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Jason and Friends

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Jason and I were at our usual meeting place at the creek. And as usual, I’d just finished sucking him off and we were enjoying the afterglow of sex. I was also waiting for him to recover so we could continue our sexual pleasures. He was lying on the blanket and I had my head on his belly playing gently with his soft cock and his testicles.

In that same position we often talked about things that were going on in our lives. It was summer and the warmth of the sun felt nice on my naked body.

“I talked to Andy last night,” he said. “You went up there with him on Saturday, huh?”

I kissed his soft cock, then bit down on it. I didn’t bite hard or try to hurt him, but just enough to sink my teeth into the delicious softness of it. He squirmed and moaned, but I kept pressing my teeth into the spongy softness until he touched me head in a sign of surrender. I pulled off and we both laughed. It was one of the enjoyable things that I’d discovered I could do with soft, limp cocks. When it wasn’t hard and ready for sex, I could chew on it! Like soft candy.

Looking up at him, I nodded. “Yeah, he came down to pick me up …he said you knew I was going with him?”

“Oh, yeah, sure …he ask me a couple of days ago, but I couldn’t go with y’all.”

I sat up beside him, my hand still playing with his cock and testicles. “It was fun, but I missed you being there. He and his friends are …well, they’re all old, ya’ know?”

He laughed. “Geez, Kelli, Andy is only …what, twenty-two or something?” He laughed, “Hell, that ain’t old.”

“Oh, I know, I know. But it just seems …well, strange, ya’ know …without you, I mean. Being the only young person, ya’ know? I’d rather have you there.”

He reached out and idly caressed my breast, his fingers lingering on my nipple. “You’ve got nice tits, Kelli …nice nipples, too.”

I looked down at his fingers and smiled. “Thanks, Jas …that’s nice of you to say.”

One of the nicest things a boy can say to a girl with small breasts is to tell her that she has nice tits. It always made me want to lie down, spread my legs and open my mouth! I was still watching his fingers and smiling when he gripped my nipple and began to pull on it. He loved tugging at my nipples, stretching them. As the nipple stretched out further and further, I glanced up at him. He grinned and continued to pull at it. “I love your nipples, Kelli …love to suck on them and love pulling on them,”

As the nipple stretched, I began to feel the slight pain. I looked at him and frowned. “If you keep pulling like that it’ll hurt …you know that, right?”

He laughed and pulled until I winced in pain. Then he let go and the nipple snapped back into place. I never really tried to prevent his enjoyment even though I could have easily reached up and stopped it. He enjoyed pulling on my nipple in much the same way as I enjoy biting on his soft cock. It was fun and we tried to let the other have as much fun as we could.

“How many guys were there?” He asked about the Saturday encounter with Andy.

I grinned at him and pulling on his soft cock as he’d done with my nipple. “At first it was just Andy and John, but Gary came over later in the afternoon.”

“Gary’s a nice guy. He’s easy-going and fun. John’s a bit of an ass, though!”

“Oh, c’mon,” I said laughing. “He’s not an ass! I like him even though he’s a bit impatient and demanding.” I pulled on his cock and grinned at him. “You just don’t like him ’cause his cock is so much longer than yours!” I laughed.

“Geez, it is long, ain’t it? How the hell long is it anyway, do you know?”

I shook my head. “No, not really. I heard Andy say it was nine inches, but…? I mean, no one measured it that I saw.” I laughed and grinned at him. “But he sure likes to stick it in my throat, that’s for sure!”

Jason laughed and began tugging on my nipple again. “God, I couldn’t believe it that first time when you swallowed that whole damned thing!” He laughed. “Shit, I kept watching it slide in until his balls touched your nose, for god’s sake!”

I laughed with him and remembered the incident. “It’s fun if they don’t try to force it in! Andy just tries to fuck my mouth and throat like he does my cunt …shit, that hurts! John is slow and gentle about it …it feels good.”

“Hey, you know Tommy, don’t you?” He asked, changing the subject to one of his best friends.

“Sure, he’s nice. Why?”

He held his hands about two feet apart and grinned. “He’s got a dick like that!”

I laughed and slapped him on the chest. “Oh, c’mon, Jas, ain’t nobody got a dick that long!”

