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Teaching the Cocktease

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Robert Kyle had finally had it.

Everyday he allowed his American History class the last five minutes of the period to themselves. And everyday during those last five minutes, the female student sitting directly in front of him would do something to give him a raging hard-on.

Dropping a pencil. Re-tying a shoelace. Tossing something in the wastebasket and missing by a mile. All three caused her to have to bend over.

The students that sat behind her were treated to the good inch and a half of creamy skin on her lower back when her shirt rose up. Those in front licked their lips at the perfect view of cleavage as they imagined their cocks nestled between her supple breasts.

Her name was Scarlett Gray. According to her paperwork on file, she was eighteen years old and living with her older brother. Both parents were out of the picture and Robert imagined that abandonment had led her to develop a thick skin. He never saw her speak to anyone voluntarily, and whenever he suggested that the class partner up, she always elected to work alone. Mysterious, she was. The boys were intrigued by her, and the girls mistook her independence for cattiness, but the general consensus among both genders was that Scarlett Gray was attractive.

Her skin was like porcelain and she had big innocent blue eyes of a baby fawn. Her lips were full and a natural shade of red that looked as though she’d just been sucking on a cherry lollipop. Reddish brown hair cascaded down her spine and hung in loose waves over her size D breasts. She maintained a slender body with shapely thighs and hips and a round perky ass that starred in the wet dreams of every warm-blooded male attending Hanson High School.

Gorgeous as she was though, Robert had barely noticed her the first day. He made it a point not to consciously ogle his students – it wasn’t part of his five-year plan to get fired for engaging in inappropriate behavior with one of his students. Besides, Robert really wasn’t interested in screwing around with high school girls. Although it had been twelve years since he’d last attended high school himself, he was pretty sure teenage girls were still the same – whiny little bitches who let you into their pants but never did anything for you in return.

Whiny little bitch was not a phrase one would use to describe Scarlett Gray though. Mature woman would better describe her. Model student. Beautiful. Sweet. Girl next door.


Robert was sick and tired of having to run out of the building after school, get into his car and break every traffic law on the way home so he could rub one out. Most teachers stayed an hour or so after school to grade papers and plan the agenda for the following day, but Robert didn’t. He came in an hour earlier in the morning because he anticipated Scarlett’s behavior. She knew exactly what she was doing. Robert could see the sense of power it gave her when his eyes widened and his Adam’s apple bobbed when she bent over. She knew what she was doing alright, and she did it on purpose. She was a cocktease, plain and simple.

But today was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Scarlett had sashayed into the room, hypnotizing the entire room with the confident rhythm of her legs. She was wearing a short black and white plaid skirt and a tight black sweater. Those hideous black Ugg boots that girls were so fond of adorned her feet and black pantyhose clung to her legs like a second skin. Every boy in the class and even a few of the girls had dropped their mouths.

Since it was Friday, Robert had chosen to show the class a film that pertained to the lesson. Most kids went right to sleep, but Scarlett took notes even though he hadn’t required it. Robert wondered if she had taken notes for the sole purpose to drop her purple sparkly pencil on the floor, and his suspicions were only confirmed when she casually flicked the pencil off of her desk two minutes before the bell rang, giving him a perfect shot of cleavage as she picked it up.

He’d finally had it.

Most of his class was already lined up at the door, itching for the bell to ring so they could start their weekend plans, but Scarlett remained in her seat. She jiggled her foot back and forth and watched the second hand make it’s way around on the clock on the wall. Robert scooted his desk chair forward so his crotch and lower body were hidden from view and discreetly placed his hand in his lap so his fingertips were touching his cock. He glanced up at the clock. One more minute. Slowly he began to drag his fingers up and down the length of his hardness, applying the slightest amount of pressure that would bring him pleasure. Forty-five seconds. He stared intently at Scarlett as he rubbed his cock. Thirty seconds.

“Class, why don’t you go ahead and leave early today?” The words left Robert’s mouth before his brain met them. “Get a head start on your weekend. I’ll see you all on Monday. Have a nice weekend.”

His class cheered immediately and wasted no time exiting the room. Scarlett rose from her seat, head down and gripping her history book to her chest. She shuffled quietly toward the door.

“Miss Gray?”

“Yes, sir?”

