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Teacher’s Pet Earns Her Stars

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“Give it up Monica,” Carla complained! “He’s practicing his bah humbug routine early…no way is he going to tell us what he wants to be for Halloween!” True; but then, that sure didn’t excuse her dragging Monica off my lap. And she did it just as Monica started to whisper something in my ear too. That wasn’t the worst of it either; oh no, the darling flirt had finally let my hands push up under her sweatshirt! So my hands were sliding over the taught, feathery soft skin of Monica’s belly; when, timing her tease to perfection, Carla had pulled her off my lap.

Yeah, and I could have done without Carla’s mocking snicker, or her “Come on; lets just leave him to his boring old report!” And I suppose the whoop of delight, and her enthusiastic “Yippee, we’re going shopping,” were inevitable.

What I wasn’t expecting though, was for Carla to slide on to my lap, wrap her arms around my neck, and tantalize my ear with something even hotter then her swirling tongue. “Guess what stud,” her sultry purr asked? Her throaty growl betraying her own excitement, she told me “Good news, Monica wants to spend the night…awesome huh…finally!”

Figuring it would be a real lousy time to do something as gauche as shouting “No shit,” I whispered it instead! Welcoming the news of that much anticipated soiré, the cock threatening to explode right through my jeans made its presence known. And not that I doubted her, but the promise sizzling in Carla’s lingering, lip blistering kiss certainly convinced whatever rational bits and pieces were left of my blown mind. Unfortunately, while my mind sputtered and smoked, she hopped up and headed for the door.

Utterly ignoring my glower, she called back over her shoulder “Don’t worry honey; we’ll pick out a real cute costume for you…won’t we Monica?”

“Well cute, sure,” Monica snickered! Taking me by surprise, she planted a wet, lip smacking kiss on my cheek, before adding a teasing “Definitely cute, but maybe something a little studly too!” And of course, one good smack deserves another! So, when she turned away, I smacked a cracking swat off her saucily wagging jean clad ass. Encouraged by her mischievous grin, and a suggestively cooed “yummy,” I watched as they headed for the door, arm in arm and giggling like a couple of school girls. And suddenly, my office felt like a very lonely place!

With Halloween only a week away, I figured the ladies would be positively frantic in their hunt, joyfully egging one another on in their search for the year’s most spectacularly risqué costume. Grinning, I turned back to my computer; thinking, yup, that works for me! Carla loves Halloween, and not just because it gives her an excuse to strut her stuff in the bawdiest and most revealing costume possible! Seriously, it wouldn’t surprise me to discover her out trick or treating with the neighborhood kids. And not that there’s any chance of it happening, but if she owned a costume that was street legal, I probably would! Instead, one of the couples in our circle of hedonistic, fun loving friends inevitably throws a Halloween debauch. And voilà, my incorrigible spouse has the perfect stage for acting out her own brand of shamelessly sexual trick and treating! But, if I wanted to play and I most definitely did; well then, I had a bit of work to do first. So, with a shrug, and a wistful sigh I slammed the door on the delightful possibilities promising such an abundance of erotic distraction.

Sure it was going to burn up a lot of willpower, but I knew I needed to rap up that report, and before the ladies made it back! But at least, I had a project I actually enjoyed; so, the report I was working on easily kept me pleasantly distracted. And sure enough, there was Carla, cheerily calling “Hey there darling, we’re home!” And just what was I supposed to think about her “And if you’re up for it…well, Monica has a surprise for you!” Having hooked me with that bit of intriguing double entendre , what else, Carla slipped away, vanishing in a receding swirl of half smothered tittering!

Concentration totally shot, with a sighed “Promises, promises,” I spun back to my computer. And of course, it was all I could do not to drive myself totally nuts with pointless speculation. But what I was dieing to know was, if Monica knows that I know she’s spending the night, then what the fuck is the fucking surprise? But then, it sure wasn’t the first time Monica had ignited my imagination, unleashing an irresistible firestorm of erotic fantasies. Nope, they were roommates in college. And Carla had taken great delight in treating me to tales of that red haired vixen, their wild partying, and feats of sexual daring do. Being married to Carla, it was easy to believe that uninhibited duo of coeds had been utterly incapable of turning down a dare. One thing I knew for sure; yeah, I’d definitely attended the wrong college!

