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Sunday Afternoon

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It was Sunday afternoon at the library. Ellen, the library’s director, paused to watch her young page struggle with rearranging the furniture in the new teen area. Getting things set up was hard work and it was a good thing they had come in when the library was closed. They needed the extra time and the activity would have disturbed the patrons during normal hours.

Zoe’s 18 year old face was flushed with exertion. Her long, blonde, hair, carefully tied back earlier in the day, was coming loose. She was wearing jeans and a baggy flannel shirt. Ellen smiled to herself. She felt like a dirty old woman, but she was enjoying the way the jeans stretched tightly across Zoe’s tight little butt when she bent over.

Something was going on with Zoe, though. She seemed preoccupied. Her normal youthful energy and enthusiasm seemed tempered somehow and her lovely eyes lacked their normal sparkle.

“Time for a break! You’ve been working hard, sweetie.” Ellen smiled.

Zoe sighed and unbuttoned the remaining buttons on her flannel shirt, revealing a sleeveless top underneath. “I’m dying!” She pulled the shirt off and flung it on a nearby chair, then plopped down on the couch. “I think we’re doing pretty good.”

“I think so, too.” Ellen smiled and handed Zoe one of the cold drinks she had just pulled out of the cooler. “You deserve a rest! Mind if I join you?” The teen smiled and scooted over to one side. Ellen sat down close to her. The fragrance of Zoe’s body splash mingled with the scent of warm skin and a little perspiration greeted her nostrils.

They were silent as they savored the cold drinks and caught their breath. Ellen spoke first. “Are you OK, Zoe? You seem quiet today like something’s on your mind.”

Zoe tensed and shifted her position. “I’m OK….” she said rather unconvincingly.

Ellen allowed a long silence to follow. Then she spoke softly. “I’m not going to cross examine you, Zoe, but I’d be glad to listen if you want to talk.”

Zoe made no immediate reply. Then she sucked in her breath, closed her eyes and laid her head back on the sofa. “Just guys. Sometimes I don’t get them. Girls seem easier to get along with. Am I just weird or something?”

Ellen’s eyes rested momentarily on Zoe’s supple young breasts clearly outlined by the tightly stretched sleeveless top. She touched her shoulder lightly. “You’re not weird, sweetie. It really doesn’t change even when you get older.”

Ellen began to gently rub the teen’s shoulder. “You are really tense.”

Zoe sighed. “I know. That feels good.”

“Turn around a little so I can get both of your shoulders.” Zoe changed her position so her back was to Ellen. Ellen continued to massage her neck and shoulders, enjoying the soft warmth of her skin. “So tell me about this guy.”

Zoe finished her story. “Can you believe that? See what I mean, a girl would never do that.”

Ellen paused before she replied. “You know, Zoe, you’re very smart and very pretty. You deserve better. I wouldn’t worry too much about him. A lot of people are like that. There’s a lot of guys, and, for that matter, girls, who’d love to go out with you.”

It took a moment for Ellen’s statement to sink in. Zoe took a deep breath. “What do you mean, girls?

“Like you said, girls and guys and different. There’s good things about going out with both.” Ellen continued to massage the girl’s shoulders, feeling her tense a little. “The differences are nice, actually.”

Zoe was unable to control her youthful bluntness. Her eyes were wide. “Have you ever done that? I mean do you go out with guys AND GIRLS?”

Ellen smiled and spoke carefully. “Yes I have.”

Her eyes rested on the young, flushed face. It was evident Zoe was dying to find out more, but having great difficulty getting the questions she wanted to ask out of her mouth. “What do you mean…uh…..I guess….I don’t understand about nice and different…..oh…..I don’t know what I’m saying!”

“Nice in a different way. ” Ellen responded as though the teen had phrased a coherent question. She knew what Zoe wanted to know. “Girls are softer. They do things a little differently…..They smell different. They don’t kiss in quite like guys do. You know most girls, wonder about it at some time or another. I really wouldn’t mind talking about it some more if you like.”

