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My Stylist

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My hair stylist is exactly the opposite of the usual gay or effeminate stereotype. He is every inch a man. Tall, well, built and an especially attractive red head. But, more than his physical attributes, it is his outrageously flirtatious manner that always makes me wet. The man just oozed sex from every pore. I had had some very shocking fantasies about him as a result.

However, I am a reserved person and could not imagine ANY of my fantasies actually becoming reality. Probably for that reason, I allow him liberties that I have never dreamed I would. For example, in his shop the clients are expected to change into one of an assortment of short kimonos either over your clothes or alone. In my case, I always take my top off and only wear the kimono as I am often having my hair dyed one color or another. Well, these kimonos have a tendency to slide open in the front exposing a grander view of my chest than I would ordinarily be comfortable with…sometimes even exposing a portion of my bra. I usually try to fix it as soon as I notice, but I think Jack often notices long before I do. On more than one occasion, he has commented on the color or style of my bra and brought an embarrassed flush to my face. I try to match his smoothness and sophistication, but Jack turns me into a gangly, awkward 14 yr. old all over again.

I see him often, at least once a month, and he always calls me “Sugar” which just undoes me… I do not flatter myself though that I am any different than his other clients with whom he flirts. Especially since I tend to act like such a goof around him. Although I am beautiful, I never think about it or feel like it. I grew up believing I was ugly and even a successful modeling career hasn’t changed my view of myself. I am 5’9″, 132lbs, long dancers legs, lightly freckled milky white skin, big green eyes, and a 34DD chest. My friends try to remind me that my looks alone scare the hell out of most men…but I still usually feel like the ugliest girl at the dance. Because of this, I try to take special pains with my appearance hoping to reassure myself, I suppose, but logically, it probably just makes the whole thing worse. Especially around Jack, I always plan my outfits carefully to try to catch his eye. I really doubt he notices and then I usually end up going on and on about some inanity or other. Not giving him any clue to my fantastic intellect as I chatter on like a Barbie doll.

Last month, I was planning trip to LA and I was very excited. Although, I didn’t grow up there I went to college there and have considered it home since. This summer I moved and was anxious to get back and see my friends. However, LA being LA, I couldn’t possibly go down there with anything less than perfect hair. I had left things to the last minute, a bad idea with a stylist as busy as Jack. I called him only two days before I was to leave and he said he was booked solid. I was in a panic; he reassured me that if anyone cancelled, he would let me know. That afternoon, to my surprise, he called to tell me that he could fit me in at 8pm the next evening. After thanking him profusely, I thought to myself how great it was that I was going to be able to get my hair done only the night before my flight the next morning. Having a new cut and fresh color always inflates my self-esteem a little.

Arriving the next night, I was daunted by the closed down look of the place. I knocked on the door tentatively, and to my huge relief, Jack came sauntering out from the back. “I almost left,” I said “the shop looks closed and I thought maybe you’d forgotten.”

“No way I could ever forget you, Sugar,” he said rakishly. I thought to myself “Come on, it’s a line. He’s in a people business and he is just charming a client.” Unable to say anything to him however, I just smiled. He then grabbed me in his customary hug of greeting while grabbing my butt and quickly kissed me on the lips. Feeling the usual fluster I feel when he does this, I was at a loss for words again. Being a very verbal person, losing my powers of speech annoys me. I used this annoyance to try to get a grip on my racing heart, but I thought to myself that at least I wasn’t chattering at him like a damn squirrel! Smiling, he took my hand, led me to his chair, and said, “So, what are we going to do tonight?” We discussed the options for a few minutes and came up with a plan. “Great!” he said, “Why don’t you go get changed while I mix the colors?”

I went to the changing room to take off my top and don one of the kimonos. It must have been an especially busy day at the shop because there were only two left out of the usual assortment of 30 or so and no belts to secure them with! I called out “Uh…Jack? There don’t seem to be any belts left to tie this thing with…”

“Don’t worry about it.” Came his reply, “It’s only you and me here.”

“Oh god,” I thought, “Now I’ll feel even more skittish than usual. Crap!” As I stood there trying to figure out how to handle this, his voice came from outside the curtain, “Are you ready, Sugar? Let’s get this started, or we’ll be here all night.” I couldn’t help the tiny smile that formed at the thought of all night with Jack, thinking naughty things, I simply said “Yep, coming!” Thank god, I was wearing one of my favorite lingerie sets, a black sheer bra with beautiful embroidery, and the matching thong. “Well if he’s going to see it at least it’s pretty!” I thought. Secretly, I had to admit to myself that I had put it on earlier with the faint hope that my robe might have one of those accidents and here I was without even a way to keep it closed! Trying very hard not to blush or grin like and idiot, I came out of the dressing room holding it closed with my right hand.

