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Sympathy or Love

Category: Incest
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Warning — This story contains parts of incest. If you are offended by it, please continue reading with caution.

As I looked out the window while thinking about my life so far, I saw the child with an adult body, playing around with two other children in the garden. My life in the past few years, had been an emotional roller-coaster. I spent a very normal childhood as a girl except for that my parents died in a car crash when I was twelve and lived my teen years in the protection of my aunt. I lived happy life with my aunt and she was very caring. Everything started to go out of ordinary, when I was nineteen. This is my story; Melissa’s story.

My body started to bloom like a flower after I passed my seventeenth birthday. By the time I was nineteen, I was a fully bloomed, very desirable girl. It wasn’t like I was like a super model. I was the owner of a 5’5″ tall, slim and petite body. It had curves where they were needed and I was a proud owner of a pair of C cup size firm breasts. Having a pretty face with long straight blond hair, also didn’t hurt at attracting lot of attention from guys. Being true to my innocent looking face, I was a very shy girl and had very few relationships by the time I finished high-school and started working at a small restaurant. There, I met Dave.

Dave was a small time training music producer and worked at a music recording studio. He seemed like a nice and stable guy. When he asked me for a date, I didn’t have a reason not to accept. We had fun being together and soon it became stable relationship. He was still living at his mother’s home, even if he was able to easily move out to a new place. The reason was, Dave had a mentally disabled younger brother. So it was impossible for his mother alone, to take care of him at home while going to work. The normal routine was, she was at home during the day and Dave was at home during the night.

After three months of dating Dave, I was introduced to his family. His mother Lisa was a very charming and a proper lady. She looked much younger than I had imagined. Even if Dave was 21, she was 38 years old. She had had him when she was only 17. She looked at least 3 years younger than her age and was a very beautiful woman. She had a much curvy body with bigger breasts compared to mine. She was attractive enough to make me insecure about my looks. I thought that she must be what guys always identify as a MILF.

Dave’s brother Dan was 18, but he looked older than Dave. He had a 6’1″ big body that towered over my small frame. Not only he was tall, his body looked to be very sturdy too. Despite his looks, from inside, he was like a 3 year old. He was a small kid trapped in an adult body. When I first met him, he was very friendly and asked me to play a video game with him. Being fond of kids, I immediately started to like him too.

After few months, I was basically a part of their family. Lisa was one of the nicest women I had ever met and I was Dan’s best buddy. He spoke very few words and understood very few words. He rarely listened to other people, but he was responding well to me; almost as well as he listened to Lisa. I really enjoyed being around and playing with him. It took some getting used to at first, but after some time, he was nothing more than a cute little boy who always wanted to play. I noticed that Dave didn’t actually liked his brother much and took care of him out of obligation. I could really sense the distance between them as Dan didn’t want to play or do anything when Dave was around. Few times I even had arguments with Dave about treating his brother badly.

One night, Lisa had gone for work and I stayed with Dave to help him babysit his brother. Once together in the room, things eventually started to heat up. When things were getting to the point of no return, I said,

“Dave, we can’t. You know I’m very loud when things get hot. Your brother might hear.”

“Don’t worry, that retard doesn’t even know the difference between a man and a woman, let alone sex,” Dave replied coldly. He was obviously too turned on and was getting mad with his brother for delaying the much needed sex from him.

I got really upset at his use of words to call his brother, but I was also too turned on to start an argument. And I too, thought that Dan was like a kid and wouldn’t even know what was happening. I honestly thought that he cannot even get a hard-on. So from then on, I had sex with Dave whenever we were alone at his house while babysitting Dan.

After few weeks, I lost my job at the restaurant and was looking for a new job. But luckily Lisa got promotion at her working place. The only problem was that the promotion required her to be working the day time shifts. So she was considering about hiring babysitters or care takers for Dan. Given the circumstances with Dan, people were only willing to take the job for a high payment. Then Lisa suggested that I babysit Dan and she would give me a better salary than the restaurant did. I didn’t have to look for Jobs anymore and Lisa got a babysitter that she can really trust for a much cheaper price. It was a win-win situation for everyone. I happily took on her offer as I also really enjoyed being with Dan.

As the babysitter, all I had to do was give him his meals and keep an eye on him while helping with minor things that he couldn’t do by himself. So it was basically just hanging out with him and I got paid well for it. It would have gotten much harder if I was someone he wasn’t used to or liked. Luckily for me, he liked me very much and listened to me well.

Most of our day was normally spent watching TV together. The channels he watched always rotated around kids channels. So one day, while watching the discovery kids channel, it suddenly showed mating horses in the wild. For me I didn’t find anything special about it, but I saw a sudden change in Dan’s face. He really started to focus and watch very interestingly at the mating creatures. After the scene changed, he leaned back on the couch again. Then I noticed something I though Dan was never capable of. There was a swell in his pants’ crotch area. He had a hard-on.

I was confused. Men can get hard-ons for many reasons other than sexual feelings. So just to clear my doubts, I took the remote controller and unlocked the parental control of the TV and put on a very hot music video that had lot of hot girls with very sexy clothing. Dan’s face again changed quickly, and with a smile, he started to rub his crotch with his hand while watching the video with wide eyes. I quickly changed the channel back to cartoons and turned on parent controls. His face changed in to a very sad expression and leaned on the couch again to blindly keep looking at the cartoon.

I was amazed by finding out that Dan does have some kind of sexual feelings. I started to feel an overwhelming feeling of pity toward him. Everyone in his family failed to notice it, but Dan was a teenager. Most teenagers by his age were horny creatures. In mind, he might be a child, but his body was working perfectly and so were his hormones. With hormones, comes desires. And he must be suffering with all the hormones and a single girl would never look at him. He would die without feeling the warmth of a woman or even seeing a naked woman. Maybe that’s why he liked me. When I thought back, I was the only girl around his age that ever even talked to him. It wasn’t surprising that the nature took over and made him like a nice looking female immediately. I felt so guilty about having loud sex with Dave all the time, with him around. Then I thought that the least I could do for him as girl was to treat him as a teenager rather than a child.

I reached in and touched his cheek before saying,

“You are a big boy aren’t you Dan?”

He looked at me smiling innocently.

I was very shy of showing my body and used to wear very conservative clothes. Jeans and baggy t-shirts were like my uniform. I rarely wore a skirt, something short or tight. But the next day, when I came to babysit Dan, I wore an innocent knee long summer dress with straps. Lisa was waiting for me in her office attire, to leave for her work.

“Wow, Melissa sweetie, you look lovely in that dress. What’s the big change?” Lisa said while giving me a hug.

“Just felt like changing my clothing habits a bit. Nothing special,” I said smiling.

That day, Dan was acting super happy. He kept looking at me smiling. He was almost shy when we were close and watching TV. I noticed once in a while, the innocent look in his eyes changed and kept looking at my legs. I felt really happy that a simple dress was able to make his whole day happy. Most importantly, his looking at my legs encouraged me to carry on with my little act of sympathy.

After few days of wearing my summer dresses and long dresses, I went to his home one morning, wearing my usual jeans and baggy t-shirts. But, I was carrying a back pack. The look of disappointment in Dan’s face when he saw me wearing the jeans, made me laugh. He was so transparent and innocent. I went in to the bathroom and put on the clothes that I brought in the back pack. When I entered the room where Dan was watching TV, his eyes went wide and kept looking at me with surprise. I was wearing a denim mini skirt that showed my toned legs nicely and a tight low cut tank top that highlighted my chest beautifully. The tank top was hugging tightly around my full breasts while the low cut showed about an inch of the valley created by my breasts. They were two of the few clothes I bought recently specially for him. After all, I got enough money to go for shopping sprees by babysitting him. So he deserved it. Also, I was also starting to get a little thrill out of showing off my body to a male. Dave wasn’t very romantic when it came to sex. He wanted me naked fast and finish fucking quickly. So I never had the chance to show off for him.

