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Angel Goes Anal

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Her stomach fluttered with anticipation and excitement during that short walk on the beautiful, warm spring morning. She looked forward to the adventure that lay before her with excitement. The weather matched her mood perfectly. The dark months of winter were behind her and the morning sunshine warmed her pretty face. Angel felt her spirits lifted with the blossoming beauty of the day, which caused a surge of joy at just being alive to swell her heart in her chest.

As Angel, pretty and slim bodied, stepped perkily along the pavement towards her rendezvous several early morning commuters slowed their cars to better observe her as she walked along, her long hair swinging, and hips swaying. Every man that Angel passed found himself taking a surreptitious glance at Angel’s legs as her short skirt flicked up saucily at the hem, each flick revealed a hint of promise and came perilously close to revealing the soft underside of Angel’s round buttocks.

The events leading up to Angel’s excursion into the unknown had begun several months earlier when Vinnie, Angel’s boyfriend had talked her into posing for some intimate photographs. Although reluctant at first, Angel decided to humour her boyfriend, posing provocatively for his amateurish first attempts at photography

Much to her surprise, and Vinnie’s delight, the impromptu modelling session led to a hard, lust fuelled fuck. Vinnie’s ardour had taken Angel completely by surprise, but her body had also responded to the excitement of the occasion. Angel’s cunt was oily, slick with desire, and her nipples were aching and hard, eager for attention. Her juicing quim and alert clitoris tingled when Vinnie’s tongue and fingers probed and rubbed both her opening and the excited nub of her clit. When Vinnie eventually introduced the blunt head of his fat cock to her body, Angel’s nerves were jangling like an alarm bell, giving rise to an immediate and intense climax as Vinnie entered her clenching pussy.

That initial modelling session led to many more, and soon the lively young couple had built up quite a collection of saucy snaps. Of course Vinnie escalated things further by posting the pictures of his lithe, perky breasted girlfriend on the internet, and things progressed rapidly from there. Angel was overwhelmed by the response her pictures received. The sheer volume of emails and Instant Messages from fans on the site astounded her. In what seemed like no time at all Angel had her own not inconsiderable fan base, and was soon posing to order in response to requests on the site.

Then one day a message appeared inviting Angel to earn some commission by posing for a photographer on a more formal basis. He offered her a reasonable amount of money to come to his studio and pose for glamour shots. The shoot would consist of no more than two or three hours of Angel’s time, and would mean that she would be required to wear a variety of outfits, eventually stripping down to virtually nothing, and finally posing open legged for the camera.

Vinnie and Angel had discussed the deal at some considerable length, the obvious dangers being uppermost in a concerned Vinnie’s mind. Angel was torn about the idea at first, flattered that a professional would consider paying for her services, but also a little bit apprehensive about posing for a stranger.

Eventually, after talking to the photographer over the phone and diligently checking out a few references, the couple decided to go for the deal and arranged an appointment for the following week. Originally the plan had been for Vinnie to accompany his girlfriend on the shoot, but at the last minute he was unable to attend and this put the whole deal in jeopardy.”

‘I’ve been thinking about that job and I’d like to go,’ Angel told Vinnie when she arrived home from work the evening before the big day.

‘I’m really not sure about that, babe,’ Vinnie replied, his tone dubious.

‘Yeah, well, I wasn’t happy about it at first,’ Angel began to state her case. ‘But, like I said I’ve been thinking about it,’ she moved close to Vinnie seductively. ‘And I reckon it’ll be cool. I’ll have my phone and I’ll call you every half an hour or so. We’ve checked out Phil’s CV and he’s well known and respected. We’ve seen some of his stuff, and it’s all above board.’ Angel could tell her argument was beginning to sway Vinnie, and so pressed on regardless. ‘Plus, I really want to do it…’

‘…Well, if you’re totally sure…’ Vinnie didn’t finish his sentence. Angel, knowing she had won him over, kissed him on the mouth.

‘That’s great,’ she gushed enthusiastically when the couple broke the kiss. ‘I can’t wait, and I promise to bring home every picture.’

‘And the cheque, baby,’ grinned Vinnie. ‘Don’t’ forget the cheque.’

Angel laughed, ‘And the cheque,’ she confirmed.