Shortly after graduation Monica had married and moved out of state. But a few years later, following her divorce Monica had move back to town. So, for the past couple of weeks that flirtatious tease had been adding her own brand of outrageous color commentary to Carla’s ribald stories. Monica and I hit it off right from the beginning. And our flirtatious teasing quickly escalated, frequently feeling a whole lot more like foreplay. I figured the only reason the three of us hadn’t already jumped naked in to a frenzied threesome, was that, uncharacteristically, Carla had put the brakes on, wanting to make sure Monica and I became friends first. Patience can only take a man so far; so yeah, figuring the time had come at last, I was practically giddy with anticipation!

While I waited, and when I wasn’t fantasizing about getting them naked, I was imagining them in a panoply of revealing costumes. And maybe it shouldn’t have surprised me that Monica kept popping in to my mind wearing a leash, and not much else! And it sure didn’t take much imagination to picture Carla looking haughty and dangerous in black leather. Sure, strutting in thigh high boots, and wearing nothing but a studded black leather bustier, luscious 36-C tits on proud display, Carla could lead her pretty red haired slave around on a leash. Only, with Carla wearing leather, she’d probably be carrying a whip. And Carla with a whip makes me nervous, so I thought, more red, less black! And seeing as how Carla’s middle name should be imp, it was easy to put her in to horns and a tail, red stilettos, fishnets, and a flowing red cape. That worked, and with Monica naked, except for her leash and the collar it was attached to, the image was near perfection. And with her hands tied behind her back, perky tits thrust out,, voila, perfection! Of course I’m there too, sporting horns, tail, tight red leather pants, and a flowing cape. Only, I added a wicked looking twelve inches of jutting red phallus that even Beelzebub would be proud to claim! And, I liked that image a whole lot better! So, I started to picture it with Carla wearing a matching strap-on, but quickly thought better of it. With Carla, there’s just no telling who she might decide to bend over. Nope, and I remembered last years party, where we’d gone as pirates. It wasn’t me who wore the Captains hat; nope, but it was me who ended up bent over, and getting his bare ass paddled by a plastic cutlass.

Like with any good Halloween story, there came a tap, tap, tapping at the door! Well yeah, it was my office door; and no, there wasn’t any silly raven! Instead, when I spun around, I discovered it was my raven haired wife, with a redheaded mattress thrasher in tow. And there, framed in my doorway, stood a pair of stunningly erotic visions. Red hair flowing wild around a pretty face, Monica stood there, her smirk betraying innocently downcast eyes. Releasing her grip on Monica’s upper arm, Carla propelled her in to my office with a swat to her fanny, and a snickered “Go on!” Monica stood there, coy smile playing across vividly outlined lips painted a shimmering crimson, long lashes fluttering above eyes shadowed in glittering green. But even as over the top as Monica’s gaudy makeup was, it couldn’t hold my attention, not with what she was wearing it sure couldn’t! And it sure wasn’t the traditional school girl’s uniform; close, but no cigar! Her blouse was white, long sleeved, and buttoned to her throat. But, it was so sheer that it was practically transparent. And the only thing lurking under that blouse’s clingy fabric, were the softly rounded swells of a pair of perkily upturned breasts, their hard pointy nipples jutting from darkly crinkled areola. Of course she wore one of those cute little plaid skirts! But, I didn’t suppose any Nun, or head mistress either, would ever have tolerated one that short and clingy. Her legs were long and bare; well bare, if you don’t count the cute little white socks or her six inch black pumps. No way around it; Monica was every man’s naughty school girl fantasy come to life!

Carla, on the other hand, was an unbelievable mix of the conservative, and the utterly erotic! Her black curls were pulled back in to a conservative bun, and she wore her glasses instead of her usual contact lenses. Add in her minimal makeup, and maybe someone who didn’t know her, might think prim school teacher. Well they might, if they didn’t notice the thigh high slit running up her long skirt, or the sleekly muscled fishnet clad leg it revealed. But I did; and my eyes took their time sliding down to her flame red six inch stiletto heeled pumps. And like her young charge, she wore a white long sleeved blouse. Only, Carla’s wasn’t sheer, but then it wasn’t buttoned to the throat either! In fact it was unbuttoned from throat to navel, barely restraining the smooth tan skin of her full ripe breasts. And what guy hasn’t fantasized about a teacher who looked that hot and utterly sexy? Still, I was betting that it wasn’t Carla’s actual Halloween costume, but probably just something intended for a little role playing, or so I hoped anyway!

“Good morning Mr. Biggestone,” giggled a grinning Carla! “I’m so sorry to interrupt, but I have a disciplinary problem with this young lady. Well, if you can call this trollop a lady,” she added with a humph, and a wink. I didn’t know where their little game would end up, but I sure intended to play it for all it was worth.

