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Northern Lights

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I looked out at the brightness through my frosty window. From the guttering, icicles descended, glistening in the wintry sunshine. I opened the window slightly, inhaling the crisp air. “So beautiful” I whispered as I snapped off the longest icicle and dropped it, watching it spear into the snow below. “Mmm, perfect murder weapon!” I giggled.

I pulled my fleece blanket tightly around my shoulders as the cold air drifted in on a light chilly breeze. “Finally we will have a white Christmas…” I heard a familiar Christmas song echo through the speakers on the radio. I instantly began to whistle and hum the tune.

I closed the window and made my way downstairs and headed towards the front door. I opened it quickly, wanting to be out there, to feel the cold surround me and take me back to childhood. At thirty-three, I am still a child at heart. We haven’t had snowfall like this for sixteen years. Every year I pray for snow and especially at this time of year. As I recall, I don’t ever remember snow at Christmas and here it is, a day before the best day of the year. Or is Christmas Eve the best day? I think it might be. The anticipation of what’s to come. Seeing the smiling faces of nieces and nephews opening their presents, a sight to melt the biggest snowdrift.

The snow takes me back to when I was younger. Hours were spent building a snowman, the beginning of which was a snowball the size of a tennis ball. My friends and I would take turns to roll it from one house to another along the pathways. As we reached the middle of the avenue, the snowball was the size of a football. We trudged through more snow, picking it up as we went. From a football size to a basketball size and bigger still. We had so much fun rolling the huge ball around and around the avenue and through the playing field. In the end the ball got so big that it took three or four of us to roll it back to my garden.

We managed it though and when we got to my house we all rushed in, hoping to find my dad to measure how tall the ball of snow was. Poor dad, we didn’t give him time to get his coat and gloves on. The look on his face when he got outside and saw the body of our snowman said it all. It was by far the biggest we had ever made. He measured it and announced that it was three feet and four inches high. My friends and I jumped up and cheered. We rolled the ball into the right position and headed across the road to start on the other side. It was time to make the head of the snowman.

I smiled to myself as I stood out on the doorstep. I looked down and saw the icicle standing upright in the snow. Dare I step out a little further and get harpooned by my own murder weapon falling from the gutter, I thought. I glanced down the road and saw a figure walking towards my house. The only sound was the trudging of their boots as they sunk into the snow. I knew they were heading for my house. There were no other houses nearby. They lifted their arm and waved. I waved back, still not recognising who they were, although I was sure it was a woman. Long dark hair flowed past her shoulders, dancing in the breeze. She was dressed in jeans and a creamy coloured chunky woolly jumper. She must be freezing.

She opened the gate and cautiously walked towards me. As she neared me she held out her hand. “I’m sorry to bother you, but my car has got stuck in the snow. Can I borrow your phone? I really wasn’t prepared for this weather!”

I took her hand and she held it tightly. Her hand was freezing and I was surprised she could still move her fingers. “Yes of course you can, come in and I’ll get you a warm drink. Is tea ok?”

“Yeah thanks. I stayed at my sisters last night. She lives in the next village. The snow wasn’t that bad when I left there, but you seem to have it quite bad here. I’m sure they didn’t forecast it, but you know what they say about the British weather…”

We both looked at each other and simultaneously announced, “unpredictable!”

She rubbed her hands together, bringing a little life into them. “I’m Alex by the way. I was a little worried as to who might live here, you’re pretty isolated here.” She seated herself at the kitchen table, continuing to rub her hands together.

“Isolated yes, but so damn pretty on a morning like this. Don’t you agree? Do you have milk, sugar?”

“Milk, please and no sugar…”

“Sweet enough eh?” I teased. She smiled and her eyes smiled with her. I poured out our teas and placed them on the table then sat opposite her. Her cheeks were red and her eyes were glazed over. Oh god those eyes. They were a shade of green with a delicate hint of blue. Piercing. I placed my hands on hers and massaged them. “Jesus, you have frostbite I think. We’d better get you warmed up. I’m Chrissy by the way.”

“Nice to meet you, Chrissy. I don’t want to be too much trouble. I shall go when I’ve made my call.”

“You aren’t going back out there just yet. As lovely as it is, you are not dressed for it!”