Later that evening Angel lay along the blue sofa in their living room and slurped lasciviously at Vinnie’s hard prick, murmuring lewdly during the intervals when she didn’t have Vinnie’s meat between her lips. ‘Come on baby,’ Angel whispered, her hand manipulating Vinnie’s hard cock. ‘Come for me lover, show me the hot stuff.’

Vinnie groaned as his girlfriend wrapped a handful of her long, dirty blonde hair around his shaft and tugged at him. He loved to feel Angel’s silken hair around his prick, and the combined effect of Angel’s profane language and the sweet sensation of her hair around his sensitive cock brought Vinnie to the verge of orgasm within minutes.

‘Shit Angel,’ he sighed; his head lolling back as he surrendered to the inevitable. ‘Here it comes, fuck… look out.’

Vinnie’s thick semen spurted from the eye in his cock, and the first hot geyser splashed directly on Angel’s tongue. As the pretty girl swallowed the first spurts more of the stuff spattered onto her cheeks and into her hair. Angel wrapped her lips around Vinnie’s gushing cock, taking the final dying spurts in her mouth. She looked up at her boyfriend as she lay across his lap and smiled at him with spunk hanging in thick threads from her hair. Her face was smeared with Vinnie’s goo, and Angel felt very pleased with her handiwork. She had gotten her own way despite Vinnie’s mild trepidation over her proposal that she meet Phil alone, and she had the satisfaction of exercising her carnal control over Vinnie by bringing him off with her mouth and hand.

‘How was that sweetie?’ Angel grinned through her layer of cum.

‘Fan-fucking-tastic, as ever,’ sighed Vinnie, his oozing cock slowly drooping.

Angel lifted herself up from her boyfriend’s lap and headed for the bathroom to clean her spunk smeared features.

‘No sex tonight,’ she called over her shoulder. ‘I want to be in pristine condition for tomorrow.’ She had trimmed her pubic bush in preparation for the following day, and didn’t want Vinnie’s jizz leaking out of her body when Phil came to the open leg shots. Vinnie should be satisfied with the blow job he’d just received, but there was no telling with him, sometimes he could stay hard after he’d come and Angel needed to put him straight about her intentions regarding sex that night.

Angel slept fitfully through that night, her mind whirring at the possibilities that lay before her, her stomach turning and tumbling whenever she thought about exposing herself completely to a stranger come the morning. In spite of her apprehension, Angel arrived at the railway station in time to meet her train with a soaring heart and almost light headed elation. She stood on the platform with her legs trembling but her resolve firm. When the train arrived precisely on time she stepped deliberately aboard, finding a seat and settling down comfortably.

Phil met Angel at the station, and after brief introductions they set off for his studio at an industrial estate on the edge of town. Angel called Vinnie as promised and even passed the phone to Phil so that the two men could have a brief conversation. Angel gave the registration number of Phil’s car to Vinnie over the phone so that her boyfriend could have further reassurances regarding Angel’s security and safety. Their plan was by no means foolproof, but Angel felt herself to be a good judge of character, and Phil sounded no alarm bells through Angel’s sensitive perv antennae. He was a gentleman throughout the short drive, doing his utmost to put Angel’s mind at rest, and to calm her obvious nerves.

‘There’s nothing to worry about Angel,’ Phil said as he parked the car outside the anonymous looking unit. ‘I can see you’re nervous and that’s perfectly normal, believe me. I’ve been in this business for twenty years and I’ve seen just about everything.’ He laughed and shook his head ruefully. ‘I’ve had girls faint, spew up, and even run out of the studio in their bras before now, so don’t you worry about a thing, you’re in safe hands.’ Phil took Angel’s bag out of the back of the car and led her into the studio.

The place may have been a little dingy and threadbare on the outside, but the interior was warm, light and airy. The decor was clean and tasteful, and this did a lot towards calming Angel’s nerves. There were racks of clothes, uniforms and lingerie, props for the models to wear for whatever particular theme Phil required them for. In addition to the obligatory maid’s uniforms, school uniforms, and other sluttish outfits hanging in rows, there were shoes and boots of every conceivable description size and colour standing with silent gaiety under the rails of clothing, while examples of Phil’s work adorned the walls. Pictures of semi and fully nude girls pouted and posed with bare breasts and more smiled down from every angle. Angel even recognised some of the models on display, wondering if her own pictures would soon be added to the hundreds already adorning the walls. The thought of her naked body up there on those same walls sent a frisson of excitement through her slender frame, and Angel was surprised to feel her internal muscles clenching with anticipation. Her pussy was beginning to juice and Angel realised that she was becoming sexually aroused, her self imposed sex ban the previous night and her impending exhibitionism had sparked a fire of lust in her loins.