Sir. That was another thing. All of Robert’s students called him Mr. Kyle, except for Scarlett. She called him sir, and it wasn’t because her mother had raised her to be ultra-polite either. It was to be a tease. She knew what it did to him when that word fell from her lips – he imagined her bound and tied, face down on his bed with her perfect ass up in the air and vulnerable for his domination.

Scarlett stood a few feet away from the door, staring at Robert innocently, but the corners of her mouth were twitching as though she was fighting back a triumphant smile at the bulge in his pants.

“Do you mind staying after today?” Robert asked. “I have a special project I need your help with…” He gave his cock a gentle squeeze, already feeling the pre-cum starting to bead at the tip. “It’s a…very big project. We’ll probably be here for several hours.”

Scarlett gave a timid nod and walked back over to him, depositing her purse and books on her own desk. Robert couldn’t tell if she truly believed there was a project or not. She was just standing there, directly across from him, waiting for his next instruction like a sweet little submissive. She bit down on her lip, out of nervousness or because her bottom lip was so damn red and supple that she knew biting it would turn him on, Robert wasn’t sure. He was betting on the latter. He slowly rose to his feet, displaying his erection that was just begging to be released from the confines of his black dress pants.

A quiet gasp escaped Scarlett’s mouth as Robert stalked toward her. He raked his fingers through his dark hair. It was of medium length, slicked back as it usually was when he was teaching. He gave his head a quick shake so his bangs would fall forward and hide his predatory stare.

“I think it’s time we discuss your lack of participation in my class, Miss Gray.”

“Participation?” Scarlett frowned. “But I’ve turned all of my homework in.”

“Verbal participation, Miss Gray. Oral participation. Never once do you raise your hand when I ask a question, and yet your homework proves you do, in fact, know the answers.”

Scarlett folded her arms across her chest, squeezing her breasts together in the process. She took a deep breath and held it in, back arching so her bust appeared even larger. As though she were suddenly embarrassed by something, her eyes drifted down to the floor. Robert wasn’t buying it for a minute. Scarlett Gray was many things, but a good actress was not one of them. He took a step closer and used his index finger to draw her chin and gaze back up to him.

“Is there some reason why you like to sit there, pretending to be naïve and unaware?” He was no longer talking about her lack of participation now. “Do you enjoy playing shy and quiet? Hmm?”

“I’m not playing, sir. I really am–”

“–You really are what, Miss Gray? Cute and innocent?” Robert chuckled. “No, my girl, you are not.”

In one swift movement, Robert grabbed Scarlett by the hips and pinned her against the back wall of the classroom before she could even blink. He kept her immobile with his hips, but pulled back just enough to see her face. She looked frightened. Her chest was heaving up and down against his own, but all he could feel was a pair of tits crying out for him to leave his mark on. He tightened his grip on her waist until she whimpered. That sound led him to thrust his hard on against her stomach.

“Do you think it’s okay to bend over and show off your tits and ass after class? Do you think it’s okay to make your teacher’s cock big and hard?”

“N-N-No, sir!” Scarlett shook her head furiously. She swallowed hard. “I didn’t realize–”

“–You did realize, Scarlett. You knew damn well what you were doing.” He shoved his hips forward again and began to grind in a circle across her abdomen. “And do you know why, Scarlett?” He leaned down, inches away from her mouth, his warm breath burning her lips.

“Um, no. Why sir?”

“Because you’re a cocktease.” Robert hissed. His tongue darted out and forced its way into Scarlett’s mouth. Mimicking his hips, he began to thrust it in and out of her warm little mouth. Her head was immobile against the wall, leaving her mouth open to his assault. He dragged his tongue up and down hers, stroking it in strong probing movements. It took her a moment to respond, but when she did, she responded with vigor.

Scarlett opened her mouth wide and sucked her teacher’s tongue inside. At the unexpected suction, Robert moaned and pushed his cock against Scarlett as hard as he could. He pulled away from her mouth and dropped to her neck. Starting behind her ear, he licked a trail down to her collarbone and let out soft breaths on her moistened skin on the way back up. He pulled away reluctantly, his eyes piercing into hers to gauge her reaction. She wanted this as much as he did. Robert knew it was only a matter of flipping that switch and her body would become putty in his hands, his to mold and do what he wanted with.

“Tell me you’re a cocktease,” he ordered. “Say it.”

“But I’m not, sir!” Scarlett protested, her voice breathless with evident arousal.

