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Superman’s Dilemma

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He was getting close, and Lois showed no signs of stopping. She was riding his sodden shaft like she was riding a bucking bronco, except he lay utterly still. Her bouncing breasts drove him crazy. He wanted so much to explode right inside her, but he couldn’t.

“Stop, Lois.”

“Almost there. Just a little –”

He lifted her off his penis with utmost care and set her down. Seeing her glaring at him beneath her halo of disheveled hair, he tried to apologize. “Lois, I’m sorry, but I just can’t. You’ll get hurt.”

“Stow it, Superman! It’s been a year! A whole fucking year without satisfaction. Each time we get close, you pull this you’ll-get-hurt bullshit. I need a man who can go the distance, a man who’ll stick around till the grand finale. I’m tired of these mid-show exits of yours.”

“Lois, I’m sorry –”

“Just go!”

In less than a second, Superman was fully clothed and flying full speed northward. Truth be told, he was angry with Lois. She was so absorbed with her own frustrated needs she couldn’t consider that the man she claimed to love was beyond frustration. His balls hurt. His penis was raw and throbbing. Every muscle in his body was tensed for being on the brink of orgasm for too long.

He landed on the frozen wastelands of the far north. The steam from his hot body was whisked away by the gales. Over a hundred feet way, he spotted a jagged outcropping of packed snow and ice rising a dozen feet above the flat terrain.

“It’ll do,” he whispered to himself.

Superman pulled down his tight pants and began jerking. His big strong hand moved along his cock at an inhuman speed. The long, thick shaft burned red, heated from the friction. The massive mushroom head seemed to glow like molten iron. His nuts, each a handful, bounced furiously.

“Oh, yeah. Come on! I need this,” he spurred himself.

He sank gradually into the melting snow. The heated air around him shimmered in the sunlight. With a roar, Superman erupted. His ejaculate exploded out from his cock at supersonic speeds. The percussive shockwaves disturbed snow and ice. His penis was a bazooka and each shot of semen a rocket. Each shot crashed into the jagged outcropping he had spotted. The outcropping blew up into fragments until nothing but scattered remnants were left. As the debris settled, steam could be seen rising where his fluids were melting through the ice.

Superman composed himself, tucking his still hard cock back into his pants. He walked slowly over to the steaming holes in the ice. Already the holes were a few inches deep. Twin laser beams shot from his eyes and destroyed his seed. He couldn’t leave them for a scheming mastermind to find.

He felt better but not satisfied. He sighed, resigned to a life without sexual satisfaction. His nuts will always ache, and somehow he’ll have to get used it.

On his flight back to Metropolis, his ears caught the dying screams of a man hundreds of miles to the southwest. The man’s screams were followed by another and another. He changed course and arrived at a ghastly scene seconds later.

A small warehouse of cinder blocks was slowly being consumed by a green radioactive ooze. Superman approached cautiously; he was always cautious with shiny green things. His x-ray vision revealed nothing but green ooze inside the warehouse. Nothing remained of the men whose screams he had heard. As he neared the green ooze, he could feel a queasiness in his guts. His muscles twitched, yet he felt no loss of strength.

“Lex!” he swore quietly.

With his icy breath, Superman froze the radioactive ooze, fusing it with the cinder blocks and the ground. He dove into the earth as though it were water. A large bowl made of dirt and rock, containing the frozen ooze and warehouse, rose into the air. Superman carried it into space, hurling it toward the distant sun.

“What are you up to, Lex?” Superman demanded of his nemesis as he flew onto the penthouse terrace.

“Hello, Superman. Nice of you to drop in. I was just having a cup of tea and reading a book,” Lex replied genteelly, lounging in his silk robe on a chaise longue. “A sentimental love story. Quite silly and yet deeply moving.”

“I heard some men screaming and discovered your lab, Lex. The men are dead. Nothing remains of them,” Superman said angrily as he stepped through the open French doors into the living room. “Trying your hand at making kryptonite?”

“I suppose I can’t blame you for thinking I’m responsible. But alas, I am not. Besides, what reason would I have to create kryptonite after my previous failed attempts?”

“Oh, I don’t know, to kill me perhaps?”

“Tsk, tsk. Do try to remember that I did that once already. It took a long time for you to return.”

