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The Meal

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“Babe the reservation is for 7pm, hurry up and get ready” she snapped. I had been working a lot lately, so much so that I always seemed tired and rarely payed enough attention to her. We had only been dating a handful of months. One day while working out I had spotted her on the tread mill. With every step her body seemed to move and shake in the most perfect ways.

Full breasts, and nipples that pressed tightly against her sports bra. My eyes traced down her body to her lower back, they settled on a tattoo she had. I squeezed my eyes to make out the design, it was that of a devil and a fairy intertwined. A good girl with a bad side I thought to myself as my eyes continued down her body. They quickly stopped at her ass, firm, and I could just make out the traces of a thong under her spandex. I knew I had to speak to her, or at least attempt it. I went to the other side of the floor and grabbed a bottle of water. She must weigh 110lbs, I’m over 200lbs or muscle. I laid back on the bench press and looked up to see her standing over me. “Want a spot” she asked with a smile.

From that day on we spent very few days apart. The sex was good, but not amazing. I had been scared to show her my mildly dominant side. We had not really had the “sex talk”. You know that conversation where you find out how kinky your lover really is. Where you find out how far you can push your partners body. “Seriously LET’S GO!” She was getting on my last nerve.

“Catherine give me two minutes, go sit on the couch and shut the fuck up or you’ll eat alone.” I didn’t mean to be so harsh. It was the stress of work. Dammit. I walked past her and into my room silently. “Come here for a minute,” I said in a mild tone.

“Its OK, I know work has been getting to you. I think what you need is a nice, long, wet blow job to cheer you up.” She was dressed in a red dress. The skirt was short, she had black high heels on, the kind with that strap that twists around the ankle. The front of the dress was open exposing the inside of her breasts. She stood up and for the first time that night I looked at her. I wanted to be with her, but she had to learn what I really liked.

“Come sit down for a minute.” She looked up at me as I continued, “When we have sex it’s great, but I want to be with you, and if you don’t know some things or act some ways.” I stopped and tried to find the right words because clearly what I was saying was not coming out right. “Listen, I’m more dominant than I’ve been with you. I like my sex, well on the kinkier side. If I’m going to be with you, I don’t want to just know your pussy is mine, I want you to prove it to me.” I raised my eyes up expecting to see shock. She was smiling.

“Well come take me the way you want me.” From this moment on things would get a lot more interesting.

“Lay across my lap.” She fixed her skirt and laid down across my lap as I hung off the edge of the bed. I pulled up her skirt exposing her tight bare ass. Her thong was tracing her pussy lips and a thin material covered her asshole. “When we are going out you are not to wear these any longer.” She nodded her head as I ripped them off. I began to spank her. She moaned lightly with each slap. I could see her ass glowing slightly red with each new spanking I gave her. I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head up. I pulled her mouth into mine and tasted her tongue. She let out a sigh as I wiggled back onto the bed and forced her mouth onto my cock. There was nothing slow in her motion, no circling the head of my cock with her tongue, no gentle ball licking. She wrapped her lips around and took all of me into her mouth. My head snapped back as I felt the head of my cock hit the back of her throat. Her mouth was soaked, it only took a moment for my cock to be covered in her spit. The harder she sucked, the more noise this great wet blow job was making.

“Get on all fours” I said firmly. She looked down with a shy look on her face as she got on all fours still wearing the dress and high heels, minus the panties. She had a little bit of spit on her chin, I’m sure with was mixed with the taste of my pre-cum. I brought my finger up to her mouth and wiped away the small bit on her chin, she lapped at my fingers cleaning them off quickly. Before I even touched her I knew by now how wet she was. I outstretched her arms and quickly tied them together. Moving next to her I blind folded her. “Do you trust me?” I asked. She only nodded. I pulled up the skirt to once again see her red firm ass. I slid my finger onto her pussy lips as she exhaled. She was wetter than I thought. I licked my fingers off, she tasted so sweet. I moved in front of her and grabbed her hair so that once again her lips were on my cock. “That’s my mouth to fuck isn’t it?”

