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The fact that Terry was married had me wondering just what was going on. I knew from talking to her over the years that I had known her, that she had been a wild child at one time. Now, here she was, telling me about the foursome, she and Lonny had had the month before last. I had the feeling that there was more to this than readily met the eye.

Since I was single, the foursome thing was out. I was also straight, so that part of a threesome was out. Well, that still left several options, so I was trying to read between the lines and to see where this was headed.

She did not go into any great detail, but I understood that a great time was had by all. I also figured out that Lonny was basically straight also. When Terry asked if Sharon and I had ever tried anything like that, several things became clear. One, this was a fishing trip and two; she did not know that Sharon and I had split up a while back.

“No Terry, we never tried anything like that. In fact, we aren’t even together anymore. When she went to take care of her ailing Aunt last month, we split the blanket, so to speak.” I told her in a low voice.

She looked at me for a long moment and then she took a swallow of her beer. I glanced around the nearly empty bar, to make sure there weren’t any of the nosy people sitting too close to us. This conversation was definitely private, and I wanted to keep it that way.

Terry glanced at me. “I’m sorry to hear that. You two made a great couple. Can I ask what happened?”

“Let’s just say that I beat my head on too many walls and that I had a headache. It wasn’t any one thing, just a bunch of reoccurring problems that never went away.”

She nodded understandingly. “I still see you two together from time to time but not like before. I was wondering what was going on.”

I chuckled. “Oh, we spend a little time together, the sex was never a problem. I think that is what held us together for so long. Now, it keeps us both out of trouble, from jumping into some other relationship just for a roll in the hay.”

Terry grinned and said, “I understand that. Lack of sex is only a problem, if you’re the one not getting any.”

I laughed. “Ain’t that the truth.”

She looked at me over the top of her beer mug for a moment as she took a drink. Sitting the mug down, she turned slightly toward me. “Speaking of which…. ” She let the sentence hang for a second.

When I raised my eyebrows, she continued, “You know that Lonny went back to work on the river boats, don’t you.”

“I didn’t know that. What happened to his job here?” I asked.

She shook her head and sighed. “He was putting in a lot of hours but not making enough money. He finally got tired of it and called a couple of old friends. He hired out on a tugboat as First Mate, the pay is good, but he is gone for weeks on end. It’s been three weeks since he was home last and he won’t be in for at least another two weeks.” She paused again and took a sip of beer.

“It sounds like you’re getting about as much as I am. I go to work and don’t get back for three or four weeks. Then I have a week or ten days off, Sharon and I both have a chance to catch up, but it ain’t like it used to be,” I said and shook my head slowly from side to side. “When she worked with me, it was at least three or four times a week, now I’m lucky if it’s twice a month.”

Terry chuckled and nodded, “That sounds about right for us too. Talk about being frustrated. Lonny doesn’t seem to miss it nearly as much as I do.”

She paused to look into my eyes for a second, and then she took a deep breath. “That’s why I asked Lonny, if he would mind if I spent some time with you. We both like you and trust you. Lonny knows that you are a gentleman and does not feel threatened by you. I’ve always found you to be interesting and I’ve been attracted to you for as long as I’ve known you.”

I just stared at her for a second before I said, “Ok.”

My silence drew out as I thought over what she had said. When I saw the smile on her face fading, I hastily added, “I find you very attractive, and I always have. In fact you have starred in a couple of my favorite fantasies, as of late.” She grinned at that.

“My only problem is the fact that you are married. I don’t poach on other men’s range, if you know what I mean. I wouldn’t want it done to me, so I don’t do it.”

She chuckled and said, “Since Lonny knows about it, it can’t be poaching, as you call it. Think of it, as doing him a favor, you would be keeping me out of trouble. You know, keeping me away from some of the bad boys around here, the one’s that would take advantage of a lonely woman.”

I chuckled and replied, “I don’t think there would be a chance of that, unless you wanted it to happen.”

She grinned before she added, “Anyway, I do have an ulterior motive. I want a three way with two guys. Lonny has always been shy around other guys, not that I want the two guys to do anything with each other; I just want them both to take care of me. Four hands, two mouths, two…. Well, you get the idea. It happened once, a long time before I met Lonny and I want it to happen again with him. Do you think you could handle something like that?”

I shrugged and grinned. “I’ve only had the opportunity to try that once before in my life. The only problem was, I had been taking speed for a few days and was totally of no use in the bed, I’m sorry to say. The young lady wasn’t disappointed but she didn’t get all she wanted of certain things.”

Terry laughed and asked, “You don’t do speed now, do you?”

I shook my head and said, “Nope, gave up all the drugs a long time ago. That is except alcohol and I try to keep it to a minimum.”