“You’re not one to give up, Lex. You almost succeeded in killing me once. I find it hard to believe you’ve lost interest.”

Lex sighed and ran a hand across the smooth dome of his head. He closed his book and tossed it carelessly onto the floor. He fixed his dark eyes on Superman.

“You must think I hate you, Superman. Oh, I admit I did hate you at first. Always interfering in my plans. Destroying years of research. Making me dish out a lot of money to buy my way out of prison. You didn’t play nice for a newbie in town.

But, guess what? You were exciting! Before you showed up, I had always gotten everything I wanted. Everything came so easily to me. There were no challenges. It was intolerably boring!

When I thought I had killed you, I was elated. Then the days passed oh so slowly. Dull, mundane, uneventful day after day after day. And I realized something: I missed you. You alone challenged me. You alone excited me, Superman. You were fascinating and beautiful. Your return brought me more joy than my short-lived success in killing you.

I don’t hate you, Superman. And I certainly have no desire to lose you again.”

Having finished his little speech, Lex leaned back and let out a long breath. He was worked up and felt no need to hide it. He admired Superman’s tall and muscular physique, with his handsome face, unwavering blue eyes, broad shoulders, strong arms and legs, and especially the red bulge. Lex felt his heart beating fast and his penis hardening. The silk robe tented, exposing a little more of his bare legs.

Superman was finding it difficult to wrap his head around this unexpected change in his nemesis. He listened to the rapid drumming of Lex’s heart. It sounded very much like his own heart when he’s aroused.

Without a word, Superman turned to walk out onto the terrace. He had no idea what to say and he wasn’t comfortable with how Lex’s arousal seemed to stir his own. Better to just walk away, he thought to himself.

“Have you considered that kryptonite may have beneficial uses to you?” Lex said.

Superman stopped. “Beneficial to me? What do you mean?”

“It must be difficult with your superhuman powers to get intimately close to us fragile humans. How wearisome it must be for you to always keep your strength in check. No knee-jerk reactions. No thoughtless exhalations. God forbid should you sneeze! No uncontrolled bouts of passion. And forgive me for being crude, but I confess I often wonder what Superman’s orgasms must be like. I’m sure they’re quite superhuman.”

“So help me if you’ve been spying on me and Lois –”

“Please, Superman! With your superhuman senses, you would have known if I were spying on you. But now that you mentioned Lois, over the past months I’ve noticed she doesn’t seem particularly … satisfied. Alas, neither do you. I can help you, Superman. Not you and Lois. Just you.”

“Lex Luthor helping Superman! I must have flown into a parallel Earth!”

“Sarcasm doesn’t become you. Come, if you’ll follow me, I’ll show you what I have been working on since your resurrection from the dead. No tricks, Superman. There are no lead-lined walls in my home.”

Lex rose to his bare feet. He wasn’t quite as tall or brawny as Superman, but he was well built, strong and spry. His dark inquisitive eyes and large bald head hinted at his high intelligence. He turned his back on Superman and ambled toward the marbled arch that led into the hall. He made sure to flex his glutes more than usual, knowing full well that the silk robe did nothing to hide the roundness of his ass.

Superman stood his ground, mistrustful of Lex’s intentions.

Lex continued walking, down the hall and a flight of stairs, through a locked door that opened with a scan of his retina and fingerprints. He wasn’t concerned that Superman wasn’t following him. Walking over to a large metal cylinder, he punched in a passcode and the cylinder slid open.

“I spend a great deal of time thinking of you, Superman. Too much time some may say. Of course, thinking isn’t completely accurate. Fantasizing, perhaps. Sometimes brooding. Lusting, definitely. What must it be like for an ordinary human being to make love to Superman? Even better, what must it be like to be made love to by Superman? I’ve pondered these questions nearly every day for the past two years. My conclusions? If you restrained yourself by strength of will, you would not be satisfied, and therefore neither your partner. If you did not restrain yourself, your partner would die. Am I wrong?”

There was no answer.

