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Worshiping Amy

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“You’re late.” The steely tone in Amy’s voice let Graham know he was in trouble, that was her “Don’t-mess-with-me” voice.

“I’m sorry, traffic was murder.”

Amy Welles didn’t like people being late, it was one of her Pet Peeves. Graham knew full well it was a flimsy excuse and Amy would call him on it.

“Your wife managed to be on time.” she said derisively.

“Ashley’s here already?” That was one of Ashley’s strengths, she was punctual to a fault. She and Graham balanced each other out, they were a good team. He was practical, managed finances well and was a good provider. His young wife was a blithe spirit, sexually adventurous and kept a lovely home. She was also a wonderful hostess and a social butterfly, he had many new friends because of Ashley’s warm, nurturing personality.

Amy nodded, fixing her gaze on him again. “Did you bring it?”

“Of course.” He held out the box, Amy opened it and smiled – when pleased, she had a warm, inviting smile. If displeased, she had a look that could freeze water, thankfully, Graham and Ashley rarely saw that look. Amy took his hand and escorted the successful Stock Broker up the Spiral Staircase that led to her spacious bedroom. He had done well and now he would be rewarded.

Graham remembered every small detail of his and Ashley’s first sexual encounter with the stunning, auburn-haired model. He and his 15-years younger wife had been at a lingerie fashion show when Amy had strode out, in a burgundy bra and French-cut panty set, with a black peignoir overtop that. The way she moved, this way and that, she twirled and whirled, all of Amy simply demanded your attention. The most attention grabbing feature of Amy were those legs of hers – they were magnificent, long, shapely, tapering into a beautiful set of calves. They were encased in black silk stockings and stiletto heels with the silver tip, the kind Graham always liked. Ashley nudged him, angrily. “Hey, that’s my little sister you’re panting over, bub!”

The most unusual part of that evening was it seemed that Ashley was as enraptured with her model-sibling as Graham was. Ashley didn’t take her eyes off Amy for the entire evening, whenever her sister strode onto the runway, Ashley’s eyes followed her every move. Graham saw in his adorable blonde wife’s eyes a predatory hunger he had never seen before. Oh, Ashley projected the appearance of a sweet, young innocent, but Graham knew intimately the pretty 22-year old could fuck a man dry. Ashley’s eyes were on the catwalk for the entire time Amy was on it, almost forgetting her husband was by her side.

Tentatively, the couple approached Amy after the show, congratulating her on how successful she’d been. She didn’t seem at all surprised to see them there. She wasn’t.

The 19-year old strawberry blonde had been noticing her sister and her then-boyfriend for quite some time. She found Graham desirable and wondered what her sister’s intention towards the older man might be. She was ecstatic when Ashley announced their engagement, now he would be around more frequently. Amy wondered what Graham was like in the sack? Was he satisfying her beautiful sister sexually? She had to know. It became almost an obsession with the younger girl.

To find out, Amy did exactly what she thought best, located her sister’s diary and read everything she could. Amy was amazed to find out her sister was kinky, having all sorts of lewd fantasies about Graham, watching him fuck other women, sometimes even joining in, sometimes having sex with the women herself. Amy, being no novice in the ways of girl-on-girl play, began to formulate a plan to make her sister and fiance into her sexual playthings. She recognized their type easily – they were “sexual adventurers”, eager to try anything and experience whatever they could. Obviously, it ran in the family – Amy herself had a hedonistic nature. Shortly after Graham and Ashley were married, she sent them an anonymous invitation to one of the fashion shows she knew she’d be appearing in. The couple were newlyweds and still in that “playful” stage, so Amy knew it was now or never. The wheels were turning as Amy put her plan of seduction into motion.

After the show ended, Amy happily accepted their offer to take her out for a drink. Over a few drinks, the strawberry-haired beauty talked about her life, taking her sister’s hand affectionately, stroking Graham’s arm, seemingly hanging on their every word. She smiled at both of them and her blue eyes sparkled as she spoke.

“Let’s be honest, okay. You want to fuck me, don’t you?” Amy looked directly at Ashley this time.

