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Submissive Saturday Ch. 01

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I was very curious about the lifestyle of the submissive female and how it would feel to surrender complete and total control of myself to a very dominant male. After several days of chatting with various men online, I finally found the male I was after. He was very cocky and sure of himself. I was made to call him Master from the moment we met and was instructed to write to him using only the color pink in my messages.

Every time that I forgot, he would make a mark on a piece of paper that was the way he chose to keep score of the number of punishments I was deserving when we finally met in person. We had discussed the form of punishment Master would use and agreed to spanking either with his hand or his belt, as I was eager to feel the pain.

The afternoon I was to meet him near my house, I dressed with great care. Wearing my tightest blue jeans, no panties, and a button down shirt with the buttons undone to reveal my cleavage in a black lacy push up bra. With that outfit, I also wore a pair of black high-heeled boots that made me stand a couple of inches taller. I felt like the slut Master demanded I look like when he first sees me.

I pulled into the parking lot of our arranged meeting place and as instructed, greeted my Master with a hug while my tongue played inside his ear. My left hand slide down between our bodies to caress his cock, making it stand up hard as my fingers squeezed the head. I would never have dreamed about being so forward with any man I had just meet but could not bring myself to disobey Master’s commands. With a sharp slap to my ass, he pulled away from me and demanded that I lead him back to my house where he could play with me at his leisure. I was trembling with anticipation, desire and a little fear as I drove home with him closely following me.

Once inside the house, I was ordered to light all the candles I had placed around my home and then Master took me into the kitchen where he backed me against my cabinets and brutally squeezed my 38D breasts in his huge hands after dropping a gym bag he had brought with him on the floor. Even though we had discussed my enjoyment of rough sex many times, he seemed impressed when I moaned in pleasure rather than cry out in pain as he had expected.

“Take off your clothes, slut,” Master commanded. “Unless, I ask otherwise, you are to remained undressed at all times in my presence.”

”Yes, Master,” I agreed as I began to undress for him. My shaking hands made it a difficult chore but I finally succeeded. My shirt was unbuttoned and laid on the cabinet, the black lacy bra thrown on top of it. I leaned over to unzip my boots so I could kick them off and Master grabbed a handful of my hair, tossing me back against the cabinets.

“Stupid bitch,” he growled at me, “ I wanted you naked so I can see what I now own. Don’t ever try to hide anything from me again.”

“Y-y-yes, Master,” I stammered in surprise at how aggressive he had become.

Carefully, I bent my leg so that my foot was touching my ass and reached around to unzip my boot. Now rather than hiding my breasts from his view, I was pushing them out at him. I was looking at my boot because I had to lift up my pant leg to expose the zipper and was unaware of Master’s fascination with my breasts until I felt his lips close around the right nipple.

Quickly I finished pulling off my boot and standing on one foot, I wrapped my hands around his head, pulling him closer to me as I arched my back against the cabinets. I was moaning in pleasure as his tongue flicked my nipple up and down, side to side. I could feel my breasts getting heavier and fuller as the blood engorged them. Suddenly, the gentle caress of his tongue became the horrible pinching of his teeth as he bite down on me hard, capturing my tender nipple between his grinding teeth. Master knew that I liked having my nipples bitten but this was beyond anything I had ever experienced before.

“Did I tell you that you could touch me, slave?” Master demanded after he finally released my brutalized nipple from his mouth.

“No, you didn’t, Master.” I replied in a voice that was hoarse with pain and trembling.

“Slave must always remember that she belongs to her Master and is his to do with what he desires but she cannot touch without his permission.”

“Yes, Master, I understand now,” I assured him placing my hands behind my back to better be able to resist the temptation of touching him again.

“Good slave,” Master told me as he once again bent his head to tease my nipples, being so very gentle with the right nipple that he had savagely bitten. The feeling of his soft lips, tenderly kissing the sore flesh soon had me gasping in pleasure again. However, this time I was careful to avoid touching him by grasping my hands together behind my back and pinching them between my ass and the cabinet edge.

