pressure to my bum-hole. I could feel my orgasm building now. “Finger my clit and stick a finger into me.” She misunderstood this slightly and, while fingering my clit, she stuck a finger first into my cunt and her thumb into my bum. She moved her three fingers rapidly in and out of me. Not quite what I meant but it felt wonderful. I jiggled my bum up and down and I started coming. My clit and cunt spasmed hard and clamped her fingers. I liked the feel of her thumb in my bum and I rode her, calling her name over and over again. She leaned forward and ran her tongue from my butt-hole all the way over to my clit. My whole body jerked. She rubbed my bum, exploring me, fingering my wet cunt.

I rolled over, breathing hard.

“Fantastic! Wow, wonderful!” Cathy smiled, looking pleased with herself.

“Was it that good? Did I do it right for you?”

“Fucking A! Wow, perfect.” She sat next to me, playing with my tits.

“Oh Aimee, thank you so much for this – thank you for being with me. This was a wonderful evening.”

“And it’s only begun – what’s the time now? We still have to meet Amanda.”

“Who’s Amanda?” She looked puzzled. “My watch is in my bag – I don’t have the time. Who’s Amanda?” She asked again.

“Lets go and shower – I’ll tell you who she is while we shower.” I checked my watch – 9:10. The musical Chinese twins re-appeared magically as we put our robes on again. I swear there was a peephole somewhere. Ana carried another tray with more Sake, Su-Chan bobbing and smiling.

“Missy want me to shower with her? Or Friend?” She had this knack of saying ‘Friend’ and meaning something else altogether. As I slugged this next shot back I made a mental note to come back here alone sometime for her. She understood the nuances of the female psyche and body perfectly: knowing when to be present, when to apply pressure, how to anticipate an orgasm perfectly.

“No thanks, Sue, I want to be with my friend.” She giggled at the nickname and they both retreated, bobbing and smiling all the while.

Cathy and I shared a shower. There was nothing sensual about it, really, we washed the oil off our bodies and I told her all about Amanda. She seemed a little cool about it and I wasn’t sure if she was up to the rest of the evening. “So, what do you think? About Amanda and this gay club thing?” I asked her as we toweled ourselves dry.

“To be totally honest with you I feel a little jealous. No, don’t say anything,” she added hurriedly, “I know that we hardly know each other and all that but its just that I thought we – you and I – will spend the evening together. But its okay, lets go and meet Amanda.”

So I didn’t say anything. I was little piqued; hadn’t she read my stories properly, didn’t she understand that I wasn’t looking for a long-term arrangement? I dismissed this little annoyance immediately – I could understand how she felt and I was determined not to let it interfere with the rest of the evening. After all, the thing with Amanda could prove to be complete bust and we could still have each other.

As we were finishing our dressing Su-Chan peeked in shyly. “More Sake?” She asked.

“Yes please! More sake would be good.” I was getting a little sloshed I knew but I could handle myself. Cathy seemed to be okay too.

She brought the sake while we were fixing our hair and she slipped me note while Cathy’s back was turned. It was a cell number. So, she moonlighted, made house calls. She smiled at me, bobbed one last time and was gone. Good – I had a direct contact now.

After I settled the bill with the mournful Madame Ling – R500.00, wow – we walked slowly to my car.

“Cats, this thing with Amanda – are you fine with it? We could skip it and head back to my place?”

“Oh Aimee, sorry but its fine really. I don’t know what came over me in there. Like I said the other day, I’m happy to be with you and I trust you. So please forget about it and lets go to this club. Maybe a little dancing will be great.”

I hugged her, glad that this was sorted out. She was a little more pissed than I was and I decided to control her drinking by slowing down myself. I noticed that she didn’t do anything I didn’t do, if I had a coke she would as well.

We got into my car and I headed off to Amanda’s club, a sense of anticipation coursing through my veins.

Needless to say, we got lost.

I mean, directions and addresses were fine but I wasn’t all at familiar with Wendywood. When Cathy realized that we were lost she got a little apprehensive. I tried to remain cool but I panicked a little. I was looking for neon signs, something glitzy, parked cars and so on.

Eventually I found number 20 but it was a house. A winding driveway, tree-lined and well lit, led to a large double storied home.

“Cats, this must be it: right street, right number – lets go in.” She nodded, looking uncertain.

As I pulled up I noticed that there were about ten or twelve cars parked beneath large Oak trees. All expensive and new so my BM would fit right in. We fixed our lipstick and hair, the sense of anticipation building. It 9:40 – ten minutes late. No biggie.

As we walked on the driveway our heels clicked noisily. The garden was well laid out, obviously landscaped by a professional and beautifully lit. The place smelled, nay, reeked of money! Interesting, I thought, the plot thickens!

Cathy stood slightly to the back of me as I prodded the brass doorbell. Somewhere a bell chimed. I heard footsteps, padded and soft. As the door opened I heard Santana playing ‘Stormy’. There was laughter in the background.

An ice-cool, white-blond, dressed in what looked like skin-tight black PVC stood at the door, one eyebrow raised.

“Yes?” Her voice was neutral, unfriendly.

“Hi,” I said, over-brightly, “Is Amanda here?”

“Ah, Amanda…and you are?” The other eyebrow was now raised as well. Only a bit of frost remained in her tone.

“Aimee. Aimee and Cathy.”

“Come in ladies, come in.” She stood aside, opening the door wide. As we stepped in, Cathy behind me, the ice-queen hooked her arm through Cathy’s, catching her by surprise.

“I’m Cheyenne and this miserable abode is mine.” Miserable abode indeed. She was so pretentious, even her name sounded fake, I bet it was really something ordinary like Sally or Joan. But, bitches that we all were, we smiled sweetly and cooed about how nice the place was and how unusual her name was.

It was a palatial residence, truly awesome. Beautiful fittings and soft lightings screamed money, old money, and Cheyenne sauntered around like a queen. She led us to a reception room towards the rear and a quick glance at the wooden railings on the staircase leading upstairs told me that this was a magnificent home. I decided to act as if it was commonplace to be in a place like this and that I too was stinking rich. No more compliments, just cool indifference.

