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The deadline was next week. Alex needed a reasonably good first draft into the committee by then or his tenure would definitely be in jeopardy. His academic career depended upon pulling this off and he wasn’t sure it was possible.

The scholarly work is solid. I’m sure of that, he thought. What is missing is proof that the ancient cults have relevance in today’s psyche. Furthermore, I am the last person on earth capable of following through on the practical research. Why do I think I can find it here?

He looked at the small SoHo store front. It was not very imposing, two plate glass windows opening to a dark interior, a female mannequin in each window. The right one was posed dressed in a plum colored satin bra, panty and garter belt ensemble with the suspender straps clipped to white mesh stocking. The arms of the doll were set behind the head in a provocative porn star vogue gesture. This time the fishnets were black and thigh hi hold-ups. The face and hair were designed to appear somewhat Goth and the arms cradled a Fender Stratocaster Guitar. The costume had a rougher look, black lace boy shorts and a pink tank top with the store’s name printed on the chest, MYTH. Visions of Pat Benetar went through his mind.

And date my thoughts. Pat Benetar? Well, I have to admit, I always got hard listening to her. Now if Peaches had only been around when I was in college… He had heard some of her blatantly sexual lyrics and been told of the eroticism of her shows by a few students. Still, he figured he would look foolish if he pursued any interest in this performer, especially if the faculty committee got wind of it. Damn, getting old was a bitch!

He blinked a few times after entering the store. The darkness of the windows was reinforced by a cubicle painted entirely in black. Only the subdued lighting of the display racks and cases illuminated the interior. It took his eyes a few minutes to adjust to the lack of light. This was the third time he had been in the store. He first discovered the boutique in San Francisco, quite by accident. That store was just a block off Market Square and he stumbled across it after wandering around the bustling commercial center of the foggy city. When he was told that they had stores in London and New York, he made it a point to visit the latter upon his return. Someday soon he hoped to see the flagship store in London. He wasn’t sure why but a gut feeling told him that he may find some answers here.

Alex was seriously depressed. At fifty-five he had been on this quest for a long time. From the onset of puberty he had struggled, studied and devoted himself to a very specific obsession, the goddess Aphrodite. It was late in sixth grade while reading and discussing Greek Mythology for the first time that he encountered the famous goddess of love. The fact that his first glimpse of a color plate illustration of Bottecelli’s, “Venus Rising from the Sea” coincided with his first wet dream led him to believe that this female would remain an important part of his life and development.

He began to read all he could of the mythology. Throughout his schooling she remained his chief interest. He even took Ancient Greek at the university so that he could read about her as close to the source as possible. All through this period he searched for a modern day link to his goddess. He was sure that she and her brother Eros still influenced amorous affairs and that it was only the advent of monotheism that suppressed the ecstasy that the modern world denied itself. It was an ecstasy that he longed for in his own life, one that eluded him despite his devotion to the deities.

He came of age in the early seventies and for a short time he thought that the sexual revolution of that decade was a re institution of an ecstasy cult. He reveled in the freewheeling mores of the time along with most of his generation and saw it all come crashing down around them with the advent of cocaine, crack and AIDS. Before he was mature and experienced enough to truly understand what it was he was searching for, the search became life threatening and even his most liberal minded lovers began to turn toward conservative values that left him cold.

Still, Alex was sure there was value in understanding and maybe even reviving the Aphrodite cult. He saw the goddess in icons of popular culture. Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren, Madonna all embodied some aspect of the goddess yet each came up short and instilled doubts that he would ever find the object of his worship and attain his own ecstatic desires. Time was running out. The Eros quality that youth had once granted him had faded long ago. So, it was at this point that he abandoned his practical search and chose to try and fulfill himself in scholarly circles. The paper he was now trying to write was necessary not only to his “publish or perish” career track but it somehow had to touch his deep personal belief in the goddess despite all the evidence to the contrary that the modern world heaped against him.

The air conditioning was blasting the space and the contrast with the severe New York summer heat felt good on his skin. He breathed in the pleasant cool air. The combination of cool air and darkness relaxed him quickly.

“Hello, may I help you?”

He was face to face a pair of very red lips framing an impossibly white smile. Looking up he found a pert nose and two very dark brown pools that took his breath for a second. The delightful face was surrounded by a head of silky brown hair that flowed and flowed. Its abundance forced his eyes to leave the delightful face and follow it down the length of a very provocative body. He coerced his eyes back to her smile and returned it in kind as best he could.

“Uh, not just yet. I’m just browsing.” Oh, smooth, he thought. He consciously sucked in his middle age paunch. Christ, what am I doing? He exhaled very slowly and tried to look more relaxed. Don’t be a jerk. Don’t be a jerk!

“That’s fine. If you need anything, just ask. My name is Jen.” She pointed to the plastic name tag with Jennifer inscribed upon it. It was prominently pinned to her left breast and it drew his attention to the fact that her chest, encased in a very lacy black bra was quite visible between the open buttons of her white smock-dress uniform. The upper globes of her breasts though not large, were pushed together into a delightful brown package. Jennifer had a luscious tan.

She ambled over to a display table in the center of the store and proceeded to rummage through a large pile of nylon and lace. Alex smiled as he watched her select, fold and sort each frothy pair of panties, readying them for the storage drawers behind her.

Looking around he noticed the two other clerks. They both wore identical white smocks, obviously a mandated uniform of sorts for the chain. He remembered the same look in the San Francisco Store. The effect was in stark contrast to the black interior and hinted at a clinical pretense that further contrasted with the ultimate whimsy and fantasy of the garments being sold. Underlying corporate uniformity however lay a unique individuality that each clerk was allowed in accessorizing their ultimate look. Like Jennifer, the other two ladies had made use of the single row of buttons that ran down the front of the smock to reveal and/or conceal just so much skin and lingerie as they felt comfortable revealing. Very likely the lingerie was that of the company and purchased at discount.

A very smart marketing ploy, thought Alex.

Jennifer was now squatting as decorously as her outfit would allow, placing the folded panties into sets of drawers underneath one of the main display racks. Alex pretended to examine a bra and panty set on the rack while in reality he was enjoying the sight of a black suspender strap leading from the dark top of her hose and up underneath a shiny red satin slip. Furthermore, her bodice area was now opened wide and the cups of her black bra nearly fully visible.

