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He watched her walk up the path to her door. He checked his watch. She always got home at 6:30, no matter what. He liked that she had a routine; order in her schedule…the rest of her life was messy. She was behind on her rent. She had a decent job, preschool teacher, but that didn’t pay much.

But damn if she didn’t do it for him. He first noticed her while he was golfing.

She lived across the street from the public course. He always teed off at 6:30; she always came home at 6:30. It hadn’t even felt weird when he started. He could tell himself he was just golfing and she happened to live across the street. But then he started driving by her place on weekends. He easily identified the black Honda as hers, she stayed in most weekends, she liked to drink red wine, and he could have been mistaken, but he swore he smelled weed once or twice outside her window.

Just like that he was “stalking” her. He still didn’t think it was official stalking. He was not the stalker type. He was good looking and he new it; maybe not Brad Pitt, but definitely as good as Ben Affleck. He was tall and strong looking, with dark brown hair. He wore it short and neat, hide the beginnings of gray. He was a 39 year old financial planner with an ex-wife and an aging dad. He was not the kind of guy to stalk girls; especially this girl. She looked nothing like the type of girl he dated. He preferred tall, super thin brunettes around his own age that worked in mindless professions like publicity or casting and looked like they could and would eventually turn into soccer moms. She was a 20-something preschool teacher with short, curly, black hair and skin the color of burnt sienna. She was tall and lean looking, by no means fat, but she only went jogging about once a week. Her hips looked soft and her B-cup breasts inviting. He had never touched hair like that before and he imagined rubbing it between his fingers.

He knew her name only because he had nonchalantly gone through her mailbox one night. She never took her mail in on time even though her box was not the kind that locked. Tiffany Andrews.

Tiffany had the ability to make him very angry. Like the time she had gone on a date down the street from her house. Not only was she on a date and that infuriated him, but she was dumb enough to let a stranger come so near to her home. Or the time she had worn the 3inch heels and shorts to meet up with her friend Ella, a bad influence he decided, and did not come home until 2am. What had almost set him over the edge was when she had come outside in her bikini top and jeans and a guy in a truck had whistled at her and she had SMILED and WAVED. He had to grip the steering wheel until his knuckles turned white. Even just thinking about these things mad his mouth set in a grim line and temperature boil.

He snapped out of his daze when he saw her come back out. She had changed out of her jeans and t-shirt into a pair of tight grey sweats and a white tank top. She held a bag of trash in her hands as she headed for the dumpster.

He didn’t know what made this time different. Maybe it was because he spent that time reminiscing about how angry she made him. He didn’t know, but he jumped up locked his Beamer and ran into her house. He was greeted by a black cat that purred and rubbed his leg as he hid behind the couch.

“Go Emmy,” he commanded the cat, who in return left and went back to eating as she always did.

He heard Tiffany’s footsteps. The slap of her flip-flops on the hard wood floor. She sat down with a sigh on her couch. He knew what he wanted to do with her. He wanted to teach her about making him angry. Punish every inch of her.

He heard her pick her feet up onto the couch and she turned her back to the T.V. He stood quietly and looked at her. She was nestled up on her couch, eyes closed and her knees pulled into her chest. The sweatpants couldn’t keep up with the position and a peek of her ass and yellow thong showed. She wasn’t wearing a bra, he could tell; under her practically see through the white top. Her hair was out and flowing around her beautiful face. She took a deep breath. Jesus, she didn’t even feel him there: such an innocent.

He came around the couch quickly and pounced. She probably wanted to scream, but his hand was over her mouth before she knew it. Her eyes met his. Her doe eyes were open wide and filled with fear. He sat astride her pinning her wrists to one side with one of his large tan hands.

“Shhh. It’s okay Tiffany.”

She tried to talk to him, but all he heard were mumbles. Her eyes flew to the table where her cell sat and then to Emmy who sat up a little and then continued to eat. He saw the disappointment in her eyes. She probably thought deep down her cat would know if she were in danger. He smirked. Something about her naïveté drove him crazy and made him want to smack it out of her.

