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Sweet Torture

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A blindfold is snug around her head as she waits for her Dom to return. He said good things would come to her tonight and He never lies.

Although it has only been minutes since He told her to kneel and wait, it feels like a century before she hears His heavy boots coming down the hall. He enters the room and firmly closes the door behind Him.

His steps are slow and calculated as He circles her, taking in her posture, her hard nipples, her parted mouth. She hopes she pleases Him. It doesn’t matter how many times He’s seen her naked, kissed her flesh, driven Himself inside her; every time she feels His eyes on her is like the first.

He suddenly strokes her hair. Her head turns, pressing into the touch. Strange that just the faint promise of His fingers can make her wet. She makes a sound in the back of her throat. Just like that, His hand is gone.

Minutes pass and she doesn’t even hear Him breathing. Another person might think He somehow left the room, but she knows He’s still with her. His stare bears down on her and she can smell Him. It warms her belly, that strong, masculine, woody scent that clings to His skin. She loves it even more when it clings to her own after He’s had her.

He moves again, stepping just in front of her. He strokes her jaw. His fingers whisper across her lips. Even if she wasn’t blindfolded, she’d have to shut her eyes; His gaze would be too much. It’s the very best kind of torture.

“I don’t want you to speak tonight until I tell you so.” His fingers skim down her throat. “In fact, I don’t want you to make any noise at all. Understood?”

He waits, probably to see if she’ll disobey and answer. It wouldn’t be the first time she accidentally spoke when He gave such a command. This time she stays silent, eager for whatever He’ll give her next.

The sound of His zipper sliding down hardens her nipples. Pleasure slides down her spine and her body hums with anticipation. The wetness between her legs is unbearable and she shifts, pressing her thighs together to get one pulse of ecstasy.

Of course nothing escapes His notice. His strong hands are suddenly on her thighs, pushing her legs further apart. Her knees nearly buckle from the force of the movement. It’s a warning that she understands.

Don’t be greedy.

He straightens himself up above her and fists her hair tightly. She feels a slick, spongy hardness pressing against her cheek. It takes a near impossible strength of will not to moan or sigh. She catches the scent of His cock and her mouth waters. Her pussy begs. He pushes it against her lips.

“Kiss it,” he orders.

She’s happy to comply. Her lips purse and she gives the head a full kiss. The precum sticks to her and she can’t help but move her lips. He doesn’t deny her this.

But then her greediness wins out. Her pussy overrules her mind and she slips out her tongue to give one decisive lick.

She hears Him gasp. He lets go of her hair and pulls away.

“Did I say to lick my cock?”

He gives her cheek a quick slap.

“Stand up. ”

She manages it on shaky legs. His mouth quickly surrounds her nipple and she has to bite her lip to keep from crying out. His clever tongue circles and sucks. Just as she gets used to the pleasure he grabs her other breast with his hand, massaging and flicking her nipple. It’s too much and she moans.

His teeth come down on her nipple. Another warning.

Fingers dance down her stomach. There’s an all too brief stroke of her soaking lips. That delicious mouth of His switches to the other breast to torment her some more.

His naughty fingers trace the cheeks of her ass, dipping into the crevice. They circle around the hole, threatening to enter. Then they travel back around to her wet cunt. They slide through the wetness and push against her desperate clit.

He hums against her breast just before He takes his mouth away. His hands leave her, too. It’s complete torture, but the sweetest kind.

“Kneel,” he says.

She drops down again. The blindfold is lifted so that now she can meet his intense eyes. He still has His jeans pulled up but His shirt is gone. She licks her lips, wishing she could run her tongue against his skin, that she could devour Him. But she must wait until He tells her to, until He offers what He thinks she deserves.

“Take my jeans off.”

Her hands pull them down slowly. He’s as still as a statue; He doesn’t help her progress in any way and so it takes her longer than usual to complete the task. Eventually they pool down to His ankles and He steps out of them.

