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“You have an admirer baby,” my wife said as we sat together in a gay bar. She smiled at my admirer and he made his way to the empty seat at the bar beside me. Carole had convinced me to come to a gay bar with her so we could fulfill a long time fantasy of hers. She had always wanted to have a threesome with two guys but she wasn’t interested in the other guy.

She wanted me to suck his cock. I had strongly resisted her plan for years but as I approached 40 my reluctance started to lessen and eventually I gave in on the condition that if I did it for her she would bring another woman into our bed for me.

My admirer was a good looking guy with a nondescript face and short brown hair. A tight tee shirt encased his strong muscular chest and tight fitting jeans accentuated a prominent bulge between his thick athletic thighs.

My eyes flashed to the bulge in his pants and I suddenly felt scared. I wanted to run but my legs were heavy and weak.

“Hi, I’m Peter,” he said as he extended his hand. His voice was deep but with a slight effeminate inflection that gave me an unexplainable comfort.

“I’m JC,” I replied as we shook hands, “and this is my wife Carole.” His hand lingered on mine longer than necessary and I felt an unfamiliar flutter in my stomach.

His eyes flashed toward my wife and his facial expression was a mix of confusion and disappointment. “Your wife?” He asked.

“Yes, she wants to watch,” I clarified. I flashed an uncomfortable smile. I had never been hit on by a guy before and I was extremely nervous.

“Ooh, kinky,” he said as his eyes traveled down my body. He smiled brightly, showing his bright white teeth. His fingers slid down to my leg and he traced light circles on my leg sending shivers through my body. I had never consciously been attracted to another man and when I finally agreed to Carole’s plan I didn’t think I would be into it but she was persistent and very persuasive.

“Yes,” Carole said playfully, “we are kinky.” She smiled my favorite crooked mischievous smile, “and I will do much more than just watch.”. She placed her hand on top of Peter’s and guided it up to the substantial lump in my jeans. My dick had been hard since he first touched my leg and my mind was awash with confusing thoughts and desires.

They worked their hands up and down my rigid shaft and I moaned softly. I could feel precum oozing from my cock and I knew at that moment that I would do anything they wanted.

An hour after we had first met Peter we stumbled into our hotel room. Carole had coerced me into kissing him on the elevator to our floor and while my initial reaction was a definitive “no” once we started kissing it was much nicer than I had imagined it would be. His tongue was long and aggressive and he pumped it into my mouth as he ground his hard muscular body against mine. His hands were as aggressive as his insistent tongue and my body responded to his touch. He tugged my shirt up and caressed my chest as he kissed me deeply. Our tongues entwined and my mind reeled with confusion as years of homophobia clashed with raw animalistic desire.

My knees felt weak as he pinned me against the elevator wall and ground his hard cock against mine. I could tell it was big and I wanted to see it. I had never seen another man’s hard cock except in porn movies but I wanted his. I wanted it badly.

The bell rang signaling we had arrived at our floor and Peter pulled away from me leaving me hot and ready. I was panting and out of breath as Carole led the way to our room. Peter held my hand and together we followed my sexy wife down the hall. She opened the door and let us inside as she pulled her clothes off and moved to the back of the room.

The room was a standard mid level hotel chain room with two queen sized beds on one wall and a dresser, a desk and a TV on the other. Carole moved quickly to the far bed and watched Peter pull my clothes off. He continued to be aggressive and once I was naked he pushed me onto the bed and pulled his shirt up over his head revealing his broad, well defined chest.

Carole gasped. “Perfect,” she whispered when she saw his smooth tan body.

I watched wide eyed as he ran his hands over his shaved muscular chest. He body looked very sexy and although I had never been turned on by a man before I was tingling in anticipation of touching him.

His eyes locked onto mine and he reached into his pants and pulled his long hard cock free.

“Oh god,” I gasped when I saw his beautiful cock. It was over 7″ long and very thick with well proportioned purple head that glistened with precum and a maze of thick veins that begged to be traced by my hungry tongue.

