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That’s My Car

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I live in a group of units. Most of them are owned by the people living in them but a couple of them are rentals. We’re like a small village, with all of us knowing each other.

The unit next to mine has been a long term rental, but the guy renting it had finally scraped up a deposit and moved into a house of his own a few weeks back.

There’s now a new tenant, Heather, by name. A fairly attractive woman, early twenties would be my guess.

I had introduced myself when she’d first arrived but hadn’t had a chance to really get acquainted. This was something that I intended to fix fairly soon. Like I said, she was an attractive young woman and she didn’t seem to have a significant other attached.

Significant other. They’re what my old granny would have called weasel words. To be blunt, I’d checked the woman out and as far as I could tell she had no current lover, meaning she was fair game.

I was still at the casual greeting stage when Heather had a little party with a couple of her friends. They met up at her place one Friday evening, and by the time they departed, in a taxi, they were quite merry. From remarks I overheard they were meeting up with friends at a nightclub. Good luck to them, I thought.

I don’t know what woke me that night, but at about two in the morning something disturbed me and I woke. It took me a minute or two to get myself together, but then I got up, pulled on some trousers and started prowling around, trying to work out what was bothering me.

I opened the front door and glanced out, saw nothing and was about to go back to bed when I heard someone swear. Curious I stepped out to take a closer inspection of what was going on.

Heather and her friends had arrived home and had passed the merry stage, moving on to quite pissed. I was going to go back inside and not worry about them when it registered that they were clustered around a car, trying to open it. And it wasn’t Heather’s car. It was mine.

Naturally I headed over to defend my property. By the time I reached it Heather had actually managed to pop the lock and was getting in, apparently getting ready to hot-wire it. She was not happy at all to have me appear and demand to know what the hell they thought they were doing.

“I’d have thought it was obvious,” Heather enunciated, slowly and clearly to make sure to get the message across. “We’ve run out of alcohol and we’re going down the street to buy some more.”

“And you need to break into my car to do this?” I asked.

“Well, I can’t take mine,” Heather pointed out. “I’m over the limit and I don’t want my car confiscated by some over-zealous cop, now do I?”

“The same applies to mine,” I said dryly. “Out.”

Heather and her friends hopped out, grumbling.

“We’ll have to find another one now,” grumbled Heather. “You’re being so unfair.”

“I’m going to be even more unfair,” I told her. “The three of you are calling it a night and going to bed. There’s no way I’m letting you get loose on the road in your condition.”

The situation degenerated a little at that point. The girls had an interesting grasp of the language and were quite versatile in their descriptions of me. Despite that I shepherded them ruthlessly over to Heather’s place and inside. I had an unfair advantage in doing this as I was both sober and more than twice the size of any of the girls. When I put my mind to it I can be a very intimidating character.

Once in the house I ordered the three of them to bed, with threats if they left the house again. Heather got quite incensed.

“Bed?” she muttered. “Go to bed. That’s all men ever think of. Go to bed. I am not,” she said loudly, “going to bed with you. How dare you suggest it?”

“I don’t want to go to bed with you,” I pointed out. “I just want the three of you to go to bed so I can go home.”

I wasn’t expecting her to get physical so I wasn’t fast enough. Heather slapped me, hard. I was so startled by the suddenness of the assault that Heather could consider herself lucky I didn’t slap her back.

“How dare you say you don’t want to go to bed with us,” Heather flared at me. “Who do you think you are? We’re the ones who decide who we sleep with. Not you.”

Never try to use reason on a drunk. (Or a woman.) They’re immune to it. What I did was take a deep breath and brace my shoulders. It had the effect of making me look a lot larger and a lot more intimidating, especially when I had a scowl on my face.

“Go to bed,” I said very quietly, and three suddenly very nervous young ladies turned and headed towards the bedroom.

“Heather,” I called, and she froze for a moment. “Sleep naked. It will save me having to take off your panties when I come around to spank you in the morning.”

The bedroom door closed very firmly, and I left, locking the main door behind me. I didn’t think that they’d be out again.

I went home, went to bed and went to sleep, assuming that was the end of it. I would have a word to Heather about trying to borrow my car but there was no urgency. I also resolved to keep the car locked in the garage in future.

As you can imagine I was slightly surprised when Heather’s two friends knocked on my door next morning about ten o’clock. I answered, said good morning and looked expectant. I was half assuming that they were there to apologise. Not so.

“Um,” one of them said, trying not to giggle, “Heather wants to know when you’re coming over to spank her. She says she can’t wait forever.”