“What about your husband, won’t he mind your Christmas eve being interrupted?”

I smiled. “There’s no husband. I live alone. And it will be good to have a little company. It doesn’t look like I will be going out anywhere.”

“Where were you going?”

“Oh just visiting my parents and meeting up with the rest of the family. Depending on how it went I might have stayed the night with them. Still, its beautiful here now that we have snow.”

Her eyes cut into me again. I have never seen eyes that colour before. I hadn’t noticed and neither had she but my hands were still on hers. I had stopped the massaging and was now lightly stroking her soft skin. I could feel it warming up in my palms. She smiled and parted her lips. “That feels good, my hands are warming up.”

I slowly took my hands from hers and placed them around my mug of tea. “Come with me, its warmer in the living room… and the phone is in here too.” She took her mug and followed me into the adjoining room. “Are you hungry?”

I looked over at Alex and she was looking around the room. “I hate to be a bother, but I am a little hungry. You’ve decorated it wonderfully Chrissy. I love the co-ordinated look but I can never quite manage it and I end up with an array of colours on my tree and everywhere else.” She sat down on the long sofa, her eyes following the silver tinsel as it sat neatly around the edge of the walls where they meet the ceiling. A frosted garland draped over the mantelpiece with static white lights entwined through it. The tree stood about eight feet high and sat proudly in the bay window. Clear lights twinkled through the frosted lilac baubles. She placed her mug on the coffee table. “Did you do all this by yourself?

“Yes I did. I love Christmas. I decorate nearly every room.” I leant down and picked up the firelighters. “I’ll get this going then I’ll do us something to eat. The phone is just behind you.”

“Thanks, I’ll call my sister in a minute.”

I lit the firelighters and soon the crackling of the dry logs could be heard. “You can’t beat an open fire!”

She smiled at me with a look of warmth and friendliness. She was stunning, a little taller than me, and maybe a little thinner. I would also say she was a little younger than me. Her bust was smaller than mine, but she had a definite handful! “I’ll just call my sister, her husband will help me out.”

“I’ll go get us something to eat.”

She lifted the receiver as I turned toward the kitchen. “The phones dead… no ring tone… or anything!”

I couldn’t help but raise a little grin and my belly somersaulted. “I take it neither of us are going anywhere then. Good thing I have plenty of food in. Won’t be turkey for us though… more like pizza or something. That ok with you?”

“Chrissy I can’t intrude on your Christmas.”

“Sure you can, I’d love for you to stay. But there’s a drawback.”

Alex looked a little worried. “What drawback?”

“You will have to put up with Christmas music and as we are home, you will have to help me decorate the outside of the house. I wasn’t gonna do it but as we are snowed in, the lights on the tree outside will look beautiful. You will help right?”

“I would love to… but I have no clothes… or anything!”

“Well, I guess you are a tad smaller than me, so any of my clothes will fit you. If you don’t mind wearing my gear that is?”

“Not at all… I would love to spend Christmas with you.”

“Well I will just get you some clothes to change into and while you take a shower I will do breakfast… how does a full English sound?”

“That sounds delicious.”

I made my way upstairs and found some comfortable clothes for Alex, a pair of navy leisure trousers and a cream sweatshirt with a logo on it and now for the underwear, something simple… a black pair of bikini knickers and a bra top. I know damn well she won’t fill out my bras but the bra top will do. I laid the clothes on the spare bed in the guest room then went into the bathroom and began to run the shower for her. I draped a huge jumbo size towel over the radiator and hung a bathrobe over the door.

I skipped downstairs and stood in the doorway, looking at Alex. She was leaning back against the sofa. Her eyes were closed. She looked so sexy sitting there. I pondered at the thought that maybe she was married, or was she single. Who would ever kick her out of bed? I know damn well I wouldn’t. I couldn’t help but stand and stare at her. Her long dark hair framed her face perfectly. It was lightly curled, like you had twisted it around your finger.

The fire suddenly crackled and startled both of us. Alex spoke first. “I think I must have dozed off. It feels so comfortable and warm.”

“Your shower is running and I left you some clothes in the guest room on the bed. I hope they are ok.”

“Oh thanks… where is the guest room?”

“Up the stairs, first door on the left. The bathroom is the next door on the left. I’ll start breakfast!”