The lounge area, if that what it was, looked like a small ballroom, complete with glittering chandeliers and oil paintings. The music was much louder and Santana was just finishing with his usual grand solo. There was about ten or so women standing or sitting in little groups, delicately holding long-stemmed champagne glasses. There was a silence as we entered, courtesy of Santana’s last flourish and all heads turning to look at us.

“Ladies, ladies – Amanda’s guests have arrived at last.” Cheyenne’s voice tinkled like glass, snooty and nasal. Amanda emerged from the back of the room looking absolutely breathtaking in the shortest red mini I have ever seen. I swear, if she raised her eyebrows, I would see her panties. She wore a very, very tight white top and she looked stunning, sexy and irresistible.

She hugged me as she came over, friendlier than I expected. She turned to Cathy, who was blushing furiously, still hooked by her arm to Cheyenne. It occurred to me that Cheyenne did that for effect; to look stunning next Cathy. Bitch.

“Hi Aimee – is this your friend?”

“Oh yes, my special friend, Cathy.” Cathy shot me a grateful look, completely out of her depth. So was I actually – who were these rich bitches anyway?

Amanda and Cheyenne exchanged glances, not too subtly.

“I hope that Cheyenne hasn’t been her usual bitchy self?”

I laughed politely. “Not at all – she’s being very nice.”

“Ah, so she has been bitchy – Cheyenne, you really must stop it; people will think you are a snob. So – Aimee, and you Cathy, welcome to our club – the Glee Club.”

Glee Club? What the hell was this? I thought she meant a disco kind of club.

“So what is the Glee Club?” No point in stuffing around – if this was someone’s idea of the idle rich passing the time I wanted out and I wanted to leave fast.

“Not so fast, Aimee, all things in good time.” Amanda gave me a look, a lingering look from those unbelievably blue eyes. “First, a drink. Some champagne?”

“Sure, champagne is good.” Cathy nodded as well, looking strained.

“Come with me.” She turned and we followed her to the pub. All solid wood, gleaming with glass and crystal, the shelves fully stacked. She poured some champagne – French, excuse me – and gave it to us. The glasses were lead crystal. “And now for the introductions.” The others were chatting among themselves again, our appearance apparently forgotten. She led us to the first group.

“Don’t bother trying to remember names now – that will come. This is Chantal.” Chantal (28 – my guess) was a broody brunette with long, curly hair. Her lips were a dark red, matching her fingernails exactly. I smiled and she smiled back. “This is Caroline.” Caroline (30) was a non-descript, mousy-haired bottle blonde. Nice figure, lots of jewelry. “This is Ina.” She (25) was fuller-figured blonde, great tits (or perhaps great bra). They all smiled at us and nodded pleasantly.

We moved to the next group, trailing behind Amanda like two children. “This leggy creature is Elise and this gorgeous beast is Ronel.” Elise (35) was indeed leggy, long and shapely legs curled beneath her as she sat in a wing-backed chair. Ronel (37) was a striking green-eyed redhead, a halo of shimmering red locks crowned her. I liked her instantly.

A last group of three was draped around a grand piano, rather as if posing for a photo.

“Ah, the sultry sirens! Belinda is our founder, Sandrine is the organizer and Estelle our all-rounder.” Belinda looked to be about 33 or so. Quite unremarkable. Sandrine (22) was by far the youngest and had an appealing smile. Estelle (35) winked at me. I was mystified. I pulled Amanda aside.

“Listen, what exactly am I doing here? I’m not sure that we understood each other last week.”

“Oh yes we did – I’ll let Belinda explain it in a minute. By the way, ignore Cheyenne – she’s new to all this and is overdoing things a bit. I mean, French champagne! By the way,” she lowered her voice, “you look great tonight, thoroughly edible.”

This caught me completely by surprise and I liked the compliment. Being careful about Cathy overhearing me, I whispered back. “You too – so bloody sexy.” She tossed her hair and said, “Oh, I know!” We both laughed.

“Cathy!” Amanda beckoned to her. She was standing with Sandrine. “Join us.” She came over.

“So – you two are an item?” Amanda sipped her champagne. I knew that this put Cathy in a quandary. I decided to let her handle it, intrigued as to what she would say.

“Yes and No.” Her cheeks were flushed, her eyes bright. Good answer, I thought, leave your options open until you know what this is about. “Depends on the circumstances. We’re both free agents though.” Cathy stared at me. I stared serenely back. Hey, I mean, Amanda was hot and I wanted a little of that!

“Excellent!” Amanda said brightly. I was to learn that this was her favourite word. “Great stuff, that leaves us all with room to maneuver. But we’ll see. But first, tra la la, we must have the formal opening of tonight’s proceedings. Stick around, get famous.’ She wafted off to chat to Belinda.

“Aimee! What’s going on?” Cathy dropped her voice and whispered urgently.

“Fuck knows,” I said softly, “But I think we’re about to find out.”

“Did I say the right thing? Was it ok?” She sounded worried.

“Sure, Sweets, good answer. But, between you and me, we are an item of sorts, okay?” I squeezed her hand. She smiled, relief blossoming on her face.

There was a sound of cutlery tapping on glass. Belinda had stood up. “Ladies, ladies – please turn the music down.” Christina Aguilera was cut off in mid-shriek. Everybody fell silent.

“Welcome to you all to this meeting of the Glee Club and a special welcome to our new guests, Aimee and Cathy,” This was greeted by a few catcalls and a smattering of applause. Wow, what was this?

“For our guests’ benefit, GLEE stands for Gay and Lesbian Erotic Experience – my own clever little invention.” She gave a mock bow and there was more applause and a few whistles. “Again, for the benefit of the newcomers here’s the history and the rules: we formed Glee when we discovered that there was no reputable organisation or club to affiliate to that met our expectations of discretion and, shall we say, status?”

