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Red Rock Country

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Turning off I17 onto the road to Oak Creek, I spotted the renowned red rock buttes and cliffs to the west. The two lane asphalt road weaved up, down, and around low hills. Each time the road dipped into a low spot, the red hills disappeared, only to rise again, more majestic with each cycle of drop and climb of the road.

I reached for the half liter bottle of Sprite and gulped down a couple of swallows. I had promised Karen I would show up definitely not in a state of thirst. Back where I17 passed the Canyon Point Rest Area, I considered pulling off to answer nature’s call, but a promise is a promise, so despite the urge I zoomed by the rest stop and pressed on for Sedona.

I pulled into a Circle-K a block before the Bell Rock Inn and checked my watch. Happily, the traffic had been smooth and I was ahead of my schedule, though barely so. As anxious as I was to see Karen, I hoped she wasn’t early. I needed a few minutes to prepare my surprise before she arrived. I had brought a couple bottles of wine with me and now my last stop before the Inn would let me pick up several six packs of Corona. I placed them in the empty space in the ice chest on the back seat and smiled when I again saw the limes, the strawberries, and the can of Reddi-Whip. I then looked over at the plastic bag next to the cooler and smiled again, thinking how delighted and surprised Karen would be.

After registering and getting my room key, I unloaded the truck and quickly went to work preparing the surprise. All that was needed now was for Karen to call my cell phone when she reached the Inn. As I waited I fought the urge to use the toilet, and in fact I popped the cap off a Corona and added to my “problem.”

A few minutes later, the phone chirped and as I grabbed it and held it to my ear, I went to the window and peered between the curtains into the parking lot.

“Hey, babe,” I spoke into the phone.

“Ooh, hon, this country is beautiful,” you replied. “Are you here at the motel yet?”

“Yep. Can you see that dark green Chevy truck with the matching shell?” I asked.

“I see it. Is that by your room?

“Right in front of it, number 127. So what are you waiting for? I laughed.

“Let me get my things and I’ll be right there.”

“You need some help?”

“Nope. Just a small overnight bag, my purse……and me.”

I opened the door and stood in the entry, looking along the line of cars, and finally spotted her getting out of her rental car. She spotted me and flashed me a bright smile. When she reached the door, I took her bag and her hand and led her into the room. We closed the door and she leaned back against it, and without another word our lips met in a kiss so long and deep it would have been obvious to anyone else that we hadn’t seen each other for some time.

Her tongue was an instant quicker than mine and was exploring my mouth and letting me suck gently on it. Our arms wrapped about each other and moved all over as if we were both trying to dispel any thought that this was a dream, and was, in fact, at last real.

Very slowly, as if to tease, she drew her tongue back between her lips, as if inviting mine to follow. I didn’t need a written invitation and my tongue slipped between her full lips. Now it was she who was sucking and as we stood there pressed against one another, we went back and forth exploring each others mouth and tasting the hunger we had for each other.

My hands roamed down her back and discovered that beneath the short skirt she wore, there was nothing but warm flesh. I cupped the cheeks of her ass in my hands as our kissing lingered. I had changed into a loose fitting pair of sport shorts and her hands now slid down my back and under the waist band to hold me as I was holding her.

I could feel the heat between her legs as she pressed against me, and I know she felt the hardness that I was starting to form.

We moved to the couch and sat down and we gently touched each other as we made small talk about our drives and the beauty of the Sedona area.

“You must be thirsty,” I winked, “How about a cold Corona?”

“I’d love one, and not just because I’m thirsty,” she laughed in reply.

I opened a bottle for each of us, squeezing the obligatory lime slice into the bottles’ necks.

Handing her one of them, I clinked mine against it and said, “Cheers, and you must know how glad I am to see you after so long.”

“As much as I am to see you, too,” she answered.

We sat drinking our beers and bringing each other up to date on the goings on in our lives, and every so often I would reach and touch her cheek or gently stoke her thigh.

She in turn would gently touch her fingers to my forearm of slide them along the length of the mound at the crotch of my shorts.