Peter moved slowly toward me and my heart pounded hard in my chest. His eyes continued to look into mine as his hands reached out and grabbed my head. He laced the fingers of his left hand in my hair and held my head still as he grabbed his cock with his right hand and rubbed it across my face. His drooling cock left snail tracks across my cheeks. I flicked my tongue out and tried to lick his delicious shaft but he pulled it away and smiled teasingly.

“Do you want it?” He asked playfully as he smiled down at me and waived his big gorgeous cock inches from my mouth.

“Yes,” I said softly. I knew that he was putting on a show for my wife. He wanted her to see me beg for his cock. He wanted her to see the effect he was having on her formerly straight husband. My cheeks flushed crimson as I looked up at him. “Please let me suck your big hard cock.” I emphasized the last three words and my dick jumped as the words hung in the air.

He looked down at me and pointed his drooling cock at the entrance of my mouth. “Be careful what you wish for honey,” he said to Carole as I parted my lips and wrapped them around his thick shaft. “Once he gets a taste he will be hooked.”

I moaned as I stretched my mouth open wide and accepted his hard flesh inside me. I could taste his precum mixed with the salt of sweat on his bare flesh and the combination was intoxicating.

“Oh I hope so,” Carole said as she plunged her fingers into her soaking wet cunt. The room filled with a myriad of wet squishy sounds from my wife’s wet pussy and my mouth as I slurped on Peter’s big dick.

I could only fit about 1/3 of his cock into my mouth at first but as I got used to its girth it slipped deeper and deeper down my throat. It touched the back of my throat and I fought hard not to gag as tears streamed down my cheeks. I was wanton and randy with unbridled lust.

Carole moved onto the bed with Peter and I and lay naked beside me as I sucked his big hot cock.

“I need you inside me,” she said insistently. Her voice was thick with lust and her cheeks were flushed with excitement.

I wanted her too but I couldn’t tear my lips away from his hard cock. I was addicted and I knew my life would never be the same.

Carole pulled me on top of her and guided my hard prick inside her liquid core. Her pussy was soaking wet and I slipped easily into her. My balls pressed against her ass as I sank balls deep inside my wife’s velvet cunt.

Peter moved back within range of my hungry mouth as I fucked my wife missionary style. He fed his cock to me and I slurped on it as I thrust my dick into my wife hard and fast.

Carole came quickly and powerfully. Her body shook and she yelped like an excited puppy as her cunt clenched down on my pistoning dick. Her climax pushed me past the point of no return and my orgasm quickly followed hers.

I cried out around Peter’s thick cock as I exploded inside my wife’s wet pussy. I pumped my dick into her as copious amounts of thick cream filled her womb.

Peter held my head and fucked my mouth as I came. It was the most intensely erotic moment of my life.

I crawled off my wife and collapsed beside her in a sweaty mess. I was completely satisfied and my desire to suck Peter’s dick had disappeared the moment I came inside my wife. I kissed Carole deeply and our tongues entwined.

Peter climbed off the bed and pulled me to my feet. Despite my loss of interest I willingly moved into position before my new, well endowed lover. Peter positioned me with my feet on the floor and my torso bent over the bed as Carole moved until my face was inches from her soiled pussy. He poured lube down the crack in my ass and I moaned softly as the cool slick liquid coated my sensitive asshole.

“Is this what you want bitch?” He asked sternly as he rubbed his hard condom covered cock across my exposed asshole.

“Yes,” I hissed loudly. I was his bitch and I loved it.

I looked into my wife’s smoldering brown eyes as she lay spread eagle and naked before me. Her face held a lust filled expression that I had never seen before. She was on fire. My cum drooled from her gaping hole and my mouth watered in anticipation of tasting her cream pie soiled cunt. I had licked her soiled pussy many times before and I loved the taboo nature of the profoundly intimate act.