I thought the poor guy would have a heart attack from the way he was looking at me. He was like a deer caught in headlights. I had to laugh and at the same time I felt happy that someone in this world found me that much attractive.

“How do you like my new dress Dan?” I said as I put my hands on hips and turned around showing him my body.

“Pretty, pretty, Melissa pretty” He said aloud while clapping and smiling wide.

That day, he wasn’t taking his eyes off from me. To much of my amusement, he seemed to drop things a lot on the floor for me to pick up. The innocent trick to see up my short skirt was very cute. Even when I went to the kitchen to get lunch ready, he followed me and watched me without missing a single movement I made. The revealing outfit that I wasn’t much used to and the constant stares, were starting to get me a little excited too. Each minute he kept looking at me like at a woman, I started to see him as more of a man.

After the lunch, we were watching TV together. When I sit on the couch, my short skirt rode up higher, showing more of my smooth thighs. Normally, I would have lifted myself up a bit and pull the hem down before sitting again. But, I was wearing the revealing attire to show Dan how girls look. So nervously, I put one leg upon the other, making the skirt ride up even higher. If the skirt had rode up one more inch, it would have showed my underwear. Soon, Dan eyes were glued to my toned thighs, especially at the junction where my thighs and the hem of the skirt met. This sudden exposure of my legs to eagerly watching eyes made me blush a bit and I was getting a bit turned on.

In the heat of the situation, I made the biggest mistake I ever made. I opened the Pandora’s Box. I turned off the parental lock and gave the remote back to Dan before going to the kitchen to clean the mess I made. This time he didn’t follow me as he understood that I turned the lock off for other channels. When I went back check on him, he was watching a movie scene where a semi naked couple passionately kissing each other. He was rubbing himself through the pants while watching it without blinking. I thought for a moment if I should change the channel, but I decided against it. It was just a kissing scene, so I though it should be ok and sat beside him on the couch. The kissing scene ended and he suddenly realized I was sitting beside him. He was looking at me with an expression that I had never seen from him. I gently smiled and with a confused expression asked.

“What?” there was a playful tone in my voice.

He didn’t say anything and suddenly reached in and kissed me on the lips. I was shocked at first and was about push him off telling that he was being naughty. Then I thought, he must have never kissed a girl and might not ever kiss a girl. The least I can do for this poor guy was to at least let him experience a real kiss.

With that decision, I opened my mouth and sent my tongue in to his mouth to touch his. He stopped for a second with the new change but quickly followed my lead and soon we were French kissing. Soon, he was exploring my whole mouth with his tongue. It crept in to every space in my mouth like it was searching for something. This was a new experience for me in kissing and I kind of liked the special attention my mouth was getting.

He didn’t touch me with his hands even once. We were kissing for about 15 minutes and to be honest, he wasn’t a good kisser. He was sloppy and I felt our mixed saliva trailed down my chin, down my neck and in to the valley of my breasts. But this was the first ever time he was kissing and he was like a child. So I didn’t mind. After we ended our little kissing adventure, he looked like he had won a lottery. I smiled and went to the washroom to clean my face and between my breasts. In the washroom, I peeled of my tank top. The between of my breasts were soaked and I was surprise to find the trail of saliva had even reached down to my belly button.

Soon things were back to normal watching cartoons and playing video games. Then suddenly he would lean in to kiss me. I would kiss back and kiss him for about 10 minutes each time. I enjoyed it. But it didn’t sexually turn me on. For me I was just kissing a kid in a big body. By the time Lisa arrived home, we had kissed four more times. I had to change back to my normal clothes before she arrived.

“My god, look at him. What did you do to make him so happy?” Lisa asked seeing the happy face of Dan.

“Nothing much, maybe it’s my charms,” I said smiling.

“You really do make him happy Melissa. I can’t thank you enough for this. He was depressed until you showed up. Let me treat you to something nice later. Ok?” Lisa said hugging me. Only if she could guess why he was so happy, she’ll faint from the shock.

For another week, we played our small secret game. I was wearing short skirts and short dresses for Dan, and was showing off my long toned legs. He was dropping so many things on the floor; I was starting to fear I might get a back pain after bending down so many times. And we kissed a lot too. We spent time kissing so much, he became an acceptable kisser and even I improved my kissing skill. Even Dave noticed that I was a better kisser. And during all those kissing, Dan progressively started holding my body, but didn’t go as far and reaching in to my clothes. I thought that maybe he respected me too much to pass that point. I was like his second mother and I thought that bond would keep him behaved within a limit.

Then one day, while browsing for through channel guide to find something to watch, my attention went to an X-rated movie title that was being broadcasted. I looked at Dan who was sitting beside me and thought for a moment. I decided that it was about time he watch some big boy things, and I was curious about how he would react too. So I put on the movie and let it run.

He watched through the whole movie without looking away for even once. But he didn’t touch himself this time. I thought maybe he was too immersed in to it to touch himself. He was sitting on the left corner of the couch and I was sitting in the middle. Immediately after the movie, he pulled me next to me and started kissing. This took me by surprise. Before this, he came to me for the kisses and never used any kind of force. But this time he grabbed my arms and pulled my lips to his eager mouth. As we were kissing, I felt one of his hands let of my hand and land on my knee. I was wearing a short pleated skirt and a camisole. As his other hand wrapped around me the one on my knee started to move up my thigh. I feared for a moment that he might reach in to my short skirt, but he stopped his hand when it touched the hem, and kept it there. I decided that if it was only that much, it would be safe and I would play alone.

Then he broke the kiss while standing up and slowly but firmly, pushed me down to the couch until I was lying on it. I pulled my legs on to it, but the couch wasn’t long enough for me to stretch my legs. So I had to bend my knees and lift them up to fit my legs in the limited space. The disadvantage of wearing a pleated skirt was that, unlike a tight skirt that would have held wrapped around my thighs, disregard of the gravity; the front of the pleated skirt slid down my angled smooth thighs exposing my legs, and the back of the pleated skirt that should be covering my round ass and the back of my thighs, lied loosely dropped on to the couch. This left my legs and the panty exposed from the above, and the bottom part of my ass cheeks and my panty clad sex completely exposed at the right angle. In a feeble attempt to hide my near nakedness, I held my knees tightly together and with my two hands, held the skirt up my thighs to cover them from Dan’s eyes. Still, I didn’t have a way to cover my exposed bottom.

Luckily, Dan wasn’t interested in moving down to the lower part of my body to find out my near nakedness. He knelt on the floor near my face and bent down to place his lips against mine from side, like giving CPR. This was the first time I was getting kiss from this angle and our mouths seemed to fit well in this way. He put one his big palms underneath the back of my head to support my head while he kissed me deep. His other arm was harmlessly lying on my flat belly and rubbing it through the camisole once in a while. This was the deepest I had ever been kissed before, and his tongue was dancing in my mouth so aggressively, I soon gave up kissing back and held my mouth open for him to explore with his tongue and mouth. While I laid submissively with my mouth opened to him, he went to town in my mouth. It wasn’t a kiss anymore. He was licking every part of inside my mouth with his long tongue. His tongue sometimes went so deep, I felt like he was licking my tonsils. Sometimes, he caught my tongue between his lips and sucked it in to his mouth like a Popsicle. I closed my eyes and started to concentrate fully on the new and strange feelings my mouth was experiencing.

As my mouth underwent this bizarre administration, my full attention went in to the tongue that was rampaging inside my mouth. Soon I even forgot that it was Dan who was doing this and started to slowly moan, as he lick-cleaned my whole mouth.