After about ten minutes she stretched and said with a wink, “Well I’m ready to hop in the shower. Anyone care to join me?”

She stood and began removing her clothes, and I looked at my watch and said, “I was going to try and go play 18 holes, but I hate leaving you here all alone, so I guess it just has to be shower time.”

With that I rose, yanked my shirt up and over my head and tossed it on the couch. With one swift move I slid my shorts down to my ankles and kicked free of them.

“Last one in has to give head,” I called and ran into the bathroom.

As I started the water in the shower, she appeared in the door, naked as I was, and said, “You didn’t really have to run in here you know. Once you said the last one in had to give head, I would have crawled if I had to just to be last.”

“Aha,” I replied. “Let me rephrase it then, last one AND first one in have to give head.”

“Much better,” she agreed as she wrapped her arms around my neck and pressed against me. Her nipples had become erect and I felt their hardness pressing against me. I thought back to how much I had enjoyed playing with them and sucking on them when we had met before.

She released me and stepped into the tub, saying, “You know that beer seems to want to go right through me. I feel a sudden urge to pee.”

“No, no,” I protested as I joined her in the tub, “I feel the same urge, but I have a surprise for you. To get the surprise, you have to not pee when we are in the shower.”

She pouted, “I thought we were going to have a chance for this?”

“Trust me,” I said and pressed a finger against her lips. “When you see the surprise, you will understand………and be happy.”

Her tongue darted against my finger and she drew the finger into her mouth, sucking at it.

We both soaked under the hot streaming water and began to lather each others bodies. We both paid special attention to the genital areas and the anus, and after rinsing the lather from those areas, we alternated rinsing those areas with a combination of the shower stream and our tongues. Karen knelt before me and slipped her mouth over the length of my hard cock. I experienced once more that tremendous sensation of feeling and seeing the full length buried in her mouth. My hips began to move in a fucking motion and her hands grasped my ass, pulling me into her each time I thrust forward.

She sucked me for a while, frequently releasing my cock and darting her tongue out to lathe my balls and the underside of my scrotum. My eyes were closed as I delighted in the remarkable sensations, but soon, I had her stand once more and our bodies pressed together as we kissed once again as deeply as we had when she first entered the motel room.

Finally, I had her stand in the middle of the tub and face away from me, leaning her hands against the back wall of the shower tub enclosure. I stepped to one side and watched the water stream fall against her ass cheeks and the water run down between her legs. Then it was my turn to kneel, but behind her and I spread her cheeks, allowing the water to stream against her ass. It ran against her puckered little anus and down around the lips of the pussy I so fondly remembered. Leaning forward, I finished the rinsing of her ass and cunt, my tongue lapping up the water from them. She pushed back at the feel of my tongue on her ass and moans began to rise from deep inside her.

“Umm, I want you like this,” she said, turning her head.

“What do you mean, ‘like this’,” I asked.

“I want us to switch positions,” she explained, standing back away from the wall.

“Ah, I see what you mean,” I commented, and I moved to the back of the tub, facing the wall and leaning my hands against it.

She spread my cheeks letting me feel the streaming water rushing against my ass, but after a second, the water was nicely replaced by her tongue. She reached under me and began stroking my cock as she did wonders to my ass with her wicked tongue.

The pressure to piss was starting to become intense, so I stood back up and reached to turn of the shower. We embraced again, our bodies pressing together, our tongues dancing together, and our hands exploring each other.

“OK,” I said, let’s dry off and I will show you the surprise.

We toweled each other off and walked back into the bedroom. I pulled down the bedspread and told her to lay down.

The instant Karen laid back on the bed, her eyes grew wide and she sat back up.

“There’s something wrong with this bed,” she exclaimed.

“Something wrong?” I grinned, “What could be wrong?”

“I don’t think there are any sheets on this bed,” she complained, “or someone has stuffed some newspapers or something in it.”

“Well, let’s see,” I said, taking her hand and helping her stand up alongside the bed.