“Give it to him,” she said firmly as she grabbed my head and pulled my mouth to her juicy hole. My tongue dug deep inside Carole’s cunt seeking out gobs of hot cum. I swallowed my seed and searched for more as she moaned her approval of my efforts.

I felt Peter’s spongy cock head split my cheeks and I groaned into my wife’s sloppy, wet pussy. I had never been with a man before but she wanted it and I wanted to please her or at least that was my justification for doing something I had been raised to believe was wrong.

“Does that feel good Piggy?” My wife asked as his thick cock slowly disappeared inside me.

“It hurts,” I groaned in apparent agony. It did hurt, but it also felt good. It felt amazing and my spent cock grew hard as the full length of his thick rod penetrated my virgin ass.

He grabbed my hips and slowly backed his thick, lubricated cock out of the depths of my ass until just the bulbous head was inside me. “Do you want it slut?” He asked. His voice was stern yet almost playful and my cock twitched excitedly as he spoke.

“God yes,” I sighed softly. My tongue plunged deep inside my wife’s cum filled hole and I sucked my cream pie from her womb as he slowly sank balls deep inside me.

“Right there baby,” my Carole panted. I could tell she was close and my tongue strummed her hard clit repeatedly as her legs trembled. Her breathing was erratic and her entire body started to shake.

He pulled back quickly and then stabbed his cock into me with a series of short thrusts as I whimpered with pleasure and pain.

Carole came hard on my mouth as Peter expertly fucked my ass. She cried out and yelped like an excited puppy as the waves of pleasure cashed over her sexy body like a tsunami.

Peter transitioned from short jabs to long fast thrusts and my body responded. My breathing was fast and my heart pounded mercilessly in my chest. I had already cum once, less than an hour earlier, but I quickly approached the point of no return from his talented weapon.

“How do you want it bitch?” He teased. I was wanton and randy with raw unbridled lust. I wanted to be taken and he knew it. He had known the moment he spotted me at the bar. Carole had known too because she knew me better than I knew myself.

“Fuck me hard,” I moaned. Sweat covered my brow and my legs felt weak. He pumped his big hard cock into the depths of my ass and I felt the familiar beginning sensations of a powerful climax consume me.

“I’m gonna cum,” I warned as his cock touched me in ways I had never dreamed would feel so good. My eyes rolled back in my head and my body started to shake.

Peter continued to fuck me hard and fast. “Cum for me,” he groaned loudly. His words pushed me over the edge and I groaned loudly as hot cum poured from my cock like an erupting volcano.

My body went slack and I slumped forward on the bed. Peter pulled his cock from my ass and ripped the condom off it. “Finish me off slut,” he said harshly as he pulled my hair and guided my mouth back to his waiting cock.

“Mmm,” I moaned, “yes sir.” I opened my mouth wide and opened my throat for him.

Peter fucked my mouth with smooth steady strokes. His breathing became raged and his ball sack tightened as he neared his climax.

“Cum for me,” I moaned as I surrendered to desires I had theretofore never dreamed of. “Fill my mouth and let me savor your hot cum.” I wrapped my fist around his shaft and pumped him fast and hard as I sucked furiously on the soft, spongy head of his delicious cock.

“I’m cumming,” Peter cried out as his cock started to spit into my mouth. “Drink it cum slut, drink my cum.”

I swallowed his searing hot seed and sucked every drop from his spent tool as my wife watched. His cum was delicious and I knew I would swallow it again.

He pulled his flaccid cock from my mouth leaving it vacant and empty and then he bent down and pressed his lips to mine. I had been reluctant to kiss him hours earlier but I returned his enthusiastically letting him taste his cum on my lips. Our tongues danced together as we kissed deeply.

He broke the kiss and I watched him walk naked across the room to the desk in the corner. He wrote his number on a piece of paper and slowly dressed as my hungry eyes soaked in his hard athletic body.

“Call me,” he said softly. He kissed me again and then left Carole and I to sort out the details of our new complicated life.

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