The bartender came by and I ordered us another beer apiece. When the beers were served and the bartender was once more on the other end of the bar, Terry asked, “Can you come over and work on the computers tomorrow, say around eight, in the morning. The kids will have already left for school. That’ll give you most of the day to fix the major problems.” She ended with a grin.

I chuckled and asked, “Yours or the computers?”

“Both,” she answered, still grinning. “The computer needs its hard drive cleaned up and God knows I could use a hard drive of my own.”

I shook my head slowly and smiled. “I think I can take care of both those problems for you.”

About that time, Ann, Terry’s next-door neighbor showed up. We did not get a chance to talk anymore until they got ready to leave. As Terry hugged me goodbye, she said, “I’ll see you about eight in the morning, right?”

“I’ll be there,” I said.


I had one more beer after Terry and Ann left, as my mind ran back over our conversation. Did I really want to get into something like this, was my question. Sex with Terry would probably be wild and uninhibited, that was on the plus side. The fact that she was married to Lonny was on the negative.

They were swings. Was that a plus or a minus? Did I want to be tangled up in that? Terry was a sweet and beautiful woman, definitely a plus. Two pluses, one minus, and a question mark. Well, at eight in the morning, I guess I would find out.


Terry met me at the door of her house, wearing a very large tee shirt. The tee shirt was like a short dress and for a moment or two, I wondered if there was anything besides her under it. As we crossed the living room, headed to the den, she bent over and picked up a small piece of paper up off the floor. She had on a very short pair of white shorts on under the shirt.

I grinned and shook my head at myself, as we continued into the den. I felt a little strange at being here in the first place, knowing that the computer was not the only thing, she wanted me to work on. Would I have felt better or worse, if she was naked under the shirt?

In the den, Terry stopped next to the computer desk and said, “This is the computer of Lonny’s that you put the new operating system on. It is working a lot better now, but he still can’t get the printer to work. Can you fix it for him?”

I sat down at the desk and nodded, “No problem. It probably needs the right driver loaded.”

Terry laughed and said, “Ok, if you say so. I have a couple of things to do, so if you need anything, just yell.”

I was right. After I found the disk for his printer and loaded the drivers, the printer worked fine. I was printing a test page when Terry came back into the room.

“It’s done,” I said.

“I knew you were good with computers. Do you want to look at my daughters now? It’s running slow and keeps locking up on her,” she said as she walked over and rested a hand on my shoulder.

When I stood up, she did not move away from me and left her hand on my shoulder. We stood there inches apart, looking into each other’s eyes. I could see in her eyes that she wanted me to kiss her.

I wanted to but I hesitated and grinned. “Show me to it and I’ll see what I can do.”

She stepped back slowly with a look of disappointment on her face. “It’s in her bedroom.”

I followed her down a hallway and into her daughter’s bedroom. “You’ll have to pardon the mess in here. You know how it is with kids and their rooms.”

I chuckled and said, “I know all about it. I raised two and they’re rooms were just as bad as this one, if not worse.”

I turned the computer on and hit the delete key to get into the setup program. Terry stood beside me and watched as I checked all the settings. They seemed to be fine, so I exited and let the computer boot up. Once it booted, I opened and closed a couple of programs I was familiar with, just to see how fast they opened. It was a little slow but not too bad. I opened the de-fragmentation program and found it had not been run since they had bought the computer.

“Well, here’s most of the problem.” I told Terry. “This needs to be run at least once a week, more often if she uses the computer a lot.”

Terry nodded and squatted down next to my leg and said, “You’ll have to show her how to do this. Lonny always does mine and his when he’s home.”

“Why don’t I just show you how and then you can show her and do your own,” I said with a grin.

She grinned back and laid her hand on my thigh. “I know how to do my own.” She paused a second and then added, “Oh, you mean the computer.”

I laughed and shook my head, “Yes, dear, that’s what I meant.” I started over and showed her how to run the program from the start.

Once the program was working at cleaning up the mess on the hard drive, Terry said, “That looks easy enough.” She watched the screen for a moment or two as it slowly did its job. “Is this going to take long?”

I shrugged and said, “From the looks of it, it’ll take a while, probably an hour at least.

She grinned mischievously and said, “Good, then you’ll have time to look at mine.”

“Your computer?” I asked with a grin of my own.

She stood up and took my hand, “Well, to start with anyhow. After that, we’ll see what happens.”

I stood up and followed her to the other end of the house and into the master bedroom. A king sized bed dominated the room. It had a mirrored headboard and a full wooden canopy. In the corner of the room was a desk with a computer on it. She led me over to it and indicated that I sit down.

