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She Pees

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From the moment I read her ad on the message board I was hooked. Here was a woman who loved the thing I loved most. “GS” or Golden Showers for all not so educated. As I felt myself grow hard from just reading her words, I knew I had to contact her. I sat at my desk and the words on the screen blurred. I was transported back to my first time. I had met June in a bar that I frequented.

It didn’t matter to me that she was older than I was. In fact, that was part of her attraction. She sat alone in the corner, where I had seen her a few times.

She never seemed to be with anyone. I knew what she drank from the many times I saw the bartender pour her drinks. I called Fred over and told him to give her a drink on me. He laughed and told me to try fucking a tree. The way she brushed off men, I stood a better chance with the tree. I told him to do it anyway. Shaking his head Fred poured the drink and took it to her. She looked up at him then over at me. I saw her talk to him and he brought the drink back. “I told you. She said thanks but no thanks.” I took the glass and set it before me. I paid Fred and told him to pour her another. This went on for about 7 drinks. Finally she laughed. Taking the last drink I had sent her, she came over to me.

“You’re either rich, stupid or just plain stubborn. I don’t accept drinks from strangers.” I held my hand out. “Hello. My name is Paul. Paul Urea.” She looked at my hand like it had some disease. “Ok! So your name is Paul Piss. That still doesn’t give you the right to buy me a drink.” She looked at the collection of glasses that I had in front of me. I smiled at her. “If I didn’t do anything more than have you come over to me, it was worth the price of each and every glass.”

I turned around on my stool and paid no more attention to her. She stood there for a few minutes just staring at the back of my head. Then I heard her laugh. “Well at least you showed more ingenuity than most of the jerks in this place. I have to give you that.” She sat down in the empty chair next to me. “My name is Shirley. Is your name really Urea?” she had said it all wrong. She pronounced it “U-ree-a” I corrected her and said it was pronounced “Ur-a” “But the way you said it was cute, Paul Piss. I haven’t been called that to my face since school. I couldn’t help but notice that you sit there often all by yourself. A woman as pretty as you? That seems out of the ordinary.”

We made small talk and Shirley drank one more drink. “Shame you had to waste so much money for nothing. Maybe next time you’ll take no for an answer.” I watched her ease off the stool and walk out the door. Fred looked at me with a smile on his face. “Want me to pour these out? I swear Paul, you’re one strange bird. But you know something? She don’t talk to nobody. I’ve seen many guys try and hit on her and she ignores them. And you get her to talk to you. Well it did cost you $35 dollars, but what the hell. It’s only money.” I looked up at Fred. My mind had been on the pair of shapely legs that had just walked out of the bar.

“Fred my man! Women like persistence. I knew that if I bought her enough drinks, she would eventually come over just to tell me off. And I’m only paying half price for those other drinks. You’re gonna pour them back in the bottle anyway.” I had to leave town on business so I hadn’t been in the bar for about 2 weeks. But when I did go there later, she was sitting in her same spot. I nodded to a few friends, sat down at the bar and ordered a drink. Knowing what I drank, Fred had one sitting before me before my ass had settled. I tossed him a few bills on the bar and he pushed them back at me. He turned and nodded to Shirley. I raised my glass in toast to her and took a sip.

Shirley came over to me and sat down. “Well hello stranger. I heard you were away on business. Welcome back.” This didn’t seem like the same woman who had snubbed me the first time I tried talking to her. She was a lot more cordial. I gave her a good look. She had small tits but they looked to be a mouthful. I knew from watching her the last time that she had nice legs and a great ass. But what caught my eye was the chain that hung from her neck. I know jewelry and her chain was pure Platinum. “That is one very expensive chain around your neck. I’d say it was pure Platinum worth a good penny.”

Her hand went to finger the chain. The sweater she wore was kind of loose fitting and when she fingered the chain, it came out from under the sweater. I caught a glimpse of the tiny platinum figure at the end of it. Shirley saw me look and slipped it back underneath her sweater. I couldn’t help but smile. I travel a lot and read to kill time. I had heard of people who were into Urination but had never met one. The figure that Shirley wore around her neck was of a woman squatting. There was a fine chain from between the woman’s thighs and two diamond drops suspended from the chain. It looked just like a woman peeing.