Suddenly my attention was torn away from my mouth to my exposed bottom. The hand he had on my belly was now on where my thighs and buttocks met. He was gently caressing the area since he liked the smoothness and the softness. As his caressing went wide, he brushed along my panty covered mound, bringing a gasp mixed with a moan from my mouth. The sudden deep kiss was one thing, but this was crossing the line. So I took one of my hands that was holding the skirt on the top and used it to push away his hand that was rubbing on my ass and pussy. He seemed to have get the message and removed his hand from my exposed bottom.

After removing his wondering hand from my bottom, he laid it back on my belly. Then he started to snake hand upwards, rubbing along my flat mid-drift, over my soft breasts and along the neck to grab my chin hard and forcing me to keep my mouth open. Then he suddenly stopped licking and kept his lips tightly locked on to mine like in CPR. I was confused what he was doing and thought that he must be trying to imitate a CPR scene he had seen in the TV.

Then I felt it. A sudden gush of liquids were starting to pour in to my mouth. I didn’t know how or where in the hell he got the idea. But, he was purposefully drooling in to my open mouth. I let go the skirt I was holding and brought my hand up to his hand to pull away ther hand that was keeping my lower jaw open. My sounds of protests were muffled inside our tightly closed lips and his hand was too strong for me to pull off. Our saliva were starting to pool in my mouth as I was lying on my back. After some time, overcoming the disgust, a new sensation was starting mature in my mind. Then giving up the struggle, I drank the saliva that was accumulated in my mouth. I felt something very naughty and erotic about it as our mixed saliva went down my throat. Soon he let go of my chin and happily drooled in to my mouth, groaning in pleasure. Even though I was still feeling disgusted, I continued to submissively gulp down without complain.

After about five minutes, Dan broke the kiss and kept looking at me. He was smiling as he slowly ran his hand caressing my hair in a loving way. I wanted to scold him for what he made me do, but after seeing the innocent smiling face and feeling his loving gesture on my hair, I couldn’t bring myself up to it. Then remembering that I let go of my skirt in the struggle, I looked down at my legs. Following my eyes, Dan also looked at my legs to be treated by another treat. The top part of the pleated skirt had slid down until it was bunched up at my waist and my soft creamy thighs and the white underwear were completely exposed for his eyes to feast upon. I quickly covered myself again by holding the skirt over my nakedness and sitting up. When I sat down, I felt a wetness in my panties. I had gotten wet during the incident. I was excited and ashamed at the same time. Without saying anything I stood up and ran in to the washroom.

I was a bit shaken with his little show of force. But it was the best kiss I had ever experienced. I wasn’t sure if that actually was a kiss or not. Whatever it was, it made my heart pump with excitement when I remembered it. Still there was a danger of playing with fire. He was huge compared to me. So if he wished to, I would be like a rag doll in his arms. My heart tingled a bit by submitting to his carnal desires even for a brief time. I was the type that got excited by a little chance of danger.

For about another week, we played our kissing game like this. He never used force again or was aggressive as before. Mostly we shared normal kisses and once in a while, I would end up willingly lying on the couch on my back, while getting my mouth tongue-cleaned, to end the kiss by drinking huge amounts of our saliva. During these, he would sometimes try to rub underneath my skirt, but I made sure to stop him when he did. He never tried to grab my breasts or put his hands inside my tops. As long as he didn’t, I felt he was still in control and I felt safe. I believed that he was mainly doing these sexual acts in a way of simply imitating what he had seen in TV, and not something he did with real purpose.

As days passed by, I noticed something in Dan’s eyes. The innocent look I used to remember that he had, somehow seemed to have changed. I shrugged the feeling off as I was imagining things. Dave got transferred to a studio in another state and wanted me to move in with him to a new place there. But I refused, as it would leave Lisa helpless with Dan. He was upset about my refusal but agreed to move alone to the new state. Soon, it was only me and Lisa taking care of Dan.

One day, after a very heated kissing session that included getting my tonsils licked, I lost track of time. When I finally realized the time, it was only five minutes before Lisa’s arrival time. I hurried to change my clothes and finished only a minute before Lisa arrived. I was still kind of shaken and excited, and left in a hurry. That was when I made a fateful mistake. In the hurry, I forgot to turn on the parental lock in the TV. Since the TV was in his room, nobody was going to notice that and Dan was going to spend the whole night watching channels that had been locked for him before.

Next day morning, I was looking for something new to wear for Dan. Then something black caught my eye. It was something that I bought with Dave in mind. It was a sheer babydoll night dress. When I wore it, it barely came down passing my crotch and it had a deep v neck cut that went past my breasts. The sheerness didn’t hide anything that it was worn over. It basically showed all my legs, most of my breasts and everything else in a black shade, except the crotch. It came with its own lingerie black panties. I laughed at myself for even considering it and started to look for more options.

“I’ll just show it to him for few seconds. That’s all,” I told to myself as I left my house with a back pack that had the teddy night dress in it.

I was a little late when I reached there and Lisa was in a hurry to leave. As she was leaving, she said that Dan didn’t leave the room in the morning for some reason; so make sure that he got his breakfast. I decided to show my surprise to Dan in the morning and get it over with. I didn’t want to lose track of time at the end of the day, like the day before, if Dan get too worked up over the sheer dress. I straight went to the washroom and changed in to my lingerie. I looked at myself from the mirror, having second thoughts. It was showing much more of my body than I was comfortable with. My nipples were clearly visible thorough the sheer material and the whole teddy dress hugged my body like it was made just for me. If I felt safe showing something like this to any guy, it was Dan. He was my little boy and I was like a mother to him. After this, he would have basically seen a naked woman with his own eyes, and I would feel much better about giving him that present. I realized that actually that was my final goal. To show him how a real girl looked like. I was not really naked, but even this was going much further than I felt comfortable about. So I felt like this was my final test.

After strengthening up my courage, I tip toed to Dan’s room hoping to surprise him with his final gift. I heard him in the attached bathroom and the TV was still on. The channel he was watching had gone offline and was showing a blank screen. I wondered which kids’ channel would be offline in the morning. Dan was coming out of the bathroom and I moved in to a pinup-girl pose while smiling to surprise him. The person who got the surprise was me. He was naked and he had an eight inch big hard cock between his legs. Dave’s was only five inches and the biggest I’ve seen for real was six inches.

As I stayed there frozen with my eyes and mouth opened big, Dan also was frozen looking at me with open eyes and mouth. We stayed frozen like that for a few moments. My mind was screaming that this was not a good situation and to stop showing my near naked body and get out of the room. But my body was frozen with shock and wasn’t listening to my mind. Dan was the first to move and as he walked close to me, his eyes had that strange look in his eyes.

“Oh no!” was the only thing I was able to say before he easily picked me up from my waist and threw me on to the bed. As I bounced on the bed from the fall, he also playfully jumped on to it. It wasn’t the couch, so I guessed he was in the playing mood and was going to play some games on the bed like we were used to. He was a small kid after all. Still I wasn’t wearing anything close to being appropriate to casually play games. My plan was to show him my body for few seconds and change in to something more decent.

“Ok, ok let me change first sweetie,” I said as I tried to get up from the bed. Suddenly Dan climbed on top of me. He was on his hand and knees while I laid beneath his huge body.

“Melissa, pretty,” He said slowly, while looking straight in to my eyes.

“Thank you dear, now please let me get up,” I said giggling and tried to slide out from underneath his body. I was happy that he noticed my dress. He was not all boy after all.

When I tried to get out, he suddenly lowered his body on to mine trapped me underneath him. His face was looking at me inches away from mine.

