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Sub Switches Roles

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The atmosphere was amazing. I had never seen so beautiful a Mistress with such submissive male slaves as we had tonight. The performance in the under-ground club was electric as the Mistress showed us how devoted her sluts were. I must admit that watching them was fascinating, almost like seeing a male image of myself as they craved the pain and humiliation she dished out. One soft stroke of her hand against their skin, one quiet word of praise. made it all worthwhile to them. But they took so much; I was completely in awe of them.

She was quite ruthless in her use of her their bodies for her pleasure. Delivering blows from her crops or paddles with a delicious look of satisfaction on her face. Her dress sense was stunning. High heeled thigh length boots, with a glimpse of fishnet stockings and suspenders, giving way to a tight fitted black leather basque and hot pants. She had a floor length skirt that was slashed to her waist, more for the effect it made as she swished across the stage than for any attempt at covering her body. He subs were so humiliated, but that they became hard from her punishment none the less. She swore at them, spat on them and mocked their manhood. But just one touch from her was enough to have them on the verge of orgasm. I loved seeing them splayed on the bed, legs spread wide and their ass defiled by all manner of objects she fucked them with. Huge, painful looking dildos that stretched her slaves well beyond and comfort zone, but still they craved more. Watching I shuddered at the thought of the internal damage she could cause but my pussy began to drip at the sight of this stunning Mistress.

The evening had passed quickly, and I had sat by your side transfixed by the way she commanded the audience and her subs. This was one of the first times I had seen a Mistress work up her slaves like she did and I have to admit I was very turned on by what I saw.

Later that night after an intense fucking, I lay in bed restlessly as you slept. The images floating around my alcohol fuzzed head from this evening. I so rarely drank that when I did I found it difficult to take.

Thinking back to the show I couldn’t settle and climbed gently off the bed and walked down the hall to the room we stored our special clothing in. Turning on the closet light I looked at all our leather and PVC items, searching for the boots I wanted to wear. They were similar to the ones she had worn this evening and I slipped my foot inside and tugged at the long zipper. The boots were shiny PVC, with silver chains around the ankle and 6″ heels. Standing naked in front of the mirror I struggled to get my balance at first and giggled drunkenly.

“On your knees slut” I commanded in the most dominating way I could muster, laughing again at the unfamiliar tone in my voice. Maybe I did have a Domme side after all

Searching again I found the black PVC leotard we had bought for our first fetish club night. The silver zips at the crotch and across the tits made it look very obscene, and just right for what I had in mind. Pulling it on I loved the way it clung to my body, clinching in my waist and thrusting my tits out. I pulled at some of the zippers until glimpses of flesh could be seen, their pinkness in contrast to the trashy black material.

Looking back into the mirror I felt quite transformed, my whole mentality moving towards begin that woman tonight, to being the Mistress of the house.

Walking back down the corridor I felt myself empowered with every step. I knew that I would need to act fast, that if I timed this wrong all would be lost. Standing tall in the bedroom doorway I was relieved to find you were still sleeping on your front. The cuffs we had used earlier still hung from the wrought iron bed head. Thank goodness you had used the ones that needed the keys to undo them, rather than the quick release type.

Padding very quietly to your side of the bed I stood, thighs apart, drinking in the sight of your naked body prone before me. I was already breathing hard, feeling this darkness descend on me as I bent over Your relaxed body. I began stroking across Your shoulders and up across your biceps, caressing your skin, guiding your arms subtly to where I wanted them. You stirred a little in your sleep, and made a contented sigh as your felt my skin against yours. In one swift movement I clicked both set of cuffs into place around your wrists and watched as the sound registered in your sleepy mind. I made them tight enough to be rough against your skin and to stop any chance of you slipping out, which would be unthinkable.

“Jude baby, what ya doing?” Your voice was slurry as you began to wake from your sleep. You too had drunk a little more than usual tonight, which slowed you, just enough to assist me. I watched as you turned to focus on me and taking a deep breath I stood tall and dominating beside you. The game had begun and I couldn’t turn back now.

I watched as your eyes took in my thighs, enclosed in the leather boots, working up towards my PVC clad body. Your hand instinctively reached for me, but only able to move a couple of inches you moaned in frustration.

“Undo these fucking things bitch, your Master wants to play with his randy little slut!” you growled sexily.

I had delivered the hard slap to your upturned buttock before I even thought about it. Satisfied I saw the pink hand print beginning to glow on your skin.

