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The Assassin

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My life is very simple. Clients want someone dead, they pay me, I make the person dead. I would like to tell you I have a code of honor. I would like to tell you I don’t kill women or children, but I am not a liar. I have killed women and would have no moral problem with killing a child. The subject has never come up.

My work is done through a broker. We have never met and we never will. I get all my information through an encrypted website. I have the best electronic countermeasures in place to insure that my connection to this website cannot be traced. I check this site daily and get the information on targets as they become available. When I am working my life moves smoothly. It is the down time that is maddening. I could pass for any average forty year old man. I try to dress, act, and do everything in a completely nondescript manner. I am just a ghost in a crowd.

I have a loft apartment in the industrial part of town. I paid cash for it via a false identity and none of it can be traced to me on paper. The loft is divided into two parts. The outside area is the part that anyone who visits me would see. The only visitors I have had in years are call girls. I get them via an agency known for its discretion and for supplying women to men with tastes that normal girls would not be able satisfy.

The inner area of my space is where I really live. The outer part is simply a shell. A front if you will. I don’t even sleep in the bed that is in the front part of the loft. I only fuck in it. The shower in the bathroom in the front is only used by the whores after I have used them. The inner area has everything I need. A bed that I use for sleeping is off in the corner. This area is completely open save for the range area. I have an enclosed range that is completely sound proofed. You could set off a nuke in that area and no one would hear the band. Beside the range is the armory where I store all of my weapons. Everything you could ever need for any situation is here. Next to the armory is my dojo area. I use this area to work out and stay in shape. I have studied martial arts of all kind as a younger man and I use this area to practice and stay in tune. There is a kitchen area that is on the back of fake apartment out front. I have a full bathroom with a dry sauna and an area where I have a TV and my computer for keeping up on the information I need to do my job effectively.

My routine is like a well working clock. I am up at six am every day. I work out on the weights, work out in the dojo, and then I shower and eat breakfast. Food for me is fuel. I have a nutritionist who laid out a diet for me years ago that I have never deviated from. It puts nothing but healthy and well balanced nutrition into my system. I have hundreds of thousands of dollars in the weapons I use to kill. However, my body and my mind are the true weapons. I treat them as such.

Unless I have a job to do, I see a whore from The Emporium every Friday. For years I tried to just abstain but the urges for sex where distracting me from my job. Through my broker I found The Emporium. They are very expensive but the money is well spent. The girls come here knowing what will happen and know they will be well paid and well tipped for it. They don’t ask questions and they don’t cause problems.

I am a sexual dominant and a sexual sadist. I need to be in charge and the woman needs to feel pain for me to truly get off. It is very hard to find a person like this if you are the average Joe going to bars and trying to meet women in the laundromat. It can happen but it is rare and it is risky. Whores come to be abused and get paid. They don’t talk. If you work at The Emporium and you talk, you might get a visit from me in a completely different capacity. You don’t want that.

It is Friday night and I am sitting in the outer space of my loft. It is like being in another person’s home. It is a facade in every way. I even keep the kitchen stocked to look like I live there. To the casual observer it is a very nicely appointed one bedroom apartment. The bedroom is not normal though. The bed is a play thing. It has been designed for one purpose: to bind and abuse a woman. When I am not entertaining it appears to be a normal king sized bed. It is set up to where I can attach rails to it to make it a twisted version of a canopy bed. There are d-rings all over the rails, overhead and on the head board and foot board. It gives me the flexibility to bind a woman in many different ways.

It takes me about an hour to assemble the bed and get it ready. The girl will be here at eight pm sharp so at seven I start getting things ready. I dress in black slacks, a blood red silk shirt, a black tie, and a pair of black dress shoes. I am very adept at disguises. I have one that I use when the women are here. I keep my head shaved so I can attach wigs that look very realistic. My face is clean shaven for the same reason. I can wear many different beards to change my appearance. I have every shade of eye color available via contact lenses. I am a virtual chameleon.