“See something you’re interested in?”

“Uh…,” Alex blushed. Did I hear right? Did she really just give me an opening?

“You like that?” she asked.

He was unconsciously fingering some very expensive of wispy material. Her question broke his reverie.

“I, uh, yes, they are quite nice,” he stammered.

“Do you know the size?” Jennifer stood up and in doing allowed the slip to shift and increase the space between her stocking top and bare thigh before falling into place and closing off the delightful view. There was a tightening in Alex’s crotch.

“No, I’m afraid I really am just browsing. The truth is I don’t have anyone to buy such nice things for. I wish I did. What am I saying? Y…you have such beautiful things here, quite lovely. I wish I had a reason to buy for…er…from you.” He hung the bra and panty set back onto the display rack.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I mean, that’s a shame.” She sounded sincere.

“No, not really. There is just no one in my life right now,” he replied.

“Then why are you here?”

“I don’t know really. I like coming in here. I like the décor. I love the colors and textures and designs of the garments. I…uh like coming and …and …

“And seeing us strut our stuff in these silly uniforms?” She wiggled her hips slightly and struck a strippers pose. Alex blushed deeper. He felt the pressure in his crotch ease.

“I…I …I’m sorry.” He turned to go.

“Hey, no please, stick around,” she said. It’s not too busy today and you are not being a nuisance. You’ve done no harm, really.”

She took another arm load of panties from the display table and squatted down once more. This time her legs were wide apart and open to Alex’s full view. He saw that the panties matched the slip, red satin and they looked to be full cut. She looked up at him and smiled. When she began to rise, he offered his hand for support and she took it. Her touch was electric and he felt the space in his pants become confined once more.

“Thank you,” she whispered. “I just mean I think it’s a shame you don’t have anyone to buy for. I sense that you have a firm appreciation for what we have to offer here.”


Her brown eyes twinkled. Alex began to feel slightly drunk.

“Yes,” he whispered. “I often thought how wonderful it would be to work in a place like this. I adore your merchandise and I can spend hours imagining how each item would look on various women.” He was rapidly warming to the subject.

“I once suggested to the manager that we needed a man on staff. You know someone to help when husbands come in alone and need advice? She didn’t think it was such a hot idea, though.”

“She’s right. Trust me. You women, particularly in your ah… ‘uniforms’ are far more persuasive than I could be. I was thinking that I could be more valuable to women. A sort of ‘male mirror’ that allows them to know that their choices will definitely have the effect they are hoping to achieve with their partner. Then again, I guess they would be uncomfortable with a male serving them.”

“Oh I don’t know. That would depend on what you mean by service. We are not Victoria’s Secret here. We don’t get mall rats or your average suburban Sex in the City wannabe here. Our prices keep our clientele pretty selective. That selectivity demands a sophistication that just may enjoy a service such as you fantasize about. I only wish I could indulge myself and my boyfriend in that way.”

“Oh, you have a boyfriend?”

“This week. Ask me next week or even tomorrow and I may have a different answer for you.” Alex felt the constriction in his crotch area grow.

He said, “Still, I imagine most of your clients would not want a male poking his head in to the dressing cubicle much less offering advice that concerns adorning their body.”

Jennifer smirked. “Don’t be to sure. I know one or two women who might just relish such service. In fact, if Mrs. Lauter comes in we just might have trouble keeping you out here on the floor.” Across the room, one of the other assistants snickered. Jen licked her red lips making them shine like her satin panties.

“Intriguing,” said Alex.

“I think I have an idea,” she said. What’s your name?”


“Well Alex we are only about two hours from closing. Can you find a way to waste time until then? You know walk around, get a bite eat? Something like that?

“Yeah, sure. I guess so,” he answered

“Good. Let me talk to the other girls. I am sure they will go along. Chloe definitely will. Now go, I have things to do. I’ll see you in about two hours.” She sported the wickedest smile Alex had ever seen. He felt a damp spot in his very constricted crotch.

What on earth have I got myself into? Oh well, little to lose here.

He smiled back and gave her a brief finger wave and exited the shop. Jennifer picked up the phone.

Two hours later, Alex walked up to the shop door. The lights in the display windows were on. A shade had been pulled on the door window. The place looked securely closed for the day. Feeling a bit led on, he started to turn away when he heard the lock on the door click. A blast of cool air hit the back of his neck and he turned. The door was open a crack and a voice said, “Alex,” a disembodied voice asked?

“Yes,” he whispered back

“Quick, come in.”

The door opened wider and Alex entered the black cubicle for the second time that day. Standing beside him was one of the sales assistants he had seen working in the back of the store earlier that day.

“Hi, I’m Chloe,” she said “Jen asked me to keep an eye out for you. Glad to see you came back. Amy bet me you wouldn’t.”


“Oh, you’ll meet her soon enough.” She locked the door and double checked the window shade.

Chloe was about 5’6” and solidly built. She had short cropped blonde hair, dark eye make up and the same very red lipstick that Jen had worn earlier. She still wore her work outfit. Alex notice that it was only held together by the two middle buttons thus revealing very sheer black seamed stocking stockings which ran up to first one dark band and then an even darker band where the suspender straps attached.

Very retro. Very nice, he thought.

The smock flapped open to reveal what appeared to be a white panty girdle with black satin panels on the front and at the thighs. The bra was just as visible and seemed to complement the girdle with black satin triangle panels and straps being accented by the white material.

“I didn’t think that Myth would bother itself with girdles, and you certainly don’t need to wear one. That is a very interesting outfit.”

Chloe laughed. “It’s called a brief. Sort of like a waist cincher. I like the way it looks and I like to be feel a bit of restraint on me.” At this she licked her lip and Alex saw a tongue stud. Do you like it?”

“You have to ask?” His hands slipped down to adjust his crotch.

She grinned. “Come on in. Jen’s got everything all set. Feel free to brows,” and she bounced off to help Jennifer.

