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Jennifer, Now Called Ginger

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The young waiter smiled and felt his pants tighten and his bulge tingle as the two women emerged from the tennis courts to sit at one of his tables of the hotel’s outdoor bar slash café. Nice, he thought. I’d love to give either one of them a fuck before I go home tonight. Maybe both.

One was in her forties, maybe a well-kept fifty, with a few streaks of gray placed through her brown hair that fell straight and to her shoulders. Her skin was smooth though and glistened with sweat from the tennis session she’d just completed. He loved the milky whiteness of her complexion. Too bad he hadn’t been the one to put the sun block on for her. To still be that white, after spending the afternoon on the court soaking up the hot Texas sun, she must have applied it liberally.

From the distance he was observing, the second women appeared to be much younger. She was a couple of inches shorter than the older woman’s five-six, but she was naturally darker with fuller breasts and rounder hips. Her hair was shorter too; a deep brunette shade that barely came to her collar.

He watched them place their racquets in the empty chair between them at the table, and as he approached them their ages became more apparent. The first was definitely in her fifties, a beautiful fifties, but fifties still the same. And, the second one, the one with the big tits, was still a teenager. He recognized her as one of the girls the hotel’s manager, Ashley Wolfenstein, had hired over the summer to partner up with guests that wanted a tennis game. She wasn’t supposed to be in the bar with a guest, but they all did it so he wasn’t going to say anything.

He reached their table and said, “Good afternoon, ladies. My name is Reggie and I’ll be taking care of you.”

The older woman smiled and in the most delightful British accent he had ever heard said, “Hello, Reggie. It’s nice that such a handsome man will be taking care of us.”

Reggie’s smile broadened and his ebony cheeks almost showed a blush as his mind wandered from fucking the hot British babe to bending her teenage companion over and sticking his black cock up her ass. He forced his mind back into focus and said, “What can I get for you?”

The older woman said, “We’ll have two margaritas”

Reggie hesitated before saying, “I’m not going to be able to bring her a margarita. My boss will fire me if she catches me serving her alcohol.”

The older woman frowned and said, “Why’s that?”

“She’s not old enough to drink.”

“That’s ridiculous,” the woman said. “She’s nineteen.”

Not sure what to say to that, Reggie looked to the younger girl who touched her friend on the arm and said, “You have to be twenty-one to drink in this country, Jenny.”

“How barbaric,” Jenny pronounced.

“Jenny, huh,” Reggie said. “That’s a pretty name.”

“It’s my name too,” the young girl said.

“Really. Interesting that you would both be named Jenny.”

The older woman stopped herself from rolling her eyes at the boy’s attempt to work his way into one of their knickers and said, “Be a dear and bring us the drinks. If your boss says anything, tell her it was at Jenny Wagstaffe’s insistence.”

Before Reggie could answer, the younger girl said, “It’s okay, Jenny. I’ll just have a Dr. Pepper.”

“Fine,” Jenny said. “Bring me a margarita and get Jennifer a Dr. Pepper.”

There was finality in her voice that told Reggie any attempts at scoring with either of them were done. Stupid, he thought as he walked away. Why didn’t I just get both bitches a margarita?

As he walked away Jenny Wagstaffe stole a look at his butt and with a sigh said, “So virile and yet so cowardly.”

Jennifer Gordon giggled and said, “Mrs. Wagstaffe, you have a wandering eye.”

Jenny laughed and said, “Don’t we all, dear. And, please, stop calling Mrs. Wagstaffe. I feel old enough as it is the way you ran me all over the tennis court.”

“Just feels weird calling someone else Jenny.”

“Well, I’m fifty-four years old, so I’ve got dibs on the name. But, we need something else to call you. Haven’t you a nickname of some type?”

Jennifer shook her head as she said, “This girl I hate, named Sara Pursey, insisted on calling me Crystal for most of our freshman and sophomore years, but I refuse to answer to that.”

Intrigued, Jenny said, “I hope you don’t think you will get away with leaving the story at that point.”

Jennifer sighed and said, “Okay. I guess I should be over it by now. When we were in middle school, I was extremely obese.”

Eyeing the girl’s voluptuous body, Jenny said, “You?”

Pausing to allow the returned Reggie to place their drinks in front of them, Jennifer took a sip of her Dr. Pepper and said, “I know, but it’s true. In eighth grade, I was five-four just like I am now, but I weighed over two hundred pounds.”

“You’re kidding me,” Jenny said. “What do you weigh right now, about 120?”