His hot wet tongue curled around my nipple, stroking on it as he placed one of his hands between my legs and started rubbing my pussy through my jeans. I had taken great care to completely shave my pussy as Master had demanded that morning before meeting with him and was incredibly sensitive to his touch. It was not long before my hips were rocking against his hand and I was shivering in delight as he rubbed the seam of my jeans against my hard clit.

“Finish undressing, slave,” Master commanded as he turned his attention to my left nipple.

I pulled my leg up behind my back so that I could unzip my other boot. This position allowed Master full access to the damp spot that was growing between the legs of my jeans. I regretted having to put my leg down to be able to kick off my boot but was able to trap his hand between my thighs. I squeezed them together as I crossed my legs to be able to place the toes of my other foot against the heel of the boot to slip it off.

As soon as the boot was off, I slide my hands around the front of me, being very careful not to touch Master as he continued to kiss and tongue my nipples. My fingers shook as they unbuttoned my jeans and slide down the zipper, allowing my pants to fall and puddle at my feet but also forcing Master to pull his hand away from my steaming cunt. When I lifted one leg up slightly to be able to kick the pants off my legs, Master slid his hand against my exposed pussy.

My back immediately arched away from the cabinet, pushing down against his rough callused hand, which was only loosely cupping my pussy. I was whimpering with desire as he continued to tease me by only holding his hand against me. My breath caught in my throat as he slowly slipped his fingers from my ass up towards my clit, dragging his fingers along the opening of my pussy until the rough skin of his fingertips grazed across my clit, sending me into spasms. My hands were gripping the edge of the countertop so hard that my knuckles turned white as my hips rocked and my body shook with orgasm.

Throughout it all, Master continued to stroke my hard throbbing clit and nibble on my nipples, tenderly grinding them between his teeth. I was trembling so hard I thought I would collapse on the floor and I wrapped my arms around Master to keep myself from falling as I kissed the top of his head, the only part of his body available to me in the position we were in.

Slowly my Master trailed his fingers back down tracing the outer lips of my cunt lips, now so slick with my juices. His hand slid down the inside of my thighs to discover that my cunt juice had leaked all the way down my legs. Gently he released my nipple from his mouth, giving it one last kiss as he looked up at me.

“That felt good, didn’t it, Slave?” Master asked me.

“Oh, yes, Master. It is incredible how good you feel to me and how sensitive I am now that I am shaved.”

“Wonderful,” he replied, grinning up at me. Slowly he grasped one of my arms, just above the elbow in his hand and slid his hand down until he had my wrist. His grasp turned painful as he cruelly twisted my arm away from him.

“Did I give you permission to touch me, Slave?” my Master asked me.

“No but I was afraid I would fall, Master so I held onto you,” I fearfully replied.

“Next time, fall but you are not to touch unless I tell you that you can. I warned you once but you could not listen. Maybe if there is more pain attached to the lesson, you will learn quicker,” Master told me as he lead me by my arm over to the dining room table, making me stumble as my jeans were still around one ankle.

“Undo my belt for me,” Master commanded as he released my arm.

My wrist was red from where he had held me, a perfect outline of his handprint marring my white skin. Quickly, so as not to enrage him anymore, my hands unfastened his belt as fast as possible. I so badly wanted to caress his body under his clothing and slowly strip him naked, kissing each piece of skin as it was revealed to me but knew I could not touch him or undress him without his permission. To be truthful, at that point, I was afraid to even ask for his permission.

“Now bend over the table. I want you to be resting your head against the tabletop and your ass to be pushed back at me,” my Master told me as he began to slide his belt out of the loops on his pants.

I was trembling in fear as I turned away to comply with his latest wishes. The tabletop felt so cool against my face, which I then noticed was damp with sweat. I moaned as Master pulled my legs back farther by placing his foot on my ankles and tugging until I was spread out as far as I possibly could go. I was surprised when I heard the sound of a zipper coming apart and was going to lift my head up off the table to look when Master’s sharp voice told me, “stay exactly as you are, Slave. You will find out soon enough what I am going to do with you.”

I felt something cool and soft being placed in the middle of my back. “A special treat for you, if you can learn your lesson, Slave,” I was told. Master placed one of his hands on my back just below this ‘treat’ as he called it. I know he could feel me trembling because he leaned close to my ear and whispered, “Are you scared, slave?” I nodded my head, my mouth so dry I didn’t think I could speak.

