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Chapter Three

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As I walk to towards the water, I slowly shed the scraps of material covering my breasts and the short tight curls of my pubic region. I push my hair out of my eyes and dive into the warm deep water. I slowly rinse your pleasure from my face and decide to swim off my extra tension till you come down to join me.

I glide through the water and slide my fingers to the apex of my thighs slowly circling and pressing the button that gives me the most penetrating sensations. I am still turned on and need the satisfaction I know touching myself can give.

Seeing you approach, I move to shallower water and recline on my back, with my legs spread wide, where I can let you see and let the water run over my pussy and along my body.

I sense your interest so I continue to dip my fingers along my folds, wetting them with my nectar, and slowing inserting them one at a time into my tunnel. Wanting to catch your attention, I bring my fingers to my mouth and slowly lick the finger that had just left my body.

Tasting myself is one of life’s finer turn-ons and I beckon you to come and try a taste.

I ease my hands back down and begin the play again except this time I add an additional twist. I run my fingers from my love tunnel to the very base of my ass opening, running my finger along the rim to give the sensations time to build, and back up while I play with my clit with the other hand. You see I’m starting to pant and know I ‘m going to cum again and you decide to help me along. Bending over you take my nipple in to your mouth and suck deeply, with just enough pressure to make it feel as if your pulling all my pleasure to that one spot,

You remove the hand I’ve been running back and forth and replace it with yours. Except your touches aren’t at all hesitant. You seem to know the amount pressure needed to bring me even quicker to the soul-shattering explosion. Turning your body, you bring it rest between my thighs and push my hand away as you replace it with your mouth, as your licking me front to back you insert one finger in me and twist it slightly back and forth, being sure I know its there as you run you r tongue down lower and lower, teasing my opening and then running it even slower than I was my finger along my rim.

Then back up to my clit, I’m holding your head begging for release and you know just what to do to give it to me. Sucking on my clit and flicking your tongue over it you wait till you feel me pulsing around your finger then insert another finger in the place you’d never thought I’d allow. Just barely inside but enough to give that feeling of fullness, it shatters me. I break apart as quickly as glass shatters when hit by a hammer.

When you see this you quickly remove your hand, fingers, and mouth and position your dick, at my opening, as I sense this I start to quake again and you ever so slowly push into me, an inch then you reverse and pull out, next two inches and then pull out. You continue this process till your buried to the hilt, and know I’m feeling every ridge you have.

I want you more then I thought possible but you continue to play my like an instrument. Gliding along me as the water laps at our thighs, kissing me and flicking your tongue into the recesses of my mouth in much the same way your plunging your rock hard cock into me.

I want you to see stars as I just have. I run my hands down you r back gripping your firm ass and pull you deeper into me as I wrap my legs behind your back. Tenderly I start milking your cock with my pussy, squeezing and rubbing it with the walls and muscles. I whisper to you “what I have is yours, plunder it and enjoy it, use it how you will, ” ” but remember I will expect same freedom of you”. Then I bite down on you neck I as start to scream again as I cum and let my honey run down to lube you even more as you start to pick up the pace.

Before long you have a steady fast pace working into me and decide to test my whispered wish. Reaching down you test my other tunnel with a single digit, not wishing to cause discomfort but wanting to see if I am truly yours to have. I push back against you, sensing what you want and giving my assent wordlessly. You press into me with your finger, mimicking the press of your cock, slowly at first, you realize I’m ok and build the tempo to match that of your cock. Again I start to tremble and you lean and ask if I am going to allow more of this then I have already. I say yes, along as your gentle and go slow.

You withdraw and turn me over to my knees knowing we have no lubricant but guessing I can supply that as I have a river running from my hole from the past three orgasms.

You once again bring your lips to my pussy and lick me as you start to play with that door I usually keep closed. Touching and inserting one finger at time till I adjust and then another, making sure I’m ready and wont be injured.

You ask if I’m ready and I say yes. Slowly you bring the head to my opening and with gentle pressure sink inside little by little. I moan and you ask if I’m all right, I say yes please more.

Finally you’re sunk up to your balls, and you stop to allow the feelings time to play through my body. Reaching around you grab my clit and begin rubbing me as you slowly start to pull back, making shallow little plunges, not wanting to ruin my pleasure or your own. I feel you start to swell and know I’m just the way you want me, I tell you to go faster and harder to make me cum as you do. I want it more then anything I’ve ever wanted. It builds as you do it, and then rockets explode in our bodies as you bury your body into mine.

Slowly you remove your self from me and roll us so that imp laying on my side curled into you, as the surf rolls in we are falling asleep in each others arms.

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