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Another Match

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I met Lynne for a drink after work. She said she wanted to talk to me about something which means that she more than likely has a match for me. Lynne runs a lesbian match making service. As long as both parties pay the fee for the match it is not legally prostitution. I pay a very small fee and my matches almost always pay a very hefty fee which Lynne and I split 50—50. That comes really close to prostitution and when you factor in the tips that I get, well . . . .

After my glass of wine came and I took a few sips, I asked “Okay so what have you got for me?”

She paused for a long moment and said, “This is going to be a difficult one.”

“Now Lynne, you agreed; only attractive women,” I interrupted.

“I met with her yesterday,” she went on. “I can assure you, she is very attractive. Late 30s I would say, natural blond, short hair, tall, slender, and kind of small it the tit department, but over all quite attractive. Her name is Vicky.”

“Does she want to dominate or be dominated?” I pressed wondering if that is why she thought it might be difficult. I have served two matches that were quite dominate with me which is fine since I am a switch and have come to love both roles. I was secretly hoping the woman wants to be dominated because I have not had a match like that yet.

“No nothing like that,” she replied.

“So what’s the difficulty?”

“She’s a virgin.”

“What do you mean she’s a virgin?” I asked in surprise.

“Well she is married with a couple of kids, but she has never been with a woman before,” she explained.

“How the hell did you run across her?” I asked knowing that Lynne gets her matches in the gay and lesbian bars in Lincoln and Omaha.

“Well I have this web site,” she explained. “Its been up for a couple of weeks and I am starting to get matches off of it. I put your picture up on the site and the woman sent me an e-mail saying that she is interested in you.”

“Where the fuck did you get my picture from,” I growled angrily.

“Off of your business web site. I listed you as someone looking for a match.”

“You fucking bitch,” I almost screamed but actually whispered so as not to be over heard in the crowded bar. “You take my picture down immediately.”

“Okay, okay. I will. Look her husband is taking the kids to see his mother for the weekend. She would like you at her house at 6 on Friday. She understands that this could turn into a weekend match if she likes you and what you do to her, which means big money.”

“Look Lynne. I don’t do newbies very well. Why not have Lori or one of your other girls match her?”

“Because she specifically asked for you,” she replied. “She says you are beautiful which you are and that you appear kind and gentle which you also are. Come on you gotta help me out here.”

“I don’t think so. I’ll take a pass on this one.”

“If you take a pass on this match it will be your last one,” she threatened.

I knew it was an empty threat because she does not have many girls working for her.

“Okay. Okay. I’ll do her. I can use the extra cash,” I lied.

Lynne thinks that I am only in this because of the money. The extra cash is nice but I really don’t need the money. I’m in it for the matches. There have been almost twenty different matches so far and only two of them have been duds. I enjoy the sex and really like the variety. I also have quite a few repeat matches who I am quite fond of.

“Wait,” I said. “I’m supposed to match Ellen on Saturday. If this turns into a weekend gig, I’ll miss Ellen.”

“I have a new girl I want to try out on Ellen,” she answered back.

“Since when?” I asked in protest.

“She’s young, tiny, and incredibly submissive. A lot more submissive than you. Ellen will just love her.”

“Fuck!” was all I could think to say. Ellen was one of my favorites. She really knew how to domme me but Lynne was right. Ellen is looking for someone much more submissive than me. She got angry at me during our last match when I refused to drink her urine as a sign of utter subordination and devotion.

“Look Julie. You are the best match for Vicky.”

Well Friday came around. I knew I would not have time to go home from work and change before going to Vicky’s house. So I put my prettiest black lace bra and panty set in my hand bag with the intent to change into it right after work. I wanted my panties to be nice and fresh for this first timer. I would be leaking all day thinking about my impending encounter with her.

I decided to wear my bright red, wool, coat dress with extra long nude thigh highs that come all the way up to my crotch because the dress is quite short and the tops of ordinary length thigh highs would show when I sat down. A pair of red 6 inch spikes finished the outfit off perfectly. I had several meetings scheduled for the day so I knew that I would be making several cocks hard. Eve, my senior partner, loves it when I dress sexy but conservative when meeting clients. She does too, only she actually fucks some of them.

The day came to an end so I changed my bra and panty and drove to Vicky’s house. I found it right away in the middle of the cull de sac exactly where Lynne said it would be. It was an expensive custom built house. I know because I am in the real estate business.

I rang the door bell and this delightfully attractive woman let me in and introduced herself as Vicky. She was wearing a dark green, shirt waist, cotton dress, nude hose, and black pumps. She looked and acted a bit nervous as she invited me in and offered me a glass of wine. We both sat down on the sofa in the living room sitting closely together but not touching.

“You are very beautiful,” she said.

“So are you,” I replied. “Even more so than Lynne described you.”

“Thank you,” she answered. “Listen I’m a little nervous about this.”

“Yes I noticed that,” I smiled. “You don’t really have to be. I am not going to ask you to anything you do not want to do. I’m only looking to satisfy your curiosity.”

