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Christmas Party With Boss’s Wife

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My company usually has a Christmas party for the senior employees once a year. The senior management staff is invited and each employee is allowed to bring a spouse, girl/boy friend or a significant other.

I had been with the company only a month, and so I did not know anyone. The girls in the office were somewhat attached and needless to say, I could not find myself a date. I politely declined, but my boss David would not hear of it. You know Sean, this is the best opportunity to meet the directors and get noticed. It is the only way you will get ahead in your career.

That kind of made sense to me and so I decided to go. I am actually quite good looking or at least the girls I know tell me so. I am 5 ft 11 and have a lean body, broad shoulders and not an inch of fat on my body. I work out at the Gym twice a week and play racquetball on a weekly basis. Needless to say I am a health and fitness nut.

My boss would actually be bringing his wife to the party he told me and that I could sit at their table since I would be by myself. I had first seen David’s wife Tanya on my first day at work. He had a glamour picture of Tanya on his desk. She was a gorgeous redhead at least from what I could tell in the picture. And she looked stunningly beautiful just like one of the models in “Vogue”. I did not however know how she looked in person. So I was eager to find out. My boss traveled a lot in his work and was noted to be a womanizer at work and whenever he traveled. At work he was always close to the young girls and never missed an opportunity whenever he was presented with one.

The day of the party, I put on my best suit. A dark pinstripe Armani. I did not make a lot of money, but since I had no expenses, I could afford expensive clothes once in a while. I had on a designer tie from Salvatore Gianini and was wearing a lovely cologne that I had bought on my last trip to Paris. In short, I thought I did look quite attractive that day. Except that I was still without a date. I would have to sit in some dark corner as I was not in a mood to make idle conversation.

Talking about secluded dark corners, I was in luck. The table assigned to my boss and his wife was on the left side of the dance floor. Most of the tables on the right side of the dance floor were taken by other employees and since my boss and I were the very last to arrive we had to take the lone tables on the other side.

My boss introduced me to Tanya. The picture had not lied. She had stunning opaline green eyes, high cheek bones and a perfectly chiseled face and hair that fell in neat curls with reddish highlights that caught the light every time she turned her head. Her skin was glowing and even at the age of thirty eight, she was stunningly beautiful.

She was wearing a black long dress which hugged tightly to her breasts and hips and then tapered down to her legs. She had very large breasts a fact that I had not noticed in the photograph. Even though she was wearing a tight dress, you could tell that they were straining against her bra, which did nothing to conceal their size only emphasized the deep cleft between them every time she bent down a little.

Talking about bending, Tanya had a generous behind. The ass cheeks were large for her frame and appeared to be as tight as they come. I knew she was health conscious and worked out at a gym on a weekly basis. The black dress had a front opening and had a row of closely spaced buttons from top to bottom. She had buttoned all the buttons from the knees up so I could get a glance at her lower legs when she walked. Of course she was wearing stockings. The dress also had a slit at the back that went significantly high up to her thighs.

Tanya was wearing a dark pink lipstick and a glossy liner. It made her lips look wet. Her make up was also of a kind that made her face have a wet look. Needless to say, she was making the right impression on me.


Her whole body and her demeanor were shouting WET.

I shook her hand. It was soft and gentle like that of a princess. I held it a little longer than necessary and then reluctantly let go. Finally my boss made his way to the podium to make his speeches, talk to the important people and flirt with the secretaries. I asked Tanya if she wanted a drink.

She would like a Martini she said.

So back I was at the bar fixing her a martini and a Scotch for myself. I sat across from Tanya and began getting acquainted asking about her personal life a bit. Just getting to know you stuff.

My boss was completely oblivious to his wife and was drinking at another table with the senior partners.

The band was very loud and we had a hard time hearing each other. So I had to move across from where I was sitting and sit by Tanya. I was now very close to her and could smell her tantalizing perfume. I breathed deeply of her perfume and immediately began to feel a little fluttery if you know what I mean. I have never been very close to women before and the thought of sitting next to a most gorgeous woman made me feel something. Well I don’t know how to put it. Kind of what you feel on your first date.

I complemented Tanya on the beautiful dress and the lovely string of pearls she was wearing. They were a set of small ones at the ends and then gradually increasing in size at the center where they got very large and then getting smaller again. I knew they must have been very expensive. I have a ring to match she told me and showed me.