“Good morning Ms Busty,” I replied! And then playing along, I asked “Just what seems to be the problem? Maybe you should explain yourself!”

Her defiant young pupil couldn’t stifle her soft snicker as Carla propelled her toward my desk. I stood up, working hard to hide the grin threatening to sneak on to my face. “And, what’s your name young lady,” I asked?

Coy showing through her shy demeanor she answered “I’m Monica Naughty, and I just don’t understand why Ms Busty has to always be picking on me!”

Plunking the bag she’d been carrying down on my desk, Ms Busty smacked Miss Naughty’s cute little butt, ordering “Stand up straight, and keep that nasty tongue in your mouth!”

Playing dumb, I said “Well, it’s apparent your young ladies inappropriately dressed; but, why don’t you go ahead and explain yourself Ms Busty!”

“Well first off,” started Ms Busty, “there’s all that makeup. She looks like a cheap prostitute who’d be lucky to get $20 for a blow-job!”

Under her breath a snickering Miss Naughty muttered “right, what would you know about blow-jobs anyway?”

Monica’s smart mouth earned her a solid swat to the ass, before Ms Busty went on to add “Well, and I don’t believe she’s wearing a bra either!”

Her grin saucy and full of defiance, Miss Naughty answered “OK, if you’re so smart, then why don’t you just check it out and make sure?”

“Oh you little tramp,” squealed a grinning Ms Busty! “And maybe, I’ll just do that!” And then pointing out the delightfully obvious, she exclaimed “Look Mr. Biggestone the girl’s nipples are even; ah well, just poking right out for anyone to see!”

Still in character Carla tittered, while I sternly proclaimed “Yes Ms busty, I do believe we should get to the bottom of this!”

And while Monica coyly protested “Oh no, oh please don’t,” Carla reached around Miss Naughty and began unbuttoning her blouse. Nimble fingers teased open one button; and then, sensuous fingers trailed languidly down the exposed V of ivory skin to the next one. Carla looked like she wanted to tear that blouse open with one button ripping tug. But she got it unbuttoned to the waist band of Miss Naughty’s plaid skirt; and then, she almost yanked it right off her shoulders.

Carla whooped “I knew it; just look at those tits, umm, I mean breasts! You just take that horrid blouse off this instant, and show Mr. Biggestone!” She got the tone of voice right, but that whoop, and her lip licking grin sort of gave her away. But then I couldn’t blame her; Monica has a gorgeous pair of jauntily jutting breasts!

Naked to the waist, Monica stood with one hand over her mouth, perky breasts jiggling as she tried to smother her chuckles. She already was, but then so was I, but that didn’t stop Ms Busty from suggesting “Well…would you look at that!” And making sure I got the point, she reached out and pinched a pair of pointedly protruding nipples, insisting “It’s just disgusting I say…oh she’s such a slutty little show-off!”

“Hey, what’s the big deal,” complained a very naughty sounding Miss Naughty? Snickering she insisted “Yeah, well the boys sure don’t complain!”

“Oh, you’re simply horrid,” Ms Busty squeaked! And then obviously relishing her role as Ms Busty, Carla administered three forcefully delivered swats, each punctuated with a gleefully delivered “Bad!” Her final walloping swat spilled Miss Naughty across my desk. And what could a Principal do; except of course, help the young lady up! And if my fingers just happened to accidentally roam over her so provocatively bared tits; well, it just couldn’t be helped!

Having helped Miss Naughty back to her feet; reluctantly, and after Ms Busty’s a shocked “Mr. Biggestone, you can let go now,” I let go of that delightful double handful of her anatomy. Leaning back against my desk, I listened to a flushed and obviously excited Ms Busty ask “Right, and what do you want to bet the little whores not wearing panties either?”

And with a clap of her hands she ordered a glowering Miss Naughty “Turn around,” insisting “You should be ashamed to be caught wearing a skirt so whorishly short!” And to my delight, she told her wayward pupil “Go on now; bend over, and let Mr. Biggestone see if you’re wearing anything under there!” And remembering that Monica’s blouse was a gossamer wisp of a thing, I wasn’t expecting to discover anything except bare ass under her tiny plaid skirt.

Not needing to be told twice, Miss Naughty turned around alright! Only she didn’t have to bend over very far, before practically, her entire ass was in full view! And to my surprise, she was wearing panties! A pair of lacey hot pink boy shorts did an absolutely outstanding job of highlighting a pair of firm, delectably rounded ass cheeks. With Monica bent double, elbows resting on my desk, I noticed the crotch of those tight panties was damp, and clinging provocatively to the erotic contours of her pussy. Ms Busty reached over, flipped that skirt up, and stood there admiring an ass almost as hot and sexy as her own! “Well,” her humph asked? “Just what are you going to do with that?”