I heard a loud CRACK as his belt was slapped across my ass but it was a couple of seconds before I felt the stinging burn. To my surprise, Master’s cool hand was rubbing away the sting almost as soon as I was aware of it so rather than crying in pain, I was moaning in pleasure as my hips rolled to the rhythm of his hands.

“Such a good little whore,” Master whispered as he once again brought his belt down on me.

Every time he would whip me with his belt, his hands would be right there to caress away any pain. Master was always so careful to make sure that he only touched my skin with the leather of the belt. Holding the buckle in his hand to prevent me from feeling the biting pain of the metal against my skin. As this was my first trip into the world of pleasure and pain, Master was very careful not to push me too far as he wanted me to learn to love this world as much as he did.

I lost count of how many times Master hit me to drive home the lesson that I must not touch without permission. After every swat, he would run his cooling hand over my bottom, instantly replacing any pain with the tender caress. My hips kept arching up and back, but whether I was craving the touch of his hand or the touch of his belt, I am not sure. Probably both.

Master finally laid his belt on the table next to my head and ran his fingers over my face, checking for the presence of tears, which continued to defeat him by not appearing before he bent behind me to take a closer look at the job he had done. He lifted my leg and pulled off the jeans that had caused me to stumble on the way to the table before inspecting his handiwork. His hands gently kneading and lifting my ass checks as he commented at how red I was. At times, he would trace a line that he claimed was going to leave a welt with his finger asking as he touched it if it hurt. As I slowly shook my head yes, his fingers drifted between my thighs and touched my hot cunt which he was surprised to find still wet.

“You are turned on by the pain, slave?” Master asked me. “That is wonderful. For most people the pain is just something they must struggle through to get to the pleasure they so crave. It is rare to find a person who can find enjoyment in both.”

Master quickly jammed the dildo he had placed on my back into my steaming cunt, making me shiver in delight as my cunt closed around it tightly. Faster, harder, deeper he fucked me. My bright red ass shoving back at him, wanting more, and craving the pain only he could deliver. With his other hand he stroked the welts that were appearing on my ass. Suddenly, my Master crammed two fingers deep inside my pussy to join the dildo. It felt so wonderful that I stood up, driving his fingers deeper as I came all over them. Leaning against his chest as I shuddered through an intense orgasm, my legs bowing as I continued to ride his fingers.

When Master removed his soaked fingers, he slide them slowly between my ass cheeks so that his wet fingers touched against my puckered asshole. Making my body quiver, partly in fear but mostly in desire. I moaned quietly as my back arched so that my head slide down his chest until I was looking up at him.

“Do it, please, Master,” I begged him.

“My slave wishes to be fucked in the ass?” Master asked me as he bent to kiss my sweaty forehead.

“Yes, please,” I begged him again.

“Not yet,” Master replied as he stepped away from me so quickly that I had to grab onto the table to keep from falling, pulling the dildo out as he moved away from me. He gave me an evil grin as he walked around the table and sat down.

“Come sit down and talk to me,” Master commanded. “But first you should get a towel to cover up the chair so you don’t soak it with your creaming cunt.”

When I returned from the bathroom with the towel, I made sure my back was to my Master as I bent low to place the towel over the chair. Taking my time to make sure it was folded smooth with no creases and completely covered the cloth of the chair. I could feel my pussy lips separating, offering him an unobstructed view deep inside my clean-shaven cunt. As I had hoped, he was unable to resist such a delightful sight and began stroking me with the fingertip of just one finger. Not probing deep as I wanted but gently stroking me, teasing the opening before slowly sliding down to my hard clit which was throbbing with desire. Just as slowly he would drag his finger back towards the opening before allowing his finger to sink in to just the first knuckle before continuing on to my asshole. I gasped in pleasure as he once again allowed his finger to sink into me to the first knuckle before he pulled out, slapping my ass once more.

“That is for teasing me, whore,” Master said. “Now sit down so we can talk.”

I carefully arranged myself in the chair as I sat down. Making sure that I had slide down enough that Master would be looking at my pussy as I pulled one leg up so that my foot was resting on the seat of my chair. As he asked me questions about my life and job I allowed one hand to slide down my thigh until I was stroking my clit with my fingertips. Allowing my hand to rock back and forth, my hips arching up to meet my fingers every time they grazed on my clit.