Graham nodded sheepishly, but Ashley reacted in horror. “Don’t be ridiculous, you’re my sister !”

“Yeah, a sister you couldn’t take your eyes off of or stop drooling over the entire time I was on the catwalk. Cut the crap, sis. You want me. I bet if I touched you right now, you’d be soaking wet. You want to feast on my pussy slut , and I want you to. Does that turn you on?”

Ashley bit her bottom lip and nodded silently. Ashley grinned. She had them!

“Okay, you’re both very attractive, I’m sure we all could – possibly – get into that. But there are some rules, capeesh?” A taunting smile crossed her lips, it seemed both sensual and fear-inspiring at the same time.

Graham looked over at his young wife, Ashley’s nipples were pointy and aroused beneath her blue-silk blouse. He nodded, knowing they’d likely accede to any demands Amy made. Her terms were simple. Amy was to call the shots – 100% of the time. It was Amy who decided when she’d make time for them – “I have other lovers besides you two, of course!” she sniffed. It was also made clear that gifts were not only encouraged, they were expected. Amy was no prostitute, she was an object of desire, a Goddess, and fully expected to be treated as one. Being well-to-do, Graham had no problem with this. Both agreed with Amy’s “requests”.

Amy took the horny newlyweds back to her apartment, she had lived on her own since she was 17. Amy had found her parent’s rules stifling to her passionate nature, her modeling jobs easily supported her lifestyle. Amy knew it was time to give her sister and brother-in-law what they desired most – her body, in the kinkiest ways possible. She commanded Ashley to have her first taste of pussy, at which her older sister first balked. Amy was having none of it, pushing her sister’s face into her cunt. Once the young blonde got started, she was practically insatiable. She munched and chewed with abandon, Amy’s knees nearly gave out as her sister feasted on her quim.

Amy then commanded Graham fuck her Doggie-style, Ashley was forbidden to participate, only watch and pleasure herself. Graham fucked her with skill and precision, she could now see why her sister found the much-older man so appealing. She came so hard, she practically soaked the sheets. Glancing over at her sister, still nearly fully-dressed, she smiled that smile again. “Get naked, slut!” she growled. “And be quick about it, I don’t like to be kept waiting!”

Ashley was startled by her sister’s commands, even moreso by her reaction. She stripped quickly and joined the duo on the bed.

Amy took Griffin’s cock in her mouth, then insisted that Ashley eat her cunt. Amy had 3 climaxes while Ashley ate her out, her older sister seemed to have an innate talent for cunnilingus. Graham steeled himself, he fucked the two women simultaneously. It was a night of incredible passion and lust.

Ashley and Graham were soon to learn that Amy was a highly demanding lover. This, in turn, made Graham and Ashley into even better lovers when it was just the two of them together. Days after a session with her sister and husband, adorable blonde Ashley was wild, crazed with passion, even kinky. Her clothing reflected the change, she had leather minis, PVC boots, barely-there bras and only wore thongs – if she wore panties at all. Her behavior reflected her new lusts as well. Just last week, Ashley’d come to Graham’s brokerage firm and given him a blow-job under the desk while he was holding a meeting. Ashley sucked him dry and giggled, doing her level-best not to be discovered. She teased Graham constantly that he should bring his cute Asian secretary, Lily, home so that they could fuck her – Ashley wanted to put on a strap-on and screw the girl silly.

Graham’s mind now drifted back to the present, his eyes never left Amy’s bare legs, sleek and sexy under the short robe she was wearing. It was also apparent that she was naked underneath. Graham knew she preferred nudity around her apartment, as well as during their sessions. Amy walked into the bedroom, Ashley was waiting for them both on the bed, already naked. Graham had often thought how hot it would be if Amy would come live with Ashley and him, but he knew Amy treasured her freedom. Graham noticed that Ashley already looked a mite rumpled.

“We started without you” Aimee said haughtily as she leaned over, her tongue mingling with her sweet blonde sister’s. Graham undressed as fast as he could, joining the two women on Amy’s plush four-poster bed.