“What seems to be the problem with this one?” I asked as I turned it on.

“For one thing, I can’t seem to get the web camera to work. For another, I have entirely too much junk on it. Most of it is old jokes and e-mails that I have saved. Some of it is pictures, some of which I want to keep, and others I want to get rid of. The problem is that I’m scared to delete anything. I’m always afraid I’ll delete the wrong thing and screw up the computer.” She replied in a rush.

I chuckled and said, “As long as you stay in the My Documents directory, you can’t hurt anything. Anyway, everything you delete goes to the trash bin. You can always retrieve it, if you make a mistake.”

Terry laughed and squatted down next to me. “Like I tell Lonny, I’m a computer user and that’s all I want to be. I don’t know anything about them except how to go to the programs and web sites I like. Oh, I can save a file or send an e-mail and I can play games; that’s about the extent of my knowledge.”

“Well, let me get the web cam to working and then I’ll teach you how to manage files and stuff.” I told her.

“Ok, I’m going to go take a shower. I’ll be back in a bit. If you need anything just yell.” Terry said as she stood up and stretched.

I checked the camera and its hook up. Everything seemed to be fine physically. I opened the camera program and tried to run it. It came up with a message about the camera being in use by another program. I checked to see what else was running. There was nothing that remotely resembled another camera program. I decided to uninstall the camera and reload it.

The uninstall went without a hitch but I could not find the disk to reload from. I searched the desk and drawers but came up empty. I went to the bathroom door and knocked. When Terry did not answer, I knocked again louder and called out to her. I knocked again and opened the door a crack.

“Hey Terry, where is the disk for the web cam?”

I heard her say something but could not understand her, the running water was too loud, and the shower door farther muffled her voice. The water shut off and I heard the shower door slid open.

“It’s in on Lonny’s desk somewhere,” she said.

“Ok.” I replied and started to close the door.

“If you can’t find it, let me know and I’ll give you a hand. I’ll even help you find the disk,” she said with a chuckle and turned the water back on. I closed the door and went to find the disk.


I was installing the software for the camera when I heard he bathroom door open and glanced around to see Terry standing in the doorway with a large towel wrapped around her body. The towel covered her from her armpits to the middle of her thighs. Another towel was wrapped around her head, turban style.

She was not showing much more than she had been in the tee shirt but there is something inherently sexy about a woman dressed in a towel. I wondered why that was for a second. The only answer I could figure was that most of the time the woman was naked under the towel. I chalked it up to a guy thing and went back to work on getting the camera set up.

She walked up behind me and put a hand on my shoulder, as she asked, “Well, how’s it going?”

“I’m about to find out.” I answered as I clicked on the camera icon.

The camera program came up and I actuated the camera. The camera came up instantly, showing me sitting in the oversized office chair and Terry standing behind me rewrapping the towel. I only caught a glimpse of her bare hip and the side of one breast; just enough to know that she was nude under the towel.

“Looks like its working fine,” I said with a smile.

She glanced at the screen and laughed as she got the towel adjusted to her liking. “Good, I’ve missed one of my favorite toys,” she said with another laugh.

I used the keyboard to adjust the focus. “Now that that’s done, are you ready to learn how to clean up your files?”

She moved over beside me and squatted down. “Sure,” she said. “Let’s clean up the old e-mails I’ve saved first. Most can go but there are a few with pictures and jokes that I want to keep. I’m just not sure how to separate them from the e-mail and where to save them.”

I pulled up her saved e-mail file and we started through them. The first couple of jokes she wanted to save, I showed her how. Then a picture of a beautiful redheaded woman came up in the next e-mail. She was naked and on her knees next to a bed giving someone a blowjob. It only took me a second to recognize the bed across the room in the photo.

Terry laughed and said, “Damn, I had forgotten about that picture. Mary sent it to me because the one in my camera was all fuzzy. I want to save it somewhere so that I’ll remember where to find it.”

I looked over at her and grinned as I brought up windows explore and opened the My Documents file. I set up a Dump directory and then went back and copied the picture to it. I explained all the steps to Terry as I went.

Another couple of e-mails later, we came to another picture of the same redhead, this time she was on the floor with a woman’s head between her legs and another dick in her mouth. Whomever she was sucking on was the same guy as last time. I could not be sure but the head between her legs looked a lot like Terry’s.

“Busy lady” I muttered “and a damned happy one too.”

Terry laughed and replied, “Yes she was.”

I chuckled and told Terry to move the picture to the Dump directory as I had done the other one. She stood up, moved over, and sat down on my leg before she slowly went through the procedure. The way she was sitting, straddling my thigh, I could feel the heat of her sex through the towel.