“Wrong answer.” Robert gripped Scarlett by her elbows and spun her around, forcing her cheek and breasts against the cool wall. She felt her nipples harden instantly, even through the thick wool of her sweater. She bit her lip to stifle a moan and struggled to free her arms. Robert stilled her by pressing his cock between her ass.

“Say it.” He snaked one of his hands underneath her skirt, expecting to come into contact with her fabric covered leg, but his hand found the soft skin of her inner thigh. She wasn’t wearing tights, she was wearing thigh highs. She let out a quiet breath when Robert rubbed a tiny circle into her toned thigh, but not quiet enough. Robert heard it and it made his cock swell even harder. “Say it,” he ordered again, trailing his fingers up higher. He was dying to find out what kind of panties she had on under her skirt.

“No,” Scarlett whimpered. She bent her knees in hopes of meeting the hand on her thigh sooner. Just as his his knuckles brushed against her swollen lips, Robert harshly withdrew his hand. He returned it to her hip and gave her a punishing squeeze.

“Let me make something clear. I am the only one able to say the word ‘no’ right now, understand?”

“Yes.” Her voice was a mere whisper.


He leaned away from her and unbuttoned his pants with one hand. He drew his zipper down and slipped his cock out of his boxers. At seven inches, Robert wasn’t huge by pornography standards, but many women he’d been with considered him above average. What he didn’t have in length he made up for in thickness and a large head with an uncanny ability to seek out a woman’s G-spot.

Robert idly stroked himself with one hand and grabbed a fistful of Scarlett’s skirt with the other. He lifted it up in the air, exposing her bare ass to him. A black lace thong separated her cheeks and that, paired with the black thigh highs, made Robert wonder if he’d died and gone to lingerie heaven. He gripped his cock and began to rub the glistening head all over her ass. He drew it down between her cheeks and thrust it forward so it would apply pressure against her puckered hole.

“Tell me you’re a cocktease,” Robert demanded. Continuing to grind against her, he let go of his cock and gathered her hair off of her neck. He gave it a slight pull. “Say it.”

“I’m a cocktease,” Scarlett whimpered. She was. Seeing his cock harden when she teased him at the end of class gave her a thrill, and she always left school smirking over the image of her teacher adjusting his pants behind his desk.

“Good girl,” Robert whispered. He gave her hair another tug before letting go. “Now turn around.”

Scarlett slowly turned. She looked like she’d already been fucked. Her eyes were dilated and dark with arousal. Her hair was messy from being pulled. Her lips were red and swollen. Her cheeks were flushed. Her skirt and sweater were crooked. Robert reached his hand out to adjust her sweater. He tugged roughly at the hem.

“Take it off,” he sneered. “Show your teacher your tits.”

“B-b-but, Sir,” Scarlett began to protest. She glanced around the room nervously. “I know I shouldn’t have teased you, but this isn’t right.”

“Are you or are you not a cocktease, Miss Gray?”

“Y-Yes, but–”

“Then show me your tits.”

Robert grabbed the hem of the sweater with both hands and pulled hard. Five little buttons scattered to the floor and Scarlett’s cardigan hung wide open, revealing a flat stomach and matching black lace bra. Her nipples were already protruding through the thin fabric. Robert licked his lips in approval.

“Very nice, Miss Gray. Very nice.”

He slipped the sweater off of her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. Then he bent his knees and brought his face down between her breasts, pressing his cheek against the large mounds. He slid his hands up her curves, around her back, and unhooked her bra with a flick of his fingers.

As Robert pulled the bra off of her body, Scarlett realized she was shaking. The situation had her scared, but she couldn’t deny she was excited as well. She was curious to see just how Robert would take things to punish her for being a cocktease. Little did she know, Robert was curious to see just how far Scarlett was willing to let him take things in order to teach her a lesson.

“Touch yourself,” he ordered as he stepped back to admire her breasts.

Scarlett reached up to gently grope her breasts. She began massaging them, cupping them from the front so her nipples pressed into the palm of her hand, but her hands were so small and her breasts were so big that she couldn’t really touch them like she wanted to. Frustrated, she resorted to just giving soft squeezes to the area of each breast until they were thoroughly covered.

“Oh, I think you can do better than that Miss Gray. Show me what a cocktease like you really wants done to her tits.”

Scarlett ran her thumbs over her erect nipples, letting out a soft moan as she did so. Then she took each nipple between her thumb and index finger and gave each a good hard pinch.