Shirley had a very fair complexion and she blushed a beet red. “Just what the hell is so amusing?” I took a sip from my drink. Then I turned and looked at her. I smiled again and turned back to my drink. She poked me in the ribs. “I hate it when people laugh at me.” She turned a picked up her drink. When I saw her shift to get up, I turned to her and spoke. “I would have never guessed that about you. But I can imagine how you would look and the thought is very stimulating.” She sat back down and looked at her glass. “Guessed what?” I turned in my seat and stared at her. Shirley kept looking at her glass. Fred came over and stood waiting to take our order for more drinks. He was also trying to ease drop on our conversation. I stopped talking and nodded for him to pour us both fresh drinks.

Only when he walked away did I start talking again. “I’ve traveled a lot and had the pleasure of meeting a variety of people. I met a man once who had a business card that was unique. It showed a woman in just the same position as the one on your chain. Only there was a man lying under her and she was spraying him with her liquid pleasure. Since that time I have been interested in that particular lifestyle. I have read any and everything I could on the subject.”

Shirley looked up from her glass at me. Then she looked back down into it. “You don’t think its nasty or disgusting? Most people don’t care to understand that people like different things.” This time I laughed out loud. A few people turned to look at us. Even Fred came over to ask if he could get us anything. I shook my head no and took a sip from my drink. “Honey! If I found most things sexual nasty or disgusting I wouldn’t have much fun at all. No! Being different doesn’t make you nasty, weird, strange or disgusting. But it does make you a very interesting woman to find out about. Besides, like I said the thought of you in that position is very stimulating.”

She turned to me and this time her face was a bit strained. “Would it be stimulating if you were the one lying in front of me?” I looked at her and kept my face poker blank. Then I turned and took my drink in my hand. I twirled the glass making the ice clink. I never looked at her as I answered. “Is that an offer or are you just trying to find out if I’m telling the truth?” This was a game of chess being played by two very cautious Masters. Neither of us willing to sacrifice a piece to a foolish move. Shirley took a final sip of her drink then placed the glass very carefully on the bar. Without a word, she eased out of her seat and left. Again I watched her hips sway as she strolled out the door.

Shirley had no sooner left the bar, than Fred came over to me. “Damn man! The woman has been looking for you since you brought all those drinks that night. What the hell did you say to her?” I looked up at him and smiled. “Fred! If I fucked your wife would I come back and tell everybody about it?” Fred laughed. “Man if you fuck my wife, I’ll come back and tell everybody about it. That woman has gained so much weight, I don’t rush home anymore. You can have her if you want her.” Fred’s wife was a joke between us. I knew the woman and she had a body that could stop traffic.

Fred told everyone that she was fat and ugly but I knew better. I finished my drink and went to my apartment. That night I was plagued with the dream of Shirley doing to me exactly what we had talked about. I lay on my back and she squatted over me. I stared up into her open pussy and watched in anticipation as her stream of hot, yellow, bitter liquid splashed down on me. I felt the heat of it as she walked it up my body. It started at my hard dick then splashed on my stomach. I felt the heat of it as it hit my chest and could smell the acrid bitter bite of it. But the thing that amazed me was that when I reached my face, I opened my mouth and accepted it eagerly. In fact in the dream, I even lifted up to attach my mouth to her pussy and I drank like a man dying of thirst.

I awoke from the dream and realized that I was hard a stone and my hand was stroking my dick. The urge to pee was overpowering and when I walked to the bathroom and stood before the throne I closed my eyes and pictured Shirley sitting there. My stream started between her open thighs. It splashed her pussy and then traveled up her stomach. I watched in amazement as she fingered her pussy as my steady stream washed over her. Only when it splashed her tits did she begin to cum. But I aimed higher and she opened her mouth to receive me.

I opened my eyes and was disappointed that she wasn’t there. It seemed so real. She wasn’t there but the marks of my hose traveling up my wall were. I cleaned it up in disgusted frustration. I went back to bed and tossed and turned the rest of the night. The next morning I awoke and like most mornings, I stood at attention. I lay in bed and tried to get the feeling that the dream had given me. But it alluded me and I quit before I could cum. During the day the thought of her filled my head and each time I pissed I thought of her. I looked at the women in my office and tried to imagine them squatting over me. But they were not my Shirley. She was the one I wanted. Four trips to the bar and no Shirley. I began to think that I had scared her away. Maybe my knowing about her had embarrassed her to the point of finding a new watering hole.