When she finished moving the picture, she sat up a little straighter and grinned. “That was easy enough,” she said as she deleted the original e-mail. “Do the pictures stay in that Dump directory?” She asked.

I switched back to My Documents and then opened My Pictures and showed her how to make a folder with Barbara’s name on it. That was the lady in the picture.

“Just make a folder for each person or whatever you need to keep things organized. The jokes and such can go in folders in the main My Documents directory. Think of it as a digital filing cabinet.” I told her.

“Hey this is a lot easier than I thought it was going to be,” she said with a grin. “Let me do a few more, just to be sure I got it down.”

She went through a half dozen more e-mails. She moved a joke and a recipe to folders she made and then she moved two more pictures of Barbara, one of which showed her licking Terry’s pussy. One was an extreme close up that consisted of Barbara’s tongue and Terry’s hard pink clit. After Terry moved this one, she opened it and looked at it. She squirmed on my leg, as the heat from her sex got even hotter.

“She sure was making me one happy camper, I guarantee you that. She teased and ate me for over an hour before she finally took me over the edge to a mind-blowing climax. She would bring me close and then she would pull back to lick my pussy or my ass and then she would bring me close again. By the time, she finally let me come, I was yelling my head off. Lonny stuck his dick in my mouth to quiet me down or so he said, but that just made me come harder.”

She laughed and added, “He said, I liked to have sucked it slam off him and that a Hoover had nothing on me. That’ll teach him to be a smart ass.”

She dropped her left hand to my lap and ran it over the hard-on under my shorts. She traced the outline of it with her hand and then gave it a light squeeze.

“Damn, that’s nice. I take it you like my pictures?”

“What’s not to like?” I asked. “You’re a beautiful lady and Barbara’s a great looking lady also. The two of you together or separately would give any man a hard-on. If it doesn’t, someone needs to shovel a little dirt because the guy is dead.” I ended with a chuckle.

Terry grinned and stood up. She unhooked the towel and let it drop to the floor. Terry is short, around five two, blonde, and a real cutie. Without that towel, she was stunning. Her breasts, while small were perfectly formed with large dark circles under the large, hard, up turned nipples.

As my eyes traveled slowly on down her body, I took in her flat stomach, narrow waist, and flared hips. There was a lot more woman under that towel and under the baggy, sloppy clothes she normally wore than I had ever imagined.

She was a real blonde, as the small triangle of hair on her mound was the same honey shade as the hair on her head. The rest of her sex was cleanly shaven; the plump outer lips a light tan color. I let my eyes wander on down over her strong thighs and legs down to her tiny feet. I grinned and let my eyes slowly wander back up to her face.

As my eyes met hers, she asked, “Well, what do you think so far?”

Still grinning, I replied, “Gorgeous, just gorgeous.”

She grinned and sat back down on my leg, her sex was like a branding iron on my skin. Her hand caressed my hard manhood through the shorts for a moment and then she went back to the computer, closed the picture, and went back to her e-mails.

I put my right arm around her waist and rested my hand on her firm stomach just above her mound. She went through about a dozen e-mails and deleted most of them. One had a picture of a tall well-tanned nude blonde on a brilliant white beach. This one, she saved in a folder named sister and I asked her about it.

She chuckled, brought up another e-mail, and opened the photo attachment. There was about half a dozen more pictures of the same woman on the same beach. I could see a family resemblance in her face but the rest of the body was very different from Terry. She was tall and very slim, with small cone shaped breasts and narrow hips.

As she moved the pictures to the new folder, Terry said, “This is my younger sister, she lives on one of the Caribbean islands and works at a nudist resort there. You should take a vacation and go down there sometimes; she would love to meet you, I’m sure. You’re a nudist and she likes older men, so you two should get along great. I’ve mentioned you to her a couple of times, since you’re the only nudist I know, and she seemed interested. Interested enough to ask for a picture anyway. When I told her that I didn’t have one, she told me to get one.”

I laughed and shook my head before I said, “Terry, you’re almost too young for me. You’re baby sister would be way too young to find anything interesting about an old fart like me.”

Terry turned and looked at me before she said, “You’re not old and you’re very interesting, at least I think so. She would love you. She’s younger than I am but she’s a lot more mature than I am, in many ways. It’s just a thought, which you should keep in mind. You never know, you might end up my brother in law.”

She laughed and clicked on the web cam icon. “Now that this is working, I’ll get her a picture, ok?”

I laughed and said, “Ok.”

She leaned over, put her head next to mine, and took a picture. The picture clearly showed her as being nude, at least from the waist up.

“Uh, what’s your sister going to think of you sitting on my lap without any clothes on?” I asked.