“That’s a good girl,” Robert praised. He stroked the skin between her breasts while Scarlett continued to pinch and pull on her nipples. “You need a big fat cock right here, don’t you?” He teased. “Yes, these tits need fucked.”

Robert suddenly slapped Scarlett’s hands, hitting the skin of her breasts in the process. Scarlett yelped and dropped her hands to her sides. Robert immediately replaced them, squeezing her breasts hard.

“Mmm,” he groaned. “I wanna suck on these pretty little nipples until they’re red and raw.” He punctuated his words with a painful pinch to her nipples. “Would you like that, Miss Gray? Do you want your teacher’s mouth all over your tits?” He kept her nipples pressed between his fingers, not relenting on the pressure. He pulled them away from her body, using them to slowly lift her breasts up.

“Ohh! Ow! Sir!” Scarlett exclaimed. “Owww! Please stop!”

“I asked you a question, Miss Gray,” he growled. He dug his fingernails into her nipples and shook her breasts. “Do you want me to suck on your nipples?”

“Y-Yes! Sir, please!”

Robert bent down and flicked his tongue over her right nipple, moistening it until it puckered into a firm peak. He sucked it into his mouth and bit down hard, making Scarlett cry out. He soothed the bite with his tongue and continued sucking. He kept her other breast stimulated with gentle plucks to her nipple and rough gropes.

Scarlett was trapped against the wall, her breasts open to his assault. He brought his head up to suck on her neck, all the while twisting her nipples and sending waves of pleasure down between her legs. She felt his cock, warm and hard against her belly. Wetness was leaking from the tip. She reached up to touch it. The second her fingers enclosed around Robert’s cock, he bit down on her neck so hard he was actually surprised when he didn’t draw blood.

“Did I tell you you could touch my cock?” He jerked away from her.

“N-n-no, sir,” Scarlett shook her head. She was confused as to what she’d done wrong. She thought he wanted her. “I though you–”

“On your fucking knees,” he demanded. “Now.”

Robert grabbed her shoulders and pushed down hard, sending Scarlett face to face with his cock. Pre-cum was flowing like a faucet and he took his cock in hand and rubbed the moisture on her cheek. He moved it across her forehead, down her other cheek, wetting her chin. He paused at her mouth.

“Open.” He pressed the head of his cock against her lips.

Scarlett shook her head to refuse. Her eyes were wide with uncertainty.

“I said open your mouth you little cocktease.” Robert slapped her cheek with his cock. “Stop pretending you don’t want this.”

“Sir, I-I-I don’t want this,” Scarlett declared hastily. “Please stop. This has gone too far. Please.”

“You don’t want this?” Robert eyed Scarlett’s nipples, swollen from his mouth and still rock hard with arousal. “Your tits indicate otherwise. Shall we check on your pussy too?” Scarlett shook her head again. “No? Could that be because you know your body is betraying you? Mmm, yes. Let’s check on that sweet pussy and see.”

Robert pulled Scarlett to her feet by her elbow and pressed her back up against the wall. He lifted her skirt up and gazed down at her pussy. He hissed when he saw her thong was completely saturated.

“Yeah, you do like this. Don’t deny it.” He cupped her pussy firmly through the thin fabric, making Scarlett’s hips jerk. He applied pressure with the heel of his hand and let her rock against it. Looking up at her, he saw her eyes were pleading. For what, she wasn’t sure. She just knew the ache between her legs was maddening.

Robert dipped his fingers into her thong and stroked her slit up and down, collecting as much moisture as he could to coat his fingers. He pressed his thumb hard against Scarlett’s clit and chuckled as her hips bucked.

“Fuck, that’s a wet pussy. Nice and wet for my fingers. That’s what you want, isn’t it? You want my fingers inside of you?” He traced circles around her opening. Scarlett’s legs instinctively spread wider, inviting him in. She cried out as Robert slowly slipped his index finger into her pussy, stopping at the first knuckled. “Oh God, you’re tight. Mmm, Jesus.” He pressed deeper until his finger was completely inside of her. He kept it still for a moment to gauge her reaction.

“Ohhh,” Scarlett moaned at the feeling of having her teacher’s finger deep inside of her. Robert slowly pulled it out and returned it quicker.

“Does that feel good?” He asked as he began to pump in and out of her. “Do you want it nice and slow, Miss Gray?” He slowed to a torturous pace. “Or hard and fast?” He drove his finger in and out so fast Scarlett had to brace herself against the wall.