“More like 125,” Jennifer said. “But between eighth and ninth grade, my sister Alyson and I went to Florida for the summer and stayed with my grandparents. We played tennis every day and went to the beach and I started running on the beach every morning. Then I talked my grandmother into letting me try the Atkins diet out and the pounds just started falling off. I lost over fifty pounds in ten weeks and when I came back to Texas to start high school I was only 150. I kept up with everything I started in Florida and that spring when they had tennis team tryouts my mom and my little sister convinced me to tryout. By then I was down to my current weight and I could run faster than just about any guy in the school and I made the team. I was our number one seed by the end of my freshman year and I was state champ when I was a junior.”

Jenny took a sip from her margarita and said, “That’s a wonderful story, but where does this other girl and the name Crystal come in?”

Jennifer sighed again and said, “We used to be best friends in elementary school. But when I gained weight and she developed, she got really mean and nasty to me. Then when I lost the weight she got even nastier. She started this rumor that I had lost the weight by turning into a crystal methane addict. And, she kept it going by calling me Crystal and she just wouldn’t let up. She had her little following that started calling me that too and it stuck for a couple of years, but thank God people finally got tired of it.”

“What do you think made them get tired of it?” Jenny asked.

Jennifer grinned.

Jenny smiled back at her and said, “There was evil in that grin.”

Jennifer giggled and said, “A little bit of evil.”

“Spill it,” Jenny said. “Now!”

“Well, when I came home from Florida that summer, my mom was so happy that I’d lost so much weight that she signed us all up for Taekwondo lessons. I got really good at it. So did Mom and Alyson. One day in tenth grade English class, about two or three days before spring break, Sara started in on me with her Crystal this and Crystal that shit and I just looked at her and told her to shut the fuck up.

“I said it kind of loud and the whole class got quiet. So Sara couldn’t stand that so she stood up and started mocking me. With her mouth open, in mid mock, I kicked her in the jaw and broke it.”

Jenny sat her drink down and said, “You didn’t.”

Jennifer giggled and said, “You’re right. I didn’t. But she did have a can of Mountain Dew in her hand and when she lifted it up to take a drink; I kicked it out of her hand. Then I told her that can could have just as easily been her jaw and if she ever called me Crystal again it would be.”

Jenny laughed. “Good for you, Ginger.”

“Huh,” Jennifer said.

“Ginger. It’s a nickname for Jennifer, and that’s what I’m calling you unless you kick my drink out of my hand.”

Jennifer, now Ginger, smiled and said, “No. I won’t do that.”

“Good,” Jenny said as she stood and dropped some money on the table. “Now lets go up to my suite and have a real drink.”

“Uh,” Ginger said. “Ms. Wolfenstein won’t like it if I leave the court area. I wasn’t even supposed to come over here.”

“Nonsense,” Jenny said. “I changed that girl’s diapers. She won’t fire anyone I tell her not to fire. I promised you a proper drink after our match, and I mean for you to have it.”


Jennifer Gordon, now called Ginger, lay on the bed of Jenny Wagstaffe’s four-room suite listening to the water run while Jenny showered with the door open. There had been more than enough robes in the bathroom, so she’d put one on instead of getting back into her sweat soaked tennis clothes.

Upon arriving in the suite, Jenny had invited Ginger to play bartender; and Ginger happily fixed them each a Lynchburg Lemon Aide. They’d chatted idlely over the drinks; mainly about their mutual acquaintances, Laurie and Cleo. Ginger had casually mentioned that Cleo and her mother were good friends; very good friends. That had brought what Ginger had interpreted to be a knowing smile to Jenny’s lips. After their second drink, Jenny had offered Ginger use of the shower.

Ginger had been reluctant to overstay her welcome, but Jenny had been insistent. “Don’t be silly,” she had said. “I’m all alone in this city for at least two more days and I’d love for you to stay and keep me more company. But, I can’t stand being sweaty like this, so I’m taking a shower. It would be completely rude for me to make you sit around drenched in sweat while I’m nicely fresh and cleanly scrubbed. So, get in the shower now.”

At that, Ginger had complied. While in the shower, she’d wondered at Jenny’s motive. She seemed so very sweet, and probably just wanted companionship. Still, she was acquainted with Laurie and Cleo. Now, lying on the bed with the soft robe wrapped around her, she again wondered at Jenny’s reasons for wanting her to stay.

Before Ginger’s mind wondered too deeply, Jenny emerged from the bathroom wearing a robe identical to the one hiding Ginger’s curvy, tanned flesh. I hadn’t even noticed the water stopping, Ginger thought.

