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Desires Unexpectedly Learned

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I sat at the hotel’s bar by myself. I held my glass of Chardonnay to my lips, sort of rolling the large bulbous glass from side to side. I was deep in thought, in sort of a trance really. I was thinking about all of the deadlines I had at work and realized that I had been sitting there not long.

I looked up to the right of me to meet the gaze of a man. He smiled. I resumed drinking my drink. I crossed one leg over another exposing just enough of my thigh through the slit of my skirt to make apparent that I wore thigh highs and apparently he noticed. He made his way over to me.

He waved to the bartender.

“I’ll have another scotch, and…” he turned his head, his eyes meeting mine.

“Amaretto on the rocks.”

“What brings you to this part of town?” he asked.

“And how would you know this is not my hometown, born and raised?” I asked.

“Well…It’s your body language. You have an air of uncertainty. You’re not entirely sure of what you are doing here with these men watching you like hawks, most of them hesitant to approach you.” He scanned the room. “So, what brings you here if I may ask for the second time?”

“I am doing an investigation for an article I am writing.” I told him.

“And what may be the topic?”

“It’s an instructional piece, really. I’m trying to help men realize what to and not to do when tying to pick up women, you know teaching them about ways of captivating a woman at the first meeting and how to interest women into remaining in their presence after the first drink, then possibly until long after.”

“Really…and how did I do?”


“I don’t know…the night has just begun. You are doing alright so far with the drink offer.” I said with a laugh.

He looked across the bar and pointed out a woman with a nod of his head.

“So, how might I get the attention of her sitting over there.”

“Well for starters, you would probably not be too successful after approaching me first. She’d probably feel like second best.”

“Fair enough. What about if we were to leave this place and start over at the place down the street. Stay on opposite ends of the bar. I can show you how I approach women, the outcome of it, and you can include me in your article as a man who knows what he is doing.” He gave a slight chuckle.

“Really,” I said facetiously.

“So in the process of teaching men you are in a sense discovering things for yourself. Discovering what you crave. Hoping to get what you want from men without having to ask for it explicitly.”

With an air of certainty I turned around and said, “Oh I know what I want. Know what I need.” And I gave him a wink.

“No. I don’t think you are entirely sure of what you want, or what you need for that matter.”

“Really….and what makes you so sure…..”

“The lump in your throat before you tried to tell me you know what you want. The way you are biting your lower lip as I continue to talk.” He followed my movements. “The way you fidget in your seat, pretending to get more comfortable by switching legs in your cross-legged position.” He continued to analyze me. “Fumbling through your purse in search for lip gloss when your lips are already moistened enough to save them from being chapped for the rest of the winter. Surely you are curious. Think about the article you are writing. You are interested in discovering yourself how to be wooed, to be won over. To be wanted. He said this slowly, seductively. “Wanted” rolling off his tongue, followed by a half smile formed at the corner of his mouth.

I could feel my face burn and knew it was turning a brilliant red color. This was confirmed by the wink of his eye.

In defense I said, “Are we going to the bar down the street or what?”

We entered the bar. It was a little livelier than the last. He entered first and I followed behind with enough time in between for it to not be apparent we were together. I walked over to the bar and sat beside a woman who I noticed later after placing my purse by my feet.

He made his way from the bathroom and came between us. He went through the script of ordering his drink and asking what the lady wanted as he had done with me back at the hotel. I guessed her receptivity of his offer to buy her a drink resulted from the delight she felt of being the woman Tom chose to speak to.

Small chit chat started between the two of them. The mentioning of staying at the hotel. I assumed there were sparks of some sort as I heard giggles coming from her.

And then the ever famous, “What brings you here?” resounded only it came from her.

“I am on business. I’m doing investigation for an article.” he told her.

She asked what the article was about and he said, “On learning what women crave.”

I was caught off guard and choked on my drink.

He brushed slightly against me. I started smiling and wanted to begin laughing.

There was a moment of silence. I guessed his remark had made her second guess if she wanted to be talking to him. But her words came out, almost intentionally loud enough for me to hear.

“Really…” I heard her say.

“Well, Darling, in that case when you invite me back to your hotel room, be sure to invite her as well.”

The glass that was almost to my lips stopped halfway. I was sure I heard what I did but was not entirely sure if she was serious. Or that she was speaking of me even.

Tom turned to me and said, “I assume you caught the room number?” And he winked.

I sat in the bar alone. I stared into nothing for several moments, as I had been doing back at the hotel bar before meeting Tom’s gaze. I bit my lower lip and twirled my straw in my drink.

I began imagining the scene of the bedroom I would soon enter. Or would I? The woman’s nude colored stockings strewn across the bedpost, her red lace bra fully exposed through her opened suit jacket. Candles were burning in the room. The smell of a freshly opened bottle of red wine was in the air. The straw from my drink loosely dangled in my fingers as I continued to stare forward.

I nodded to the bartender and gathered my purse.

In the elevator I thought of the way he looked at me. Almost saw through me. Could he feel the heat resonating from my cheeks as I blushed? I had an image of the way he winked at me. I should have been angry at him for making me feel as if I am not an expert in my field of study.