Monday I entered the bar and Fred was beside himself. He pushed my drink before me then slid a plain envelope to me. “The woman was in here and paid for a drink and gave me this. She told me if I opened it she would be back to cut my balls off. The way she said it I believe her. Tell her it was unopened for me.” I sipped my drink and looked at the envelope. It was sealed with a strip of tape across the flap. You would have had to destroy it to open it. I opened it and started to read. Fred came over and tried to see what was written on it. I told him to watch his face.

“You are one of the strangest men I have ever met. Yes I am into that lifestyle. And I have been thinking about you in just the way we talked since that conversation. I don’t know if you were for real or just giving me a lot of bullshit. So I’m gonna take a chance. I would like to meet you for dinner to discuss this further. If you want to, just give Fred your phone number and tell him to tell me “Yes” when I see him. If not, it’s been nice knowing you.”

The letter was not signed. I called Fred over and told him that when she came in just tell her that I said, “Yes”. “Fred if you fuck this up, I’ll be the one to cut your balls off. Just give her this number and tell her I said yes. Nothing more, nothing less.” I wrote my number on a card and handed it to him. I finished my drink and left. I didn’t go back to the bar for a week. Every day I waited for her call and every night the dreams grew more intense. Then after about a week it came. I had been sipping a drink listening to some soft jazz when the phone rang.

“Hello Paul. Did you think I would never call?” I tried to hide my anxiety. “Hello Shirley. I had hoped that you would but if you didn’t I wouldn’t have committed suicide. Since you called, I guess I don’t have to cut Fred’s balls off.” We both laughed at that. “Do you like Chinese food Paul? I know a very intimate and exclusive restaurant that I would love to take you to.” My dick grew as I heard her voice. It sounded much huskier than it normally did. “I think that Chinese food is delicious. And your company would make the meal much more palatable.” She gave me directions to her apartment and told me to be there at 6 o’clock the next night.

When Shirley opened the door, I wasn’t sure she was the same woman I had met in the bar. Everything about her was different. She had an air of assurance about her that she didn’t have in the bar. Even her dress was totally different. Shirley wore a very short skirt and a tight blouse. Stockings and high heels topped off her outfit. Her makeup had been meticulously applied. I felt the beginnings of a raging hardon and tried to think of something to say.

All that came out was, “DAMN!” She smiled at me. “You like what you see Paul? You may get to see even more if the night goes well. Are you ready?” not waiting for an answer, she grabbed her wrap and brushed pass me. She was waiting by the car door when I finally caught up to her. As Shirley got into the car, I saw the tops of her stockings and her garter straps. I even thought I had seen a peek of bare flesh between her thighs but couldn’t be sure. During the ride I couldn’t help glancing over at her legs. Shirley kept a smug smile on her face as she gave me directions. When we had left the lights of the city behind, she told me to stop the car. I pulled over to the side. We were in a partially deserted area. She turned in her seat and looked at me.

“Do you trust me Paul?” I looked at her not sure how to answer. I decided the truth would work best. “I don’t know you well enough to trust or not trust you.” She looked into my eyes. “That’s a fair answer. Now answer me this. The restaurant I’m taking you to is very private. Only the members know where it really is. I’m going to have to blindfold you. I’m sorry Paul but that is one of the rules. If you don’t want to go along with that, we can find another place for dinner.”

I couldn’t believe what she was telling me. I didn’t know this woman well enough to place that much trust in her. And yet, the thought of being taken to some secret place where who knew what was going on added to her sexuality. Oh what the hell! In for a penny in for a pound. “Will you promise to be gentle? It is my first time.” Shirley laughed as she dug in her purse. She brought out a mask that covers the eyes and slipped it over my face. Then she led me to the passenger side of the car. I sat down in the seat and she asked me to let the seat down so I was in a reclining position. It was strange and exciting and my heart beat fast. My dick also became hard as stone and throbbed constantly. I jumped when I felt her hands slide along my leg and stroke me thru the pants.

The car stopped and I heard Shirley get out of the car. I could hear muffled voices outside but I dare not lift the mask until she said so. The door on my side opened and she helped me out without taking the blindfold off. She guided me up some steps and I heard a door open. We stepped thru and the door closed. When she took the blindfold off the room was dim. It didn’t take long to adjust to the dim light and I saw three other couples in the foyer we stood in. one woman wore a blindfold also.