To my disappointment, he didn’t say anything provocative as I crossed to sit in his chair. He just smiled professionally and started dyeing my hair the copper red and blonde combination we’d agreed on. While he worked, we chatted about nothing in particular. I just concentrated on trying not to come off as completely vapid. It was very hard with all of that maleness right there next to me. He smelled sooo nice, very masculine, and terribly distracting. We got around to sex or my lack of it after awhile and he said “Maybe that’s why you’re so tense…you just need a good fuck!”

I was stunned into silence for a second and recovered my composure slightly by trying to act casual. I said, “Oh, I take care of myself just fine.” Hoping he would get my entendre.

He grinned that grin and looked me dead in the eye saying, “Sugar, NOTHING can replace a hot, hard cock in your pussy.” Now, I was completely lost. I could not say a thing. And after holding my eyes a second longer, he went back to my hair as casually as if he’d just told me it was raining. I just awkwardly sat there willing that horrible telltale flush out of my cheeks. Another couple of seconds later, he was done and took me over to the dryer to let the color develop. I was tremendously relieved to bury myself in a magazine for a while.

When my hair was good and cooked, he led me to the sink to wash out the excess dye. As usual, he gave me a terrific scalp massage while he was doing it. I closed my eyes and made tiny sounds of pleasure in the back of my throat. He stopped rubbing abruptly and I opened my eyes to the sight of his gloriously bulging crotch. My eyes flicked up to meet his as he said, “I didn’t know you liked it that much.” and resumed his sensuous massage. Closing my eyes again, I felt like purring. From the safety of my closed lids I replied, “I always sound like that when someone makes me feel good.” Although I told myself it was only wishful thinking, I hoped that I felt him jerk a little in surprise or appreciation as I said it. His fingers kept on making music on my scalp for much longer than the usual amount of time. I risked a peek from under my lowered lashes at his crotch again, and this time I was almost positive I detected a swelling that added to the already impressive size of his package.

He finally finished washing my hair. To my grim disappointment, when I opened my eyes this time, he was turned away from me and gestured in an off-hand manner for me to go back and sit in his chair. I sighed inwardly, chastised myself for having an over active imagination, and went to sit down. He came and stood behind me while roughly toweling my hair a little more. I didn’t realize it at first, but at some point I’d stopped holding the kimono shut and it was hanging more than halfway open. I could see most of my bra was exposed as I looked into the mirror. I shifted my focus to see that Jack was lasciviously appreciating my view. In a desperate attempt to compete in this game, I didn’t bother to close it again, just let him look. “Nice.” was all he said and grinned his wicked grin. Disappointed, I lost myself in ruminations about professional flirtations as he began to get down to the business of cutting my hair. It only needed a trim, so it didn’t take long at all. When he finished, Jack suggested that I get dressed again before he put the finishing touches on my style.

In the changing room, I stared into the mirror wondering what in hell was so wrong with me that I couldn’t get Jack to take me more seriously as a female rather than just another client. While I was in there beating myself up, he yelled “Hey, I’m gonna have a glass of wine. You want one?”

” What the hell…” I thought, ” I certainly don’t have any hot dates waiting…”

“Sure!” I yelled back as I pulled my low-cut V-neck tee over my head and went out to join him. He quickly dried and styled my hair.

What happened next astonished me. Still behind me, he took my wineglass from my hand and swiveled the chair around to face him. Before I could blink, he ground his mouth onto mine and let out a guttural moan. “God, I’ve wanted to do that for so long” he growled, “I didn’t think you’d mind.” The grin was back and there was a teasing twinkle in his eye. All I could do was stare at him, mouth still slightly open from his kiss. “Here, why don’t we fill that pretty mouth with something beside words…” as he unzipped his fly and brought out an enormous penis. I let him put it in my mouth and began to suck and lick, like it was the most delicious thing I’d ever tasted. As wide as I could stretch my jaw, I could barely fit it in my mouth. It was huge! Only half hard he was already at least 8 in long and 3in around. One of his large hands held the back of my head, and pushed his dick further into my tight throat. “Uuuungh!” he moaned. I placed my hands on his hips as he began to fuck my mouth. Before very long he whispered raggedly, “Oh, Sugar, I’m cumming…” I swirled my tongue around the huge head of his cock and then sealed my lips around it so that I could suck every last creamy pearl of cum from his gorgeous cock. He began to buck and twitch while I held on enjoying his enjoyment. When he stopped cumming, I unlocked my lips from his dick and my arms from around his hips. Without bothering to do up his pants, he shuffled over and flopped onto one of the antique couches in the waiting area.