Jenny smiled as she sat on the bed next to where Ginger laid, and said, “Be a dear and brush my hair for me. I’m such a push over for having it brushed by someone else.”

Ginger smiled and as she sat up said, “My sister’s the same way. She loves it when I brush her hair. I always did it when she was little and never ever really stopped doing it for her.”

“How old is she,” Jenny asked as Ginger smoothly ran the brush through her wet hair?

“She’s sixteen,” Ginger said. “She’ll be a junior in high school this year.”

“Does she have your.” Jenny paused before saying, “Development?”

At that, Ginger glanced down and realized her robe had fallen open and Jenny was able to look in the mirror across the room and see her breasts rising and falling with each stroke of the brush. Ginger was about to stop brushing long enough to close the robe when she saw Jenny intentionally untie hers and let it fall open.

Ginger sighed and dropped the brush to the floor. Then she slowly eased Jenny’s robe down off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor with the brush; softly kissing the side of Jenny’s neck as she reached her arms around her and cupped her lovely white breasts. Jenny gasped and her nipples immediately became hard as Ginger rolled them with her fingers.

Jenny turned and touched her lips to Ginger’s as she guided the nineteen-year-old girl out of her robe and helped her lay back on the bed. Their naked bodies pressed together as Jenny lay on top of her and found Ginger’s tongue with her own. Ginger reflexively opened her legs and Jenny eased into place between them. Electric current flowed throughout their bodies as their pussies meshed together and Jenny began to rhythmically rock atop her young new lover.

Ginger gasped and rocked back against Jenny, matching the timing of the older woman’s humps. As Ginger felt herself beginning to peak, she wanted to slow the feeling down and drag it out. So, she rolled Jenny off of her and ever so slowly began to trail kisses down the woman’s body. From her lips to her neck, down to her perfect pink nipples, to her lovely flat tummy and on to her thick, full bush. A brown bush mingled with gray that was now drenched from a mixture of both their pussy juices.

Ginger parted the pubic hair and found Jenny’s exposed clit. She gave it a brief suck and said, “You like your bush thick.”

Gasping for breath, Jenny said, “That’s the way my husband likes it. I’d rather trim it myself.”

“No,” Ginger said after she gave Jenny’s clit another brief suck. “This is nice. All my friends shave, but it’s nice to see someone just let it grow wild.”

At that, Ginger abandoned conversation and dove her tongue into Jenny’s pussy. The sensations drove Jenny over the edge and she lifted her ass up off the bed and began to grind her pussy up into Ginger’s face. Ginger traced her tongue around the outer lips of Jenny’s pussy and while she resumed sucking Jenny’s clit drove two fingers into the woman’s cunt.

As the fingers worked their way in and out of Jenny’s pussy, and Ginger sucked her clit like a newborn attacking a nipple, Jenny gripped Ginger’s hair with her fingers and began to scream to the heavens, “OH, GOD! OH, MY GOD!! OH, MY FUCKING GOD!!! I’M CUMMING!!!! I’M FUCKING CUMMING!!!!!”

As Jenny started screaming, Ginger kept sucking Jenny’s pussy but rotated herself around so that Jenny was able to bury her face into Ginger’s dripping slit. And, they continued to tongue fuck each other in a sixty-nine position until both collapsed in heaping piles.

Ginger rolled onto her back and took one of Jenny’s feet in her hands and began to slowly rub and massage Jenny’s arch. Jenny sighed and said, “That’s almost as good as getting my fanny licked.”

Ginger arched an eyebrow, so Jenny said, “Well. Not quite, but it does feel good.”

Ginger laughed and scooted to the edge of the bed, where she sat up and searched through her purse until she found a pack of Marlboro reds and her lighter. Placing a cigarette between her lips, she paused before lighting it, looked at Jenny and said, “It cool with you if I smoke?”

Jenny smiled, and said, “Go ahead. Anyone that can make me cum like that can do whatever she wants.”

Ginger lay back next to Jenny with her lit cigarette in one hand and relaxed while the woman stroked her hair with one hand and she playfully tweaked her nipple with the other. Ginger smiled as Jenny slowly began to suck the nipple she had just been tweaking. Ginger sighed with pleasure when Jenny looked up from the aroused nipple and asked, “You like that?”

“Uh huh,” she mumble, as Jenny reached across her and took her cigarette. Jenny placed it between her lips, took a long, cheek hallowing drag and blew the smoke out through her nose. As Jenny placed the cigarette back between Ginger’s lips, Ginger asked, “You want one?”

Jenny shook her head and said, “No, sweetie. I’ll just smoke yours.”

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