“I don’t appreciate it when you’re late” Amy pouted. “I need you to fuck me, I missed it.”

Graham and Ashley always enjoyed it when Amy let down her guard and admitted she enjoyed their trysts as much as they did. Getting up from the bed, she opened the box Graham had brought with him. A pleased smile crossed Amy’s face, she purred “Nice, very nice, Graham lover. Thank you too, sis.” She reached out and tweaked one of Ashley’s pink nipples.

Amy’s sister and brother-in-law had made a trek to “Decadence” and purchased their lover a new pair of Rose-Patterned black silk stockings, a black bustier, tiny black thong and a new pair of stilettos. Amy could feel their lusty eyes on her as she re-dressed herself. It was part of the “ritual”, one they all enjoyed. At times, they had serviced her while she dressed for a date, bathing her, shaving her legs and pussy and heating her up before she went out to fuck another man – or woman, Amy was not choosy. Amy then would give an imperious command they were not to be there when she returned or consequences would be severe. Once, Ashley had dared to disobey and hid in the closet. When Ashley discovered her, she was fuming. She called Graham to pick up his wife, then screwed him three times, forcing Ashley to sit there and watch. Doing nothing. There had not been a further infraction of the rules.

“All right Graham, get your ass over here!” Aimee commanded.

Graham got off the bed, his sandy-hair askew, his lean body already hot and flush with excitement. Amy noted that for a man in his 40’s, her brother-in-law had kept himself in wonderful condition. She stood over him, long legs spread wide apart, the light from the window catching the silver tips of the stilettos. “Do it!”

Graham’s lips began at the tips of her stiletto shoes, up to her ankles, kissing upwards. Calves, legs and instep, her thighs – oh, those silky-soft thighs – his fingers trailed over the silk stockings, he could feel Amy shudder slightly – and he continued to kiss, just graze over her, smelling the subtle aroma of Amy’s arousal. He couldn’t see his wife, but he knew Ashley was playing with her pussy on the bed. It aroused her to no end to watch her “daddy” bang the hell out of her sister. His sexual maturity was just one the elements that had attracted her to Graham.

Graham took his time as his leggy sister-in-law squatted over his face, his hands still caressing her thighs as he licked her neatly-trimmed cunt. She told them once that she loved having her lovers trim or shave her – and it seemed to make them happy as well. Graham swabbed at her pussy with his knowing tongue, Amy ground it against him while she enjoyed her first climax. She stood up slowly, moving about with a small twirl, like the model she was. Now, it was Ashley’s turn.

Ashley lay on the bed, her own sexy legs in white stockings and matching white stilettos – an uncharacteristically romantic gift from Amy on her birthday. She looked up at her younger sister with soft, loving eyes. “We adore you so much Amy, you’re so …. ”

“I know what I am!” Amy grinned as she crushed her lips to the petite blonde’s. Ashley let out a perfunctory whimper as her lesbian lover / sister inserted her tongue between her lips and slid it inside her mouth. After their first encounter, the taboo of having lesbian sex – with her own sister – did not bother Ashley, indeed, she gave it no further thought. Amy had drawn them both into her web of lust and they had been willing victims. Ashley and Amy felt Griffin’s weight as he joined them on the bed.

The lesbian-loving sisters moved into an easy “69” which never failed to excite the horny husband. Mere months ago, his wife had been a novice at the lesbian arts. Now, watching the contortions Amy’s face made as Ashley sucked her off, he knew she was truly adept at pleasuring another girl. He had thought at times of bringing home another woman, wondering if Ashley would go for that? She had teased him from time-to-time about bringing Lily home, but would she really do it?

“Fucking Christ, you lezzie slut, eat me, eat me, you lezzie cunt-loving queer!” Amy growled as she felt Ashley’s hands caress her stocking-clad legs. No matter what they were doing, in whatever position they were fucking in, it was Amy’s long, slender limbs that continued to mesmerize both Graham and his young bride.