I grabbed the bedspread at the head of the bed and flipped it back so it fell to the floor at the end of the bed. Clearly visible was the bed’s blanket and a fold of a sheet back over the top edge of the blanket.

“Looks OK to me,” I commented.

“Feel it,” she directed me, as she pressed one hand down against the bed.

“Sure, babe,” I answered and proceeded to press several fingers against her still warm pussy.

“No not me,” she said, “Here,” and she took my hand and pressed it down against the mattress.

“Ah, I think you’re right,” I replied, “Lets pull the blanket and top sheet back and see what’s underneath.”

I pulled them back, revealing what appeared to be a perfectly normal bottom sheet, but as I pressed against it, the strange feel of something beneath it remained. I then pulled enough of the sheet out at the side to reveal a piece of plastic material over the mattress.

“Well, I’ll be darned, it’s a plastic sheet or a shower curtain or something.” I turned to her and asked quizzically, “Do you thing the maid knew we might want to play around, so she waterproofed the bed?”

She stared at me for a second and then said, “You stinker, you put that plastic there didn’t you?”

I tried to hold it in and look innocent, but a big grin erupted on my face and I started laughing.

“OK,” I admitted, “I confess. Yes I put the plastic shower curtain there, but not only that. The motel’s sheets are over in the dresser drawer. I replaced them with sheets that I brought with me. That, my dear is the first surprise. Now, do you want to lay back down like you started to? You will find the surprise doesn’t limit us to using the shower for some playing.”

Flashing that seductive smile at me, Karen lay back down and spread her legs. I recalled a line from a Sydney Shelton novel in which an enemy agent lured a gay government worker up to his room and as they stripped, he asked, “Hips or lips?”

I glanced a second at Karen’s hips and delighted in the fact that she offered hips with lips. Not hesitating a second, I went down and began kissing her pussy lips. I felt her hands on the back of my head as she gently pulled my face closer to her and lifted her knees to give me full access to her.

I lifted my head and cautioned her, “Don’t pee just yet. Let’s build it up to a height.”

“I’m not going to pee at all if you don’t this time,” she admonished me.

“No problem, babe, this time I am ready.”

“And raring to go?” she added.

“Well I didn’t play at housekeeping and remake this bed just for exercise,” I answered.

“Good,” she said, “Now get back to what you were doing.”

With that command, she crossed her ankles behind my neck and drew me back down to her now very wet cunt. I obligingly followed her order and my tongue began bathing the inside of her pussy lips. It was wonderful to once again taste her sweetness and I explored slowly with my tongue, working my way up to her clit. Just as my tongue touched it, she jerked reflexively and I knew I had excited her. The moans that emanated from her reinforced the fact that I had not forgotten how to please her, and the knowledge that it was only the start, with so many other little actions to follow, encouraged me more. I methodically worked my tongue everywhere, at last moving down to lick that small strip of flesh between her cunt and anus. She sensed me moving down to her tight little rosebud and raised her hips even more, offering me access. But I wanted to build the tension and heighten the effect, so I went no further, only reaching to about a quarter inch from her asshole. But, I found that to be a struggle for me. I wanted so much to sense the taut flesh there with my tongue, to wet it with the mix of my saliva and the wetness that slowly ran down from her cunt, but I resisted, teasing her and in effect teasing myself. I knew that by hesitating before finally delving into that forbidden orifice, the pleasure when at last I did, would be immense.

Back my tongue went to her pussy, once again tasting her sweet sexual flow. I moved my tongue up inside her cunt, being very active to give her every sensation I could. Her movements and sounds told me I was achieving what I wanted.

Suddenly she lay her legs back down and pulled me up to her. Our lips met and we began enjoying the kisses we so delighted in. She could taste herself on my face and I was treated to a wonderful tongue bath of my face as she licked every essence of her pussy from me.

“Turn around,” she directed me, “But stay on top.”

I smiled, suddenly realizing that it might seem to a fly on the wall that we were a dom/sub pair, with me the sub. It was a role I was suddenly finding fun to play as I realized the pleasure to be found in being at one time a submissive love slave, while at other times, assuming the counter role of a caring, but demanding dominant.

