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Sweet Temptation at the Workplace

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Since the first time I came across her she was the sexiest woman I ever seen. I was alone in the break room at the office job I work at, since most everyone else ate lunch at the surrounding fast food places. I’m Joseph Sanchez, an average lookin guy that worked at this call center for a few months now and was still learning the ropes on helping people pay their water bills.

There were a couple of cuties to look at like Mariah and Trish… But then SHE walked in to heat up her lunch. And she just blew me away.

This tall gorgeous woman stepped into the room, breaking the silence each time her heels hit the floor. She placed her meal into the microwave and waited for it to warm up, standing with her back turned to me.

The other girls were cute.. But this girl… She redefined the hot sexy office woman look. Now we all had to wear work clothes, save for Casual Fridays but this one… Her body was so amazing, it only further accentuated her figure.

She wore a thin black jacket over her white dress shirt and black dress pants. I’d say she was about 5’8 but it was hard to tell since she wore heels. She had a slightly thick hourglass figure with nice long legs and while those pants might have been loose on anyone else, she had the nice big round ass to properly fill them out. Her chest was also a delightful d cup that felt like they wanted to bust out of her shirt at any given moment.

She had long glorious wavy dark hair that went down a little below the shoulders. She also had lovely green eyes and while even though she looked serious, she still looked sexy as all hell. But man.. Her ass… It was like the kind of tight sexy ass you’d see on tv or a magazine, not on a typical woman you’d actually run into in real life. I was getting hard just staring at her as she was counting down the final seconds in the microwave timer.

I snapped back to reality, looking back at my own meal, a burger my girlfriend made me as this dream girl got her food. Yes, I had someone, but I figured looking never hurt. She grabbed her tray and walked past me, so I scooted my chair up to give her room to pass.

She lightly said “You’re fine.” In the cutest voice I ever heard and she sat across from me to eat her meal. I really didn’t know what to say to her. I didn’t know anything about her except she was hot and I was awkward around women I didn’t know. I could pal around with Trish just fine, but we got to know each other during training. Breaking the ice was always the hardest… And this girl… Well she looked like she wouldn’t even waste the time to talk to an average shmuck like me.

My lunch was almost over and I had to go back to the phones, but I’d never imagine the story would end there. As I headed back to my cubicle, I ran into Roger, a guy that’s been there for years and worked both floors. Typical looking skinny guy with a beard and pony tail.

“Yo Roger, who’s that in the break room eating her food?”

Roger took a little peak, “Oh you mean Becky? What about her?”

“Nothing. Just never seen her before.”

“Well that would be because she works for the electric company upstairs. That and she kinda keeps to herself.”

“Oh. She seems cool.”

Roger replied, “Well she has her talkative moments when she wants to but there’s times she kinda wants to be left alone. Why are you suddenly so interested in Becky? You like her?”

“No… I don’t even know her. I was just wondering who she was cuz I never saw her before.”

Roger smirked, “Wouldn’t blame you if you did. She’s damn fine, isn’t she? Between you and me, if I wasn’t married, I’d be plowing that ass every night.”

That last part kinda knocked me back since he usually was t that vulgar. “What about your wife?”

“Hey, what I do with my wife stays between me and my wife, Joe. I love my wife. I think she’s hot. But I mean… She’s no Becky Clemens, ya know?”

He was right. His wife was pretty cute and she was totally bangable, even after having 2 kids… But she wasn’t this girl.

“Heh yeah. Well, see ya man. My lunch break is almost over.”

I went back to work and that was that. I went back to my regular life and really didn’t give this living fantasy much thought. It wasn’t til a week later that I would be hanging outside with Trish during our lunch break that saw Becky again. And man, did I ever see her.

Now with casual clothes, she was wearing a yellow tee and some tight dark grey jeans. Man did she ever pack those jeans. She had her back turned to me as she watched her phone, and I just kept staring at her perfect ass, tuning out whatever Trish was talking about. I just wanted to spread this bitch’s cheeks and dive right in. I also noticed that in regular shoes she was just a tad taller than my 5’6 self.

“Hey are you listening to me? Or are you spend the last few minutes of our break oogling that girl’s ass?”

I snapped out of my trance and snapped back at Trish. Geez, couldn’t you have said it any louder? I wanted to complain but she was a pretty loud ‘tell it like it is’ kinda girl’ and I really didn’t want her repeating herself in case Becky overheard.

“I… I wasn’t staring…. I don’t even know her. So what were you saying about your ex?”

Trish was taller than me, heels or not, not that she’d ever wear any, and had long auburn colored hair. She was wearing a tight red top just barely hugging a nice rack and slightly loose jeans. She was a bit on the thick side and most of that thickness kinda went to the waist down, but not enough for one to call her ‘fat’. If anything that big ass of hers made her jeans a little less looser in that particular area.

“As I was saying, that bastard starting going out with my best friend from high school. Literally went to the place he knows I always go to when I want to relax to show her off. As if I gave a crap. I am so over him. And Connie? I haven’t seen her ass in years and now she shows up, rubbing the fact that she’s banging my ex in my face? Psssh! Whatever. She can enjoy my leftovers!”

As she rambled on about why the guy she once dated was the scum of the earth, Becky wrapped up her text break and started heading back inside. I could have sworn she have me a quick look as she walked past me… But yeah right, I was probably imagining it. As for Trish, she was cute in her own right and I wouldn’t mind slamming the sense out of her one night if it would shut her out. Sure sounded like she needed a hard fuck.

The rest of the day was uneventful until my last 15 of the day. I was chilling with Roger joking about old movies while other people, Becky included, went about their business. After 2 minutes most people left and I decided to grab an extra drink from the vending machine at the other side of the room. As I was deciding what to get, Becky was now standing behind me, getting change from her purse. I stepped aside and gestured that she could go before me.

She smiled at me and said “No, you’re fine. After all I don’t think you want to spend the last few minutes of your break oogling some girl’s ass.”

I didn’t know what to say and her smile was gone. She was staring right at me. I couldn’t read her face, was she offended or just giving me crap? Her face was a blank stare right into my very soul. She then raised a brow and motioned her head towards the machine as if to say ‘well?’.

I awkwardly said “um sorry….” and picked some jalapeño chips out of the vending machine. I felt so awkward and could sense her eyes burning holes on my back as I walked away.

That night I couldn’t get her out of my mind. I had a small dinner, some pork chops and mashed potatoes on the side. I lived in a small cozy 2 floor apartment, upstairs, and sat on my tv chair ready to just unwind. I heard the doorbell and got up to see who it is. It was Kayla, my redhead girlfriend, and she had that look on her eye.

We’ve both been so busy with our jobs, we hardly had time to see each other anymore. Whenever our schedules would match we’d take the chance to either spend the day together for a date… Or we’d just get down to fuck like crazy all night. The look on her face told me she was up for the second choice.

Kayla was an adorable cutie with red curls trailing down either side and seductive green eyes. Right now she was wearing a casual red flower shirt and cream colored pants. She was a tad on the thin side but still had a nice little set of tits and a cute little ass.

She had smooth milky skin that clashed with my darker tone, but there was just something attractive about sticking my dark cock into her pale pussy.

She walked over and wrapped her arms around me, “hey hot stuff…. Are you in the mood to finish the night the right way?”

I smirked at her and looked into her eyes ,”Mmmm and what you consider the right way Kayla?”

“Well… We could slip into more comfortable clothes… And hang out in your bedroom… Maybe relax and watch some tv… I can give you a good back massage to release your stress….”