‘So, would you like a drink before we start?’ Phil looked at Angel expectantly. I’ve got the usual, tea, coffee… or perhaps something stronger?’

‘Oh, sure,’ Angel replied. ‘Erm… can I have a vodka please?’ Angel’s voice shook a little and betrayed her nervousness to the smiling Phil.

‘Not a problem, vodka coming right up.’ Phil left the room and returned a moment later with a glass half filled with the clear liquid. Angel took a sip and felt the alcohol burn down her throat. She felt calmer almost instantly and for the next few minutes she and Phil exchanged small talk. Phil turned out to be a true professional, and was indeed taking his time to ensure his pretty, young model was completely at ease.

Angel was beginning to relax, the vodka and the warmth of the building working their magic on the fledgling model. That was until a knock at the door made her jump.

‘This is Jonny, my assistant,’ Phil introduced a young, fair haired, twenty something man who stood nervously in the door frame. ‘Is it ok for Jonny to be here?’ Phil looked at Angel, gauging her response uncertainly.

‘Well…’ Angel paused briefly. ‘I suppose it’s ok, he’s your assistant you say?’ ‘Absolutely,’ Phil reassured a slightly nervy Angel. He’s a pretty good photographer himself too. He does a bit of modelling from time to time, but wants to get on the other side of the camera, sort of insurance for when his looks fade.’

Phil smiled wryly and Jonny grinned with embarrassment. ‘Come off it,’ Jonny responded, but Angel could tell that the young man was quietly pleased by Phil’s words.

She took a moment to study Jonny. She could see that Phil meant what he said about looks, Jonny was quite a dish, very easy on the eye with his regular, even features, smiling blue eyes and his shaggy crop of fashionably unkempt hair. She could see that Jonny was also pretty well built, with his broad shoulders and narrow waist, finely muscled arms and a firm torso that was tightly encased in a t shirt. Yes, she thought to herself, Jonny can stay all right.

‘Sure, it’s ok, Jonny can stay,’ Angel gave voice to her thoughts, flashing a smile at the younger man who smiled shyly in return.

‘Right then, let’s get on with it,’ Phil clapped his hands and set to work. His first job was to get Angel changed into some lingerie, giving her time to fix her face and relax some more. Jonny and Phil fiddled and tinkered with bits and pieces until finally all three were ready to start work.

Phil directed Angel, posing her and keeping her mind focussed upon the job in hand. Thanks to Phil’s organisation Angel found that there was no time to think, her nerves vanished completely because he kept her so busy. After about half an hour Angel had really warmed to the task and was by then quite happy to pose completely naked, her long, slim thighs spread as she unselfconsciously showed her cute pussy to Phil’s lens. She even stood talking to Vinnie on the phone for her allocated ‘booking in’ call, wearing nothing but a pair of black knee length boots. She had grown totally unconcerned that her soft, round buttocks and petite tits were freely displayed to the two men in the room. Well, they had just been looking right at her trimmed bush, so there was little point in any modesty at this late stage

After reassuring Vinnie that everything was going perfectly and that Phil was treating her with nothing other than respect, Angel hung up her mobile and smiled across to the patiently waiting photographer. ‘What next?’ she asked, her tone expectant.

‘Just some nudes to finish off if that’s ok, babe?’ Phil replied as Jonny moved some equipment around.

‘Sure, you’re the boss,’ Angel said and moved to the bed that Phil indicated with an outstretched hand.

This time as Angel posed for the cameras, both men were now taking picture after picture of her slim figure; she began to find herself becoming sexually aroused. Now that she’d settled down, her earlier excitement manifested itself once more, and the young woman felt syrupy juice begin to ooze from her twitching sex, once again feeling her clit begin to throb into expectant life.