So they were snobs, that what they were. She continued. “All of you here are invited personally so we take responsibility for our guests. The rules are simple – no rules, anything goes only, and only if, your partner or partners are okay with it? Right? As usual, the meetings rotate from house to house and the next meeting will be held at Aimee’s place”. They all turned to look at me. “Where do you live Aimee?” Belinda asked sweetly.

So there it was, the acid test. It all came down to where I lived. They all stared at me. “It is in our rules, you know, newcomers become hosts. Is this a problem?”

“No, of course not,” I replied, liking how cool and composed I sounded. “I would love to host the next party. I have a little place in Parkmore but I really think my beach house in Mosselbaai would be so much better.” Checkmate, game over. Aimee could also play the snob. This was greeted by Oohs and Aahs.

“That’s lovely, Aimee, but its so far. Perhaps your home in Parkmore would easier?”

“Sure, whatever, I’m easy.” There was laughter – yay Aimee! The silly little pun drew a titter from the Glee folk.

“Finally, before we start officially, I’d like to thank the previous newbie – Cheyenne, such a lovely girl – for her kind hospitality tonight. Darling, what on earth have you done with your hubbie tonight?”

Cheyenne stepped up to stand next to Belinda.

“Cecil, bless his heart, is in Sunny Durbs on business. When the mouse is away, the cats will play!” There was much laughter at this and, in truth, it was very clever, she was not just a sexy body with a pretty face. I wondered how on earth she had gotten that outfit on. I’m sure she was sweating like in pig inside it.

“Okay all, settle down Glee, settle down. And now, drum roll please, our sexy host will perform the show to start the night.” I sipped my champagne. A show? How interesting.

Cathy and I sat down on a nearby chaise-long. I always thought that it was an uncomfortable invention, impossible to relax on. Cheyenne took a few quick, small steps to the sound system (inferior to mine, I noted with smug satisfaction) and fiddled some with some CDs.

She stood up. We all watched. The show was about to begin. I sipped more champagne, my heart beginning to race for some reason.

Suddenly Tom Jones boomed out of the speakers, signing his rather likable “Sex Bomb”. How quaint, how clever. Cheyenne started dancing, very nicely, to my surprise, and did her best to look sexy and desirable. It wasn’t too hard for her, in truth, because that tight black outfit showed her good body off nicely and contrasted with her white blond hair. I leaned back, finally beginning to enjoy myself. Cathy looked at me, smiled approvingly and nodded. I looked for Amanda, caught her looking at me with those impossibly blue eyes. She licked her lips. I gave her a moue, you know, an air kiss?

Cheyenne was really getting into it now, and had unzipped the front of her suit. Full tits bulged at the sides of the zipper and she clutched her crotch. For some reason she was focusing on Sandrine, the 22 year old, and seemed to be dancing for her. I reached for Cathy’s hand, squeezed it again. It brought memories of the massage parlour flooding back. Dear lord, was that only an hour or so ago?

She gyrated and twisted and tossed her hair while old Tom banged through the many puns in the song. I was tapping my foot, enjoying it. Belinda had dimmed the lights somewhat, to my annoyance, and Cheyenne was on her knees in front of Sandrine.

Sandrine reached out and slid her hand into Cheyenne’s top and gave her tit a good squeeze. The Glees whistled and clapped. Cheyenne pulled the zipper all the way down, passed her navel and her tits popped out. Wow, puffies, swollen nipples – I hadn’t seen those for a while. She snaked – there’s no other word for it – out of the top and it dangled over her backside. She really had nice tits and I was getting aroused. There an air of sex in the room, I could almost smell it. Maybe the Glees were giving off a collective pussy smell, maybe it was just me. Cathy’s hand was getting hot and sweaty and I could see the show was turning her on too.

I glanced around. I was faintly amused to see Elsie and Ronel kissing deeply. Well, well, well. I had underestimated these Glees – they seemed to be a horny bunch indeed. On impulse I pulled Cathy towards me, wanting to kiss too. She kissed me back ardently, wetly, running her tongue over my teeth and feeling the palate in my mouth. It was a nice, slow sensual kiss.

Cheyenne was back up on her feet again; her movements making her tits jiggle. She was timing it nicely, waiting for Tom to finish before she took the rest of the outfit off. I noticed that her back and chest was flushed, her full nipples dark. They were begging to be sucked. Tom did his grand finish – Oh Baby you can turn me on! – And she held her pose, waiting for the next song to start.

It was the Mary McGregor version of Torn Between Two Lovers. I preferred this one to the other covers – Jennifer Warnes, Olivia Newton-John to name a couple (sorry if it seems like I’m showing off but I love music and I know my stuff) – and it was a good choice. The sultry sexiness, the illusion of confusion, was a nice choice for a setting like this. I wondered if Cheyenne was clever enough to have perfectly understood the dichotomy of being bi. If so, the song was bang-on, dead perfect. I was warming to Cheyenne. She was a clever little girl indeed.

She held our attention now, kissing forgotten, as she wriggled out of the PVC suit. As it slid passed her groin I was startled to see she was naked. Wow, baby, she had a neat, blond triangle and her pussy was glistening. Sweat? Fuck juice? It didn’t matter because her puss looked great, full inner lips protruding from the shaven outer ones. I longed to suck her. She fell on to her back and raised her legs. Her fat puss peeped between her thighs, looking really suckable. My, oh my. Cathy squeezed my hand, breathing rapidly, her chest rising and falling.

Her movements were now more sensual, as opposed to the overt sexual thrusting with Tom Jones. She was lithe, liquid and she seemed to be totally lost in the lyrics. The Glees were spellbound, identifying strongly with the words. It had to be deliberate, this choice of music, it was too much to believe it was a coincidence.

Sandrine stepped forward and pulled the suit off her completely. Still on her back, she opened her legs and her puss stared defiantly back at us. She timed it perfectly. Mary McGregor was signing off with “..feeling like a fool..” and she had her legs wide open. Good stuff. Obviously well practiced and worked on beforehand. The Glees broke into loud applause, whistling and calling. Cathy and I joined in enthusiastically.