For the girls I wear a black wig that comes straight back with hair gel for a slicked back appearance. My eyes are a cold steel blue naturally. For this get up they get a dark hazel. A black goatee completes the look. My agreement with The Emporium is very specific. The girls know when they come here what is expected of them and what they are to do. They are to come to the door come straight in without knocking. There is a coat rack in the corner of the living room area. They are to be dressed in a trench coat. Under the trench coat is to be white lingerie complete with garters and high heels. As she walks in the door she is to kneel before me in a very specific pose. Ass back on the balls of her feet, hands on her knees palms up. Back arched slightly to push her breasts out for me to inspect. Her legs are to be parted as far as she can. Our eyes are not to meet without permission. There is no touching me without permission. She is to do exactly what she is told to do. There is no safe word here. She knows everything that I will do to her and if she could not withstand it she would not be here.

It is ten minutes before eight and I am sitting in my leather chair. I have a glass of scotch in one hand and a cigar burning in the other. It has been two weeks since I have a had a whore. I had business last week and missed my appointment. I never deviate. If I have work, I wait another week. I have only waited two weeks once. The girl I got the following week got an extra-large tip because she really earned it.

At precisely eight o’clock the door opens. My tastes in women are very simple. I like them petite. Build is not important. I like them with large tits or small. I can work with either. Petite is the only thing I stress. The vision of a woman that walks in my door sends shivers up my back. She is five feet tall with red hair. One thing I specify is that I don’t like them to be made up heavily. Some black eye liner and some light red lipstick is enough. Her hair is cropped in a short bob style. They have to have some hair, enough for me to wrap my hands up in. Her face almost takes my breath away. She is lovely, they are all lovely. That is not the breath taking part. Her face brings back a memory from my past that causes my heart to skip a little bit. She could be Kira’s twin.

I was only eight years old the first time I saw Kira. Her family moved in to the house beside where my family lived in the old city I was raised in. Even at the age of eight I was deeply in love with Kira. She was angelic. Her face was perfect. She had skin that was the palest of pales. As a kid she she was all freckles. Her face was a dot to dot puzzle of the things. She got teased for her freckles but I always thought they were cute. We became fast friends. But as we got older though something changed in her. Around the age of thirteen she began to withdraw and become distant. I could not figure out what the problem was. As we got older into our teen years she started to become someone I didn’t know. She experimented with drugs and became very promiscuous. Her reputation was that if you wanted your dick sucked or if you wanted fucked, go see Kira. She couldn’t say no. At this age I was very introverted. Kira had been the only person I truly every talked to. Now I could not even talk to her. My father was a mean drunk. I became his favorite target in my teen years. I got tough fast.

I remember well the summer of my sixteenth year. It was a hot miserable summer, the kind of weather that flares the tempers of even calm people. I was laying in my bed sweating like a dog when I heard a tap on the window. Getting out of my bed I was surprised to see Kira outside of my window. I went to the window and threw up the sash. She had clearly been crying and was was bleeding out of her nose. I reached down and helped her up into the window. Without saying anything she hugged me deeply and began sobbing. I could tell that she really didn’t want to talk right now so I simply held her to me as she cried deeply. She must have cried for ten minutes before she raised her head from my chest to speak.

“I need your help Joseph. I am in hell and I need your help to get out.” Without even a thought I replied.

“I will help you in any way I can Kira. Just tell me what is wrong.”

Through sobs and more crying I finally found out what had turned my loving friend into the neighborhood whore. She had been raped early and often by her father. And to make matters worse on this night he told her that she was not even his. Her mother had cheated on him with someone at work and she was his daughter. Her mother had long since passed away. He told her the only reason he had kept her around was so he could make her life hell.

I was shocked. I had no idea anything like this could happen in my little corner of the world. I told Kira that I knew exactly what to do. We would wake my father up and he would help us. To my surprise this only caused Kira to sob harder. I will never forget when she looked up at me through those tearful eyes to tell me that my father had taken his turn with her while her dad had held her down. A rage that I could never imagine washed over me like a wave. I told Kira to stay put. I was going to deal with my father.

I was not a big kid. I was not into sports and much more preferred to stay in my room reading. I assumed in my youthful ignorance that my rage would carry me through. I was wrong. I woke my father up and confronted him about Kira. He simply laughed at me and called me a fool. Why would I want to defend a worthless whore?