“Mind your filthy mouth and show me the respect I deserve you worm!”

It was as if someone else was speaking the words, surely they couldn’t be me could they? I had never spoken to anyone like that before, and wouldn’t have dreamed of speaking to you in that manner.

You begin to jerk hard on the cuffs and I know from experience that the metal will be biting a little at the soft skin on the underside of your wrist.

“You better stop struggling slut or you will be wearing red welts on your ass as well as your wrists” I lower my head close to your ear as I hiss these words at you, safe in the knowledge that there’s nothing you can do to stop me on my quest.

“Jude, I mean it, get these fucking things off me NOW, or you will be very very sorry!” Your voice has a dangerous edge to it, one that would usually have me on my knees trembling, but not tonight, tonight it washes over me, almost appearing as a challenge to my new side.

“I can assure you that there’s only one type of fucking going to happen tonight, and its not going to be me receiving it. Now shut your mouth and do as You are told”

I pull open the bedside drawer and study the range of toys we keep there. Grateful that the huge bed and short cuffs mean you cannot move your feet onto the floor and make an attempt to stand.

I run my fingertip over the set of dildos, they range from small clit stimulators to the thick ones that I always dead you selecting.

“Now my little ass whore, which one will it be?” I muse the question out loud but ignore your threatening responses.

“You are going too far jude! I’m warning you.”

Looking down at you I smile like an indulgent parent would.

“Now now my little fuck toy, why don’t you just accept that I am in charge now and You will do as I say, or you will be sorry. ”

Selecting two medium sized dildos I offer one to You. “Better make this nice and wet slut, it will make it so much easier.”

The fire in Your dark eyes blazes right through me as I stand looking down at You, one eyebrow raised in mock amusement. “No? Ah well, no matter. Although You might do well to remember that Your Mistress did offer You the chance”

With that Your left leg kicks out in my general direction, but due to Your restraints barely makes it to the edge of the bed. A growling, “Fuck you” muffled into the pillow.

I know that if I do not restrain You I am likely to be unable to succeed in my task. As swiftly as I can I raise my leg over Your prone body until I am straddling Your buttocks. Sliding down Your body as fast as I can I settle myself against the crook of Your knees, pinning Your legs down, leaving You unable to manoeuvre at all.

I sit down firmly as I feel You begin to wriggle and squirm underneath my body weight. I can’t help laughing out loud as You efforts are so futile. As strong as You are I have the advantage now, and we both know it.

Leaning forward just a little I grab a crop that was long since lost this evening in the folds of the bedclothes. This is going to be fun. Each time You make another move to throw me off the crops folded leather end makes stinging contact with Your buttocks. Soon Your unmarked flesh is dotted with small pink patches of colour as I bring it down over and over, each one increasing in its firmness.

“Sit still You disobedient little shit! Your Mistress is losing Her patience”

To emphasise my words the last blow lands on the sensitive area behind Your balls. Hitting a little harder than I intended the whack is greeted by a small groan of discomfort from You. I know You will have hated showing me this little sign, but somewhere, deep inside me, I am turned on further by it. Your body stills and Your upper torso’s movement is the only sign that You are breathing a little heavily.

Stroking my fingertips over Your punished ass cheek I begin to purr,

“Now there’s a good boy. You know I don’t like having to punish You. And we both know that You want this don’t we?”

My words are met by another thrashing of Your hips and a “Get the fuck off…NOW”

With that I dig my sharp scarlet nails into the warmed flesh and begin to drag them downwards, leaving a set of satisfying red welts in their path. Moving until one hand grasps around Your balls sac I hold You firmly, not digging into the flesh just yet, but knowing You will feel the pressure of the nail tips there.

“Want to move again slut? Just try it! I mean it now, try it and one of us will be very very sorry”

I increase the pressure a little as I speak and am quite satisfied as I feel You quieten. I guess neither of us knows what I am capable of tonight. I wait a few seconds until I know You have stopped and begin to release the pressure and to caress You. Moving the tight balls within their sac, massaging the flesh, and playing with You, toying with Your erogenous area that I usually worship so willingly. I see Your hands ball into fists as You try and keep some control, the effort amusing me no end because we both know this feeling will be exciting Your cock no end.

“Mmmmm, that’s so much better my little fuck toy. If You are a good boy we can have such a nice time. But please, don’t even think of disappointing me tonight!”

