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Stray Pet

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She had gotten drunk, very, very drunk. She had no clue how she’d gotten home. She sat up only to flinch as she opened her eyes. Ouch! She saw two pills and a glass of water by the bed, along with a note. She reached for the pills and water, hoping they would help kill the pain from one hell of a hangover. Damn it, what had happened last night? As she drank the water, shadowy memories of the night before crept into her mind.

She had been at her favorite bar on the outside of town, her comely 5’4 figure outlined in a red and black leather outfit that clung seductively to her curves. The band was playing some slow country song, and she had immediately noticed the attractive stranger in the corner.

She’d sat at the bar, flirted with the bartender while he poured her a shot of tequila, and got her a longneck. Enjoying the music, she leaned back on the barstool and assessed the crowd. She knew a few people there and there were some bikers in the corner shooting pool.

Her gaze kept wandering over to the stranger. The song changed, and an old high school friend came up and asked her to dance. She said yes and let him buy her a drink afterwards. His table was right next to the stranger’s in the corner. They talked a bit and she found out that he was married now and had a kid. She was forced to say that she had had no significant relationship for a while now and life was boring.

Shortly after that, he received a phone call and had to go. She had remained at the table and ordered another beer. She had a decent buzz and was feeling like dancing again. Then the trouble had started. A loud voice had risen over the crowd, “Hey Harley! How are you doing Baby?” Oh, damn, it was her Ex, this was not going to be fun.

“Get lost Morlan!” He was not going anywhere. He was getting closer!

“What’s the matter Harley? Don’t you miss me? You sorry little trailer trash whore, found a new pimp yet?”

She could not help it. She flinched at the insult. “Go away Morlan I have nothing to say to you!” He was drunker than shit and apparently had decided that he was going to cause trouble. He grabbed her wrist as she tried to walk away, suddenly there was a rather large hand grasping his wrist.

“I’d let her go if I were you Morlan.” The voice was icy calm. They both turned their attention to whoever had interfered.

It was the stranger from the corner. Morlan released her wrist, only to bring his other hand up to swing at the man’s head. She watched as the stranger simply jerked His wrist downward, and a loud crack was heard, followed by a cry from Morlan as he cowered around his newly broken wrist.

“Now get, before I decide that you’re better off dead. If I ever see you around this pretty little lady again you won’t be walking away.”

Morlan skedaddled quicker than a cat up a tree! Harley could not believe it! She turned to him. “Thanks. My name’s Harley.”

The Man smirked. “I heard. You are welcome. Name is Trevor. You ok?”

She was shaking, “Of course!” She smiled a little too brightly.

“Liar,” He said, same smirk still in place, “Come sit down before you fall down.” He called out to the bartender. “Shot of Evan, Barkeep!” He sat her at his table and sat her beer down in front of her. The bartender brought the shot and asked if she was all right before he left. She took the shot and chugged the last of the beer. Another appeared in front of her quickly.

The band had started up again with a lively tune, and she had just stopped shaking. The shot had helped.

Trevor looked at her “Better?”

She nodded. “Yea. I hate dealing with Ex’s…”

Her newfound companion finally smiled. “Same here.”

She was shocked at how handsome he was when he smiled. They sat in silence for a moment and she took the opportunity to reassess him.

He was not tall by most folk’s ideas, bout 5’10, but he dwarfed her 5’2 form easily. He had black hair with a mustache and goatee. He looked slightly Asian but not quite, he was dressed in a black worn leather trench coat and a black, wide brimmed, oilskin hat. A funny thought occurred to her then, he looked like a hit man! Hehee! He was talking. Oh shit she’d missed several sentences apparently. She had gotten lost inside his smoky green eyes. She was drunk. She caught a whiff of his scent. Damn! He smelled good. What the hell was he wearing, earthy, masculine, and something implacable?

“I’m sorry, I got distracted, what where you saying?”

He raised his eyebrows slightly irritated. “Nothing worth repeating, feeling better yet?” She nodded “Good, How about telling me your story then?”

She was confused. “What?”

He tried again. “Tell me about yourself. What do you do for a living?”

“Oh! Ha-ha, I am a hairdresser. Any time I am not at work, I am here or at home chilling. Not much of a social life I’m afraid. Are you new around here?”

