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Melissa’s Foot Massage

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Melissa kicked off her sandals as she walked into her best friend’s apartment. Her very drunk best friend was close behind.

“I just need a little nap,” Amber slurred, shuffling toward the bedroom she shared with her boyfriend Sam. He was spread out on the couch in their living room, reading a magazine.

“You guys have a good time?” Sam asked. He looked up at his girlfriend in the doorway. She leaned against her taller friend.

“It was great!” Amber said. “I love you!”

Sam smiled and walked over. He hugged Amber, who wobbled back and forth in his arms. Sam shot Melissa an incredulous look. Melissa grinned and shrugged her shoulders.

“Okay, how about that nap?” Sam asked. Amber hiccupped. “We’ll get you some water, sweetheart.”

Melissa left the couple for the kitchen and searched for a glass. She’d forgotten how poorly Amber handled liquor. The two girls hadn’t seen each other in months. They’d taken the gorgeous summer day as an opportunity to catch up, and they’d only had a few drinks each…

Melissa filled a cup she’d found and brought it to Sam. He was walking Amber to the bedroom and took it with an appreciative look.

“Almost there, honey,” Sam said.

Melissa had to laugh. She tried to do it quietly. Amber was lucky to date such a laid-back guy.

But Amber had always been lucky. The pretty one in their group of college friends, she’d never been without a boyfriend for more than a few months. Melissa was tall enough to model but, as her friends so lovingly put it, she looked “too much like a mom.”

Melissa didn’t let her friends bother her. She liked her simple look: shoulder-length brown curls framed her oval face, and today she wore jean shorts and a white tank top with her flat sandals.

Melissa leaned against the bedroom door and watched Sam help his girlfriend into bed. Sam was a tall, trim swimmer with shortly cropped dark hair. She’d been attracted to for him for months and suspected he felt the same about her. Melissa had caught him staring at her more than a few times.

At first the thought of being with Sam excited her. But Melissa and Amber had known each other for years, and she wasn’t willing to risk their friendship.

“Hi, Melissa!” Amber shouted. This time Melissa had been caught staring. Sam looked back and waved Melissa out of the room.

Embarrassed, Melissa padded away. She stood for a moment in the doorway, unsure if she should just leave. But she and Amber had planned to meet with other friends later that night.

She decided to wait. Melissa headed for the couch and grabbed the magazine Sam had been reading.

He walked into the living room about five minutes later. Melissa, laid out on the couch, didn’t look up from the magazine.

“I seriously owe you,” Sam said. “I don’t understand how she gets drunk so quickly.”

Melissa set the magazine on her long legs. She smiled at the handsome man in front of her.

“It’s a talent.”

Sam sank onto the couch next to Melissa’s feet. He glanced down at them.

Melissa had gorgeous feet. Sam had spent so much time staring at them he could picture them anywhere. They were slender and long, size 7 or 8. Creamy and smooth, like the rest of Melissa’s skin, with low arches and long toes. Melissa had painted them a light purple.

Melissa raised her eyebrows when she saw Sam glance at her feet.

Sam looked back up at her, letting his gaze linger for just a moment on her full breasts.

“You want coffee or anything? She probably won’t be up for a while.”

Melissa hid her face behind the magazine.

“No thanks,” she said.

It wasn’t fair. She had a habit of falling for Amber’s boyfriends – usually because they barely noticed her. Sure enough, Sam got up and started picking up dishes around the apartment, practically oblivious to her presence.

Still a little tipsy, Melissa had a very bad idea. She wrestled with it for about five minutes.

Finally she spoke.


He had been absently rinsing a coffee cup. Melissa heard him turn the water off and come back into the living room. She didn’t dare look up from her magazine.

“Yeah, what’s up?”

Melissa summoned the most casual tone she could and went for it. She made a point not to look at Sam.

“If you’re still offering favors, I could go for a foot massage,” she said.

Had Melissa been watching, she would have seen Sam freeze. His cock twitched. He tried to sound casual, too.

“Really?” He asked. Melissa noticed his voice cracked slightly. “You haven’t been walking around in mud or anything, right?”

Melissa set the magazine on a nearby table and smiled at Sam.

“Just a suggestion,” she said. “You offered.”

Sam felt heat rise to his face. He hurried to sit down.

“No, no, I was just kidding. I don’t mind.”

Melissa could tell he more than didn’t mind. She offered her right foot to Sam, who took it in both hands and placed it in his lap.

Sam’s heart pounded. He still couldn’t believe what was happening. Amber would surely wake up and come in – and how the hell would he explain this scene?

But Melissa’s foot was right there. Very close, in fact, to a throbbing erection Sam had to shift to hide from her.