Belinda stood up. “I’m sure we all agree – that was wonderful Cheyenne, perfect!” More applause. “So, Aimee, at least you have an idea what to expect when your turn comes around.” Damn, of course! Hostess strips as well!

“Hey, anytime!” They all laughed. Okay, so I had to strip. No biggie – I would practice as well. Aimee, stripper deluxe – what next!

“Okay, Glees – let the fun begin.” Cheyenne stood up, looking like she had just won the lotto. She deserved to feel chuffed because she pulled off something difficult. It didn’t look like was going to get dressed again because she lit up a cigarette and was talking to Sandrine, still stark naked. A pair no doubt, possibly in the beginning stages. Some dance music was playing, one of those horrible dance collections. The old Shirelles version of Its My Party was playing. A few people started dancing. Cathy looked at me expectantly.

I was in a trap of my own making. I agreed to meet Amanda –it was a date actually – and I brought Cathy with me. I couldn’t, and didn’t, want to let her down but Amanda was so damn sexy I couldn’t let this chance go by either.

I had an idea.

“Cats, how open-minded are you? I mean, are you game for some extra fun tonight?” Her eyes went wide. I knew then I had to lay my cards on the table. “Okay, here’s the deal – are you up to a threesome tonight?”

“Threesome?” Her voice was a thread. “With who? Whom, I mean. Will you be part of it?”

“Oh yeah – you’re mine tonight. But I want Amanda to join us, if she will. What do think?” She looked at Amanda, at her short mini, at her tight top.

“Well, okay – but will she? How does it work? What do we do?”

“I’ll ask her – it’s the only way. As for what happens, hey, we make it up as we go along. Okay?” She smoking again, and she dragged on her cigarette. The coal glowed hot. “Sit tight and leave it to me.”

I wandered over to Amanda. She was talking to Caroline. They were both smoking.

“Hey,” She said.

“Hey you too. Who do I have to sleep with to get another drink?” They laughed and Caroline had a surprisingly infectious chuckle.

“With me, of course, who else? What do you want?” I looked her in the eye.

“Since I’m in your hands why don’t you decide. And, if you will, give Cathy one as well?”

“Excellent – wait here. Caroline, hands off – no poaching tonight!” They both laughed edgily. There’s something in that, I thought, but it wasn’t my business. She left to get the drinks.

“So – where do know you our beauty from?” Caroline asked.

“Work stuff. And you?” The less they knew the better. Anyway, I didn’t know what Amanda told them.

“Neighbours. I used to watch her sunbathing. She has a great body. I didn’t know that she knew I was watching and she always put on a show for me. I don’t who desired her more – my husband or me!”

“Does he know, your husband, about you being a Glee and all that?”

“Hell no – he thinks we play bridge!”

“Are you involved with her? Are you together?”

“We have something but here in the Glees, we share, you know. I mean, what’s the point otherwise?”

“Right – I see what you mean. Makes sense, I suppose. How old is this thing?”

“About 6 months or so. People come and go, its never static. And that’s great too. You like it so far?”

“Oh yes, indeed I do.” Amanda joined us and gave me a drink.

“Tequila Sunrise. Okay?”

“Mmm yes, good.”

“Excellent. Cathy seems okay with too. I see she’s hitting it off with Chantal.”

“Goodie – I’m glad she’s fitting in.”

“Hey girls – excuse me. Nature calls – I have to shake the dew off my Lillie.”

Caroline was astute to give us time alone. I seized the moment because I didn’t know when we would have chance. I took her hand; it was cool and dry.

“Listen Amanda – lets not beat about the bush. I want you, you know, I want to be with you tonight.” She smiled, her eyes like beacons.

“Excellent – me too! Since that meeting. There’s something sexual about you, it comes off you in waves.” Waves – I liked the imagery of that.

“Yeah great but, slight problem, small thingie; I’m kind of with Cats tonight but I want you too. You okay for all three of us to be together?” I held my breath, not sure if I had read her correctly. She smiled, pulled on her cigarette. She blew smoke into the air, deciding.

“If not, why not? Deal, okay, but let’s party here a little while first? How’s that?”

“Done deal, excellent!” Yeah, I know, I know – my old trick but it works alright?

“Lets dance,” She said, “I like this song.” I didn’t – it was Will Young, singing Evergreen. It was too contrived, too sweet. I had wanted Gareth Gates to win the UK Idols but he didn’t. A small aside: if you’re watching the South African version, look for someone called Latoya from Cape Town – she’s going to win and you heard here first. She sings like an angel.

We danced then, slowly and touched each other. I felt her tits pressing against mine. She held me tightly, breathing warmly on my neck. I dropped my hand as we moved between the other couples, feeling her thigh, feeling the heat come off her skin. In waves – I really liked that, so sensual, so dramatic.

She squeezed my bum cheek, hard, almost too hard. She pressed her mound against mine, groin against groin. Amanda was very physical, very strong. My loins stirred, heating up. My pussy was wet. It felt as if she taking control and, in that moment that I realized it, I lost some of it.

She started leading, nibbling my ear, and biting it. She put her hand between us and rubbed my mound.

“You’ve got a nice high puss. Is it fat, is it a full puss?” She was whispering in my ear.

“Mmm, fatter and fatter each moment. And yours – are you big?” This sexy talk was turning me on.

“You’ll see when I make you eat me.” She squeezed my arse again. Oh, is it like that – a dominant lesbian? Well, well, well – this was new. I decided to play tough too.

“Sure, right after I make you eat me.” She squeezed my bum tighter and her breathing got deeper. I felt her nipples harden. “Yes,” She said gruffly, “Make me and I’ll make you.” She kissed me, hard and powerfully. I liked it, liked her greed, liked her desire for me. We danced like that, feeling each other, not caring what the others were doing. I was wet, horny, my clit aching and twitching.

I knew I had to dance with Cathy and I wanted to dance with Ina too. Ina’s tits intrigued me and I wanted to feel them. So when the next song started – Usher, You Remind Me will you believe – I sought her out.

“Ina – how about a dance?” She was sitting and smoking.