“You’re kidding?”

The girls shook their heads.

“No,” said the second girl. “You promised you were going to spank her last night when we tried to pinch your car. Heather’s real sorry and waiting for you.”

I remembered the offhand spanking comment. I didn’t remember making a promise. I was just going to dismiss the whole thing but thought, what the hell. I followed the two girls over to Heather’s unit.

Walking into Heather’s bedroom, I found her still in bed, blankets pulled up around her neck and looking nervously expectant. I looked down at her, keeping my face straight. Then I reached down and took hold of the blankets and went to pull them down. Heather clutched onto them for a moment, but relinquished them when I lowered my eyebrows and gave her a look.

I pulled the blankets down and Heather’s face when red as I exposed her quite delectable body. She had indeed gone to bed naked in anticipation of getting spanked. Interesting. Her two little voyeur friends were quietly giggling.

“I know. I stuffed up and I’m sorry,” Heather muttered. “But this is just a spanking and that’s all and you’d better remember that.”

“That is for me to decide,” I told her firmly. After all, if you’re going to be dominant, you might as well be completely dominant.

“However,” I added, seeing she was now looking more nervous than ever, “there is a small problem that had to be resolved before I can spank you.”

“What?” Heather asked, sounding very cautious.

I smiled at her two friends.

“It wouldn’t be fair for me to spank just you,” I pointed out. “Your two friends were with you and if I’m going to spank you I should really spank them, too. And as they seem so interested in your spanking I assume that they’ll be just as interested in their own.”

They were interested all right. Interested in not getting spanked. They tossed nervous looks at each other and then hastily assured me that it was all right. They were quite willing to pass up the chance.

I shook my head.

“That wouldn’t be fair to Heather, now would it?” I pointed out, sitting down on the bed. “I’ll take you first,” I added, pointing to the nearest girl. “I didn’t catch your name.”

“I’m Susan, she’s Monie,” she said, “but really, I’d just as soon not.”

“But you’re willing to watch Heather catch it,” I pointed out. “Come on, bend over like a good girl.”

Reaching out I took her arm and drew her over to me, bending her across my lap. I could hear her muttering a series of “oh my god’s” as I pushed her dress up away from her bottom, followed by a loudly squealed OH MY GOD, when I pulled her panties down.

“Monie, is he looking at me?” she wailed. “Can he see me there?” Her hand was waving in the general direction of her pussy.

“If you’re asking if I can see you here,” I said, poking a finger through the gap and gently poking her pussy, “then the answer is no, so don’t worry about it.”

The way she squealed, bucked, and called me a name seemed to indicate that she didn’t really appreciate my reassurance. I don’t know. You try to be helpful and what do you get?

“Language,” I reprimanded, giving her her first spank, and it popped very loudly on her bottom.

I followed up that first spank with another five quick stinging spanks. Nothing that would really hurt, but hard enough for her to get the message. I paused at that point, resting my hand on her bottom.

“We didn’t decide beforehand,” I said. “What’s a reasonable amount of spanks for a first offence?”

“Six,” squealed Susan. “Six is plenty.”

“I agree,” chipped in Monie. “Six is ample.”

Heather was biting her lip and trying now to laugh and she said nothing.

“I think ten would be better,” I said, and Susan squealed again as my hand came firmly down again.

“That’s ten,” Susan started squealing as soon as I’d given her the next four spanks.

“That’s nine,” I corrected her. “The first one didn’t count as that was for calling me a rude name just because I poked you here.”

I didn’t get called a name after that little poke. Susan was a fast learner. I gave her her last spank and set her back on her feet.

Susan hastily backed away from me, rubbing her bottom and muttering. Monie was looking increasingly nervous, flicking glances at the door. She desperately wanted to run, but was apparently too pigheaded to admit it. I held out my hand to her and she edged towards me, looking as though I was trying to hand her a spider. A poisonous one.

Monie was out of luck today. She was wearing yoga pants.

“These will have to come down,” I pointed out.

“You’re not pulling down my pants,” Monie stated. Like I said, pigheaded.

I took hold of Monie’s hands. She didn’t mind, because while I was holding them I wasn’t pulling down her pants. She overlooked the fact that it also meant she wasn’t holding them up.

“Susan, if you’d be so kind as to help Monie drop her pants” I suggested.

“Susan, no,” wailed Monie, but it didn’t help. Susan quite gleefully pulled down yoga pants and panties in one swift movement.