Zoe was hanging intently on every word. Ellen watched her young eyes. She sensed they were at a crossroads. Would Zoe open up and share her thoughts or would she get scared and pull back? It was an emotional mine field. Ellen very much wanted to earn Zoe’s respect and friendship. She wished there had been an older woman to talk to her when she was that age. Ellen sensed the need to remain silent and not push Zoe into a reply.

Zoe relieved her tension by sighing then mumbling something about her hair driving her nuts. She reached behind her and released her long blonde hair. shaking her head to let it fall into place and brush her shoulders. “I like it when you rub my shoulders, They really are kind of stiff.” she said softly. Ellen resumed rubbing her shoulders and they were both silent for awhile. “How can kissing be that different?” “Well, girls are usually more into kissing than guys. Their lips are softer and their skin smells different… And I think they are more gentle, too.” Zoe was deep in thought. “Yeah, I guess that makes sense. I’d really never thought about it quite in that way.” She let out her breath, the movement of air causing a couple of strands of her blonde hair to lift gently from her forehead and then fall back into place. “It’s really hard for me to imagine it exactly….just talking about it, you know. ” She closed her eyes. “I’m really curious about how it feels. Do you think that’s a little weird.”

“Of course not, sweetie. Perfectly normal. There’s nothing wrong with thinking about anything you want to think about. Besides, if it’s something you really want to try sometime, you’ll know……and I’m sure you’ll get the chance.”

Zoe turned suddenly as if trying to say something quickly before she changed her mind. ” Would you show me….I mean about the kissing? You’re really nice and I think it would be better to do it with someone I trusted. I mean doesn’t that make sense?” She looked so vulnerable. Her face was flushed and her eyes dropped to the floor.

Ellen’s heart beat faster. She took a deep breath to make sure she was still thinking clearly. “Sure, I’d be glad to, Zoe…but I want you to be sure you’re OK about it…you know, comfortable with it…..and if it bothers you at any point that you tell me.” She studied Zoe’s face for a reaction. Her young lips were dry. She moistened them then pressed them together. She then looked up and smiled.

Her eyes met Ellen’s. “You said I’d know a little while ago. I think I do know… I guess I’m ready if you don’t think I’m being stupid or something.” There was a sparkle in her eyes. Her young face looked lovely. She still seemed very open and vulnerable. Ellen brushed her soft, blonde hair back from her face and bent toward her. It made her smile when Zoe closed her eyes tightly and raised her face, pursing her lips slightly.

“Just relax, ” said Ellen in a whisper. She was close enough to Zoe now to smell her skin……the fragrance of her body splash mingled with the warm, slight perspiration scent from the afternoon’s hard work. Ellen placed her hand on Zoe’s soft cheek and caressed her ear gently. Then she leaned forward and brushed her lips across Zoe’s, just barely grazing them. Zoe’s face moved toward hers. “Still OK?”

Zoe nodded emphatically then moved her lips toward Ellen’s voice, her eyes still closed tightly. She was so close now, Ellen could feel her warm, soft breath. This time she kissed Zoe’s lips then gently pressed her lips against Zoe’s, holding them there. The teen parted her sweet, young lips slightly…inviting another kiss.

Ellen tentatively flicked her tongue across Zoe’s waiting lips. They parted even further this time. The young girl was breathing harder and Ellen let her tongue slide between them, seeking out the teen’s tongue. A sweet little whimper escaped Zoe’s lips. Ellen broke the kiss. “Are you doing OK, sweetie?” Zoe whimpered again. She slid her hand behind Ellen’s head and pressed it forward, forcing their lips together.

Ellen was satisfied now that Zoe was ready, willing and comfortable. More assertively, this time, she parted the teen’s lips with her tongue and eagerly sought out her tongue. Ellen was breathing harder now and she could feel her heart pounding. Zoe was an eager pupil. She began making love to the young girl’s mouth…probing….tasting….exploring……just like Ellen imagined doing to her little sex.