The store looked no different than when he left. He could see Jen in the back near the curtained dressing area. She was handing some garments to someone behind the curtain. A third girl, one he had not seen earlier was standing behind the register counter looking rather bored. She was absentmindedly scanning the tags on several pairs of panties, folding them and placing them in a black box filled with pink tissue paper. She did not look up as Alex approached. Chloe had taken some bras and panties off the rack on the right and brought them over to Jen who reached behind the curtain and received a similar batch of garments from the unseen customer. She and Chloe exchanged items and Jen handed the new batch behind the curtain once more. This process was repeated two or three times.

Ah, they still have a customer. I guess I am expected to keep things low key until they can get rid of her.

He looked at the girl behind the counter. She appeared to be slightly younger than either Jennifer or Chloe. Then again, Alex was a bit unsure of either of their ages as well. This girl’s hair was very black, unnaturally black and cropped even shorter than Chloe’s. He saw three piercings in her left ear and two in her right. She wore thick black framed glasses that were surprisingly flattering to her very black eyes and the now signature red lipstick that seemed to be as much a part of the Myth uniform as the white smock. The name tag on her right breast lapel read “Amy”.

Amy chose to open the top two buttons of her smock. This revealed a frothy concoction of pink tulle satin with black lace accents. The bra was as skimpy as Amy was ample. Her breasts over flowed the top and sides of the bra cups and the shoulder straps made definite grooves in her skin along the lines of support. Still what aroused Alex more than the lingerie was the whiteness of Amy’s skin. In fact her entire aspect was a study in black/white contrast. Her skin was even whiter than her smock. He peered over the counter and saw that she wore black, opaque stocking attached to a garter belt that acted a bit like a half slip with the pink and black material draping over her thighs and framing the matching brief.

Suddenly Jen flounced over to him from the back and whispered, “Oh, hi Alex. I’m glad you came back. I was hoping you would. As you see we’re still busy. This is a very special customer. Please be patient. I guarantee that I will make it worth your wait.” Smiling, she kissed her right forefinger and then touched his nose with it before returning to the dressing room area. It was almost enough to make Alex cream his pants.

A thick alto voice bellowed from behind the curtain, “Jennifer dear, these bras just won’t do. They scratch and the cream colored one dos not cup my bust properly. What else do you have?”

Jen looked back at Alex and rolled her eyes. Chloe seemed to anticipate the woman’s request and handed Jen six new bras from the rack. Jen handed the new garments through the curtain and pursed her lips in an “air kiss” to Chloe. She then moved to the chest of drawers under the left rack and began rummaging and selecting more items, “just in case.”

“Mrs. Lauter,” she whispered as Alex sidled up to her. “She came in about fifteen minutes before closing. She’s always good for about a thousand dollars in purchases so we couldn’t turn her out.” She smiled and pecked Alex on the cheek.

What can I do? He smiled back and his hand unconsciously drifted up to his cheek. He felt lightheaded.

Who is this woman? Why should she even begin to show interest in me? Then again, why am I even questioning it? What have I to lose by going along for the ride?

The dressing room curtain rippled.

“Jen, this may do. I need some help with the…Oh, hello. I wasn’t aware that there were any other customers still here, much less a man.”

The voice belonged to a woman who appeared from behind the drape. She was about 5’10”, though her black heels added at least four of those inches. Alex’s eyes trailed up a pair of well defined legs encased in red, thigh-hi stockings. The body to which the legs were attached was a lean and healthy one. This woman worked out daily. She wore an exquisite corset of sheer red mesh. The front of the garment was luxuriously embroidered in a black lace diamond pattern bisected by thick red covered boning where a series of five or six silver fasteners held it together while still displaying a bouncy set of ivory globes pushed together into the satin and mesh cups of the bodice. The panties were a restatement of the black and red theme with the embroidery highlighting the space between her thighs. The rest of the picture was topped off by a long neck that made Alex think of Audrey Hepburn and a face that could be considered not pretty or girlish but most definitely that of an elegant, mature woman. Her hair was a striking auburn and set off by her green eyes and the turquoise drops that bobbed from her earlobes. The entire effect was exquisite.

Alex stammered, “I…uh…I beg your pardon.”

He began to turn away when the throaty voice replied, “Oh not at all, sir, I beg yours. Please, I didn’t mean to embarrass you.” With this she made a half-hearted attempt to cover herself with the drape. “Jen dear, would you please tighten the lacing in the back?”

Turning slightly, the woman let the drape shift enough to give Alex a view of the intricate red satin ribbon that laced the back of the garment. When Jen began to pull and tighten, the curtain dropped completely giving him a view of the woman’s tight round ass fully covered and yet exposed by the sheer mesh of her panties. He was entranced.

The woman spoke, “As long as you are here sir, I may as well ask what you think of my…er costume? Does it please you?”


“Please, sir, it’s quite alright. I would very much like a male opinion and since you are the only one of that persuasion here, tell me what do you think.”

Alex answered in a hoarse whisper, “Very uh…sexy…uh hot…I mean nice, madam.”

The woman laughed heartily. Chloe and Amy were giggling behind him. Jennifer who had completed her chore with the ribbon just smiled.

“Ooh, ‘Madam’ is it?”

Alex voice indicated a rising panic, “I’m sorry, Miss? Ms.? Mademoiselle? Jennifer referred to you as Mrs. Lauter but…”

“Oh calm down. You have insulted no one. I guess ‘madam’ is appropriate but why don’t you just call me Gloria. Gloria Lauter.” She dipped her head in invitation.

“Gloria,” he said.

“There that’s better. I must say however, that Jennifer is a naughty girl for revealing my identity without my knowledge. Jen dear, I may have to consider some…punishment for that faux pas.” Jen just smiled and nodded.

“And you sir? What shall I call you as it appears that we are to be, shall we say, intimately acquainted?” With that she did a very polished runway turn and posed provocatively. Alex felt a twitch in his crotch area.

“Alex, ma’am. Alex Grant.”

“So very nice to meet you Mr. Alex Grant.” She left the confines of the dressing area altogether and walked up to him holding out her hand.

He took it, not quite sure if he was to shake or kiss it. He chose the former but not before taking in the full breadth of her bosom. He guessed she sported a 36C bust. The corset pushed the ivory globes together nicely and when she moved there was a fair amount of jiggle in the flesh which he found not unappealing.

Gloria said, “As long as you are here Mr. Grant, you would be of great service to me if you would offer up your opinion of my selection of lingerie. I could model some items for you and you could give me your honest opinion, as a man.”