Monie squealed and was only too happy to lie across my lap to conceal herself.

“Don’t worry, Monie,” I told her. “I wasn’t looking and didn’t even notice that you shaved this morning.”

From the silence coming from her I wouldn’t have been surprised to see her bottom blush red with fury.

There was no visible reaction from Monie when I actually started spanking her. She didn’t squeal or wriggle; just lay across my lap accepting it. Heather and Susan looked a little disappointed at her lack of reaction. I did notice however that she took her own sweet time pulling up her panties and yoga pants afterwards, facing me the entire time so that I had a good view of everything. I could swear she was quietly smirking to herself, but it’s a bit hard to prove.

It was finally Heather’s turn, and she was lying there looking both nervous and hopeful. She wanted me to spank her, and was anticipating it with a fair degree of sexual excitement. It was going to be a pity to have to disappoint her.

“This is only a spanking,” she insisted, and looked quite put out when I blandly agreed.

I eased her over my knee, bottom up. No need to remove panties, so I could get right to the spanking with no delay. I took my time, ten firm spanks as per the other girls, delivered to a nervous white bottom that quickly became a nervous red bottom. Heather provided all the little wriggles and squeals that go with a good spanking, but I could feel her heart wasn’t in it.

Heather looked quite irritated when I set her back on her feet.

“That’s it?” she asked.

“Of course,” I told her. “Ten spanks, the same as the others and nothing else.”

“For now,” I added, after a short pause.

Heather looked at me, a small frown on her face.

“What do you mean, for now?”

“This,” I said, waving my hand at the three of them, “was just a little reprimand for trying to take my car. I still want to have a discussion with you later about your assaulting me last night, but I’ll leave that until your friends have gone home. It’ll give you something to look forward to.”

With that, I stood up, gave Heather a look that covered her entire body and let her know I was looking, and smiled.

“I’ll let myself out,” I said, giving Heather’s neat little tush a pat in passing. “Come on over when your friends have gone and we will have our little discussion.”

I went home and found some things to do to occupy my time. I needn’t have bothered. Heather must have just thrown on the first things she could find and followed me over. Just her. Her friends stayed behind.

“What assault are you talking about?” she demanded to know as soon as I opened the front door.

I ushered her inside and closed the front door. And locked it, in case her friends decided to come snooping.

“You slapped me last night,” I pointed out. “That’s assault. Very painful it was. I was shocked that you’d do such a thing. Shocked.” I shook my head in sorrow to show how shocked I’d been.

“I didn’t. Did I?”

“You most definitely did. A round armed slap to the kisser. You’re stronger than you look. So you can see that we need to discuss this. Or rather, I intend to address the issue by giving you a proper spanking, not a little pat on the bottom. Afterwards, if I think you’re suitably repentant I’ll let you show me how sorry you are.”

“And how am I supposed to show you how sorry I am? I assume a simple apology won’t suffice.”

“You’ll be naked and in a bedroom. How do you think a real woman is going to apologise in those circumstances. And I expect a most enthusiastic apology.”

“You expect me to take off my clothes so you can beat me and then let you have sex with me afterwards?” Heather demanded, sounding scandalised.

“Yes.” I like simple answers.

“You’re mad. Did you know that?”

“So I’ve been told. Do you want to get undressed now or do you want me to undress you?”

Before Heather had a chance to decide either way I had taken hold of her t-shirt and was lifting it.

“Arms up,” I murmured and swiftly lifted it up and over her head.

Heather had dressed in a hurry. No bra. I took hold of a breast and squeezed it.

“Very nice,” I told her. “I’ll enjoy tasting it later.”

The nice thing about yoga pants is that not only are they good to look at but they come off very easily, too. Heather’s certainly did, sliding down with no problems what-so-ever, leaving her standing there in a pair of lacy panties, and not much of those either.

Taking her arm I started escorting her towards my bedroom.

“Wait,” she squealed, trying to tug her arm out of my grasp. (Not trying too hard. I only had a light grip.) “Wait, wait, wait. I haven’t agreed to any of this.”

“Bad girls don’t get a choice,” I pointed out. “They get a spanking. Now take your panties off and bend over the side of the bed.”

Heather gave up on even pretending to object. She dropped her panties, blushing all the while, and then bent over the bed, legs parted, giving me an excellent view. Whether she realised it or not, she was presenting herself for a good ravishing. I strongly suspected that she did know.