He laughed. “Okay, it ain’t that long, but it’s as big as John’s, maybe longer.”

I looked at him and tried to remember Tommy. He was tall but muscular, even if a bit on the slender side. He had darkish, blonde hair and blue eyes. I remembered him as being pretty nice, but hadn’t spent much time with him. I certainly didn’t know how big is cock was, that’s for sure.

“Is it really that long?” I asked grinning. “I mean, you’re not just saying that, are you?”

“No, hell …in the locker room, everyone tries to hide when he goes to the showers. It’s damned embarrassing for us!” He laughed and held up his hand, still about two feet apart.

Jason was my neighbor and my childhood playmate. His farm was just across the little creek from our farm. As kids we used to play down by the creek all the time in the nice weather, and in cold weather, we’d play in one of the barns. As we grew up, sex became an important and pleasurable part of our lives. He was older by a couple of years and went to a different school. The creek was the dividing line between the two different districts. In effect, I had two different sets of friends – the friends at my school, and Jason’s friends at the other school. It was pretty easy to keep my different lives separated. I was a nice girl at my own school and was fast becoming known as a hot little slut at Jason’s school!

When Jason and I started having sex, it wasn’t as girlfriend/boyfriend, but as fun playtime and experimentation. We had sex for mutual comfort and pleasure. Love never entered into our play or our discussions. In fact, Jason had a steady girl friend at school and we often talked about some of his love problems. I didn’t know what the hell love was or what it felt like, so I wasn’t much help to him in that regard. But as much as he liked me sucking him off and fucking him, it amazed me that he was in love with a girl who would do neither for him! But that’s okay, I guess, it just kept him coming back to me and I was more than happy to provide that service. I wanted to suck and fuck him, he wanted to be sucked and fucked, so we provided that mutual comfort to each other.

It’s interesting how so many people will consider that a woman having sex with a man is doing him a favor without ever considering that it might be a favor to her. People love to proclaim that the woman is somehow giving up something of herself for the man instead of the other way around. A woman’s pussy is not made of gold and diamonds, whatever we may like to think. A woman is a living, breathing human animal with urges for sexual enjoyment, yet we deny her the right to enjoy them. Or if she does, we call her a slut or a whore. And at the same time, we practically idolize a man who fucks to his hearts content. Strange how our society has programmed us all so thoroughly into that ridiculous philosophy, huh?

As the summer continued, Jason would drive us around the area and the little town near his school. Whenever he saw some of his friends, he’d introduce us. He was always careful to make sure that everyone understood that we were just neighbors and friends. He didn’t want anything to get back to his girlfriend Angela. I was not his girlfriend and he certainly didn’t introduce me as his sex partner!

After I fucked Jason’s brains out that warm summer day, we were getting dressed and ready to return to our homes. He dressed quickly so he could watch me dress. He said he liked to keep me naked for as long as possible! Usually when I pulled on my t-shirt, he’d moan and groan as if in agony that my body was now all covered. I always laughed at his antics, but it made me feel pretty, beautiful and wanted and loved.

He came over close, hugged me and kissed me on the mouth. Then holding me tightly, he said, “Hey, maybe I’ll bring Tommy over tomorrow, huh?”

I looked up at him and grimaced. “Oh, shit, Jason …did you tell him about us?”

He shrugged and looked at me. “Kelli, I didn’t know what else to say …he kept wondering why I didn’t go over and see him like I used to.” He bent down and kissed my lips. “Kelli, I swear he doesn’t know about you, but he knows there’s someone or something!”

I slapped his chest. “Oh, shit, Jas …why do you get me into these things?” I looked up at him and frowned. “What the hell did you tell him?”

He shook his head and looked at me. “Kelli, really, I didn’t tell him anything …he just guessed, that’s all! He’s pretty sure that I’m seeing some girl …and he knows that it’s not Angela!”

I wasn’t so totally against the idea of enjoying sex with some of his friends, but I was scared to death of it becoming common knowledge or vicious rumor. With Andy, it was different. Andy lived in a different city some twenty-five miles away. Plus he was older and didn’t have any friends in the immediate area. I considered Andy safe from being discovered. With Tommy, that safe umbrella was becoming less protective for me. It was true that few in my school knew anyone at Jason’s school, but it only took one to bring my dual life to screeching halt.