Several definitely delightful ideas flashed through my brain! But, being the Principal after all, my options were limited! “OK young lady, I can’t believe what I’m seeing! But, I’m quite sure you’ve earned a spanking! And after that; well, we’ll just see what else Ms Busty needs to get off her chest!”

Her enthusiasm obvious, Ms Busty excitedly announced “That’s a very good idea!” And she was positively jubilant as she explained “And, I have just the thing for the job too!” Rummaging around in the bag she’d dropped on my desk earlier, she added “The evil child’s locker was full of all sorts of wonderful…oops, I mean perverted stuff!” And holding up a bright red leather slapper she positively beamed her approval, saying “Just look; its got all those stars cut out of it! Really Mr.! Biggestone, do you suppose it’s going to leave stars printed on her ass?” Sure I did! In fact I was quite sure that slapper would leave a trail of pale stars standing out on a flaming red ass, and long before Ms Busty and I were through too!

Looking seriously disappointed Ms Busty asked “Oh well, you’re the Principle; so I suppose you’ll want to handle the paddling?”

Enjoying her look of dismay, I teased “Well yes, it is one of my duties!” But I relented, explaining “But then, the misbehaving child’s one of your students; so, how about we divide the wonderful little, ah that’s horrid, job up between us?”

Smile back in place, Carla didn’t waste any time in issuing curt instructions. “OK then, now Miss Naughty put your hands flat on Mr. Biggestone’s desk, ” she ordered, grinning impishly as she added “Step back…more, that’s it! Hey, and spread your legs…right…that’s it…real wide apart!” Satisfied, she almost purred “Oh, that’s real hot, oops, well I mean fine, just fine!”

I stepped forward, intending to grab the slapper. But Ms Busty held it behind her back, her half smile daring me to reach around her and take it! And proving she was every bit as incorrigible as Miss Naughty, when I reached around her, she pushed my head down, burying my face in her delightfully abundant cleavage., So with Miss Naughty watching over her shoulder, I gently flicked my tongue over one of Ms Busty’s swelling nipples, while I mercilessly twisted the other one between a thumb and forefinger. And while Ms Busty cooed her approval, she watched me reach back and tickle the hot wet crotch of Miss Naughty’s pretty pink panties. That tickle became a caress, and that caress turned in to a grope, and that’s when a throat clearing Ms Busty tactfully suggested “Oh no Mr. Biggestone, stop that, before you spoil the little tart!” Only it was the slapper she waved menacingly that stopped my wandering fingers.

Catching my nod in the direction of Miss Naughty’s nicely exposed ass, Ms Busty’s smile turned in to a truly lecherous grin. “Well, I guess I just better slip those panties down,” she said! She added “It’s just not proper to paddle a student through her panties,” and almost without letting her giggle sneak out!

There isn’t much more erotic then the sight of a girl’s panties being pulled down! And watching Carla slowly tease Monica’s panties down turned my lingering erection in to an unbendable rod of red hot iron. That throbbing beast roared for release, when Ms Busty sensuously ran her fiery red finger nails over the silky smooth, ivory hued skin of Monica’s bare ass cheeks. Heat beginning to smolder in her eye’s, Carla traced a pair of white X’s, turning the sweet cheek’s of Monica’s ass in to just about the prettiest targets I’d ever seen! Ms Busty stepped back, and I cracked a hard slap across one of those X’s. And before poor Miss Naughty could suck in a gasp, I cracked an even harder one across the other targeted cheek. But that breath whooshed right back out, after I added a third, and then a forth set of pale stars to her flaming ass cheeks.

I paused to admire my handiwork, and maybe to wish upon a star! Ms Busty helpfully held her troublesome student’s skirt up out of my way. But that still left her with one free hand! So I watched her use one shiny red finger nail to explore the velvety pink folds of pussy peeking from between Miss Naughty’s thighs. But as that fingernail disappeared, only to reappear every time Carla pistoned another swirling thrust in and out of her wayward student’s vagina, I asked “Ms Busty are you sure that you should be fingering the girl like that?”

Carla’s soft and saucy purr answered my silly question. What’s wrong with the way I’m fingering her,” she wanted to know? “And besides, the perverted little tart likes it!” But when Carla added “Oh she so deserves a good tongue lashing, “I got distracted. And I’m sure that’s what she intended; because she was sure quick to grab that slapper out of my hand!