As I lay back on her I felt her tongue licking at the drops of precum that oozed from my cock, and then run up and down the length of the underside, until with a firm movement she drew me into her mouth. I returned also to burying my tongue between her cunt lips and we lay there locked together, tasting each other.

It was somewhat paradoxical to imagine I was in a subordinate role, and yet I lay on top of her and began pumping my hips, driving my cock into her warm mouth. In essence, she was my slut and I was fucking her face just as I might fuck her cunt or ass. Yet I wanted us both to have maximum pleasure, and though I knew she loved my cock driving between her lips, I sought to give her all the pleasure I could. My tongue and fingers probed and licked and sucked between her pussy lips, licking up and down the sidewalls, pushing up into her deep opening and tingling her engorged clit. I wanted to slip my tongue down to rim her ass, but found it difficult to do as long as I remained on top. I knew though, that as the evening wore on we would both have ample opportunities to tongue fuck each others ass. For now, I let my saliva and her pussy juice flow down to her sweet ass where my finger could rub the wetness all around and probe into her tight sphincter. The instant I did that, I felt her hands slip between the cheeks of my ass and begin to tease my ass. She found me dry there, so she reached down to where I lapped at her pussy and inserted a finger between her lips, letting it get fully soaked with wetness and reaching back up to rub the sweet juice all around my anus until at last some pressure let her finger slip inside me.

That was all it took and I thrust into her mouth rapidly and firmly, my first load of cum filling her mouth. At the same instant, her hips pressed up at my face and I sensed an delicious increase in the wetness of her cunt. We both sucked and licked and swallowed, wanting to capture every drop of each other, until we both gradually relaxed and my cock slipped from her mouth with a resounding popping sound. I rolled off her and turned so that we lay side by side facing one another, and now out mouths joined to share each others taste together. We lay quietly kissing and sucking each others tongues and my fingers enjoyed the marvelous hardness of her nipples as I tugged at them and rolled them between my fingers.

“God, that was intense,” she whispered into my mouth and I had no reason to feel differently.

My cock had begun to soften and I knew it was time to take the next step before I got hard again and had trouble pissing. I had held out for so long after drinking so much and the urge now had to be satisfied.

I rolled her back onto her back and knelt over her legs, straddling them and facing her. Her eyes widened with anticipation as I held my cock and aimed it at her still wet pussy. A trickle of pee dripped from me and fell to the bed between her thighs, it then paused and at last a stream rushed out. My hot pee hit squarely on her pussy and I moved it all around, covering every bit of her pubic flesh. She reached down and spread her cunt lips open allowing my yellow stream to wash the inside of her pussy lips and up into her cuntal opening.

The sheet under her was soaked as I diverted the stream up past he navel and all over her tits. We both sighed each time my piss passed over an erect nipple. She lifted her head toward me, but I didn’t want the stream to touch her mouth. Oh, I really did want it, but I thought it better to give her a chance to taste me casually, rather than have me flood her mouth, and have it be too much for her. As I continued to wash her breasts with my warm golden fluid, I reached for one of her hands, holding it in the stream until it was fully soaked by my piss.

“Now,” I said, releasing her hand, “Taste me on your fingers.”

She licked her palm and slide he fingers one at a time between her lips, her eyes closed as if concentrating totally on the new sensation. I had also drained my bladder and the last few trickles of my pee dripped on her belly.

“Well,” I asked, “Is it ok, or too strong? I didn’t want to hit your mouth until you had a chance to sample.”

“Umm,” she replied, her eyes shining at me. “It’s different, but nice,” and then she pouted and added, “But now you’re done so I can’t take you in my mouth.”

“Well, I am done for now, but I have pissed more than once a day in my life, you know. You’ll get another chance. But how about you? Don’t you feel an urge?”

“I do indeed,” she answered, “and this wet sheet has quickly turned cold.”

“OK,” I replied, “I have a couple sets so we can change it, but first I want to taste what got you so excited.”