Ellen pulled her close now…feeling the young, firm breasts pushed against her full, womanly ones. She loved holding the teen close to her. Ellen continued kissing Zoe for awhile until she paused for a breath, her lips red and swollen. “Oh it is different….and very nice.” gasped Zoe between breaths. “Can we do it some more?”

“Sure. Remember how I told you a woman feels different?” She took Zoe’s hand. It felt small, soft and warm. Without a word, Ellen unbuttoned about half the small buttons trailing down her top. It was evident she wasn’t wearing a bra. “Let me show you.” She slid the teen’s fingers inside the gaping top.

At first Zoe left her hand where Ellen placed it. Then she tentatively began to move her little fingers. She slid her hand down Ellen’s full, womanly breast then bravely cupped it. Zoe’s touch sent shivers up Ellen’s spine. “I like the way it feels, she whispered breathlessly. It’s so soft and warm.” She squeezed it gently. Her finger strayed over Ellen’s big, hard nipple. Zoe giggled. “Wow, it’s really big. I think it likes me touching it.” “I think it does, too!” Ellen grinned. Zoe took to her task with youthful enthusiasm….squeezing….caressing….pinching the big nipple and rolling it between her slim fingers. Ellen was aching with desire and unable to sit still. “Maybe it would help if I got rid of this silly top.”

Zoe eagerly reached her free hand out to help. “I’d like to see them better. I can’t really see what they look like very well.” Her arousal was making her less shy. With Zoe’s help, Ellen slid the top over her head. The teen stared wide-eyed at Ellen’s big breasts. She couldn’t resist resuming her grabbing, squeezing and caressing.

Ellen was light headed. Her heart was pounding and her breathing ragged. Zoe’s touch was driving her crazy. She was hot and wet and frustrated. “You know, Zoe, it would only be fair if you let me see you too. You’re so pretty. Would that be OK?”

Zoe drew back her body but she continued to explore Ellen’s breasts. “I guess that’s OK…” She sounded a little doubtful. “I don’t know why you’d want to see them though. They’re so small compared to yours…sort of embarrassing…..”

Ellen smiled. “I’ll bet the senior class wouldn’t agree with that assessment at all.” She placed her hands on Zoe’s waist and started gently pulling the tail of her top out of the tight jeans. Then her fingers slid up underneath feeling the smooth warmth of Zoe’s skin…her side…the flat tummy. Slowly but deliberately, Ellen pulled the knit top up until it came to rest under Zoe’s arms. She couldn’t wait to get it off yet she didn’t want to frighten the teen. Ellen felt the excitement well up in her as Zoe automatically lifted her arms. The top slid over Zoe’s head and outstretched arms. Her blonde hair was mussed, her face flushed, and her expression was a bit sheepish.

Ellen made no effort to avert her gaze. She let her eyes travel over the flat, adolescent tummy and up the creamy, pale white skin. Zoe was wearing a lacy little stretch bra that nicely cupped her firm, navel orange size breasts. The bra seemed rather precariously fastened in the front. She could see Zoe’s breasts moving gently up and down with her breathing. The hard little nipples were pressed against the flimsy material.

Ellen bent forward now. She was so close she could inhale the scent of Zoe’s skin. Her fingers trembled as she brushed the fastener lightly then let them rest there for a moment. “Oh sweetie……you’re so pretty…are you sure you feel OK about this?” Zoe whimpered and shook her head vigorously. In an instant, the fastener was released and the firm, young breasts tumbled out. For a few moments, Ellen could only stare at the lovely porcelain skin. It was so pale and fair it was almost translucent. She could see some of the veins under the surface. Zoe’s nipples were small but quite stiff. Ellen yearned to coax them a bit.

Zoe mistook Ellen’s pause of admiration for disapproval. “I know they are kinda small compared to yours. Do you think they’re OK?”