She leaned in and whispered in my ear ,”Or if you want I can suck your cock until you release your stress down my throat.”

I smiled ,”Mmmm that second choice sounds so much better.”

She reached down my pants and gave my cock a squeeze, “mmmm I think so. Or maybe we can just skip to the part where you fuck your girlfriend good and hard.”

I took her in my arms and kissed her deeply, pulling her into my lap. “How bout we both, you sexy little bitch?”

She smirked, “You’re lucky I’m so turned on right now or I woulda smacked you for calling me that. I hate being called bitch, even as a tease. Let’s get to it baby. Show me watcha got.”

We kissed deeply for a few moments, her hands already eagerly rubbing the bulge in my pants. Man, she really needed it badly today. We broke the kiss only to chase each other to the bedroom while everything was hot.

We kept kissing as we sat down together until she pushed me on my back. I felt the desire within her as she forced my belt off and started unzipping my pants. She yanked them down hard enough to take my boxers along with them and my hard shaft sprung into view.

“Mmmm I’ve been thinking about this all day. We need to fuck much more often baby…” Kayla stroked my cock lovingly before going down and taking it into her mouth.

I just watched her and enjoyed it, feeling how her tongue rolled over my head. She was always so good at giving head, but I couldn’t help envision Becky sucking my cock in her place. My girl is awesome and I do love her, but I couldn’t get the lust I felt for Becky out of my mind. I think thinking of her sucking me off got me even harder in Kayla’s mouth, and she soon noticed.

“Ooh look at that. You want it just as bad as I do.” She smirked as she tried her best to deep throat it.

In my mind I pictured Becky slurping my hard rod. I wondered how good she was at it. I bet she was amazing. I grabbed ‘Becky’ by the back oh her head and made her swallow my length. I started just fucking her mouth, letting all my lust and desire for the sexy bitch out.

Kayla was surprised since I was never that rough on her and she gagged and choked on my cock trying to keep up. There was little she could do but let my cock ravage her mouth, my full length filling her up each time.

I groaned loudly thinking about making Becky mine. Just grabbing get big tits. Running my hands all over her ass. Bending her over and just fucking her violently, letting her feel how badly I wanted her body with each hard thrust.

Kayla grunted in surprise as she felt my cum suddenly shoot out. All she could do was swallow as I finally let her go. With my orgasm fading I realized I basically raped my girlfriend’s mouth and let her go.

“Oh my god! Baby, are you ok? Im sorry, I kinda got carried away there.”

She wiped her mouth and looked at me, “Wow, I never felt you so rough before. I know we’ve been too busy for our alone time, but you really want it bad, huh?”

I was surprised, “you’re not mad?”

“Maybe a little… But now it’s my turn to go rough. Let’s see if you can handle it.”

She shoved me on my back and grabbed my cock, yanking on it roughly. It was still a semi-hard and she managed to squeeze a drop or two of cum, which she licked up. She stared into my eyes as she swallowed it, and stuck out her tongue again to show that it was now clean.

She got on top of me and positioned herself to sit on my sore cock. She loved being on top and I knew she was going to be extra rough on my dick that was still tired from shooting such a load. She didn’t care, it was time for her enjoyment now and she moaned as my cock spread her sweet pussy wide.

I held on tightly to the bed sheets imagining how it would feel if Becky was mounting me instead. I moaned as Kayla’s pussy squeezed my cock, getting it to it’s full hardness. She was on the pill so there was no worry. Once she got me securely inside her, she started thrusting and riding me hard. At first a little slow, but within seconds she looked like she wanted to break my hips.

“Oh fuck!! You like that Joey? You like having your horny girlfriend riding you like a horse?” She rammed against my hips like crazy, I was lucky she was such a tiny girl.

Her cunt felt amazing, but honestly I just couldn’t get that sexy co-worker out of my mind. Kayla was hot in her own adorable way, but she was so thin she didn’t have that much in terms of her tits and ass. She did have a sweet little pair and a cute ass, but Becky has the nice bouncy tits and the big round ass I’d always wanted to get my hands on.

As Kayla continued to fuck me, I grabbed onto her ass to push me towards me as I tried to thrust back against her. I reached behind get and started to rub and tease her asshole. This made her slow down and look down at me.

“Hey hey whoa! What do you think you’re doing?”

“C’mon Kayla… You know I’ve been wanting to fuck sweet ass for a while. You got me so hard, we should give it a try.”

She slowed her pace down, not wanting to stop, “Don’t ruin the mood Joey… You know I don’t want to do that. Get your hand away from there or we’re calling it a night.”

“… Oh alright…”

Kayla kept riding me but most of the intensity was gone. I had ruined the mood. I decided to end the night on a high note and quickly pushed her off me. She was surprised but I soon mounted her and buried my cock deep inside her. She gasped and moaned as I grabbed and squeezed her tits.

“Oooh this is more like it… Make me cum baby…”

I thrashed against her good and hard. In my mind I was giving Becky the hard fucking she deserved. I kept trying to imagine how she would sound like moaning and screaming my name. I felt my cock stiffen up as I kept thinking how badly I wanted to fuck her.

Kayla’s moans and groans grew more intense as she was getting closer to orgasm. I kept mixing her sounds of pleasure with what I imagined Becky’s would sound like. I kept thinking to myself, “yeah!!! Take that Becky!!! Take it, you sexy bitch!!”

Kayla soon tightened up and groaned as her climax ripped through her. I managed to pull out in time and spray her face and tits with my cum. As we laid together, I heard her panting hard and slowly licking my seed off her. I just stared at the ceiling for a bit. “Someday Becky… Someday…” I thought to myself.

Now of course that was me at home. At work it was a completely different story. During the weekends I’d either take out my pent up lust for Becky on my girlfriend, or jerk off thinking about her whenever I was alone. In my mind I was taking Becky to bed as if she was my willing lover. At work… I’d be completely shy and awkward and probably wouldn’t know what to say to her if she so much as asked me to join her for a cup of coffee. It was fun to fantasize but the real world was different and I wouldn’t dare risk ruin a good thing with Kayla. Or would I?

It was lunch time again at work, and the phones were slow enough for us to have an hour lunch. As I stepped in I heard Roger saying that Stallone was the better action star over Swartzanegger. Just then I heard a familiar voice reply with disagreement.

“Oh come on. You can’t beat The Terminator. He Is the action star.” It was Becky.

Man, she looked lovely in her black coat, this time wearing a tight red button shirt underneath showcase her glorious tits. It’s not like it was on purpose, it’s just those impressive Ds couldn’t be hidden no matter how classy she dressed.

Her hair was also combed down so it fell on either sides of her face, covering her ears. It was a different but tantalizing look for her. Or maybe it was just me. I never felt such string lust for someone that was practically a total stranger. I guess it helps that I run into get often enough to remember her.

I sat near them, not really knowing wether to butt in or not. She hasn’t mentioned anything regarding the vending machine comment, and she hadn’t acted particularly cold around me so I figured we were cool. I heard more movies thrown around as Rocky and Rambo took on The Terminator and Conan.

Suddenly Roger put me on the spot, “let’s get a completely unbiased objective opinion to end this. Joseph, who is the better action star, Stallone or Swartzanegger?”

Becky stared into my eyes, this time giving me her full and undivided attention. Awkward. “Yeah, isn’t Arnold the one that defined the action movie genre?”

Geez. That’s one I didn’t have an answer for. “I… Um… I don’t know… I mean they’re both awesome in their day. I guess Stallone tends to go for the most realistic movies and Swartzanegger goes all out sci fi.”