She looked at me in a funny way and asked, “Why would an experienced lesbian consent to a match with a virgin?”

“Why not? You might really like it and so might I. May I ask why you are curious about making love to another woman?”

“I’ve always been curious about it but have not gotten the courage to do anything about it until now. Things are not going very well between me and my husband, especially in the sex department. I’m a big fan of the television show the “L Word” and I think about it a lot but I can’t see myself going to one of those bars in town. When I ran across Lynne’s web site and saw your picture, well I thought I might give it a try.”

“Do you masturbate while watching the show?” I pried.

“Sometimes when my husband is not around,” she admitted looking ashamed.

“Don’t look that way,” I said. “Almost everyone masturbates. Heck I do it a lot and I know a lot of women who would be more than happy to have sex with me.”

“I guess that’s true,” she said. “I mean about a lot of people masturbating. Lately when I do it, I almost always think about doing it with another woman. I’ve had these feelings since I was a teenager but I’ve never acted on them before.”

“Well now’s your chance,” I said softly with a warm smile.

“How should we start?” she asked, her hands shaking so badly that she spilled some wine.

I took the glass from her hands and put it on the coffee table. Then I took her hands in mine and held them as they shook.

“Well I think the best way to start is with some kissing and touching. If you like it, just tell me and we can go a little further.”

She just nodded her head.

“Vicky why don’t you just relax and let me make love to you and then if you feel things are right you can make love to me.”

“Here in the living room?” she mumbled looking like a scared little dear.

“Well we can start here because it is relatively safe and if things heat up we can always move to a bedroom,” I replied encouragingly.

She made no response. I scooted over so that our bodies were touching then I put my hands on the sides of her cheeks and drew her to me for her first kiss. It started out dry and gentle until my tongue parted her lips and she let it in to play with her tongue. My hands were on her upper arms and she was trembling but she was also responding. I could tell her tongue was willingly playing with mine.

We kissed for about fifteen minutes as my hands moved from her arms to her firm little breasts which I guessed were only about an A cup. Her body was trembling, but it was a different kind of tremble. She was enjoying it. Her little heart was racing, she began to moan softly, her kissing became more intense, and hands went to my breasts. I opened the front of my suit dress and her hands immediately went to my bra cups and began to kneed my breasts.

She removed her lips from mine and began licking my neck.

“Oh I like this,” she said. “I knew I would like this. Kissing you is wonderful. I am soaking wet. I never get this wet with David.”

I pushed her back on the sofa and opened up the front of her dress. Much to my luck she was wearing front hooking bra which I immediately unfastened. Her breasts were small but beautifully shaped and her nipples were quite large and her usual pinkness had now turned bright red. I played with them for a while, before I leaned forward and began sucking on them.

“I’m sorry I’m so small,” she sighed.

“A male fantasy,” I paused. “They are quite beautiful and in proper proportion to your body.”

I returned to sucking on them.

“Oh God that feels so good Julie. David rarely does this to me and it makes me so fucking wet.”

To confirm that I slid my hand up her dress and her pantyhose and panties were indeed soaking wet. Her ass bounced off the sofa when my finger tips touched her sex so I began to gently stroke her to a really intense orgasm.

As she recovered, I removed my coat dress but stayed in my pretty lingerie.

Once she got her wind back, she said, “Oh my god you are so beautiful. Please take your bra off I want to see your breasts.”

I stood and unhooked the front of my bra and let it fall to the floor. She stood too and let her dress fall around her ankles. Then she stepped out of it and walked up to me.

“Can we kiss some more?” she asked pleadingly. “I really like it.”

I pulled her to me and stepped out of my heels. With her in heels she was almost as tall as me and our boobs rubbed together as we deeply tongued each other while her hands played with my breasts and my hands played with her tight little ass through her pantyhose and panties. Something told me this woman works out a lot. She was firm all over, but oh so ever soft.

She stopped kissing me and her eyes locked onto mine. “Damn it! I should have known to wear thigh highs. Can we take this to the bedroom? I want to feel your softness against me.”

“Lead the way,” I said leaving my dress behind.

We walked up the stairs with me behind her and paused at the master bedroom. “I don’t think I can do it in here,” she said. So we walked further down the hall to what looked like a guest bedroom.”

We sat next to each other on the edge of the bed and she returned to kissing me quite enthusiastically as her hands rubbed my breasts. She was quite good for a newbie actually.

I pulled back onto the bed so that we were laying facing each other and I slid my leg between hers so I could rub her pantyhose and panty covered cunt with the top of my thigh as we continued to kiss. The rubbing got her off. She was cumming in minutes.

Before I could give her a chance to recover, I got on my knees and slipped her pantyhose and panties down her legs and off her feet. Then I spread her legs. She had a nicely trimmed natural blond pussy a little darker than the hair on her head, very thin labia, and an unusually small clitoris that was still hooded despite her two orgasms.

I dove on it with my lips and tongue as she started yelling, “Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god.”