She moaned in agreement never taking my cock away from her lips. I moved my hands down her and around her wet pussy lips. I began to circle her clit with my finger. It was swollen, I could feel her pulsing inside as I slid two fingers into her. “This is my pussy to fuck isn’t it?” Again she moaned in agreement. How far could I push her? I moved a finger out of her and upwards. My fingers were soaked with her wetness and I began circling her tight ass with my finger. We hadn’t had anal sex, and I wasn’t’ sure how she felt about the act. I slowly slid a finger into her ass to test her, she let my cock fall out of her mouth as she moaned in ecstasy. “This is my ass to fuck isn’t it” She nibbled my belly and continued to moan as the exhaled and managed to mumble “good girl.”

I left her on all fours and told her to stay put. I wanted to test her obedience as I walked out of the room. Strolling into the kitchen I grabbed a drink and timed my return. Four minutes was all I could stand to leave her there as now I was hard as a rock and ready to cum. I watched the seconds tick by. As the second hand rolled by the 12 I opened the door quickly. She was still there, in the same position I left her in, as she should have been. I said nothing, I walked up behind her and as a reward thrust my tongue into her pussy. She moaned wildly as I lapped away at her warm wet hole. Using my hands to finger her, and occasionally rubbing her clit, all I wanted was to taste her cum on my tongue. Her hips were moving wildly and I could feel her getting ready to cum. Her breathing was quick and heavy, and then the moan came. That one moan that lets you know you have fully satisfied a woman. I continued to lick up every last drop of the wetness that ran out of her. When I was sure I had cleaned all of the cum off of her I moved next to her and kissed her deeply.

“Put your head down” I said harshly. She did as I moved behind her. I was so hard, all of the cum had been building inside of me. The blow job, licking her, controlling her, it was all too much. I quickly moved into her, in one deep thrust I was into her as deeply as I could be. She let a sigh out. There was nothing nice about it, I was fucking her. It was rough and hard, my hands on both sides of her hips pulling her into me as deeply as I could. She knew how to move, and I could feel her pussy getting tight. I knew she was going to cum again, and I wanted to cum with her. We moved at a frantic pace, the clapping of our bodies slamming together was creating enough noise to disturb my roommates. I didn’t give a shit, I wanted to reward her with some cum. I resumed my steady spanking of her, then with one final thrust, my body shook. I didn’t know I could cum that hard. It felt like I was leaving a gallon of cum in her tight pussy. We both collapsed forward.

I pulled out of her and brought my cock back to her mouth. “Now finish cleaning me off, get every last drop of cum out of me.” Her tongue shot across my balls and around my shaft. I looked down to make sure she had done a good job, which she had. “You want to wear panties around me? Well I have an idea, stay on all fours.” Climbing off the bed I found the panties she had been wearing. I slipped them onto her and pushed any cum that had leaked out of her back in. “I want you to feel my cum all through dinner as it drips out of you and onto your panties. You are also not to brush your teeth as I want you to go out with my taste on your mouth.” She smiled, clearly she enjoyed all of this as much as I did.

We jumped out of the cab and made our way into the restaurant. The table was in the corner, a small one. Hands down the best Italian in the city. We sipped wine as she smiled and told her how turned on she was. The meal was nothing short of amazing. The waiter came over and asked if we wanted dessert. I said “she already has some, I’ll have a coffee.” She gave me a puzzled look. “I want you to go in the bathroom and finger yourself. Rub the cum from your underwear and whats left in you all over your clit. I want you to cum in that bathroom. Then I want you to lick your fingers off. Make sure you get all of the cum out of your pussy and off the panties. Then bring them back to me so I can make sure you did as you were told.”

With a little Chicago accent she said “Do you have any idea how wet you’ve made me?”

From that day on the sex was amazing.

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