“Enough – ENOUGH!” Amy barked, moving off the bed. They both knew the young hottie wasn’t done yet. She moved to a chair in the corner of the room and draped herself across it, kicking one stiletto off slightly, dangling it from her foot. “Come and get it!” she teased.

Ashley, on her hands and knees, crawled over to the chair and began licking the tip of the stiletto, then stroking Amy’s foot and up and down her silk-clad legs. While this was going on, Graham moved into a slightly-uncomfortable position so that Amy could blow him. Amy would never have admitted it to her kinky family-lovers, but she loved giving Graham head. He had one of the nicest, thickest cocks that had ever been between her soft lips. As a matter of fact, her sister Ashley was as sweet, yummy and delectable as any of her model friends. However, Amy was aware that she had to keep them at bay – it was one of the elements of their game. Nonetheless, these naughty people and the fuckings, suckings and kinky play were some of the things that got her through the week.

“You’re such a kinky little bitch Ash!” Amy sighed as the blonde pixie licked her and nibbled at her thighs, then clit, then pussy. She knew the chair was getting soaked from her juices, she’d have one of her lovers pay to have it cleaned. Amy thought with pride that Ashley never failed to wring at least three orgasms from her trembling body, while Graham’s wonderful cock was good for at least another two. The man sure had stamina.

Ashley moved away, eyes imploring, and Amy nodded her consent. Ashley positioned herself as close to Amy as she could get and Amy lapped eagerly at her sister’s tiny, blonde cunt. “Ooooohhh, yes baby, eat it, fucking EAT IT” were the words that came from Ashley’s lips, while Graham set about replacing her between Amy’s slender limbs. The trio never rushed their times together, Amy had one session with them that lasted an entire weekend and into Monday. Theirs was slow, unhurried play, designed for maximum pleasure.

“Okay, enough of all this foreplay – for now!” Amy said with a hungry snarl. “Amy’s hot little puss needs some hard cock, let’s get fucking!”

The trio hopped back on the bed and Amy spread her sleek legs wide apart, baring her cute strawberry muff to their admiring gaze. Amy wrapped her legs around Graham’s neck as he shoved his cock deep within her depths. He knew just where to move, to stroke, to hit her G-Spot. Ashley’s nimble little tongue was licking Amy’s Cotton Candy nipples, turning them into hard little pegs. Graham looked over at Ashley, blowing his wife a kiss, which she returned. Ashley thought her husband never looked sexier than when he was screwing their adored Amy.

Funny how they’d come to think of her that way. Both of them knew her sister had many other lovers, but they were a bit possessive of her regardless. Amy didn’t have as many lovers as she allowed them to think she did – these two were the pinnacle of her sex-partners, but she wasn’t telling them that. Amy had indicated she cared about them and enjoyed their times together, at times, out of the blue, Amy would even call Ashley and invite her to lunch. Naughty, illicit lunches that often ended in the bedroom, the shower or the sauna. This was a secret between the sisters. Graham didn’t know that at each of those lunches, Ashley was eating more pussy than she could have ever imagined, more recently she had been enjoying the favors of Amy’s long-legged, kinky, insatiable model friends. Amy never failed to get off on seeing how pussy-crazed her little fucktoy-sister had become, it excited her to no end.

Graham loved seeing “his girls” happy and he saw Amy’s head tilt back, her eyes closed, her face quivered, her lips parted as she screamed out her orgasm. Ashley followed suit, but knowing how Amy preferred things, Graham held off until the women could grab his cock and share his cum between them in sloppy, wet, cummy kisses.

It was going to be Ashley’s turn for some fucking next, but there was no rush. Amy got some wine and poured each of them a drink, then the two lovelies put on a fashion show for their man, stockings, panties and stilettos being the highlight. They teased him and kissed and nibbled at each other while Graham regained his strength. He would be expected to fuck Amy at least two more times this evening, but Graham knew that she had forgiven his being late. Just to hedge his bets, he’d buy her some more lacy underwear, perhaps another pair of stilettos AND those thigh-high “Fuck Me Boots” she’d been craving. Yes, it was bribery, but what of it?

There was no question about it – Amy’s approval was worth any expense.

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