Angel couldn’t resist touching her molten centre and found that she was holding herself wide open, labia under the tips of her fingers, as she spread herself, exposing her most intimate place to the indifferent glazed eye of the camera lens. Angel dared to lightly brush her swollen clit with her index finger, gasping involuntarily at the sensation her touch caused upon her erect flesh.

‘Hey Angel, that’s very good, babe,’ Phil called, encouraging the girl to go further, his camera recording every lust fuelled facial contortion as well as capturing the detail of her pouting labia and wet thighs.

Angel felt as though her pussy was on fire. Her clit burned to be touched and her nipples ached, standing rigidly upright on the curved tips of Angel’s exquisitely proportioned breasts. Her face flushed pink as Angel felt her juices begin to wash along her inner thighs, and the more her body betrayed her arousal, the more wanton she became. She moved into more and more provocative poses, brazenly flaunting her slippery sex to the two men, wishing she could be alone for a few moments so she could frig her tight, sensitive clit and push her fingers deep into her hungry opening.

Angel’s body quivered when Phil put his camera equipment down; her flushed cheeks and heavy lidded eyes, tight pebble like nipples, and wet thighs betrayed her desperation for relief. Phil could tell that his new model was desperate to find a sexual release, he’d been in the game for long enough to know exactly how to play the aroused young woman who was almost vibrating with sexual tension in front of him, and he played his next cards carefully.

‘Say Angel,’ he began. ‘You know that I can get you work for other magazines? European stuff…’ He left the sentence hanging.

‘European stuff?’ Angel responded slowly, her attention focussed upon her body’s needs.

‘Yeah, like this, take a look.’ Phil passed a glossy magazine across to Angel.

She looked at the cover and was greeted by the cover photograph featuring a pretty girl who was being impaled by a very large, very thick penis. The unexpectedness of the pornography sent a surge of heightened lust through Angel’s already hot insides, and her tummy swirled with the added excitement. She flicked quickly through the magazine, every picture causing Angel’s insides to clench, and soon her pussy was leaking juice uncontrollably.

‘You want me to pose for porn?’ she said levelly, managing to control the tremor in her voice.

‘Well, if you put it that simply… …yes.’ Phil replied with equal candour.

Angel paused, collecting her thoughts. This was easier said than done since her morality dictated that to pose for hard core porn meant betrayal, but on the other hand her body was starting to overrule her head. She was in a place that was entirely focussed upon the itching between her thighs. Her body sent out almost irresistible demands for sexual satisfaction, her clitoris throbbed insistently, and it was as almost as much as Angel could manage not to just masturbate herself to orgasm right there and then

She was torn between her loyalty and love for Vinnie, and the yearning for release that she felt from her molten core. Finally she blurted, ‘What do you have in mind?’

Phil said nothing, just passed her another magazine. This one featured a busty brunette smiling with apparent joy at whoever was photographing her at the time. She was shown being supported by male hands as she sat astride his lap. Her happiness was evidently due to the fact that the man’s thick cock was stretching her anus, her face totally unconcerned by the cock stuffed tightly between her buttocks.

Angel made her decision instantly. The pleasure at being arse fucked that was evident on the model’s face tipped the scales, and Angel knew she just had to have her climax. If that meant taking a stiff cock into her back passage, then so be it, Angel didn’t care at that moment in time. She needed fucking; ass or not she had to have a cock inside her body, and she let the expectant photographer know.

‘Yes,’ she said huskily, lust thick in her throat. ‘Up my ass, in my cunt, I don’t care. I just need to come.’

Phil smiled and turned to his assistant. ‘Ok Jonny, you heard the lady.’ Jonny smiled and walked confidently to where Angel stood. He peeled his t shirt over his head as he moved and Angel eyed his tight, muscular torso hungrily. Phil went to work instantly, his camera clicking exposure after exposure as the couple embraced and kissed deeply.

Jonny quickly stripped naked, his prick already fully erect, and Angel wasted no time in dropping to her knees in front of her temporary lover, wrapping her painted lips around his cock head.

‘Let me get the shots, Angel,’ Phil called as Angel slurped over Jonny’s swollen prick. The girl had allowed her desperate quest for sexual release take control of her senses and had forgotten that she was actually meant to be working. Phil was paying her for this session, and Angel moaned with frustration as she posed to order for the photographer.