I took her hand in mine. Examining the ring carefully appraising her delicate hands in the process.

I held her hand between my right and left and gently caressed the back of her palm. She did not seem to mind. She moved closer to me and then remarked on the cologne I was wearing. I finally let go of her hands only to take a sip of my drink. When she took a sip of her drink she put her hand back in her lap. I reached under the table and found it. Again she did not seem to mind. I left it there. My hand on hers in her lap as I gently caressed her hands and slowly the material of the fabric. Finally she slid her hand from under mine so that my hand was directly on the material of her dress on her left thigh.

Meanwhile. She let her left hand slide over to my thigh and rest it there. I was feeling a little tense now. We fell silent and I wanted to say something to the effect

Let me know if you are un-comfortable with what we are doing.

However I said nothing. I really did not want to know. Instead I moved my hands along the fabric in her lap letting my fingers play with the buttons.

At this point Tanya reached over to the buttons in her lap and un-did three or four. I took the opportunity of putting my hands in and wedging then between her tightly clenched thighs. She parted her thighs slightly to let my hand in between then closed them tight again on my hand.

I was glad to notice that she was wearing stockings up to her thighs and I was now caressing bare skin above the level of her suspenders. David suddenly appeared and asked Tanya if she wanted something to drink.

He was a little drunk and since I was keeping Tanya company he returned to the dance floor to dance with his secretary. My hands continued caressing Tanya’s thighs and were now at her crotch. Her lace panties were now obstructing further access to my fingers. I was fumbling with the crotch not having much success. She finally excused herself and said she would be back in a minute.

Many thoughts were rushing through my mind when she returned. Since her husband did not bother to ask her to dance, I did out of courtesy.

Tanya said she would love to. So I took her delicate body in my arms and got down on to the dance floor. The room was dark and we of course slid to the darkest part of the dance floor. I held her close. She had both arms around my neck and I had both of mine around her waist. She looked up into my eyes and I looked down into hers and we felt a desire that we had never known. Since no one was looking she reached her hand behind my head and pulled me down.

Instinctively, my lips covered hers and locked in place. Her tongue entered my mouth and our saliva intermingled as she planted wet kisses on my lips. I sucked on Tanya’s tongue.

Her hands were still behind my neck while I was holding her at the waist with both my hands behind her back. I slid my hands down to feel the lovely cheeks through the material of her dress.

And ……….. the panties were gone.

I could not feel the panties any more. When had she taken them off??

She continued to enter my mouth with he tongue her soft hands becoming more demanding behind my neck.

Meanwhile I pretended to caress the backs of Tanya’s thighs through the material of her dress. In reality I was feeling to locate the slit in her dress behind. I finally found it hooked my fingers in the slit to raise up her dress until I was rubbing her between her thighs from behind. I was caressing the area between her cheeks and her vagina that was getting a little damp.

I went back to work on Tanya’s ass cheeks letting my fingers dip in the valley. My fingers roamed the valley until the middle finger found the spot it was seeking. Tanya’s lips moved urgently on mine. My tongue entered her mouth just as my middle finger slowly entered her bum.

AAAAhhhhh she moaned. As she let out a quick breath. No one heard the moan as it was drowned by Kenny G’s Breathless.

Tanya reached down and un-zipped my fly. Her hands quickly found what they were looking for. She moved me stroking me in rhythm with the beat of the Rap number that was now playing. I returned the favor by moving my finger in and out of her bum in rhythm with the music.


Tanya moaned as I inserted then withdrew, inserted then withdrew. Each time my finger attempting to go deeper and deeper. Until I was in up to the first knuckle.

Tanya was now very wet down there and her breath was coming in gasps. I was getting quite hard myslef.

Finally she had to go potty again and I was hoping it was not to masturbate. When she eventually came back the band was playing a very slow instrumental. Tanya looked more calm now and asked if we could continue to dance. This was her favorite romantic number and she wanted to spend it dancing with me. We moved again to the dark corner. David did not even notice us as he appeared to he dancing a very fast dance with one of the girls. Tanya was looking into my eyes now. Enjoying every moment of this dance. I suddenly noticed that her pearls were gone.