I didn’t even really know why I was on my way to his room. Wasn’t sure what would come of entering the room. What would be in store? I was slightly nervous. His wink and his seductive trailing of the word “wanted” re-entered my mind.

Room 237 was before me. I took a deep breath.

I opened the door and entered into the scene pictured in my head at the other bar. Tom was sitting on the bed. The woman motioned for me to come over, handing me an already poured glass of wine.

I walked over to her and took the glass from her outreached hand, her red nails wrapped loosely around the stem of it. I took a sip. And then another. She took the glass from me and placed it on the bedside table.

Her eyes scanned my body and she looked back into my eyes, lightly touching my face. Her thumb grazed my lips.

“You’re very pretty”, she said. I thanked her, feeling a bit of lump in my throat.

She picked up my glass bringing it to my lips for me and I held onto it taking a sip. She retrieved the glass and she licked the remaining drop of the rim and she finished the wine.

I could see the man from the corner of my eye watching the two of us intently.

The woman’s fingers delicately ran along my neck, making their way down my chest to unbutton my blouse, the first one undone, the second, the third…my black lace bra was exposed.

“So, do want to find out what I am craving right now?”, she asked Tom.

He rose from the bed making his way over to us.

“Yes.” he said, dipping his finger into the wine, “I do”, and he brought the drop to my lips for me to suck from him.

“I want to watch you with the girl.” She said and all the while she looked at me.

Her gaze still continued to be on me as she held out a hand, pressing it firmly against his chest. “Wait.” she told him. “Let me play”.

The girl’s hand ran over my thigh, under my skirt. She played with the silk ribbon that laced the back of my thigh high. Her hand continued to inch its way up my thigh. She looked into my eyes and with a raised brow said “Not yet.”

She held the sides of my face with both hands, loose strands of my hair between her fingers. She kissed me passionately on the mouth; she raised one leg, placing her arched foot up on the bed, leaving herself open to me. She now stood looking at me. I stood there for a few moments, looking down at her leg up before me, and back up to meet her gaze.

I swallowed a lump in my throat once again.

She looked at me as if she was longing to feel my touch. And so I ran my hand along the inside of her thigh and made my way between her legs. My hand rested on the outside of her underwear, fingers slowly moving, pressing into her. She let out a soft moan and breathed heavily as I continued, feeling her underwear moisten as I continued to touch her.

“Do you like that?” she asked me.

And I told her “Yes…” after a few moments of silence.

She reached down and grabbed my wrist. She motioned over to the man on the bed and said “He’s waiting for you”.

I was shy and let out an uncontrollable giggle. But I still allowed her to bend me over the side of the bed. I felt her fingers graze over my underwear. I could feel the moistness build as she continued to touch me.

From the moment my hands fell onto the bed I felt myself fall into another world. I fell into a world entered entirely unexpected to have been entered beyond the confines of imagination.

She pulled my underwear over to the side and touched my flesh. She felt my wetness and lightly ran her fingers over the whole exterior of me. I then felt her fingers penetrate me.

Tom looked at me as she did this, his eyes burning into my skull, his teeth grinding. She pulled out of me, her fingers gleaming.

She said to him I was ready, and in the midst of her saying this Tom brought his head down, engulfing her fingers with his mouth.

Tom stood and approached me from behind. He lifted my skirt above my waste and entered me with one deep thrust, using my garters as reins.

He and I both let out a sigh, mine of surprise, and his was of satisfaction. I joined in his satisfaction with each one of his thrusts.

She sat spread-eagled before me on top of the bed, motioning for me to come to her.

“Please…” she begged.

I looked her in the eyes. She threw her head back and let out a moan. I obeyed her pleads I crawled up onto the bed, lowering myself to kiss the inside of her thighs. Sucking and biting lightly, teasing her. I knew she craved the teasing. Her words came back to me. “Not yet.”

“Oh no…not yet my darling. You are mine to play with.”

He mounted me, falling close to my ear. “Looks like you do know what you want.” he whispered.

I momentarily wondered how this had come about. Being fucked and buried in this woman’s soft flesh, all at once.

The three of us were panting, moaning, and our movements met each other’s in a harmonious unison. He thrusted with the taste of me still in his mouth. I slowly devoured, craving her taste.

And she presented the two of us with an introduction to the incredible gyrating her body would soon be passionately thrown into.

He reached his hand over my body to play with me. As he did this I gave the girl a little more by lightly running my lips over the outside of her underwear. The moans resonating from me vibrated onto her. The both of us moaned together.

“Fuck…” Tom said excitedly.

She couldn’t take the teasing anymore. She pressed herself up against me and let out a wail.

It was I who now pulled her underwear to the side, inserting a finger into her wet opening. She continued to rock back and forth, and begged for more. She begged to feel my face against her, devouring her, tasting her.

I firmly planted my face in her buried in her warmth. I felt myself nearing climax as he continued to play with me. His rhythm picked up.

She began writhing. I pushed back onto him. He grabbed my hips tightly and pulled me towards him.

I didn’t know how I got there, didn’t know how it happened. But…

“You liked that, didn’t you?” Tom breathed into my ear.

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