Alex went upstairs and took her shower as I began to cook breakfast. As the sausages cooked I pulled out the table by the window in the sitting room that looked out to the back garden. I made fresh tea and put the orange juice on the table then went back to the kitchen. The smell of fried eggs, bacon and sausages wafted through the house. I had just put the food on the plates when Alex strolled into the kitchen. I looked at her and nearly dropped the plate. She smiled at me and took it and went to sit herself down at the kitchen table. “I thought we’d sit in the living room and watch the snow. It’s just started to fall again.”

“Ok… that sounds wonderful.”

“Let’s eat, we have a busy day!”

Over breakfast we learned a lot about each other. Alex was single and had been for a while. She was engaged a few years back but called it off. She never knew why, she just said it was a gut feeling and that was that. No explanation or anything. She appeared to be a tough cookie but there was a sensitive side to her. When she talked about personal things her beautiful eyes glazed over. I reached over and placed my hand on hers, my thumb falling between hers and her index finger. I lightly stroked her and she tenderly squeezed my thumb. Her sea-green eyes smiled at me and she released her grip on my thumb. I slowly edged my hand away and stood up to clear the table.

Alex followed me and we placed the plates and cups on the worktop. She was standing close to me and I could smell my soap lingering in the air and when she turned her head I could smell the fragrance from my shampoo. She stepped closer and put her hand on my shoulder. I looked into her eyes and watched her move closely into me. It felt like it was slow motion and I couldn’t do anything about it. I froze. She kissed me softly, our tender lips brushing against each other. A bolt of electricity passed through. She must have felt it too. I parted my lips and took her top lip into my mouth. I sucked it between my lips and tenderly released it. I did the same to her lower lip. I felt her softly moan and I reluctantly pulled away.

I brushed her twisting curls from her face. “Why did you kiss me?”

“To say thanks for your invitation and for the scrumptious breakfast.”

She took a step back. After that kiss I can’t let her go. I placed my fingers just under her sweatshirt and pulled on the waistband of her trousers. I pulled her towards me. “You felt it didn’t you? The kiss. There was more to it than a thank you.” I looked deep into her eyes. This time it was my blue eyes that held her stare. “Tell me you felt it Alex or we’ll just forget it happened.” She looked down, not wanting to look at me. My heart skipped a beat and my stomach started to churn. Had I read it wrong? Have I just made a terrible mistake, turning a simple kiss into something more? My finger whispered along her cheek. “Alex, tell me?”

“I felt it Chrissy, it was electric. I have never kissed a woman before. My intention was to just kiss you on the cheek, but, when I stood here, opposite you, I wanted your lips.” Her eyes glazed over again and a tear crept out and slowly made its way down her cheek. I pulled her into me and held her face in my palms. I softly kissed the tip of her nose. I kissed her cheek then a little higher. I placed my lips on the path of her tear and tasted its saltiness as it hit my taste buds.

“Promise me you will stay for Christmas even if the phone lines get fixed.”

“I promise.” She smiled.

My lips returned to hers, softly at first. Tasting each other, feeling each other’s moist tongues twirl around in our mouths. My arm reached around her and I pulled her into me. Her hands were now in my hair and her long nails scraped the bottom of my neck. I moaned into her. Our mouths now opened and closed with a new urgency. She flicked the tip of her tongue along my lip and I sucked it in. My fingers crept up inside the cream sweatshirt and I felt the curve of her breasts. They were bigger than what I thought. My hand trailed down her stomach. Oh god, she was perfect. She had a taut stomach, so flat… so unlike mine. My fingers glided back up and fondled her breasts through the bra top.

She grabbed my hair and turned my head to the side. Her probing tongue flicked my neck, all the way down my throat and she kissed me in the sensitive dip at the base. Her kisses moved back up and she brushed them on my ear. She gently nibbled it and I felt her hot breath on my skin. I softly spoke with an edge of breathlessness. “Alex… I. “ Her tongue edged inside my ear. Lightly licking it, swirling her tongue in and around it. “Mmm, I want you Alex.”

She pulled her tongue away and purred into me. “You can have me.” I turned to face her and with both hands I tugged at her trousers and pulled them down to her ankles. The knickers quickly followed. I grabbed at her waist and lifted her on to the worktop. “Oh god, Chrissy what are you doing?”