“Dan?” I asked in a concerned voice. Then I noticed the strange look on his eyes. It was lust, the purest uninhibited version of it. I felt that I had taken this game too far than I wanted and was starting to panic. My near naked body was touching him from top to bottom. Alarms were ringing in my head, telling me to get out.

“Dan, baby please let me get up” I said in a pleading voice while squirming underneath his big frame to push him off. I wasn’t making any progress as he was too big and I wasn’t strong enough.

He suddenly grabbed my head with both his arms and kissed me deep. I felt that if I let him have his kiss, he might calm down. After all, this was his first time seeing a near naked girl. So this was kind of understandable. Giving up my struggle, I kissed him back. During our kiss, he took one of his hands from my head and put it on my exposed soft thigh. It was nothing strange. What had changed was, during my struggle, the flimsy dress had ridden up my body till my waist. So he brought up his arm along the side of my body until he hit the hem at my waist. I guessed that as usual, he wasn’t going to reach in to my top. But, he kept moving his arm up under the dress. I was starting to panic as his hand went up without stopping, and I gasped when he grabbed on to my breast from inside. When he squeezed my breast again, I got an adrenalin rush and pushed him off to the side and tried to roll off the bed. Dan wasn’t planning to let me escape that easily and he quickly grabbed on to me from behind. Now he was spooning me from the back while I laid there on my left side. He had his left arm going underneath me and around under my breasts to hold me to him and his right leg draped over my legs to lock my legs in place. As he held me tight to his body, his hard cock that was pressing on my ass was hard to ignore.

“Bad Dan! Let me go NOW!” I said in a much sterner voice.

As the answer, he emitted a grunt like he was annoyed and squeezed my body to him tighter. I was having hard time breathing and I was afraid of his sudden change of personality and use of force.

“Ok, ok, you can touch if you want, but nothing else,” I said in hope of calming him down.

He eased the grip around my ribcage to let me breathe easily, but then started something new. He was sliding his bare leg up and down on my smooth exposed legs and was using his right hand to clumsily touch and squeeze my breasts. While doing this, he was kissing and sucking on my right ear. My ears were a weak spot of me.

I was cursing my foolishness for letting things get this way. It wasn’t his fault. He was a young kid in a teenage body. If given the chance, it was easy for his body’s desires to take over his mind, as he didn’t know what was ethical or unethical. Lust would easily take over an empty mind.

This went on for about 20 minutes. The constant fondling and caressing of my body was starting to raise my heart beat and turn me on. Soon, my body was heating up and my nipples were starting get hard and erect. When he felt the appearance of hard points on my breasts, he spent more time examining them with pinches and rubs. I was starting to breathe hard, when he started to hump in to my back, I knew he was trying to imitate what he saw on the X-rated movie. I was glad that they didn’t show what actually went on down there, like a penis going in to a vagina. If he had seen something like that, given my situation, I would be in a world of trouble.

As my body shook with his dry humping, my attention went to the blank TV screen I was facing. I thought that he would get his rocks off after the humping and I would stop all the foolish things I was doing. Then horror struck me when I saw the channel name at the corner of the screen. It was a porn channel. Realization hit me as I remembered how I left the day before in a hurry and forgot to turn on the parental lock.

“Dan, let me go NOW!” I shouted at him feeling the eminent danger and struggled to get free.

His hold was strong and I was getting nowhere. I felt a strong tug on my panties and with a shredding noise, the torn black lacy material flew over me and landed on the floor.

“Dan, sweetie, you love me don’t you? Please let me up. I beg you,” I was panicking and trying to find a way out. If he had seen from porn, where his penis should go in to a girl and what he should do with it; I was in a big risk of getting raped. Then to add more to the horror, I heard Dan’s voice near my ear from behind.

“Melissa pretty, Melissa fuck.”

He started to hump and poke around with his dick to find the opening the girls had in the program he saw the day before. I clamped my legs together praying to god that he would not find my opening. During all the poking, he found the gap between my thighs and my pussy. When his dick slipped in to the gap, he started to thrust in frantically.

“aaagh!” I sighed loud as this caused his dick to slid against and rub directly against my vagina lips and clitoris. Dan stopped licking my ear and started panting. I could feel his hot breath in the back of my neck, sending shivers down my spine. Soon with the added stimulation of fondling my breasts, I started to get wet and Dan noticed the new warm wet sensation on his dick and started to hump faster. This caused his penis head to sometimes slid in through my inner lips and hit my clitoris, sending sweet painful shocks through my lower body. As the rubbing sensation and the hitting against my clit intensified, I reactively pushed my pelvis out to ease the pressure he was putting on my over sensitive nub. This dislodged his cock from the gap he was humping and he quickly thrust in again searching for the place he was humping.

My eyes opened wide and my body went rigid as I screamed. The god had ignored my prayers and he had found the real opening he was searching for. I felt difficult to breathe as something unimaginably big suddenly stretched my tight opening. As soon as his penis head slipped in to something warm and wet, his male instinct took over and started to trust in frantically like an animal. I screamed louder and tears started to fall from my eyes as the pain was unbearable. He was burring his cock in to me like driving a nail in to wood with a mechanical hammer. Within few seconds, He buried his 8 inch cock to the root in me. My vaginal walls screamed in pain as they were forced to suddenly stretch around the biggest thing they had ever experienced. As soon as his ball sack hit my pussy, he started his animalistic thrusts. His thrusts were erratic, wild and clumsy. A slapping sound was generated every time his pelvis hit my round soft ass and I could feel balls hitting my pussy.

“aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,” was all I could scream as his painful thrusts invaded my innocence.

Mercifully, the pain started to recede. My vagina took over the control and started to secrete more lubrication in to the being abused tunnel. The once painfully stretched walls were now stretching deliciously around his invading member. He was stretching parts of my vagina that could be recognized as my virgin territories. No one had ever reached those parts before. I was amazed about his stamina as he kept on power fucking my poor rarely used pussy without a break. It wasn’t the big cock or the power of the fucking that started to melt my resolve; it was the non-stop, unrelenting and constant pounding that stimulated my vagina in to submission even though I was still resisting in my mind. In my mind I was being raped by the person I consider as a child; for my pussy, it was being serviced by a big virile cock. As my vagina deemed the cock that was thrusting through its walls were magnificent and worthy enough to breed me, it started to produce more lubrication, massage it and sent pleasure signals to my brain to let me know that it was a good cock and my pussy was satisfied with its fucking.

“ugh, ugh, honey, oooh, please stop, please stop,aaaaaaaahhhhm,” I was moaning while grunting. I felt full inside me as he stuffed me with his big cock. I was still a young girl. So it was impossible to ignore the sensation of getting power fucked in an animalistic fashion by a huge cock. My body writhed in pleasure and pain in his tight embrace.

Soon, Dan stopped his clumsy, short frantic thrusting and changed the rhythm in to a long deep thrusting, with loud grunts. It was still fast, but wasn’t as fast as before. Each of those strong thrusts, made me expel a gust of breath out of my lungs. And each time, his cock was hitting on my cervix, bring out a painful grunt from my opened mouth. The whole bed started to rock and the head board started to bang loud on the wall. As his cock deliciously knocked on door to my womb, I surrendered to the pleasure and gave in.

I felt a hot wave of electricity passing through my whole body. My right leg went rigid and automatically lift itself in to the air, creating more space between my legs for him to pound in. Then it came.

“uuuuuuurrrrrrghhhhhhhh,” I was groaning loud while grinding my teeth as the forcefully induced orgasm washed over my body. I even felt sparks in my brain as I started shuddering with the orgasm. My right leg that was lifted in to the air started to twitch uncontrollably with pleasure like it was electrocuted. My freshly climaxed vagina was pulsing happily around his thrusting cock like it was milking his cock for cum.