I really didn’t know what to tell Jason. It was left up to me, of course, but at the same time, I didn’t like making such decisions. For one thing, I just didn’t have the knowledge or experience to be sure about things. But by the same token, I didn’t feel like Jason should make that decision for me. I was in conflict again and without the tools to get out of it …I hated that position!

I looked up at him and shook my head. “Jas, it’s not going to end with just Tommy, is it? I mean, you have other friends …Tommy has other friends, don’t he? We’re going to be discovered …then what, Jason …then what do we do?”

Nothing much was said to change things or remedy the situation. We parted and I made my way home worried about what it all might mean. If someone in town found out about us, I was sure that it would get back to my parents. People in small towns are very nice and very friendly, but by the same token, they’re also very nosy even if they call it helpful. My parents would ground me forever, and I’d never enjoy sex again as long as I lived! If that happened, I’d shoot myself or run away to some whorehouse or something!

Mom noticed my depressed mood, but I shrugged it off as allergies or a summer cold. She didn’t really believe it, but she didn’t press the issue. After dinner, I played a few games of pool with Daddy. It helped me to bounce back a little bit, laughing and joking with him, so they didn’t make an issue out of it.

As I was getting ready for bed, I got a call on my private line. Picking up the phone, I was just sure it was Jason. “Hi, Jason.” I said, still in my down mood.

“Hey, beautiful, how’s it goin’?” He said sounding upbeat and happy. He didn’t wait for a reply. “Hey, Kelli, I talked to Tommy a few minutes ago. Kelli, I made him promise me that he wouldn’t say anything …no matter what! I’m going to bring him over tomorrow …okay?”

There it was, my safety net was being torn apart and there seemed to be nothing that I could do about it. I wasn’t against seeing Tommy, or even having sex with him, but the consequences of it might be far-reaching and too terrible to contemplate. I sighed audibly, “Okay, Jason …there’s not much I can do about it now. If he talks, and I’ll just bet he will, I’m going to be in big, big trouble.”

“Geez, Kelli, you won’t be the only one! Damn, if this all gets out, I won’t be able to …well, see you. Kelli, I made him promise …he’ll keep the promise, Kelli, I just know he will.”

I shrugged but he couldn’t see it, of course. “Okay, Jas …I guess there’s nothing else we can do. If you trust him, then I’ll have to trust him.”

The next day I was at the meeting place by the creek when Jason and Tommy came across the little rope bridge. As usual, Jason was carrying the blanket and, after hugging and kissing me, he spread it out on the grass.

“Kelli, you remember Tommy, don’t you?”

Tommy was cute with blonde hair and blue eyes. The t-shirt and shorts he was wearing revealed his smoothly muscled and tanned body. He played on the football team and, I think, on the baseball team. He was almost six feet tall. With me at barely over five feet, that was tall. I smiled at him and nodded.

“Hi, Tommy,” I said as I stood beside Jason. “I remember seeing you at Sully’s a few weeks ago, right?”

His smile was charmingly bright and his eyes seemed to smile, too. “Yeah, remember sharing the pizza with us? It was, what …just a few weeks after school let out.”

Thankfully, Jason didn’t let any awkwardness grow. He kicked off his shoes and pulled his pants off. Tossing them onto the blanket, he grinned at me and said, “I’m gonna’ go for a swim …c’mon, let’s get wet!”

Before Tommy or I could say anything, he was naked and running for the creek. I looked at Tommy and he grinned. “Does he do that often?”

I laughed and nodded. “Yeah, he does.” Then looking up at him and smiling, I said, “Aren’t you going to join him?”

He looked at me, then at Jason splashing in the water. “Yeah, …I mean, if you don’t mind?”

I laughed. “Hey, I’ve seen Jason naked lots of times …it’s nothing new to me.”

Without much hesitation, he kicked off his shoes and shucked his clothes. His back was turned to me at first, but when he was naked, he turned around. “Aren’t you comin’ in with us?”

