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Surfer Massage

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I had just turned 21 years old and every gay male who reaches that age does what every male gay or straight will do and that is to legally drink and go out and hit the bars and clubs. That day finally came in the summer of many years ago and I hit my first gay club with some friends. We were partying it up seeing the male strip show and then having shots, drinks, and just having some fun.

As I waited in line to get a round for my buds, I was greeted by a very handsome and hot blond surfer guy maybe about 24 or so. Nice dirty blond hair (naturally from the sun), light tan complexion, medium built but not buff. He wore a white tank top and shorts and smiled. I smiled back and then he came over and introduced himself to me.

“Hey, my name is Ken. I just heard from the emcee that it’s your 21st birthday.”

I smile back.

“Hey Ken! Thanks, I couldn’t wait for this day to come.”

He laughed and then looked back at me with his light blue eyes.

“I do massages and I would love to give you one for your birthday if that’s fine with you.” he asked.

I turned back,


“Yeah, it would be a nice summer birthday gift.”

“I never had a massage before and especially from a hunky surfer guy like him. He was about close to 5’9′ around the same height as I and I was still feeling buzzed so I said, “yeah, why not?”

He gave me his business card and informed me to give him a call in the morning and we can work something out. I smiled back and Ken then replied, “Have fun tonight and tomorrow, you will feel a whole better.”

We exchanged numbers and departed with me joining my friends. I kept his business card in my wallet.

The next morning, I woke up and saw his card still by the phone so I picked it up and dialed the number on the card. I was surprised to hear how quickly he answered with a nice warm greeting.

“Hey Ken, we met last night at the club and you offered a massage for my birthday and I thought I’d take you up on your offer if that’s still up.”

“Yeah, it is. I was just fixing up the place here and my schedule is free today. I have no clients today.”

“Oh that’ll be great!” I smiled.

“Have you ever had a massage before?”

“No, this will be my first.” I replied.

“I’ll take good care of you then.”

He gave me directions to his condo which ironically wasn’t too far from where I lived. It was just a few blocks down from me and it was worth the walk since the weather was nice and cool and breezy for a summer day.

I had to use the security phone to get into his secured building and he answered buzzing me in. A part of me was a bit nervous not knowing what to expect and another part curious as to seeing what this guy can offer.

I got to his floor and walked to the apartment to the first left as he described where he greeted me warmly with a nice hug. He wore white shorts and no shirt showing off his smooth tan chest which demonstrated the many hours of surfing and swimming that resulted in his natural physique.

“Hey you got a nice place here.”

“Thanks!” he smiled, “I like to keep it very calm and serene for my massages.”

The apartment was quite cozy with the sound of a waterfall by the entrance and some indoor plants that made his living area seem more like a garden sanctuary than his place of residence. In the center of the room was a massage table all set up with the furniture moved to the side. A breeze blew into the room moving the light colored drapes from the lanai. We were on the fifthteenth floor facing the mountains with no other condos or buildings to obstruct the majestic view and gave a natural feeling we were in the air. The breeze felt so good on my warm skin after that brisk walk earlier.

“Can I get you anything like some water?” he offered.

“Sure, that would be great.”

He walked over to the fridge and retrieved bottled water and then stood and smiled as I took a sip of the refreshing water that flowed through me.

“Since this is your first massage,” he smiled offering me a seat on the couch, “let me share with you what to expect and if you have any questions or concerns feel free to share.”

I sit down, “thanks, I appreciate that.”

I sat on the couch facing towards him as he remained standing facing his body to me his back to the front door. I couldn’t help but notice the slight tan line that was above his white shorts which were a bit snug but not too showy. He had his arms out and gestured as he explained to me the process of the massage.

“I do what is called a ‘Swedish combination massage'”.

“Swedish?” I ask.

“Yeah, I think you will like it. Basically, you will start face down and I use my hands to gently massage your back, your neck, and shoulders first so that you will get use to my touch and then your muscles can relax and breathe. Then I will add more pressure so that I can move about so that the deeper muscles get the work done more effectively.”

“Will it hurt much?” I asked.

“Nah, you won’t feel a thing. If there is any part that hurts, just let me know, and I’ll apply less pressure. I just want you to relax and enjoy the massage.”

I felt more relieved since he was giving me a step by step of what to expect and the more I listened; the more I was beginning to trust him.

“I also use non-hypo allergic oil that also benefits your skin keeping it soft and doesn’t have those chemicals that some oils have. I use only natural oil products that come from Australia.”

I smiled.

“I’m beginning to like this.”

“And it doesn’t have those perfume scents either so you can keep the oil on after the massage is done.”

Then he showed me to the table and gave me further instructions.

“I have a drape if you need to cover up or whatever you’re ok with.”

I smile back at him.

“Thanks. I’m not shy. ”

He laughed a bit and then headed towards the bathroom to give me some privacy.

