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Surfer Boy Gets Taken for a Ride

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This happened when I was in college and shared a duplex with a friend and fellow student at the beach. It was summertime and we both worked at a hot-spot bar at the beach. It was a great summer. We spent our days at the beach and nights working at a place where it didn’t even seem like working sometimes. It was the 70s when disco was hot, and the place was crawling with girls down for the week from Ohio and New Jersey. They just wanted to drink and get laid and we were happy to accommodate.

My name is Jake. I was twenty years old, five-feet eleven inches, 175 pounds, muscular from years of gymnastics, surfing, biking and just about every other sport popular at the time. My muscles were extremely well defined, with 6-pack abs, broad shoulders, a powerful ass, and eight inches of thick cock that seemed to be perpetually hard at that age. My roommate Brian was a year older, tall and lean with six-foot three inches and 165 pounds of hard rangy muscle. Our little place had a Jack and Jill bathroom between our two bedrooms, so we’d seen each other naked many times. We once teamed up to fuck one of those tourists girls, so I knew Brian’s cock was long and thin like him, but with an unusually big head.

Having sex with another guy had never entered my mind. I was as pussy-crazed as any young single guy can be. I had sucked cock before though; my own. I was one of the few lucky guys flexible enough for auto-fellatio. My natural flexibility was enhanced by years of gymnastics and yoga. I’d take a hot shower to get really loose, than I’d get on my back and roll up and I could get about 2-3 inches of my own dick into my mouth. There is something deliciously nasty about shooting off into your own mouth. And it always turned me on the taste dick on a girl’s mouth when we kissed after she had sucked me.

I also had another guy blow me one time, but that did not seem at all like I was acting gay. It was late at a frat party and I had stepped out to the back deck to get some fresh air and take a leak. This 18 year old freshman followed me out and asked if he could suck me off. I knew I wasn’t going to get any pussy that night and was horny as hell because I was always horny as hell, so I finished my piss, shook off my dick, turned around and said, “Go for it dude.” We were close to the same age, but he looked really young and was as pretty as a boy can get. He had a flawless pale complexion, soft features, short dark hair and big brown eyes with really long lashes. His mouth was full and his lips were pouty. He got down on his knees and in one motion took my soft dick into his mouth right down to the root. He kept his head perfectly still as I hardened in his warm, wet mouth. As I grew to my full eight inches I felt my cock head push past his uvula and into his throat. He then very slowly pulled back sucking hard the whole way.

A lot of women give blowjobs because they feel like they have to, and they don’t really like it but do it because they want to make you happy. Or they blow you so they don’t have to fuck you. But a guy sucks cock because he wants to, likes to, needs to. And this pretty boy really knew how to give head. He worshiped my cock with his mouth and hands, sucking me soft and slow and lovingly. It was exquisite. I stood there enjoying the beautiful warm night, drinking a beer while this boy serviced me. If this was gay, bring it on! When I was getting close he started to gently probe my asshole with a wet finger. I’d always loved ass play from my earliest days of masturbation when I would grease up a toothbrush handle and stick it in my ass. Sometimes I’d rub a little toothpaste on my sphincter because I liked the gentle burning sensation. He slowly slid his finger fully up my ass and finger fucked me as I unloaded down his throat. He smiled at me, licked his lips and went back to the party.

But back to my story. Brian and I had gone down to Cape Hatteras for a few days of surfing and camping. After one great day of waves and sun, we headed back to shower and then went out to a nice place for dinner. You had to bring your own bottle back then, so we took two nice bottles of red wine and enjoyed a great meal and good conversation. The conversation turned to sex as it often did. We were talking about which girls gave the best blowjob, and I confessed to Brian about that night at the frat party. He was very interested and agreed with me that a warm willing mouth is a warm willing mouth; who cares if it is a man’s or a woman’s?

We went back to our tent and got in our sleeping bags. The tent was lit by the soft yellow glow of the Coleman lantern. I always sleep in the nude and was naked beneath the bag which was unzipped but pulled up to my waist. I noticed Brian’s dick was half-hard as he stripped and got into his bag as well. We talked some more and again the main topic was sex. We had shared more than one girlfriend, as many of the regular girls went from one guy to the next at the club where we worked. There was Julie, a girl who loved to give head and always wanted you to finish in her mouth. I have fond memories of her climbing on top and riding hard, then jumping off right before I came to take my load down her throat. There was voluptuous Marion whose pussy would get sopping wet just from a kiss. And Maria, the first girl I ever had anal sex with. Maria was a hot little Italian beauty with a tight butt and big breasts. I used her dirty, tight butthole as much as I used her sweet pink cunt.

You could feel the sexual tension in the tent. We were two young horny dudes with no women to take care of our needs. I stretched and moaned and said how sore I was from all the paddling that day. “I really need a massage.”

There was a short pause, and then Brian replied “I’ll give you a massage. I’m really good at it.”

“Oh, great. I’ve got some baby oil in my toilet kit.”

I rolled over on my belly. Brian straddled my legs and started rubbing baby oil into my back. He was really good, and I momentarily got so relaxed I forgot about the fact that I was naked while my good friend and roommate, who was also naked, gave me a rubdown. His hands were big and strong and it really felt good. So different from when one of my girlfriends would massage me. Brian asked, “Do you want me to do your legs too?”

“Sure” I answered. Brian pulled my sleeping bag aside completely and started working on my legs. I could just imagine his view of my tanned legs and back, muscular white ass cheeks, and my hairy balls and dick openly displayed between my spread legs. As he worked his way up from my calves to my thighs I let his rubbing motion spread my legs even wider. It was so strange but also a real turn-on to be so exposed and vulnerable. As he worked my upper thighs and my ass muscles, he kept “accidently” grazing my cock and nuts and anus. I felt my dick start to harden and elongate between my legs.

Brian grabbed my cock with one greasy hand and said, “I think this muscle needs a massage as well.” He gently pulled and stroked my dick with his left hand and used his right thumb to run up and down my frenulum and around my glans. It felt amazing, but it was also starting to hurt as my dick was too hard to be pointed backwards like that.

I lifted my ass up and my dick sprung forward underneath me. Brian reached around and held me with one hand, squirted some baby oil on my crack, and jacked my cock as he rubbed his oiled-up penis between my ass cheeks. I could feel his greasy dick head as it rubbed along my butthole. On one upstroke his dick sort of got caught in my opening, and he started slowly pushing himself into my virgin orifice. Maybe it was the wine or the massage or because I was so damn horny, but his oversized dickhead penetrated me quite easily and without pain. Once he was inside he slowly pumped in and out going a little deeper with each forward thrust. I found myself pushing back against his forward thrust, because I wanted every inch of his rock-hard manhood inside of me. It blew my mind to be on my belly with another man balls deep in my ass. But it felt so good. I loved the feel of a dick in my ass. I loved being fucked by another man. I liked being used for his pleasure and mine. Brian fucked me long and slow while I fucked his fist. The pleasure was so intense. I came in his hand as my spasming sphincter clamped down hard on his greasy rod causing him ejaculate inside of me.

It remains to this day one of the most intense sexual experiences of my life. It opened my mind, and Brian’s, to a whole new world of erotic pleasure; neither of us could wait to explore that world further together.

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