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The Bathroom

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As I walked into the bathroom, I immediately took note of its strange cleanliness, considering its location off of a highway. I sat down in one of the stalls and closed the door. As I finished my business, I turned around to flush the toilet, and noticed a hole in the wall, about 3 inches in diameter.

Inspecting it more closely, I began to notice a variety of vulgar slurs along the edges of the hole, all alluding to oral sex.

Then the noise of footsteps could be heard on the other side of the stall. A man had just entered the stall adjacent to mine. I couldn’t help but peek through the hole, out of curiosity. I watched as a large, but athletic white male sat down on the toilet. Just as I began to look away, he noticed the hole between our stalls as, catching me looking at him. I figured the best course of action would be to leave. I picked up my pants, and just as I made my way to exiting the stall, I turned back to look through the hole one more time. I noticed that the man had now stood up, facing towards the hole. I couldn’t refrain from succumbing to my curiosity, as I moved my head down towards the hole to get a better view.

Peeking towards me through the hole, was not what I expected. A fully erect cock was halfway into the hole. I backed my head up in shock, as its full 7 to 8 inches emerged through the gap in the stalls.

Now, I had always considered myself straight, but having that hard dick before my eyes made me feel a little differently. I even felt my own penis start to grow inside of my jeans.

I gave in. I ran a single finger starting from the base of his cock, all the way to the tip. I heard a noise of appreciation from the other side. This encouraged me, so I wrapped my hand around its base, and began to slowly stroke it. More moans were produced in the other side. I couldn’t believe how turned on I was. Before I knew it, I had my own cock in my hands, stroking it furiously.

After a few minutes of stroking myself and the stranger behind the wall, I conjured a sexy idea in my head. I stood up, and aligned my similarly sized cock next to his. I wrapped my hand around both of our hard dicks, and began stroking them together. I couldn’t remember the last time my dick was as hard as it was. Our precum got all over my hand, and I used it to get our cocks a little more wet.

The feeling of his cock rubbing up against mine was one of the biggest turn on’s I had ever experienced. I could tell from the moaning on the other side of the wall that the unknown man was enjoying himself as well. I felt a swelling build up in my cock, and I began to rub our hard cocks together even faster. I knew I was about to cum. My toes curled, and my hands clenched, and I released what seemed to be a liter of cum all over my hands, and both of our hard cocks.

Despite my previous heterosexuality, I couldn’t help but want to taste it. I licked every last bit of my semen off of my hands. It was warm, and gooey. I loved the feeling of it in my mouth. I looked down and noticed that the cock sticking through the wall was now totally covered in my cum.

Without any hesitation, I lowered myself onto my knees, with his cum covered, rock hard member just an inch away from my face. I moved my mouth closer, transfixed by the combination of our ejaculate covering it. The feeling of my hot breath and proximity of my mouth elicited a deep and anxious moan from the stranger, as if this had been what he was waiting for.

I put out the tip of my tongue, and ever so slightly ran it along the base of his dick, right to the tip. Another moan of approval. Then I ran the tip of my tongue along the bottom of his dick, in the same fashion. An occasional drip of cum would fall from his dick and on to my face. I loved it.

I breathed on his cock for another few seconds, building the anticipation. Then, I put my mouth over the tip of his dick, and closed my mouth. I moved my tongue slowly in a circular formation, collecting all of the precum that was dripping off of it. Then I slowly moved my mouth towards his dick, fitting as much of it into my mouth as I could, while still maintaining a tight hole with my mouth. I grabbed his balls underneath as I repeated this motion. His fat dick began to slide in and out with ever increasing speeds. I put my hand on his cock and began jerking him off, as my tongue traveled down to his balls. I teased him with my tongue, and then returned to sliding my hot, wet mouth over his lubricated cock.

I could tell by the frequency in his moaning, that he was pretty close to cumming. It encouraged me to shove it as far down my throat as I could get it. Surprisingly, I could shove it down most of the way, before I felt the need to gag. I repeated this motion, fucking his fat, hard cock with my throat, until I felt the pressure begin to build. I pulled it out, yet still aimed it toward my mouth. As soon as I heard him moan as loud as he did, I knew he just came.

White, gooey jizz shot from the tip of his cock, all over the inside and outside of my mouth. I felt so sexy, my face covered in his cum. I gripped his cock a little harder, draining out the rest of the cum that I could into my mouth. As soon as I let go of his cock, it shot back through the hole.

Within seconds, the man had pulled up his pants and exited the bathroom. But I didn’t care. I sat there for another half hour, jerking off, leaving the stranger’s cum all over my face. I was in heaven.

I didn’t know it before I entered the bathroom, but on the way out, I knew that I was a dirty cocksucker. And that cock would not be my last.

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