It’s so strange, sitting there, pinning You down and having Your body at my disposal is so erotic. For just these few moments I am in charge and I am loving it.

Using my free hand I feel for one of the vibrators and turn it on. I know You will be able to hear the low buzzing but as if pretending to ignore it You turn Your head to one side, making no effort to look at all. Using the tip I stroke it down Your lower spine and run it along the cleft of Your ass, not penetrating between the flesh, just enough to let You feel the vibrations caressing Your flesh as I continue to tease Your balls.

“Feel nice slut? Does that cock feel good moving over Your ass? I know You’re getting hard for Your Mistress. I can sense it. I know that cock that I own is under You and throbbing for me to touch it. Isn’t it?”

I don’t expect You to answer, not yet. The rhetorical questions just letting You know that I am aware that this whole situation is getting to You.

Parting Your ass cheeks I lay the vibrator length ways between them, so that the tip is resting on Your balls and Your tight ass hole is tingling with the new sensations. I watch amused as I see Your ass cheeks clench and relax over and over, trying to work out if You are responding already, or trying to expel the toy from its new hiding place.

My hand strokes across Your thighs and sweeps up to Your buttocks, as I murmur to You how hot You look with that lovely cock between Your cheeks. My other hand sliding under Your body along side Your cock, feeling You push down onto the bed to try and stop me finding how hard You already are. Working my hand under Your shaft as the soft mattress betrays You I begin to grip You, moving only millimetres but enough to illicit another moan of pleasure from my hot little slave.

“So baby, You are getting hard for Your Mistress huh? And there was You pretending You didn’t like it. Its not nice to lie to Your Mistress You bad boy!” The tone in my voice becomes harder as I push the tip of the vibrator in harder to Your soft skin and grip Your shaft more firmly.

“Are You going to lie to me again you slut?” bending forward I take a bite of Your buttock and clench down hard with my teeth. Pulling back, but not releasing You, I curl my lips as I ask, “Well are You?”

I feel the skin begin to break as I bite down as hard as I can, pulling the flesh taut in my mouth and therefore more vulnerable to my teeth. I can feel the vibration against my mouth as the toy continues to hold in place.

Each squirming movement from You underneath me only results in a firmer bite down and increased pressure from my hand and the dildo. Soon You have no choice but to utter a very begrudging “No” in answer to my question.

But now, now that’s not enough for me, I want more and You know it.

“What? What the fuck did You say to me You disrespectful piece of crap?”

Suddenly anger fuelled and stronger than I ever thought possible I disregard Your comfort and increase the pressure so much that I feel a real jerk of pain from You. Now I have a bite of flesh from Your ball sac between my teeth. Not biting down, just knowing that I could if I wanted too. We both know I could, and wondering if I just might!

In a voice, fuelled with anger and just a little fear I hear You resentfully mutter ” No ……..Mistress” to me.

Instantly I release my teeth’s grip and instead begin to lap and suckle on the area I nearly punished. Pulling Your sensitive skin into the warmth of my mouth and giving pleasure where I so nearly gave You so much pain.

“Good boy, that’s such a good boy”

Taking the other vibrator I turn it on, stronger than the first, stroking it across the damp skin as I play with You. I ensure I keep my body weight down on Your lower legs, well aware that one movement and You would buck me right off. Only my knees keep Your legs wide enough for me to have access to You.

Slowly I push this new toy under Your body too, keeping it close to Your cock so that the whole shaft is being stimulated. I can feel it in my hand and grip it with my fingertips alongside Your penis. Such a new sensation for You, the throbbing exciting You and despite Your internal uncertainty we both know it’s making You hard.

“You like it don’t You baby? You like that hot cock rubbing against You? I know it’s making You hard. You do like it don’t You?”

This time, and to my huge surprise Your answer comes without hesitation

“Yes Mistress…….I like it”

For a few moments I let You enjoy the sensations, kissing and licking Your ass and down to Your balls. Caressing You and wanting to give You pleasure. But pleasure that I control, that I decide. When I feel You relax and submit to me I slowly and gently work the dildo out from between Your ass cheeks, feeling the buttocks more relaxed now.

“Now my little slut, Your Mistress wants to fuck You. Your Mistress wants to fuck that nice tight little hole of Yours. Would You like that my darling? Would You like Your Mistress’s cock inside You”

The excitement in Your voice is evident as You reply in the appropriate manner. Such a good little whore for Your Mistress.