The last thing I remember is attacking him. I woke up hours later in my bed with a black eye for my efforts. He had knocked me out and beat me while I was out. Kira was nowhere to be seen. As I got up from the room I could hear sirens. Looking out my bedroom window I could see that the police and the ambulance was at Kira’s house. I jumped out and put my clothes on to go see what was going on. As I got over to the house I could see them bringing out a body bag. Her piece of shit father was talking to the cops. I could ever hear them saying that Kira had slit her wrists in the bath tub and bled to death. He was playing it up like he could never know what would cause her to do such things.

Of course no one took the word of the shy dorky neighbor who everyone knew had a crush on the girl. Her father and my father got away with it all. I ran away the next day and never returned. I went to work for a mob guy where I learned how much people truly hurt each other. I learned to hurt people myself. I became an enforcer for the mob guys. I worked hard to turn my body into a weapon. I studied all kinds of firearms. I became proficient with edged weapons. I took Akido and Crav Maga. I became simply know as Machine. My name no longer had any meaning to me. I had various aliases that I used as I needed them.

Eventually the mob got busted and I went out on my own. I had a lot of contacts and got set up with the broker through a mob guy I knew I could trust; he was already in prison and wasn’t ratting anyone out.

A noise from the girl in the room smacks me back to reality. As she was told to do she was now spinning in front of me so I could check out the goods. She was petite and had very small breasts. Her ass was very well defined and looked amazing in the lacy white panties. As she spun I took in the sight. It was more like a lion looking at a gazelle then a man looking at a woman. As she slowly spun something interesting happened. Even though they knew what they were getting into, by this time most of the whores were scared, as I sat there looking at them like a buffet, fear would creep into their eyes. However, with this one something different happened. She seemed flushed in the face and her nipples were visibly erect. Though averting her gaze I could see no fear in her eyes. It was more like wonderment. I really think she was getting aroused.

A nod took her from the modeling to the submission pose. I had moved all of the furniture to the edges of the room except for the coffee table. At a glance from most people the coffee table was normal. Very heavy made but normal. It was heavy made for a very important reason. It is a stage. With an agile grace she climbed onto the block of wood and presented her self to me. Standing up I got close to inspect her. This one is different for sure. I could her breathing coming fast and shallow. I could see her nipples straining through her lacy bra. Reaching into my pocket I pulled out my Damascus steel dagger and with a very swift and practiced hand I cut the straps on her bra. This was new. She was not expecting this. As the cold edge of the blade came in contact with her skin, she gasped. But she never moved. Reaching a hold of it with my left hand and slicing it cleanly with my right hand, I removed the garment completely and tossed it to the corner.

Now in view her nipples were amazing. They are at least a half-inch long and painfully erect. Walking slowly around like I was looking over a purchase, I knew it was going to be a very long night for her. She was going to earn every cent she got tonight.

“Tell me your name please.”

“It is Elektra sir.”

Normally hearing an obvious working name would not bother me at all. However tonight for some reason it went through me like a shot.

“I don’t want your whore working name, tell me your real name now!”

This shocked her and she looked up at me. My eyes were alive with fire. She saw that and bit her lip. Averting her eyes back down to the floor she gasped again.

“My name is Stacey sir.”

“Thank you Stacey. This is how this is going to work tonight. When I ask you a question you will tell me the truth. You know what you are getting into by coming here, so you know how I am. Tonight will be different though. If you lie to me, I am going to punish you for real. Do you understand that Stacey? Do you get what I mean?”

“Yes sir, I do.”

“If you want to leave you can leave now. I will see that you are paid and you will still get a very generous tip for your time. However, if you stay you will do what I say when I say. I will be in charge completely. Not complying with my demands will earn you more punishment. There is no turning back once you agree to stay. I won’t do anything to permanently hurt you Stacey, but you will receive pain. I want you to take a couple minutes to think about it. I will return in a few minutes.”

Without another word I left the room. Going into the kitchen I opened up a bottle of water and gulped some down. What the fuck was I doing. I was breaking my routine. Why the hell did I ask her what her real name was? I had to gather my senses and calm down. The damage was already done. More than likely I was misreading her body and she would be scared shitless and leave. I was kind of hoping that she would. I calmed myself and went back into the living room.