She laughed and kissed me on the cheek, “My sister knows me, and she knows all about our life style. We went on vacation down there several years ago and believe me, she won’t bat an eye at this picture.” Terry pulled on the front of my t-shirt and added, “She might wonder why you have your clothes on more than why I have mine off. You’re the nudist after all.”

Standing up, Terry said, “Why don’t you get naked with me and I’ll get her a better picture. Let me get the digital camera.” She turned and went over to the dresser and opened a drawer.

I stood up, pulled the t-shirt off, and then kicked off my tennis shoes. As I slipped the shorts off, I asked, “You’re going to scare her, sending a picture of a fat old man to her”

Terry turned around with the camera in her hand and froze. Her eyes were riveted to my manhood. After a moment, she grinned and licked her lips, she glanced up at my face, and then her eyes returned to where they had been.

“I don’t think that slight bulge around your waist is going to scare her, in fact she won’t even see it for a while. Her eyes will be where mine are.” Her eyes flicked up to my face and then back to my manhood. “Just how big is that thing anyway?”

I shook my head and chuckled, “Big enough to satisfy me at any rate.”

She laughed, opened the cover to the camera, and took a picture of me. “Big enough to satisfy me too and then some,” she said as she moved closer and took another picture.

She lowered the camera and walked over to me, wrapping her fingers around my shaft, they did not meet by a half-inch or so. “Damn, you felt big through those shorts but I didn’t think it was this big. It’s not real long but boy, is it thick.” She raised the camera and took a picture of her hand holding me.

“That should get her attention,” Terry said and laughed. Then she added, “It sure has mine.”

Her hand gently caressed my shaft and then rubbed the head lightly. I felt a drop of pre-cum smear across her palm and she took her hand off me and looked at it. She grinned and licked her palm.

“Ummm,” she said and laid the camera on the desk as she knelt down in front of me.

She took a lick up the bottom side of my shaft and teased the raised flange just below the head. As she dropped her head for another lick, I picked up the camera and took her picture.

With a laughed she said, “I don’t know if I’ll send her that one or not. Lonny will get a thrill out of it though. He likes to watch me suck a dick, almost as much as I like to suck one.”

She pulled my manhood down until it was level with her face and then she licked at the clear drop of fluid on the tip. I took a picture of that and then another as she sucked on the head. She sucked a little more of the shaft in and swirled her tongue around the head. I groaned softly and she slipped me out of her mouth.

“Oh, you like that do you?” She looked at my dick and then back up at my face. “I ain’t sure how long I can do this; it’s almost too big for my mouth. Why don’t you get one more picture of me with as much of you in my mouth as I can get. Lonny with cum all over himself when I send it to him and it’ll give me a thrill whenever I look at it.”

She sucked me back into her warm wet mouth and slowly worked down as far as she could. I groaned twice more from the feelings she was generating and almost forgot to get a picture when she could not go any farther. She had a little over half of me in her mouth when I took the shot and shortly after that, she had to come up for air.

She worked her jaw from side to side and then chuckled, “Damn, I think I just about dislocated my jaw. Talk about a party favor, Barbara would have a fit over you. She has a bigger mouth than I do and loves everything oral. Once, she sucked Lonny and her husband both at the same time, you talk about a mouth full of meat, she had one. I think she came three times before she had to quit. I know she liked to have drown me.”

She kissed the tip once more and then stood up. “Lets send these pictures to my sister and to Lonny, ok.”

I sat down in the office chair and she sat back down on my leg, the branding iron heat even more intense from her sex. After a moment, I wiggled my leg and she laughed and shifted her position, pressing her sex even tighter to me.

“I’m putting my brand on you,” she said and wiggled from side to side.

“No shit,” I said and laughed. “That is one hot little box you’ve got there.”

“Yeah it sure is and it stays that way most of the time. Lonny says the only reason I don’t burst into flames is because it stays so wet down there all the time,” she said with a laugh.

I had my arm around her waist and as she said that, I let my hand slid slowly down to cup her mound and the upper part of her short sex. She was downloading the pictures from the camera and wiggled again as my middle fingertip brushed against the hard nub of her clit as it slipped easily between the slippery, wet folds of her sex.

“Be very careful,” she whispered. “Or you’ll have a wild woman sitting on your lap in a minute. I was already turned on from you coming over here, then sitting here with just that towel on and looking at those pictures added to it. Seeing you naked for the first time and sucking on that dick of yours has me on a medium to high boil right now. If you play with that very much, I’m going to go ballistic in a hurry and I really want to take it slow and make myself wait, if I can.”