“Sure – I’d love too.” We danced and spoke. Annoyingly she wasn’t close enough for me to feel her tits. “You’ve fitted in well here – some girls take a while but you seem to be at home.” She had an irritating voice, grating.

“Yeah, I know, this is great and I love it. How did you come to be involved?”

“Belinda is my nephews’ teacher – I met her at the school dance. Odd hey?”

She was not a great dancer, no rhythm at all. And she frequented dances nogal.

“Who brought this music?”

She shook her head. “Don’t know – never heard it before. You’ll have to ask Sandrine – she organizers these things.” I was pissed enough to be bold now so I asked her.

“Ina – I like your tits, can I feel them?” She laughed.

“Everybody does. Sure,” She stopped and loosened her halter neck and they popped out, plump, fat and round. She had perfect nipples and they were pointy. “These are real hey, no boob job!”

I couldn’t help it but I had to lick them so I did. I bent my head and sucked her nipple; it hardened instantly, the nipple getting a little bigger. I lifted her tit and ran my tongue underneath it, licked that oft-neglected area. I kneaded the other one while I sucked and licked. We weren’t even pretending to dance anymore – we just stood while I had my way with her tits.

When I lifted my head I saw that her cheeks were flushed.

“You do that well – next time you’re mine, I don’t care what Amanda says.” I licked my lips.

“Sure, definitely, next time. I want to rub those nipples on my clit.” I really did; I could imagine her flat on her back while I rode my wet pussy on her tits, using the nipples to stimulate my clit.

I looked for Cathy and spotted her out on the balcony, talking to Chantal. Her skirt had ridden up and Chantal had her hand on her leg, talking and looking into her eyes. I heard Amanda calling me.

“Another drink? Then we find a room upstairs?”

“Yes – good idea. Can’t we take a bottle of something with us?”

“Excellent thinking. And an ice bucket. I’ll get the drinks and you get Cathy. Meet you back at the bar.” I nodded and went for Cathy.

“Sorry to but in, excuse the pun, but Cats – its that time.” She stood up, smoothing her skirt.

“Sure Aimee. Chantal, I agree – I’ll call you okay?”

“Sure, Cathy, talk to you soon. Enjoy girls, enjoy.”

As we walked back I couldn’t but help feel a little jealous.

“New friend, huh?”

“Yes, but that’s it, nothing else. I’m glad you’re jealous.” She looked pleased. “So, are we going to do the threesome now?”

“Oh yes – ready?”

“Ready for you anytime!” At the pub, Amanda had prepared a tray with drinks on it and a bottle of wine was standing in an ice bucket. We helped her and went upstairs. Cheyenne really had a beautiful home and we had no trouble in finding an empty room.

As we closed the door, I was again struck by the sumptuous décor. No mod stuff for Cheyenne, all old-fashioned wood and paneling. The door closed with a reassuring thunk! Nice and solid. We placed the drinks on the bedside table. It was big enough to accommodate the lamp as well.

“Okay ladies – here we are. Lets get undressed – or shall we have drink first?”

“Hell, both!” They laughed at my bravado but I knew that this was crucial time for Cats and I had to show that all was okay.

So we sipped and removed an item of clothing. It became a game. I was glad that I had invested in really expensive underwear and that all those hours in the damn gym with Gawie was now paying dividends. Cats was young enough – no children anyway – to have a damn nice body and Amanda clearly looked after herself. When we were down to our panties we proposed toasts.

“To orgasms!” This was Cathy, perfectly drunk without being out of control. She was nice and loose, bold and eager.

“To rocking orgasms!” Amanda said loudly. We drank.

“As only women know how to give them!” I said and we drained our glasses. The tequila exploded in my tummy, feeling like molten lava, hot and dangerous.

“A suggestion girls,” Amanda said and I noted that she was nicely pissed too. “Lets each take someone else panties off.”

“Wait, lets fill our glasses with wine first. I love being touched while I drink.”

So we poured some of Cheyenne’s expensive wine – it was a Simonsig Merlot of some sort, totally wasted on three drunken Glees – and had a final toast.

“To clits!” We drank again. I was feeling adventurous now, more uninhibited.

I stood up. “Me first – who’ll be so bold as to remove my panty?”

Amanda volunteered. “I will!” She knelt before me while I sipped. It reminded me so much of the time Clyde had washed me in the shower while I drank wine. Amanda pulled Victoria’s best secret down and revealed my pussy. Cathy stared, fascinated. Without pulling my panty down completely, she started to lick my pussy.

“Eat me, bitch, suck me.” I felt powerful. I sipped more wine and placed my hand on the back of her head. Amanda had a strong tongue, like a man’s, and she probed me aggressively. “Taste my pussy, lick me clean!” I rode Amanda face. Cathy stared, hypnotized. I took my finger and dipped into my cunt, between Amanda’s lips. I put it in Cathy’s mouth. She sucked my finger while her eyes were locked on mine. I felt the early beginnings of an orgasm. Not so soon, surely not so soon. I pushed harder against Amanda. “Yes, yes – I like that. Flick my clit with your tongue.” Her fingers were digging into my arse cheeks, forcing my pussy onto her face. She came up for air, her face wet, her makeup messed up. I decide to prolong my orgasm.

“You like that, bitch, did you enjoy that?” She nodded; she was breathless. She pulled my panty down and crushed it into a ball and held it, crotch first, against her face, sniffing deeply.

“God,” she said, “Your puss smells good, it’s excellent!”

“Me next!” Cathy was literally shaking with excitement.

“Lets do her together,” I said and Amanda nodded. Her eyes were glazed with arousal and her nipples were hard. Cathy stood between us. I was at her back and I pulled her panty down. We were both kneeling and I licked Cathy’s butt groove, running my tongue down there, tasting and smelling her muskiness. She was rocking back and forth, her legs spread as far as the taut panty would allow, and Amanda was attacking her pussy while I ran my tongue over her butt-hole. Cathy was moaning and she had a hand on each of our heads.