Stacey was still in the inspection pose with her eyes on the floor. She had not moved. I could see that her breathing was still coming in short and deep. Her nipples had not shrunk at all. I calmly walked into the room and took a seat in my leather chair. I reached over and took a deep draw from the glass of scotch and re lit my cigar.

“So Stacey, what is it going to be? Would you like to leave and get paid, or do you want to stay? You do this of your own free will.”

“I want to stay sir, please let me stay.”

“You understand the deal right? You know what you are getting into?”

“Yes sir please, I need to be abused. I am so aroused right now I will do anything for you please.”

I am surprised that she has agreed to stay. She is getting paid whether she stays or not and that can only mean that she truly wants and needs to be abused like a whore. I am torn. Part of me is glad she is staying because I sincerely want to see her splayed and abused on my bed. But, another part of me is telling me to send her away. With the likeness to Kira, it is too close to my feelings. I am weak though and the common sense part of me loses the battle.

Standing up I walk into the other room and go to the closet of tools. Out of the closet I retrieve a collar with matching wrist and leg cuffs. As I return to the room I see she has not moved. She has held this pose for around twenty minutes or more. Her legs must be aching. It goes to show me that she is truly submitting to me.

“Please stand up and come over here.”

I can tell by how she is walking that her legs need stretched. The walk from the table to my chair should do it nicely for her.

“Kneel down here for me now Stacey.”

She complies, she has no choice but to do what she is told. I reach down and lock the collar and cuffs in place. I put my finger under her chin and pull her to a standing position. She knew instinctually what my finger on her chin meant. She was to follow me.

I lead her into the room where my bed is. Again there was an audible gasp as she saw the bed. I have to admit it is very imposing to see. I positioned her on the bed on her back. Attached to the d rings on the bed were some chains. I went about fastening her hand and leg cuffs in to the links to the chains. This puts her into a mild spread eagle position. Not too severe yet. I reach over on the side table and retrieve a blindfold that I have ready. As I lean forward to put the blindfold in place, she leans her head up allowing me access to her head easily.

“I am going to do things to you Stacey that no one has probably done. But I will not hurt you. I may cause your body come discomfort and possibly even some pain. But I will do nothing to you that causes any real damage. Do you understand and trust me Stacey?”

“Yes sir. I understand and I completely trust you. I don’t know why sir, but I would follow you anywhere and let you do whatever you wanted to me sir.”

With the blindfold in place she can’t see what I am doing. She has no idea what I am up to at all. So whatever I do will be a surprise to her.

Walking to the tool closet I select my first weapon for the assault on her senses. I will start light and build up to the harder things. Out of the closet I pull two things. On my right hand I attach a massage mitt. It is basically a glove made from a very fury fuzzy blanket. It brings all the nerves in the skin alive as it touches. On the left hand is a glove with small steel spikes on it. It is not sharp enough or big enough to hurt the skin. It just raises the nerves in a totally different way.

As I walk over to Stacey, I take the mitt with the fuzzy cloth on it and start at her feet. The softness of the cloth is at first very sensual, very soothing. I work it around her toes causing her to giggle slightly. Slowly I work up her legs. Moving to one knee and then switching to the other. As I get to her thighs I begin working with the spiked mitt on her legs. Slowly these sensations can cause sensory overload, especially once I focus on my target. I make my way to her pussy. By now she is very aroused. Her lips are engorged with blood and very puffed out. Her clitoris is beginning to peek out from under her hood. The soft mitt goes first to her pussy. Rubbing all around with a light almost wisp of a touch. This elicits a soft moan from her.

After several seconds her breathing begins to come very rapid and her hips are starting a slight rotation. I can see the moisture forming on her lips. Her pussy is opening like a blossoming flower. With abruptness I switch to the spiked mitt. The response is immediate and satisfying to me. Her gasp is like thunder it is so loud. Immediately there is a difference in her breathing. She is aroused but it is tinged with fear.

As the spikes drag across her peaking clit you can hear her clenching her teeth. She is trying to close her legs. The chains only allow her limited movement. I drag the spiked mitt from her puss up her torso to her mouth.

“Stick out your tongue Stacey.”

She complies.