“Oh!” she squealed. “Hard and fast! Please sir!”

“Hard and fast?” Robert asked. He slipped his middle finger inside to join his first and moaned out loud when he felt Scarlett’s pussy stretch to accommodate him. “Hard and fast like you’re being fucked? Do you want me to finger fuck you, Miss Gray? Finger fuck that sweet pussy ’til you cum?”

Robert plunged his fingers deep inside of Scarlett’s pussy and began to apply pressure with his fingertips, searching for her special spot. When her pussy clamped down around his fingers, he knew he’d found it.

“Right there?” He pressed against the spot. “Does it feel good right there?” Scarlett whimpered and rocked forward. “Yeah. Right there. Fuck.” Robert answered his own question. “Are you gonna come, Miss Gray?” He asked when Scarlett’s breathing increased. “Is that tight pussy gonna come all over my fingers?”

Scarlett nodded and moaned, throwing her head backward and panting at his mercy. Just as her body began to tense, Robert removed his fingers and gripped either side of her thong. He ripped the drenched fabric from her body and tossed it across the room. Scarlett stared at him, eyes half-lidded.

“Sir?” she asked. Her mouth hung open in confusion. “I thought you–”

Robert shoved his fingers, glistening with her juices, into her mouth. She tried to jerk her head away, but Robert grabbed her chin with his other hand to hold her still.

“Taste yourself,” he ordered. Scarlett obediently sucked on his fingers like a starving baby. When they were clean and wet, Robert withdrew them and slipped down between her ass cheeks. He pressed against her tiny puckered hole. She tensed immediately.

“Has anyone ever taken you here before?”

“No sir.”

“I will,” he whispered in her ear. He licked the outer shell before biting down on her lobe and sucking it into his mouth. “Not right now, but one day I will split this perfect ass in two.”

Scarlett couldn’t help the breath of air that left her mouth at his words.

“You like that?” He asked, somewhat amused. “You like the idea of your teacher shoving his rock hard prick up your little ass?” She shook her head furiously, but the blush on her cheeks gave her away. “Oh, I think you do. What if I came inside that perfect ass too? Would you like that? I bet you would. You’d feel like a real slut.” On his last word, Robert shoved his index and middle finger into Scarlett’s dripping pussy and his pinky finger knuckle-deep into her ass. With his free hand, he drew it back and brought it down on Scarlett’s left buttock with a sharp smack.

“Oh!” Scarlett squealed. Robert steadily began to thrust his fingers in and out of her warm holes, bringing her to the edge, giving her pleasure she’d never experienced.

“Ohh, yes,” Robert groaned in approval as her ass clenched and gripped at his pinky, wanting it to stay deep inside. “That’s a tight little ass.”

Scarlett began to pant. Her breaths were coming shorter and shorter. She looked up at her teacher, lips parted. Robert smirked as her hand frantically searched for something to grip to support herself. She was going to cum. Robert withdrew his fingers and gave her clit a tiny spank with his fingers, just enough to sting. He pushed Scarlett down to the floor so she was eye level with his aching cock.

“Oh no you don’t, you little cocktease. Your poor little pussy doesn’t get any release until I do.” He jutted his hips forward, sending his cock pressing against Scarlett’s cheek. “Now be a good girl and stick out your tongue.”

Scarlett obeyed, hesitantly extending her tongue. Robert tapped his cock against her tongue, sending drops of precum flying and making his head even wetter. He rubbed the fresh moisture down her cheek and breasts, circling each nipple and giving each breast a healthy slap with his cock. Scarlett moaned as he manipulated her body, marking her and making her his.

She wanted this, it was silly of her to pretend she didn’t. Her hands weren’t tied. He wasn’t holding a gun to her head. All she had to do was scream and the closest teacher would come running in the classroom. The police would be called. Robert would be fired. But then Scarlett wouldn’t get to cum. She’d wanted his cock since the first day of class and teased him mercifully hoping that one day he would get so fed up with her that he’d turn the tables.

“Lick it,” Robert demanded. He grabbed Scarlett forcefully by the chin and positioned her face at the base of his cock. She stuck her tongue out and licked up and down his shaft, dragging her tongue between his balls and circling the head, stabbing into the hole to draw any precum out. Robert sighed and tangled his fingers into her hair, keeping her head positioned just where he wanted it. Scarlett rose up on her knees and focused on the head, laving it and making it drip with her saliva. She opened her mouth, ready to consume his cock, and glanced up at Robert for permission.