With that I leaned forward and licked her breasts, still wet with my pee. It wasn’t warm any more, having quickly cooled in the air as had the wet sheets. I found the taste to be strange, or at least the idea of tasting myself made it seem strange, but the pleasure of licking her body brought added pleasure, making the sensation pleasurable, even if it was kinky.

Moving off her to the side, I said, “OK, let me lay on my back and you straddle me, then let it go.”

“With pleasure,” she answered, moving on top of me as I slid to the center of the bed and felt the now cold wetness of the soaked linens.

She had to have been very anxious to let if flow, for as soon as she settled over me, I felt a strong rush of hot fluid from her splash on my stomach. Looking down, I saw the golden rush spewing out on to me and I slid upwards, positioning my cock and balls directly under the peefall. She grinned as she bathed me with her piss and started moving her hips forward and back, splashing her nectar from my crotch up to my chest.

“Wait a second,” I asked her, “Slide forward so I can spread your lips.” I wanted to see the very opening between her labia where the stream emerged. She held it for an instant, sliding up to straddle my upper torso. He marvelous pussy was now a mere six or eight inches from my face and she let go again, the stream rushing onto my upper chest and neck. I marveled at the sight of the tiny port from which the flow emanated and lifted my head so that my lips approached the stream.

“No,” she ordered, and slid back down toward my hips. “If you made me wait, you must wait too!”

As if to keep things fair, she placed her right hand into the stream still splashing on my tummy and offered her pee soaked fingers to my mouth. I licked her and sucked her fingers, just as she had done to the same hand when I had covered it with my piss. Now I was the one who was sampling the golden nectar.

“Well,” she inquired?

“Very different,” I commented. “Actually I was concerned it would be like tasting strong salt water, but it isn’t nearly as tart as I imagined.”

“Then we will have to have more next go-around,” she said, as the final trickles from her dripped onto my pubes.

She slid back and licked the drops from me, wanting to taste herself before sliding off me.

We rose from the bed and pulled the soaked sheets off, using them to wipe residual liquid from the plastic shower cover.

“Now the motel sheets,” she asked?

“No,” I answered, “We save those until the last. I brought several changes of sheets with me.”

I opened a dresser drawer and produced a fresh set.

“But let’s shower and allow the curtain to dry fully before we put them on.”

With that, we tossed the pee soaked linen over in a corner and headed back to the shower.

We repeated our earlier shower activity, but this time we mostly held each other and kissed with great intensity. Our tongues alternated between exploring each others mouth and just licking each others tongue. All the while our hands further explored our bodies, gently stoking and probing, learning the feel and sensitivity of every inch of our flesh.

We would interrupt our kisses and tongue dancing to use our lips and tongues elsewhere, tasting the feeling our necks, our ears, and then back to join our mouths once more.

After a while, with the shower streaming water down on me, I leaned forward to once again taste her nipples and feel the surface texture of them and her aureoles. Her nipples were fully erect and I would suck on them and pull at them with my teeth. Her hands stoked the back of my neck as I would move from one breast to the other.

I had set a tube of liquid soap in the shower, and now as I relished the pleasure of her tits, I reached for it and squeezed a small amount on one middle finger. Reaching behind her as I licked and sucked, my finger slid between her cheeks and I began to rub the finger tip back and forth across her asshole. She moved slightly, spreading her legs some and I pressed my finger up inside her. The lubricate effect of the soap allowed my finger to penetrate deeply into her anus and I began to slowly finger fuck her anally, cleaning her anal canal and stimulating her sensitive nerve ending there. She rode my finger up and down and moaned deep in her throat. I fucked her that way for several minutes until I felt her shudder with a peak of sensation.

Then I had her turn her back to the shower stream and bend forward. I let the shower water fall directly on her buttocks and removed my finger, cupping my hand to catch a pool of water and then rinsing her anus. Several times I inserted my wet finger back inside her until at last I met some friction and knew that I had fully rinsed the soap from her.

I grinned and said, “OK, now can you wash my ass?”