“This invention of mine is the solution, Superman,” Lex said as he gazed fondly at what stood inside the large cylinder. “This mannequin is an exact model of you. Completely lifeless, I assure you. I’ve captured you, tortured you, and even cloned you. I know every millimeter of your body–well, almost every.” Lex gave the mannequin’s erect penis a long, slow stroke. “The mannequin, however much pleasure it’s given me, isn’t the solution to your problem. The solution is what it is wearing. It’s an inhibitor suit, Superman. Kryptonite ground down to fine particles and embedded in the lining of the suit. It’s not much of a suit though, more like a system of bands, rings, and straps. The arm, wrist, thigh, and ankle bands inhibit your limbs. The torso harness inhibits your overall strength and powerful lungs. The open-crotch jockstrap will soften, shall we say, your pelvic thrusts. The cock ring and ball-stretcher, well, I think you can figure that out yourself.”

At this there was a gust of wind. Lex turned to see Superman standing in the open doorway.

“Step aside, Lex,” Superman growled, his eyes glowing red. “I liked you better as my evil nemesis. This … this monstrosity is too much. Step aside!”

“I’ve worked too hard on this to let you destroy it, Superman. The kryptonite particles have a small area of influence and they’re diffused over a large area. Unlike a sizable crystal that can completely rob you of your strength and possibly kill you with prolonged exposure, the diffused particles will only weaken specific parts of your body. Even weakened, you’ll still be significantly stronger than the strongest human ever to exist on Earth.”

“And you expect me to gratefully put on this fetish suit and make love to you?”

“No, Superman. I do not expect it. I desire it and hope for it, but I do not expect it.”

“What’s to stop me from taking the suit and using it with Lois?”

“You. Stealing is not your way.”

Superman growled at this. Lex knew him too well. Superman knew his anger stemmed from the fact that he was very tempted. Most likely, Lex knew this as well. Destroying the suit would rid him of the temptation, but his unsatisfied needs would still remain, probably for the rest of his life. And how long would that be? He was already in his fourth decade. How long is the lifespan of a Kryptonian living in the light of a yellow dwarf? What if he lived for centuries?

“I’ve made my desires clear to you, Superman. I spoke the truth when I said you alone excite me. But I did not speak the whole truth. Saying the words I yearn to say would be crossing the line beyond which there is no return. That’s the thing about love, though. If you truly love someone, you have to cross that line, you want to cross it. It becomes an imperative regardless of the risks. I love you, Superman.” Lex took deep breaths, sucking in air as though he had just run a race. A teary film moistened his brown eyes; a single teardrop ran down his cheek.

“You’re actually sincere. Unbelievable! I can tell you’re being completely sincere, and yet how can I believe that Lex Luthor loves anyone but himself?”

“You want proof that I love you, Superman? Fine. I’ll give you the suit. It’s yours. Make love to Lois. Satisfy your needs.”

Lex ran out, sobbing. He had known it would come to this. The odds of Superman loving him, or just using him for sexual gratification, were infinitesimal. He had known this, but he had chosen to cross the line and risk having his heart broken.

Superman heard Lex’s bare feet slapping the floor as he ran. He heard Lex’s sobs. He shook his head, jet black hair barely moving. His world had turned upside down. Robots, weapons of mass destruction, even mad scientists were easier to deal with than lovers. He stood for several seconds listening to Lex’s sobs with his super-hearing, but then it became unbearable. In a blue and red blur, he removed the pieces of the suit from the mannequin, which he couldn’t bring himself to destroy, and left the premises. He could feel the hand holding the pieces of the suit weakening. He stretched out his arm, keeping the suit as far from his core as possible.

He flew directly to Lois’ apartment. He could see her sitting at her desk working on an article. On the small balcony he quickly changed, stripping down completely and then putting on the bands, rings, harness, and straps. He felt greatly weakened, but there was still much strength left in him. Count on Lex to make something right! His cock was already throbbing with anticipation. Finally he could go all the way with Lois.

Superman knocked thrice on the glass door. Lois jumped in her seat. She turned and saw Superman decked out as though he were about to walk into a gay leather club, beet red penis raised like a massive battering ram. She giggled and went to open the door.

“What’s with the –”

He took her in his arms and kissed her on the lips. Kissing her across her cheek, down to her slender neck, and up to her ear, he whispered, “I’m ready to go all the way, Lois. This suit will keep me from hurting you.”