I could tell what an effect this was having on my Master as he stopped talking and just watched as my fingers played. Teasing myself over and over until I was moaning. By that time I had given up all pretense of this being accidental and had allowed my head to fall back so that my nipples were also pointing straight at Master. Leaving no doubt how incredibly excited I was as my breasts rose and fell with my heavy breathing. My fingers trailed down my cunt until I was able to bury two of them deep inside.

My other leg came up until I had both feet on the seat and was able to arch myself up until my ass was no longer touching the seat. I could feel my pussy burning hotter and tighter as I got closer and closer to cumming. With my other hand I reached down to pull my cunt open so that Master could watch as my fingers slammed hard and deep in and out.

“Damn, you are one hot fucking bitch,” Master said as he quickly got up from his chair to come and stand behind me. My head was forced up as he got up tight behind my chair and demanded that I watch. He slid two of his fingers inside my squirming cunt to join mine. I was so full I could feel my pussy expanding as it tried to accommodate all of the fingers inside me.

Our fingers were like rockets jamming faster and faster inside me. It was such a thrill to watch my small hand next to his much larger one. Feeling his fingers slide in deeper and my hand slamming against the outside of my pussy, trying to join him inside those hot sticky depths. Somehow he managed to rub his fingers along the walls of my pussy as he fucked me harder. I could feel them sliding against me, increasing my pleasure as I never thought would be possible.

My hips were bouncing down on the chair and then lifting back up, forcing our hands tighter against my pussy. Our fingers sliding even deeper as my hips lift up. My head arching back along my Master’s chest as I moan uncontrollably. I can feel my pussy getting tighter, getting ready to cum again for him. My thighs squeeze our hands together as my pussy starts to spasm around our fingers.

“Fuck me, Master. Oh God, please don’t stop fucking me,” I scream as my cunt clenched our fingers, pulling them deeper. My hips rocking like pistons against our hands as I cum harder and harder.

“What a cum slut you are,” my Master tells me as his fingers slip out of my cunt. I am lying with my legs sprawled out, hanging off the sides of the chair as I was gasping for breath. My body coated with a thin layer of sweat as I slowly shuddered through the end of my orgasm. I groaned in pleasure as my Master’s fingers slowly stroked up through my cunt lips and touched my clit.

My Master walked around and sat down across from me again. He sat grinning at me as I lay sprawled in my chair, panting. I was still completely naked and open to his gaze; nothing was covered or hidden from his touch.

“I had no idea you would be as open as you claimed to be, whore” Master told me. “It is a thrill to have someone who is not only willing but eager to learn how to please. I thought as soon as I got here you would have a change of heart and no longer be as open to the new experiences you claimed to crave. Now I need to take a shower to clean up and while I am doing that, I want you to get dressed and go buy me some beer.”

“Yes, Master. What kind of beer would you like?” I asked him as I sat up straighter and prepared to go get dressed.

“You will buy me Miller Lite in the glass bottles, slave. But first, come give me a kiss.”

I rose on shaky legs to give my Master the kiss he requested. As I stood in front of him, he grabbed my hips and pulled me so that I was straddling his legs. I bent to kiss him but he quickly turned his face away so I was only able to kiss his cheek. I was unable to resist and kissed my way across his face to his neck where I licked my way up from his collarbone to his ear. My tongue flickered in his ear as his hand came up to cup my mound, grinding his fingers against me.

As I moaned against his neck, he quickly pulled his hand away from me and set it on his leg with the fingers curled up. I lowered myself until his fingers were once again touching me and begin whimpering because he fingers just laid there, not doing anything to stroke me.

“Ride me,” Master commanded. “ Seek your own pleasure on me but this is the last time you are allowed to use me, bitch.”

With a low growl deep in my throat, I gripped his shoulder with one hand and the edge of the table with the other as I rocked my hips on his fingers. My head was thrown back so my hair caressed my back and fell around my Master’s knees as I moved faster and faster against his relaxed fingers. I could feel the callused pads of his fingertips on my clit as my hips rocked harder and faster on him. My cunt was burning into a tight, hot knot of desire, as I got closer to my release. I screamed out my pleasure as my pussy began to spasm. My head was resting on my Master’s shoulder as I tried to control my ragged breathing. My body once again covered with a thin layer of sweat.