“You said I can have you…so I’m having you, here and now!” I gently but firmly spread her knees and I teasingly licked the inside of her thighs. Her hands immediately grappled with my hair as I moved closer to her pussy. Her scent was intoxicating, heightening my arousal to the highest level. It passed through my nose and down my throat. I could taste her even though my lips and tongue hadn’t yet crept between her swollen lips. As I kissed her thighs I could see her full pink lips glistening with her juices. I looked up at her beautiful face and when her gorgeous eyes met mine I made direct contact with her clit.

“Ohhh god…” She cried out as she leant back against the wall. She opened her legs wider and higher. Her pussy was open, begging me to lick every orifice my tongue could find, and god I was going to search. I flicked the tip of my tongue on the underside of her full lips. I moved further along, flicking it faster and harder. I could hear her breathing become heavier and every inhaled breath carried a moan on it. I swirled my tongue over and under her lips. I hungrily devoured her pussy and moved to the delicacy at the tip of my tongue. I licked and sucked it into my mouth. Her hands in my hair were now guiding me. She pulled on my head and tugged at my hair. My tongue lay hard and flat on her clit and I began to grunt and groan as she ground herself on my tongue. “Oh god, oh god… yes Chrissy… baby don’t stop… I’m cumming… god yesss!” She jolted into me. “Ohh yess.” Another jolt. “Ooohhhh god yessssss!”

I lifted myself up, smiling at her. “Kiss me, taste yourself on me…” She bent forward slightly and hesitantly placed her lips on mine. Her tongue crept out and licked my lips. She licked my nose and my cheeks. She kissed my eyelids. Short sharp kisses covered my face closely followed by short moist licks.

“Mmm, I have never cum so hard in all my life. That was something else.”

“No baby, you were something else.” I kissed her then gently lifted her off the worktop. I got on my knees and pulled up her knickers and trousers. “We have work to do, it will be dark in a couple of hours.”

“But what about you?” You haven’t cum!”

“All in good time hun. We have the rest of today and tomorrow. And maybe even Boxing day.”

I grabbed my boots and a spare pair and gave them to Alex. From the top of the airing cupboard I grabbed two pairs of thick socks. I rolled up a pair up and hurled them at Alex. “Duck…” I shouted. She didn’t do it in time and got hit by the socks. “You will have to be quicker than that baby.” I jested at her.

“We’ll see.” She giggled as she unravelled the socks and began to ease her toes into them.

I took a fleece jacket from the hanger above the back door and handed it to Alex. “It will be a bit big for you, but it’ll do.” I then took my jacket and we both made our way down to the shed. I removed the ladder from the hooks and gave it to Alex. She waited as I grabbed the big box of lights from the shelf. “Come on then… if we get time we’ll do the hedges out the back too!”

“You really love all this don’t you?” She smiled.

“How did you guess?”

We made our way to the front of the house, passing the snowy hedge as it led to the wooden gate. “It’s really beautiful here Chrissy, I could quite easily fall in love with it.” She looked at me and raised an eyebrow. Her piercing eyes pulled me closer to her and I placed my lips on hers. Our eyes never closed, looking deep into each other’s souls. I could see faint ice blue lines spurring out from the pupils. I could feel her warmth and tenderness oozing through her gaze and her soft kiss.

I slowly pulled away and led us down the path. I took the ladder from her and leant it against the tree. It stood about twenty foot high and had thick sturdy branches. We then walked towards the kitchen window that was slightly open. Alex opened the box of lights and took the plug out and reached up towards the window. “When you see the plug fall below the window you won’t need to push anymore through.” Alex fed the cable through the window, watching intently as the plug descended. “Now it’s the fun part… come on baby!”

“Snowball fight…” Alex shouted and before I could turn away she threw a large ball of snow at me. It thudded as it hit my shoulder and broke up into a trillion crystals. “You have to be quicker than that.” She laughed.

I ran towards her giggling and scooped up a handful of snow. “I’ll get you back my little snow angel…” She stood there laughing as I bound into her, knocking her over, patting the snow on her head and ruffling it through her hair. I was now on top of her and I began to lick the snowflakes off her cheeks, forehead and her nose. She moaned as my tongue met her lips and again we kissed with intensity. Surrounded by snow but all I felt was warmth.