Roger said “oh come on, Demolition Man and Judge Dredd were sci-fi.”

Becky protested, “yeah but Judge Dredd sucked. And see? Joseph agrees with me. Arnold is more larger than life. He is THE action star, am I right Joseph?”

There was an awkward pause as they both starred at me. Becky’s green eyes seemed to stare into my very soul. “Well… You just can’t beat the terminator. Especially T2, that was the best movie ever.”

Becky looked at Roger with a winning smile and he laughed,”Aww man. That’s not fair. Of course he’d side with you, he thinks you’re hot.”

DUDE, WHAT THE HELL. I blushed and stammered, “No I don’t! I mean…”

Becky smirked at me,”so you don’t think I’m hot?”

“Yes. I mean… Well yeah… You’re… Incredibly attractive…”

“Incredibly attractive? My Joseph, I’m flattered.”

Roger teased, “Easy there Romeo. She’s already spoken for.”

“I… I wasn’t hitting on her.” I looked at her, “I’m not hitting in you, am I?”

Becky smiled at me, enjoying seeing me squirm. “It’s ok Joseph. We’re just messing around.”

Roger nudged me,”yeah, take a chill pill man. You’re even blushing.”

I felt myself blush as I said, “I am not!!”

She teased, “yeah, you kinda are. Aww you must really think I’m something, huh Joseph?”

“Uh… No..,?”

Roger got up and packed away what was left of his fast food snack, “well I think we embarrassed Joseph enough for now. I gotta go back in. See you later you two.”

I was left alone with Becky and she also started packing up her stuff toss out, empty pizza box and used napkins. “You’re so adorable Joseph. Look…”

She leaned into me so anyone wouldn’t hear, “I don’t mind if you ‘enjoy the view’… I find it kinda flattering to be honest… Just remember, look but no touch, ok?”

“I uh…. Yeah ok…” I guess I was in no position to say I don’t check her out, she already knew I stare at her ass thanks to Trish blurting it out.

Becky got up and adjusted her purse, “see ya around.” She then walked off, her heels clacking against the floor as she headed out. Despite everything i couldn’t help but stare at her sweet ass as she stepped out. That woman sure knew how to leave a room.

The next couple of days would go on and I would occasionally run into her. We’d either have small talk or just a quick ‘hi and bye’ as we cross paths or sometimes I’d go days without seeing her due to our schedules.

There would be times she’d catch me staring either leaning over to grab something or yawning with her arms stretched upwards that would thrust her breasts out, but she’d give me a look telling me she knows I’m looking but doesn’t mind it.

Needless to say, whenever she wore the nicest and most figure-forming outfits, Kayla would be getting it extra rough that night. She loved the intensity and never questioned it, having no idea I envisioned someone else during the act. I did feel bad cause I did love her, but then came Becky in a new sexy work outfit and any guilt I had flew out the window.

I figured it was ok to lust over this dream girl since it was never gonna happen between us anyway. Her man must give it to her good every night if he was any kind of man at all. It was kinda cool she knew I was checking out and didn’t mind. I guess it got me extra hard knowing she knew or at least had some idea of what I thought of her in a sexual sense.

All of this would have been a boring story if it wasn’t for one day after 7 when I missed the bus. It started to rain and since the building was closed I was going to be soaked for the next half hour waiting for the next. Then a car pulled and the driver honked the horn. The door opened and Becky waved, “Come on! I’ll take you home!”

I was surprised as all hell to say the least but I got in anyway. “Um… Wow… Thanks Becky.”

“It’s nothing. I mean if I just drive past you in my nice warm car while you were stuck in the rain soaking wet, I’d feel like crap. Now whereabouts do you live?”

“Oh um… down by Rockshire. Near that big church.”

“Oh I know where it is. Geez that’s almost the other side of town Joseph. You take two buses to get to work in the morning?”

“Yeah.” She was so beautiful, this was the closest I’ve even been to her. Even her hair still smelled salon fresh even after a full day’s work.

“How do you do it? I’d never have that kind of patience.”

“You get to used to it. Um. I really appreciate this Becky.”

She smiled, but kept her eyes on the road. “Don’t mention it. So is the girlfriend waiting up at home?”

“How did you know…?”

“That you had a girlfriend? Well, it seems everyone working here is taken so either you have a girlfriend or a wife. Not that hard to guess.”

“Um well yeah. I do. But she’s working late so she wouldn’t have been available to pick me up tonight.”

The whole time I couldn’t help admire her chest. It was a treat seeing her tits slightly bounce every time we hit a small bump.

“You live together?”

I looked over at her, not really expecting that many questions about my personal life. “Um.. No, but she does spend the night a lot. She might move in with me in a few months.”

“That’s nice. You guys are real close then. We also live together but he’s been so busy with his job, he’s hardly home at all.”

“Oh.. Um… Where does he work?” I guess now I could find out more about her.

“He’s a trucker, so his job make him leave for weeks sometimes. I mean I do understand, and with what we both make we do live pretty comfortably… But I still miss him you know.”

“Oh. Yeah I bet.” I realized I see Kayla so often that I’d miss her terribly if she didn’t come over for a week.

Becky eyed me and asked, “so are you from here?” I tried to stop staring and it looks like she has noticed.

“No. I was from Cali. I moved here to start over again. I met Kayla a while after. You?”

She smiled, “I’m from here. Born and raised in good ol PA. California sounds like fun. I wish we had some of that heat here.”

“Heh yeah. I agree Becky. I’m kinda done with winter.” She laughed a little, showing her agreement.

She looked at me and then back at the rode. “So CSI or NCSI?”

That confused me, “…what?”

“What’s the better crime show? I’m more into CSI myself.”

Heh, cute. Seems she was really into tv and movies. Perfect way to keep the conversation going. It also reminds me she’s just another person, working her 9 to 5 to make it, just like me, and not this ultimate dream girl I keep picturing her to be.

“Heh.. Well actually Becky I’m more into Law and Order.”

The rest of the car ride was just laughing and talking about our favorite shows and mindless trivia. We didn’t really flirt or tease or anything like that, but I felt like we connected in some way. At least she knew I was alive.

We finally arrived at my place, two floor apartment in which I lived upstairs. She stepped out and took a look. “Nice place. All yours?”

“I wish. I live in the upstairs. The landlords are bottom floor. They’re real nice though.”

She smiled, “Must be nice. Whenever I used to live in apartment the landlords were always assholes. Does it ever get lonely, I mean whenever the girlfriend doesn’t spend the night?”

I looked at her and answered, “Not really. I just kick back and watch tv.”

“Heh, nice. Well I’m heading home. Still gotta make supper.”

She hugged me and held me tight for a few seconds which made me blush and stagger. I wasn’t really expecting that and the feel if her nice firm breasts pressing up against me made my cock insta-hard.

She pulled back and smiled, “Are you blushing? Oh my god, that’s so cute.”

I looked away, totally embarrassed. “I am not…”

She moved closer to me, here eyes piercing into my very being, “You must really like me huh, Joseph?”

I didn’t know what to say. It wouldn’t be so awkward if we both weren’t taken. She was such a playful tease, I also didn’t wanna say yes and have her ‘turn me down’. I decided to tease back. I knew she’d never cheat on her guy so I might as well let her know I do like her.

“Heh… Maybe more than I should.”

She smirked. “Don’t worthy. It’ll be our secret.” She turned and headed back to her car, opening the door to get back in.

