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Working Out the Kinks Ch. 02

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My dad and I didn’t talk about our first intimate encounter. I think neither one of us could, really. That evening, he avoided me and went to his room early and didn’t come out. I wasn’t sure what exactly he felt. Was he angry at me? I had teased him, after all, with my 20-year-old body in the best shape I’d ever had. For reasons I didn’t quite understand, I had flirted with him, without even being fully aware of where I wanted it to go.

And I had gotten him to rub himself on me until he came.

But what did I want now? Maybe I wanted more. Or maybe I thought I did — some fantasy-part of my brain, where consequences didn’t matter, wanted to take another step. Or it was my body — I loved girls, but needed the occasional man’s touch. And, on one level, getting that touch from HIM made perfect sense; he would be the only man on planet earth who could give it to me without an agenda, without a game playing in the back of his mind.

It was so confusing. My thoughts didn’t make a lot of sense to me; what I knew for sure was that I was in bed, and I wore only a t-shirt, and I was rubbing myself really hard and thinking about him. Was he doing the same?

* * *

He was gone when I got up in the morning. That whole day my nerves were shot. At lunch I drank two beers just to calm down; I even searched mom’s room for valium. While I didn’t find it, I did find a porno magazine in my dad’s bed stand — I just could help looking. The magazine featured girls who were ‘barely legal’ — around my age. They looked like candy I wanted to lick from head to toe myself. So – here was another thing my dad and I had in common.

Finally, I had to get out of the house. I want to the local bookstore to find some good chick lit to read, but inevitably found myself in the erotica section. I read stories about steamy lesbian sex — and so the distraction I sought turned out to only further deepen my entry into a world of moods I couldn’t control.

My situation wasn’t helped by the sight of an adorable brunette working in the music section. Seeing everything through the prism of my transformed state, I confidently chatted her up, and though she didn’t respond to my flirting, I learned that her name was Donna and got her number to “hang out sometime.” So, who knows what might come of that? But looking into her sexy blue eyes and lusting after her gorgeous mouth, with its wide smile and quick, pink tongue, made me crazy horny.

When I got home, daddy was in his study. His mood was still so hard to read. So I went upstairs to my room and put on my workout outfit: gray running shorts with pink stripes and a pink athletic bra. Barefoot. I put my hair in pigtails like one of the girls in his magazine.

He had classical music on his study and there was a loud part playing when I skipped into the room. He had his back to me; he sat on a stool in the corner, feeding junk mail into a shredder. He was wearing a button-up shirt and jeans.

Evidently he hadn’t heard me come in, since when I put my hands over his eyes and said “Guess who?” he jumped hard enough that he actually slipped off the stool and hit the hardwood floor.

“Daddy, are you ok?” I knelt beside him and caressed his face.

He seemed flustered. “Yes, sweetie, I’m fine. You scared me though — I didn’t even think you were home.”

I was so relieved that this little mishap had broken what felt like unbearable tension. “Well, if you’re not hurt, do you want to join me for a workout?”

Daddy started to sit up when he said, “I think I’ll take the day off from the gym, sweetie.”

“Well…ok. I would make this a rest day for me, too, but I have to work off some crazy energy I’m feeling.” Dad got up and was moving papers around. I stood up, too, and idly picked up a snow globe and shook it. “Any thoughts on what I should work on?”

“Well, yesterday we worked on…” Big uncomfortable pause.

I looked down and studied my fingernails. “Daddy, that…that doesn’t have to happen again. It was just something we felt in the moment.”

He nodded his head. “Well,” I said, “I’ll be working out in case you change your mind.”

* * *

He didn’t. The entire time I spent in the gym that day, I kept looking toward the stairs, expecting to see his muscled calves making their way down to me at any second, conscious of the pose I’d be in when he could see me. And so it was a distracted workout, but furious too, like something that stood in for the cold shower I really needed.

At this point, my mind had fully given itself over to the fantasy of being with him. It had dropped its defense mechanisms and yielded to the images of his powerful body above my fit, delicate little self. Near the end, a sweaty heap from drumming my legs on the treadmill at a near-sprint for the last 20 minutes of my jog, I leaned against the wall and felt my hand slip into my running shorts, where my fingers found the delicate and tender skin on either side of my moistening lips. I wasn’t fully masturbating but, rather, teasing myself, thinking about how he was teasing me.