“Chrissy, this isn’t helping to get the lights up.” Her eyes twinkled and she looked up towards the guttering. “You know they would make great murder weapons!”

I giggled at her. “Yes I know they would… let’s get up before we both get murdered!”

I got up and gave her my hand to hold. “No wait… I want to do something that I’ve never done before.” Before I could say anything she began to move her arms and legs back and forth. “Now I really am your snow angel.”

I offered my hand again and this time she took it. “Indeed you are baby.”

We carefully unravelled the cable and wrapped the spare wire around the trunk of the tree until the first bulb could sit on the lower branch. I placed the ladder against one of the sturdy branches while Alex passed me the lights. I twisted the lights around the branches. I climbed a little higher up the ladder and stepped off it onto a thick branch. From there I was able to wrap and curl the lights around each branch. She let go of the final bulb and I curled it around and between two thin branches. I stepped back on the ladder and slowly made my way down. “That’s it baby… now do you want to switch them on or shall I?”

“Oh Chrissy can we wait until it gets a little darker. It would look so much better.” Her cheeks radiated and her smile was beautiful. “I know why you get so excited about it now. I have never put lights on the outside of my house. It’s going to look beautiful.”

“Yes it is… do you want to decorate the hedges and trees out the back?”

Her eyes opened wide and she broadly smiled. “Can we? Do you mind?”

“I don’t mind at all, … and later it will look beautiful no matter what window we look through.”

Her gaze caught me again and she pointed at her eyes. “And what about my windows that I’m looking through now. I can see beauty already.” She leant into me and ran her finger down my cheek. “I’m so glad I’m here.”

“I’m …” She interrupted me with her warm tongue on my lips and gently parted them. Her warmth spread through me, melting the barrier around my heart. I pulled back, wanting to say something but afraid to do so. Other words stumbled out between what I really wanted to say. “We have… about half an hour of light left I guess. We better hurry!” Alex stood and looked at me blankly. “What’s up?” I whispered.

“Oh nothing, I thought you were gonna say something else… let’s get these lights up. I can’t wait to see how it looks.” Alex turned and walked quickly ahead carrying the empty box while I trudged behind her, holding the ladder. I hooked it back up in the shed as she spoke to me. “Don’t we need that?” I looked at her but she wouldn’t look my way. She turned and went to walk out, but stopped as she heard my voice.

“We don’t need this for the trees. As you can see they aren’t that tall.” I grabbed two boxes off the shelf and we both walked towards the porch at the back of the house. “There’s two sockets just inside, if we feed them through the small window we can plug them in down there.” Alex took the plugs and slipped them through the window. She opened the door and located the sockets just inside the door.

She plugged them in then trudged through the blanket of snow to where I began to guide the lights through the hedging. “Can I do the other side?” She gave the look of innocence, like a child asking.

“Yeah sure, when you get to that furthest post, cut across the garden and weave them through the trees. I leant in and tenderly kissed her cold red nose. “If it’s foggy tonight, Father Christmas will have to make do… I’m not letting you go Rudolph.” She giggled and I was pleased. The tension from a few minutes ago had dissipated. “I’ll race you to the trees…”

One by one we both hooked up the string of white lights through the hedging. I noticed Alex a little way ahead of me and decided I would slow her down a little. I packed a snowball in my palms and rested it on the hedge. I repeated it until I had six snowballs lined up. I shouted “Alex…” She turned around and I threw them one after the other.

She screamed at me. “Stop… that’s not fair. You bloody wait…”

“Yeah yeah…” I carried on quickly as she brushed the snow from her clothes. “I’m beating you, I’m gonna get there first.”

“Ohhh I will get you back,” she teased.

The light was fading fast and as we neared the centre of the trees the temperature appeared to plummet. “I better get some more logs ready, that’s gonna be freezing later. Can you finish my lights off?” Alex smiled and nodded at me as I turned and sunk into the snow and walked to the log store on the left of the wall. I lifted the lid and pulled out some logs. As I bent over I heard Alex behind me. “You finished the lights baby?”