“Oh and um.. Thanks for the ride Becky. I really appreciate it.”

“Don’t mention it. Maybe now you can talk to be more often and not be so shy around me. I mean I know you check me out Joe-Joe but don’t put me on a pedestal. I’m just me.”

“Ok. Good night.” I waved as she got in her car and drove off.

I walked to my place thinking to myself, “well that was pleasant.” It sounded sappy but I’d be happy just being able to walk right up and talk to her whenever I wanted.

Later that night Kayla got a good hard fucking. I has Becky’s tits pressing against my chest so fixated on my mind, I felt like I almost broke my girlfriend. Luckily she loved it rough.

The next couple of days went by and whenever I happened to cross paths with Becky we’d talk random chatter. Whenever she wore a tight set if jeans on casual Friday she’d always toss me a playful look, knowing I was admiring her amazing ass.

There was a time I was eating lunch with Trish and Becky was grabbing her stuff in the background. Honestly I was kinda tuning out her usual rant against men as I couldn’t help but check out Becky’s black form fitting dress pants. Trish noticed and seemed annoyed ,”Hello, Earth to Joseph. Stop gawking at your Work Girlfriend and listen to me.”

I blushed and didn’t want her to hear. “She’s not my work girlfriend Trish… And I’m not gawking at her.”

Becky turned and walked over, eager to embarrass me. “Oh, I’m your Work Girlfriend now?”

“N-no….?” I could barely reply. I felt myself blushing badly and both of these women knew it.

Trish smirked ,”Yeah. He’s totally into you. You should see how his jaw drops whenever you step into a room. It’s like everyone vanishes and you’re the only one here.”

Marcey was there too and she decided to tease as well. “Oh Joe, don’t you have a girlfriend though?”

I didn’t know what to say and tried to be funny, “I’m not checking her out. I’m simply admiring how much of a snazzy dresser she is.”

Trish and Marcey gave a sarcastic “uh-huh”.

Becky rubbed my head playfully, “Aw am I making my Joe-Joe blush?”

Marcey teased, “your Joe-Joe?”

“Yeah. My Joe-Joe and only he is allowed to check me out. Aren’t you sweetheart?”

I didn’t know what to say which made the women laugh. Yeah. I need to hang out with Trish less.

Trish said, “Dressed like that, I doubt you’d be able to stop all the other guys from checking you out.”

Becky gave her a slight glare, which made it hard to tell wether she was being serious or not, “Maybe you’re jealous cause he’s looking at me… And not at you.”

“Oh as if! What do I care!”

Becky smirked, “Struck a nerve I see.”

“Not even Rebecca. So not even. I just get annoyed when he ignores me when were having a conversation cause his eyes are up your butt.”

My eyes almost popped out when I heard that. I knew she was always the kind to ‘tell it like it is’ and ‘take no crap’ but geez. “Whoa Trish. She’s just joking around.”

Becky smirked “Well I’m out there. My break is done and I gotta go before your other work girlfriend beats me up.”

Marcey joked “wow ‘Joe-Joe’ how many work girlfriends do you have?”

“Heh, you’re free to join in Marcey. I wouldn’t mind being your work boyfriend.” I teased back.

She laughed “no thanks. My card is full.”

Becky teased “whoa there Latin lover. Before you build a harem dint forget who you belong to.” She gave me a little hug and left.

Trish glared at her but didn’t say anything. Marcey ended the little joke by saying, “well whatever with her. We all know that if you had a choice, it would be me. I’m obviously the best catch here.” She then grabbed her purse and walked out.

Trish and I finished eating. Before I left I looked at her “you ok there?”

Trish glared at me, “Serves me right for starting it, I guess. If you were both single I’d say you should just fuck Rebecca and get it over with.”


“You wouldn’t?”

I grabbed my stuff and smiled, dodging the question completely. “looks like I gotta clock back in. See ya.” I thought to myself “hell yeah I’d fuck her, but I’d totally fuck you too.”

Trish just smirked as I walked off. She knew the answer anyway.

Later that day I was ready to go home and surprisingly Becky was out there waiting for me. “Need a ride?”

“Um yeah sure. Thanks. Were you waiting for me?”

She smiled, “of course not. It just so happens that we both get off at the same time today.”

I welcomed the chance to get a ride home and hopped in. I was happy we were able to talk a lot more casually now. She was no longer the mystery girl I admired from afar. She was my friend.

“So who’s the girl you’re always sitting with? The talk loud mouth one. She looks kinda snooty.” She asked.

“Oh, that’s Trish. She’s aight, she’s just been bitten bad by her past relationships. She keeps falling for jerks, or nice guys that turn out to be jerks.”

“She seems desperate for a guy. Like the one that falls for the whole bad guy image. Everyone knows you’re only supposed to fuck a bad boy. It’s the good boys you actually start a relationship with.”

“Um yeah. I wouldn’t know, Becks. I kinda try to avoid the bad girls. But then again there’s a difference between being a bad-ass that lifts weights… And then just being an asshole. ”

She smiled, “I guess. Though they can be as sweet and as charming as possible when they want to be. You give them your heart and soul.. Then you turn around and find out they’re sleeping with someone else.” Her voice seemed hurt at the last part.

“That sounds kinda personal there Becks…”

“Yeah… Things are kinda rocky on the home front. I found out why he’s been taking ‘overtime’ a lot at work… He’s been making nice with a girl in a small diner near the truck stop…”

“Oh wow… Are you sure? I mean who’d need anyone else when they have a bombshell like you.”

She chuckled a little though her face showed she was trying not to cry. “Bombshell… That’s the problem with you men… It doesn’t matter who you’re with.. You’re always going to want someone else. The bitch didn’t know my friend Miranda also works there and tells me everything. Imagine her surprise when she bragged to her about the ‘muscular trucker guy that comes to visit her for a quick guck’ and basically described my boyfriend. Oh god Joe, you guys are all assholes.”

I didn’t know what to say. “Whoa there. Don’t add me into the mix. Not everyone is a jerk.”

She eyed me and then looked at the road. “Don’t deny it Joe. There’s a bit of bad in you too. Why else are you checking me out even though you have a girlfriend?”

I didn’t see that coming. “I… Don’t check you out..”

“We all know you love staring at my ass Joe. You make it so blatantly obvious even the others at work know.”

“Well I mean… There’s nothing wrong with just looking…”

She looked at me, “But you want to touch… Don’t you? You don’t think I notice the way you look at me? The kind of look that you want me so badly? C’mon. Tell me how badly you want me Joe.”

Boy, this sure turned awkward really quickly. I did get off on her, but it was totally different when your wank fantasy was in your face calling you out about it. “I… Uhh.. Becky, it’s not like that….”

“Admit it. You have a girlfriend, probably a real loving devoting one too… And yet what you really want is to fuck me.”

I blushed bright red, “Becky…”

“Drop the nice guy routine Joe. You treat me like I’m some irresistible unattainable dream girl. If I were to come on to you, you wouldn’t be able to say no. You’d be putty in my hands and all I’d have to do is smile at you the right way. You’re no better than anyone else, you’d still give in to temptation.”

I didn’t know what to say. I know she was probably just venting at me over her cheating boyfriend, but it sure felt personal against me.

“Becky…. I uh… Well, I do find you incredibly attractive. Drop dead gorgeous to be honest… But I like hanging with you too. You’re funny and fun to talk to. But I wouldn’t mess around on my girl.”

She simmered down. “I know… I’m sorry… I just… It happened last night.,.. I just… I needed to let it out…” She wiped a tear from her eye.