His cock is so deliciously hard. It points at her as if claiming her for His pleasure. Her fists clench to keep her from reaching out.

The Master comes to her, lifting her chin up so that her eyes come back to His. “Suck me.”

Her mouth all too happily encircles Him, lovingly tonguing His cock. He sighs and runs a hand through her hair.

She bobs up and down, delighting in the flow of precum filling her mouth. She pulls off, rubbing her lips against His head. Her eyes flicker back up to His gaze. The heat there makes the emptiness of her pussy almost unbearable.

His hold on her hair tightens. Even though He doesn’t speak, she understands His message. He wants it faster, harder. Nastier.

She spits on it and kisses the tip. Her lips nibble down the side. His balls are heavy and delicious-looking; she can’t help giving them a swipe of her tongue. Hearing her Master’s pleased moan makes her smile.

She takes Him back into her mouth, letting His cock slide deep inside. She hollows out her cheeks to tighten around Him as her tongue flicks across His head faster and faster.

His fist pulls her hair and she knows He’s about to fuck her mouth. She wants one last opportunity to give her own brand of pleasure, so she quickly sucks her mouth down onto Him, letting the head hit her throat. He groans and pushes her face closer to him, gagging her. The sound of her choking is as much of an aphrodisiac to her as it is to Him. He holds her there for a moment and then tugs her off.

Though her eyes are tearing, she can make out His focused features. She loves it when He looks at her like that, so intent and purposeful. Before she can catch her breath, His cock is back in her mouth. He pulls out and then dips back in a couple of more times.

And then it’s time. He threads his fingers into her hair on both sides of her face and starts to fuck her mouth.

“Do you like my cock in that dirty mouth of yours?”

She catches herself before she answers.

He fucks her so hard that her knees slide her away from Him. He yanks her back by her hair. He whispers filthy things to her she can’t quite make out above the chaos of her own breathing. Spit travels down her chin, her breasts. It’s sloppy and fast and deep.

He slows down after a while, thrusting into her mouth in leisurely-timed movements. And then He fiercely clutches her hair and forces His cock back into her mouth, lodging the tip of it down her throat. Her stomach jumps and her pussy clenches on nothingness.

She takes in quick bursts of air through her nose as He starts to fuck her throat. Their eyes never wander from each other’s as His head pushes into the soft velvet of her throat. Rapidly He throat-fucks her, groaning and sweating as He works them both into a frenzy. His balls smack against her chin.

Then He eases off of her to let her regain some of her breath, only to fuck His way back into her throat again. She can feel His balls tightening, that telltale swell of his cock. She wonders if He’ll cum in her mouth. Her stomach growls at the thought; she could use a good meal of Him tonight.

But just as she revels at the thought, He finally releases her. His cock is wet in the dim light. She eyes it hungrily but wisely stays kneeling, awaiting His next command.

He’s breathing heavily, stroking His cock at a controlled pace. His eyes roam hungrily over her. She feels the love in the weight of His gaze.

He gestures for her to stand with His free hand. Her legs wobble as she rises but she manages to keep herself up. She wipes her dripping chin and tilts her head down to the floor.

”Spread your pussy for me. I want to see how wet you are.”

Her fingers pull her lips apart. She has to beg herself not to linger, not to press too hard. He’d be most displeased.

She bares her shiny cunt to Him. His lips curl up into a smirk.

“You’re such a whore, aren’t you? A cock-hungry whore. Look at how wet you are.”

He comes to her and rubs His cock against her hip. “You’re so wet. Stick your fingers in that slutty pussy and feel it. Feel how much of a whore you are.”

She obeys immediately. He’s right; she is outrageously wet.

“Just sucking your Master’s cock could make you cum, couldn’t it?”

His wet cock slides over her hip and onto her stomach. He pulls back just enough so that He can slide His hand between them. He rubs her stomach, the top of her pussy. He tugs on her slippery lips. They press against her clit and she inhales deeply.