The orgasm felt amazing, but even throughout the orgasm, my tears didn’t stop falling on to the mattress sheet. After the orgasm, I came down from the sexual high and started to feel shame and fear. I felt like I was having a nightmare. How could the innocent cute childlike Dan be fucking the wind out of me? That also by force. I never imagined that my act of sympathy would end up with me being forced to cum on his big dick like a nymphomaniac slut. I didn’t feel any anger for Dan as he didn’t know any better. He didn’t know what was right and wrong. He only followed his desires and I was the one at fault for cultivating those desired in him. I was reaping what I sow.

I heard Dan’s grunting become more desperate and quicken his thrusting. I knew he was about to cum for the first time in his life and he was going to release all that pent up desires straight in to a beautiful girl’s warm depths. What a lucky guy. I was kind of happy about giving him that gift. But in reality he was taking that gift from me by force. I was glad that I started taking birth control pills after starting a relationship with Dave. At least I didn’t have to worry about a pregnancy. I just closed my eyes and waited for Dan to cum and end the nightmare.

Suddenly I heard a sound of confusion from Dan before he groaned loud and thrust in as deep as he could before he started cumming in me. I felt his penis swell up and hot seed spray against my cervix. I had never felt anything like that and had to let out a moan in response to the new sensation. He sounded almost like crying when pleasure took over his body and pumped spurt after spurt of years’ worth pent up cum in to me.

Soon, Dan’s cock stopped shooting his cum in to me and with a satisfied groan, he pulled the still hard cock out of my battered vagina with an obscene sucking sound. I let out a sigh of relief since the ordeal had ended. When I started to move away, he grabbed me tight again.

“Dan, let me go now please. You took what you want,” I said while crying and started to move again.

Then he pounded me hard with a deep thrust. I yelped at the sudden hard thrust and my body went still. But he didn’t continue the thrusting and giggled while letting go of the restraints he had around me. I was happy that he was finally letting me go and I tried to move away again, and came the deep thrust. I squealed as my whole body went limp with the sudden attack on my most sensitive place. When I tried to move again, he thrust in harder, effectively paralyzing my body with each one. He was playing a game. He was trying to keep me under control by thrusting, without holding me. He had invented a very cruel game from the new things he had learned and I was losing it badly. He successfully kept me crying on the bed for half an hour by using his thrusting whenever I tried to get away. If I tried to force through a thrust, he hammered dick hard in to me till I stopped moving.

Finally after resting for about 10 minutes with his cock in me and not moving, I went for the final sprint. He immediately started to jackhammer in to me trying to fuck me to submission. It felt it was almost impossible to move my legs while getting my cervix hammered. I managed to get down from the bed and crawl on my knees using everything I had to reach the door. Dan didn’t miss a beat and followed behind me while squatting to pound in to me. When I was getting near to the door, he grabbed on to my hips and started to fuck like drilling a jackhammer in to my sensitive pussy. My womb was violently shaking inside my body and all the strength I had went away. With a loud moan, I accepted my defeat. He fucked me in to submission when I was only a few inches away from the door. I moaned loud and dropped myself on to the floor. I had given up and he had won the game. He quickly laid on top of me and started his power fucking, pulling moan after moan from me. It wasn’t much pleasant to get power fucked right after getting your vagina properly stretch for the first time. After I writhed and came two times on the floor, he groaned loud and came in me again. After that, he stood up, went to the couch and started watching cartoons. His total negligence of me after he had brutally fucked me, left me feeling like I got used like an object. I quickly got up and ran with my wobbly legs and locked myself in the washroom.

I cried for an hour before calling Lisa to tell her that I was going home a bit early. After changing my clothes, I went home to cry some more. Later that night, Lisa called to see if I was doing alright. I told her that I wasn’t feeling well and needed to take next two days off. She told me that it was fine and she could take a two day leave from work or get a babysitter to take care of Dan. The whole night, I was thinking about what had happened and why it had happened. Everything was my fault. I should have played my little games with Dan much more carefully. I knew I was playing with fire when I started it. So I had no right to complain about getting burnt.

Next day I was coming in to terms of what had happened. I was still angry at myself for messing up the mind of Dan. I seduced and cornered him until he raped me. Yes, physically it felt good and I had three orgasms in that one session. Through my whole life, I had experienced only four orgasms before. But still my mind refused to see him as any more than a kid. I didn’t want something like that to happen again. If he get in to a bad habit and attack another girl, he would straight end up in an asylum. I would not be able to live with guilt, if something like that happen to Dan because of my foolishness. I determined that I started this mess and I would end it. I would have to teach Dan what was good and what was bad.

Next day I got up early to go meet Lisa. I was going to tell her what had happened and beg for forgiveness. I gave a call to let her know that I was coming, but she didn’t answer. Knowing that it was hard to find babysitters, I though most probably she should be at home with Dan. When I went over and knocked on the door, nobody answered. So I opened the door with the spare key I had and entered the house.

The living room was a total mess. This was unusual since Lisa always kept the house nice and clean. When I called out for Lisa, nobody answered. I thought maybe they had gone somewhere together. Then I heard a noise from upstairs. When I got near the stairs, I started to hear a banging sound. As I climbed up, the banging noise got louder. It was coming from the direction of Dan’s room. As I got near to the room, I started to hear the now all too familiar Dan’s grunts and whimpering moans of a girl. I felt my heart burn when I started to put things together in my mind. The banging sounded just like the headboard of the bed hitting the wall and it sounded much like Dan was having sex with someone. And only people that could be at home with Dan at that time was Lisa or a babysitter. From the moans it sounded most likely, Dan was raping his new babysitter.

“Oh no!” I said as I ran to the door of Dan’s room.

The door to the room was opened wide and the sounds of sex were clearly coming from Dan’s room. Instead of running in, I slowly leaned in to see what was happening. The bed was facing opposite to me and the first thing I noticed was Dan’s naked ass moving up and down fast. There were two beautifully toned long legs spread apart outside his hammering pelvis. Those legs were the only visible parts of the poor victim as Dan’s huge body covered the whole body the girl. Their joined sexes were drenched in liquids and there was a large wet stain on the bed sheet as her pussy poured out her excitement. Her deep red pussy was stretched around the large cock as he plunged in and she seemed to be very tight as her opening held tight on to his cock and got pulled out a bit every time he pulled out. From the look of her sexy legs, tight vagina and soft feminine moans, I concluded that it was definitely a young babysitter that Dan was ravaging. When I looked up, I saw that that Dan was holding down the girl’s hands at her head level by her wrists. Her placid fingers twitched every time Dan plunged his cock hard in to her. It was definitely a rape and I thought that Dan was going to end up in an asylum when the girl called the police.

I moved in thinking that I should stop Dan and save the poor girl from her rape. Right then, Dan lifted his torso up by pushing on his arms while still holding the girl’s wrists. By now I had moved enough to see them from their sides. My breath stopped when I saw the victim’s face which was hidden until now.

“Oh my god, Lisa!” I yelled. But I hardly made any sound in my state of shock.

My heart fell when I saw the face of Lisa. She had her eyes closed tight while whimpering with each thrust. Tears were running down from the corners of her eyes and she had her head turned to side refusing to even face Dan. Her body was covered in a thin sheet of sweat, and her large breasts were shaking from the brutal thrusts as he buried his cock in to her. She indeed was a beautiful woman. There wasn’t a hint of extra fat on her body. Her usually neatly combed blond hair was a mess and some strands stuck matted to her face with sweat.

I ran in and grabbed Dan from his sweaty shoulders to pull him away from his whimpering mother. She was the last person in the world that he should be raping. When I grabbed on to his shoulder to pull him away, from the corner of my eye, I saw a big hand coming in to my face. I got knocked out for about a minute and woke up on the floor to the sound of Lisa calling my name while getting pounded by Dan.