She paused for long moments while Phil captured the images of Jonny’s cock planted firmly between Angel’s lips. The highly aroused model gave Jonny’s shaft exaggerated licks, and she grinned up at Phil’s lens with her cheeks and face smeared with Jonny’s leaking pre cum.

‘Fantastic babe, that’s excellent,’ Phil encouraged Angel continuously. ‘Suck him now, Angel. That’s it; take him deep… Great, now look at me honey, smile… Show me you love it.’

Angel’s hair swung wildly as her head bobbed up and down enthusiastically. She ran her open palms up and over Jonny’s tightly muscled stomach, and relished the feeling of his taut abdominal muscles as her fingers traced the hard, ridged outline of the man’s six pack. She traced a route around his body and took a tight grip on Jonny’s clenching buttocks, then pulled the groaning man further into her mouth.

‘Shit,’ Jonny groaned, his teeth clenched and face contorted as he struggled to hold himself in check. ‘She’s fucking mad for it,’ Jonny looked at Phil in desperation. ‘I’m going to blow if she doesn’t ease up.’

‘Hey, ok Angel,’ Phil called. ‘Let the poor guy go,’ he laughed, and Angel immediately allowed Jonny’s erection to spring from between her lips.

She laughed and smiled at Phil, once more allowing him to capture her enjoyment. This time the camera recorded Angel’s pretty face as she smiled. The image perfectly framed of Jonny’s pre cum and Angel’s saliva mix, a long, gooey spider’s web hanging thickly between the girl’s chin and Jonny’s cock.

Angel reached up to her chin and scooped the thick strand with her fingers, immediately pushing them into her mouth and licking them clean. She wiped her juice smeared face, and then lay back on the bed to spread her legs wide under Phil’s instruction.

‘Time for Jonny to give you a lick, babe,’ Phil said, and continued to take his pictures as Jonny eagerly settled between Angel’s wet thighs.

‘Oh yes!’ Angel cried with delight when Jonny’s tongue flicked across the sensitive tip of her clit. ‘Lick me, Jonny… lick me. I’m on fire… I need to come. Come on you beautiful bastard, lick my cunt.’

‘That’s it babe,’ Phil continued his encouragement. ‘Get into it, that’s good. Let me see it in your face… show me how good he is.’

Phil closed in on Angel’s face as the girl screwed up her features in a facsimile of agony; her eyes closed, mouth hanging open as if in a silent scream, and with her face and chest flushed pink with her approaching orgasm.

Jonny lapped at Angel’s syrupy opening, the scent of aroused woman causing even him as a professional, to burn with desire and lust. He loved this job, taking pictures of beautiful women and girls, and fucking them too, he couldn’t believe his luck. He gently lifted the fold of skin that tried in vain to hide Angel’s shy clitoris, tonguing at the sensitive nub of stiff tissue eagerly.

Angel groaned loudly as Jonny transferred his attention to her tingling clit. Her excitement was heightened when the man pushed two of his fingers into her slippery opening and fingered the spongy, wet walls of her cunt. Jonny’s fingers were slippery with the juice that was dribbling freely from her body, with the crack between Angel’s jerking buttocks slick with the wetness that flowed downwards to stain the sheet beneath her heaving body.

‘I’m coming!’ Angel shouted, her hips bucking spasmodically as her intense climax washed over her. ‘I’m… Fucking… Coming…’ she hissed through her gritted teeth as she held Jonny’s smeared face against her hot vulva, and more liquid greased his face, chin and cheeks.

Angel bucked and reared frantically as she came, finally quietening down a little as the intensity of her orgasm passed. She had no time to recover however as Jonny moved quickly alongside her on the bed, half rolling her onto her side and snuggling in close behind her body. Jonny and Angel lay on their sides in a spoons position, and Jonny pushed his hard cock insistently against Angel’s cute, rounded buttocks. He lifted her upper leg and pushed his erection into the space between Angel’s juice soaked thighs. Angel soon realised what was about to happen, and felt her stomach flip over with the thought of the depraved act that soon followed.

‘Push your bum back a little,’ Phil’s command coincided with Angel’s realisation, and she quickly acceded to Phil’s request.