Tormenting myself, in a way. Wanting him to come down the stairs and see me in this state. Thinking about what it would be like to feel his fingers down there, while he kissed me, hard, with tongue, until – until he put himself in my mouth. Oh! I couldn’t think of it anymore. My quivering legs eventually carried me up the steps, and I felt how exhausted I’d made myself. I did take a cold shower, which turned into a warm bath, which turned into a deep and dreamless sleep.

* * *

The next night, we watched a movie, a romantic comedy that we both thought was stupid but funny. We enjoyed making fun of its ridiculous plot and jokes that you could see coming up the freeway. It did get us talking again about dating, and when I asked him about the girlfriends he had before meeting Mom, he seemed eager to describe his experiences in high school and college. I was just as eager to learn more and as he told me about his first kiss (with a Korean girl, when they were both in the 7th grade), to his first sexual experience (with a pert little blonde three agonizingly long years later), I pumped him for details. Especially about what the girls looked like.

“You really like hearing this stuff, huh?” he asked.

“Absolutely. I love to learn every detail.”

“Well let me show you my shoebox.”

“Is that a euphemism you used to play on these girlfriends,” I asked, pinching him.

“No dummy, but very funny. It’s my secret cache of pictures and notes from these girls, hidden away, in the closet in our bedroom.”

Five minutes later, we’re sitting on the bed in my parents’ bedroom, looking at pictures of dad’s old girlfriends. They were all cute in their own way. One was a real stunner. A brunette beauty with long legs and a smile that was joyfully ecstatic and yet somehow expressive of a really dirty mischievousness underneath. There were a series of pictures of her — including two nudes.

“Who is this gorgeous thing, daddy?”

He took the picture from my hand and looked at it with a barely audible sigh. “She was my college love. The most … I don’t know, intense relationship I’d ever had. A roller coaster. Every Tuesday she wanted to break up, and every Friday she wanted to get married. That kind of thing.”

“Wow,” I said. “Kinda girl that gets a hold of you, huh?”

“Yeah. It was very, well…I shouldn’t say more.”

“No, no don’t stop. It was very….what?”

“Well, you know…”

“Physical!” I guessed, with a little too much excitement in my voice. “Right? The kind of relationship where when the lover’s not around you think how happy you’d be if it ended, that you didn’t need the knot in the stomach…but then the lover walks into the room and your control is just – ”

“Gone, yeah, you know what this is like.”

“You just wanna … grab ’em and take ’em in your arms and rip their clothes off.” I was smiling, excited, and because he was holding this picture so close to his face to study it, I had unconsciously leaned toward him, on my hands and knees basically, my face near his shoulder, to look along with him.

“Yeah, it took a long time to shake her, you know? When you find someone you connect with physically, it’s hard to get over. It was amazing. And then she was gone, out of my life.”

I stared at the picture, which showed her from the side, on her hands and knees, showing off her figure, the smooth S-curve of the gentle outline of her shoulders dipping into the small of her back and her slim waist before rising back up to form an ass that I wanted to reach into the picture to caress.

I may have been drooling; I was definitely getting wet. And I wasn’t sure if it was over wanting to touch this sexy girl’s body, or from imagining my dad, in his youth, having his way with her, or both.

“Dad, you touched this amazing girl for, like, every day for two years? And now, you and Mom hardly ever — and never even mind that Mom’s figure is so not –”

“Sweetie, your mother is very –”

“She’s fine, I know, but daddy, I know firsthand what it’s like, what with for two years being totally out of shape until you turned it around. And my body may not look like Lilya’s but — ”

“Your body is every bit as sexy as — I mean, as good as hers, in as good a shape and figure as…you know what I mean!”

“And you’re an athletic trainer at a university – you must be around super fit coeds all the time. Jesus. Your balls must be bluer than Papa Smurf’s! C’mon dad – you ever cheat on mom?”

“I have thought about it. From time to time,” He said. “It occurs to me. There are times when I think a student is hitting on me. But – you know me. I’m too….too nice.”

I punched his muscular shoulder. “Whatever – you’re not so nice when you’re trying to get me to do another rep in the gym! Don’t sell yourself short. But – I believe that you wouldn’t cheat on Mom. At least you wouldn’t with just anybody.”

A long silence. Dad looked at Lilya’s picture.