“Melissa..ugh..are you hurt?aah.don’t worry.ugh .please go.mmgh. you can’t stop him.ugh,” Lisa said while looking at me worriedly.

I slowly got up and looked at them. Dan was concentrating on thrusting his cock in to his mother. He was so caught up in it; he was drooling from his mouth on to Lisa’s chest. Tears ran down from her eyes as she looked at me and gave a reassuring nod to let me know it was alright to leave. Right then Dan grabbed her chin to turn her head and kissed her hard while thrusting harder and deeper in to her womanhood. I could hear her muffled moans and protests from their sealed lips. When I stood up, I noticed that all around the floor were shredded reminiscence of her clothes. Her body writhed in discomfort or pleasure, as he thrust his big cock deep in to her pussy. From her facial expressions and the twitching of her whole body when he bottomed out his cock, I guessed that he was hitting her cervix. At that moment he was just a wild animal that was trying to breed a female. In his lust crazed mind, even his own mother was another object of pleasure. Between all her muffled protests, moans and grunts; I heard Lisa gag. From the way Dan had his head turned while locking his mouth on to her, I knew that Dan was drooling saliva in to her mouth. She struggle a bit to free her mouth from his lock. When her throat moved inside her neck right after a loud gag and a cough, I knew Lisa was being forced to swallow. Dan must have used the same little dirty secret he used on me before. During our kissing sessions, when I refused to swallow his saliva, he sometimes reached in with his tongue and licked my uvula. This made me gag hard and swallow whatever that was in my mouth right after that. Her eyes fluttered and her throat moved as Dan made her gag and swallow his saliva again and again. It was a bizarre scene to watch a mother being thoroughly fucked by her own son while being subjugated to perverted acts.

I walked out of the room closing the door behind me. Still, the loud banging on the wall continued without missing a beat. I sat on the floor in the hallway and started crying loud. My stupidity had led a mother to be raped by her own son and a son to rape his own mother. I went there to tell what really had happened. But after witnessing that, I didn’t have enough courage to tell a mother that got raped by her son that I was to blame.

Soon I heard Dan’s grunting and Lisa’s now very loud moans. They had stopped kissing. In a minute, her moans changed in to loud groans, and I knew that Dan was making Lisa orgasm. Then the banging got faster and Dan groaned loud. He was inseminating his own mother. The bed hit the wall few more times as he dug his cock deep in to Lisa’s womb to shoot in the last spurts of his cum, the womb he was conceived. After about five minutes silence, the door opened and Lisa came out wearing one of Dan’s shirts. I could see a stream of cum dripping down her left inner thigh as she slowly came to me to sit beside me. We hugged each other and cried for a long time without saying anything. Lisa lifted her head and asked me.

“He raped you also didn’t he?” Lisa asked while looking at my eyes.

It looked like she had figured out why I suddenly requested few days off and whose torn panties were beside Dan’s bed. So I just nodded.

“Oh my god, honey, I’m sorry. I don’t know what had happened to Dan. As the mother I’m at fault for what you had to go through. I can’t forgive myself. I failed as a mother,” Lisa said while crying loud.

For the ever shame of my life, I couldn’t find courage to tell her that it was my fault that Dan turned up like this. But I vowed myself that I would stick with Lisa in this and not abandon her.

“I understand if you go to the authorities Melissa,” Lisa said while looking at me.

“No Lisa, it’s not Dan’s fault. He doesn’t know what’s right and wrong. He just followed his desires. I cannot blame him for that,” I said to let Lisa know that her son would not end up in an asylum.

“Thank you. Thank you. You are like my own daughter,” Lisa said while hugging me.

Then we told each other what had happened. I omitted the parts about me dressing sexy or kissing him. I did tell her that I left the parental lock in the TV off, by mistake and he had watched porn after that. That was enough to explain Lisa her son’s change of personality. I got to know that, in the morning; Dan had suddenly tried to French kiss Lisa while in the living room. When she refused his strange request, he had become violent. Finally, fearing that he would hurt himself, Lisa had consented to kiss him. But after the kiss, he had carried her in to his room and had raped her. She had tried to resist at first, but like me, she too had gotten fucked to submission. Since the morning, he had being raping her while giving her no rest. She was amazed at how he was able to have sex continuously for hours like that. Within six hours, he had cum in her four times and she had lost the count of her orgasms after ten.

Then we discussed about what to do. Lisa guessed that he would be like that till he gets the horniness out of his system. After much thought, she decided to offer her body for that purpose and that was the least she can do as the mother. I decided to help her in that too. She refused at first and didn’t want anyone else to suffer, especially since I was still young and had a whole life ahead of me. But after much persuasion, she agreed.

We got surprised when Dan came to us as stood watching both of us. He was looking at us as if he was trying to choose one. After a moment, he grabbed Lisa’s arm and tried to pull her toward his room. It looked like he preferred his mother’s body to mine. After seeing her naked, I wouldn’t blame him too. She was a matured woman at her peak. Her sexual appeal was the real deal. But I cut in and took his arm.

“Melissa dear, you don’t have to do this,” Lisa said while looking at me.

“It’s ok Lisa, don’t worry. You really could use some rest,” I said as I led Dan to his room. He followed me obediently. He was satisfied as long as he was going to get some pussy from a pretty lady. In the room, I took off my clothes and lied on the bed on my back and spread my legs, offering my womanhood for his pleasure. Soon he was thrusting balls deep between my legs and I moaned in pleasure as the headboard started banging on the wall.

Next day I moved in to Lisa’s house and she took a month leave from her Job. Dan’s desires were unquenchable and he spent most of the day thrusting his cock in to me or Lisa. Whenever he wanted a fuck, he would either carry us in to his room or fucked us where we were. It was a raping roulette for Lisa and me. Lisa was having bad luck and her pussy was getting pounded at least twice more than mine. She had a more erotic body, but most importantly, she was more welcoming and caring towards Dan in sex than me. So he preferred to have his dick buried in his mother.

So, in an effort to divert his attention from her a little, I started to wear sexy clothes again. He loved to pound in to me while I wore my short skirts and short dresses. His favorite was my pleated short skirt with any tight t-shirt. When I wore that, I got fucked till I was sore. Since he had a bad habit of surprising me and rip my panties to take me on the spot, I gave up wearing underwear at home altogether. And often, he liked to play the submission game, he played with me the first time. It wasn’t strange to find Lisa or myself with Dan behind us sticking his cock in us while humping every time we tried to move or walk. And it always ended with us giving up and falling on the floor to get fucked to oblivion by Dan. He was always super rough when he fucked us to submission, so we both always wanted to win this unwinnable perverted game.

He was a breast guy too. Sometimes after fucking and cumming in me or Lisa, he sucked on our nipple while his ever hard cock still buried in us. He was squeezing and sucking on the nipple like he was breast feeding. Lisa loved this and held his head to her breasts lovingly while encouraging him with a soft voice.

“That’s it baby drink all you want. Just like you did long ago. Sorry but mommy is not making any milk yet,” She whispered while holding his head like a baby, and I was confused with her word ‘yet’ in that sentence.

Not having been a mother or breast fed before, the whole sucking on my breasts like a baby thing was a little bit too awkward for me at first. But soon, I got used to it since being sucked hard on nipples while being plugged by a huge cock was more than enough stimulation to make me orgasm.

As a young girl, I enjoyed being fucked often by a big cock and cumming many times a day. But I didn’t love it. It wasn’t something I desired or wanted to happen. But one thing I loved was, watching Lisa as she got roughly fucked. I could say that she was starting to really enjoy getting fucked on regular basis. I couldn’t blame her as she had gone about ten years absent of sex before this. The way she received each thrust with an erotic moment in her pelvis and how her large breasts moved as she got fucked, were mesmerizing. Even if I was much younger, she had a more girly moan than I did. I loved listening to her moans while falling asleep at night, when Dan snuck in to her bedroom beside mine to fuck her whole night. He did this only with Lisa and if he wanted to fuck me in the middle of the night, he would carry me in bridal style to his room.