Tanya, your pearl necklace is missing!!!! I said with great alarm.

Keep dancing she said covering her lips with mine . My hands were still behind her holding her at the waist. She reached behind her and caught my hand. She directed my fingers under her skirt to between her ass cheeks.

My jaw dropped as I felt behind her a small part of the missing pearl necklace. There were only two beads that I could feel. When I reached under her skirt through the slit and took hold of them, I knew.

Now I was gently pulling on the beads. Tanya let out a gasp as I pulled one of the little ones out of her rectum. I was enjoying looking at Tanya’s face when I pulled another slowly and gradually out of her ass hole.

I kissed her deeply to prevent her from making a sound. I noticed that a couple had just moved close to us and I immediately took my hands off Tanya’s ass cheeks. Hopefully they did not see anything. The necklace was now dangling between Tanya’s thighs. I reached between our bodies into the opening in the front of her dress that she had un-buttoned for me earlier.

I took hold of the necklace and began pulling upward. The beads were now between her cunt lips and rubbing in a very delicious sensation on her clit.

I teased her ass hole and her clit by pulling a little and then backing off repeatedly. When I actually pulled a bead out of her, I did it exceedingly slowly so she would be put through some pain at having her rectum expand so slowly.

She bit my lip every time a large bead began to dilate her rectum. Finally the necklace was out of her completely but she was a live bomb waiting to explode. And so was I.

We quickly went down and to a section of our office building that was closed for the weekend. Hopefully one of the bathrooms would be open.

We finally found a locker room that was open.

Tanya immediately went down on her knees. Taking my now erect cock in her mouth. Her hands were not delicate any more. Pushing and pulling violently in and out of her mouth.

Her saliva lubricating my cock till I could not take it any more.

And still Tanya sucked and sucked. Her head moving up and down over my cock. Her cheeks bulging as my cock went in and out of her mouth. My pre-cum juice and her saliva now mixed and spread all over her lips and her cheeks.

Now it was my turn. And this was very urgent. I made her stand up and face the locker room wall. I shoved her body till it was firmly pressed against the wall and I had her separate her feet as far as they would go.

I pressed Tanya’s cheeks firmly against the wall just to make sure they would hold up against a hard firm surface.

Tanya reach behind you and lift your dress I said.

Tanya immediately obeyed. I reached between her thighs and dipped a finger in her vagina. Instinctively Tanya’s feet rose off the ground. I lubricated my finger with her love juices and applied some to her ass hole.

I was now behind her. I was surprised to notice that my erect cock lined up perfectly with her bum. I reached between our bodies and held both my palms firmly pressing each of her cheeks into the wall. I moved my palms outward opening her up as far as she would go.

Then I entered her in one quick and firm stroke. Slamming Tanya’s body against the wall.

Tanya let out a long and shrill


It took the wind out of her. Then with my cock lodged still deep in her bum, I reached between her legs once again to play with her clit.

I once again moved my hands to hold her hips to the wall.

Now beginning a thump, thump motion

Entering Tanya’s bum like driving a nail in the wall.

My nine inch nail continued pounding Tanya’s ass as she settled down to the imminent pain followed by waves and waves of pleasure. Ah ah ah ah

Tanya exclaimed as I went into her firmly.

Her pelvis slamming into the wall as her tits also becoming flattened against the surface. I reached in front of her dress and started pinching her nipples hard. My cock still pounding relentlessly into her ass hole.

Tanya’s screams were now getting frantic as she approached orgasm.

I reached in front of her and quickly began to massage her clit.


Tanya came in a huge flood all over my hands. Her ass tightened around my cock and I was about to cum myself.

I pulled out of her ass hole. And Tanya immediately knelt down to take me in her mouth. I came in streaming torrents all over her face and mouth. She sucked and licked every drop of cum from my cock.

Both she and I were completely spent from that adventure.

No one at the party ever noticed we were gone or when we came back.

Tanya and I still continue having our secret flings. I visit her daily whenever my boss travels out of town.

She enjoys getting it in her bum.

Sometimes we watch a porno movie and sometimes I bring a bottle of champagne.

By the way Tanya also likes to take a freshly opened bottle of champagne in her bum.

I also enjoy seeing the bubbles go in.

But that’s the subject of another story.

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