Superman pounded her, and she cried out for more. Her juices ran freely as she screamed out her orgasms. He was big and strong. His swollen cock filled her, and his nuts smacked her tush as he thrust. It felt good to be an active participant in the sexual act; groping, licking, nibbling, sucking, fucking–all the things he could never do with abandon before. Superman still held back a little, but just a little.

“Oh, God! Fuck me, Superman! Fuck me! Oh, yes!” Lois screamed. “Don’t stop! More! Give me more!” Her eyes were shut. Her hands tortured her firm tits. Lois’ dark hair was blown wild by Superman’s huffing breaths.

He was getting close, and though the suit had proven itself so far, he was nervous about coming inside her. “Lois, I’m close. Maybe I should pull out –”

“Shut up and give it to me! I want it all!”

Suddenly Superman stopped. He pulled out and climbed off the bed.

“Shit!” Lois cried out furiously. “Not this again!”

Superman stared at her, seeing her for the selfish bitch that she was. It had always been about what she wanted, and she always wanted more. He stared at her fuming on the bed.

“You don’t really love me, do you, Lois? You love my powers, my superhuman body. You love what I can do for you. You love having the great Superman wrapped around your little pinkie. You love that I’ve always come to your rescue, brazenly throwing yourself into dangerous situations assured in your knowledge that Superman will instantly appear to save you, never mind that hundreds of miles away people innocently going about their lives unexpectedly find their lives threatened. You have no idea how many times I’ve had to choose to let people die so that I could rescue you. You have no idea how much I suffer! Has it even occurred to you to consider what my life is like?”

Lois turned away without answering.

“Good-bye, Lois.” He left her without looking back.

Months passed before Superman paid Lex a visit. Many times he had intended to return the inhibitor suit. The manner in which it had been given to him didn’t sit well with his conscience. But he was loathe to give it up. He enjoyed being able to masturbate without fearing the destruction his ejaculation would cause. He could comfortably lounge in his bed and really work his big cock and balls with both hands, and shoot his load, which flew only about ten feet, with satisfaction. No more beating off and target practice in the frozen tundra.

The night Superman finally mustered up the nerves to visit Lex, he had been leisurely edging himself in his bedchambers in his Fortress of Solitude. His balls were shiny and blue, squeezed and stretched by the inhibiting ball-stretcher. The cock ring kept his aching, swollen cock from softening. It took both of his powerful hands to stroke the full length. Superman moaned as he teased his cock, biting his lower lip, his eyes rolling behind shuttered eyelids. Every now and then he’d slap and squeeze his nuts, making deep-chested growling noises.

A television at the far end of the room provided ambient noise. He found the minor distraction helped to prolong his solitary pleasures. But on this particular night, the television took his mind completely off his dick.

“What’s your motive, Mr. Luthor?” an ambitious reporter challenged Lex live on television. “In the past five months you have championed a slew of causes from building new schools, creating new jobs, providing affordable housing and medical care, better salaries and training for teachers, police officers, and fire fighters, just to name a few. You have poured your own money into these causes. Naturally, being who you are, considering your history, we have to ask, ‘What is Lex Luthor up to now? What is his ulterior motive?'”

“I have no comment,” Lex replied.

“Are we to believe you are doing this out of altruistic reasons? That you actually care about ordinary people?”

“Young man, ask an intelligent question on matters of importance and I will answer you. I am just a man like you.”

“A man like me? You are probably the second most powerful person on this planet, right behind Superman. You are not like me, and you are important. Believe me, my questions are on the minds of most people.”

“So be it then. I, however, am not interested in speaking about myself. This interview is over. Good day.”

Superman had completely forgotten his angry red penis. Lex was different. The lack of self-aggrandizement did not seem like an act. And Superman detected the lonely weariness in Lex, in the dullness of his eyes, in his mouth set in a slight frown, and in the softness of his voice. Superman understood this lonely weariness all too well. Seeing his own loneliness reflected in Lex, he felt slightly less lonely. That was all he needed to motivate him into action and do what he had intended after leaving Lois.

The flight from the Arctic to Lex’s penthouse seemed to Superman interminably long. Just leave the inhibitor suit on the terrace and fly away, he instructed himself. The cinched bag containing the inhibitor suit felt leaden, pulling heavily on the arm holding it. Superman landed on the terrace and mentally sagged at the dark interior. Lex wasn’t home yet. To his surprise, he was deeply disappointed. It would have been a relief to drop the suit and depart unnoticed, or so he had thought. Now he stood waiting, not wanting to leave.