“Now get off me, slut.” My Master commanded. As I stood up to walk away, Master grabbed my wrist with this hand, his long fingers circling my wrist as he stopped me.

“Look at what you did,” Master said, pointing to his leg with the other hand. I could see a very large wet spot staining the leg of his pants. Apparently I had been riding on him so that his fingertips had been stroking my clit but my cunt was grinding on his pants. Pulling on my wrist, Master forced me to my knees and demanded that I clean up after myself.

I fell to my knees with a painful THUD! But I didn’t even notice the pain. My eyes were glued to the shiny wet spot on his pants and on the way his fingers glistened in the sunlight coming through my dining room windows. Bending my head, I first gently licked his fingertips feeling all of my taste buds coming to life as my tongue brought back that wonderful musky salty taste to my mouth.

Moaning I once again flicked my tongue over his fingers. Grabbing a handful of my hair, Master pulled my head back roughly and forced his wet fingers deeper into my mouth. I could feel the tips of them entering my throat, as he demanded that I clean them better. My tongue was working over his fingers, sliding between them to lick all of the spaces in between as my mouth continued to suck on them. I was becoming so turned on by the taste of myself on him that my hand slid down the front of my body to once again begin stroking my clit.

My eyes were closed as I continued to revel in the sensations. The pain as Master pulled my hair, the taste of my own cunt juices as Master fucked my mouth with the fingers he had allowed me to use and the teasing of my own fingers against my clit. Master noticed my hips rocking again as I sought my release with my own hand and quickly let go of my hair to deliver a stinging slap to my ass.

“Did I tell you that you could touch my whore?” My Master demanded as he once again pulled my head back with a handful of hair and tipped my chin up to look at him after pulling his other fingers from my mouth.

“No, Master, you did not,” I was forced to answer.

“Who owns you, bitch?” Master asked, demanding an answer as he shook my head roughly with the handful of hair.

“You do, Master. You own me body and soul. I am yours to do with what you desire,” I answered looking up into his eyes.

“Don’t ever forget that,” Master said. “Now clean off my pants then I want you to go into your room. Bend over the bed but do not get on it and wait for me. I want your back to the door so I can see all of you as I come into the room.”

“Yes, Master,” I murmured as my head was pushed down until my mouth was pressed tightly against his pant leg. I opened my mouth and sucked all of my juices out of the fabric. My thighs squeezed tightly together so that I would not be able to touch myself as I do badly wanted to. It was pure torture to be able to run my tongue over his leg, my mouth sucking and nibbling to collect all of the juices I had left behind but not being able to touch myself and too scared to even attempt to caress my Master’s cock which was growing larger and harder beside my cheek.

“That is enough,” Master declared as he pulled my head up once more. “Now pick up your clothes and take them with you to do as I said.”

I jumped to my knees and began gathering all of my clothes, which were strewn all over the kitchen and dining room area. Once I had them all together, including the boots I had been wearing, I went into my room and tossed them on the bed. Then I bent over and placed my head and chest on the bed with my legs as far back as possible, spread open so that Master would be able to view my pussy and ass as soon as he entered the hallway leading down to my room.

I never even heard my Master approaching my room. The first indication I had that he was even with me was the monstrous dildo that was thrown on the bed, bouncing near my head. My eyes grew huge as I stared at it. It had to be at least 12 inches long and 2 inches wide. My heart began hammering in my chest with fear as I wondering what Master was going to do with that! Never in my life had I seen anything so large and I was trembling with fear at the idea that Master was going to put such a huge object inside of me. Surely it would split me in two!

Master pressed his body against my left leg and bent over me, his hands slowly caressing my body from my ass to my shoulders. He laid his head on the bed near mine and stared into my eyes as he asked me if I liked the little present he had bought me. My attempt at a laugh caught in my throat as I glanced at the dildo once more.

“Relax, whore. I will not push you further than you want to go. This time anyway,” Master said as he followed my eyes to the huge dildo. “If you cannot take anymore, I will not force you. Just tell me when you have had enough but you will be surprised at how much you can handle.”