I moved my hand up slightly and caressed her mound lightly. “Ok, I can wait, anyway I like slow and easy. It makes things last longer and then when you do go boom, it’s so much more intense.”

She nodded and said, “Ain’t that the truth. After three weeks, I’m surprised I haven’t gone boom already.”

She copied the pictures to a new folder with her name and mine on it and then set up an e-mail for her sister and then one for Lonny. Lonny got all the pictures of her sucking my dick and her sister got the ones of me, the one with Terry’s hand wrapped around my dick, and the last one of Terry with her mouth full.

“These should blow both their minds,” Terry said with a chuckle. “Plus Lonny’s cookies, if I know him. He won’t get his until after supper tonight but he’ll be on the phone quicker than shit when he does.” She laughed and added, “I can just hear the phone sex we’ll be having, right now. I’ll give him all the details of what we do today and then we’ll both come our brains out.”

She sent the two e-mails and leaned back against me. I ran my hand up across her stomach and cupped her right breast gently before I gave it a light squeeze. Her back arched slightly pressing her breast tighter to my hand. I massaged the firm globe for a second and then pinched and rolled the hard nipple. She made a soft murmuring sound in her throat as the nipple grew longer and harder.

“You like that, I see,” I said softly and she nodded.

I brought my other hand up and caressed her other breast the same way. She arched her back more and made a sound half way between a moan and a whimper.

After a moment of me caressing and teasing both breasts, she sighed and whispered, “Oh yes, you have good hands and know how to use them. Lonny has big hands like you do and I’m going to die if I ever get all four of them on me at one time.”

When I kissed her neck and ran my tongue up along it to nibble at her ear lobe, she did moan softly. I kissed back down her neck and out along her shoulder. Her hand found my dick and she squeezed it.

“Take me to the bed and fuck me. Please,” she whispered huskily.

I picked her up in my arms, which I think surprised her, and carried her to the bed. I laid her down on it and crawled in next to her. She rolled over against me and we were locked in a gentle embrace and a passion filled kiss. Her leg came up over my hip and she rubbed her sex against me as she moaned, a shiver running through her body.

I rolled over onto my back, taking her with me. She ended up straddling me, her hot sex pressed against the head of my manhood. She broke the kiss and sat up, pressing her sex tighter to me; the heat from her was incredible.

She placed her hands on my chest and rocked gently back and forth, my dick working deeper into her slit. She moaned and arched her back as another shiver ran up and down it. She stopped moving and sat there, perfectly still for nearly a minute. She opened her eyes and smiled down at me.

“I was fixing to come,” she said softly. “I will when you enter me and it’s going to be awesome, so just hold onto me tight.”

She lifted her hips and took a hold on my shaft with her hand, lifting it up to rub the head around her wet opening. She took a shuddering breath and centered it up on the hottest spot yet and then she lowered her hips. Her weight drove me into her about three inches. The heat was like sticking your hand in a fire and her sheath was squeezing me tightly.

She yelled and then yelled again as her hips bucked and jerked. I held onto her hips, trying to keep myself inside her. Her orgasm was long and drawn out, I could feel her juices running down my shaft as she slowly settled downward on me. When about two thirds of my manhood was inside her, she suddenly lifted her hips slightly and lay down on top of me. She was breathing raggedly and her inner muscles were squeezing and rippling along my shaft and the head of my dick.

We lay this way for a long time. I was beginning to wonder if she had gone to sleep, when she stirred and sighed deeply. “Damn, I needed that,” she whispered as much to herself as to me. She lifted her head and smiled at me. “Somehow, my fingers and toys just don’t satisfy like the real thing. Don’t get me wrong, they’re fun, but they just don’t scratch that itch completely.”

I smiled back at her and hugged her to me tighter. “Maybe it’s more a matter of another warm body than it is the sex act itself.”

She chuckled and nodded her head, “I think you may be onto something there.” She wiggled on top of me and sighed, “You’re comfy; big and solid.” She giggled and wiggled her hips on my manhood, “I don’t just mean that either.”

She giggled again. “I know one thing, if we do have that threesome, you’re going to have to be where you are now. You have got me stuffed here and I don’t think it would fit in my ass. Lonny’s a tight fit there.”

She took a shuddering breath and let it out slowly. “God, I’ll probably explode with the two of you in me. I’ll blowup like a balloon with to much air in it.”

I chuckled and kissed the top of her head. “You ain’t even got all of me in you yet.”

She wiggled her hips and giggled as a shiver ran up her body, “Yeah, I know.” She sighed, laid her head on my chest, and kissed it. “I’m going to see what I can do about that in a minute, as soon as I get some energy.”