Shirley said nothing as we were led to our table. This place was very plush. The seats were soft and pulled you into them as you sat down. The table was a small two-person affair but it had room enough to accommodate the plates of food that was brought out. As I looked around the room I saw that it was filled with couples that were dressed for an evening out. Some young some old but all had a look of eager anticipation on their faces. Shirley was greeted by a few men and women and returned their greetings. The food was brought and it was indeed delicious. As we ate and drank we also talked.

“Paul, I don’t know exactly how you think or feel about what I’m going to say. After we talk if you want, I’ll take you home and nothing need be ever said about our little outing tonight. Fair enough?” I nodded and took a sip to wash down the food. “I’ve been into Golden Showers for a long time. In fact, I’m one of the owners and founders of this restaurant. There is a special thrill when you feel that hot liquid splashing over you and not everyone can appreciate it. All the people that you see around you are into the same lifestyle that I am. This is our refuge. This is where we can come to be with people who share the same pleasures we do. Knowing about GS is not the same as participating in it. The same way knowing about flying is not the same as flying a plane yourself.”

Shirley placed her hand on my leg and slowly slid it up to my crotch. I couldn’t help but let my dick grow hard and her hand soon rested on it. I’m sure that she felt it pulsing. “I’ve thought about you since the conversation in the bar. I’ve even dreamed of seeing you lying underneath me as I sprayed your body. I’ve thought about you standing before me, your hard dick throbbing as I opened my mouth and drank you. But you have to be sure that this is more than just a lark. I live this lifestyle. To me it’s more than just a sexual fling. I will share it with you but I need to know that it’s something that you want too.”

Her eyes burned into mine. She wanted some affirmation from me and I didn’t know just how to answer her. So I told her the truth. My hand slid along her leg and slipped under her dress. “I don’t know how I’ll react. I know that since the time we talked, my dreams have been filled with the sight of you squatting over me. I can feel the hot liquid rush from your pussy. I can smell its bitterness and taste the bite of it on my tongue. Now when I see a woman I try and visualize how she would look with hot piss shooting from her pussy. I jerk off and think about it.

When I hear it splash in the bowl I get hard. I want to know how it feels.” I had slid my hand up her skirt and Shirley opened her legs slightly. When my hand touched her pussy, I found out she wore no panties. Shirley’s pussy lips were swollen and smooth. She was shaved. I almost came right then and there. Shirley moaned slightly as my finger slipped inside. She was wet already. “Would you like to piss all over my naked body? Would you love to watch me open my mouth as your stream splashes into it?” Shirley nodded her head as she tilted her head back. I had forgotten that we were in a restaurant until I heard the waiter clear his throat.

“Ughuh! Would you like anything else? Or will that be all?” I jerked my hand from under Shirley’s skirt. I couldn’t talk only shake my head. Shirley opened her eyes and looked at him. “Hello Raul! How’s that new baby?” The waiter smiled. “Doing well Ms. So nice of you to ask? And my wife says to thank you for the gift.” He walked away with a big smile on his face. Shirley looked at me and I smiled at her as I slipped my wet finger in my mouth. She told me to pull my chair around and I did just in time to see a curtain slide open. A man and woman stood on a stage.

They were both fully clothed. The man slowly undressed the woman and revealed all her luscious charms. Then he got down on his knees and lifted one of her legs up over his shoulder. She held onto him as he gave her pussy a good licking. She was near cumming when he stopped. Then she undressed him. His hard bloated cock bounced as it throbbed before her. This time she was the one on her knees sucking him. He was on the verge of blasting her with his cum when she stopped. A voice came over small speakers and asked which one would get to have their pleasure first.

I looked at Shirley and her eyes were glassy as she looked at the stage. She took my hand and placed it on her thigh. A light lit up over the girl and she sat down on the chair that was in the middle of the stage. The man stood before her and began to stroke his dick. The woman never took her eyes off of it and her hand went down to her hairy pussy. “She should be shaved,” Shirley moaned. My hand slid up her skirt and her pussy was wetter than before. She opened her thighs wide and my fingers slipped in easily. I looked around and other couples were in various displays of sexual activity. The girl on stage looked up at the man and mouthed the word please.