Alex saw a wicked smile on Jennifer’s face.

So that’s the game is it? Delightful. He smiled back at Jen and turned to back to the woman in the corset.

“Gee Mrs. Lauter…”

“Oh please call me Gloria, darling.”

“Well, Gloria. Sure. Why not?”

“Excellent, why don’t you sit yourself down on the loveseat over there and we can begin. Jennifer, will you help me out of this please? Chloe dear, bring me that outfit I tried on earlier, you know the blue one.”

There was a brief flurry of action as Gloria Lauter whisked back behind the curtain to be joined by Jennifer. Chloe dug through a pile of clothing at the check out desk and collected a small pile of blue nylon and silk and handed it through the drapery to her co-worker. Alex sat on the circular red upholstered love seat that looked as if it belonged in an 1890’s hotel lobby or better yet a New Orleans brothel and tried his best to look nonchalant. Nevertheless, the fact that he had some difficulty walking and sitting was not lost on Amy and Chloe who giggled at the tent forming in his pants.

In a shorter time than he imagined Gloria reappeared and sauntered about the area in front of the dressing room. She wore matching turquoise bra and bikini panties, with nude thigh-hi stockings. The lingerie was translucent rather than sheer and the darker spots of her nipples were just barely visible. The simplicity of the outfit stood in stark contrast to the range of frivolous possibility that the boutique could provide. Gloria performed a perfect runway turn and gave Alex a flirtatious look over her shoulder.

“Well,” she asked?

He hesitated.

Gloria continued, “I know darling. It’s very simple. However, I am considering this for everyday wear. After all not all of my lingerie is meant for the boudoir. I need things for the mundane portions of my day.

Alex remained silent for a moment. He was still sussing out the rules of this game. He took a long slow breath, coughed, and then spoke, “The outfit is beautiful but then that is because the body that wears it is more beautiful and made to show off much more than what I see here. I can see the point of your argument but then I also remember reading about how the theater producer, Florenz Ziegfeld was know for providing even his chorus girls with a lingerie budget. When asked why and who would know what underwear they wore, he answered, ‘They will know and that makes all the difference’ and this from the man who first popularized the beauty of the American woman.”

Gloria beamed, “Ah, you are a scholar I see. Jen, he is delicious. He not only has taste but espouses a wonderful philosophy of silk, satin and lace.”

Alex grinned and added, “Of course it’s always been my opinion that Mr. Zeigfeld was also personally aware of each lingerie item that every one of his chorus girls wore much to the disdain of Mrs. Zeigfeld.”

“And he’s witty too,” Gloria replied. “Well now, Alex, I am in perfect agreement.” She reached behind her and unfastened the bra, slid it off her shoulders and tossed it to Amy over by the counter. Her breasts flattened against her chest ever so slightly and the now free nipples jutted out into dark eraser shaped buds as the air conditioned coolness hit them.

“No plain and simple today,” she continued. Let’s throw caution to the wind and let sensuality rule the night. Chloe, you look as if you already have something in mind. Fetch it quick. Jennifer, join me in the dressing room and help me.” She turned and entered the cubicle and pulled the drape closed. The tanned assistant took some items from Chloe and followed swiftly. For the next few minutes there was the sound of rustling and snapping and then silence. After a minute or two Jennifer exited looking a bit flushed.

The curtain slid back and Gloria stood there in a salmon colored satin confection that accented her ivory skin tone. The bra was scalloped with silk chiffon frills along the top of the cups and lifted the breasts beautifully. The cinch of the garter belt was hidden by a most delightful pair of similarly scalloped French knickers which sported a pearl button that fastened the garment at Gloria’s hip. The suspender straps extended below the panties and attached to nude stocking. The total effect was stunning.

“Now that is more like it Mrs. Lauter,” Alex gave a polite clap along with the complement.

“Call me Gloria dear. I insist.”

“Yes, of course. Gloria. That outfit is exquisite. I have to say I am a particular fan of the shiny satin look and that salmon looks almost like gold lame to me. It complements you beautifully.”

He was squirming on the loveseat, trying to find a comfortable position. He could not help but readjust his burgeoning cock inside his pants yet again. As he did so he felt a slight dampness oozing from its tip into his briefs.

“Mmm, I think you are right Alex dear,” the scantily clad woman replied. Amy, dear lets see what you can come up with now.” Once again she retreated to the dressing room.

Amy took some things from the two display racks and went to hand them to Jennifer who refused with a smirk and indicated that the little brunette should step behind the drape. Giggling once again, Amy did so.

The same noises followed by the same protracted silence ensued for a bit longer than the last time. Suddenly a few sharp giggles could be heard and finally, Amy stepped out. Alex noted that her smock was buttoned crooked. The young girl smiled wickedly and stuck her studded tongue out at Jennifer. She then took the corner of the drape and drew it back dramatically.

This time Gloria stood framed by the cubicle doorway. She had affected a pose reminiscent of Natalie Wood in the film, Gypsy! Alex swore he could almost hear refrains from “Let Me Entertain You” wafting through the store.

He gasped, “Well now, if I were Mr. Lauter, I am not sure I would ever let you leave the bedroom in that ensemble.”

Gloria roared, “Darling if you were Mr. Lauter you would be lucky indeed to know in which bedroom I might be found wearing this ensemble.”

Her laugh was like champagne to Alex.

Was this woman for real? Am I really here?

The lingerie on display was all of shiny red lyrca. Gloria sported a full slip that hugged every curve of her body. The bodice cups were once again scalloped along the edge only this time the fabric covered most of each breast. The slip rounded over her rear and ended just at the top of her thighs. He could just barely see the matching red brief that covered her crotch. Suspender straps were attached to the slip’s skirt and were attached to sheer red stocking each with a well defined black seam running perfectly up the back of Gloria’s leg.

“Very nice,” Alex said. “The red works well with your hair but it may be just a bit much. I wonder if you need something darker.”

“Very well. Let’s see. Jennifer? Chloe? Please?” And she closed the curtain once more.

The two assistants joined her, each with armloads of silk, satin and lace. This time the wait was longer. Nearly fifteen minutes. Besides the expected rustlings and giggles Alex swore he hear heavy breathing and maybe even a soft moan. Looking over at Amy he received a very non-committal look of indifference. This time Alex was the first to emerge. She peeped her hear from around the curtain.

