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Sucking at the Picnic Ch. 02

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Strangely, my wife did not throw me out of the house after catching me in the middle of two hard cocks at the annual Firefighter’s picnic. I tried to talk to her about it, but she would just smile enigmatically and say she wasn’t sure how she felt about it yet. In the meantime, she was perfectly pleasant with me, if a tiny bit aloof. After a few weeks, I started thinking that maybe the other shoe would never actually drop. The only fly in the ointment was that she was “too tired” for the next three weeks. We had had gaps like that before, though, and I wasn’t going to push it.

A month had gone by when my wife Myra said to me, “Honey, could you clean up the back yard? I invited a few friends over for a barbecue.” Nothing unusual there; we had a nice deck and a nice back yard, and our friends were a gregarious bunch.

That Saturday, I was getting ready and I asked Myra who was showing up. “Oh, the usual crowd” she said. “Those are fine. No need to dress up”, she said, nodding at the lightweight Tai Chi pants I was wearing.

I watched in growing unease as the crowd came in. There was Pam and her boyfriend Luke, and Liz and her husband Bill. You see, Pam and Liz had been the ones standing at my wife’s side when they saw me naked and sandwiched between two beefy firemen, one hose blasting into my mouth and another in my ass. There was also Donna and Rex, who were not there that day — but Rex was also a member of that VFD. It was a small town, and I had to figure that everybody and their grandmother knew the intimate details by now. People are polite in my neighborhood, however, and nobody smirked or said anything untoward as I did my host duties and got everyone fed.

As usual, the men congregated around the cooking beef while the women caught up on things in the kitchen. The girl giggles seemed unusually raucous this time, and Rex was the first to say something.

“Man, all our ladies are looking extra-fine tonight. It’s killing me, because Donna has been unavailable more than usual lately.”

“You too?” Bill put in. “Liz has been really affectionate, but then she stiff-arms me. I could swear she was teasing me on purpose.” Luke just nodded ruefully.

Myra and the girls came out with a tray of Budweisers. Their faces were still bright from all the laughing. When Myra neared us with the beers, I got a shock. She was wearing a new and snug pair of bluejeans, and as I looked down I saw a large bulge right where a bulge shouldn’t be. Bill wasn’t looking, but I saw Luke’s eyes get very wide before he suppressed a grin.

Strangely, none of the women seemed to even notice Myra’s huge boner. They just kept making small talk through the meal as if nothing was amiss, and the boys were obliged to keep up. Nobody wanted to be the first to mention the unmentionable.

Finally, after the meal (which came out perfectly), we all sat around on the porch relaxing, telling jokes, and laughing. The jokes got bawdier, and finally Rex had enough beer to break the ice.

“So Myra, is that a banana in your pants or are you just happy to see me?” he said in a slightly slurred voice.

Myra leaned back lewdly and stroked her bulge. “That depends on how friendly you’re prepared to be.”

Rex held up his hands in mock surrender. “Not my thing, Myra. Besides, I think Tom should get first dibs.” At this everyone laughed, and I felt my face get hot. Myra was making my recent adventure the topic of conversation, and everyone was in on the joke but me.

Myra let the silence linger for a minute, then looked right at me. “I don’t know, a nice blowjob might be just the thing after a good meal. Tom, would you be a dear and suck my dick for me? I laughed uncomfortably, but my earlier wardrobe decisions were working against me. Despite (or perhaps because of) the humiliation potential of the evening, I felt myself becoming aroused, and there was nothing between me and my Calvins to disguise the fact.

Myra knew this. She kept talking about how good it would feel to have my mouth on her hard dick, slurping and slobbering away, and making really good sound effects for the slurping and slobbering. Everyone else was maintaining a sort of shocked silence, but there was also a sense of anticipation. They knew some sort of a show was in the offing.

By now, my cock was fully hard in my light tai chi pants, and Myra knew it. “Tom, could you get our guests another round?” I had no choice; I take my hosting duties seriously. I got up, and my hard cock was tenting out my pants in a way that no one could miss. Amid laughter and catcalls, I got another cold six from the fridge.

When I returned, all eyes were on Myra. I found out why: she had unzipped her Wranglers and was now stroking a large strap-on dildo protruding from same.

“Honey, I want you to kneel in front of me right now and suck my cock. You know you want to, I know you want to, and all these nice people know you want to.

The other shoe had dropped. Payback’s a bitch. I was cornered. My face burning, I kneeled down in front of my wife and stared down at the lifelike rubber cock sliding lewdly through her fist.

“Good boy. Now make it nasty. Show me how much it turns you on to suck cock,”

I did. Against all odds, I was becoming more turned on as I kneeled in front of my wife and prepared to fellate her in front of my friends. I closed my eyes and rubbed the fake cock on my cheeks. It felt surprisingly lifelike; some sort of high-tech cyberskin dildo, it seems. Finally I took the plunge, opening my mouth and feeling the skin-like rubber slide across my lips and fill my mouth. There was silence all around as I lowered my head and brought it up, lowered it again until I found a rhythm.

“What do you think guys? Is he doing a good job of cocksucking? Does it make you hard?” There was a pause before a set of lame denials came back.

“I think he’s doing a fine job, but we’ll never know how he will handle the big finish with this rubber thing. I think Tom needs to show us what he’ll do with a real cock in his mouth. A real cock squirting hot cum. Any volunteers?”

Silence. Then Pam spoke up. “Look guys, we want to see Tom here sucking a real cock. I can promise you if nobody volunteers here, nobody ELSE is going to be sucking yours for quite a while.