“Listen carefully, girl. You are going to do exactly as I say and you are not going to scream,” she shook her head no, “Yes, yes you are. You know why? If you don’t I’m going to hurt you and I’m going to hurt sweet Emmy over there.”

Her eyes filled with fear when he mentioned her cat. He didn’t know if it was because he had threatened it, or because he had called it by its name. Tiffany nodded her head. He slowly removed his hand. He heard her whimper a little.

“Oh, save your moans baby,” he ran his hand over her breasts. He felt his cock get harder. He was actually touching her.

He stood up pulling her with him. He yanked her toward the bedroom door and shut it behind them. He didn’t want that damn cat interrupting him.

He pushed her onto the bed. He noticed she had tears in her eyes. He didn’t like to make her cry, but he had to teach her a lesson. He took his clothes off. He saw Tiffany taking in his muscular physique.

“What do you want?” Her voice was soft. He had overheard her on the phone a few times, but he had never heard her speak directly.

“Isn’t it obvious?” He took two purposeful strides toward her and pushed her hands over her head. He used his tie to tie her hands together and then to the headboard. He felt her catch her breath.

“Tiffany, why do you do such dumb things?” He rubbed her hair and took a few strands between his fingers.

“What things?” She caught a sob as she spoke.

He gave her a knowing look, “You know as well as I do that you make stupid choices. The night you went to that bar alone. Or the time you wore the little white bikini top.”

He felt his voice rising. Her eyes were better than he imagined. Full of fear and something else, lust?

Tiffany was stunned. This just could not be real. Was this man going to kill her? He looked normal enough, even familiar. She had definitely seen those blue eyes before. It was on a jog. He had been walking to his car and caught her eye. She had smiled a little, she thought he was handsome.

She twisted against his tie and tried to get free. He started to move against her. His hands were rubbing up her body.

“You feel so good,” he breathed.

Tiffany stopped trying to move. She was stuck. She felt the tears on her cheeks. She felt scared and…guilty. She had fantasized about a stranger coming into her home and taking her roughly. It was her go to fantasy. She liked imagining being taking and ravished and forced to come. She had never cum with a guy before.

Now, here it was, like she has used ‘The Secret,’ or something. She felt herself getting wet and felt even guiltier.

He stood up quickly and moved away from her. She wondered if he was having second thoughts. He left her bedroom. He came back a minute later, a knife in his hand. She gasped.

“Shh, honey, just shh.”

He took the knife and cut through her clothes. He’d rather cut them off than risk untying her. He had come this far, he was definitely fucking her. He cut through her tank top and panties and took a moment to take her in. He felt like he would cum just from looking at her.

“Fuck,” he let his hand rub her tits pausing on a nipple and pulling it roughly. She gasped. He stopped and looked into her eyes. Did she enjoy that? He pulled again. Her tears were still flowing, but she was into this, he could tell.

“Please,” she begged.

“Please what Tiffany? I’m going to punish you. Slap your ass, slap your pussy, fuck you hard and then I’m going to leave and you are not going to tell anyone.”

Tiffany nodded in agreement, “I won’t tell, please don’t hurt me.”

“I can’t promise I won’t hurt you, but I can promise I’m not going to kill you. I want to come back for more of this.”

He leaned forward and took a nipple into his mouth. He sucked hard and flicked it with his tongue. He felt himself moan. He let his other hand grab her pussy holding it hard. He started to move his fingers up and down her slit. She moaned and he pushed past her pussy lips to her core.

“I am going to fuck the shit out of you Tiffany,” he sighed into her tit.

She sobbed a little, but he heard some of the moans. She was so turned on by him, but she knew this was wrong. He pushed his fingers inside of her and almost came when he felt her hot wet center.

He shifted his weight so he could fuck her with his fingers harder. He let his thumb brush her clit and she gasped. He let go of the nipple that had been firmly cushioned in his mouth. He looked into her eyes and kissed her hard on the mouth. His hand kept working as he felt her getting wetter and wetter. She moaned and he flicked her clit harder, faster.