“Ooh, what are you girls doing to me – don’t stop, ooh, please don’t stop.” She was rocking faster now and I reached up and put my hands on her tits and squeezed them. “Yes, Aimee, my love, yes do that to me!” We sucked away, back and front working in harmony and Cathy was rocking faster and faster. I didn’t actually want her to come then and was about to pull away when she shrieked loudly and shuddered, almost losing her balance. Amanda was sucking on her clit furiously and I could hear the slurping sounds she was making and Cathy had a massive orgasm. Her butt-hole contracted and I sucked it. Amanda had stuck her finger into Cathy’s cunt and was stroking her, finger-fucking her as she came. I did the same; I stuck my finger a little way into her butt and she rode our fingers, rocking them. I stood up and held her, really worried that she would fall over.

Eventually she slowed down, breathing really hard, and I kissed her neck. Amanda had stood too and was making soothing noises.

“Lucky little bitch – such a grand orgasm.” She said. Over Cathy’s shoulder Amanda and I kissed and I tasted Cathy’s puss in her mouth. It was so erotic – tasting another woman’s pussy in someone else’s mouth. Really divine.

“My turn, now, thank God, my turn next! How are you two bitches going to do me?”

I looked at Cathy. ‘How you doing girl? Are you okay?” She nodded.

“As you say, Fucking A!” Her hair was tousled, prettily messed up. She looked as if she just had the fuck of the century. “I’m ready – lets do her.”

“Okay Amanda – lay down on the bed – lets do this a little differently.” Her eyes were gleaming and her cheeks were flushed. She lay down. I lifted her legs and eased her G-string off. The crotch, such as these things are on G-strings, was sodden. I was pleased to see that Amanda was clean-shaven and that her groin area was sopping wet. She lifted herself so that her elbows supported her.

“Do you girls like that? Do you like what you see?” Cathy was entranced, still in the dying throes of her volcanic orgasm and she was licking her lips.

“You want some that, Cats, do you want to eat her?” She nodded, swallowing.

I got on the bed and positioned my puss on top of Amanda’s head – I was virtually squatting on that gorgeous face – and instructed Cathy to crouch at the foot of the bed so that she could eat Amanda’s wet puss. And so that I could watch too, of course!

Cathy lowered her head and proceeded to eat her, giving her long, lingering strokes of the tongue. She slid her tongue slowly over Amanda’s fat clit and ran it all the way down, between her lips, dipping into her cunt hole, over that skin between bum-hole and cunt and, finally, dipping into the butt-hole itself. It drove Amanda wild.

I lowered myself onto her face, leaning forward so that I could watch her, my hands on her tits. Her tongue reached out to meet my cunt and I slowly moved up and down. This made her lift her face to reach for my cunt as I moved away. It helped her rhythm; she move her hips as well, sliding her cunt all over Cathy’s face. Cathy licked away and she locked eyes with me. Amanda heaved and grunted, sucking my lips, puling them into her mouth. It was exquisite. I was thrilled to be fucking a face that beautiful and to watch such a nice cunt being given a proper licking.

After a while, as Amanda’s bucking and thrusting was becoming too rapid, Cathy sat back and used her fingers. First she obligingly spread Amanda’s delicious cunt lips so that I could see what she was doing, and then she inserted one finger all the way to the knuckle. With her thumb, she rubbed Amanda’s swollen clit in a circular motion. Amanda was now moaning and it excited me further. I regulated my own movements in time to hers, thrusting and face fucking along with her. I could feel her chin, her lips and her nose press against my clit and I knew my own orgasm was not too far off.

Cathy now slid two fingers into her, stretching her cunt opening and hand-fucked her. She still kept Amanda’ puss open for me to see, and I truly enjoyed seeing Cathy slick fingers sliding in and out of her puss.

“Now,’ I said breathlessly to them both, “lets come now.” I rode her face faster, squeezed her tits and Cathy bent her head again and took Amanda’s clit into her mouth. She sucked it like a sweet; deeply and firmly and we both came simultaneously. I pressed hard against that lovely face, my puss clenching and clamping on her. Amanda had reached out and grabbed Cathy’s head and rammed it onto her cunt, held there and fucked her face, coming, moaning and groaning in muffled tones into my puss. Absolutely, fucking fantastic! After a while, after I had collapsed on the bed, I got my breath back, my tits heaving with each dry gasp. Cathy was standing, shaking her head in wonder. Amanda just lay there, make-up now completely gone, removed by my copious puss juice.

“Cats,” I gasped, “More wine, please more wine.” I leaned over and kissed Amanda. God, she was beautiful!

“So, ladies, how was that?” Cathy was more confident now, her pert tits still pointed from recent arousal. She held a glass in each hand, the dark Merlot swirling in the glasses.

“What do we say Cats?” I asked mischievously.

“Fucking A!!” We both chorused and laughed. Amanda sat up and took a glass from Cathy. She slurped it and almost choked.

“Excellent, the fuck of the century, my darlings – that was the best! Aimee, you have a tasty cunt. Cats, you have tremendous orgasms. Was that up to standard and was that the standard!” We raised our glasses.

“Fucking A!” We all said and giggled again.

We sat and chatted for a while, speculating what the others were up to. Amanda told us that she’d been with most of the Glees present and some others that were absent. Cathy and I were both intrigued by the freedom that they all felt with each other, the lack of jealousy. She explained that it was because they didn’t bring regular partners or, if, as had happened, partnerships formed within the group, they simply stayed away. No point in stuffing up a good thing over some casual sex. We agreed.

Cathy then asked something that I had been wondering about for a while but did not know whom to ask about it. I played with Amanda’s black hair, twisting it between my fingers as I listened.

“Amanda – how do you know if you are lesbian or bi? And what is butch, really, anyway?”

“Sweetie – don’t get into that, don’t try and put yourself in a box. Obviously, if you like to suck pussy then you like women. Keep it that simple. If you want to be with a man then do it. If not, then don’t. Personally I like both. Sometimes a fuck with a man is best but other times I prefer a woman’s touch. Are you worried about it?”