To answer her silent question, Robert gripped the back of her head with both hands and thrust forward, impaling his cock into her throat. Scarlett cried out in surprise, not expecting him to go balls deep so quickly. She struggled to pull away from him, but Robert held her in place, her nose pressed against his groin.

“Ohhhh,” he moaned at the feeling of the eighteen year old mouth wrapped around his cock. He looked down at Scarlett. Her beautiful blue eyes were wide and watering and she gagged around his length. “You look so pretty with your mouth full,” he chuckled and stroked her cheek, allowing her to move up for some air.

Scarlett slowly began to slide her lips up and down Robert’s cock, swirling her tongue around the head as she pulled away. She dragged her tongue down his length along with her mouth, tracing the underside. She reached up to cup his balls as she focused on the head, sucking him for all she was worth. When he felt her warm little hand caress his balls, Robert knew he had to feel her warm little mouth as well.

He took a step back. He bent his knees slightly to aim his ballsack into her warm and waiting mouth. Both testicles disappeared from view as Scarlett’s cheeks inflated to accommodate him.

“Oh, fuck,” he moaned. “Yessss. Suck them.” Robert wrapped his hand around his cock and jerked it while Scarlett tongued his balls up and down. She reached up and took over duty on his cock, rubbing her thumb around his head as she sucked one ball into her mouth and swirled it around in her cheek. It released from her mouth with a soft “pop” and she sucked the other into her mouth.

“Mmm,” Robert groaned. Scarlett was going to make him cum, and he’d be damned if it wasn’t going to finish in her mouth or her pussy. He grabbed her hair and pulled her away from his balls. “Get that pretty mouth back up here, Miss Gray.”

Scarlett barely had enough time to open her mouth. Robert wasted no time slamming his cock down her throat. He kept her head pressed all the way down, his cock submerged and throbbing in her mouth. He reached down and gripped her breasts. He began to fuck her mouth, using her breasts as handles to pull her back onto his cock. Her nipples were rock hard and they occasionally brushed his thighs. He abandoned his grip on the fleshy part of her breasts in favor of using her nipples instead. He clamped the tiny peaks between his thumb and index finger and shoved his cock forward, tugging on her nipples as he drew himself deeper. Scarlett moaned loudly, muffled around his cock.

“Oh, that’s it,” Robert said. “Moan for me again.” When she didn’t respond right away, he gripped nipples and shook her breasts threateningly. “I said fucking moan for me, you little cocktease.” He trapped her nipples between his knuckles and gave them a good hard pinch. A squealing sound erupted from her throat, creating a vibration of pleasure around his cock. “Fucccck,” he grunted. “Good girl.” He loosened the pressure on her nipples, but still used them to push deeper into her throat. “You want me to come in that pretty mouth?” Scarlett moaned in reply and sucked furiously, returning her hand to his balls. “Yeah, I’m gonna come in that pretty mouth.” Robert grabbed Scarlett’s head and slammed his cock down her throat three quick times.

“Fuck, fuck fuck,” he moaned with each thrust. He held her head still as he erupted into her mouth. “Take it. Take it all. Fucking swallow it.”

Scarlett gagged at the warm flood of cum filling up her mouth. She struggled to swallow it all, but there was so much, it seeped out of the corners of her mouth, dribbling down onto her breasts. Robert pulled out of her throat after a moment, but still remained her mouth. Scarlett’s tongue massaged around his cock, licking him clean.

“Ohhh, good girl,” he moaned. “Suck me clean.”

When he was thoroughly satisfied, Robert pulled from her mouth and stepped back to look at Scarlett. Her pupils were so dilated, her eyes were nearly black. Her lips were red and swollen and covered with his cum. She looked like such a slut, completely at his mercy. He gripped his softening cock in his hand and used it to wipe the cum off of her chin and breasts. Then he stuffed his cock back into her mouth. She gladly sucked it back in, moaning and panting around his member.

“Do you want something, Miss Gray?” Robert teased. “To cum, perhaps?”

“Yes,” Scarlett panted. She leaned forward and rubbed his cock all over her cheek, pressing her nose into his balls. “I want to cum. Please let me cum, sir. I’m so fucking horny.” Robert gasped as her cheeks hollowed out and she unexpectedly sucked his ballsack into her mouth. Her switch had been flipped. She was willing to do anything he wanted now.