“No… Don’t… I’m fine. Let’s just get you home…” She kept up a brave front. She seemed to be such a strong woman and didn’t want me to see her sensitive side. It was weird seeing such a strong confident classy woman go through so much emotions.

The rest of the car ride was rather quiet. We did break the silence to complain and joke about work. When we finally got to my place, I noticed she stepped our of the car with me. “So any plans for the weekend Joseph?”

“Nothing much really. Kayla will be working most of the afternoon so I’ll probably just be home gaming or watching a movie.”

Suddenly she pulled me over and kissed me deep on the lips. This just came out of nowhere, I didn’t know what to do. I lost all touch of reality as I felt the source of all my fantasies plant her sexy lips on mine. She wrapped her arms around me and pulled me close, stopping the kiss only to kiss me again, just as passionately.

I was at a loss. My mind went blank. I knew I should have pushed her away but everything in me just wanted to let it happen. My cock so fuckin hard now it was almost bursting from my pants.

She broke the kiss and smiled at me, breathing hard and looking into my eyes, “Why aren’t you stopping me Joseph….?”

“Becky…. I…”

She kissed me again a little deeper and reached down to give my hard cock a squeeze. “And so hard already… All I did was kiss you..,.”

“Becky… What are you…”

“If you were such a saint you would have stopped this by now. Pushed me away. You really are so adorable. You really can’t say no to me, can you? You really want me that much?”

Her hand stroked my cock through my pants as she admired how hard and thick it was. Oh god, every part of me wanted to fuck her so badly it hurts. I was desperately eager to see how far she was going to take this…. But dammit, I knew this was wrong.

“Becky… We shouldn’t….”

She smirked and gave my cock a squeeze, “admit it…. If I were to ask right now… You’d totally go for it.”

“I… I don’t know…”

She smiled and let me go. “I wish my man saw me the way you did. I know you think your friends are cute… But you don’t look at them the same way you look at me. It’s… Cute. Flattering. That someone like me could be such a dream girl to a nice guy like you.”

She got back into her car and looked at me. “Do me favor Joseph.”

“Um… Ok?”

“Think about me tonight.”

“… What?”

“See you tomorrow, Joe-Joe…” Then she started her engine and drove off.

I waved at her but realized tomorrow was Saturday and the call center was closed weekends. She was coming over? It couldn’t be. I figured she was just going through a lot of emotional stress. I mean she was calling out cheating boyfriend and here she was putting the moves on a guy she knows is taken.

I didn’t know what to think. She was right though. She had me in her hands and I was powerless to stop her advances. Every part of just wanted her so badly. I never saw myself as a cheater. Sure we can all look and fantasize… But if She really did come tomorrow… Would I be able to say no?

The next day was awkward. I relaxed in some loose fitting jeans and a sports tee, with that sense of anticipation. Was she really going to come over or was she joking? Even if she did drop by it didn’t mean anything would happen. Maybe she felt better after a good nights sleep and just wanted to hang. But still… A kiss was one thing but she was holding my hard cock in her hand… She knew I wanted to fuck her, there was no denying it now.

I made some pizza and relaxed on my couch, the kind that folds out into a bed, and watched a super hero movie marathon. I almost jumped when the mailman came in to drop off more bills. I kinda chuckled to myself. “This is silly, she’s not coming. She was just messing around. Even if she does, it won’t be to fuck. There’s a lot of better looking guys at work that wouldn’t think twice about tappin that regardless of if they were married or not.”

Just then I heard a knock at the door that made me freeze in my tracks. Naw. It couldn’t be. It had to be Kayla.

I went to the door and was surprised to see Becky with a loose blue sport shirt and baggy jeans. She has her hair combed to the sides to cover her ears. She was also holding a gilded sheet of paper. “Hey there. What’s up?”

I didn’t know what to say here. “Um… Oh hey Becky. You came….”

“Well I did say I would be seeing you ‘tomorrow’. Aren’t you going to let me in?”

“Um sure, sure. Make yourself at home.”

She walked past me as I held the door open for her. She looked around “Nice place you got here Joe-Joe. And oooh pizza. Hope you don’t mind sharing.”

It was weird seeing her act so… casual. I was so used to her super-classy professional self at work. I guess this was the first time I really saw her as… well, as a person. And she still looked damn hot… And was in my apartment.

“Yeah. Help yourself. So to what honor do I owe to your visit?”

She sat on the couch and patted the side of it for me to join her. “I wasn’t doing anything over the weekend and figured since you were alone, I might as well come and hang out with you.”

I sat next to her and she pulled the plate of pizza between us. “Oh. That’s cool.”

“Is this home made? Did you make it yourself?”

“Well it’s not a big deal… I bought the pre-made pizza dough.. I just added the other stuff.”

She took a bite, “Well, it’s very well made. You know I don’t really talk that much to the others upstairs. I mean I talk to Roger sometimes but I don’t have anyone from work I can really hang out with.”

“Yeah. I feel kinda honored. So, what’s that piece of paper?”

“Oh. That’s my cover story. In case the girlfriend was here I could just say I came over to drop by your work schedule. You know, ’cause you forgot it at work’.”

“Ahhh, clever.” She really thought this through.

“I know right? So what are we watching?”

“The Avengers”

“Oh yeah. It’s one of my favorites.”

We watched the rest of the movie and commented about it. We both saw it so many times it didn’t really matter if we talked over it. I had gotten her some soda and soon the pizza was gone. It was a nice experience. After a while she broke the carefree moment and changed the subject.

“So last night I finally did it.”

“What did you do Becks?”

She looked at me with a serious expression, “I kicked that cheating son of a bitch to the curb. He came home smelling of women’s perfume and I called him out on it. He tried to talk his way out of it but as soon as I mentioned that Miranda was Tammy’s best friend and told her all the play by play… He didn’t know what to say. We argued for hours but I kicked his sorry ass out and ended it.”

“Oh god. Becky I’m sorry…”

“Don’t be. I’m not. That was a few good years of my life I wasted, I should have seen it sooner but I kept denying it to myself.”

“Oh wow. So what are you gonna do now? Don’t you both own the house?”

“Nope. It’s mine. He was the one that moved in when we got together. Man, it’s been forever since I was single. I forgot what it’s like to be alone and do what I want.”

I looked at her, “Well I’m sure it won’t take long for someone like you to find someone else.”

“No. I want to be on my own for a while. I want to just do whatever I want without answering to anyone. If I see something I really want, I just want to go for it. No questions asked.”

I smiled, “That’s the way to do it.”

She then looked over at me, “You should do the same thing.”

“Excuse me?”

She leaned in closer to me, her seductive little smile just inches away from my face. “Why don’t you just go ahead and take what you want?”

“Um… What do you mean…?”

“Don’t lie to me Joe-Joe… You know what you want… More than anything. And she’s looking at you right now… And wants the same thing…”

I blushed awkwardly and leaned back a little. “She does…?”

“Yes. She does. C’mon Joe… Let’s just put it out in the open. There’s no one here but you and me. You’ve been wanting me from the first time you saw me. I bet you think of me often….” She leaned in closer to me.

“Becky I….” I felt myself going numb, mesmerized by her natural beauty. Why the hell didn’t I meet a babe like this when I was single?

“Do you think of me when you’re fucking her?”

My eyes bugged out and I stood up right then and there. “Oooh Kay!! I think it’s time for you to go sweetheart.”