”Yes, well, this isn’t exactly my first experience – certainly the best, Fucking A and all that – but I’ve been with men too. Its so confusing.”

“Don’t worry about it, my love, just enjoy yourself. Talking of which, are we all ready for something different?”

I raised my eyebrows. Something different? Well, well, well!

“Sure – what’s on your mind?”

“First I need a volunteer – I want to tie one of you up.” Amanda was sitting up, those brilliant eyes were shining.

“Whoa, hold on, just a minute. I’m not into pain and I’m not sure that this is for me.”

Cathy looked worried. Amanda burst out laughing.

“Pain? Please guys, I’m not into that either – Oh no, this is something much nicer. Come on, be a sport – I promise you’ll beg for more. Who wants to go first?”

Cathy took a deep slug of her wine. “Hey, I’ll do it – Aimee’s here and I know that she’ll look after me. What do you want me to do?”

“That’s my girl! I promise you, you won’t regret this.” She leapt off the bed and scratched in her handbag. She took out some red and white ribbons and a fistful of vibrators and a tube of good old KY.

I sat back, intrigued. “Watch out for me, OK, Aimee, will you?” She whispered this. I leaned forward and kissed her.

“Sure baby – I will but I think it will be okay.” “Cats, lay down and spread your legs and arms – yes, like that, I want to tie each of them to a bedpost.”

Very expertly and quickly, she tied Cathy up and had her spread-eagled on the bed.

“Now,” She said, obviously enjoying herself, “I want you to try and pull your hand out of the knot I tied.” Cathy pulled hard and her arm came away free quite easily. “See? No trouble at all if you want to get loose.” She re-tied the arm. “And now, the last thing – the blindfold. If you don’t like it, say so and I’ll take it off.” Cathy lifted her head and Amanda put a broad white ribbon around her head, covering her eyes. “You okay?” Cathy nodded. “Alright! Try and relax and just enjoy this.” She winked at me and gave me a smooth, silver vibrator. I turned it on. It hummed loudly. Amanda had one as well, a prickly looking thing that made less noise.

With my wine in one hand, I ran the vibrator over Cathy’s tits. She quivered. Amanda was running the red monster up down Cathy’s thighs, approaching her pussy and moving away again.

“You like this Cats?” I asked.

“Oh yes, it feels good – what’s making that funny noise?”

“Vibrators, my love – do you like it?”

“Mmm, yes, I do.”

We teased her like that for a while, toying (sorry) with her. She was clearly enjoying it, writhing and twisting. Amanda expertly moved the red monster around Cathy’s puss. She was horny again, her inner lips were wet. Occasionally I leaned over and kissed her and she moaned. I was quite sorry that I objected so strongly because it looked very enjoyable.

Amanda tapped me on the shoulder and pointed to Cathy’s puss. I nodded, understanding that she wanted us to zero in on it. I put the tip of the vibrator on her clit and she said “Oh!” Amanda took the spidery thing and put some KY on it and gently pushed it into Cathy’s cunt. She gasped.

“Lovely, Oh Mary, Oh God – yes do that.” Amanda handed me a smaller one, skin-toned in colour and I used it instead of the silver one. It hummed more loudly, obviously operating at a higher speed. We fucked Cathy with these things and she thrust back and forth, summoning various angels and saints for help. Odd, don’t you think, and I wondered if she was a Catholic. Amanda took the silver job and, after lubricating it with KY, she put this in Cathy’s butt. Anyway, when she came, I struggled to keep the vibrator tip on her clit because she moving so violently and Amanda stuck the red spider all the way in. She bucked so much the ribbon tethers came loose, shouting “God, Oh God Oh God!!” over and over again.

Her face and body was bedewed with sweat, little beads were rolling off her tits.

“Good?” I asked. “Fucking A, Aimee, fucking A!” She smiled weakly. “How much more can I take? Dear God, mercy, no more.”

“Cool, no problem – just do me and Aimee okay?”

I was quite eager and I was prepared to agree to anything. Amanda suggested that we “double up”. I nodded, not sure what this meant. She quickly tied my feet to hers and my one hand. Cathy then tied the other one – mine – to Amanda’s. I must say the binding wasn’t tight at all. Cathy then blindfolded me and I understood the reason for it.

With the blindfold on, I couldn’t see a thing so I had to rely on my sense of touch and hearing. This heightened my awareness of my surroundings. I was suddenly aware of the sheet on my bum, Amanda’s breath (amusingly, it smelled of my puss) and the soft ribbons that bound us together.

“Lets kiss,” I said to Amanda, and I leaned forward and opened my mouth. I managed to plant one on her nose. We then found each other and kissed deeply. She was more confident than I was in this sudden dark world and moved with more purpose. It was a little frustrating not being able to touch her, to squeeze her tits and feel her pussy.

Cathy had turned the vibrators on and I was surprised at how much louder they sounded with the blindfold on. It made sense: without sight the other senses were sharper. Amanda and I moved awkwardly and I caught touch-glimpses of her body. She was so warm and soft, something I hadn’t noticed before. Also, being blind, I could feel the effect of the alcohol more sharply. I was pleasantly pissed, way passed inhibition and self-control, spiraling madly and operating on instinct.

I felt one of the vibrators slide in between Amanda and I, passed our tummies. Cathy moved it so that it flitted between our pussies, touching my clit briefly, and I was shocked at how its tingling sensation aroused me. It was clearly lubricated with KY because its slipperiness had a different consistency. I heard another start up and I knew it was the red one because its soft bristles touched me in so many different places at once. It was divine.

“You two bitches are mine now, at my mercy, aren’t you?” I was surprised at Cathy but I liked her assertiveness. Her voice was husky, thick with desire. We didn’t answer, our tongues still entangled in a luscious kiss. Amanda lifted a leg, dragging mine with her. Cathy inserted one of the vibrators into my cunt, slowly, and it felt as if a thousand tiny hands were massaging the whole of the base of my belly. I gasped with pleasure. Cathy rubbed my clit and I was sure she was doing the same for Amanda. Our pussy mounds touched as we thrust and rode Cathy’s fingers, the vibrators muted humming stimulating me from the inside. My orgasm began to build.