His cock was indeed long! And better still, his testicles were hanging low and dangling. I could hardly take my eyes from the lovely sight. But I pulled my gaze away and looked up at him and grinned, “Yeah, I’ll …ahh, I’ll just be a minute or two. Go ahead …enjoy the water.”

He stood there naked looking at me and grinning. Glancing around the area and at the blanket, he grinned. “You didn’t bring a …ahh, swimsuit either, huh?”

I looked up and smiled, shaking my head. He laughed softly, turned and ran toward the creek. As he ran, I heard him yell for me to hurry up and come on in. I smiled and wondered if perhaps this wasn’t simply fate taking a hand in my life. I thought about how nice it had been with Jason and Andy. When one of them had spurted his hot cum and his cock had grown soft, I could happily turn to the next one. That feeling, that sensation is something that’s very hard to describe adequately to someone who hasn’t experienced it. Always before, with only Jason, I’d been forced to sit there and wait for him to recover even though I wanted so much to continue. When Andy came along it was like a dream come true. But it had been only for a week, then he was gone and I was back to having only one guy. Now, perhaps, that problem had been solved again with Tommy. I smiled and hoped so even as I began to remove my clothes for a nice swim with two attractive, naked boys!

At that location on the creek there was a curve and during the rainy periods, the water would rush around the bend carving out the land on which I stood. As such, the water was eight to ten feet deep near the bank while on the opposite side was a gravel-covered shallow area, which we jokingly called the beach. As I walked up to the edge of the bank I felt somewhat nervous and shy. Tommy had never seen me naked and I was always in fear of someone new being turned off by my small breasts. I know it was just a young girl’s insecurity, but it was there nevertheless.

Jason was sitting in the shallow area with the water barely two inches deep. Tommy was swimming around in the deep end, but stopped to tread water when I arrived on the bank. He looked up at me and smiled.

“Damn!” he said with a grin. “You’re really cute, Kelli. And a nice body, too.”

I was thrilled to hear those words, of course, and especially to see his face and his smile. I grinned at him, then looked at Jason who nodded at me.

“C’mon in, Kelli,” Jason yelled. “The water’s great!”

I glanced at Tommy again. He was still staring at me with a big smile on his face. I grinned, waved and dived into the water. The creek wasn’t very wide, so I swam underwater to near where Jason sat. The water was shallow at that side, so I stood up and walked through the shallow water to him. As I sat down beside him, I saw Tommy swimming toward us. I glanced at Jason and he smiled at me and put his arm around my shoulders. Snuggling close to him, I felt secure and happy.

As Tommy reached the shallow water, he stood up and walked toward us. His long cock swayed from side to side as he walked. I stared in amazement, thrilled at the beauty of the long cock and dangling testicles. Jason leaned close and whispered, “I told you it was a big one!”

I glanced up at Jason and grinned happily. Looking back and watching Tommy walk toward us I slid my right hand onto Jason’s naked thigh. When he saw that, Tommy veered so as to sit on my left side …where my left hand was free! Ooh, I had a feeling today was going to be lots of fun and full of great sex!

Tommy sat down in the water and grinned at me. I wanted to reach over and grab his long cock, but with great effort, I held off doing that for a minute or so! He was staring at my breasts and he nodded. “You have really nice breasts, Kelli …they’re small and perfect.”

Geez, could a guy say anything better than that to a girl with small tits? No, I don’t think so. I fell madly and desperately in love with him right that instant! I looked up at him and smiled my very best smile. “Thanks, Tommy,” I said, and still looking at him, I continued, “I know they’re …well, small, but…”

He smiled and waved his hand. “Kelli, they’re beautiful …a helluva lot better than Karen’s big water balloon tits! Huh, Jason?”

“Yeah, Karen’s tits sag down to her knees, I’ll bet!” He and Jason laughed. With his arm still around my shoulders, he pulled me close and then moved his hand down to my breast. Gripping the nipple like he always did, he pulled on it, stretching it out. Laughing, he said, “She has great little nipples, too …fun to play with!”