Nobody spoke for what seemed like minutes.

“Fuck it,” Luke finally said. “Nothing personal Tom, but I’m a man that needs that pussy…so you’re just going to have to suck my dick. I probably won’t even get turned on.” Pam chortled. Let’s just get it over with, all right?”

Liz put in, “I think they should be naked.”

“Fine by me” said Luke. “It’s hot out.” He pulled his t-shirt off and dropped his cargo shorts and boxers. Luke worked in construction, and he had a pretty good body. My best attribute was revealed when I dropped my shorts: not overly long at seven inches, but with more than enough girth and rigidity to do the job. Right now it was pointing straight up with a drop of precum glistening on the tip.

Luke leaned back in his rattan chair and spread his legs. “Take your best shot, Tom.” He said with a lazy smile. I sat down on my knees in front of him. It was an entirely different experience than looking down at a strap-on. He wasn’t hard, but he wasn’t exactly shriveled. His dick was mid-sized from the look of hit, solid-looking. I leaned in and took a tentative lick. When the world didn’t end, I took another. Luke had his hands on the armrests, drumming his fingers nervously. I sucked the head into my mouth and moved my tongue over it. Nothing happened for ten or twelve seconds of this, and then…I felt the head growing in my mouth. I started tentatively sliding my mouth down on about three inches of his cock. At first that was just about all of it, but I noticed that each time I slid my mouth down on him, his pubes were a little farther away and my mouth was stretched a little more.

The nervous bawdy joking stopped one by one as people noted the new development. I barely noticed them as I concentrated on one of nature’s miracles: the birth of a new boner in one’s mouth. I kept up my steady but slow sucking until I could pull my mouth off and look down at a completely hard cock, slick and wet with my spit.

There no sound on the deck except the chirp of songbirds and the wet slurping sounds my mouth was making on Luke’s hard dick. The minutes went by, and he was now gently holding my head as I pistoned his hard cock in and out along my tongue.

“Okay, stop. New position.” It was Myra’s voice. For the first time in minutes, I was a world outside the cock I was sucking. Myra was standing behind me, rubbing oil over the hard cock strapped to her. “Hands and knees, Tom. I’m going to fuck your ass now.” I looked around. Glazed eyes everywhere. Rex and Bill were openly stroking the large bulges in their pants, and Liz and Pam were looking ready to slip a hand in and see what is wet down there.

“Hurry up,” said Luke. I needed no coaxing to return to his rock-hard dick. He was getting close and we both knew it. I plunged my mouth back down, and soon we had the rhythm going again. Then I felt a warm hand and cold lube on my ass, and two or three mouth cycles later I felt the head of her rubber cock pressing up against my ass. She stayed there as I sucked on Luke’s dick, until she started feeling me pressing gently back against her. She leaned into me a little harder and I pushed back a little harder until the head of her cock popped inside my sphincter. My gasp of pain was muffled by Luke’s cock. I stopped to breathe until finally my ass relaxed around my wife’s cock. She started easing it in and out, and suddenly the pain was replaced by that wonderful feeling of being fucked in the ass. Soon all three of us were in a rhythm, until it felt like there was just one hard cock going all the way through me. Out of the corner of my eye I could see the hands of Rex and Bill openly stroking their hard cocks now. Pam and Liz were huddled together, their hands enmeshed in each others’ panties.

I kept sucking until Luke grabbed my head and groaned. I felt his cock swell up, so I grabbed it and pumped furiously, the angry slit in the middle of his now-large purplish head pointed right at my face. I opened my mouth as he started to shoot, great ropes of come splashing down on my nose, my lips, my tongue, my chin, my cheeks. He just kept depositing great wads of salty hot cum on my face. I didn’t want it to end.

I was just sucking the last few drops out when Luke was elbowed out of the way by Bill, his raging boner bobbing in the breeze. By the time he was settled in and thrusting into my mouth, Myra’s rubber cock had pulled out of my mouth and a new sensation was taking its place. Something spongy and warm and hard was sliding into my now well-greased hole. I looked back to see Rex kneeling behind me, his face contorted in lust, his hands on my hips. His cock only got hotter once it started generating friction on the rapid thrusting Rex was now assaying.

I had lost track of time, and of all sensation beyond that of a hard wet slimy cock in my mouth, another one in my ass, and globs of cum sliding down my cheeks and chin. Myra leaned down beside me and said “you love this, you little faggot cocksucker of a husband! I guess I’m just going to have to make sure you get plenty of it! Now I want you to pass your final cocksucker exam — I want you to swallow Bill’s cum. All of it. And you are leaving that cum on your face all night to remind me! Now SUCK!

I sucked. Bill was already halfway there, and I hardly had to move as he fucked my face.

Meanwhile, Rex was thrusting and groaning and pumping like a man about to shoot a hot load deep in my ass. Bill groaned, and I stopped my head on the downstroke. A huge salty glob of cum spurted inside my mouth, filling all the space Bill’s cock head didn’t. It kept spurting and I started to swallow as my wife stared from inches away. Bill kept pumping goo into my mouth as Rex screamed and blasted a load of boiling hit jizz into the deepest part of my ass. I left my body and was looking down on myself getting rammed in the ass while swallowing a hard cock.

Finally, I came back to my senses. Rex and Bill pulled out of me with wet popping sounds, and I looked around as I scooped cum from my cheeks into my mouth. Luke was happily watching Pam and Liz ease into a 69 next to us on the deck, but that’s a story for another time.

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