After admiring the view for a moment I gave Heather her first spank, making up for the mediocre effort earlier. She gave a squealing wail, her whole body jolted from the force of the spank with her breasts bouncing in a most interesting fashion. I pointed this out to her as I delivered the next spank, but she didn’t seem to appreciate the observation.

I proceeded to give Heather a nice warm-up spanking, while she squealed and wriggled her bottom and blurted out a stream of apologies. I finished the warm-up with a nice firm spank along her pussy, which drew the loudest yelp yet.

“Alright,” I snapped. “On your hands and knees on the bed.”

Heather quickly scrambled onto the bed, and took up a doggy position, apparently assuming I was a in a hurry for her apology. I wasn’t.

“I didn’t say rest your head on your arms,” I pointed out. “I said hands and knees.”

Heather adjusted her position accordingly, and I rewarded her with a nice firm spank, setting her breasts swaying beneath her. They looked so nice doing that that I gave her another spank to keep them swinging. And another. I soon had a nice little rhythm going, her breasts swinging in time to the spanking. Heather was still squealing and wailing, but also holding in position to enable the spanking to continue.

I finally gave a finishing spank to her pussy and told her to stand. She did so, showing a commendable degree of haste. Her face was flushed and excited and there were no tears showing.

I deliberately dropped my trousers, letting my erection stand out, and it was quite a credible one, if I do say so myself. From the glances Heather was giving it I’d have to say she agreed. But she wasn’t getting it yet.

I sat on the bed and ordered Heather to bend over my knee. She looked about to protest, casting another glance at my erection.

“That’s just out so you can feel it pressed against you while I finish the spanking,” I explained. “It’ll give you a reminder of what’s coming afterwards.”

Heather bent across my knee. A glutton for punishment, that girl. My erection was pressed firmly against her side, and I could feel her deliberately rubbing herself against it. Realising she wouldn’t know what to do with her hands when I resumed the spanking, I thought I’d help her out. I took the hand nearest me and placed it against my cock.

“You can hold it while I spank,” I told her. Always eager to help, that’s me.

I had to be a bit careful finishing off the spanking. Heather’s bottom was already quite red and undoubtedly smarting, and I didn’t want to cause any actual injury. Accordingly, I changed where I was targeting.

Only needing one hand to actually spank her, I used the other to cup her breast. Then I started with the end run of the spanking. My hand came down smartly, cupping her pussy. Heather squealed loudly but didn’t budge, although her hand did seem to tighten around my erection.

Once started, it seemed the best plan was to keep it up. I gave Heather’s pussy a nice little spanking, watching as her legs moved further apart to ensure that I had plenty of room to work. At the same time I was squeezing her breast in time to the spanking and, unfortunately, Heather was squeezing my cock to the same rhythm. I was going to have to call it quits very soon or prematurely ejaculate before I even entered her, and that would be a pity.

A final spank, to her bottom this time, and I swung Heather back to her feet.

She was flushed and breathing hard, her face showing her excitement.

“You may now show me how sorry you are,” I told her.

It was a good thing I gave her permission because Heather was prepared to rape me on the spot. She gave a sort of groan, pushed against my shoulders so I was lying down and then she was lying on top of me, desperately positioning my cock so she could slide onto it.

I had been wondering how Heather would want me to take her. Hard and fast or slow and gentle. From her sob of relief as she pushed herself firmly down upon me the answer seemed to be hard and fast. That was OK. I was so worked up that slow would have been a real trial.

I let Heather make the running to start with, moving with her as she energetically bounced her bottom up and down. It was fun, but I do like to be in control. After a couple of minutes of entertaining acrobatics on Heather’s part I took hold of her shoulders and rolled.

Heather found herself flat on her back with me now taking my turn in charge. I drove down forcefully, feeling her press urgently up to meet me, and then I started to really ravish her.

Heathers legs rose and wrapped around me while her hands were clawing at my shoulders. (I’d have to put some antiseptic cream on later.) She clung to me, her hips working overtime as she worked urgently to meet my demands, gasping for air as she laboured. That was only fair. I was gasping for breath as well as I ran the three minute mile with her as my partner.

After the hand massage I’d received during the spanking, I was surprised I was able to hang on long enough to let Heather climax, and I’ll swear it was a close run thing. We came almost at the same time, with Heather convulsing around me, shrieking. (At times, it’s useful to have decent sound-proofing in your house. This was one of those times.)

Lying there afterwards, I managed to get enough breath to say, “Apology accepted.”

The rotten woman turned to me and said, “No worries. Do you want me to send over Susan and Monie so they can apologise as well?”

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