Moving in to Lisa’s home also gave me lot of time to talk and bond with her. We usually talked about many things while we were in the kitchen. We never talked about the things Dan did with our bodies. It was normal for the other one to watch as Dan fucked one, but we never talked about it. It was normal for Dan to come in while Lisa and I talked and kiss one of us. It was his way of saying that he wanted to fuck that person. After the kiss, we would stand up and he would either manipulate our bodies in to a position he wants to pound in to our pussies or carry us in bridal style to his room. When he did this to me, I would just put my hands around his neck support and silently let him carry me. When it was Lisa’s turn, she would put her arms around his neck and would kiss him all the way to the room. When I just let Dan fuck away at my pussy, she wrapped her long shapely limbs around him and moaned encouraging words with her soft voice. From the way she responded to Dan using her body, I suspected that she was enjoying this whole scenario much more than she showed me she did.

One day in the morning, I peeked in to her bedroom to see how the mother and son were doing. The night before, Dan snuck in to her bedroom and fucked her the whole night. The morning sun light was falling on to their bodies as they were already awake and were lying on the bed, facing each other. Lisa was lying on her left side and was holding his head to her breasts as he kept sucking on it. Her long blond hair and her creamy smooth skin looked like made with gold, as the morning sunlight fell on her body. She was an art work. It was the first time I had seen such beauty from a woman. It wasn’t just sexy, it was beauty in its purest form.

While looking at her son with loving eyes as he drank her imaginary milk, Lisa let her right leg glide up on his right till her bent knee rested upon his hip. This exposed her dripping wet pussy and his rock hard penis. With her right hand, Lisa grasped Dan’s throbbing cock and guided it in to his mother’s wet opening. Her pink pussy lips opened up welcoming her sons cock and the head got lodged in her sex. While still sucking on her nipple, Dan flexed his hip to bury his whole cock in to her wet depths in three strokes. Lisa moaned loud with desire and held his lips tighter on to her nipple. Soon, his balls were slapping on to her pussy with each deep thrust and Lisa was moaning with her mouth opened and eyes closed. She gyrated her pussy to return his thrusts and in few minutes, she was cumming. I could see her spread pussy lips pulsate around his cock as she peaked. Dan kept on plunging his baby giver in to his mother’s baby maker. He let go of her nipple and shared a deep soul bonding kiss with Lisa while thrusting in with more power. Her moans soon turned in to girlish squeals as she neared her second orgasm. After her second orgasm, their privates were dripping wet and he pounded in to her with squelching sounds. Dan suddenly rooted his cock in to Lisa as deep as he could, and made Lisa yelp. As he kept his cock buried deep and balls resting on her pussy, his balls started to pulse and Lisa started moaning.

“That’s it baby. Pour it all in to me. If you do a good job, I’ll give you tasty milk to drink,” Lisa moaned as her son pumped spurt after spurt of baby batter in to her womb.

I figured that Lisa definitely had an impregnation fetish. Still having those fantasies while her own son shoot cum in to her, was a little bit over the line to me. I left the two love birds to their love making as Dan started thrusting in his hard cock again in to Lisa’s freshly seeded pussy.

Lisa had a perfect hourglass body and when I made her wear some of my sexy clothes, she looked like a sex goddess. Whenever she wore those, Dan fucked her the whole day in those clothes. So she tried not to wear sexy clothes much when she got sore from loving her son. I always tried to get her in to some sexy clothes as I loved to see her get sexed whole day. What I loved about those days were when at the end of the day after being fucked by Dan the whole day; Lisa entered a really horny state. Normally those days ended when she climbed on Dan and rode him while screaming to cum in her and make her pregnant.

I always thought, those talks about impregnating her were just words told in the heat of the moment, but later found out that she meant every word she said. After three weeks, Lisa came to me and told that she was pregnant with Dan’s baby. I was shocked to hear that because I obviously though she was on birth control, like a sensible woman. Having sex with her own son was edgy enough, but getting pregnant by him? She explained that after getting raped by her son for hours the first time, she was starting to worry about pregnancy as she wasn’t using any birth controls. Then later she felt that she wanted to give birth to another baby before she got too old. As a mother, she had failed to give birth to Dan as a healthy person. So she decided that if she was going to have another child, it was going to be Dan’s. It was her way of repenting for failing as a mother for Dan, and a retry to give at least his child a normal life. After hearing that, instead of disgust, I started to admire her love and conviction as a mother.

That night, when I took out my birth control pills to drink one, I kept looking at them and started to think. In the beginning it all started as an act of sympathy. Still I felt like that. But after having sex with Dan and cumming so many times, something was growing inside my heart. Something strong enough to overwhelm the love I had for Dave. I watched in disbelief, as my arm turned and dumped all the pills in to the toilet.

As I walked toward Dan’s room, I kept saying myself that this was just an act of sympathy. I shed all of my clothes at the door and crawled in to his bed. Before this, I had never initiated the sex act. It was always him that took me. It was him that always fucked my pussy, I never fucked him back. But that night, it was I who crawled in to his bed naked.

Dan was sleeping naked and I leaned in and took his soft penis in to my mouth. As I started sucking his penis in to my mouth, it started to get hard with the feeling of wet heat and suction my mouth was providing. He woke up from his sleep to see me bobbing my head up and down between his legs. He lifted his torso up quickly to see what I was doing. When I raised my gaze to see his face, I noticed that he had an expression of pleasure and confusion. He must have been confused about what I was doing to him, but it must have felt good enough not to stop me. I kept looking at his eyes while I carried on my blowjob. My mouth kept sucking on his member, while my tongue massaged the underside of it. I used one hand to play with his big balls and he started to groan in pleasure. He leaned back on to the bed and put his hand on the back of my head. I knew he was going to take over. His idea about sex was, him thrusting his cock in to something. So, while holding my head in place, he started to thrust up his pelvis and fuck my face. It was slow and gentle at first, like he was testing the water. Then he started to speed up. I put my hands on each of his thighs to grab on for the ride and as a way to push my head up if he got too rough. Soon, his penis head started to hit the back of my throat painfully. I was on my knees, and brought them closer toward my head to give more angle to my upper body. This lined up my throat with his thrusting cock and he entered my throat. The room got filled with squelching sound as he thrust in to my throat again and again. Saliva started to flow down his penis, coating it with more lubricant. Luckily, with every thrust, he pulled his cock out of my throat, enabling me to breath. When he thrust deep in to my throat, I felt my chin hit on his soft scrotum. As my head shook wildly with his hard pumping, my hair started to fly everywhere. Soon, my long blond hair fell all around my head, hiding the sex act of his cock and my mouth, to the outside world.

After sometime, I started to feel Dan’s thrusting speed up and his groans started to get louder. Then he grabbed my head tight and pushed me down hard on to his cock. I felt my chin rest on his scrotum and his cock get lodged deep up my throat. As he kept my head pushed on to his pelvis, he started to cum. By then, I was struggling for air and was gagging on his pulsating cock in my throat. This massaged it encouragingly to cum more and more. I pushed my hands against his thighs to get free, but I was too weak at that point. While my lungs burned with lack of air, he kept pumping more on more cum straight in to my stomach. Just as when I was about to black out, he let go of my head and I pulled my head out gasping for air. I fell on the bed while breathing hard for my life as my oxygen depraved lungs greedily filled themselves with much needed air.