Robert tugged on her ear to get her off of his nuts. She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and rose up to her feet.

“Are you going to be a good girl after class if I make you cum?” Robert asked. He reached up and cupped both her breasts, squeezing them tight.

“Yes sir,” Scarlett moaned. “I promise.”

“No more leaning forward and showing me views of these luscious tits?”

“Yes sir.”

“No more bending over with that perfect ass right in my face?” Robert tweaked her nipples and sucked one into his mouth. He bit down and tugged it away from her breast.

“Oh!” Scarlett screamed in pleasure and pain. “Yes, sir! I promise I’ll be good!”

“Maybe I should spank that perfect ass just to be sure.”

Robert grabbed Scarlett’s hips and spun her away from him. He sat down on the nearest desk and lifted her skirt. Her ass was white and creamy, soft as satin under his palm. Her pussy lips were swollen and leaking her arousal down her thighs. Robert licked his lips and raised his palm.

“What is it you want, Miss Gray?”

“To cum, sir.” Scarlett thrust her ass backwards and bent over slightly. Robert rubbed her cheeks, anticipating turning them pink. He gripped them tightly and spread them open, eying her winking eye. He slipped his finger into her pussy to get it wet and wiped it clean on her asshole. It now glistened underneath the classroom’s fluorescent lights. Scarlett thrust her ass backward again at his movements.

“I’m going to spank you five times, Miss Gray, and I expect you to beg me for what you want after each one.”

“Yes, sir.”

Robert raised his hand and brought it down sharply on her right ass cheek.


“Please fuck me,” Scarlett moaned.


“Please fuck me.”


“Please fuck me.”


“Please fuck me.”

Robert noticed a flood of moisture seep out of her pussy on the last spank. Her thighs were practically shaking and she continually thrust her hips backward. Her ass was now a rosy shade of pink, and it looked so fuckable with his handprints covering it.

Robert reached his hand around Scarlett and spread her pussy lips, exposing her clit to the cool air in the room. As he rose his other hand in the air to spank her ass, he trapped her engorged clit between his fingers and pinched.


“Please fuck me!” Scarlett screamed. She jerked forward, searching out any kind of friction for her throbbing and dripping pussy. Robert gave her pussy one hard spank before gripping her hips and spinning her around.

“Sit on my fucking cock.” He demanded as he lifted her up and plunged her down onto him. Scarlett moaned as he stretched her tight pussy. She wrapped her arms around Robert’s neck and allowed him to lift her up and down, slam her onto his cock. He bounced her up and down, penetrating deep inside her each time with long forceful strokes. He lifted her up, positioned her at the head of his cock and let go of her as she fell forward onto his cock. She rocked back and forth, screaming and moaning at the building pressure.

“Oh, sir!” she cried and rocked into him harder. Robert leaned forward and captured one of her nipples, sucking it hard into his mouth. She writhed in his lap. “I’m going to cum!”

“Do it,” Robert hissed. He lifted his hand and spanked her ass. “Come all over my cock, you little fucking cocktease. Come all over my cock as I fill that sweet pussy.”

Robert spanked her again, harder than he had yet. Scarlett yelped as he gripped her ass cheeks in his hands, shaking them as he drove his cock into her at an animalistic speed.

“Fuck!” Scarlett screamed. “Oh, sir!” Her pussy muscles went wild, clenching around his cock and soaking it with her cum. Robert groaned at the added tightness and spilled himself inside of her.

“Fuck yeah you little cocktease!” He yelled. “Take my cum in that sweet pussy!” He shoved Scarlett down in his lap, thrusting his cock deep inside as he released shot after shot of cum.

Scarlett went limp in Robert’s lap, her head falling to his shoulder. He lifted her up, hissing at the loss of heat from her pussy as he set her on the floor. He tugged on her arm to pull her down to her knees.

“Clean it,” he whispered, lost in an post-orgasmic daze. He sighed as Scarlett licked and sucked their cum off of his cock. “Mmm, good girl.”

When his cock was clean, Scarlett tucked him back in his pants and stood up before him. Robert gripped her wrists and planted a soft kiss to her lips, tasting the lingering remnants of his and hers cum.

“Let this be a lesson to you, Miss Gray,” he murmured against her lips. “Cockteases get punished.”

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