With that my Master stood up and placed his gym bag on the bed next to me. Putting his hand inside, he opened the bag up far enough so that he could see inside but I was not able to see anything but the side of the bag from where my head was laying.

“This is what you had before,” Master said, withdrawing a blue gel filled dildo. This one was only about 7 inches long and not much more than an inch wide. Remembering how full I felt with that one in the dining room, my fear increased as I once again glanced up to look at the monster that was on my bed. It was all I could handle when my Master had forced his fingers inside me with the small dildo.

Taking the small blue dildo, Master began to rub it on my body. Starting at my shoulders he slowly caressed down to my ass. I could feel the soft gel filled tip against my tightly puckered asshole but was too tense to allow it entry. Knowing I had never experienced anal sex, Master did not force the issue but allowed the dildo to trail its way down the slick path to my cunt. With a quick almost brutal shove, Master lodged the dildo deep inside of me.

“Now, crawl up on the bed but don’t let the dildo fall out,” Master commanded as he moved his gym bag over to the other side of the bed so that I would be laying on the edge closest to him.

Pinching my thighs tightly together, I did I as I was ordered. I lay on my back with my legs tightly together, knowing that as soon as I opened them, my body would attempt to force out the intruder. Master knelt beside the bed and wrapped one arm under my shoulders as his other hand slid between my thighs to find the dildo still inside of me. Grabbing hold of the dildo, Master began slamming it deeper and harder inside me.

“You like this one in your pussy don’t you?” Master asked me as he continued to fuck me fast. I could only nod as my body moved with him.

“I should take the monster and fuck your ass, whore”

“No! Oh God, please don’t” I begged him. I was gasping in pleasure as he rammed that dildo in and out of me, harder and faster but also in terror of the one he called the monster. My body was arching off the bed, trying to pull that dildo deeper into my body, wanting to cum for him again.

Suddenly my head arched back and I screamed, “Fuck me, Master. Oh God! Please don’t stop fucking me!” My cunt went into spasms around the dildo as my hips rocketed up and down on the bed, not wanting the feelings to stop. Master pulled me tightly to his chest with the arm around my shoulders as he began slamming the dildo into me until the balls were bruising my outer pussy lips at how hard he was fucking me. Never in my life had I been fucked through an orgasm like this and it seemed to last forever. I was unaware of anything in the world except the way my cunt was clenching at that dildo as it continued to slide in and out of me.

Slowly my orgasm faded and I lay in Master’s arms, trembling. At some point I had wrapped one of my arms around Master’s back and was aware that I was clenching a handful of his shirt in my tight fist. I released his shirt from my hand, smoothing it out and apologized for touching him again without his permission.

Laughing, Master pulled back enough so that he could look into my eyes. “I love it when you lose control like that when you are cumming for me,” he whispered. “When all of your lessons fly out of your head like that, I know you are really having a good time and not faking it. You are one incredible lady.”

My body shivered as Master pulled the dildo out of my cunt. I could feel my juices running down the crack of my ass and wetting the bed as he prolonged the feeling. Rotating the dildo inside me as he slowly slid it out. Listening to my groans of pleasure as he also massaged my clit with his thumb. Finally, it was out. Leaving me feeling so empty and on edge as his thumb had quickly brought me once again to the very brink of an orgasm before stopping.

“Get dressed so you can go buy my beer while I shower,” Master commanded. Pulling me up so that I was sitting on the edge of the bed as he sat down next to me.

Reaching behind me I grabbed my bundle of clothes and pulled on my socks, pulling my feet up on the opposite leg to slid them on. Then I grabbed my lacy bra and put it on, my breasts pushed forward as I reached around to close the small hooks. I stood up and pulled my shirt on, my hands trembling as I struggled to refasten the buttons. As I bent over to step into my jeans, Master stopped me with his hand on my arm.

“You forgot something,” he whispered as he quickly slid the dildo back into my open pussy. I moaned as I felt him pushing it deeper into me. I dropped my pants back onto the floor as I grabbed hold of the nightstand next to my bed. Using his fingers against the dildo, he gently rocked it into my body a couple of times just to watch my hips pushing back at it.