After I caught enough breath, I opened my eyes to find Dan’s face hanging over mine with a worried look. I must have scared him from the way I was breathing for my life. He was caressing my head gently as he was looking at me. This was the gesture he used whenever he was apologetic. I accepted the apology and smiled to let him know that I was alright. I wasn’t forgiving just the choking incident, I was forgiving everything that he made me or forced me to do. This lifted the ban against him I had in my heart and it opened my heart for him. As if he could understand, he leaned in and gave me a gentle kiss. It wasn’t the usual rough deep kiss. It was a gentle lovers’ kiss. It was a soul bonding kiss.

When he pulled back his head again, I put my hand gently on his cheek and said, “Dan, I want you to be the father of my first baby.”

He looked at me with a confused face. I knew I had to say it in a way he understood. I moved myself to the middle of the bed, and lied down on back with a pillow under my head. Then while raising my knees, I spread my legs apart as much as I can before extending my inviting arms to say,

“Fuck Melissa.”

The message was simple, loud and clear. He literally jumped on to me while giggling with pleasure. He was already hard and I was dripping wet between my legs. After an extreme amount of experience in plunging his cock in to tight pussies, he found the mark and buried his cock in to me while he landed. I yelped loud as he buried more than half of his cock in to me in that one stroke. While smiling, he started to lick my face. He was definitely very happy about my change of attitude. Until then, I was a passive partner when I had sex with him. Now I was actively engaging with him sexually. I was giggling from the ticklish licking of my face and neck. He was like a happy little puppy.

I wrapped my small arms around his wide back and brought up my slender long legs to place my heels on his buttocks.

“Show me how happy you are,” I said as I dug my heels on to his ass and urging to push his cock deeper inside me.

Dan took over the controls and started to deliciously pound in to me. I was feeling at least ten times more pleasure compared to our sex before. I moaned loud, surprised by the unbelievable pleasure his cock made me experience. My mental acceptance had made the ordinary sensation of ‘being fucked’ in to a ‘being loved’ sensation. Every time he plunged deep and stretched me with his big cock, he was taking me on a ride in heaven. In fact, he was bringing the heaven itself to between my legs. I was now throwing my hip up to fuck him back while pushing my heels in to his back, urging him to thrust harder. I was orgasming in my mind every time he plunged his love pole in to me. And they were much better than the usual orgasms I had been having.

As my mouth produced throes of pleasure, my body writhed and twisted in a sensual way to love the body of the amazing man that was giving me those unimaginable pleasures. Then, I realized why Lisa looked so happy and even let Dan impregnate her even if he was her own son. Any women would gladly accept the seed of any man that could make them happy like this. Apparently, that included mothers too.

Soon, I was starting to feel something big coming. A pleasure that was incalculable when compared with the pleasures I had ever felt in my life. It came like a tsunami, and when it hit, my mind literally short circuited with the over load of pleasure. My whole body was trembling violently as I screamed like a mad woman with a loud speaker. Dan kept on his pile driving undeterred and my orgasm went on and on without stopping. I was lost in a world where everything was made of lust and pleasure. Then I felt my whole body start to burn up as Dan started shooting his lava hot cum straight in to my cervix. He wasn’t just cumming in me. This time he was impregnating me. Realizing this brought a new level of orgasms and I screamed,

“That’s it baby, breed me. Shoot that baby in to me. Make me a mother. Make me a mother.”

Even after Dan pulled out, I was still getting wrecked with one orgasm after another. I curled up in to a fetal position and rode out each one while screaming profanities. Dan lay beside me and held me close as I went through all those mind breaking orgasms. After the orgasms calmed down, I fell in to a deep sleep in Dan’s arms.

Next morning, while eating breakfast, Lisa was looking at me with a wide grin.

“So, I heard that there’s another baby coming in to this family,” She said in a teasing manner.

It looked like I was too loud the night before. So I gave a shy nod. She gave a light kiss on my lips as said “You’ll be a perfect mother for my Dan’s child.”

In couple of days, Lisa went back to work and I was alone with Dan. I spent whole days naked as Dan was fucking me non-stop. It was almost as if he knew, and was trying to breed me. Those weeks went past me as I spent most of it in an orgasmic blur. After keeping my womb constantly filled with his seed for three weeks, Dan managed to make me pregnant and I started to get morning sickness. The act of kindness that started as showing him a girl’s body, ended up with me happily carrying his child within me.

As Lisa’s and my once flat bellies started to swell with Dan’s children, his wild lust started to fade away. Maybe after witnessing two beautiful women carrying his children, his body might have given his brain the mission accomplished signal. He was still capable of fucking us to submission, but that was only if we consented. Now he was a gentle lover. If we resisted in anyway, he didn’t push us. Now it was Lisa and I were the ones that were crazy with lust. The pregnancies made us super horny all the time. So it was very common to see either me or Lisa, leading Dan to his or our room to get orgasms pounded out of our womanhood.

The pregnancy started to mold my body from a girl to a woman. My breasts, hips, thighs and buttocks started to fill out nicely as my belly grew. The pregnancy was starting to do wonders on Lisa already sexy body. She was a walking symbol of fertility. We noticed that we looked at each other in a more sexual way now. The horniness caused by the pregnancy played a big part in it and soon I experienced my first same sex experience. One day when Dan was feeding his cock in to my pussy, Lisa climbed on to the bed naked and started to kiss me and suck on my breasts. For me this was a dream coming true. Even if I wasn’t in to girls, I was really attracted to Lisa’s personality and super sexy body. She was an excellent kisser and did wonders with her tongue and fingers in my pussy. Soon, we were regularly having threesomes with Dan and I felt like I was living in a dream. I couldn’t get enough of Lisa’s body. Sometimes I licked her whole body from top to bottom, just to appreciate her beautiful body. Sometimes, I fingered her roughly just to hear her sweet soft moans. Sometimes I was leading Lisa to my bedroom to have a private session of love with just the two of us.

One day, Dave came to visit and saw our pregnant bodies. He didn’t even ask who the fathers were and left us forever, telling that we were both sluts. I think he was more than happy with the situation that he got to get me and Dan out of his life and move in with his secret girlfriend at his new workplace. I got to know about his secret relationship from my friend, the day I dumped all the birth control pills in to the toilet.

As the child in my womb grew, the strange feeling I had for its father started to grow stronger and stronger. Dan was starting to act more and more like a caring husband. His linguistic abilities were also improving greatly for some reason. Dan, Lisa and I were a happy little family and within me and Lisa grew the new members of that happy family.

As Lisa and I entered the later terms of our pregnancies, Dan was being very gentle with us. He didn’t pound deep in to us anymore. In those times, Lisa and I gave lot of blow jobs to him. Dan and Lisa were both delighted when she started producing breast milk. Her already large breasts became huge with pregnancy and she loved breast feeding Dan; who was now always thirsty. Soon I also started producing milk and my C cup breasts had grown in do D cups by this time. I had my first experience at breast feeding while Dan was pumping his seed in to me. It felt like he was sucking the very life out of me through my breasts while pumping his life juice in to me. I was lucky enough to experience a mind shattering orgasm during my first breast feeding.

After much hard work, we managed to convince him that a part of him was swelling in our belly. After that, he always pointed at our swollen bellies said ‘Little Dan’. I still don’t think he knows that it was his amazing fucking that put those children in to his mother and brother’s former girlfriend.

After sometime, our little family was completed with two healthy children. Parts of Dan continued living a life that he never had. Lisa wants to have another baby as soon as she can with Dan. I also want that, but I needed improve my career at my new job. So bringing another part of Dan in to the world will have to wait.

As I watched the child with an adult body playing around with two other children, I realized what the strange feeling that overwhelmed everything in my life that I had about Dan was.

It was Love.

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