“Can you taste yourself? Do you see how aroused you are at being tied up like this? It is only going to get worse. I am going to treat you like a whore and you are going to love it. I am going to fuck every hole you have and you will beg for more. I am going to cum on your face and in your ass. But I will not cum in your pussy. That is what I would do to someone who I cared for. You are a piece of meat, a tool for me to utilize to get off, nothing more.”

Her eyes are rolled back in her head and she is moaning more loudly now than she was when I was manipulating her pussy. This is what she wants to hear, what she needs to hear. She needs to be treated like a whore.

Leaving her to her thoughts for a moment I get off the bed and strip. My own arousal is very evident. My cock is fully erect slapped hard against my stomach. It stands at a full eight inches and is over two inches thick. The head is very big, slightly thicker than the girth of the shaft. I am amazed at how hard it is. It is painfully erect.

Climbing back on to the bed I position myself straddling her chest, I reach behind her head and position a pillow under her head. This brings her chin down towards her chest.

“Open your mouth now Stacey. I am going to feed you my cock. You will take it all. If you gag there will be repercussions.”

Reaching over to the side table I get a riding crop ready. Of course she is going to gag. She has no prayer of not gagging.

With the crop in hand I lay the head of my cock onto her lips. Just to tease her a bit. Instincts take over and her tongue slithers out to lick the head. I allow her this for my pleasure. She is very good with her tongue. She works it around the sensitive glands and even dips the tip of her tongue into the hole at the end. This coaxes some precum out of the hole which she laps up happily.

Slowly I start feeding her inches of my cock. At about half way she makes a guttural moan around my cock. A smile forms on my lips. Most of the whores make it about six inches before they start to gag. As I pass the three quarters mark I begin to worry. She shows no sign of gagging yet. I hold it at that mark and allow her to feel the girth of it. She is rotating her hips and moaning very loudly. She is a very skilled cock sucker. She has had cocks this far in her throat before.

The last couple inches are not gentle. With force they are shoved down her throat until her nose hits my pubic bone. I can feel her throat working on the cock. I can also feel her holding back her gag reflex. My dick is not going anywhere and the inevitable happens. She begins to gag around my mass. I allow her to suffer some long ten seconds or so then I withdraw to allow her to breathe.

“You did very well whore.”

“Thank you sir, I try to be pleasing.”

“You did gag though didn’t you slut?”

“Yes sir, I am sorry your cock is just too big for my mouth sir.”

Though she is blindfolded, you can almost feel the tears welling up in her eyes. I reach up and remove the blindfold. I am right, her eyes are pooled up and beginning to leak down her face. I reach down with my finger and catch one of her tears. Making sure that she sees me I bring my finger to my mouth and lick her tear off of it.

“It is ok Stacey. I will teach you to obey. You will receive the discipline you so terribly need.”

“Thank you sir.”

There is no fronting now. She is crying. I reach up and disconnect the chains from her hands. Reaching down I do the same for her feet. Beside the bed is a wedge shaped cushion. I grab it and turn her over to her stomach. Pulling up on her hips I position the pillow under her hips. Now the chains are reconnected but in a different manner. Her hands are threaded under the cushion to where they pull them down towards the bottom of the bed. Her ankles are refastened in the bottom chains with a little more slack. A new chain with a soft lined loop fastens to her knees pulling her knees up towards the head of the bed. The result is a twisted version of doggy style that leaves her ass completely at my mercy. The way she is positioned opens up her pussy totally. It is very uncomfortable but puts me in charge of her ass and pussy one hundred percent.

“Now Stacey, I want you to count the lashes and thank me for each one. Do you understand me whore?”

“Yes sir.”

She is whimpering now. Her voice is a strange concoction of fear and lust. She needs this but that does not change the fact that it scares her to receive it.

Grabbing the riding crop I raise it over my head. As it descends towards her ass there is a soft swoosh as it glides gently through the air. The sound is almost graceful, peaceful in a way. The noise made when the leather flap hits her ass could not be any more different. The crack resonates throughout the room, filling the whole space up with a sharp snap almost as if someone has fired a gun in the room.

Immediately her ass has a crimson square pop up. It was not a gently swat by any means.

“One sir, thank you.” You can hear the tears in her eyes. She is sobbing lightly.