“Alex,” she purred. Her leg appeared and started to wrap around the edge of the drape. Black patent leather pumps shimmered in the track lighting cast down from the ceiling. Now an arm encased in an opera length black satin glove snaked out and caressed her body through the heavy brocade stopping where Gloria’s crotch must be. When she touched herself there her eyes opened wide and her crimson lips formed and almost perfect “O”. Suddenly, with a deft motion she brought her fingers to her face in a feigned gesture of embarrassment and let the curtain drop revealing the next sexy confection.

She stood before him in a deep purple corset edged with blood red scalloping on both bodice and the hips. Covering her sex was a pair of panties. When she executed her turn, Alex saw that the back of the panties had a sheer mesh panel in a V-shape that allowed him to see the cleavage of her buttocks. Black fishnet stocking completed this ensemble.

“Brava!” Alex shouted. This may be the perfect outfit for you yet Gloria. It is like something out of a fin de siecle Paris salon. It is wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. No one should ever wear that corset but you.”

“And no one shall,” she answered. This was designed by yours truly. The people at Myth created and it was personally fitted by my dear, sweet Jennifer over here.

Alex applauded. Jen blushed and Gloria called the three girls to her side as if staging a mini-curtain call. The four women struck several vogueish poses and then had fun trying to upstage each other with purely pornographic stripper movements. Everyone was in high spirits.

Gloria stepped forward and said, “I thank you Mr. Grant for indulging my whims and offering what I consider to be astute opinions. You deserve a reward for your effort. If you will excuse me, I will make one last change. Wait right there, Alex dear. I guarantee it will be worth it. Jennifer, would you be so kind as to assist me one more time.”

“Yes ma’am,” Jen replied.

Chloe smiled conspiratorially and silently motioned for Alex to approach the dressing room drape. He could hear the usual rustling of clothing being put on or taken off. Suddenly he heard a long, languorous sigh. It was most definitely Gloria Lauter. He could also hear her whispering.

“Jen darling, it has been too long. I’d almost forgotten how delicious yor4 kisses are. I am so glad you called me. You have chosen well. Alex is perfect for our game.”

There was some more silence and soft rustling then Jen spoke,” Oh yes, yes, Gloria, oooooh right there. Mmm, very good. That’s it. Ah! I’m glad you like Alex. Oh, yes. I…I think you will find him…mmmmm, oh, ah. Perfect. Eeeeee. Oh Yes! Ah! That’s it. Suck me harder Gloria, please!”

Gloria’s voice came through the drape now, “Naughty girl! Don’t be so anxious. We have plenty of time. If you rush me, I may have to punish you. You don’t want a spanking do you?”

“Yessssss, Yes I do want a spanking. Eat my pussy Gloria. Eat me and slap my bottom while you do it. Mmmmm. Please.”

Alex’s cock was tenting out his trousers, a state that did not escape Chloe, who had by now, unbuttoned the last fasteners on her smock. She reached down and started to slowly unzip his pants.

“Patience Jen, dear,” Gloria whispered from behind the curtain. “I’m just warming you up for the big show which we should get rolling about now, don’t you think? First we tend to that nice man out there and when he is nothing but a dry husk, my tongue and a riding crop will finish you off for the night.”

“Promises, promises,” Jennifer remarked through a series of satisfied giggles.

Chloe had by now unzipped Alex’s pants and was stroking his cock through his briefs. There was a telltale wet spot where the tip of his prick was and she ran her thumb over it once. Twice. A third time and the man shivered with lust. The woman was breathing hot and heavy on the back of his neck. He felt her lips, tongue and even her teeth trail a wet path up behind his right ear.

Out of the corner of his eye he saw Amy. He could see all of her now as she had completely unbuttoned her dress. She was leaning back on the register counter with her eyes closed and her left hand rucked up a pink half slip as she her right hand clawed underneath the black thong that was framed by garter straps of the same color. Where the strap connected to the stocking there were large rhinestones blinking back at him. She was feverishly playing with her own pussy. The matching bra was very sheer so her nipples were quite visible. The thinness of the bra’s material allowed her breasts to jiggle invitingly. Another small gush of precum stained his briefs.

Suddenly the curtain slid back. Gloria Lauter stood there in what must have been the clothes she work when she entered the store. She was decked out in a black leather skirt and red satin blouse. From beneath the skirt her legs were encased in smoky sheer nylons with dark seams running perfectly up the back of each leg. The blouse was tight across her bosom, almost to the point of bursting the buttons. The sleeves were short and puffy around her shoulders. The total effect was as sexy as any of the lingerie ensembles that Alex had just past judgment on.

Jennifer meanwhile stood behind Gloria in the cubicle. She no longer

wore her white Myth smock. Her red half slip was bunched around her waist like a belt. Her panties were askew and shiny with dampness. Her breasts seemed to want to explode out of the thin black covering that was her bra. She had a glazed look in her eyes and an evil smile on her lips.

Alex spoke, “Chloe dear, you seem to be teasing poor Mr. Grant. Let’s not keep him all zipped up like that. He has a wet spot on his nice slacks. Oh, his pants will be ruined if you don’t free that tool of his.”

Suddenly everyone was distracted by a voice.

“Ohhhhhh, Yesssssssss! Ah, mmmmm.”

They all turned to the register where Amy had brought about the first orgasm of the night. The three women laughed uproariously.

Jen said, “Amy you are shameful! You can cum almost as if on cue. Gloria, I think Amy’s impatience deserves some punishment don’t you?”

“In time,” the older woman said. But we have a guest to take care of first. Chloe, didn’t I tell you to set him free?”

All eyes were on Alex now as Chloe slid his zipper down. She then unbuckled his belt and trousers. Alex’s cock was now tenting his black boxer briefs. An even blacker telltale stain of precum was visible at the apex of the cloth.

“Mmm, nice,” Gloria muttered. Jen slid her hand down beneath her panties and started to stroke her clit.

Gloria hooked her fingers underneath the waistband of Alex’s briefs and slowly pulled down. His cock whipped up and down as it was freed. Everyone applauded. Alex was surprised at the rigidity of his member. He hadn’t felt this turgid since his mid thirties.