“Yeah…” I felt her fingers caress my bum. I moaned and pushed further back. “Ohh you like that yeah?” I moaned again into the log store. I felt her fingers slide between my thighs. “It’s warm down there baby… have you been having nice hot thoughts… or have you been having ice cold thoughts?” I was just going to answer her when I felt her hand reach up under my jacket and under my jumper. I screamed as she squashed a handful of snow into my back. I jumped up and dropped some logs on the ground and they rolled between our feet.

“God, you little bitch… shit, that was cold.”

“I told you I’d get you back didn’t I?”

“Ok, we’re even now… no more.” After the initial shock I began to laugh. “It’s dark enough now, we can put the lights on.” Alex jumped up and clapped her hands in the air. I put my arm through hers and we walked to the porch. “You wait out here… I’ll switch them on.” As I passed in front of her I tapped my finger on her nose. “Is that ok Rudolph?” She smiled that heavenly smile. I crept inside the porch and flicked the switches. The only indication I had that the lights were on was the gasp coming from Alex.

“Ohh god, look… it’s… it’s so beautiful, enchanting even.” I stood behind her and rested my head on her shoulder and wrapped my arms around her. She lifted her arms and caressed my damp hair. “Chrissy, thank you for letting me stay.”

I kissed her ear and whispered. “No problem baby. I’m glad I asked you. Come on, let’s get these logs inside and we can switch on the lights out the front.”

We both picked up an armful each and placed them just inside the back door. I shut the door and we walked hand in hand, pass the hedge and through the gate. We headed straight for the front door and stood in the doorway. I knelt down and flicked the switch.

“Ohh… wow… all the colours. Look how it appears on the snow. It’s like…”

Simultaneously again we spoke. “The northern lights.”

“Yes Chrissy, it’s so romantic.” Alex began to walk towards the brightly coloured tree. “Come with me… hold me under our northern lights.” I skipped through the snow and held her tightly. “Kiss me Chrissy…” I planted my lips directly on hers as my arms again wrapped around her body. Her hands came up and held on to my head. Her fingers twisted in my hair and she pulled me in closer, our lips touched. She devoured me, ravished me under the lights. I was moaning into her and she was gasping between each breath. “I want you…” Her lips now on my neck were gently nibbling on my soft skin.

I felt her fingers move lower down my arms, onto my lower back and along the waist of my jeans. She spun me round and my back was up against the trunk of the tree. I felt my jeans become loose and her cold fingers edged inside. Her other hand tugged at my zip and when it was lowered her fingers came back up to my face. “I have wanted you since that first kiss.” She kissed me hard and bit along my lips. I gasped as her icy fingers slid inside my knickers, the coldness against my warm moist crevice. “Mmm, baby, you are soaked.” With two fingers she rubbed me and slid inside my pussy. I shrieked at the contact and after a minute or two I began to shake. “Are you that close?” I nodded and her fingers retreated from my pussy and flicked my clit.

“Ohhh shit…don’t stop…” My legs began to buckle and my arms reached up, holding on to the branch above. The snow fell off the branches and sprinkled us in whiteness and it glistened a thousand colours as it fell on her face and in her hair. I rocked back and forth on her fingers. “Uhhh… ohhhh… ohh god. Alex, make me cum.” Her fingers were relentless. They strummed on my clit, getting faster and faster. I could feel it building. The tingling and numbness crept up my thighs. Inside, my body clenched. Every muscle tightened. “Ohh baby, yes… yeah.” My knees began to fall again. “Harder… do it harder.” I panted.

She pressed hard into my clit and frantically rubbed. “Ohh god yeah… ohhhhhh goddddd.” I couldn’t say anymore, I mumbled. “Mmmm.” She kissed me hard as I came, ravishing me. Feeling my orgasm rip through every nerve in my body. I felt my clit throb against her fingers. They lightly rubbed against my quivering flesh until the pulsing subsided. Her kisses became less urgent and she licked along my lips. My breathing slowly recovered as I looked at her smiling at me. The reflection of the coloured lights twinkled in her eyes and I was speechless.

She whispered on my lips. “I think we better get inside, don’t you?” I nodded and placed my hands in hers. “Shall I make the tea while you do the fire?” I smiled and kissed her cheek. We walked to the house and removed our boots and jackets. Alex looked towards the fireplace. “The fire is nearly out… will it take long to build back up?”