He smiled and his muscles flexed. Then a steady stream shot from the tip of his dick and splashed over her tits. Every voice in the room groaned including my own. The girl’s fingers were like jackhammers as she worked her pussy for us. Then his stream walked up her body until it reached her mouth. The girl came off the chair and placed her mouth over his shooting shaft. We all saw her throat as she swallowed and swallowed. I heard the sound of other streams and looked around. Two couples were exposed and fluid shot from one mans dick and another woman’s pussy. Their companions were the happy recipients.

“Harder Paul! Shove your fingers up my pussy.” Shirley didn’t exactly whisper those words and a few people turned to watch us. Shirley had pulled her skirt up around her hips and my hand could be seen working her hairless cunt. On the stage, the man had lain on his back. The woman stood over him and his hands rubbed her thighs. A wicked smile crossed her face as she bent her legs slightly. I heard Shirley begin to moan. “Oh yea baby! Give it all to him. Oh I wish it were me.”

The girl pulled the lips of her pussy open and a small trickle began to spray from her cunt. The trickle grew and it was soon a steady strong stream. I was overcome with lust and passion as she worked her stream up and down his body. “Oh Paul! I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum!” I was consumed. I had to taste Shirley’s pussy. It didn’t matter that we were in view of all close by. I got down on my knees and began to lick Shirley’s pussy. I could smell the tang of her past urination. But that added to the lust that carried me along on this wild roller coaster ride. Shirley reached down and pulled her pussy lips apart. Her cum was hot and thick, sweet and delicious. I licked and sucked like a madman. Then she grabbed my head and pulled me into her even tighter.

I knew what was going to happen. I knew but it didn’t matter. Shirley wrapped her thighs around my neck and locked her ankles. She was not going to let me get away until she finished. I heard her cry as her pussy pulsed. My mouth was flooded with her sweet cum. It oozed from the lips of her pussy and filled my mouth. I swallowed fast to drink more. Then with a scream, I felt her pussy pulse. The flood that came was more than I had ever expected. It splashed the back of my throat, shot up my nose and ran down my neck. But I was her captive locked between her thighs.

And I was loving it. I drank and drank and still she flowed. It seemed like an eternity before her stream turned into a trickle. I could hear my loud slurping and sucking in my own ears and wondered how many other people were witnesses to my plight. I continued to suck and lick Shirley’s pussy until she opened her thighs and pushed my head from her cunt. “Oh Paul! You don’t know how long it’s been since a man or woman has drunk this pussy with such passion. Thank you! Oh thank you very much!” I looked up at her.

It was then that I heard the loud cheers and claps. I looked around a bit bewildered. They were cheering and clapping for me. Many men and women were on their knees and there were puddles around most of them. Even the couple on stage looked on and smiled. Sheepishly I got to my feet. The front of my suit was soaked. Raul came over to the table and handed me a sweat suit. Many of the other patrons were being handed sweat suits also. “When you change, give your suit to me and it will be delivered back to your home tomorrow.” Many of the patrons stood where they were and changed. Hell I had just had my first Golden Shower before an audience.

There was no reason to be shy. I started to undress also. The room reeked of sex, urine and excitement. I noticed that the people who were changing took the time to stop and give their partner the same pleasures they had received. I was hard as a rock and try as I might I couldn’t pee. I pulled Shirley up and laid her on the table that had mysteriously been cleared. I fucked her pussy like a savage. Pulling out just in time to splash hot gobs of cum over her clothes and face. Then with the release of excitement and all the tea that had been consumed during dinner it happened.

When the first shot splashed it went over her and landed behind her. I grabbed my dick and aimed at her open pussy. It was forceful enough to splash inside and Shirley reached down and pulled her pussy open even more. Then the stream traveled up her body. I was soaking her clothes but we didn’t care. Shirley slid forward until the stream was directed in her mouth. She closed her lips over my dick and with one hand working her pussy she held on and drank me. When the last drops were sucked from my soft dick I almost fainted. The rush was incredible. I had never felt so sated in my life. Shirley was a soaking mess. I grabbed her and my lips smashed down on hers.

I could taste her and knew she tasted me. The exhaust fans soon had the room cleared of the pungent odor. Men and women in various colored sweat suits walked into another room. I turned back and saw man of the waiters coming out with mops and buckets. The other room had an enormous bar and the couples mingled as they drank. The rest of the night was anticlimactic. I drove Shirley home and she asked me to spend the night. She assured me that she would have a surprise for me in the morning. I couldn’t wait.

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