I grinned as I rolled us over until she was on her back. I lifted my upper body with my arms and looked down at her. “You save your energy, just relax and let me see what I can do.”

When I lifted my hips and pulled halfway out of her, she whimpered and bit her lower lip. When I lowered my hips and went back into her slowly, she moaned and lifted her hips to meet me. I fucked her slowly with medium length strokes, each punctuated with a whimper and a groan.

When my hips touched hers, she rolled her hips up to press against me, she groaned even louder, a shudder running up her body. Her hands on my back gripped me tighter, her nails digging in slightly. We held still, our bodies pressed tightly together as another shuddering shiver ran up her body. She was squeezing and milking at my shaft with her hot wet sex.

Terry’s hands relaxed and she took a long shuddering breath; there was a trembling in her hips. I knew she was very close to an orgasm. I held still until the trembling stopped and she opened her eyes. She smiled up at me and then grinned.

“You’re in trouble now, when I do go boom it’s going to be twice as hard on you.” Her hips trembled and her eyes closed, as I tightened my ass muscles and caused my manhood to move inside her.

I did it again and she whimpered. “Oh shit! Don’t! Please don’t! I’m going to come if you do.” She pleaded in a whispery voice.

I held still and let her relax again. She took a deep breath and let it out slow, she opened her eyes and looked up at me. “Damn! I could feel you swell up and then press tighter against the front of my vagina. I feel like I’m stretched to the limit now, and when you did that…. Damn!” She took another deep breath and let it out noisily.

“What are you going to do when I pull almost all the way out and then ram it back in?” I asked with a grin.

A shudder ran up her body and she whimpered just from the thought. “That’s what I thought,” I said and then did just what I had asked her about.

She froze as I moved my hips up, a wide-eyed deer in the headlights look on her face. When my hips went down, she yelled and bucked her hips as her nails raked my back. The yell went on as I lifted my hips and slammed into her again. Her whole body was trembling and jerking wildly as she came with a hot wet gush that worked its way down my shaft and out onto my balls.

When I made a third solid stroke, the yell cut off sharply, and her hips moved up to meet me. Her eyes were now closed and her mouth was open, a slack look on her face.

I fucked her with full hard strokes, her hips meeting me solidly at the bottom of each one. Her legs had come up off the bed, and were now wrapped around my hips. This tilted her ass up and seemed to line me up better in her hot boiling sex.

She was so wet; I could hear a squishing noise, as I moved in and out of her. I felt my orgasm starting to build and I slowed my pace to hold it off. Terry’s heels drummed on my lower back and I sped back up.

A dozen strokes later, I was very close to coming, trying to hold it off by a force of will. Terry had started a wailing moan that was going up the scale and up in volume. She was now using her legs and back to ram herself against me at the bottom of each stroke. Her inner muscles were grabbing and sucking at me as I moved back and forth in her.

With a loud groan, I planted myself as deep in her as I could and hunched with short sharp motions. She worked her hips with me and let out a yell as we came, together. I froze but she kept on moving wildly, her nails once more digging into my back. Between the two of us, she was flooding like a lake with a busted dam.

Suddenly she was yelling even louder and her arms wrapped around me as she lifted herself completely off the bed. I moved back, wrapped my arms around her, and rolled over, sitting up as I did. As her weight settled on my lap, driving me a little deeper into her, she yelled again and wiggled her hips and ass.

How long we stayed this way, I have no idea. I slowly came back to my senses hugging Terry tightly and rocking her gently. Her arms were tightly around me and her head was against my chest, a soft whimpering murmur coming from her throat.

I took a deep breath and kissed her hair. She shivered as I did and mumbled softly. I stroked her hair and then her back; she hugged me tighter and murmured contentedly.

My manhood had softened to a semi hard state but did not seem to want to soften completely. It probably had to do with the steady heat of Terry’s sex, still wrapped tightly around it. From time to time, her inner muscles would give a little twitch and then a light squeeze. Each time they did, she would shiver slightly and then sigh.

I continued to stroke her back, as I would have done to reassure a child. Other than her size, there is nothing childlike about Terry, believe me, she is all woman. It just seemed to be the right thing to do at the time. She sighed deeply and snuggled her head against my chest. I kissed her hair and hugged her gently to me.

She sighed again and whispered, “I think I hurt myself.” She chuckled softly and added, “Be careful what you wish for, you might get it; and oh brother, did I. I knew sex with you would be good but wow.” She took a deep breath and let it out slowly. “I wonder how I could explain a second husband to the rednecks around here.”

I laughed and hugged her tighter. “Your daughter would be more of a problem, not to mention Lonny.”