I lifted some logs from the kitchen floor and carried them to the hearth. “It won’t take long baby… you gonna make some tea and I’ll do us some soup shortly.”

By the time Alex had made the tea the fire was roaring again. It crackled loudly as we sat at the table. The living room had a warm glow to it and the Christmas tree finished the ambience completely. I took her hand in mine and looked out into the beautifully lit garden. “We did a good job out there today. Thank you… for everything!” I squeezed her hand just before she pulled it away and lifted it to my cheek. She brushed the back of her hand down it and I leant into it. I bought my hand up to hold hers against my face. “You hungry?”

She shook her head slowly and whispered, “no.”

I stood up and took her hand. “Shall we move to the sofa?” She followed me and sat in the same place as she did earlier on in the day. It seemed like so long ago. She sunk into it letting the cushioning surround her, hugging her. I settled beside her, fidgeting, trying to get comfortable.

“Why don’t you lay down and put your head on my lap.”

“Do you mind?”

“Course not.” She whispered as she patted her thigh. I rested my head on her leg and watched the flames dancing as Alex ran her fingers through my hair. Her touch was soft and delicate. My fingers were tracing swirling patterns, over her knee and down her calf. Her other hand dropped from the back of the sofa to my arm. She stroked it lightly. As time went on her fingers edged closer to my breasts. They crept over my heavy mounds and toyed with my nipples.

“That feels good…”

“I have never felt another woman’s tits before. It does feel damn good.”

I bought my hand to my breast and covered her hand. I pressed it into me. Squashing my breast with our hands. Minutes passed and her hand pulled away and her fingers stopped their twirling in my hair. “You ok Alex?”

“Yeah… can I ask you something?”

“Sure, go for it!”

“How many women have you been intimate with? I mean you are obviously experienced after what happened on the worktop earlier.”

“Truthfully, only two, the last one being about nine months ago!”

“Chrissy, look at me!” I turned to face her and she leant down and kissed me tenderly. “Will you make love to me? You know, really make love to me.” She looked deep into my eyes. I could see the flames flickering in them. “Can you do that to me?” I smiled at her and lifted my head. I kissed her, edging my tongue out along her full lips. God they are so kissable.

“Wait here baby, ok…” I eased myself from her and went upstairs to my bedroom. I opened the bottom drawer and took out the harness and the dildo. I hadn’t used it in a while. I began to panic, thinking maybe this was not what she expected at all. I sat on my bed, contemplating as to whether this was the right thing to do or not. After a few minutes I decided to take my chance then made my way down the stairs.

I had just walked through the doorway and was entranced by what I saw. I stood dead in my tracks and stared at her beauty. Alex was naked, standing with her back to me. The flames of the fire flickered on her taut skin. The glow of the flames silhouetted her body. She began to turn slowly and I stepped back and stared at her through the thin gap in the door. Her breasts fell as she bent over and pulled the fleece blanket from the chair near the Christmas tree. She turned again and placed the blanket on the floor in front of the hearth. She stood and reached for the large cushions and scattered them on the blanket.

She walked around the room blowing out the candles. The only light in the living room now was the orange and red glow emanating from the fire and the soft white lights from the Christmas tree. My breathing had slowed and I inhaled a deep breath as she walked towards me. God, please don’t catch me spying on you. It could ruin everything. Just as I was about to show myself to her, she veered off and went to the chair near the window that faced the back garden. I breathed out then heard her talk softly. “This is so beautiful…” She lifted the throw from the back of the chair and began to walk away from me. As my eyes drank in her beauty I noticed a tattoo on the base of her back, just above the crevice between her cheeks. She dropped the throw on the floor and sexily lifted her arms and ruffled her hair. She lowered herself and she pulled the throw over her.

I casually walked in the living room. “You look comfortable down there… are you naked under that blanket?” She looked up and smiled. No words were needed as she peeled away the throw, showing me her breasts. “I guess that answers my question.” We giggled as I placed the harness and dildo on the sofa. “This is what you meant yeah… making love to you!” Her nod was all I needed to push my doubts aside. I quickly undressed. I couldn’t wait to be near her. “I hope its warm in there. It’s freezing upstairs.”

She possessed a wicked grin and flirtatiously spoke. “I’m sure we can generate our own heat… now get yourself in here!”