I sucked on her clit and coaxed it out from under its hood listening to her yell “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

Then I slid two fingers inside of her, found her G spot, and she went off like a sky rocket. In the course of a half an hour, I gave her six really intense Os before I figured I’d let her rest. I moved up along side of her. She put her leg over mine and laid half way on top of me with her head nestled in the crook of my neck. One of her hands was stroking my hair while the other was playing with my nipples. Her lips were kissing my neck and she occasionally licked me.

She paused and asked, “Julie? Do all women smell and taste as good as you?”

“That’s a tough one to answer,” I replied. “In general most women smell and taste pretty much the same but there are subtle differences between women, and frankly some women can smell and taste pretty awful. It’s a matter of hygiene.”

“Julie, I’ve never cum like that in my entire life.”

I thought it best not to say anything so I simply moved her head into position and asked her to suck on my nipples. She did so tentatively at first and then really seemed to get into it as my nipples began to harden and I began to moan softly.

“You like this?” she paused to ask.

“Yes,” I whispered. “Please take my panties off.”

She moved down my body and very slowly pulled my panties down from my waist, along my nylon covered legs, and off my feet. She knelt there staring at my pussy.

“Julie you don’t have any pubic hair.”

“I get waxed regularly.”

Her hand tentatively reached out to gently touch the top of my mons.

“Go ahead. Don’t be afraid,” I urged her on.

“I don’t know what to do,” she whined.

“Do the same thing to me that David does when he plays with you and goes down on you,” I urged.

“He hasn’t done that to me in a long time,” she complained.

“Then do to me what you do to yourself when you masturbate.”

She tentatively put two fingers inside of me and rubbed my clit with her thumb.

“Oh that feels so good,” I sighed as I felt myself sinking into a pit of pleasure.

I could feel my body involuntarily start to climb as she was doing a really good job of fingering and thumbing me. When I reached the top I tried to hold it for a while right on the edge but I lost control. My toes curled under, my back arched, my body stiffened, and I let out a really deep groan as I fell into the abyss of pleasure.

She pulled her hand away and simply knelt there while I recovered.

“I guess I found your spot,” she giggled.

“You sure did,” I smiled back at her. “Ready for a little tongue action?”

“Oh Julie,” she whined. “I don’t know. I’m not sure I can do it.”

“Not ready yet for the ultimate expression of lust for a woman?” I pushed.

She looked real scared and said, “I’ll give it a try but I don’t know if I will like it and I don’t know if I will be any good.”

“Pretend it is me going down on you, and do all of the things I just did to you.” I urged.

“Okay I’ll give it a try.”

She lowered her face to my crotch. I could feel her warm breath on my pussy.

‘Honey stick your tongue out and run it between my lips. Start at the bottom and work your way up to my clit and then flick my clit with your tongue.”

And that is precisely what she did several times until she paused and looked up at me and said, “You taste fantastic. I just knew I was going to love doing this.”

“Ok. Now stick your fingers inside of me and find my G spot. Rub it and suck real hard on my clit.”

She did as she was told and she gave me three really intense Os until I had to tell her to stop to let me catch my breath.

We cuddled and kissed for a while.

“Oh God I really love this,” she said. “It’s just like I imagined it to be. You are so soft and warm, and you smell and taste so good, and I’ve never cum like that before. David was usually in and out in five minutes and he has shown no interest in me for the past couple of years. I think he might be having an affair.”

“Now listen Vicky. Don’t dwell on that. I brought a toy with me. Do you want to play with it?”

“What is it?”

“I’ll show you.”

I went to my bag an pulled out the long, flexible, double dong. I waved it at her and said, “I thought you might want to play with this.”

“Oh my God yes,” she screamed like a little girl.

I knelt between her legs and slowly stuffed one end inside of me as far as it would go. Then I positioned the head of the dong between Vicky’s labia. I held it with both hands and slowly pushed it inside of her while she moaned, “Fuck me! Fuck me!”

I positioned myself so that the dildo would scrape her clit as I pushed and pulled the dong in and out of her. In that position, my breasts rubbed against hers and she lifted her head so we could kiss. I slowly fucked her for a long time giving her and me a series of delightfully pleasurable Os before I began banging the shit out of her. We were not kissing now. Her hands held onto the metal rails of the headboard while I fucked her pussy like a man would and she was screaming at the top of her lungs the whole time having one gigantic orgasm after another until she passed out. I had a good few ones myself but not enough to incapacitate me.

I dosed off for a while and woke up some time later to the feel of a tongue sliding between my labia. The room was pitch black. I had no idea of what time it was. I spread my legs to give her better access and said, “I guess you don’t want me to leave.”

“No please stay with me,” she pleaded as she slipped two fingers inside of me and clamped her lips around my swollen and tender clitoris.

I spent the rest of the weekend with Vicky and she became one of my regular matches. She eventually divorced her husband who was indeed cheating on her, got custody of her kids, met another woman who she fell in love with. The two of them are living happily together.

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