Resting my head on his shoulder, I asked softly, “what did she do that was so good?”

“Sweetie, I can’t….”

“Oh come on, daddy! I’ve seen her naked. I mean, did she — was she great at sucking your cock?”


I couldn’t help giggling and blushing. Sitting back and covering my mouth. Then leaned forward again, putting my arms around his shoulders. “We’re grownups.”

“She was just…generous and giving.”

I raised my eyebrows. “I know what that means, Daddy.” I struggled to suppress a giggle as Dad gave me a look that said I was an incorrigible child up to mischief again.

“What does it mean, smarty-pants?”

I was almost beyond able to control myself. I got up on my knees, and leaned my body into him, my breasts crushed against his shoulders, my arms around his neck. My lips right in his ear, the words came out as a sultry whisper, more because I was nervous than because I was trying to be sultry: “She loved your whole body, without shame. She loved your cum.”

He rolled his head back and hummed – his right arm reaching across his body to stroke my hair.

“And you think about her the most,” I continued, my arms around his shoulders, my body leaning into his more and more, “whenever you and mom do make love. You close your eyes and you pretend it’s her…but it isn’t the same.”

He shook his head sadly. “Kellie, let’s not….”

“Shhhhh. Just close your eyes and think of her. Her arms around your shoulders.” I pulled them away and began massaging his neck. “Her delicate hands rubbing your strong muscles.”

I moved behind him, on my knees, my thighs on either side of him, my hands massaging his biceps and his chest. “Just think back to Lilya, daddy, the way she touched you. The smell of her perfume. Are you thinking about her?”

He nodded. I pulled my right hand back and behind him to stroke through his salt-and-pepper short-cropped hair, gently caressing his scalp, while my left hand drifted lower, to his firm abs and hips. Meanwhile, his hands had reached back and were curved around my thighs.

I breathed on his neck. “Can you feel her breath on you?” I asked.


“She nibbles your ear just like she used to,” I said, as I leaned in an flicked my tongue on his earlobe before tugging it gently with my teeth. Once it was clear that he was allowing me to do this, my left hand drifted lower, to his thighs, which felt like they were made of pig-iron. They were his best feature, his sculpted legs which made the rest of him look lean, even though he was roped in chiseled muscle.

I couldn’t think of what to say next, to extend this little dream world I was trying to cast him in. My mind couldn’t seem to focus on anything other than what I felt. I was so incredibly wet, that I could smell it. I wondered if he could, too.

My left hand slid to the center of his being and found his extremely hard and throbbing cock pressing against his shorts. I gripped the shaft through the fabric and began stroking him.

He gasped, but he didn’t object. His hands, which had been still on my thighs, began to caress back and forth on the outside of my legs.

When his hips began to move slightly, I reached under the elastic of his shorts and my fingers found the hot flesh of his hard rod.

“Oh my god,” he whispered.

“Does that feel good?” I asked.

“So good.”

“Tell me what you want me to do, Daddy.” I whispered in his ear. “Tell me what you like.”

I expected him to tell me to kiss his neck. Or to keep talking about Lilya. Something that kept us within the scope of the mild, clothed masturbation we’d experienced so far. But he surprised me.

“I want to see you naked while you do this,” is what he said.

I smiled and kissed his neck. “While I do what?” I teased, as my hand no longer gripped his shaft but instead palmed the swollen head of his dick with downward pressure.

His strong arms reached behind him and clutched my hips and crushed me against his back. “While you stroke Daddy’s hard cock. Daddy wants to see his little girl’s tight naked body.”

These words got me so hot I practically yanked my hands out of his shorts and jumped off the bed, so quickly that I tripped and fell to the floor. But I quickly scrambled up, getting my clothes off, in a hurry. First I dropped my pajama bottoms and panties in one go, then I began to loosen the big buttons of the top when I felt Daddy’s arms around my hips and my body lift in the air where it did a quick turn.

Daddy had picked me up, and tossed me on the bed, on my back. My thick, shoulder-length red hair had gotten into my face and I had to brush it clear and by the time I did, I saw that my father was completely naked. He must have ripped off his clothes. The next moment, he had ripped open my pajama top.

This sudden outburst of a passion that had been repressed and tightly controlled until now put me into a frenzy of horniness. All I could say was, “Yes, yes, I want this.”