“Oh, Zoe, they are so lovely.” A little moan escaped Ellen’s lips. She cupped one of the teen’s breasts, feeling its supple weight. Then she rolled the little hard nipple between her fingers and pinched it a bit. “Mmmmm, Zoe…..” Ellen bent forward now and pressed her face between the firm, young breasts, hungrily exploring the soft skin with her tongue and letting her full, womanly breasts rest on the girl. She just had to suckle one of those sweet little tits.

Ellen teased and sucked the little nipple to hardness again. Zoe’s skin tasted sweet and just slightly salty. Ellen felt she had died and gone to heaven. She just couldn’t get enough of those tits! Zoe whimpered and her face glowed with pleasure.

The heat of Ellen’s desire boiled over. Her fingers slid down Zoe’s flat, teen tummy and found the fastener on her jeans. Zoe liked tight jeans and it was a bit of a challenge to release that top button. At last it came free and the zipper surrendered easily. Ellen could see the white, cotton panties and a few stray, blonde curls peeking out from the waistband. Without prompting, Zoe lifted her tight little ass enough to help Ellen slide down her jeans to just below her knees.

Zoe’s thighs were pale and creamy smooth. Her muscles were well defined. Ellen could see the white thong clinging to her little sex. She was obviously wet and the material outlined her mound and lips. Zoe was barefoot and wriggling her toes with pleasure. Ellen’s fingers explored the silken skin and slid the jeans down those young, muscular legs. Her calves were firm and her toes painted and lovely. Ellen couldn’t resist pausing to suck those sweet, wiggly little toes for a few moments. Then she showered Zoe’s satin skin with kisses, making a trail up her calves again and pausing at mid-thigh.

Ellen inhaled, savoring the scent of the soap on Zoe’s skin, mingling with the fragrance of her hot, little sex. She couldn’t help showering Zoe’s flat tummy with soft kisses again and teasing her navel with the tip of her tongue. The teen was squirming with pleasure and occasionally emitting a delightful little squeal of delight. The stray blond curls looked incredibly enticing.

Her fingers trembled, as Ellen slid down the panties, revealing a triangle of soft, wet, blonde curls. Zoe’s pink lips were visible through the curls, swollen and slick with her nectar. Ellen wanted to grab those supple young ass cheeks and pull that sweet pussy to her lips. Zoe’s face was flushed.

Ellen bent forward and kissed Zoe’s flat, youthful tummy working her way down the pale little trail of blonde hair. Her fragrance was intoxicating and Ellen let her tongue brush those succulent lips. She wanted to take this girl and she wanted to do it now.

Ellen’s eager tongue probed Zoe’s wetness, pushing the tender lips apart and seeking out the teenager’s aching clit. She loved sucking licking the young pussy….probing….tasting…..fucking the girl with her tongue. Zoe had never felt anything like that and was soon coming with a lot of squirming and noise. Such delicious little squeals of delight!

Now Ellen wanted Zoe’s tight little ass. She ran her finger gently down the crack letting her finger rest on her little pink pucker. Zoe didn’t object or tense up and Ellen pressed her finger gently against the tight opening. It was difficult at first and required gentleness and patience as she stretched the young girl’s pucker. One finger…..then two…..and such nice moves!

Ellen slid her fingers in and out of Zoe’s ass while she tongued the teenager’s clit. Zoe was hers now and she knew the teen was about to explode with pleasure. Her sweet body trembled with each touch. She could feel Zoe’s little sphincter squeeze her fingers tightly as her body begain to ripple with her orgasm. He dainty toes were curled and her body started shaking. The air was filled with her delightful little moans and squeals and other animal-like sounds. She tried to lift her ass off the couch, but Ellen would not let go. Zoe was practically screaming now as another surge passed through her body.

Then it was over. Ellen wrapped her arms around the trembling teen and held her tightly. Zoe rested her head on Ellen’s chest and smiled. She closed her eyes and snuggled against Ellen’s breasts.

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