“Supurb,” said Gloria as she approached him. “Thank you Chloe darling. Now if you will allow me?”

She took the younger woman’s place and took hold of the dick and began to stroke it with slow light movements. Alex closed his eyes and enjoyed the feeling. His pants and shorts fell to his ankles and he stood naked from the waist down in all his glory before the women. Gloria took some of the leaky precum and coated his entire cock with it.

Like children at a matinee the four women “ooh’d” and “ah’d” and squirmed about as Gloria deftly worked over Alex’s cock with her hand. Their groans elicited a pleading look from Gloria as she released the drippy dick and stared straight into Alex’s eyes. One by one, she unbuttoned his shirt. When it was fully open she pushed the material off his shoulders and watched it slide down his arms and join his shorts and pants in a puddle at his feet. He now was naked before them.

“How shall we proceed ladies,” Gloria asked?

Chloe piped up, “Well Amy has already had an orgasm. I think she should be made to wait before sampling our guest. Or maybe she could lick one of us. I would be willing to wait for my turn with him if she will lap at my cunt for awhile.”

Jennifer walked over to Chloe and gave her a firm slap on the ass.

“I bet you would,” she said. I’m sure your little lesbo friend over there is just itching to taste your pussy juice. But this is not about us today. Alex is our guest and he deserves the best of our attention. Besides, how can you ignore such a delightfully erect organ as that when it is absolutely rampant in its reaction to our presence?”

She had moved in and joined Gloria in stroking the cock. A long satisfied sigh escaped from Alex’s lips. He spoke, “Do what you want ladies, I promise to do whatever I can to return you ministrations. If my cock fails, my tongue will make up for it.”

There were squeals of delight from the women.

“Well said, Alex,” said Gloria. “However, in the state you are in I think it is necessary for us to, shall we say, take the edge off? Jennifer, you organized this evening for us. I give you then honor.”

Jennifer’s hand was slick with Alex’s pre ejaculate. It allowed her to slide up and down the shaft of his tool with ease. She increased the pressure of her hand and began to speed her strokes. It took no more than a dozen or so swift movements when, with a sharp inhale and exhale, Alex released a jet of milky cum in a beautiful pearly arc about a foot and a half into the air.

Gloria shouted, “Ole!”

Applause and encouragement accompanied each subsequent burst. Jen held the rapidly softening organ until all of the aftershocks faded. She then released it and with a grin began to lick each of her fingers, looking Alex directly in the eye.

Gloria smiled and then spoke, “There now, with that out of the way, I’m sure we can proceed with a more deliberate and creative pace.”

“Look, he’s getting hard again already,” Amy exclaimed.

Alex looked at is cock and felt the blood rushing to harden it again. This had not happened in ages.

Chloe quipped, “Been using the little blue pill, Al?”

“No,” he answered. “I never had a need until now. I wish I had one.”

“Oh, I don’t think that will be necessary. I have a feeling that you will find untapped reserves with which to draw upon,” said Gloria.

“Well there’s always my tongue,” said Alex defensively.

“Don’t worry dear man, all will be fine tonight. Just go with the flow,” answered Gloria. She had hiked up her skirt showing her stocking tops and panty crotch. She opened her legs wide. Alex took in the sight of her pussy pushing against the thin nylon of her panties. He fumbled a bit with his shoes and then stepped out of the puddle that was his clothes.

He advanced two steps and looked her squarely in the eye and said,” I really want to thank you for this opportunity Mrs…er…Gloria.”

He raised his right hand and with his forefinger, touched and traces a trail along her face. As he approached her lips she kissed and licked at the finger. Turning the hand so that its back now touched her body, he let it fall gently down her chin, neck, collar bone and shoulders where the left and now joined in mirror to the right. Fingernails gently scraped Gloria’s shoulders and sides. He toyed with the black satin straps of her bra allowing his fingers to feel the texture and roam underneath the ribbon like material.

Now he let his hands fall to the outside of her bra cups. He then hefted them from beneath, feeling their pleasant weight. Gloria smiled and he noticed her nostrils flair as he found her nipples tenting the mesh fabric of the bra cups.

The spell was broken for a moment by a moan near the counter. Turning in that direction, Alex and Gloria were treated to the sight of Chloe sitting on the counter, legs spread wide and thrown over Amy’s shoulders while the redhead was slurping ravenously at the blonde’s pussy.

Alex looked back at Gloria and smiled. She started to reach for his cock but he gently deflected her hand. He gave her a playful “no, no” gesture with his other hand. He noticed that the woman shivered with excitement. He leaned in and kissed her eyelids. His hands stroked gently up and down her sides from shoulders to hips. With each stroke he slowed down and explored the changing texture of skin, bra, and panties. Gloria began to breathe harder.

Jennifer meanwhile had procured a clear glass dildo from one of display cabinets. She perched herself on the bench in the dressing room making sure she was visible to Alex. She licked and sucked the toy for a few seconds then pushing aside her thong, plunged it into her cunt and started to fuck herself.

“Ahhgh, yes you slut, that’s it,” screamed Chloe from across the room. She was nearing orgasm.

She grunted through clenched teeth, “Come on Amy, drive that fucking tongue stud on my clit. Faster, faster! Faster you bitch! Yesssssss, suck it a little, that’s it, that’s it. Come on. Come on, now. Ooooh, that’s the way, Ameeeeeeee.”

Amy worked her tongue furiously over Chloe’s pussy. Hearing the groans and the slurping sounds of the exchange, Alex’s cock grew even harder. His hands moved to the crotch of Gloria’s panties and found them to be damp as well. He smiled and looked first into the older woman’s eyes and then over to Jennifer in the cubicle. She smiled without missing a stroke in her own pussy.

He knelt before Gloria and put his hands on her ass cheeks. In anticipation, the woman opened her legs wider. The dark spot of wetness, about the size of a quarter was gleaming before him, perfect bull’s-eye for his tongue. He approached slowly, letting his breath warm her thighs. The spicy aroma of her arousal inflamed him even more. Sticking out his tongue he pressed firmly against the damp spot.

Gloria jerked reflexively and tried to open her thigh wider. She took his head in her hands lacing her fingers in his hair and pulled him into her. He licked slowly. Up first and then down. He was rewarded by her reaction.