Jonny rubbed his thick cock along Angel’s sopping labia, anointing his stiffness with the lubricant dripping from Angel’s centre. When he was satisfied that his blunt cock head was sufficiently wet enough, he introduced the end to the tight ring of Angel’s anus.

Angel looked back at Jonny over her shoulder when she felt him pushing against that most intimate part of her body. Their eyes locked and for that moment the world ceased to exist for the couple as Jonny poised on the brink, his cock only a mere shove away from invading Angel’s body. Angel gazed into Jonny’s blue eyes, the young man keeping his stare fixed upon the girl’s face, as he slowly pressed against her tight opening

Angel felt the thrill of her sphincter being forced open by Jonny’s insistent penis, and although her body tried to reject the invader, he continued to push the thick head of his cock inside her resisting body. The young girl gulped and swallowed as her arse burned with the shock of being rudely forced to accept this foreign body, and she was just on the verge of begging Jonny to take it out when she suddenly felt his entire length slide deeper inside.

‘You Ok?’ Jonny asked as he held Angel’s hip gently, pausing after feeding the full length of his cock into her anus.

‘Y… yes…’ she stuttered slightly in reply. ‘Just go gentle …please.’ Angel needed a few moments to grow used to the unfamiliar sensation of being filled from behind. Her body responded strangely, accepting and rejecting Jonny’s prick simultaneously, and she just needed a little time to relax and to recover slightly.

Jonny bent forwards and lightly kissed Angel’s back and neck, licking at her erogenous zones and causing her to purr with the pleasure of it.

”That is so sexy… so dirty,’ she murmured when she felt Jonny’s lips brushing her neck. ‘Kiss me please.’ Angel bent her neck and faced Jonny as best she could from her position in front of him He in turn leant as far forward as he could, and used his tongue to lick Angel’s as she held her mouth open, her tongue protruding lewdly. The couple kissed passionately for long seconds, their lust for each other evident by the way they seemingly attempted to devour each other.

Phil continued to take picture after picture, ceasing his instructions and allowing Jonny to lead. He knew that Jonny would be professional enough to maintain his concentration, and that the young man would guide the inexperienced model into position for the best angle for the camera’s lens.

Jonny began to move slowly against Angel’s firm buttocks, pulling his cock a few inches back and allowing Phil to capture the moment of Angel’s arse being stretched open by his thick shaft. He then lifted the girl’s uppermost leg high, spread her thighs wide, and Phil took frame upon frame of that beautiful view. Angel’s pink, exposed cunt pouted wide, juice oozing from it, her clit stiff and aroused, showing herself being buggered from an entirely new perspective.

Jonny moved more urgently now, beginning to fuck Angel properly and the girl moaned huskily at the almost unbearable sensation surging through her colon. It was dully painful, but the sort of paradoxical pain that was on the cusp of pleasure and pain. Angel found that she loved it. She loved the feeling of being filled with cock in such a taboo place. The forbidden aspect of her coupling with Jonny, as well as the myriad feelings his invasion caused, sent her nerves humming which pushed Angel closer to her second climax.

Jonny grunted, holding the girl’s hips, his fingers dug into Angel’s white skin roughly. He was starting to sweat with the exertion, and beads of perspiration dotted his forehead as he fought his threatening eruption once more.

Angel groaned loudly, and her head lolled forward loosely as she let the sweet pain/ecstasy boil up from her stretched arsehole. She closed her legs together and pushed her hips further back in an effort to take more of Jonny’s stiffness into her burning hole

‘Fuck… Jonny, fuck me, fuck me in my ass, it’s so dirty, I love it.’ Angel’s obscene words sounded out loud in the room, and caused even Phil’s cock to stiffen with the depravity of her language.

‘Fucking hell, she’s going mad on it,’ he muttered to himself, shaking his head in wonder. He’d never seen such abandon in a model before; the girl was having the time of her life, as she thrust her hips back into Jonny desperately. Phil was even tempted to take his cock out of his jeans and forget about the camera. He would love to fuck Angel’s pink pussy while his assistant pounded her arse, but the thought of losing his commission from the magazine persuaded him otherwise. He continued to click away at the writhing couple on the bed, his hard cock pressed uncomfortably against the inside of his jeans.