She got up and walked towards me. “Be honest with yourself Joseph. Don’t pass up this one chance I’m giving you. Is she really that special to you? What if I went to someone else? Like that new guy Patrick? Would you be able to live with yourself when word spreads that we’re sleeping together at work knowing full well that you had me all to yourself in you own house and you turned me away?”

“Becky… Don’t do this… I mean… I can’t… It wouldn’t be right….”

She moved as close as she possibly could against me, her round luscious tits millimeters away from me, only covered by her shirt. “You really are a good guy Joseph but you can’t lie to yourself. I like you. How we connected. How we became friends. That’s why I came to you and no one else. If we can’t get involved we can at least have this. I won’t ruin your relationship if it’s solid and true. If you really don’t want to… If you really want me to leave.. I will. And I’ll never hit on you again. But I have to hear you say it.”

I was so lost. Why was saying no so difficult? It was the right thing to do. I had Kayla, and if Patrick ended up fucking, why should I care? She was never mine to begin with. She was just a fantasy. Just a fantasy…

“Becky…. I… I…”

“But if you want me even half as much as I know you do… Say it and I’m yours. No one will ever have to know. This is what we both want. Admit it.”

She looked into my eyes with desire yer her smile was still adorable. How could she be so cute and sexy at the same time. I never wanted to fuck anyone so hard in my life.

“… No one will ever know?” What was wrong with me? I couldn’t believe I was even considering it.

“Our secret… I swear.”

“Oh my god… Becky.. I want to… Believe me, I really fuckin want to… But you’re going to have to go….”

Her smile vanished and she looked down. The rejection slamming against her in the face like a solid brick wall. She stepped back.

“I…. I understand… I… I should have known better… I… I’ll go…”

She turned to leave and something in me snapped. I always tried to do the right thing. I knew this was wrong. I deserve to be called anything one could think of, and deserved whatever consequences would follow. Ever fiber in my being was telling me to not pass this up.

She was almost at the door when I called out to her loudly. “Becky!!! No, don’t leave!!”

She turned to me in surprise. “No… Forget it. You had your chance.”

I dashed over to her and held her hands “No! You’re right. This is all kinds of wrong but you’re fucking right. I want you Becky. I’ve been wanting you since the first time I’ve seen you. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of fucking you. I don’t think I’ve ever desired a woman as much as I want you right now.”

She was about to say something but I cut her off with a deep intense kiss. Now she was the one completely caught off guard, but I felt her return the kiss. Her arms wrapped around me as I felt her tongue force it’s way past my lips. I quickly lashed my own tongue out to play with hers. That kiss seemed to last forever and my hands ran all over her back. I didn’t care anymore, I even reached down and finally have her amazing ass a squeeze.

She jumped a bit at that and broke the kiss. “Whoa there. You’re passionate Joseph. I like that. Before this goes any further, are you sure this is what you want?”

I looked at her, finally returning the flirty smiles she’s been giving me lately, “it’s what we both want, isn’t it?”

She smiled back at me, her lovely green eyes never looking so vibrant, “It most certainly is.”

I took her hand and we both headed to the bedroom, which was all clean and tidied up just in case this were to happen. We soon say on the bed together and continued the intense kissing. As we kissed she took my hand and set it on one of her luscious tits. I could feel there was no bra hiding under that sport shirt. “Don’t hold back Joe-Joe… Tonight I’m your woman… Do whatever you want with me…”

I took off her shirt and confirmed there was no bra underneathe. God they looked even bigger than I thought and so perky and firm. My cock wanted to explode. I leaned in and started sucking on her nipples while my hand admired those amazing perfect orbs. She moaned and relaxed as I savoured her incredible breasts.

I felt her hand works it’s way into my pants and unzip them. I soon felt the cold air hit my cock as she she pulled it out and started stroking it. “Mmmm nice…. And so fucking hard… Just for me….”

God just the thought of her staring at my cock and complimenting it made me wanna shoot my load all over her. She pushed me away from her tits and moved down to my cock. I could barely believe it. Rebecca Clemens herself was about to go down on my cock. She gave me a teasing smile “I’m gonna make all your dirty little dreams about me come true baby…”

I looked down and saw how my cock vanished in her sweet mouth. She didn’t waste time and already started sucking on half my length. I could barely contain myself. Maybe it’s because of the way I felt about her, how strongly I longed for her, but I felt like just the thought of finally having my cock in Becky’s mouth was enough to make me pop.

Her warm tender mouth slurped and savoured my cock. Her tongue rolled across the head lovingly. I couldn’t help but grown as my cock stiffened and twitched in her mouth. “Oh god… Rebecca…. Oh fuck that’s so good….”

Her eyes looked at me, glazed with desire as she hungrily went down on my cock. It felt heavenly every time she sucked hard as she reeled her head back. She then went back down, slowly this time, and I realized she wasn’t stopping until I hit the back of her throat. She choked and gagged and broke free, coughing hard.

“Ohhh. A little thicker than I’m used to. Let me try that again…”

As she went down for a second attempt to deep throat me, I felt immensely flattered that my cock was thicker than her boyfriend’s. It was hot knowing she loved what I had to offer her as I felt my shaft fill her sweet throat.

I couldn’t help it and grabbed onto the back of her head. I started to push her against me and thrust against her, much like I did to Kayla… while pretending to be fucking Becky’s mouth…. And now I finally had the real deal, swallowing my cock whole.

At first she choked on my cock, being surprised at my sudden movements, but she soon relaxed and let me take control. I could tell she was trying her best to suck hard every time I pulled back, and soon I felt her hands run my balls lightly. I heard her little muffled noises as I fucked her mouth intensely, seeing her perfect hair sway back and forth violently.

“Oh god Becky… I’ve been wanting to fuck your mouth for the longest time. I lost count how many times you got me so fuckin hard at work…. I want you to swallow it baby… Fucking swallow it!!”

She sounded a bit surprised as knew what I meant. I fucked her face like a madman. It was so hard to believe this was actually happening. It felt like the most realistic dream ever. I groaned loudly as I finally felt my cock shoot out into her mouth. I felt her hand squeeze my swollen balls lightly, as if to help make the jetstream even harder.

She held tightly into me, her face right up against me as I felt her suck on my rod for all it’s worth. She just stayed there for a few moments, my cock lodged in her throat, waiting to swallow the last of the climax she caused me. She finally pulled back, coughing and breathing hard.

“Oh fuck. That was crazy. I could feel it spill down my throat. So nice and hot. That was so intense….”

I was panting hard too, that was an intense orgasm that rocked my senses. “I have no words to describe how good that was Becky.., with you I feel like I can just go wild and not hold back….”

She grinned as she stood up and started taking off her clothes. “Mmmm it’s so hot how much you want me, baby. That’s how he used to look at me when we started dating. I miss being desired. Um… Can I ask you something?”

“Sure Becky. What is it?”

“Well since you basically fucked the hell out of my mouth… I wonder if you’d let me sit on your face…”

I blushed at the thought of her hot wet pussy right up against my face. “…I wouldn’t mind it at all…”

“Mmmm good. I haven’t been eaten out for a while. My ex used to do it it but my most recent boyfriend wanted all blow and no payback.”

I laid back on the bed and looked at her. “I’m more than ready for it baby.”

She smiled and unzipped her jeans. Due to their looseness, they pretty much dropped as she did so. She was wearing a sexy pair of black lace panties and I could already tell they were a little wet. She climbed on me and carefully held onto the bed posts as she held her sweet pussy inches from my face.