“Oh you; that’s just not fair,” complained a pouty lipped Ms Busty! And it wasn’t true, but she had the effrontery to claim “There’s hardly any place left for me to leave my mark!” Miss Naughty was too busy snickering and wagging her ass defiantly to bother disagreeing. Ignoring her misbehaving pupil, Ms Busty got busy, and put that slapper to good use. And by the time Carla stopped, poor Monica’s ass glowed red, bright with more stars then the Milky Way.

Holding her slapper poised threateningly, and sounding genuinely miffed, Ms Busty asked “Now you wicked girl, just what was it you meant earlier, with that nasty blow job comment? Do you really suppose you know more about how to please a man then I do?” The paddle clattered on to my desk as she yanked her insubordinate pupil upright by the hair, demanding “Go on now, answer me!”

Wide eyed, but grinning, Miss Naughty fired back “Right, as if I even believe you’ve ever had a man’s cock in your mouth!” And turning it in to a teasing challenge, she told her scowling teacher “Yeah, and believe me, I’ve studied hard! And, I’ve practiced lots…and I mean with lots of big hard cocks too!”

“I’ll teach you not to boast”, shot back a grinning Ms Busty! Face flushed with the effort of holding back the laughter threatening to explode out of her , she accepted Miss Naughty’s challenge, telling her “Well OK then; So, let’s just see if your smart ass mouth can keep up with your obnoxious bragging!”

Miss Naughty stared straight in to her teacher’s eyes, chuckled softly, and started to pull up her panties. Demanding “Stop that,” a scowling Ms Busty told Miss Naughty “You just take those trashy things off. Mr. Biggestone and I would rather have you bare under that obscenely short skirt then let you wear those disgustingly provocative panties!”

Miss Naughty was laughing hard as she hopped her ass up on to my desk. Keeping her legs straight, and discreetly together, she lifted them up and back above her head. Her star spangled ass glowed bright below the hot pink panties still draped around her knees. And, of course the little tease made a show out of working them teasingly up her long legs, before she kicked them free. Legs high and spread wide she sensuously trailed her fingers across the taught skin of her inner thighs. Using both hands, she spread open the wet pink folds of her very pretty, and very, very wet looking pussy! Ms Busty growled like a panther on the prowl, when Miss naughty dipped a pair of fingers in to that glistening wetness. And when she swirled them, and then popped them in to her mouth, a low whistle escaped past my lips. Still holding Ms Busty’s eyes, Miss Naughty took seconds! And that’s when I decided that there was danger lurking behind the fire blazing in her teacher’s eyes! And of course that incorrigible imp saw it too, and was snickering as she slid off my desk.

Down on her knees, Monica laughed as she reached for my belt. Practiced fingers quickly had my belt unbuckled, and my pants unzipped and unbuttoned. She yanked down her Principle’s pants and underwear, and up sprang his iron hard rod of authority. Still playing teacher’s pet, Monica purred a delighted “Oh my, look at that! Oh Mr. Biggestone, that’s the biggest, fattest, and most absolutely yummy looking cock I’ve ever seen!”

Picking up on her cue, Ms Busty said “Well smarty pants; what’s the problem? Get on with it; or don’t you think you can handle a real man’s cock?” Well after the stories I’d heard, I was quite sure that she could!

After giving her teacher a withering glare, miss Naughty bent her head, and tenderly kissed my balls. Cupping them in one warm palm, she used a lightning fast tongue to flick torturously up and down the throbbing length of my cock. And having turned her prize in to a rigidly gleaming shaft of slippery rock hard cock, she wrapped a fist around it. Growling from deep in her throat, she lowered her head, and sucked the swollen head of her captured treat in to her mouth. She held it there, sucking softly, while her fist pumped slowly up and down its slippery shaft.

Carla was staring, but then that made two of us. And when Miss Naughty began popping the glistening head of my cock in and out past pursed lips, we both groaned while we stared. I was ready to beg for mercy, and that’s even before her lips replaced her slowly pistoning fist. Her lips and tongue worked magic alright, but those pouty lips never swallowed more then five or six inches of cock. And as badly as I wanted to introduce my full eight inches to her throat, I figured I could play my part, and hold out just a little bit longer!