“Yes as a matter of fact I just moved onto Dixie Lane last month. I am still trying to meet everyone.”

Her eyes widened. “I live the next street over on James Street! So do you live alone or do you have a family?”

His eyebrows rose again. “Nope, I’m single. That what you were asking?” A sardonic smile played across his face.

She blushed! How fucking drunk was she? She was usually better at this game!

“So you single?” He asked.

It was her turn to be surprised. “Yes for quite some time now.”

The conversation went on like that for some time, getting to know one another. He was in the army she loved Italian food, just whatever. His scent was driving her nuts. She had been drinking tequila and damn it she was horny! She began to squirm a bit.

Now he had been around a good bit, and knew what that particular squirm meant. He chuckled to himself. He had just been waiting for it. He had noticed her when she had first walked in and decided to see if she was worth the trouble. “Horny much?”

She immediately quit. “What?!!”

“Well let’s see here. You’ve been drinking tequila, you’ve been single for quite some time and you haven’t stopped staring at me since you sat down,”

“I don’t think that’s an appropriate question.” She replied.

“I didn’t say it was, I just asked a question.”

Forceful bastard wasn’t he. “Yes I’m horny damn it, geez. And up until you got down right rude I was slightly attracted to you.”

He laughed full out. “Oh but you’re not now? Is that it? I call bullshit! You’ve probably never had a man call you out on being horny before.” He paused. “In fact, I’m betting you’re a slight nymphomaniac, and haven’t had good dick in awhile. Tell me if I’m wrong please.”

She was getting pissed! That sardonic smile never left his face. He knew he had her dead to rights!

“Something like that.” She said. She was blushing so hard now she would not even meet his eyes. She had felt his will pushing against hers, and she had given in. She did not have much of a choice at this point.

He watched her for a second or two and smiled even wider. “You’re also a kinky little bitch.”

Her eyes popped back to his. “What?”

“Yes I think so. Let me guess, whips and chains excite you? Moreover, you are not only masochistic you are also a submissive who has not yet found a master that could tame you. Correct?”

She touched the place on her neck where her former master’s collar had once set. “There was someone once, awhile back.” Her ears were as red as her hair by now, so fuck it. “And I’m betting you can’t tame me any better than the others who have tried since him.” It was a challenge and they both knew it.

“Really now, a bet it is then. Are you really willing to be my sub and find out?”

She met his eyes and could not look away. She may have bitten off more than she could chew here but her pride and the liquor was not letting her put this down (or her horniness for that matter she was getting curious damn-it!). “Fine a bet it is.”

“Good. I’ll begin with you tomorrow.” She took a sudden intake of breath. “For now though, how about another shot?” She just nodded speechless.

The shots kept coming. That was all she could remember, nothing else. It all went blank…

When she could finally open her eyes and some of the pain had gone away she decided to attempt leaving the bed. Suddenly she noticed the note again. Maybe it would tell how she’d gotten home. She snatched it off the table flinching again at the sudden movement, bad idea. When the blinding flash of pain had passed, she attempted again to read the note. What it said left her mouth dry.

Dear Harley,

I Found your keys and address in your wallet, and took you home. Take the Tylenol, drink the water, and then decide if you were serious about our bet last night. If so, come to the address below and knock on the front door. If not then we’ll chalk it all up to you being drunk and let it go, but I know that you weren’t quite that drunk yet, and so do you, you were curious. If you still are, then I will see you tonight at 5:00 PM.



69 Dixie Lane

Oh, shit! It had all happened, every bit of it, the run in with her Ex, the bet, all of it. She could always just not go, but he was right. She had known exactly what she had been saying, and she’d believed that she couldn’t be tamed, until she’d looked into those emerald green eyes and nearly drowned. She could go just this once; try him out, play the game, just to see. After all, she hadn’t been fucked in months, and battery operated toys could only do so much.

There was no way that he could be half as good as he’d claimed. Go and perhaps even teach him a lesson in humility. She loved to submit, but her previous master had always had to earn the right to be her Dom. There was no way this one would bother.

So, it was decided she would go. She would also be certain that he understood that this was not going to be easy, or even possible, maybe. All through the day, she couldn’t get the self-proclaimed Dom out of her mind as she overturned everything that she’d observed about him, and his psychological processes.