She smiled and reached for the soap and I turned so that my back was to her and I leaned against the shower wall. I felt her spread my cheeks and then I felt the sensation of her soap clad finger pressing against me. In an instant she had penetrated me and suddenly, I was being fucked in the ass by her finger. In and out she pressed for several minutes until I at last felt the water once again and knew she was rinsing me.

I stood erect and turned to face her again and once more our mouths came together and our tongues met. We stood there for several minutes, mouths locked together and hands roaming. When at last we broke the embrace, I reached to turn off the water and we toweled each other off.

Naked, we returned to the front room and I pulled a new set of linens from a drawer. We replaced the plastic cover and then remade the bed over it with fresh linen.

“Let’s sit up for a while and have another beer,” I suggested. “Sit over there on the couch and I’ll get each one.”

“Umm, sounds delightful,” she smiled and kissing me, turned and went to the sofa.

I opened us each a fresh Corona and slipped a lime slice in each bottle. I opened a plastic produce box of strawberries I had washed and trimmed before she arrived. Moving to join her on the couch, I handed her a beer and set the strawberries on the coffee table.

I sat beside her and after clinking glasses, we each took a long drink.

“You really put time in getting this ready, didn’t you?” she asked.

“Only trying to provide the best for the best,” I smiled back.

“And even fresh strawberries….whatever will we do with those?”

Grinning, I replied, “I think we’ll come up with something,” and leaning to her, I again merged our lips.

As we engaged in another of those long, wet, wonderful kisses, I felt her hand grasp my cock and begin gently stroking me. I, responded by reaching for a strawberry and rubbing it all around one nipple, the red juice from it, as I squeezed it, coloring her breast with its sticky sweetness. The juice ran down her breast and several drops fell to land on her thigh.

“Umm,” she sighed, “If you make a mess, you better clean it up.”

“That is exactly my plan,” I answered, taking the squeezed strawberry and offering it to her mouth.

She took it from me and licked the fruit juice from my fingers, sucking each one into her mouth as if it were a small cock. I reached for another berry and repeated the process on her other tit, then again offered the squeezed berry to her mouth, but telling her to take it in but not to swallow it.

When she had it in her mouth, I brought my lips to hers and my tongue entered her mouth seeking the fruit. She sensed what I was up to and with her own tongue, pushed the berry from her mouth to mine. I swallowed it and the ended the kiss, leaning forward to lick the strawberry juice from each breast. When I had them fully clean or the stick juice, I knelt on the floor between her legs and licked the drops of juice that had fallen onto her thighs.

“OK, stop laughing and listen to what I next have in mind,” I told her.

I grabbed about five new berries and told her to let me lay on my back on the sofa, and once I was there, to have her straddle me, as if we were going to do a sixty nine.

She got on top of me and I stared at her marvelous cunt.

“Ready?” I asked.

“For what?” she replied.

“For this,” I said and I proceeded to insert the five berries up inside her pussy. “Now sit back and eject those berries into my mouth.”

“Ooh, I like this,” she said and pressed herself back onto my face.

I could sense her working her abdominal muscles, attempting to eject the berries as I had asked. Soon, one popped out of her and into my mouth.

She then sat up a bit and turned her face toward me, saying, “Try not to swallow them, hon. Do you think you can hold them all in your mouth?”

I answered her, the one berry causing my speech to be somewhat of a mumble, “Well, maybe three of them, the first two I will have to swallow.”

“OK,” she said and pressed back against my face.

Her muscles began working again and soon the second berry plopped into my mouth. I chewed it briefly and then swallowed it. Soon the third was in my mouth and I slid it to one side of my mouth, puffing out the cheek on that side. She was straining now to work the final two out of her, so I slipped my tongue into her could and helped work the fourth down and into my mouth where it puffed out the other cheek. Finally, between her muscle contractions and my tongue, the fifth one slipped from her to me.