“What’s the matter little girl,” teased a very sarcastic sounding Ms Busty! “What, can’t you handle it,” she asked? “If you can’t take a whole cock; well, at least you could try getting both the poor man’s balls in to your nasty mouth!” I figured she could! And she did, and did it while glaring up at her snickering teacher. Miss Naughty’s dangerous glare tracked Ms Busty, as her tongue swirled its sensuous way up from my balls to the jumping and jerking head of my cock. Her lips closed around it, leaving me holding my breath in anticipation. Only before Monica could fill her throat with flaming hard cock, a nastily chuckling Ms Busty moved in to offer, what I figured was some absolutely unnecessary assistance. Calmly reaching out, she placed a hand on her playful young pupils head, and drove it down with one hard shove. And then with the fat head of my cock buried deep in Miss Naughty’s tender young throat, Ms Busty teased “There now, I knew you could do it!”

And while Carla used one hand to continue propelling Monica’s head up and down, she unbuttoned her skirt and let it slide down her fishnet clad legs. Ordering “Now don’t move,” she released her hold on Monica’s head, leaving her star spangled pupil holding an awful lot of hard cock deep throated. Slipping out of her blouse, Carla tossed it and her skirt aside. And somehow, even wearing glasses, and with her hair up in a bun, Carla was a stunningly erotic sight. There’s just something special about a woman wearing a garter belt, stockings, a pair of stiletto pumps, and nothing else but acres of bare skin! Coming up for air, Monica saved herself from a stern reprimand with an appreciative wolf whistle, and “Woo woo, teacher’s a hottie!” And then after a giggled “Oops,” and without an assist from her teacher, her lips settled around the base of my cock.

Settling gracefully to her knees, Ms Busty cooed “That’s lovely darling!” Then ruffling Monica’s red hair, she sternly ordered “Now move over, and let me show you just what a real woman can do with a lovely big cock like Mr. Biggestone’s!” Looking pouty, Miss Naughty released her lip lock on my cock, and scooted sideways. But, I wasn’t the only one who caught her sticking her tongue out in a show of indignant disapproval. Eyes fixed on wetly glistening cock, Ms Busty purred a warning “Later darling, now behave yourself!” Reaching out, she tickled my balls, and caught my cock’s jerking head in her mouth. And then, with her hands behind her back, she swallowed eight thick inches with one fast downward swoop. Head bobbing, she rocketed her lips up and down, repeatedly driving the head of my cock through her lips and deep in to her throat. And for several delicious minutes Mr. Biggestone’s favorite teacher worked her own style of magic, showing her rebellious young student just what she could do with a man’s hard cock!

“Oh sure, big deal,” bitched Miss Naughty! “So what if you can suck cock like some porn star or something,”, she asked? But somehow, I didn’t think she expected an answer! Straightening up, Carla let the balls she’d been so sweetly sucking on slip out of her mouth. And glad it hadn’t been aimed at me, I felt the chill from the frosty glare she leveled at poor Miss Naughty.

Voice honeyed, but carrying an acid bite, Ms Busty told a chuckling Miss Naughty “OK smarty, if you think you’re such an expert on what those wicked porn girl’s do; well then, I have something in mind you’ll just love!”

Miss Naughty muttered a dismissive “Whatever!” And what I knew was; unfortunately, I’d be waiting a while longer, before getting to unload my monstrously pent-up load of cum!

Carla got to her feet, walked around behind me, and circled her arms around my waist. She snuggled against my back, crushing softly yielding breasts , while the fiery heat radiating from between her thighs threatened to blister my ass. Hot tongue sensuously dancing around my ear, her husky purr teased “Poor Bob, I just bet you can’t wait to fill my little pet’s mouth with a big old load of hot cum!” And maybe Monica heard, or maybe she just needed to breathe; whatever, her head popped up. But wisely, lips snug around my cock’s shaft; she quickly had its throbbing head back in her throat.

Reaching out Ms Busty patted her cheek, sweetly admonishing “Careful darling…yes, that’s a good girl!” And then leaving my back a cold and lonely place, she swung around and knelt beside me. So I looked down, watching as she wove the fingers of one hand in to Monica’s red hair. Chuckling as she tugged, she gently pulled Miss Naughty’s head back. And with an audible pop, the darkly engorged head of my cock popped free. And then, still holding a fistful of her naughty pupil’s hair, she slapped a fist around my rigidly jutting cock’s wet and slippery shaft.

Fist slowly pumping, Ms Busty told a smirking Miss Naughty “Poor Mr. Biggestone was looking forward to filling that insolent mouth of yours with gobs and gobs of hot cum! Too bad; because, I have a better idea! And its one a porn loving little slut like you should just love!” And then with her fist pistoning furiously, and my back already arching in delicious anticipation, she told a lip licking Monica “I’m not an expert like you little girl…but gosh, don’t those porn girls always end up getting some man’s cum splashed all over there faces?” That said, she leaned in and lapped up the driblets of cum decorating the head of my cock. Holding Miss Naughty’s face in place, she gleefully warned “Ready darlings? I hope so, because, I’m pretty sure Mr. Biggestone’s about to cover a slutty little teachers pet’s face with cum!”