“Alright,” he said. “Maybe just a quick one.”

Sam fought the urge to cram Melissa’s toes in his mouth. Instead, he wrapped one hand around her sole and instep used the other to knead the soft skin below her toes.

Melissa melted. Sam’s hands were warm, and she hadn’t been lying – she did need a massage. She felt him slowly work his hand down the sole of her right foot.

“Thank you,” she said. “You have no idea how long it’s been.”

Sam didn’t want to say anything that might cause Melissa to reconsider. He kept quiet and redoubled his efforts.

It was completely surreal. Of all of Amber’s many friends – most of them just as beautiful as her – Melissa’s feet were the most tantalizing. Sam had spent more than a few afternoons fantasizing about having his way with them.

And now they were here. Sam was stroking Melissa’s foot. More importantly, she seemed to be enjoying it.

Melissa had laid her head back on the couch and closed her eyes. She sighed with content when he picked her left foot up and repeated his routine.

“You are soooo good at this, Sam. I’m jealous of Amber,” she said.

A full minute passed. Sam still hadn’t said a word. He was completely absorbed in Melissa’s flawless feet. He hadn’t found a single rough patch of skin.

Melissa opened her eyes. She lifted her right foot to Sam’s face and wiggled her toes.

“Helloooo. Anybody there?”

Sam’s cock leaked a drop of pre-cum. He jerked his head up and gave Melissa a sheepish grin.

“Sorry,” he said. “I got distracted.”

“I can see that,” Melissa said. She lowered her foot back to his lap and brushed his cock.

“Oh, wow,” Melissa whispered. She giggled.

Sam’s eyes widened. He let his hands drop from Melissa’s foot and tried to cover his erection.

“Jesus, Melissa, I’m sorry. I should -”

Melissa giggled again and kicked his knee.

“Relax, Sam. Amber’s my best friend. She told me about your…thing,” she said.

Sam blushed and looked down.

Melissa put a foot back in Sam’s lap.

“Look,” she said. “You’re dating Amber. So nothing’s going to happen.”

Sam looked back at Melissa and nodded.

“But this…” She started, rubbing her foot on Sam’s hand until he picked it up again. “Is just a massage.”

Melissa winked at Sam, whose eyes were still the widest she’d ever seen them.

“How much you enjoy it is none of my business.”

And with that, Melissa picked up the magazine and waited. It didn’t take long for Sam to wordlessly begin rubbing her feet again.

The scene continued for about five minutes, Sam kneading Melissa’s feet while she tried to focus on the article on dolphin breeding in front of her.

Sam slowly worked his way from the bottom of Melissa’s right foot to the toes. He squeezed each one, marveling at their perfect length.

It was getting difficult to focus on the magazine. Melissa loved a good foot massage, but Sam’s arousal excited her.

And it was a damn good foot massage. Sam expertly switched between her feet, squeezing the pads of her toes and rubbing between each one.

Melissa estimated her friend had been asleep for about 20 minutes. If she knew Amber, the girl wouldn’t get up for at least another hour.

So, against her better judgment and without looking up from her magazine, Melissa spoke to the man lovingly rubbing her toes.

“You can suck them if you want.”

Sam’s hands stopped.

Melissa put the magazine on her chest and raised her eyebrows at him.

Sam almost came right then. His breath quickened and he smiled.

“Are you fucking serious, Melissa?”

Melissa shrugged and went back to reading. Not 10 seconds later, she felt Sam lift her left foot and wrap his mouth around her big toe.

Sam’s cock practically jumped out of his pants. Melissa’s toe tasted sweet, with just the smallest hint of sweat on it. He couldn’t restrain himself any longer, and he wasn’t sure Melissa wanted him to.

So Sam attacked. He worshipped Melissa’s feet, popping each light purple toe into his mouth like a lollipop and sucking hard. He ran his tongue around the base of her toes, eliciting giggles from Melissa. He kissed up and down her soles.

Melissa felt amazing. She’d thrown the magazine on the floor and sank into the pleasure Sam unleashed on her feet. When he sucked her toes, she made sure to wiggle them. When he nibbled her heels, she moaned with delight.

Melissa let Sam continue for more than five minutes, getting more and more turned on in the process. She’d never been with a man into feet, and she never thought of hers as anything more than things to walk around on. But watching her best friend’s boyfriend take so much pleasure in her body destroyed Melissa’s inhibitions. She wanted more.

Soon Melissa’s feet were covered in drool. Sam had carefully licked, bit, kissed and sucked every inch of them.

Melissa let him make one more round of kisses on her toes before she spoke. By this point she felt almost as turned on as he must have been.

“Does your bedroom door have a lock?”