I smiled at Jason and slid my right hand down and grasped his cock. He grinned and glanced over at Tommy. Obeying his unspoken signal, I reached for Tommy’s cock with my left hand. My hand collided with his hand! He was reaching between my legs even as I reached between his. I looked up at him and we started laughing. As I was still laughing, Jason eased me onto my back in the shallow water. He leaned down and kissed me on the lips. As we kissed, I felt his hand move up to my breast and nipple again. I couldn’t see Tommy because of Jason’s head, but I felt his hand on my thigh and moving upward! As Jason kissed me and played with my nipples, I felt Tommy’s hand on my cunt. He was gentle and exploring me with his fingers. I moved my legs apart to give him clear access. I shivered with delight and joy as the two boys caressed and enjoyed my naked body. It made me feel so sexy and pretty and grown up.

It was only a short time when Jason moved down to suck on my nipples. At almost the same time, as if they’d coordinated it, I felt Tommy’s lips and tongue on my cunt! Oh, god, it was wonderful!

I don’t know how long we remained there in the water, but I was in seventh heaven with their fingers and lips and tongues exploring my body. I could have stayed there forever, but Jason sat up and looked down at me. Smiling happily, he said, “Let’s get out of the water …it’s time for the blanket, huh?”

I wanted to shake my head ‘no’, but Tommy sat up, too. Now I’d lost both of them, for god’s sake, so I thought I might as well get up! Near the blanket, Jason stopped me and, as usual, he began to sluice the water from my body with his hands. Tommy then stepped up on the other side and did the same thing. Wow! Two guys tending to my needs instead of just one! It was a wonderful feeling.

I was lost in the moment when I suddenly found myself once again lying on my back. Jason was again kissing me and fondling my breasts and nipples. Tommy had positioned himself between my legs and his lips and tongue were sending delightful messages to my overloaded brain! His tongue was a delightful instrument of pleasure and I wanted so much to do something for them, to give them pleasure in return. But I was floating on a cloud of joy and pleasure and my brain only had room to process those sensations, not to tell me what to do. I remember thinking that I should at least caress them with my hands, but I couldn’t lift them.

I couldn’t have felt more loved and cared for than that day, that moment in time. When Jason and I were alone, the sensations he imparted to my body were easily tracked or registered in my brain. But with the two of them, my brain was bouncing around from all of the various, uncoordinated sensations, one after the other, one on top of the next. Four hands and two sets of lips sent wonderful sensations through my body. I could do nothing but lie there and enjoy all the wonderful and delightful feelings and sensations even while my brain was in sensory overload.

I remember my orgasm on that day, at that time. It was the culmination of all of those wonderful senses that the two of them provided for my body. It began as a series of small, ever increasing surges through my body. I’ve always called them ‘little orgasms’ for want of any other term. But they tend to start small, then built to a full, all-out, magnificent surge of overwhelming sensations. Ooh, it’s delicious when it happens! And it did that day.

“Oh, I think she’s okay,” I heard Jason say quietly. “Just a big orgasm, I think …she does that sometimes.”

I felt their hands on my body, caressing me softly, gently. At that time, they weren’t trying to arouse me so much as just touch me. I was coming down from a wonderful orgasm and it felt like slowly waking from a nice dream. I opened my eyes and saw Jason looking down at me. He smiled when he noticed my open eyes. I smiled and glanced around. Tommy was kneeling on the other side, one hand on my belly, the other hand on my breast. He smiled.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it,” He said. “But I think maybe I enjoyed it just as much.”

I smiled and rolled my head from side to side. “No, …I don’t think so. But it’s nice of you to say so.” He grinned, pressing my breast with his hand and tweaking my nipple.

Jason bent down to kiss my lips even as Tommy leaned down to kiss my breast. Jason then looked at me and smiled. “Wanna’ 7-Up? We brought some …in the ice chest.”

I sat up and accepted the cold 7-Up from him. Taking a long drink of the cold soda, I looked at him and Tommy sitting beside me. Geez, I had two wonderful guys who liked me and seemed quite happy to provide so much pleasure for me. I grinned at them and patted each one on their naked thighs.

“Wow! That was really great, guys …thanks.” I drank some more of the cold drink and grinned. “Give me a chance to …well, recover, and I’ll give you both a treat, okay?”

Jason grinned happily, but Tommy smiled and said, “You’ve already given us a treat, Kelli …just relax and enjoy the drink.” He caressed my breast and nipple. “We have all day, ya’ know? Let’s just enjoy it.”