Well, Ms Busty was right! And I felt that sweet surge, yelling “Now, oh fuck yes…now!” Carla held Monica’s face so close that I actually heard my first fountaining eruption splat as it landed on her cheek! And with Ms Busty’s fist a pistoning blur, I sent a second thick white stream of cum splashing over Monica’s nose and cheek, somehow managing to miss her wide open mouth. Laughing nastily Ms Busty adjusted her aim, and managed to send my final showering spurts in to Miss Naughty’s waiting mouth. With Monica’s face streaked and dripping cum, I was about to tell her I liked the way it worked with her garish glittering green eye shadow and crimson lipstick, but I got distracted! Sure, because the hand Ms Busty still had tangled in Miss Naughty’s hair, held her head pulled back. And she was cackling, as she swiped up finger loads of cum and popped them in to her trash talking pupil’s mouth.

I was still breathing hard, and trying to crammed my fast shrinking cock back in to my pants; and, all while trying to stay in character too. “Well now Ms Busty,” I said! “I believe we’ve punished the young lady properly…well, at least for the outlandish makeup, and that totally inappropriate attire!” And they were both looking up at me expectantly, when I asked “Fine, so Ms Busty Were their any other disciplinary problems requiring our immediate attention?”

“There sure are,” Ms Busty insisted! “Really Mr. Biggestone, we’ve yet to deal with the things I confiscated from her locker! Just you look at what else I took out of there!” Then grabbing the bag off my desk, she pulled out a bottle of lube with a satisfied sounding humph. Next, tsk-tsking, she dangled a gleaming pair of handcuffs before letting them drop. I watched her rummage around in the bag again, chuckling at her raised eyebrow and the accompanying startled gasp. And not that I bought it, but I got a kick out of the conspiratorial winks Carla swapped with Monica, before she explained “Oh my, and I’m sure there was a huge blue double headed rubber thingy in here too! But gosh, I seem to have misplaced it, oh well!” I might have had something to say about that; but, next out was an eye catching and very interesting looking bright red vibrator. And that’s when Ms Busty asked “And just what on earth would you do with this disgusting looking thing?”

Miss Naughty popped right up, offering “Well gosh, I could show you…I guess!” But before she could answer, I snatched it out of Carla’s hand, and gave it the once over.

It didn’t quite measure up to that Devil’s dick I’d pictured earlier! Nope, it couldn’t have been more then ten inches long; but, it was thick, monstrously thick in fact! But it was ugly, lumpy, bumpy, and a glossy candy apple red color. And when I flipped its switch, it started to rotate, buzzing with a surprisingly strong vibration. And not only did the vibrations throb up and down that rotating shaft’s length, but in a bump strategically placed for clitoral stimulation they got seriously intense.

Playing dumb, I held it out to Miss Naughty, asking “OK young lady, maybe you’d like to show Ms Busty exactly what you’re expected to do with this monstrous thing!”

“Oh Mr. Biggestone sir, I’d love to show her! But first, Ms Busty’s going to need to get her hand out from under my skirt! Yum, but she sure knows just how to get a poor little girl’s clit all tingly!” Ms Busty didn’t need to be told; she spun around, and hopped up on to my desk. And lying back, elbows braced on my desk, legs bent and splayed wide apart, she sure didn’t look like any teacher I’d ever had!

Miss Naughty snatched her shiny toy out of my hand, scampering around to stand before her so provocatively posed teacher. And somehow, between the ravenous way she eyed Ms Busty’s fully exposed pussy, and the way she stood there treating the fat head of that vibrater like it was an ice cream cone, Miss Naughty didn’t look much like an innocent schoolgirl!! She flashed me a wink, and then waving her glistening toy like it was a pointer, she said “Now pay attention Ms Busty! This is probably a bit complicated for an old bitch…oops, I mean teacher, like you to follow!”

With Ms Busty in mid “Tsk-tsk,” Miss Naughty leaned in, and buried about half that wickedly thick vibrator in her suddenly wide eyed teacher.