Pulling Your cheeks apart I apply my tongue to the tight pink hole, feeling it cleave almost immediately following its previous stimulation. Rimming You I then begin to tongue fuck my slut’s hole. I want You to be rewarded for Your submission. Sliding the tip of my tongue inside You I make sure You are wet and relaxed. I hear a sigh of pleasure and I know that You are lost in the moment. Aware the dildo itself will still be dry and uncomfortable I slide it between the open zip of my outfit and into my wet cunt. Using my own juices I lube it up for You and then begin to play the tip against Your tightness. I watch fascinated as Your body begins to accept it, as the tight ring begins to open again after each contraction. Sliding the toy in a little more each time I rest between each movement, wanting Your body to accept it. I have no desire to hurt You, but I do want to fuck You. I want to feel ‘my’ cock buried deep inside Your body. I want to hear Your body as it responds. I want You so much now I have no thought for what may happen after, or what tomorrow may bring, only knowing that at this moment You are all mine.

As Your body takes more and more I feel Your cock jerking and throbbing in my hand, the vibrations still coursing through it. Now the movements from Your hips are not attempts to escape, they are the bucking and thrusting of man who needs to fuck, or to be fucked.

Trusting You completely I climb off of Your legs, freeing You to get more comfortable.

“Let me have Your cock my darling…” I coo to You as I continue to slowly thrust into Your ass hole.

Understanding immediately You rise up onto Your knees, head and shoulders still down on the pillows, open and vulnerable to me.

Kneeling up behind You I press my thighs against Yours, feeling the end of the vibrator as if it is almost part of my own body. My other hand under You now, jerking Your cock as it is finally freed from under You.

I lay over You as much as I can, wanting every inch of my body in contact with Yours. Covering You as we fuck, as You have done to me so many times. My nipples rubbing against Your skin as we both move. I know that along with my flesh You will also feel the rub of the PVC against Your body, I can’t help but wonder how that will feel to You? Thrusting freely into Your ass now I hold You against me. Loving the earthy sounds You make each time I enter You. The grunts of pleasure as I work my hand more fervently around Your shaft only turn me on all the more.

“Do You want to cum for Your Mistress my little slut-whore? Do You want to cum as Your Mistress fucks You?”

I know that my words are exciting You, that they are exciting both of us. The more I curse and swear at You the harder I fuck. Knowing that having ‘my’ penis drive into Your tightness is making Your cock harder than perhaps it has ever been. Spitting down on the shaft I ensure the wetness makes it move freely, letting me bury every last inch into You.

Huskily and with no shame I hear You ask ” Please Mistress…..please let me cum”

The urgency in Your voice is delicious and so rewarding to me. To Know that I have made Your body want release so much that You are willing to beg for it is so erotic I am overwhelmed.

“Cum then You whore, cum for Your Mistress. NOW, cum now for me!”

My words are met with a low growl of release as Your shaft begins to shoot over and over. Thick streams of cum pour from Your cock as I drive into Your ass as deep as I can. Pressing myself against You I love the way I feel Your body contract over and over. So strong I can almost feel You lifting me up with the strength of Your movements.

“That’s it, do it. Cum for me, cum for Your Mistress You hot little ass-whore.”

Delighting in the moans of Your orgasm as they are punctuated by the sharp intakes of breath as my cock continues to fuck into You as deeply as I can. I only wish I could fill You with my own cum. I so want to drench You and watch as it pours from Your punished ass hole.

As Your orgasm subsides we both kneel there panting. Breathless and overwhelmed by the intensity of what has just happened, I am left unsure how to act now.

Turning off the vibrators I slowly begin to remove the one buried to the hilt in Your ass. I watch as the tight ring seems to cling to it, as if it doesn’t want it to leave. Using my tongue I kiss and lap at the tiny gapping opening as it finally pops free. Tasting Your ass on my probing tongue as Your body slowly recovers. I try and sooth the reddened flesh with my mouth like the good little sub I am.

Eventually I climb off Your body completely and crawl up the bed until I am beside You. Looking down I try and read Your face, unsure what I see and I feel the fluttering of nerves rolling through my stomach.

Taking the key I lean over and click open both sets of cuffs, almost expecting You to spring up immediately and take some kind of revenge. Instead You turn slowly on Your side, leaning Your head on Your upturned hand. You stare at me, both of us locked in the others stare.

Looking back into Your eyes I wait for whatever is to come……

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