Then He surprises her by plunging three of His thick fingers into her cunt. A guttural cry escapes her before she can stop herself. His slick fingers pull out and clutch her chin, lifting it so that she can see the displeasure on His beautiful face.

“Naughty thing.”

Although He’s disappointed in her, she loves when He calls her naughty. And He’s said it in just the voice that makes her shiver. As if He can read her mind, a brief and amused smile crosses His face. He slips the fingers drenched in her cum into her mouth.


She tastes herself. He watches her through heavy eyelids.

Roughly He grabs the flesh of her hips and throws her on the bed. She lands on her ass and elbows.

“Get on your stomach.”

Quickly she complies.

“Lift your knees to your breasts and push your ass out.”

She positions herself into the subservient pose and waits.

She doesn’t have to wait long. The sting of a flogger erupts across her cheeks. Her head pushes down into the pillow. She loses count of how many times He doles out His punishment but it can’t be too long. He stops and rubs her ass with His warm hands, soothing and stroking the undoubtedly red streaks across her pale skin.

“For good measure, I think you deserve a few firm slaps of my hand. About ten should do it. Now you may speak; I want you to count them out.”

The crack of His hand against her sensitive flesh rings out in the bedroom. She grunts and cries out, “One!”

The first five are relatively easy. They come in quick succession and they’re not dreadfully hard.

But as always, Master’s punishment grows in intensity. By the sixth smack, she is feeling the pain.

“Six,” she whispers.

“I couldn’t hear you. That one doesn’t count.” His hand quickly comes back down and the cheek jiggles under His hand beneath the force.

“Six!” she screams.

By the time they make it to ten, she’s exhausted. And dripping wet.

Without another word, He lifts her up on her knees and sinks His cock into her pussy. He burrows deep until His balls hit her sensitive ass. The friction His delicious cock gives the silky walls of her pussy is almost enough to make her cum, but she knows better than to give into the pleasure now. It’ll be so much better when Master says she can.

She moans and clutches the sheets desperately. He grunts while He roughly thrusts in and out of her, pulling her head back by her hair.

“When you act like a whore,” he groans breathlessly, “you get fucked like a whore.”

He reaches around and slaps her dripping pussy. Her cries are almost unrecognizable as sparks of pleasure electrocute her body. The passion of their fucking increases when He starts pinching her nipples and bites the back of her neck.

“My little slut,” He murmurs against her damp skin.

His fingers circle her clit, driving her wild. Her body spasms against Him, pushing back against every one of His thrusts.

“Don’t you dare cum.”

“Oh, God,” she wails.

“Tsk, tsk. Don’t cum, greedy girl.”

He slaps her ass again to emphasize the point. The pain helps reign her in a bit and she focuses on the continuous slide of His dick.

He slips out but she doesn’t have time to groan in disappointment; He throws her onto her back. His hand curls around her throat in a firm but not suffocating show of His dominance.

He puts His cock back in slowly until it goes as far as it can. His chest rubs against her nipples and He smiles when she breathes out a “fuck”.

His lips meet hers for a slow, tender kiss that completely contrasts with His brutal fucking only moments before. Too soon He pulls away. He stares at her as He ruts deeply and slowly in her. Her breasts jump with every forceful plunge of His hips.

She loses herself in His unwavering stare, in the slow but thorough sex, and the somehow cold warmth coursing through her body. She’s so distracted that she doesn’t notice His other hand reaching for something until it’s too late.

The vibrating dildo is far up her ass before she registers any pain.

“Oh, fuck,” she gasps.

She’s so unbearably full. He pushes the dildo in and out a few times, fucking her ass in choppy strokes. Then He leaves it in, torturing her with the constant sensation.

His fucking picks up speed as the vibration in her ass travels through her pussy. His eyes shut for a second and in her dizzying euphoria she wonders if for once He might lose control. Then His eyes open and the steel is back in them. He’s going to fuck her until He’s ready to stop fucking her.