Superman was still waiting an hour later when the interior lights turned on. Lex bid his staff a good night before shutting the door to his private quarters. He sighed as he walked into the living room and sprawled on the chaise longue. Lex jumped at the knocking on the French doors to the terrace. Startled, it took him a moment to calm down and consider who would politely knock on his terrace doors, hundreds of feet above ground level. He ran to the heavy velvet curtains and drew them aside. His heart skipped happily upon seeing Superman on the other side. Excitedly he unlocked the doors and flung them open, finding the blast of frigid winter air invigorating.

“Come in, come in. Frankly, I did not expect to see you again. To what do I owe this tremendous pleasure?”

Superman walked in and turned around as Lex shut the doors. Face to face, separated by only a few feet, both men were temporarily too nervous for speech. Superman cleared his throat and muttered, “I came to return this.” He held the bag out to Lex.

Lex shook his head. “No, it’s yours, Superman. I gave it to you.”

“I didn’t like the manner in which it was given. You were under strong emotional stress. I shouldn’t have taken it. I’m sorry.”

“I would have given it to you regardless. I wanted you to have it. I created it for you, Superman.”

“I don’t get you, Lex. I can’t believe you’re the same man who hated me with such intensity it was sometimes frightening.”

Lex chuckled. “I am the same man, Superman, and at the same time a different man entirely. Love and hatred are not unalike. Sometimes they are almost the same thing. Philosophy aside, I simply came to realize that power, money, fame, and glory are ephemeral and chilly bed fellows; and loneliness and boredom are powerful enough to make the lives of the most powerful a living hell; and love doesn’t care about such things as philosophy, power, species, or gender. I love you now with at least the same intensity as I once hated you. For more than twenty years you have been the center of my universe. All of my energy and intelligence have been devoted to you. My goal in the past has been to either control or kill you. Now I desire only to support you and do what I can to make your life among us aliens a little happier.”

Superman searched Lex for any hint of insincerity, but Lex’s brown eyes were steady, though moist, his body composed without the slightest twitch, and his racing heart and rising temperature attributable to something else. Gently he tossed the bag at Lex’s feet and said in a soft voice, “Try it again. Give it to me properly this time.” Before Lex could say anything, Superman stripped out of his blue and red uniform, his quick motions stirring the still air into a strong breeze. He stood naked before Lex.

“Oh, Superman, you are beautiful! Absolutely breathtaking!” Lex exclaimed.

Mesmerized, Lex moved as though his body had been possessed. He strapped the armbands around each of Superman’s bulging biceps and triceps. He buckled the harness around Superman’s massive chest, over his muscle-padded shoulders, and onto his V-shaped back. The largest bands he strapped over Superman’s powerful quads. The smallest bands slid onto Superman’s wrists and ankles. Lex’s hands trembled as he held the open-crotch jockstrap for Superman to step into, sliding it up and over his wide hips and muscular behind. He fondled the twin balls that hung low with both hands, imagining how much sperm each testis could produce. His mouth watered at the thought. He forced the flexible ball-stretcher over the large testicles. Superman grunted and then smiled. Lastly, Lex worshipfully slid the cock ring over the flaccid cock, still red and raw from hours of edging. With his uplifted eyes, he begged wordlessly for permission. Superman nodded.

Lex’s joyful moans filled the room. He kissed and licked the slowly growing penis. He took it in his mouth and sucked on it, delighting in feeling its steady expansion. Once Superman’s cock was fully hard, Lex took to forcing it down his throat. He gagged and spit, tears streaming down his reddening face. It wasn’t easy to keep his jaws open around the meaty shaft, and no matter how forcefully he impaled his face, several inches of the shaft simply refused to enter his mouth. He stroked those inches with his hand.

Superman was breathing hard, his rippling abs expanding. He clenched his fists, and his whole body trembled. Lex backed off.

“You’ve never had an orgasm during intercourse, have you? You’ve never come inside another person?”

“Never,” Superman admitted.

“I’d be honored to be the first, Superman, but would you be willing to come inside my ass?”

“I’d prefer it actually.”