Eyes slightly glazed, he said “Thanks, Sugar…” dreamily. Totally unsure of what to do or say, I just sat there until he gestured with his hand. “Come over here…” I got up and went to him, but didn’t sit down. He lifted up my shirt, pulled my breasts out of the cups of my bra, and began to suck and nip and tease with his mouth and fingers. I closed my eyes and let him set me on fire. After a moment, I swayed on my feet, and he got up to lay me down on the couch where he had just been reclining. He tugged my shirt off and then reached for the snap on my pants. He slid my pants off then stood up to gaze down at me, drinking in the sight of my white skin contrasting sexily with the black lace. He ran his hand up my legs to grab my panties and pull. Kneeling on the floor at my feet he pulled my legs apart and kissed all the way up the inside, pausing to tickle the back of my knee with his tongue. Up and up he kissed, licked, and bit the insides of my legs until he reached my pussy, his tongue luxuriously swirled around my clit. Blindly he groped the shelf next to us and grabbed a bottle of styling stuff, which he proceeded to slowly work into my dripping pussy. My breath caught sharply as I felt the cold plastic bottle stretch my smooth shaven lips and ease into my hot, wet tunnel. With his other hand he reached up to sharply twist my right nipple and that was what sent me over the edge. “Unnnnhhhh…oh god….Jack…..”

Still stunned at what was taking place, my wildest fantasies coming true, I could only lay there staring at the ceiling. I hadn’t had time to come back to coherence before Jack was next to me with the wine glasses. We sipped in silence for a moment, then without a word, he took my glass away again. He pulled me around and half off the couch. My head was resting on the rug and my butt was balanced on the edge of the couch. He was kneeling on the rug next to me and pulled my knees as far apart as they would go before reaching for the wine bottle. He used his fingers to open my pussy and slowly filled my hole with the delicious red wine we’d been drinking. He bent his face closer and drank deeply of the mixture of my juice and wine. He drove his tongue in and out of my drenched cunt. Hungrily, he and slurped and licked until the wine was gone. He reached for the now empty bottle and proceeded to slowly and sensuously fuck my hole with it. He resumed his attentions on my clit and brought me quickly to orgasm. “Mmmmmm…. you are the sweetest thing I’ve ever tasted…” he murmured.

He pulled me up onto the couch again as he lay back on it himself. His cock was fully engorged and the biggest one I’d ever encountered. As he pulled me onto him my pussy lips brushed against it and I opened my eyes wide as I could feel just how big he was. He grabbed my hips and lifted me up a little to position me at the top of his enormous pole. I braced my hands on his chest and very slowly lowered myself onto his monster. I reached the bottom and had to stop for a second. I think we were both surprised and how easily he had slid into me. But, I had never been more turned on and my pussy and the couch were soaked with my girl cum. I paused, letting my self adjust to its huge girth and length that felt like it was all the way up near my heart. My pussy lips were stretched wide around it and he filled me so full my clit dragged against him every time I breathed. I began to move slowly back up the length of it. Up and down, I slid slowly, looking into his eyes. I shuddered in a small climax and he grabbed my hips suddenly, stilling my movements. “Wait, I don’t want to cum yet,” he rasped, as my internal muscles clenched and spasmed around him.

He lifted me off his rod and positioned himself behind me. I leaned over the arm of the couch and offered him my backside. “What a fantastic ass you have…”

“Thanks.” I smiled. I felt him place the head of his cock at my pussy entrance again and this time he thrust in swiftly. He started to pound my cunt and I felt his fingers trying to open my asshole. “Unugh, no!” I managed, between slams. I had had nothing but negative and painful experiences with my ex-boyfriend’s fumbling attempts at anal sex. At this point, I was sure it was something I’d hate. But, he ignored my protest and before I could stop him, he forced his finger all the way in. In seconds the feeling of his finger in my ass and his gigantic cock in my cunt made me cum with an intensity I had never experienced. He continued to stretch open my tight ass, adding another and another finger, never ceasing his ramming of my cunt. Tidal waves of pleasure crashed over me until I saw stars. I had gushed cum everywhere and was kneeling in a pool of my own juice on the couch.

I was in a total daze from the non-stop orgasms when he slowed his thrusting and pulled out of my sopping cunt. I felt the cunt-slimed head of his monstrous cock pressing at the entrance of my asshole. I was so out of it I didn’t even protest as he slowly forced his way in. “Oh god, yes! You’re even tighter than I’d imagined!” he growled. I gasped from the sheer size of his cock in my ass as he continued to relentlessly stuff it into my recently virgin asshole. But, to my complete shock, I loved the way it felt to have his cock moving in my ass. Thrusting very slowly, he reached for the wine bottle again and began to screw it gently into my gaping cunt hole. Being thoroughly filled in both holes, I felt so dirty and so hot! This was far beyond anything I’d ever imagined. He stroked in and out of my tight ass while reaching around to thrust the bottle in and out of my cunt. Gradually, his strokes quickened until he was hammering my asshole. Slam, slam, slam! “Oh, fuck…Sugar!” and he came, pounding my asshole from behind like a jackhammer. His orgasm set me off and I came with him bucking and jerking between the bottle in my cunt and his steel pole in my ass.

He collapsed on top of me after removing the wine bottle from my pussy. A second later I felt his softening cock slide out of my ass. “Oh Sugar, Sugar….” he sighed, “You know, I have wanted this for so long. I can’t believe it actually happened.” I smiled and thought to myself “You have no idea…”

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