Again like a missile the crop finds her other ass cheek the response is the same. A red angry mark appears on her beautiful white skin.

“Two sir, thank you.” The sobs are getting louder. I lean down and whisper in her ear.

“I would lie if I told you that I was not enjoying this. But, you need this don’t you? You need someone to guide you, to punish you? Tell me the truth!”

“No sir, I don’t need this. I do not need it!”

She has will power. That will only make breaking it that much more pleasurable. The blows continue one after the other. With precision I hit the same spot over and over, alternating between her ass cheeks till they are both fiery red. Each blow is counted and thanked as she is told. We are now up to ten total blows. That is five very hard shots to the same area of each ass cheek.

“I am not stopping until you beg me. Until you tell me how much you need this. Until you tell me that you are a whore who needs the guidance of a firm hand to point you in the right direction.”

She starts to speak but I snuff it out with very rapid blows to her ass. I am not even giving her a chance to count now. I loose count myself of how many shots land before she screams out.

“Oh please stop sir. I admit it. I need this, I need you. I need you to guide me and discipline me. Please sir I cant take anymore! Please, I beg of you stop!”

Coming back to earth I see the damage I have done. Each ass cheek has two very large welts on them, seeing them drives me further to blissful sexual rage. Positioning myself behind her I enter her pussy in one smooth motion. With a very deafening gasp she raises her head. I give her pussy a time to adapt to my cock. I am truly surprised how tight her pussy is. She is tiny but she accommodates my mass very well.

Slowly I pull out until just the head remains in her.

“Tell me Stacey, how does my cock feel?”

“It is so huge sir. It is like a hot poker in me. I can feel the heat radiating from it sir.”

“Tell me what you need whore. Tell me what you want more than anything in the world right now.”

“Oh my god sir. Please I need you to fuck me. Use me for your pleasure. Use my pussy, use my ass, use my whole being to please you sir. I need this, I want this more than breath itself sir.”

A smile creeps to my face. This is what I needed to hear. This is what I need more than breath. I needed her spirit broke. I needed her will gone. Slowly, deliberately, I inch my cock back in her till it is buried to the hilt once again. Leaning down I softly kiss the back of her neck. Holding my cock deep in her I trace my tongue across her collar bone to her shoulder. As she begins to coo and moan from the lavishing of my tongue, I bite her savagely on the shoulder. As a gasp of surprise comes from her mouth, I begin to fuck her with earnest.

She is nothing more than a hole, a warm wet place for my cock to get pleasure. With guttural animal like sound I begin to hammer into her, pummeling her pussy with viscous thrusts and hunches. The sounds that we are making are barely human. It is a symphony of groans, grunts and screams that come up from the bowels of us, recesses of our minds, bodies and souls that are primitive.

Sweat pours from our bodies as I continue to have my way with her body. Reaching under her I scoop up the copious amounts of juice that are running out of her body. Using my fingers I smear them all over her light brown rosebud. Slowing my thrusts I start to work one finger into her asshole. This causes her to push up against the restraints. She makes a noise not unlike a feral cat, growling her lust.

“Are you close to cumming Stacey?”

“Yes sir I am so close. Please sir, may I cum sir, I need to so badly.”

“You may only cum once my cock is fully buried in your bowels Stacey, is that clear?”

“I don’t think I can do it sir. I don’t think you can get it in my ass. I have never had a cock in my ass before sir, just fingers and tongues, never a cock. I fear you will split me in half sir.”

“Stacey, do you trust me?”

“Oh my god yes sir, more than I have ever trusted anyone sir.”

“Then I need you to listen and follow my instructions.”

With an audible plop I pull my cock from her pussy. It gapes open and slowly closes looking like it has been abused, and it has. Slowly I work my finger around in her ass. Her hips are dancing all over and she is uttering nonsense.

“Ok Stacey, now I am going to put two more fingers in your ass. I want you to relax and don’t fight me. As I push them into you I want you to try to push them out. As if you were trying to use the bathroom. Follow my instructions and this will work. Are you ready?”

“Yes sir I am ready.”

As I push my other two fingers in she does as I told her. As she tries to push out it actually opens the muscles of her anus and allow my fingers entry. Slowly all three fingers are buried in her ass.