Eventually Angel found herself fully astride Jonny’s outstretched thighs, impaled on his fat cock and allowing her full body weight bear down on his cock. It was buried right up to the hilt in her now ravenous arsehole, and Jonny had hold of her legs just behind the knees as he spread her wide open and exposed her sex to the camera even more provocatively than previously. Angel’s hair hung back behind her head and brushed against Jonny’s face as he fucked into the young girl from below. Angel’s knee length boots waved erratically in the air as her legs and feet flailed uncontrollably with the frantic movements Jonny’s thrusting produced

Angel had grown fully used to having Jonny’s prick inside her. He felt sublime in her well stuffed backside; her vagina clenched madly and dribbled juice in copious volume. Her clit throbbed, almost clamouring for attention, and the excited points of her aroused nipples ached with desire. Angel wasn’t aware of every individual sensation her body signalled to her overwhelmed brain, all she knew was that the overall feeling of being pumped up the arse by a lovely, fat cock was fantastic. She was on the verge of her most intense climax of the session and struggled frantically to find that release.

Relief finally came when Jonny reached down to Angel’s vulva and rubbed his slick finger tips against the stiffness of her clitoris. It only took a second or two of this treatment to send Angel into a crashing orgasm. The girl moaned loudly as she sobbed and struggled to catch her breath as she came.

‘Oh! She cried. ‘Oh… ah… ah… I’m coming again.’ Her head lolled back and her arms gave way, which caused Angel to fall against Jonny’s body below her. She panted and hissed loudly, muscles clenching and convulsing all through her lithe body. ‘Oh fuck, that’s… so… dirty… I… can’t… con… fuck… trol… myself… Oh fuck,’ Angel continued to swear and shout as Jonny clung desperately to her wildly bucking hips.

The intensity of the girl’s climax and her language was too much for even the professional Jonny, and he could only grunt as his prick began to spurt inside Angel’s forbidden tunnel. ‘Oh no, I’m going to come,’ his words coming too late to stop his onrush of thick semen as it pumped up into Angel’s body.

Angel’s eyes flew wide open when she felt the first hot spurts splash into her bowels. Her face was a picture of pure satisfaction as she turned her head and looked down at the grunting, sweating man beneath her as his cock continued to spurt its sticky load strongly up into her.

‘Give it to me,’ she cooed. ‘Spunk it into my ass, I can feel it, so hot and dirty.’

Jonny’s fingers dug even deeper into Angel’s skin as he came, and eventually the couple began to calm.

‘Shit,’ said Phil in frustration. ‘We need the money shot.’

Jonny’s impromptu climax had spoilt he expected finale of him spurting his seed to order for the camera. Probably on Angel’s face or breasts, but that option was now gone.

‘Sorry Phil,’ was Jonny’s somewhat abashed response from where he lay, trapped beneath Angel’s limp body on the bed.

‘Get up here, quick,’ Phil called to his assistant. ‘I’m going to have to be stunt cock!’

Jonny understood immediately, and struggled to free himself from the delicious trap of Angel’s body. He quickly picked up Phil’s camera, his cock waving wetly at half mast. Angel looked at Phil curiously. She still lay on the bed, her breath returning to normal, and with Jonny’s spunk slowly oozing from her burning backside.

‘What’s going on?’ she asked concerned.

‘We need a few shots of you and a cock actually coming,’ Phil attempted to explain. ‘Jonny came too soon,’ he threw his assistant a quick sideways look. ‘So, do you mind..?’ Phil left the obvious question unsaid.

‘Are you going to fuck me now?’ Angel replied.

‘Is it Ok? That’s the idea.’ Phil looked at Angel questioningly, his commission uppermost in his mind. Of course, coming over Angel’s pretty face and perky tits was an absolute dream, but Phil was really focussed on his cash.

‘Oh God,’ Angel sighed, reluctance evident in her tone. ‘I… I don’t know.’ She looked at Phil and saw his disappointed face. ‘Ah, well I guess… I’m still so horny,’ she weakened, ‘What do you want to do?’

Phil smiled at the girl, ‘Thanks babe, there’s a bonus for you, I promise.’ Phil stripped quickly and moved to Angel on the bed. ‘On your hands and knees, baby,’ he said, businesslike again. Angel rolled onto her front and lifted herself up on her hands and knees. ‘Like this?’ she asked.