“Umm…yes, that’s right,” cooed Miss Naughty sweetly! And then along with some impish giggling she added “First you want to get it all nice and slippery!” And she did that while powering her toy in and out of Carla’s vagina! And then, she started to explain “Lets see, and you could…”

But, Ms Busty put an end to her pupil’s foolishness, with a caustic “Fuck you…if you know what’s good for you, you’ll shut-up…and fuck me!” And with that vibrater rocking and rolling, that’s just what Miss Naughty did! And when her teacher started bucking up to meet her fully penetrating thrusts, she flipped the switch again. And even from my position behind Miss Naughty, I could hear the thrum coming from that vibrater’s bump. And she had that squirming bump pushed right up against a panting Ms Busty’s clit.

With Miss Naughty bent over my desk, I watched over her shoulder, the cock swelling in my pants pushing against her bare backside. Rhythmically, she pumped the gyrating shaft of her wetly glistening toy in and out of Carla’s vagina, always making sure its buzzing bump twisted over her clit. And with that powerful vibrater rotating away deep in her vagina, Carla’s back arched, as she thrust up, trying to push up against its thrumming clitoral bump. And that’s when Miss Naughty said “See Mr. Biggestone, pretty neat huh? Gee, and I think Miss Busty’s about ready to cum, and all over my pretty little toy too! Lets just see, OK?” Then holding Carla pinned down with one hand, she stopped thrusting ten inches of fat rubber cock in and out of her teacher, and let that vibrating bump do its work! One look at Carla’s face, and I knew she was right!

Eyes scrunched tightly shut, breath coming in ragged gasps, Carla came, resolutely insisting “Yes, yes…that’s it…oh dear god, don’t stop!” Monica didn’t look like she was about to do anything that stupid! By then, I was grinding hard against her ass, and so turned-on that she was lucky I didn’t end up twisting the nipples right off her tits! And when I saw her pop ten, drenched and dripping inches of red rubber cock in and out a couple of times, I reached for my zipper. But then Carla was screaming “Again…yes, more!” So, even though my cock was out and looking for action, I held back! And while my voluble wife screamed her way through another orgasm, I settled for slowly sliding my cock over the hot slippery wetness between Monica’s thighs…and waited!

I had a firm hold on Miss Naughty’s hips, when Ms Busty braced back up on her elbows. Flushed with excitement, her grin full of mischief she said “well then…wow…thanks for the demonstration! Darling, you’ve definitely earned an A+!” And really, I hated to interrupt, so I made a show out of unzipping Miss Naughty’s tiny skirt and leaving it to slide down her legs. When I latched on to Miss Naughty’s hips, she stepped out of her puddled skirt, and Carla got the message.

Eyes sparkling with mirth, she reached down, brushing her tittering pupil’s hands away, and slowly eased ten very wet looking inches of rubber cock out of her very well fucked looking pussy. Laying it aside, she reached for a double handful of Monica’s red hair, teasing “Well there Miss Naughty, it appears that Mr. Biggestone is about to give you a little demonstration of his own!” And then tugging her unresisting pupils head down, she purred a questioning “So what do you say Miss Naughty, want to try for some extra credit?”

Too bad, but before she could respond, poor Miss Naughty found herself face deep in her chuckling teacher’s pussy. Not that I much cared; because, by then I was buried eight inches deep in the molten slippery wetness of her exquisitely tight vagina! But judging from the impassioned screams coming from a thrashing Ms Busty, I figured Miss Naughty was well on her way to earning that extra credit. So while I pounded fully penetrating thrusts in to Miss Naughty, she held tight to Ms Busty’s thighs, her tongue finally winning her enthusiastic accolades, instead of Ms Busty’s usual teasing reprimand! Never letting go of Monica’s hair, Carla’s impassioned pleas for more alternated with her screams of orgasmic pleasure.

It was worth the wait, and all the flirtatious teasing too! And not that it was exactly a surprise, but I absolutely loved fucking Monica, holding her, and being inside her sensational body while she ripped orgasm after orgasm out of Carla. But even though I was busy, lustily spewing a gushing torrent of thick hot cum in to our role playing playmate, I almost laughed when Carla yelled “Go Bob…oops…yeah, fuck her Mr. Biggestone!” And it was a good thing I was done; because, totally ignoring me, Ms Busty and Miss Naughty convulsed in a giggling fit!

Shaking my head in bewildered amusement, I slipped out of Miss Naughty’s sweetly convulsing vagina. I was a well satisfied Principle, happy to have enjoyed the favors of his favorite teacher, and her very naughty student! So I stumbled back, leaned against the wall, and fought to catch my breath. And then, and feeling just a teensy-weensy bit guilty about it, I realized poor Miss Naughty had been short changed in the orgasm department. But then I remembered, not only was she going to be held back after school, but she’d be spending the night! So what could I do but announce “Hey, class dismissed!”

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