My sore cock throbbed at the sight of her wet warm pussy, I could almost feel the heat coming off it. It was the most glorious thing I’ve seen. I didn’t want to waste time and held her against my face, letting my tongue invade her.

Becky twitched in surprise as she felt my warm tongue push its way inside her and groaned. “Oooooh…. That feels so nice….”

I could feel my cock hardening as I flicked my tongue in and out of her. I felt how she squirmed as I pushed my tongue as far as I could push it. She tasted so sweet and still smelled a bit like some kind of tropical shampoo she probably washed with earlier today. She knew she was getting fucked today. She knew I’d be hers.

I grabbed onto her sexy ass and admired how nice and tight it was despite being so big and round. My tongue slid itself all over her sweet wet snatch and teased her clit. I could hear her gasp and moan as I started to suck on her clit.

Becky held on tighter to the bedposts, closing her eyes and taking in all the pleasure I was giving her. She soon started to thrust against my face, shoving my face up against her sexy legs. I was more than eager to continue licking her sweet cunt.

She looked behind her and said “Mmmm it looks like you’re getting hard again. Let me get a better look.”

She raised herself and turned herself around, now facing away from me as she planted her muff in my face once more. I then saw her pussy spread as she leaned over, giving me that familiar feeling of being in her mouth once more. I just realized we were 69-ing each other.

My cock seemed to instantly stiffen to its in her mouth and I felt how she lovingly devoured it. I licked her sweetness with equal passion, wanting to hear her muffled moans as my shaft filled her throat.

I soon felt her bob her head back and forth, giving my cock some intense sucking. She wanted me to cum in her mouth again, and I haven’t fucked her yet.

I kept licking her hot tight snatch while trying not to lose myself in her mouth. She held onto the shaft and let her tongue roll all over the head. Only in my fantasies did I ever imagine Becky to loving sucking cock this much.

I could hear her moan as I sucked hard on her clit, but I was soon losing the battle to her experienced mouth. “Ugh… Slow down Becky… Don’t wear me out before we get to fuck….”

She slurped my cock out of her mouth and stroked it tenderly “I guess I got carried away. I really love your cock baby… Just seeing how thick and hard it is because of me. Admit it, you fuckin idolize me. You desire me more than anything.”

I groaned as she kept stroking my cock at a nice and steady pace. “Oh fuck… You drive me crazy Becky….”

I could almost hear the cocky smile in her voice, even all I could see was her big bent over ass and spread pussy in my face. “You want me, don’t you baby? You want me so bad it hurts. Let me hear you say it…”

I could barely take it anymore. I was more than eager to shove her off me, bend her big ass over and go to town. “I want you Becky. I want you more than anything. I want to fuck you so fuckin badly….”

She got off me and laid on her back, spreading her legs for me. “Then come and take me. Make me yours.”

I couldn’t wait any longer and stood in front of her. I grabbed my cock, now aching for a fuck, and rubbed the head against her warm slick opening. I thrusted forward and made her take my full length in one smooth thrust. She let out a gasp and a groan as she enjoyed having my thick shaft inside her. It felt so heavenly it almost made me cum again.

I started thrusting into her, just holding onto her waist and ramming my rod inside her. She held into the bed sheets and thrusted outwards against me, letting out small moans. I felt myself groan uncontrollably at how amazing she felt. Maybe I did held her to such a high esteem but she had the hottest pussy I ever got to experience.

“Do you like it baby? Do you like fucking my hot tight pussy? How many times have you gotten off to the thought of what you’re doing right now?”

“Oh fuck… Becky… You feel so good baby. Even better than I ever dreamed of. You feel so fucking good…”

My cock was in perfect bliss as it slid in and out of her moist tenderness. The tightness just seemed to wrap itself around me, as her count sucked hard every time I pulled back. Her groans of pleasure that I was causing her only turned me on even more.

We both went at it for a few moments, just losing ourselves to our lust. I wanted more of her and climbed on top of her, grabbing and squeezing her tits. She pulled me in for a kiss and we held each other close as our hips thrashed against each other. All we could do is moan in each other’s mouths as we fucked each other like crazy.

Soon our heat began to spike and I started pumping her sweet pussy uncontrollably. I was eager to make her cum all over my cock and pull out before I did. We panted hard and she tightened her grip around me, both with her arms and legs.

“Don’t stop baby… Don’t stop until you cum inside me.”


“I’m on the pill. Don’t worry about that. I just want to feel everything. Give me all you got Joe!!!”

I held onto her shoulders and rammed faster and harder into her. She kissed me wildly, her tongue flaying in my mouth as she breathed more intensely. I could feel it happening, and her legs seem to tighten even more against me. I was past the point of holding back. I moaned her name as I felt myself squirt violently inside her. She soon followed letting out a scream as the pleasure hit her hard.

I just laid there on top of her, breathing hard and trying to recover. My cock was still deep inside, dripping out whatever cum leftover after the initial shot. It was the first time I came inside a woman. I was always careful to pull out with Kayla and it was hot to just spray her face with my cum. I had to admit it was amazing to just let go inside her.

Becky finally spoke, “That was so good…. Oh my god…. I’m so glad I chose you….. Thanks Joe… Thanks ever so much… For making me feel so wanted.”

“Any time sweetheart.” It just slipped out.

She looked at me with the kind of smile that I couldn’t tell if she was serious or not, “I’m gonna have to take you up on that offer.”

After a few moments I rolled off her and laid by her side. With my cock finally out of her, she still reached over and played with it casually. “Mmmm I really do like your cock Joe. I’m worn out but if your little guy can wake up I wouldn’t mind letting you take me again.”

“Heh… I’d love to Becky, but give it time to rest. You made me cum harder than I ever had before… And twice….”

“It’s so adorable how highly you think of me. It makes me blush and kinda feel warm inside. You know…. After we rest up some more I’ll let you do whatever you want with me baby….”

Only one thought remained in my head. I looked over at her and decided to just go for it. It was now or never and I figured if she refused, I already got to fuck her anyway.

“Becky…. I hate to risk ruining the mood… But I have to be completely honest with you…”

“Oooh. Tell me?”

“Since the first time I saw you in those sexy black dress pants the first thing I thought about was bending you over and fucking you in the ass.”

She paused a little and blushed, “oh wow… Um really?”

“More than anything Becky, I want to fuck you in the ass. You have the absolute nicest ass I have ever seen and you always get me so fucking hard at work just by walking past me.”

Becky looked away and stared at the wall. “I guess I should wear those pants more often. Well… Alright…. We can give it a try.”

“…… Really?” I could barely believe what I was hearing. Was she really gonna let me fuck her ass?

“Yeah. I’ve never given much thought to anal to be honest. You’ll be my first. But let’s be careful. That far cock of yours can really tear me up if you’re not delicate.”

“Yes. Yes. Of course baby. The last I wanna do is hurt you.” This was like the greatest dream cone true.

Becky smiled “whoop! And there he goes!”

I looked down and noticed I was rock hard again, much to her delight. Even my dick knew not to pass this up.

After a few more moments of resting, Becky broke the silence by getting up and setting herself on all fours. Her legs were still a little wobbly from how hard she was recently fucked. I sat up and positioned myself behind her. I slowly started fingering her, hoping to use her own juices as lubrication.

She moaned softly, enjoying herself and tried to relax and prepare herself for what was to come. “Mmmm please be careful baby… I’m trusting you…”

“I will baby. Just relax and let it happen Becky.”