She chuckled to herself; this was going to be interesting to say the least. She kept getting distracted all day as she tried to get a little house cleaning done, and a few errands ran. Her previous master crossed her mind more than once.

Finally 4 o’clock came. She’d waited this long for a reason. She was going to be late, she’d made that decision this morning. It would be interesting to see his reaction to that.

She showered and made sure to shave herself very well, she did her red hair back in a French braid to keep it out of her way, and then, decided on a pair of high heels that had ribbons going up her slender legs, a tight black pearl snap shirt, and a pair of flared black slacks. The anticipation was building. She was already wet. Self-control might be a little bit harder than she’d originally thought. Damn. There was nothing to do about it now. It was already five minutes after five. She had to go. There was a fine line to this game, she didn’t want to trip on it.

She arrived at his front door, at fifteen minutes after five, and knocked. It swung inward without a sound.

“You’re late.” There was no bite to his voice. It was deadly calm. She couldn’t even see him. “Don’t just stand there in the doorway! Come in and stand in the center of the Den on the rug.”

She entered without a word, and as the door closed behind her, she paused to look around.

She felt something press against the small of her back “I said to go and stand in the center of the Den on the rug.”

She got moving, albeit slowly through the entry way and into the den, her high heels clicking with every step on expensive hardwood floors. She got to the living room and saw a small, 2-foot square, red rug in the very center of the Den. She went and stood on it and slowly turned, taking in the layout of the room.

There was a chaise lounge, a couch, and a hardback chair for the furniture, all red. There was also a strange table in the corner with a black cover over it. On the wall, there were two highly ornamental rings, two more rings hung from the ceiling, and a large display case with whips, some very finely made chains, and an assortment of things she didn’t recognize, beside a black engraved chest. The light was dim, almost soft but she was curious what the shadows concealed.

She finally allowed her eyes to rest on the room’s owner. He stood leaned casually against the doorframe.

He let his eyes travel over her body gazing in appreciation at every curve and finally meeting her eyes. It was immediately a staring match.

She gazed into his strange green eyes and felt stripped, she gasped as she broke eye contact.

He smiled slightly. She had no idea how long they had stared at one another trying to gain the upper hand. He obviously had it for now. “Very nice outfit, I approve. Now then, before I go any farther there are a few preliminaries to get out of the way. The rules here are very simple. You are to do what I say when I say it or you will be punished and asked again. If you obey and please me by being a good little slut, you will be rewarded. Understood? Meet my eyes and answer.”

She looked into those mesmerizing eyes once again. “I understand.” She saw him nod as he broke eye contact.

“Now then, any time you address me for any reason you are to refer to me as Sir. I am not your master, not yet anyways. I do not expect you to call me such. You will treat me with respect however, and you are never to tell me a lie, it will not bode well if you do.” His eyes were traveling her body. “Now then, turn your back to me and strip. Leave the heels on.”

She turned and slowly began to strip. She heard classical music come on and surround her. He had spared no expense setting this room up.

He closed the door with a sharp crack. She flinched. Damn it this man had gotten under her skin with the music, had made her relax, and caught her off guard. “Now bend over.” His tone hadn’t changed this whole time. No real warmth no emotion, but he had given her no reason to disobey.

She bent over and let her hands trail over her finely toned legs seductively. She suddenly felt a hand on her back she jumped and attempted to rise, startled. She hadn’t even heard him move! She felt that hand slip around the back of her neck and force her back to her position. Another trailed down her ass.

“Already, really? Hmmm.” His voice had changed, was warmer suddenly. “You my dear have a beautiful body, especially that ass, now grab your ankles. Stay there, don’t move.” He released his grip on her neck as soon as she complied. His hand trailed once again down her back, sliding feather light down her ass crack, and down her sweet slit, to flick her bulging clit lightly.

She drew a sharp intake of breath as she suddenly clenched her ankles.

He chuckled. “Good girl.” He rubbed her clit much as he would’ve pet an animal for being good.

She had far overestimated her self-control and ability to reason. She hadn’t been treated like this since the last time she’d worn her former master’s collar. She’d had a few men try, but this man could actually succeed in making her his sub, if he continued like this. She moaned slightly already driven to distraction with the desperate need to cum. She tried to grind slightly on his hand.