Jason was the first to begin showing signs of desire, but Tommy wasn’t far behind him. I’d finished the 7-Up and had been caressing the flaccid cocks gently, tugging at them and squeezing. They’d been busy playing with my breasts and nipples, one on either side. Tommy had slid his hand up along my thigh and, grinning at him, I’d opened my legs for his hand and fingers. His fingers touching my clit sent shivers through my body and I know he could feel the wetness flow from me.

Jason put a hand on each side of my face and kissed me on the lips. And at the same time, he laid back and pulled me down with him. It was easy to see what he wanted …my lips and tongue on his hard cock! Tommy seemed quite content caressing my cunt. As I leaned down to suck Jason’s cock I was on my side. So I moved my knee aside to give him full access to my cunt. He didn’t need a written invitation – he rolled over and I felt his tongue probing once again at my sensitive cunt.

Jason was starting to moan softly, caressing my head and cheek, as I sucked greedily at his cock. Tommy was still caressing and licking and sucking at my cunt as I ran my fingers through his hair. We were all getting hot and highly aroused when Tommy stopped and sat up.

“Shit, man,” he said. “I wanna’ fuck that sweet, little cunt!”

I stopped sucking Jason’s cock, looked at him, grinned and winked. In seconds I repositioned myself and was on my knees still sucking Jason’s cock with my ass in the air and my cunt fully available to him.

“Oh, shit, man!” Tommy said with excitement in his voice. “God, I’m gonna’ fuck that little cunt but good!”

Jason laughed. “Yeah, fuck her, Tommy, stick that pole in her cunt …she ain’t never had one that long. Do it, man, do it!”

Tommy was grunting and moaning and laughing as I felt his cock probing for my hot, wet hole. I reached down and placed it at my opening. With a grunting noise, he thrust the big, long cock deep into my body. Too deep, in fact! I groaned loudly even with Jason’s cock in my mouth. The big, long cock actually hit something up inside of me and it felt like being punched lightly in the gut.

I pulled my mouth from Jason’s cock and reached back to Tommy’s belly. “Oh, damn, Tommy,” I called out. “Not so fuckin’ hard, okay? You’ll hurt me!”

“Oh, shit, Kelli,” he said sounding sincere. “I’m sorry …really! I’ll be careful …not so deep, okay?”

But even with his promise, he thrust it deep inside of me. I was just thankful that he didn’t pound into me with such force. He was still hitting my insides, but it was not with such force as the first thrust. As Tommy fucked my cunt, I went back to sucking Jason’s hard cock. I was a happy young girl! I had two guys that were giving me a tremendous amount of pleasure, sensations through my body that were delightful and wonderful.

With a loud grunting, groaning sound, Tommy came first. Pressing his long, hard cock deep inside of me, he held tightly to my hips, holding the cock deep. With a couple of short but powerful thrusts, he grunted and spurted his hot cum into my cunt. Just the sounds from Tommy’s orgasm pushed Jason over the edge, too. Jason’s cock spurted the hot cum into my mouth and onto my tongue. I swallowed greedily and sucked for more. With both boys moaning and grunting with pleasure and effort, I reveled in the joys of sex …the joys of sex with two boys, not one! And it was fantastic and wonderful!

Tommy and Jason and I continue to have sex often in the ensuing weeks that summer. It was a little more difficult to arrange than with just Jason, but it was worth the effort. At first, I tried to be the go-between and scheduler, but it was just too much time and effort for me. I was the one with the more open, flexible schedule, so I turned the task over to Jason. I was once again on-call – ready and willing to provide my mouth and cunt for their sexual pleasures. But in return, they did the same for me – mutual, satisfying sexual comfort. We enjoyed many sessions filled with wonderful, arousing sex and magnificent orgasms.

As you might guess, with the addition of Tommy to the duo, it wasn’t all very long until some of their other friends began to enjoy my talents and willingness. I was so thankful that I wasn’t well known at their school. My secret life remained somewhat secret. All of the time that I was essentially a whore for Jason and Tommy and a few select others, at my own school I was still known as something of a prudish, goody-two shoes, nice girl!

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