“Now, finish getting dressed,” Master told me. He held it inside me with his fingers as I bent down to pull on my blue jeans to hold the dildo in place. As my jeans came up over my hips, Master slid his fingers out of my jeans and reached between my legs to push on the dildo as I fastened my pants in place. He reached down and handed me my boots. I groaned as I sat down to pull them on and the feeling I had as I pulled one foot onto the other leg to be able to zip up the boots was incredible. My eyes were closed as I rocked my hips; it felt so damn good to sit like that.

“Not now,” Master said as he pulled me to my feet. “You can cum as many times as you like once you get back with my beer.” Pushing me in front of him, Master told me to lead the way back to the dining room so he could put on his shoes and move his van out of my way, claiming that he wanted to watch me walk with that dildo inside me. I was conscious of his eyes on me as my hips swayed on the way to the dining room. I could feel my cunt muscles squeezing around the dildo with every step I took. If I had to walk very far, I would cum again I knew, desperately hoping it would not happen in the middle of my local grocery store.

Once we had reached the dining room, I was ordered to pick up my Master’s shoes and bring them to him where he sat at the table. After bringing them to him, Master demanded that I kneel in front of him and put his shoes on for him. As I finished the job, Master grabbed a handful of my hair again.

“For being such a good slut, you desire a special reward,” Master told me. “Now close your eyes and no peeking,”

I shut my eyes and wondered what my prize would be for following orders so well. I did not have to wait long until the sound of a zipper being pulled down seemed to echo around me. My body was shivering in delight at not knowing exactly what awaited me this time. Would it be my Master’s cock, another toy or something meant to inflict more pain?

Suddenly I felt the spongy hot head of my Master’s cock against my lips as he pushed himself against my mouth. I slowly parted my lips to allow my tongue to slip out and caress him, the tip of my tongue teasing the slit in the head. Keeping my eyes closed, I slid my body forward until my arms were resting on his legs and I was kneeling between them. He pushed his cock forward and forced his way into my mouth. I could feel the head of his cock pushing into my throat and gagged slightly as the head touched the back of my throat. My right hand slipped down to cup his balls as he fucked my mouth, slowly but pushing deeper with every thrust. His cock was slightly smaller than the dildo he had placed inside me, roughly 6 ½ inches long but had to be close to 2 inches wide. I could feel my mouth stretching tightly around it as he continued to push deeper until his balls were pressed tightly against my chin.

I could feel his precum leaking out onto my tongue as he slowly fucked my mouth. His hands wrapped in my hair so he could control how fast I moved my head and how deeply I took his cock. Anytime I would pause at how deep he was going, he would push down on my head until I had once again swallowed it all, forcing me to deep throat him, as I never had been able to do before. As he would pull my head up I would curl my tongue around him, stroking him with my tongue and lips. Wanting desperately to give him some of the pleasure he had given me.

With a groan, Master pulled himself from my mouth. “That is enough for now. I want to shower while you run to the store for me like a good slut.”

Leaning forward, Master gently kissed my cheek as he stood up and helped me to my feet. Turning me around, he lightly patted my ass and followed me out the door. As the door closed behind me, I double-checked to make sure that I had not locked my Master out of the house. I shivered just thinking of the punishment that would cause!

Walking down the steps of my house, I could feel the dildo shifting inside of me as I slowly walked down the steps. I had to keep a careful grip on the rail, as I was afraid I would pitch forward. My knees were trembling from the feeling of the dildo twisting inside of me with every step and of it rubbing on my clit at the same time. I had no idea how I was going to make it going through the grocery store as the beer was at the very back.

Easing my way into my car, I just sat for a moment. Allowing my body to adjust to sitting again with the dildo inside me. Once I had gotten use to that, I swung my feet into the car with a groan. Oh that felt so good! I rested my head on the steering wheel for a moment to try to recapture my breath.

Master had backed his van out of my way and impatiently honked his horn as I was still sitting in the driveway with the car not even started! Quickly, I turned over the motor and popped the car into gear so I could back down the driveway. With a quick check to make sure nothing was coming, I backed out into the road and started towards my local grocery store as Master swung his van back into the driveway.

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