“Ohhhhh,.” She exclaimed.

Her fingers tightened in his hair. A small rush of fluid filled her panty crotch as a light spasm signaled a tiny orgasm flowed through her body.

“Come on honey, that’s it, lick me good. Momma wants to cum bad. Come on now suck meeee.” Gloria began to tremble.

Alex supported her as best he could by cupping and squeezing her ass cheeks hard. Gloria pushed harder on his head and began to wail.

“Ahhhhhh! Oh! Oh! OH! YESSSSSSS!”

A gush of pussy juice flooded her panties, followed by a bust of liquid that, at first seemed to be pee. Alex continued sucking and licking her as his beard became inundated with the combination of fluids. There was one long and three short bursts of fluid as Gloria’s black satin panties became soaked from front to back. Gloria was a squirter!

Alex had never experienced this before. He was amazed. It excited him so much that he blew another wad of cum, this time without anyone touching his cock. He was so surprised at Gloria’s orgasm that he was unaware of his own gusher.

“Well now,” Gloria gasped. “That was amazing! I thank you Mr. Grant. I found that exhilarating. I had better take these panties off. They are soaked right through.”

Alex said, “Oh, please leave them on, at least a while longer. They look so hot molded against you like that.”

“Mmmm, I see that there is a naughty boy beneath that gentlemanly veneer. Very well, I will accede to your wish, though I doubt they could get any wetter than they are now. Now bring me that cock of yours dear boy.”

She reached for his now soft dick and started stroking it. He could feel her hot breath surrounding his balls while she cupped them and pulled the limp shaft into her mouth. Almost immediately, Alex felt blood rush to the organ and stiffen it once more.


Gloria released the cock with an audible “pop” and turned to Jennifer who was pumping the dildo in her pussy with fierce determination.

“Jen dear, put that silly piece of glass down and use our guests firm member instead. I’m sure you will find him more than adequate.”

With some reluctance Jen pulled the dildo from her cunt and approached the couple on the loveseat.

Gloria took charge immediately.

“Very good dear. Now come over and sit on his cock facing me. Alex, please don’t move. Here let me help. That’s it. Slowly Jen, darling. Sit down now. Yes, now neither of you move.”

The older woman took in the scene for a moment and then kneeled down and began licking and fingering the younger woman’s clit. Alex was pretty much blind to what was occurring right in front of him. He felt warm liquid flowing rather freely around his crotch area however. His arms circled around Jen and he lingered on the satin side panels of her bra and then finally cupping the ample bosom encased in the sexy garment. With his thumbs and forefingers he searched out her nipples and began stroking and pulling at them. Engorged with desire, they pushed against the bra cups. It was more than Jennifer could stand. She began to writhe and moan.

“No dear,” said Gloria. “Sit still and let me take care of everything. You have such a nice hairy pussy. I’m sure it tickles the base of Alex’s dick. Does it, Alex dear?”

Alex was in a trance and could not answer. Meanwhile, Gloria continued to lick at the nub in Jen’s cunt. She lapped at it with fierce flicks of her tongue, every once in awhile slowing down and slurping at point where Alex’s cock met the young assistant’s pussy.

Jen began to beg. “No, Gloria, no.” Her voice was husky with desire now. She grit her teeth and then started to blow out in short puffy breathes as if she was in labor.

“Oooooh God that feels good! Please, let me fuck his cock Gloria. Please, I am soooo close!”

“No dear. Hang on. I love how you are keeping Alex’s cock nice and warm and hard inside your pussy. Does it fill you up darling? Do you like the man’s hard cock in your cunt? He likes, it don’t you Alex?”

Alex nodded but his eyes were glazed. He was doing everything he could to keep from exploding in Jennifer’s womb until Gloria brought her to a proper climax.

Gloria inserted her forefinger between Alex’s dick and Jen’s pussy folds. She reached up and in hoping to hit the girl’s “G-spot”. At the same moment Alex pinched the girl’s nipples as hard as he could.

“OHHHHHHHHH GAAAAAWD!” Jen was shrieking.

“I’m cummmmmming!”

The young girl went stiff for about ten seconds and then moaned as the muscles in her body released every bit of tension she had mustered. She then slumped exhausted off of Alex’s still hard cock and into Gloria’s arms.

Gloria hugged and stroked her and whispered, “Was that a nice cum, darling. Did you like that?”

Jen mewled, “Oh yes, Gloria love. My cunt is so wet right now. That was superb.”

Gloria smiled and gave the girl one last hug before turning her attention once more to the only male in the place.

“And you Alex? I see that you are still hard. No cum juice in Jen’s pussy? What a shame. But you have proven yourself quite worthy of our attentions so far. Hasn’t he ladies?”

Her question was answered with the sounds of sex rampant in the room. Alex came out of his trance and saw that Chloe had retrieved the glass dildo and had attached to a harness around her waist. Amy rushed to it and after slathering it with her own saliva; she lay down and begged the blonde to shove it into her hard and fast. Chloe was more than happy to oblige. He started to stroke his cock when the blonde turned and said, “Don’t waste that tool on your hand. I have a hole right here, free and waiting for it. Shove it up my ass.”

Being careful not to withdraw the strap-on from Amy, Chloe raised her rump and presented him with the perfect bull’s eye of her anus. He spat on the brown bud and smeared it with his fingers lubricating the opening. Then he got down on his knees and positioned himself. He waited for the girl to pull up from her fucking of the now delirious Amy, and then when he saw his chance he thrust forward and filled Chloe’s hole with the entire length of his dick.

“OWWWW! Oh god that hurt! You bastard! Oh it hurts so good. Now! Now fuck my ass you fucking stud. Ram that cock in and out of my hot little asshole.” Chloe transferred some of the pain and excitement to her fucking of Amy and soon all three lovers were moving in a maniacal rhythm that was miraculous in its debauchery.

Alex reached around and inserted one of his fingers between the harness and Chloe’s gash. He found her clit and flicked at it.

Oooh, that’s nice Al baby. Mmm, yes keep that up. Come on stud, don’t stop. Finger me. Fuck my ass. Fill me with your cum. Come on you horny bastard. Make me! Do it, you fucking cock!