He promptly jerked it away lightly spanking her cunt as he went.

She squealed and brought her hands up to rub her painful member.

“Did I tell you that you could move?”

“No Sir.”

There was a slight irritation in his voice this time. “We just had the talk about what would happen if you disobeyed.” Now put your hands back where they’re supposed to be and look at the floor directly under you.”

She complied. Again, she heard nothing for several minutes. Suddenly she felt a sharp crack across both ass cheeks. She didn’t scream, she was proud of that. “Ugh.” The crack was followed by massaging. She hadn’t moved. Her eyes were squeezed tightly shut by now.

He massaged and licked her ass for a moment. “Now then, get on your knees, ass on the ground.”

She nearly fell as she kneeled, the fuzzy carpet rubbed her wet cunt lightly.

He stepped in front of her. “Look at me, how horny are you?”

She thought for a moment, but before she could answer, he cut her off.

“Not very hungry, apparently, well we’ll just have to fix that.”

She hadn’t answered fast enough, damn it! She wasn’t great at talking, she’d been trying to figure out what to say that wouldn’t make her sound like a needy bitch. She could see a huge bulge in his pants directly in front of her face, and she wondered how huge he really was and how amazing it would feel if she could just get it.

Damn it, she’d been here fifteen minutes and she was already thinking like a sub again. He was nothing like most Dom’s who’d tried to make her their sub. He was perfectly respectful and reasonable, so far. Maybe this was going to be worth it.

“Now, unzip my pants and show me what you can do with that pretty mouth of yours.”

Her hands were shaking. Self-control was fixing to fly out the window. She had always loved the taste of dick. She unzipped his pants. Her eyes widened. At least ten and a half inches and rock hard, she pulled his pants to his ankles. His cock was impressive. She licked it cautiously, playing with the head with her tongue for a bit. He plunged his long fingers into her hair and pulled her mouth onto his cock slowly, in and out in and out, farther and farther into her throat.

Finally, he was plunging in and out, and he tasted good. She felt the first drop of precome on her tongue, and she brought her hands up, grasped his hips, and began doing the work herself. Licking, stroking, and fucking her throat with his cock, the taste of dick banishing her control. She sucked hard working for the cum, and he began to pull back on her head. She whimpered and tried to suck again, looking up at him through watery eyes.

“Shhh, shhh, ok, very good girl, you did well, I am very pleased, but now its time for your reward. I told you what happens when you’re a good little slut. I’m beginning to see just how good of a little slut you can be. Now get up off you’re knees. Come on. Take my hand.” He grasped her arm and slowly helped her to get up, then, steady herself. “Now come here.” He lifted her into his arms and carried her to the sofa.

He sat her down gently and spread her legs.

She sat back and relaxed as he began giving her throbbing cunt some much-needed attention.

He slid one finger down the length and then in.

She moaned loudly, her hips thrusting hard.

He immediately pulled out, and grabbed her by the hips, shoving her firmly back onto the couch, and into the position he’d had her in.

“I’m sorry sir! I’m sorry! Please don’t stop!” She cried. She didn’t know how much more she could take.

He grinned and slowly dipped his head to lick her clit.

She moaned again, but stayed put.

He licked and sucked her sweet cream flowing freely into his mouth by this point. Damn she was delicious! He wanted more, he began to rock her hips shoving his tongue farther into her sweet slit then just as she finally screamed he felt her tight pussy flex around his tongue as she came hard.

She whimpered and slowly relaxed.

He rose from where he’d been on his knees, and crawled onto the couch in front of her, positioning his cock in front of her face once more. “Now show me how good that felt.”

She was still recovering from the strain of such a hard creaming. She began to suck halfheartedly.

He began playing with her perfect hand sized tits. She was still feeling all warm and out of it when suddenly, he pinched, HARD!

“Ouch!” She cried automatically reaching out to strike his hand away, and dropping her treat from her mouth. She froze as she realized what she’d done. She looked up directly into his eyes, she was in trouble and she knew it.

He took both of her small wrists in one hand, and stood, pulling her up with him. He led her over to the case on the wall, withdrew two strong, but slender chains, and clasped them to her wrists, leading her to the two rings hanging from the ceiling. He strung the chains through each ring and pulled until her entire body was taut, and her feet barely rested on the floor. Then he took two more chains, clasped them to her ankles, and clipped them to two discreet rings embedded in the floor.