Lex ripped apart his custom-tailored suit as he climbed to his feet. His clothes fell from his body in shreds. Not bothering to remove his gartered socks or dress shoes, he laid back onto the chaise longue and rolled up his knees to his chest. Seeing Lex’s well-trained body with long sinewy muscles, Superman was pleased to note that he didn’t have to hold back at all as he had with Lois, whose small fragile body didn’t encourage rough handling. Lex was working his own spit into his hole.

“If it would help, you can think of my anus as a pussy. I wouldn’t mind.”

Superman eyed Lex’s ass. It was rounder and firmer than Lois’s, and smooth as a baby’s. Lex was puckering his hole and stretching it open with his fingertips. His round nuts and curved penis were large and appeared virile.

“No, that wouldn’t help at all. You’re a man, Lex, not a woman. We’ll leave womanly things out of this. We’re men, and we’ll do this like men.”

Superman squatted down, feet far apart and his quads tensed and rock hard. Carefully, he worked the fat head of his cock into Lex’s puckered hole. The resilient sphincter opened to him, welcomed him. He remembered the anatomically correct Superman mannequin Lex had created–anatomically correct but with an exaggerated penis. He slid his cock all the way in.

“I hope I don’t feel too small inside you. You’re probably used to the mannequin’s larger shaft.”

“Oh, god, Superman! You feel huge inside me. So hot and thick, and throbbing. So alive! ”

“Good,” Superman said with a grin.

He leaned forward and supported his upper body on extended arms. He didn’t hold back. His thrusts were deep and rapid. His stretched balls spanked Lex’s glutes. Lex’s body moved rhythmically on the chaise longue, making it creak and groan. He cried out, eyes bulging out from their sockets. He felt as though he were being fisted, his innards punched, but causing pleasure instead of pain. The massive penis seemed to displace the air in his lungs. He reached out his hands and groped Superman’s ass, feeling the hard muscles flex as his lover fucked him.

Staring up at Superman, whose open-mouthed face was contorting with pleasure and fierce determination, Lex cried out his own ecstasy. They looked into each other’s eyes and saw their shared joy. Superman’s breathing grew ragged. His body trembled once again. He gripped Lex’s shoulder and pounded his cock harder. His mouth gaped in a soundless roar in advance of the eruption. When the moment finally came, both men screamed.

Globs of hot semen was propelled out of Superman’s cock. The shots hammered into Lex; he could feel their force and heat against his organs. After hours of edging and days since his last orgasm, Superman’s testes and prostate released an abundance of sperm and fluids, flooding Lex’s rectum. As the fluids drained out of his body so too his energy. He slumped into Lex’s arms, their faces lying cheek-to-cheek.

“I’ve been so alone,” Superman sobbed softly.

Lex hugged Superman, stroking his back. He nuzzled his cheek against Superman’s. “My beautiful man, I can ease your loneliness. I’m all yours if you’ll have me.”

The guards’ timing was impeccable. They overrode the security system and barged into Lex’s quarters. “Mr. Luthor, we heard –” They saw Superman and Lex entangled, joined cock to ass, and were utterly dumbfounded.

“Leave now!” Lex ordered.

The guards obeyed, stealing glances at them, unable to assimilate what their eyes beheld.

When the door shut, Superman and Lex broke into laughter, not so much because the guards barging in was funny, but because their joy demanded expression. Both men were happier than they ever were.

Lex lifted Superman’s face, staring into his gorgeous blue eyes. “I meant every word I said,” Lex whispered as he caressed Superman’s face. “I’m yours if you’ll have me.”

“If I’ll have you? There’s no doubt that I’ll have you, Lex,” Superman said as he began thrusting once again.

This time he leaned in and kissed Lex. Their lips and tongues did not part ways. They held each other in a tight embrace, hands roaming and groping. They were content to stay in one position, wanting to hold and kiss each other and stare adoringly into each other’s eyes. After each orgasm, Superman would slump for a minute to regather his energy, and then take up his thrusting with renewed vigor. Lex became hysterical with prolonged ecstasy, manly essence dripping without cease from his penis and anus. Minutes turned into hours as their lovemaking continued.

Their union marked a new era for mankind. The two most powerful men on Earth were no longer enemies, but allies and lovers. They never ruled or conquered, but together they ushered in a new golden age.

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