She knows her orgasm is just a few more thrusts away. She prays He’ll give her permission soon but she’s too smart to rely on that.

“Please,” she begs.

He slows down for a moment. His eyebrows lift and there is devilish humor in his eyes. “What was that?”

“Please. I need to… Please let me cum.”

“Hmmm.” He gives her a devastatingly deep and hard thrust. She sobs and claws at his back. The artificial cock in her ass is going crazy, her Master’s cock is huge and heavy in her sensitive cunt, and it’s all making her forget everything but cumming. “I’m not sure if you deserve it.”

“Please? I’ll do anything.”

He kisses her cheek. “I’ll hold you to that.”

He picks up his speed again and his hand tightens around her throat as she moans with every deep stroke.

It isn’t until tears come to her eyes, until her nipples are hard and begging against His chest, until her pussy is a second away from cumming without His permission, that He finally grunts, “Cum.”

She loses everything in that moment. Her name, her sense of time, her surroundings. Everything that’s ever come before boils down to this one sensation, this one trembling, earth-shattering orgasm. She cries out when her pussy cums hard on His cock, tightening and releasing with every wave of her orgasm. Her eyes shut tight but a tear of complete joy manages to trickle down her cheek.

Although it may seem her part of the pleasure is at an end, the truth is quite the opposite. It’s just beginning. Her dazed eyes snap open. She drinks in her Master’s tortured expression as He drives harder and harder into her. His hand clasps her throat tighter. She knows He’s close, and she knows she won’t feel complete until she’s filled with His cum. All that matters in this moment is His ecstasy.

Now she can focus on it, especially when she realizes at some point during the time she lost her mind He thankfully removed the dildo from her ass. Her ass is sore and sensitive, echoing the intense pleasure from moments before.

“Yes,” she sighs when His other hand squeezes her breast.

She licks at His lips, runs her hands through His hair and down His spine. She clutches His ass, bringing Him further into her.

His forehead rests against hers.

“I want your cum,” she whispers. “Please give it to me, Master.”

He shakes and speeds up. His cock grows impossibly harder. It digs deeper inside her, its motions making pleasantly wet noises as it pushes into her pussy.

“You want my cum? You want it inside you?”

“Yes, yes. Please. I want your cum so bad.”

“Yeah,” He moans. He keeps one hand on her throat as the other lifts her ass to His hips. The angle changes and she’s pretty sure she can cum again.

He knows this. He knows everything about her and her body. “You may cum again when I do,” He breathes in a rush.

He picks up speed and she feels His balls tighten against her. His cock swells, His eyes burn into hers, and He grinds Himself between her legs. He kisses her, fucking her with His tongue. The kiss is long and passionate, demanding and possessing, impossibly exciting her even more.

“I’m gonna cum,” He says once He breaks away from her mouth. “I’m gonna cum! Fuck, cum now.”

And she does. It’s more intense than the first time because He’s there with her.

He cums far harder than her, grunting with each frantic spurt of His pulsing cock. It goes on and on as He throbs inside her. His hand tightens around her neck as He gives one last desperate thrust, pushing His cum in deeper.

After an indeterminate amount of time, He kisses her forehead and pulls out. Cum oozes out of her, dripping down her ass and onto the bedsheets. It’s unbelievably sexy to still feel Him inside of her, to still have the remnants of His pleasure that she caused Him to feel and that He allowed her to have dripping down her legs.

His cock is slick and covered in their cum. He gives her a nod and she knows what to do; she lowers her body and cleans Him with her mouth. He tastes so wonderful that she’s almost inclined to keep sucking Him.

But He gives her hair a playful tug and grins at her. She smiles back, licks her lips, and crawls back up to His side.

Both are silent as they arrange themselves in their customary sleeping positions- He half on top of her, a hand cupped on her breast, and she with a leg hooked on His hip.

His lips are pressed against her neck and His warm cum is still inside her. She replays the images of her sweet torture and drifts off to sleep with a satisfied smile.

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