“Come on baby,” he whispered into her ear and licked her earlobe.

Tiffany couldn’t believe it. She felt so hot, so wet, so turned on. She only felt this way when she was alone with Herb, her purple vibrator. She felt full as his fingers pounded into her.

“Turn over,” he said it more to himself than to her.

He flipped her over, causing her writs to twist over her head. He reinserted his fingers and let his palm hit her ass as he finger fucked her from behind. She tried to sit up and look back at him, but he pushed her down holding her down, fucking her.

“Fuck Tiffany, you are so fucking wet.”

With that Tiffany felt her stomach flip flop and she shut her eyes tight as she came on his hand.

“Oh yeah, baby,” He leaned down and let his tongue take the place of his finger. He held her ass with both of his hands and fucked her with his tongue. He started off slowly, tasting her, but then he let loose and moved his tongue in and out of her quickly.

Tiffany had never felt an orgasm this intense and long. She realized she was having more than one and he wasn’t stopping. His mouth felt cold and wet on her pussy. She lay her head to the side unable to get up as his tongue ravished her pussy.

He sat up and glanced down at her chocolate ass. He was so hard. He let his cock brush against her ass and felt her stiffen.

“Please don’t,” her voice was soft.

His hand came down on her ass hard. She gasped and he knew that she hadn’t expected that. He let his other hand come down on the other cheek. He watched her ass jiggle. She tried to sit up and he used his body weight to hold her down.

“Don’t fucking move Tiffany. You’re going to remember this Tiffany. You’re going to be sure not to wear those damn shorts to the store.”

Tiffany moaned. He wasn’t sure if it was pleasure or pain. He let his anger loose now. He began to spank her ass in earnest now. He used his body to get better leverage on the girl. He grunted with each slap and then used his other hand to grab her ass hard.

He had lost control. He knew it. He spread Tiffany’s legs wider so he could see her pussy. His hand came down hard between her legs and the girl tried to squirm away from him. He felt a smile spread across his lips. He slapped her pussy again.

“Stop, please,” Tiffany gasped. She needed him to stop touching her. Her body was buzzing from how good this felt and how bad it all was.

When he stopped spanking her pussy, she thought maybe it was over. He was still. She felt his weight leave her bed. She couldn’t turn to see what he was doing. Then suddenly, he grabbed her hips and forced his cock inside of her. Tiffany gasped as she felt him deep inside her.

“Fuck.” He breathed.

He started to pound her pussy hard and fast. Tiffany could barely breath and she felt him plunging in and out of her.

“I’m fucking you Tiffany, oh god, yeah,” He pumped her deeper with every word.

Tiffany put her face down on the bed and bit into the sheet. She felt her legs shaking and knew he was holding all of her weight. He took advantage of this and began to move her body on his cock.

“I’m so close. I want to see your pretty face when I come inside you.”

With that he pulled out of her and turned her back over. She took in his muscular chest and arms and his penetrating eyes. He looked wild and like he had lost control. He smiled a wicked smile at her as he pushed back inside her with a grunt.

“Oh my god,” Tiffany gasped as she felt him deep inside her. His hands moved up her body, pausing for a moment on her tits. He let one hand slide up around her neck and squeezed a little.

Tiffany tingled when she felt the pressure he was putting on her neck. He was so close to hurting her, but for some reason that made her more turned on.

His eyes locked on hers as he took his pleasure from her pussy. He pounded into her. It didn’t matter that her legs weren’t wrapped around him. They lay straight down at his sides, but that only made her feel tighter. He felt his balls slapping against her.

“You want my come pretty girl.” He breathed into her ear.

She shook her head and he laughed as he came hard inside her. He lay still on top of her. She could feel his heart beating against her chest.

“I’m going to leave now, but I’m always watching you. I can have you when I want you Tiffany.”

He felt her stiff nod against his shoulder. He untied his tie and got dressed slowly as she lay there on her side without moving.

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