She couldn’t move! Her breathing was coming in short pants as her mind raced and tried to figure out what was going to happen.

He walked back behind her to the case and made quite a bit of noise.

She tried to twist, trying to catch a glimpse of what he was doing. She couldn’t see anything though. She huffed in frustration, at him, at herself. Then she felt his hands on her shoulders. Both of them dug in and scratched hard on the way down, all the way to the bottom of her ass.

She whimpered again. Finally, her voice would work again. “I’m sorry! Please, no Sir!” Before she could finish, he’d grabbed up a flail that he had lain just out of her vision, and drew it across her back, once, she moaned, twice, she screamed, three times. She screamed thrashing and trying with all her mite to get away as the chains held her fast.

He leaned into her ear and whispered. “Once for each time you’ve disobeyed tonight.” He suddenly flicked a feather duster across her new welts “Shhh.” The sensation of the feathers counteracted the pain and her body relaxed. CRACKKKK! “AHHHH!”

“Oh and you were late. Don’t let it happen again.”

Her body went limp, she was covered in sweat by this point. He hadn’t even broken skin, but it sure felt like it. It had been years since she’d been whipped.

He knew that that had hurt. He went to the case, withdrew a key, and unlocked her chains, helping her back to the couch. He grasped the back of her head, then, got back into the same position as before. “Now suck that cock that you want so badly.” And thrust it into her mouth and fucked her throat good and hard.

She had to focus! She relaxed her jaw, dropping it out of play let her tongue explore. She didn’t want to feel the pain so she lost herself in her job sucking greedily until He slowed down.

“There you go, see, you just needed some encouragement. Now then, are you ready to have that cock buried in that greedy little cunt?”

She didn’t miss a beat, she knew if she did, she might not get his dick at all. “Oh yes sir! Please? Please let me cover your cock in my cum!” She needed fucked.

He knew it. He rolled her onto her back and positioned himself between her legs.

She flinched as the lash marks on her back brushed the couch and he raised his eyebrows waiting to see if she would move. When she didn’t, he finally, slowly, slipped his rod into her dripping slit.

She moaned in ecstasy at the reward that she’d worked hard for all night. He worked slowly at first massaging her inner thighs and dragging his fingers up her body to play lightly with her nipples. She was quivering, and began grinding harder onto his cock, looking directly into his eyes, asking if it was ok to move with her longing. He nodded slightly and, as her motion intensified, he began to pound against her, she screamed until she couldn’t count how many times she’d come.

Finally, the sensations blended in simple bliss, she relaxed, and another moan escaped her. He pulled out. She jumped slightly and whimpered reaching out to him, begging with her eyes for more pleasure.

“Shhh now, you still have one more reward yet. You still want to taste that cum don’t you?”

The words brought life back to her exhausted body. “Oh yes Sir!” She leaned towards him and batted her eyes seductively “Please cum for me Sir.”

He led her back to the rug and helped her kneel. “Here you go, its right here, all you have to do is work for it. Show me how bad you want it, and I just may give it to you.”

As she opened her mouth, she began to play and flirt with his cock, making love to it, playing with his balls and stroking her hands along his shaft as well. Gradually, she became lost and intensified her administrations, begging with all of her body for the sweet taste of his cum.

Soon when he could stand it no more he once again entwined his long fingers into her hair, and thrust once more down her throat, feeling it swell against her tonsils, giving her his pleasure, as well as her own. He felt her back arch as she suckled and licked, getting every drop in her eager mouth. He heard her moan her pleasure in his taste. When she had finished cleaning him up he spoke. “Now retrieve my pants. Then come and curl up with you head in my lap and we shall talk.”

She did as she was told immediately, and settled down quite comfortably beside him, laying her head in his lap after he put the pants on.

Then he spoke in that low tone of his. “Did you enjoy yourself Harley?”

She gazed into his eyes contentedly and nodded.

“You won the bet my dear, you were right. I don’t know if I ever could tame you, but I guarantee you that we’ll never find out. Nothing could compel me to try. You are perfect just the way you are. Don’t ever change.”

She smiled, knowing he was pleased, and snuggled down into his lap, like the well-satisfied Pet she was.

The End

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