I heard yet another vibrator being switched on. I felt Cats’ fingers rubbing my butt-hole and I knew she was going to stick it into me. I relaxed in anticipation and then I felt the inquisitive tip of the vibrator nosing its way gently into my butt. I nearly choked because it made the area stretching from my navel all the way to the small of my back quiver and jitter. It was sensational! Amanda then groaned and broke away from our long kiss. “Oh God, yes, push that fucking thing into me – yes, aah, yes!”

Now we both had two vibrators each throbbing in our cunts and arses and the pleasure was almost unbearable.

“You like this, my bitches, don’t you?” She rubbed our clits, “Tell me you like it!”

I couldn’t speak. I groaned and nodded my head. I was starting to come.

“Fuck!” This was all I could shout as my orgasm gripped me and shook me. I felt the ribbons come loose and then we were both thrashing on the bed. I reached down and pushed both vibrators on their bases deeper into me, clenching my teeth as my cunt felt like it hard caught fire. I was gasping. It was an amazing orgasm, so different from any other. Cathy pushed my hands out of the way and sucked my clit. I grabbed her hair and tried to push my whole puss into her mouth and I could feel my cunt vibrator touching her chin. I couldn’t move anymore and I surrendered to Cathy’s persistent mouth. I jerked as she licked, feeling her hands fondling my tits. She left me and moved onto Amanda and I could feel her fucking Cathy in the face.

I was so spent with the effort of coming that I neither heard, felt and saw anything. It was all I could do to just lay there, trying get control back. Cathy removed my blindfold and I blinked in the light.

She caressed my face.

“Are you alright, my love, are you okay?” Her voice was so sweet, so loving.

I cleared my throat. “Fucking A, Cats, fucking A!”

Amanda sat up. “Fucking A is about right – fucking A is about it!” She smiled at us. “So, what do you think now?”

“I’m buying myself a handful of these little monsters tomorrow,” I said, “Yes sirree, I must get my own.” Amanda’s body was covered in a fine sheen of sweat. As messed up as she was, make-up literally fucked off, hair looking like it was in tumble dryer, and she still looked very beautiful. I kissed her and then I kissed Cathy.

“Glee girls – that was the very best. Any wine left?”

Cathy laughed. “You are going to have a first class hangover tomorrow but what the hell, right?”

“What the hell is right – pass the wine!”

We all laughed. We sat around for a while chatting, smoking and drinking. We were very close then, three Glee girls, gay or bi – who knows or cares – enjoying each other. I glanced at the time.

“Its two-thirty! Cats, time to go.” I got unsteadily to my feet. I was quite groggy. My pussy area was a little sore, a little tender and walking was a trifle uncomfortable. I smiled to myself – what a nice kind of sore!

We dressed, giggling like little girls. Now that I could concentrate more clearly I saw that Cathy had a gorgeous body. She was in the prime of her life and I mused on which course her life would take now. She was perfectly positioned in everything she did. Well-educated, bright, obviously had some money and now she was on the threshold of truly understanding her sexuality. I didn’t envy her because I was in pretty much the same boat. It felt good to be in control of one’s own destiny, to be sure of oneself, to know so clearly who you are.

Amanda intrigued me. As I watched her dress I noticed something I hadn’t seen before. She had a birthmark, a dark red one, on the small of her back. It was the size of a R5 coin. The amazing thing about it was that it was shaped like a map of Africa, perfect in every detail. In fact, it looked like a tattoo but I knew it wasn’t one.

“That mark on your back – it’s not a tattoo is it?” I asked.

She laughed. “Nope – born with it. It runs in the family, comes from my Dad. My sisters have it too. Same shape, same place. Cute hey?”

We oohed and aahed over for a while because it really was amazing. After we dressed we tiptoed out of the room and padded our way downstairs. Only Belinda and Elsie were there. The music was softer, Frank Sinatra crooning Fly Me To The Moon. They were smoking and drinking but they slightly disheveled.

“Well, hello there girls – have fun?” This was Belinda. Her eyes were a little bloodshot.

“The best, yes, we had a good time.” Amanda lit up.

“The others are all still upstairs somewhere. Something to drink?”

“Oh heck no – We are leaving now and I’ve had enough, thanks.”

“Red Bull? Coffee – I made a pot earlier?”

“No thanks – I’ll be awake the whole night. Thanks for everything, really, this was a night that I’ll always remember.”

Belinda got up. She was naked from the waste down. Will the surprises never end?

“Well, I hope it not the last but rather the first of many. Drive safely.”

We all hugged, promised to be in touch soon and all that and Cathy and I left.

I drove back home slowly. It was eerie – the streets were completely deserted and Cathy had fallen asleep. I turned the music and The Whispers sang sweetly for me. In The Mood – lovely. Cathy woke easily when I reached home and I was glad that I told her to spend the night. She was in no condition to drive and could barely walk properly. She took her bag from the car and dropped it twice. It was quite funny actually. We stumbled into the house and headed straight for the bedroom. Cathy got undressed and didn’t bother with her overnight bag. She got into my bed and fell asleep instantly, making the cutest little snoring sounds.

I took my clothes off too and decided to stay naked. I was thirsty and checked in the fridge for something cool to drink. On impulse I took one of Derek’s beers and I cracked it open.

Back in the room I sat on the bed and watched Cathy sleep while I drank the beer, enjoying the nutty taste of the beer. I reviewed the evening and it was hard to believe that so much had happened. I shook my head in disbelief when I thought about Su-Chan, the Glee Club and the beautiful Amanda. Wow, what a night, what strange creatures. And I loved them all. As I sat there, I wasn’t sure where all this was headed – would there be another Glee meeting at my place? I hope so, I really did. And Cathy and me? I didn’t know that either but I hoped that this wasn’t the end, that we had some way to go together.

Catherine Botha and Amanda Shott. How odd and strange this world is, how peculiar it is sometimes, how mixed up and crazy it gets.

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