“Oh fuck, Oh fuck, I can’t believe how easy they went in and how wonderful it feels sir.”

Slowly I start fucking her ass with my fingers. Soon she is meeting every thrust. Reaching to the side table I gather a scoop of lube in my other hand. The fingers went in ok but I think we are going to need some help for my cock. Pulling out my fingers elicits a dissatisfied grunt from her. I work the lube into her ass which is gaped slightly.

I reposition myself behind her and use my hands to open her cheeks. It almost seems impossible that the head of my cock will go into such a tiny tight little bud of an opening. I position the head right at the opening to where it is just laying there. I can feel her tensing up.

“Relax and breathe. I want you to do just the same thing as you did before. As I push in you try to push it out. Are you ready Stacey?”

“Yes sir, I am afraid sir.”

“Don’t be afraid just do what I told you to. I will go slowly I don’t wish to hurt you. I promise once the discomfort is gone you will enjoy it.”

I push slowly on her the gasket of her ass. As the head starts to work in she does her part and pushes out. With a pop the head clears her sphincter muscle. My cock head is in her ass. She is sweating profusely and her skin is clammy. She is breathing rapidly.

“Slow your breathing and calm down. Relax and let your body adjust to my dick.”

“Yes sir.”

She does as told and in a matter of seconds the vice like grip on my cock has loosened some. I slowly begin to feed her ass my steel hard dick. Her breathing is now very controlled and she is pushing out like I told her to. It is taking effort but she is doing great. I reach the halfway point and stop. Leaning down I whisper in her ear.

“Good girl, you are doing very good Stacey. You now have half of my cock in your ass.”

Reaching beneath her I remove the restraint of one of her hands.

“Now as a reward once my cock starts to actually fuck your ass, you may touch yourself. Only when you feel my cum explode in your ass may you cum yourself. Do you understand me Stacey?”

“Yes sir,thank you sir.”

Slowly I withdraw the four inches of cock,to where just the head is stuck in her ass. Feeding her inch by inch of cock, I work all eight inches deep in her bowels.

It feels as if my dick is sheathed in a hot almost jungle like sheath. The heat being given off by our bodies is immense. As I bury it to the hilt I give her a few seconds to adjust. She is learning. I can hear her controlling her breathing. She looks over her shoulder at me. Her face is pure lust, raw animal like lust that borders on rage. She looks me in the eyes and nods. Letting me know she is ready.

Starting out slowly I begin to piston into her ass. I want to take my time. I am close to orgasm and want to make it last as long as I can. Her ass feels amazing. It is the tightest warmest place I have ever been. Slowly I build up a head of steam. My peek is coming upon me quickly. She can sense it. She can feel it.

“Tell me how that feels Stacey.”

“It is amazing sir. I can feel every vein. Every pulse your cock makes in my ass. I can feel every inch moving in and out of my ass sir. It feels better than anything I have ever experienced sir. Please sir, fill my ass up with your cum. I want to feel your cock explode deep in my bowels sir. Please give me this honor. Let me be your whore and receive your seed in my ass.”

Her words are too much. To hear her begging me to release my cum in her ass puts me over the edge. With a maddening slow purposeful push, I begin my climax.

“Now Stacey, get yourself off. I want to feel you cum. I want to feel your ass clamp down on my cock as I blow my load deep in your bowels.”

With a slow building scream I explode. I feel rope after rope of thick white cum let loose into her. As I start to shoot she goes over the edge. Her fingers are working her clit like she is possessed. Our screams meld into one. Like a war cry we both go off. For what seems like an eternity we are held at blissful climax.

Slowly I come down. I am covered in sweat from head to toe. She is also soaked in her own essence. Leaning down I kiss her shoulder. She turns her mouth to me and I engulf her lips. She is half crying half shuddering. Pulling away from her mouth I remove all the restraints. My now deflating cock slips from her ass. I can hear the juices running from her ass. I remove the pillow and pull her up to a sitting position. I lay down on the pillow and she immediately wraps herself into me. Her head rests on my chest and she begins to almost purr.

Through all of this something amazing happens. We both fall asleep. Never in the years since I have been having whores come over from The Emporium has one of the girls slept here. I am not sure if it was because of exhaustion of that I felt so comfortable with Stacey, but it just felt right.