Sam didn’t even look up from his work. He dragged his tongue up Melissa’s right sole, stopping for only a second to answer.


Melissa scrunched her toes and used one foot to gently guide Sam’s eyes to hers. She looked at his crotch then back up at him.

“Be quick, then.”

Sam set Melissa’s feet down and raced to undress. Within seconds he faced her with a throbbing erection.

Melissa raised her eyebrows. She pinned Sam’s cock between her smooth soles and pumped it slowly.

“Amber really is lucky,” she said.

Sam closed his eyes and exhaled shakily. His body raced with nervous energy.

Melissa continued to pull up and down on his cock. She wiggled it between her feet. Sam groaned and she giggled.

“Wow, you really like my feet,” she said with a smile. She bit her lip. “Do you fantasize about them?”

Sam opened his eyes and looked at Melissa. She kept idly pumping his cock.

“Yes,” he said.

Melissa giggled again. She switched tactics, pushing Sam’s cock against his stomach and rubbing the soles of her feet on it. She’d never seen a man so turned on before.

“Do you jerk off and think about my feet, Sam?”

Another dribble of precum escaped Sam’s cock. This time he could only nod a yes to Melissa’s question.

Melissa switched back to pumping Sam’s cock. She found herself enjoying the footjob more than she’d expected to.

But as much fun as she was having – and by that point Melissa was so turned on she considered fucking Sam right there on the couch – she worried about Amber. She decided to go for the kill and pumped faster.

“Why don’t you cum on my feet, Sam?”

Sam whimpered something that sounded like “dear Jesus.”

Melissa stopped. She heard Sam’s labored breathing. Then she turned around and laid on her stomach, exposing her wet soles.

Sam wanted to fix the image in his mind forever. Melissa wiggled her long toes.

“Cum on me, Sam.”

Sam gripped his cock like a vice and pumped hard and fast. He watched the gorgeous feet below him flex and dance.

It took less than 15 seconds. Sam let out a loud groan and pushed his cock against Melissa’s feet.

Melissa moaned as she felt the first hot rope of cum slap her right heel. It dribbled onto her sole, where Sam had already milked another shot.

Sam held his cock steady and tried not to let his eyes roll back in his head. He shifted targets and shot hot cum onto Melissa’s left foot.

Melissa kept wiggling her toes for Sam. He kept cumming, and soon her feet were drenched in cum.

“Don’t forget my toes,” she said when she felt Sam’s blasts decreasing.

Sam breathed heavily and drained the last of his juice onto Melissa’s long, perfect toes. He sank back onto his knees, still half hard.

Melissa decided to really drive Sam wild. She rubbed her feet together, spreading his cum between her toes and onto the tops of her feet.

“So warm,” she said. “And so much.”

Sam was still recovering from his huge orgasm. Reason slowly returned to him, and he realized what he had just done.

“Oh, fuck. Fuck, Melissa.”

Melissa turned slightly to look back at him. The sight – his girlfriend’s best friend giving him bedroom eyes, her feet covered in his cum – was enough to get him hard again.

“I think we’d better get a few tissues before anything else,” she said.

Sam blinked, then hurried to shove his pants back on. He found a box of tissues and gingerly handed them to Melissa.

“Thanks.” Melissa rolled over and began scooping up cum. It took her half a dozen tissues to get her feet anywhere close to dry.

Sam stood watching her, horrorstruck. He loved Amber. He couldn’t believe what he’d done.

Melissa sensed Sam’s regret. She finished cleaning herself up and looked at him.

“This was a one-time thing, Sam. I promise. She’ll never know.”

Sam sat in a nearby chair and put his head in his hands.

“Yeah,” he said. “Yeah, it’s just…Jesus.”

Melissa crossed the room and patted him on the shoulder. She felt a bit angry despite herself – here she’d just fulfilled this guy’s fantasy and all he can do is complain about his girlfriend?

But she knew that was an unworthy thought. Melissa wanted Sam badly, but she wanted her friendship with Amber just a bit more.

“I think we both got carried away,” she said. “It’s awkward, but we have to pretend this never happened.”

Sam kept his head down. He glanced at Melissa’s feet. She had missed a few drops of his cum.

“Yeah,” he said. Then he looked up at her.

“What if I don’t really want to pretend it didn’t happen, though?”

Now it was Melissa’s turn to blush. She imagined a repeat of the past half hour – but in her apartment, without Amber nearby. And maybe with Sam finishing somewhere else.

“I don’t think you mean that, Sam.”

She walked across the apartment into the kitchen, grabbed a glass and ran the tap.

She tried to sound as casual as possible when she spoke again.

“But if you do, then that’s a different story.”

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Sounds like someone falls easy when touched by feet…