Quickly she tuned and lay upon me, face to face. Our mouths met and her tongue began seeking to retrieve a strawberry from my mouth into hers. She finally got it and sought a second. I gripped one between my teeth and she bit half of it off and sucked it into her mouth. She rose from me and I sat up beside her as we both chewed the fruit and finally swallowed it.

“Oh my god, babe, you are so imaginative,” she told me.

I reached for our beers and handed her one, saying, “Beer and strawberries, not the ideal combination until you have them this way.”

We sat there a while longer, eating berries, conventionally and drinking our beer, with frequent playing with each other and kissing, then I took her hand and led her back to the freshly made bed.

We had been making love so intensely, we lay together quietly discussing what seemed like every topic under the sun. It was just a peaceful quiet time blending small talk and frequent kissing with a very natural exploring of each other with our hands. It almost wasn’t even sexual, more like just learning more about each other, in mind as well as in body. But even though it was such an innocent, relaxed time together, it wasn’t devoid of sexual responses. I had softened when we came back to the bed, but as we lay there and talked and touched, my hardness returned, and her sounds when I touched her in certain ways revealed that her sexual needs and desires were still as keenly stimulated as mine. It was as if the world did not exist around us, in either space or time, but rather that we were isolated in both with no need to rush. Each word, each touch, each kiss came naturally and seemed part of a continuum of just being together. However, below that natural calmness, intense fires still burned, and as calm and relaxed as we both felt, we also sensed intensity and desire building. Gradually the heat between us grew greater, and soon she moved beside me and softly began kissing and licking my stomach and then my thighs. Her fingers firmly wrapped around my cock and as she stroked me and moved her tongue up from my thigh to lick at my balls, I slowly ran my fingers along the soft flesh of her neck and to the back of her head. Though she needed no urging, I still pulled her face against me and her tongue replaced her hand on my cock. Long wet strokes up to the head and back down to lick my balls again made me even harder. Soon she had my entire cock in her mouth and the suction on me was mind blowing. Up and down her head went taking my entire length on the down stroke, and pulling back until just the head remained in her mouth on the up stroke. Her fingers gently teased my balls, already wet from her licking and soon I felt wet finger rubbing back and forth across my anus. I began moving my hips but stopped when I thought I might gag her, but she pulled me from her mouth long enough to tell me not to stop, but to continue to fuck her mouth.

I did as she asked (and as I wanted) and my movements and her sucking worked together to create a blow job for the ages. Her finger had also slipped past my sphincter so that as I fucked her sweet mouth, she finger fucked my ass in harmony.

I glanced around to see what there was that I could do to add to our pleasure and I spotted her stringed beads by the pillow. Using my finger, I spread warm wetness from her cunt all around her own ass and then inserted the first bead inside her. Her sounds told me the additional act was the perfect topper to what we were doing. In went the second bead and soon, the entire string was imbedded in her ass. I slowly extracted the string as far as the middle bead and then just as slowly reinserted the entire thing. My hips began moving faster, as did her finger in my ass, and I felt the surge of cum welling up inside me. She knew I was very close and sucked harder and faster as I thrust into her, trying to match her build up. My hand at her ass, working the beads, felt a sudden increased wetness as she began to cum and her juices flowed down from her pussy to where my hand was driving the beads into her tight ass.

I almost yelled out as I suddenly pushed my cock hard into her mouth and streams of my semen ejected into her throat. When she felt the first surge of warm cum, she pulled my cock back until only the head was between her lips, and her hand stroked my cock rapidly as her mouth sucked at the head, filling her mouth with my creamy ejaculate.

In a moment, we both lay back and relaxed, breathing heavily. A small amount of my cum seeped from the corners of her mouth as she smiled warmly at me. I slowly pulled the beads from her ass as she slipped her finger from mine. I turned and leaned down so I could lick the wetness from her pussy, and then back to kiss her again. She seemed very excited by the taste of herself on my lips and tongue, and I could taste my own cum as some was still pooled inside her mouth. Neither of us could do another thing, but lay there and breathe deeply until we were as relaxed as we had started out minutes earlier.

This was clearly the start of a beautiful weekend.

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