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I Just Needed You

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I heard him pull into the driveway and quickly jumped up to greet him at the door. I was in desperate need to feel him, not just inside of me, but on me as well. I had spent the better half of my afternoon preparing myself for him to come home.

I decided I would stay in my attire of that day’s errand running, just jeans and a black spaghetti strap tank top.

I received a little innocent flirting through my day so my ego was boosted. Seems most of the men I encountered through my day enjoyed the view when I bent over the various counters. I was wearing a sexy pink push up bra that pushed my breasts together and out, one of his favorites as well.

I got back home and walking into the slightly dark house the coolness of the air conditioner hit my face and the tops of my breasts, I could feel my nipples instantly harden as the chill went through my body. I kicked off my shoes, gave the dog a pat on the head and put away everything I purchased.

I quickly grew bored around the house and decided to hit the computer. I started out doing the usual, checking out a few things online and paying some bills. Then I clicked on one of my favorite links and started reading about other people’s adventures. I could feel the stir between my legs as my pussy grew wetter. I continued changing positions on the couch trying my best not to touch myself. Letting the feeling continue to grow as my pussy ached to be touched and fondled. I read a particularly fascinating story that made my mouth water with anticipation for him to get home quick.

Back to that rumble in the drive; I quickly shut down what I was reading and ran to the mirror, fixed my hair and checked out my appearance. As I was finishing my final touches I heard his keys in the lock. I unlocked the door and greeted him, grabbed him by the belt and pulled him inside the front door. He was a bit shocked by my roughness but let me do as I pleased. I planted a full kiss on his lips and explored his mouth, sliding my tongue out and across his lips. He placed his hands on my hips and pulled me into his.

We stood locked into each other for a moment, his hands running the course of my body stopping to take handfuls of my breasts. I stood back and grabbed onto his belt again and guided him up the stairs towards the bedroom. He followed with a grin on his face and we maintained eye contact the whole way up. Finally in the bedroom I pushed him to the edge of the bed and he took his place sitting at the end. I dropped to my knees and removed his shoes and his socks. He loves when I undress him and particularly when I take the lead. I climbed up on top of him, straddling him and began kissing him again. This time more passionately and rougher, letting him know I was taking complete control of this process.

I stopped and unbuckled his belt then the button and the zipper. I freed his cock and immediately took him into my mouth. He wasn’t fully hard but it didn’t take long before he grew to his full size and completely filled my mouth. I continued sucking his delicious cock taking it deep into my throat and relishing every moment it tickled the back of my throat. I stood back up and removed my top and lovely pink bra freeing my breasts and exposing them to his touch. Then I slipped out of my jeans and pulled my tiny panties off to give him a full view of my neatly trimmed, sopping wet pussy. My juices were flowing and running down my inner thighs. He smiled at me and asked what I had been up to while he was away. I shied away from his question and quickly answered that I was just happy to see him. I leaned over his body to pull his pants and boxers off which he happily helped me to do. Once they were off I pulled him back up so he was sitting and pulled his shirt off of him. I headed down again and took him back into my mouth for a few quick tastes. As I was sucking him I reached up to his chest and pushed him back down so he was lying on the bed again. As soon as he hit the mattress I climbed back up and brought my eager pussy down on his hard shaft. It slipped right inside of me without any hesitation. He let out a loud moan as I completely came down on him.

He filled me up and I picked up my pace. Grinding my hips into him I leaned back and told him how good he felt inside of me, his wonderful cock exploring every inch of my hungry pussy. I continued to grind and ride him as we both panted out, the coolness of the fan hitting my back the entire time. I climbed off of him with some restraint, but he let me go as soon as I flashed him a look. I proceeded to suck his dick again, in and out of my waiting mouth it slid. I teased his tip with my tongue and circled and outlined his shaft before going full force again and taking him all in again. The constant sucking was driving me crazy and I had to be fucked. I had to feel him back inside of me again.