Suddenly, Amy started screaming. “I’m cummmmmmming! Ahhhgghh!

She thrust up so hard that Alex was thrown off of Chloe’s asshole. Amy kissed Chloe hard and deep with lots of tongue and the blonde responded in kind. Amy could be heard mewling into her friend’s mouth. Her orgasm was flooding through her with astounding strength.

At the height of her spasm, Alex re-entered Chloe’s ass.

MMMmmmm. Nuh nuh, noooooo. Oh, yesssssssss. Come on you bastard. Fuck my shit. Cum in my bung hole. Do it Alex. Cum. NOW!

Alex exploded. He emptied his load deep in the blonde slut’s belly.

Gloria and Jen applauded.

Chloe shouted with delight, “Yeah, that’s it baby, fill me up. Oooh it’s hot and gooey. I can’t wait to show you how it leaks out of me and slides down my thighs. I’ll get Amy to lick me clean. You would like that wouldn’t you Amy luv?”

“Yes, Chloe, Yes, yes, yes, yes. I can’t wait to lick you clean. Oh, please let me. Let me now?”

“In a moment dear,” Chloe replied.

The trio disentangled themselves and reformed. Amy crawled between Chloe’s legs and started lapping like a kitten to milk. Gloria stood over Chloe, hiked up her skirt and then squatted down over the younger girl’s mouth. Chloe did what was expected and began sucking and licking the older woman’s cunt through her soaked panties. Jennifer and Alex entwined in a sixty-nine position and orally stimulated each other. Soon the room was full of grunts, moans and the sucking noise of sloppy uninhibited sex.

Once she managed to revive Alex’s cock sufficiently, Jennifer mounted him in reverse cowgirl style, fingering her clit as she did. She reveled in the sight of her three friends sucking, slurping and fucking each other. Then she closed her eyes and concentrated on the feeling of the lovely cock filling her cunt and the tingle her fingers gave her clit.

Alex entered a fugue state and began to imagine himself out side his body watching the erotic scene. He saw himself fucking the busty woman. With each thrust he felt electric pulses in his cock. He was watching himself and feeling each every sensation. He looked around and saw the trio locked in an impossibly nimble chain of lust, their bodies slick with a sheen of sweat and the colorful garments that still covered parts of their bodies shining with an other worldly aura. In his disembodied state, he wondered at his unnatural ability and stamina. Then he gave himself up totally to the sensual. He thanked Aphrodite and Eros for allowing him this excursion and suddenly he was back in his body fucking Jennifer into a frenzy.

“Alex! Oh, damn. What are you doing to me.? It feels like your cock is growing inside me. Fuck me you horse. Fill my cunt with that log.” The woman on top of him slammed her body down harder and faster. With each thrust, he met her with equal upward force. He did feel his cock seemingly grow in length and tumescence. The orgasm that was approaching was monumental.

“Jen, I’m going to cum very soon,” he cried.

“Hang on darling. We are going to get there together. Fuck me you Bastard!”

I’m close. Soooo close. Come on Jen. Get there with me.

I’m there. Give it to me Alex. Fill me with your spunk. I want it NOW,” she screamed!

Alex roared.

Jennifer rammed up and down on his cock with amazing speed a siren-like squeal crescendo issued from the depths of her soul, “Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyahhhh!”

Alex felt spurt after spurt of cum jump from his cock and splatter the walls of her womb. He shook with each spurt and then shivered as Jen elicited three more aftershock climaxes from him.

There was silence.

The Sapphic trio had stopped their revels to witness the orgasm and when the convulsions ceased were bound to show their astonishment. The whole room seemed to glow in a silver shimmer.

The spell broke with the sound of Alex inhaling. As if to complement their recent coupling Jen exhaled and then rolled off her lover. She and Alex just stared at each other while trying to keep from hyperventilating.

Applause broke out from the three other souls in the room.

“Darlings” cooed Gloria. “Even though we could continue this for the rest of the night, I don’t think we shall come close to what we just witnessed. I am very jealous of you Jennifer dear. However, something tells me that each of us, should we choose, may sample such ecstasy if Alex is willing to continue to explore with us.

Before Alex could answer, Jennifer piped up, “I am grateful that I was the one to experience such and orgasm. It was a true blessing. But it was you, Gloria who inspires us here at Myth. Your visits are the catalyst that strokes our erotic nature. Tonight, Alex has learned that lesson as well.”

Finally finding his own voice, Alex said, “You all were wonderful and inspiring. Each of you in your own way brought about what just happened. I’m not sure this night could ever be repeated. You are all delightful playmates.”

Turning to Gloria he continued, “There is something special about your presence here. I am grateful to have met you.”

Gloria smiled enigmatically.

He turned to Jennifer. “I would like to see you again. Maybe you can be the one for whom I can buy such invitingly sexy lingerie. Jennifer, may I be the one who ‘programs your software’?”

Everyone laughed at the metaphor and Jen answered him by kissing him and filling his mouth with her tongue.

Chloe looked around and said, “It’s nearly dawn and we can’t open the store like this.”

The next thirty minutes were spent picking up, straightening and setting the dressing area to rights. Gloria produced a bottle of Febreeze and with some liberal spraying the store was put to rights for the next day’s business. Everyone then dressed themselves. This time the Myth smocks were buttoned from top to bottom with no glimpse of lingerie in sight. Only Gloria remained in the ensemble she wore when she had last exited the dressing room.

She laughed and said, “Well, I suppose I have bought these. Jen, ring everything up. I’ll wear it home. And, oh, include all the other outfits as well. Put it on your commission. And one last thing.”

She winked at Alex and reached to her hips. Hooking her thumbs into the waistband of the panties, she performed her ‘stripper wiggle’ once more and lowered the garment to her knees. One more gesture and they lay in a puddle at her feet. She stepped out of one leg hole and with her other foot lifted the panties up and with a flick launched in the air, catching them with her right hand. She carefully folded them and then, producing a clear plastic zip bag from her purse, lovingly placed them inside and sealed them. She presented them to Alex with a smile and a kiss on the cheek.

“A token,” she whispered.

Alex thanked her. He noticed that in folding the panties, she had left the waistband label conspicuously in view. He could not miss the florid red script of the brand name. It read, Aphrodite.

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