She chuckled and nodded, hugging me back. “Then I’ll just have to get you married off to my sister. That way we can at least keep it in the family.” She chuckled again and I chuckled along with her.

She straightened up and looked up at my face, smiling. I smiled back at her and then leaned over to kiss her. As the kiss went on for a few minutes, I felt her pussy tightening up around my manhood and start to pulse with little rippling waves. I tightened my ass cheeks to make it swell and jerk, which brought a soft moan from her.

She broke the kiss and grinned at me. “Be careful or you’re going to get me started again.” When I made my manhood move again, she took a short sharp breath and grinned. “Oh, I guess that means you’re not scared, huh?”

I grinned and leaned back, falling over onto my back with her on top of me. She ended up sitting on me with her feet, one at each of my shoulders. She had a wide-eyed expression for a moment and the grinned. “Damn, we sure get around don’t we? I think we started out in this position, only facing the other direction. I’m just glad you’re not fully hard like you were then or I’d have a problem.”

As I twitched my slowly hardening member, she moaned and closed her eyes for a second. “Oh shit! I’m in trouble now. In this position, I can’t move without getting off you and with it growing, I’m going to have more than I can handle in a minute.”

She rocked her hips from side to side and groaned. “Oh, that feels so good, so very good.”

When I twitched inside her again, she groaned and leaned back, resting her upper body on her arms, lifting her hips slightly to relieve the growing pressure in her sex. The only problem was that it also pressed me tighter to the front wall of her vagina. As she moved her hips slowly, up and then down, the head of my dick rubbed against that front wall.

She groaned long and deep, her hips shivering. “Oh shit!” she whispered. “I’m not going to last very long like this.”

I could not move very much with her in this position, so I grinned at her and said, “Well, I guess you’ll just have to get off the pony ride then.”

“Oh, hell no!” She shot back as she raised and lowered her hips again.

The shiver was back in her hips and her stomach muscles jerked and rolled. “Oh God, I don’t know what you’re hitting in this position but….”

Her hips lifted and she let out a yell as she slammed them back down, her orgasm rolling over her hard and fast, her hips jerking and rocking in quick short movements. The yell was now a grunting groan in time with her hips.

She kept on moving and coming until her arms gave out and she lay down between my legs, pulling me part ways out of her pussy. This brought another loud yell and her legs up toward her stomach.

I sat up quickly and grabbed a thigh in each hand, pulling her tighter to me. She yelled again and wiggled her butt from side to side, her legs now on my shoulders. I rocked back and forth, moving my manhood slowly in and out a little.

She tossed her head back and forth on the rumpled sheet and grabbed a handful of it with each hand, pulling herself closer to me, a loud whimpering moan coming from deep in her chest.

This went on for a couple more minutes and then she used her hands and legs to pull and push away from me. I eased my grip on her thighs and stopped moving as she did, letting her get away. She groaned loudly as I was pulled out of her and then she sighed, as she got far enough to roll over onto her side and curl up.

“Oh God, enough!” she said hoarsely.

I grinned and moved over to lay down behind her and cuddle with her. She shivered and then sighed as I hugged her to me. Her hard breathing slowed and my arm across her lower chest told me her heart rate came down. I kissed her on the neck below her ear and she shivered.

After a while, she sighed and whispered, “I think I’ve finally met my match.” She took a deep breath and giggled. “I’ve never called Uncle at sex before in my life. I always considered myself the Energizer Bunny when it came right down to it.” She chuckled and cuddled back against me. “I think I’m going to sleep for about a week.”

I grinned and replied, “Ok darlin, you do that. I’ll hold you for a while and then I’ll get dressed, then I’ll finish up with your daughters computer and shut yours down.”

She nodded and sighed as I pulled the covers up over us.


Terry was snoring with a softly purring sound when I eased off the bed and went to the bathroom. I cleaned up and found my clothes before I went to check on her daughter’s computer. It had finished defrag so I tested the speed with which it opened and closed a couple of programs. It was much faster so I shut it down.

Back in Terry’s room, I shut off the web cam and brought up the software for it. I went through the video recording quickly and clipped it at the point I had pulled the covers up over us.

Smiling, I found two blank CDs and copied the file to both of them. One I put in her CD player and the other I slipped into my work case. I deleted the file from the computer and turned the web cam back toward the chair.

I wrote her a quick Postit note and stuck it to her monitor. It just said, that I had really enjoyed myself and for her to call me when she woke up. That I had a big surprise for her and I hope she liked it.


Our adventure has been going on for a couple of years now. There are now four of us as I’m with her sister, who moved back to the states. We both work at a nudist ranch about ninety miles from Terry and Lonny’s house. If anyone is interested, let me know, I might write about some of the other times we have had.

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