I told him to get on top of me and fuck me; he hesitated for a moment and then I begged. I told him how hungry I was for him and how badly I wanted to be fucked by him. He quickly got on top of me and tried to tease me and make me beg more, but I wrapped my legs around his hips and pulled myself right to his cock so he slid right inside of me. With that it didn’t take long for him to start fucking me again. He was pushing into me with some force as I gripped the rails in the headboard and pushed him to fuck me harder. His pace quickened and he was ramming into my pussy with incredible force now. My legs loosened there grip from his hips and he grabbed them up and folded them up to my head. I was pinned now and could barely move my ass and pussy lifted into the air for him.

He pushed into me again and begin fucking me with real force now. I screamed out in passion and told him to keep going. I could barely get my words out as the force of his strokes picked up and his fucking became more intense. He suddenly pulled out of me and rolled me onto my side. Lying behind me he slipped his cock back into my pussy and proceeding to fuck me. I reached my arms out and braced myself on the edge of the bed, reaching out to some imaginary wall so I could push myself back into him.

I tried to catch up to his rhythm and couldn’t. Finally letting him take control from me and let him fuck me. He slid out of my sloppy wet pussy just as I felt I was going to cum and I protested a bit. My protest was quickly ended as I felt the tip of him entering into my tight little ass. He slowly and carefully guided himself into me; I pushed my ass toward him to make this journey quick so I could enjoy the size of him inside me. He slowly started to fuck my ass as I moaned out and did my best to tell him how amazing he felt inside me. His slow pace began to pick up, I felt his lips against my neck and he whispered in my ear how good it felt to be back inside this tightness of mine. He told me he wanted to fuck it hard and wanted to make sure that was okay. I quickly agreed and told him to cum in my ass, it had been so long since he had. He rolled us so I was on my stomach now and his stiff cock still pushing in and out of me. Then he grabbed my hips and pulled me up so my weight was on my forearms and my ass was up in the air, he never lost contact with my ass through this entire process. His pace picked up and he fucked my ass with amazing fury. I couldn’t hold my tongue anymore and screamed out for him to fuck me hard. He obliged and his cock was buried in me quickly. My screams grew louder and I didn’t care if the neighbors could hear me. The thought of them being able to hear me turned me on even more and I screamed out louder.

Very suddenly and with great agility I was rolled over and positioned on top of him. He laying on his back, his cock still buried in my ass, my back facing him. I pulled my knees up and under myself so I would have more control, but he gave me very little. I began riding him fast and furiously bouncing up and down plunging his cock into me. He pushed me forward for a better view of his dick deepening into me. He told me ride him faster and harder and I did my best. He suddenly slapped my ass hard and told me I wasn’t going fast enough. Then he grabbed me by my hair and pulled me backwards, I was now leaning back on him and the position it gave him I swear he entered me deeper. I screamed out and begged for him to cum. He asked me how much I was enjoying this and I told him I was loving it as best I could through heavy panting. I suddenly felt his fingers rubbing my pussy and teasing my tired clit.

I had no idea he had grabbed my dildo at some point in this play, but I knew it when he glided it into my begging pussy. His cock inside my ass and my toy inside my pussy, it was like a dream come true. I was being filled with cock. I quickly took control of my vibrator and began furiously fucking myself while he held my hips and threw me up and down on his cock. All the while he was asking me how much I was enjoying being fucked like this. Again I could not answer him fully and the words couldn’t get off my tongue. I was taking every moment he was giving me. I finally couldn’t take it anymore and let go. I tried to tell him I was going to cum and did all over him. It ran out of me and covered his balls and the sheets beneath us. I heard him say how much he loved to make me cum like that, when it covered him. He rolled me back onto my side and then back onto my stomach. Pulling me back up on my knees he continued to fuck me. Harder and harder and I thought I was going to burst from him inside me. I felt his cock swell more inside of me and knew he was going to cum. Suddenly he shot his load inside my ass and fell into me, pushing me back onto my stomach. We lay there for a moment, my ass not ready to release his spent cock.

He finally pulled out of me and lay with me for a moment, lightly he kissed my neck again and told me to go get cleaned up for dinner.

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