After sleeping for a few hours, I began to stir. Stacey was out like a light. I slip from under her and she remained snoring lightly. I get up and go into the bathroom. After relieving myself I begin to fill the tub with hot water. Adding a mixture of herbs I got from an Asian friend to the water. It is designed as a healing agent for the water. It will help Stacey’s ass which must surely be tender.

Slipping back into the bedroom, I am amazed again at how much she looks like Kira. Reaching down I brush a wisp of hair away from her face. This causes her to stir. She slowly opens her eyes and smiles at me. It is a strangely childlike smile. I reach down and gently kiss her on the lips. She kisses me back lightly. I am in way over my head and I know it. I have allowed myself a connection with this girl that I should not. Right now I don’t care about that.

I scoop her up out of the bed. As my hand brushes her ass she winces.

“I am sure your cheeks are sore.”

“Yes sir they hurt quite a bit.”

“Don’t worry, I am going to take care of that. Trust me.”

The smile on her face tells me all I need to know. She trusts me completely. As we enter the bathroom I reach down and shut off the water. The tub is full and there is a white film on top of the water. The smell from the herbs is not great, to say the least. She curls her nose up at the smell.

“It smells bad but it heals very well. I want you to soak in that hot water while I prepare a salve for your backside. I will be back in shortly to bathe you.”

I lower into the water. A gasping wince tells me that her ass hurts a lot.

“Is the water too hot?”

“No sir it is fine. The herbs are stinging a bit.”

“That is good. That means they are working.”

I leave her to soak in the tub and go to get the things to make the salve. It only takes me a few minutes to crush the herbs and mix it up. I have used it extensively over the years to help heal the wounds I have received in missions.

Returning to the bathroom I see Stacey is zoned out in the bathtub. The hot water when mixed with the herbs creates the most relaxing setting you could imagine.

I reach over and grab a sponge and soap it up. She leans up and sits. I slowly clean her body all over. A satisfied sigh leaves her lips.

“You could spoil a girl treating her like this you know?”

“I wish that were possible. But you can’t stay here. You don’t know me, you don’t know what I am capable of, what I do.”

“That does not matter to me. I know what you make me feel and how I make you feel.”

“I am sorry. I would love to see you again but I can’t promise you anything past that.”

I finish washing her and tell her to stand up. I carefully dry her body. Paying certain attention to her very welted ass cheeks. She steps out onto the towel that I have laid on the floor. I finish drying her legs and feet and scoop her up once again. I carry her into the bedroom and lay her gently on the bed. Turning her onto her stomach I sit beside her. Slowly and gently I work the salve into the welts. A sharp intake of breath tells me it is tender. As gently as I can I work the salve into her skin.

“You can take the rest of that with you. Put it on a couple of time a day and in a few days it will be a lot better.”

“Thank you.”

As she gets up to get dressed I go to the wall safe behind a picture. I take out five thousand dollars and put it in an envelope. As I return to the bedroom she is finishing dressing and putting her things in her bag. I hold out the envelope to her.

“I don’t want your money sir. If it’s all the same to you I will just be leaving. Thank you for the salve and for taking good care of me. It was very nice.”

“Please, take the money. I know you can use it and I have plenty. I am sorry I cannot be more for you than this. I truly am but you must believe me when I say it is for you own good.”

“Ok, thank you sir. Do you really want to see me again?”

“Yes. If I don’t have work I will see you Friday.”

She smiles at me and reaches up on her tip toes to kiss me lightly on the cheek. With a spin she quickly walks out the door.

My mind is a blur with thoughts. I should not even have her back here. I go through the secret door to my inner chambers. Into the den area I fix a large glass of scotch and light up an aptly named assassin cigar. For the first time in years I feel something. I feel lonely. It has never bothered me before being alone but as soon as Stacey left it crept in. I slowly enjoy the scotch as the cigar burns down. I lay the cigar into the ashtray and climb in bed. I have about three hours to sleep before the alarm goes off to start another day. I truly hope that I have something on the agenda for tomorrow because I am not sure I can stand to sit around here all day with my thoughts. I fear they will drive me mad.

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