I remove my shirt first placing it on the side of the table and then remove my surfer shorts (I had no underwear on) and was completely naked. My cock was flaccid but stirred a little from the breeze. Then I moved over and got on top of the table where I was instructed to put my face to the little hole. Then he walked in and then gently touched my naked back. He rubbed it so slightly around my back, my neck, and then my shoulders down to my hands and back up again. He moved to the center of my back again and down my spine to my hips and moved about in a circular motion. Finally, he moved his hands all long my thighs and legs and then back up again. I wasn’t sure what he was doing but just let him do his “magic”. I was a bit nervous and my heart beat was racing a little but I closed my eyes and took some nice deep breaths and I was ok.

Then I felt the warm drip of oil on my back followed by his warm hands moving about. It felt as nice as he rubbed and kneaded the smoothness moving up and down and in circular motions. If this is what the massage was about; I am very glad that I accepted his offer!

I felt his entire pressure all along me hitting the tensest parts and then feeling my muscles loosen up. I also was feeling a bit aroused when he started massaging my ass and spent quite some time there. My cock stirred a little but I didn’t mind since the ass massage felt so good. He kept cupping each hip and moving them firmly and then gently rubbing it over and over.

Then he massaged my inner thighs which drove me over the edge since it felt so good over and over and then back to my ass again. I was really liking this massage but at the same time, so nervous that I was getting turned on at the same time.

That’s when he asked me to turn over so that he could massage the front side. I moved slowly so that my cock wouldn’t show how hard it was getting but it was too late! My cock was now rock hard and standing straight up. Without missing a beat, he moved me around a bit so I could be more comfortable almost ignoring my cock. He added more oil on my smooth chest and down to my abs and back up to my arms and hands. He paid close to attention to every part of me never rushing it or changing pressure. It felt all over good. But the real torture (so to say) was when he kept massaging my thighs over and over again moving up and down and all over while my cock was standing up hard and leaking a little precum.

He moved more vigorously now, taking long strokes up and down until my cock was bouncing up and down. My nipples were beginning to harden and it was evident that this massage was turning me on and he knew it!

That’s when he gently moved closer to my hard cock with his hands and moved slowly over my shaved balls. That felt so good and warm. He moved upwards until his hand had completely was draping over my hard on. My cock jumped at his touch and he gave me some nice long lean strokes.

I felt so turned on that this hot surfer was now massaging my hard throbbing cock.

Then he wiped the oil off and then slowly put his mouth on my hard 7 incher that was cut.

That felt so good as he got between my legs, spread them apart, and was now sucking it slowly up and down. He was a good cocksucker too moving his tongue up and down the shaft and then all over. I couldn’t help it and finally had to release and without realizing it; I had shot my load in his mouth,

I could hear him continuing to suck me as I drained my load in his mouth.

We both looked up at each other with his mouth still on my cock. He slowly removed his lips from it and I saw that he swallowed my thick cum.

He then took off his white shorts and sported a nice 8 inch uncut cock. I didn’t need to be asked if I wanted to suck it so I reached over and did. I played with his thick foreskin moving it about and tasting his precum until he finally shot his load in my mouth.

After a little break with him cleaning up our cocks, he continued with the massage on my chest while he was still naked. The gentle caress on my nipples got me so turned on again that my cock was standing up again. He too was hard as well as he tickled it with his fingertips moving it back and forth.

Then the massage took a hotter turn. He then asked me if I wanted to fuck him. When I heard him ask that, my cock gave the answer he needed with a second throb with another splash of precum hitting his face.

He just laughed and then poured some oil on it to lube my cock gently stroking it up and down. Then he did the same with his own cock and later dipped some oil into his hole. He got up on top the table and slowly sat on top of my hard cock. I could feel the tightness of his hole hitting the first and then second rings. He guided his hole down until he was now sitting on my cock. It feels so hot and tight and my cock was now deep inside him as he rode up and down on it.

We ended up fucking with sweat all over our bodies. The masseur and I were like animals in heat as I pounded his hole. He was busily stroking his own cock and rubbing his hard nipples and doing the same to mine. Finally, I couldn’t handle it anymore and I told him I was going to cum again. He just kept bobbing up and down on my ass and I could feel his hole tighten on my cock as I got inside. Finally, I couldn’t hold it any longer and shot my thick load deep inside his ass! When he realized I just came, he shot his own load which shot right over my face, my mouth, and chest. He shot a huge load which tasted very nice on my lip. My cock was still inside spewing cum.

Finally, he got up and slowly releasing my cock from his hole and he showed it to me. A small white stream of cum dripped out of him and down his legs. It felt so hot seeing that and I scooped some out and slowly fed it to him. He sucked my finger with my cum dripping and I was so turned on.

We both collapsed on top of each other and later, I showered and thanked him for the birthday massage. He was still naked and I could still see a bit of cum still on his thigh. He told me it was his pleasure and that the offer still stood anytime he needed a “full body massage.” I asked if that included the sex and he just raised his eyebrows with a devilish grin.

I can say that for the rest of the year, we continued to have our sensual massages and later the hot erotic massaging with me fucking him good. He was a good masseur and later moved to SF where he got a job at a spa.

That was the first and most memorable massages I’ve ever had.

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