He grunted and he scooted my petite body, tiny compared to his, up the bed with only his thighs. His shoulders pushed my legs up as he leaned in and took a nipple in his mouth, sucking it gently. I felt the heat and the power of his toned, athletic body. The tips of his cock grazed my left ass cheek as he began to bite my very hard nipples, which looked like a cherry-red oasis in a sea of smooth, curvy, ivory skin.

“You’ve made me so fucking horny, Kellie, I don’t know what to do with myself. God, your body is so damn hot. So small and tight and fit. Jesus!” He was like a man who’d eaten prison food for twenty years and was now a guest of honor at the Four Seasons.

“You made my body fit, Daddy, and now you can have it!” I heard myself shout, my voice cracking at the end with excitement. I felt like clit from the hips down, I was so wet and horny and in such disbelief that this thing — sex with Daddy — which I had fantasized about was actually happening.

I began to caress his beautifully muscled arms when I felt them flex as his hands moved from squeezing my tits to cradling the underside of my upper thighs. In order to lift them — to press my knees up and out. I looked down to see what was happening, already groaning before knowing what it was, my mouth and “O” and my eyebrows upside down end-parentheses, when I saw Daddy’s face in between my legs.

And felt his tongue quivering all over my slick, pink, hot folds. Oh god, my Daddy was eating my pussy! And my hips were grinding. I tossed my head back and arched my back as I felt his tongue on my clit and a thumb inside my fuckhole. When I pulled my face back down to watch him, I saw that his face was glistening with a thick glaze of my juices.

I was about to say something very dirty to him when I felt a thumb in my mouth — Daddy’s thumb! The one that had just been in my pussy! Oh god, he was being so dirty with me so quickly! I could not believe it.

And he ate my pussy so well. It’s not completely true that girls eat pussy better than guys do, though it is true that more guys are clueless about it. Guys just eat it differently, and Daddy’s mouth worked his little girl’s clit like a MAN would. I flooded his mouth with pussy juice — right before I was going to cum, he lifted his face from my pink lips to mount me, and I saw him quickly drag a thick wrist across his face, to wipe some of it off.

As I marveled at that sight, I felt the throbbing head of his cock press against my slick, sensitive lips and heard him say, “We have to fuck now.” In the next moment, he was inside me almost to the hilt and I growled and clawed the sheets. His dick began pistoning inside me and he grunted and swore. I lifted my legs, spreading them further, and rolled my abs a bit so that for his inward thrusts he entered me completely, his balls hitting the curve of my ass.

He fucked me like a wild animal. The bed creaked and the top mattress slid off the bed by millimeters. My hands explored his body until I couldn’t take it and told him I was going to cum all over his dick.

“Are you close?” he asked urgently, and I answered by cumming, with a panting loss of breath and noise, followed by a stiffening of my entire body. I let loose a silent scream before squealing, my legs twitching. It felt like I’d passed out.

When I noticed my surrounding again, Daddy was still pumping and I heard him say, “I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum deep in your tight little pussy!”

I wanted to say something dirty but the feeling of being fucked hard and passionately and deeply took away all language from my mind. All I could do was look down and watch that cock pull out of my pussy, with just the tip in, and slam back down again, until it disappeared completely, and it seemed like the most beautiful thing in the world.

I felt his forehead touch mine — he was watching his hard dick disappear in his daughter’s tight slit, too. And when we felt this, we turned to each other and kissed deeply, his tongue entering my mouth, my pussy juices slipping onto my lips as our tongues swirled around each other.

He broke the kiss to grunt, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming,” and he held his dick deep inside me, his balls pressed against my flesh, and I felt jet after jet of a thick, hot substance fill me.

We lay there, clenched like this, for what felt like a long time. His cock still in me, softening a little, but still fairly hard. We were each panting, exhausted. And a little shocked, I think.

Now that we had both cum, our minds slowly returned to the “real world,” and I think each of us was thinking about where this had gone, and where it should or shouldn’t go next. He slipped his cock out of me and he lay next to me, taking me in his arms.

“That was…” he began to say, before stopping, searching for the right words. I desperately wanted to hear the right words.

“That was incredible. Just an incredible feeling. I just can’t be afraid to admit it, Kellie.”

My hands caressed his chiseled chest. “What are we going to do, now, Daddy?” I asked.

To Be Continued….

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