After fingering her some more and getting my index finger nice and wet, I started to rub and tease her asshole. She trembled a little but tried to relax as I started to push inwards. It was slow and steady but I pushed part of my finger into her forbidden hole. “Ahh.. Easy there…”

“I will be. Just relax yourself.” I started fingering her ass, nice and slow, getting her used to it. I’ve always wanted to fuck Kayla like that but Becky’s amazing ass makes her look flat in comparison. After a few minutes I pushed my whole finger inside her, as I heard Becky groan lightly.

“How’s that Becks?”

“It’s so weird…. But it does feel kinda good…. When are you going to…?”

“A little longer sweetheart. I want to be sure this incredible ass of yours is able to take it. Damn my cock is throbbing so hard to fuck you it almost hurts.”

She smiled “heh, you like my ass that much, doncha?”

“Hell yeah I do.” I’d reply as I kept fingering her ass, nice and deep. She was squeezing the hell out of my finger. I couldn’t wait to fuck her the way I’ve always envisioned myself doing so.

After another minute I decided it was time to take her sweet virgin ass. I grabbed my cock and started rubbing the head against her tender hole. She moaned lightly as it teased her, bracing herself do what was to come. My precum added extra lubrication and I started to push against her resistant entrance.

I held onto her hips as I started to slide the head in and out of her tight puckered asshole. It just felt amazing, just the fact that I was popping Becky’s anal cherry was enough to make me burst. She groaned lightly as she was readying herself to take more. It got me even harder to hear that she was enjoying it.

“Oh god… Your ass feels so good baby. How are you enjoying this so far?”

She moaned lightly “… Feels nice baby…”

“We’re not gonna stop til you’ve taken the whole thing up your ass Becky.”

“I know Joseph. Just do it. Just fuck me and make me yours….”

“Oh fuck… Hearing you saying that gets me so hard for you Becky.,..”

“Mmmm then do it baby. Fuck me in the ass. Fuck your woman in the ass just the way you’ve always wanted, baby.”

It was incredibly hot hearing her talk that way, such a classy woman at work, now begging to fuck her ass during her off time. I finally pushed more of my cock inside her, letting her take more than just the head. She tightened up and groaned, her hands clutching tightly onto the sheets.

“Uuuggghhh baby. I can feel it… Oh god, I can feel it….”

I started sliding in and out, carefully and slowly, letting the precum live the way. It just felt so amazing, my cock felt like it was on fire and ready to pop. I breathed hard and gave her sexy ass a slap which made her yelp in enjoyment.

“I just can’t get over how fucking firm and tight your ass is baby..” I said as I squeezed one of her cheeks.

She smiled and said “Jogging the mornings I’m off sweetheart. Aerobics on the weekends.”

Whatever she did, it works. We both moaned and grunted as I kept massaging her forbidden hole with my dick. As I thrusted my shaft inside her, I kept sliding more of it in until I was ready to take her completely. “You ready for all if it?”

“Just do it… I can take it…”

With her being lubed up and bring used to my overall size and thickness I finally pushed forward and didn’t stop until my full length was now buried deeply her.

“Oh fuck!! So fuckin big… Just do it baby… Just do it…”

I slid my thick rod in and out of her sweet ass, completely enthralled by how good it felt. Her ass gripped my cock like a vice. Her sexy moans only made it more intense. I held onto her hips and started to go faster now.

“Ughhh!!!! Ohhhh Joseph…. Don’t hold back baby…”

I started going faster, feeling it easier to thrust in and out of her. I felt comfortable that I wasn’t going to hurt her now, and it just felt so good it would have been impossible to slow down. I started slamming harder against her now, taking her fully each time. Her moans grew louder as did the sounds of my hips slapping against her cheeks.

I rocked her body back and forth as I fucked her ass without restraint. She moaned uncontrollably as she held on tightly onto the bed and started thrusting back against me too.

“Oooh baby… Don’t stop… Don’t fuckin stop…. Oh god!!!” Her voice was the highest pitch I ever heard. The pleasure was just ripping through her, forcing her to yell out uncontrollably.

I slammed her ass intensely, losing myself to the perfect image of fucking my dream girl in the ass, with the satisfaction that the sexy bitch was fuckin loving it. My cock felt so blissfully perfect inside her. I groaned as I fucked the hell out of her as I felt like I was meant to be the one to tear into her anal cherry. This was the most intense sexual moment I ever experienced in my life.

We kept at it for a few moments, the sounds of my hips slapping her cheeks trailing through the apartment. There were no words, only sounds of intense pleasure as I took this woman in her forbidden hole. Her ass gripped me so tightly I was ready to cum at any moment.

“Oh fuck… I’m gonna cum Becky….”

“Do it baby!!! Cum right up my ass! Don’t stop until you give me everything!!!”

I plowed her ass mercilessly as I finally felt myself explode violently inside her. She gasped as she felt the hot thick fluids invade her ass as I gave her everything I had. I couldn’t stop fucking her though, I just kept slamming into her as my cock shot a second smaller load. I just wanted to empty myself completely inside her, as the ravaged woman moaned insanely.

“YES!!!! YES!!! I can feel you cumming inside me!!! Oh fuck, you drive me crazy Joseph!!! Don’t stop!!!”

I rammed as hard as I could inside her, fighting off how tired and sore I was by now. Each thrust made the sexy bitch take the full thick length of my cock deep inside her tight ass. Becky almost tore the sheets off the bed as she finally moaned intensely, cumming violently from anal bliss.

After a few more thrusts, we both collapsed on the bed, panting hard from a violent shared orgasm. We were both basically a hot sweaty mess, holding on tightly to each other as we laid there, satisfied. After a while she finally spoke.

“That was so intense… I didn’t think getting anal would feel that good… Mmm Joe… that part of me will always be yours… No matter what happens, you’re the man that popped my anal cherry…”

“Man Becky… I lost track of how many times I dreamed about fucking you like that…. This was all kinds of wrong… but thank you…”

“All kinds of wrong Joseph? And yet… no regrets?”

I sighed a bit as I held her close, giving her a satisfied smile, “No regrets baby…”

After a while she got up and took a quick shower. I laid there in bed, thinking of what I have done. I admit it. I fucked up. I cheated on my girlfriend all because I was too weak to say no. But why didn’t I feel as horrible as I should? maybe if it was Trish or Mariah… but this was Becky Clemens…. I just couldn’t say no…

Becky soon stepped out, drying her hair and sliding her baggy shirt back on. “Guess I gotta jet… Don’t wanna push it in case your girlie drops by for a surprise visit.”

“Um.. yeah…”

She gave me a look and went over to put her arms around me, “No regrets remember? Consider this a favor to a friend… and boy, what a favor… Of anyone else I could have gone with… I’m glad I chose you.”

“To be honest.. I’m extremely flattered you chose me… I’ve been wanting you so badly… I never even thought you’d ever want me the same way…”

She kissed my cheek lightly, “I do Joseph…. I do. And who knows… you were so good…. I might just drop by again someday to say ‘hi’.”

“I thought this was a one time thing Becky…? I’m not really sure I wanna have some kind of secret affair… it’s too risky to continue….”

“Maybe it is…” she smiled as she headed towards the door, “….but I do know one thing…”

“What’s that?”

She gave me a sexy mischievous little smirk, “You just can’t say no to me. Later, lover….”

She blew me a kiss and closed the door behind her. I sighed with mixed feelings as I plopped down on the couch. What could I say except she was right. I don’t know how I’d be able to look Kayla in the eye again after this. The only thought on my mind was the next time we get in the mood to mess around…. I’m definitely fucking my girlfriend in the ass.

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