‘Perfect,’ Phil replied, moving behind her quickly. He pushed his own stiff prick against Angel’s now gooey arsehole and slipped into her slowly.

Angel felt her sphincter being stretched again, and this time enjoyed the sensation of being filled with thick cock now that she had grown accustomed to having her arse filled with it.

Phil pushed further inside Angel, Jonny’s thick spunk squelching obscenely as the photographer’s cock displaced the younger man’s deposit. Spunk trickled thickly from around Phil’s shaft, oozing from Angel’s arse and plopping onto the sheets between her knees.

Jonny took frame upon frame as Phil began to fuck into Angel, hoping that there would be enough material to use as a cover for his mistimed eruption. I couldn’t help myself though, Jonny thought quietly. Angel was such a hot girl; her fucking technique was beyond compare. It was her foul language and the intensity of her climax that had sent Jonny over the edge, professional or not, he would defy any man not to loose his load with a woman like Angel.

Meanwhile on the bed, Phil was crouched behind Angel, his hands on her hips as he fed his long, thick cock deep into Angel’s accommodating back passage. Angel pushed her hips back against Phil, the sound of their bodies slapping together was loud in the small room.

‘Yes, oh yes,’ Angel was sighing. ‘Another cock in my ass, I love it.’ She turned her head to look at Phil, her eyes heavy with desire yet again. ‘Come on, fuck me. Jonny did a great job of making me come; now it’s your turn, so fuck my ass with that big cock.’

Angel groaned and lowered her head into the pillow as Phil took up her challenge. He thrust and stuffed his cock deep and hard, and suddenly he too was caught off guard as his seed threatened to spurt prematurely.

Shit, she’s good, he thought to himself. I’m going to blow too if I’m not careful. Phil ran his hands up and down the length of Angel’s slim back, feeling her taut muscles and firm skin. He savoured the feeling of her trim, athletic body as his palms moved over the widening at Angel’s hips, and he finally took a tight hold of her body by gripping her round buttocks firmly. Phil pulled Angel hard against his prick, her tight sphincter gripping the root of his shaft.

Phil fucked into Angel’s backside furiously. He was determined to make the little slut climax before he shot his load, but he realised it was a fine line he was treading. His spunk was an insistent ache in his cock, and he knew he was close to losing control, very close to adding his thick, white seed to Jonny’s already squelching against his cock.

Phil looked at Angel’s fingers as she clawed in ecstasy at the top sheet of the bed. He decided to employ Jonny’s trick of tickling the girl’s clitoris and was rewarded almost instantly when he fingered her tight little button. Angel gasped and pushed back hard against Phil’s belly as she tried to force more of his shaft deeper inside her body.

Angel came violently once more, thrashing and panting dementedly. Phil felt his seed begin to spurt and had to move fast, his hand clasped around his cock tightly in an effort to keep his eruption at bay. He quickly got into a position close to Angel and lifted her contorted face up close to his cock head.

Jonny was on hand to take the shots, and finally Phil pointed his cock straight at Angel’s pretty face and let fly. The first thick jets hit her squarely in the face, and the girl instantly opened her eyes when she realised what was happening. She had been lost in the throes of her own climax, but now opened her mouth eagerly so that Phil could spray her tongue with his spunk. Several more jets of hot, thick semen arced viscously onto Angel’s tongue and she tried bravely to swallow as much of Phil’s spunk as she could manage. Drops of the goo spattered onto Angel’s face and upper slopes of her breasts as Phil continued to spurt his lust in gout after thick gout, his hand wanking the final oozing drops from the eye of his cock.

When Phil had fully finished, Jonny took pictures of her smiling, spunk smeared, satisfied face, while Angel laughingly posed for the obscene photos quite happily.

Later that afternoon Angel sat on the train heading back to Vinnie. She had a large check, including bonus in her purse, and although she had showered at the studio she could feel Jonny’s spunk continuing to leak from her well used anus as she sat in her seat on the train. She knew that when she got home her knickers would be soaked with the semen that was oozing from her body, and she knew she would confess all to Vinnie. Her hope being that Vinnie would be fucking her in the arse before too long, now that she was an anal fuck fan.

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