I wasted no time in pulling back the throw and sliding myself in next to her. My hand swept over her belly. I caressed her soft skin, stroking circles around her belly button. From where we were laying we could see the coloured lights from tree outside. It did look beautiful. I leant into her face and kissed her tenderly. She let out a moan as I parted her lips. I kissed her top lip, followed by the bottom. As I kissed her, my hands crept up and fondled her breasts. I alternated between each one, lovingly stroking and gently twisting the nipples as she lightly gasped in my mouth. I pulled away and kissed her cheek, ear and her neck. My tongue found its way between her breasts and swirled itself in moist circles over her firm mounds.

She sighed and moaned as I took her nipple into my mouth. I gently tugged it with my teeth and she arched her back, feeding me her breast even more. I sucked on it and flicked my tongue over it. Her hands were playing in my hair, getting rougher by the minute. I didn’t want this to be hurried or rough, I wanted to give her what she wanted so I eased the pressure of my caresses and softly began to kiss her. Her playfulness in my hair receded to lightly stroking my curls. I kissed her again and brushed strands of hair from her face. She parted her lips and her voice was barely audible. “Make love to me Chrissy.”

“I would love to.” I whispered. “Are you sure though? We don’t have to.”

“I’ve never been so sure about anything.” Her eyes twinkled. Numerous colours reflected in them, they merged together like the northern lights. “This is so special, laying here. The fire, the lights… you!” I kissed her. I had to. At that point I was ready to cry my heart out, overjoyed at having this beautiful woman in my arms.

I reached above her and took the harness and the dildo from the sofa and knelt between her legs. Her look was that of bewitchment. She watched intently as I fastened the straps around my thighs and hips. She giggled a little as I positioned the dildo and tightened the straps. I bent forward and lowered my lips to her knees. I kissed and licked them, working my way to her inner thighs. I looked up at her and her eyes tell a variety of feelings, nerves, excitement and maybe a hint of fear. We smiled at each other and I lowered my face to her pussy. I flattened my tongue and licked it with long strokes. She moaned with every lick. She felt like velvet on my tongue. I gently teased her clit and she grabbed my hair. “Don’t tease me, please… I need you!”

I grinned at her and shuffled between her thighs. I kissed her belly then her breasts. I lowered my bum down and guided the dildo into her pussy. She gasped as I entered her, moaning as I edged it in a little further. She spread her legs wide and lifted them higher, inviting me to go in further. I pressed my hips onto her and was now all the way in. I kissed and held her close to me as I made love to her. A rhythm was building and she was breathing heavily into my mouth as we kissed. Our breasts became one as they squashed together, our nipples rubbing. Her hands squeezed into my back, pulling me to her. I felt her hips rise to meet mine. I gasped as I felt her nails dig into my skin. “Ohh Alex, I love that…” I was getting breathless. We were coated in beads of sweat. I licked up her cheek and over her forehead. My hips pulled back and forth and her moans surrounded my ears and echoed right through me.

“Oh Chrissy, it feels so…” She couldn’t finish her words as I steadied the pace. Her moans were becoming deeper. “Don’t… uhhh…. stop.” I lifted myself up a little and lowered my mouth to surround her nipple. Again she arched her back, giving herself to me. Her breathing began to quicken and incoherent words oozed from her. I moved my hand between us and my finger gently rubbed her clit causing her to shriek and buck her hips into me. “Ohh god….” My finger flicked her clit harder as I moved a little faster in her pussy. “Chrissy… I’m gonna ex…plode… Ohhhhhh godddd… yes… yesssss.” I slowed down the pace, watching her writhe beneath me. I could feel her whole body trembling against me.

Her eyes glazed over and a tear fell from each one. I softly kissed her cheeks and licked her salty tears. “Baby, are you ok?” She nodded and smiled. I smiled too and eased myself out of her. “You looked gorgeous as you were cumming. I couldn’t take my eyes off you.”

She kissed me tenderly and softly spoke. “I don’t ever want to leave you.”

She had captured me and warmth spread throughout my body, evaporating my already weakened barriers. “Then don’t leave…” She held me tightly against her, my cheek against her breast. Our breathing slowed and our eyes closed as we drifted off in the glow of our northern lights and to the sound of the crackling fire.

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