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Springtime in Paris

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When Rachel had arrived in Paris, she had never imagined she would end up here. But here she was, in a strange woman’s house waiting for her first threesome. Jason looked down at her and smiled. She smiled back, albeit a little tentatively. She had met Jason in the train station and had gone home with him the first night she was here. She couldn’t imagine ever doing that back home. This trip though was so she could get away from who she was.

She was here to experiment, to do things she had never done before. And she had certainly never done this before.

“So where do we go from here?” Rachel asked.

“The bedroom is upstairs.”

“Lead on, then.” Rachel said, looking around. This place was beautiful. She didn’t know what kind of friends Jason had, but this one was obviously rich. The entry way was lavishly furnished. The chandelier probably cost more than Rachel’s entire house back home.

She followed Jason up the long curving staircase. She didn’t mind following Jason anywhere, if only because it gave her a view of his lovely ass. He clearly took care of himself, and Rachel had been lucky enough to experience his good shape firsthand last week. Jason was over six feet tall, which worked well for Rachel as she was tall herself. His dark hair was a little long, and fell easily over his bright blue eyes. He had caught her eye when he walked past her in the airport. She normally didn’t do much about these things, just shoot these guys a small smile and go back to her reading. Jason was the one who had approached her.

“You are too beautiful to look so sad.” He had said.

“Wow. Was that your best line? I hope not.” She had said, but she was smiling. It was hard not to, looking into those eyes.

“I didn’t want to be too forward. I thought you would be put off by what was actually going through my head.”

Rachel’s mouth went slightly dry, but then something else clicked. “You’re American!”

“Indeed I am. As are you.”

Rachel put her best offended face on. “I most certainly am not. I’m Canadian, thank you very much, and I’d appreciate it if you didn’t tarnish our spotless travel reputation by calling me an American.” She hoped he would pick up on the fact she wasn’t actually mad.

He did. “My mistake, I’m so terribly sorry. It won’t happen again.”

They both laughed, but Rachel caught something in the way he was looking at her. He was looking up and down her body unabashedly. She knew he was mentally undressing her. Something crazy flashed through her mind but she dismissed it quickly. She was here to be different, but a quickie with a stranger in the bathroom was a little too crazy for her.

Jason was still staring, so she pushed her boobs out and stretched, giving him an eyeful. He swallowed, and she could see the beginning of an erection under his trousers. As quickly she had dismissed the idea, the image of held up against a wall and banged by this man in a bathroom stall popped back into her head. She felt her panties dampen with the thought. What the hell? She shook her head, trying to clear out the image. She was unsuccessful.

She cleared her throat and said in a voice slightly higher than normal, “So what’s a Yank like you doing here in Paris? Are you a tourist like me?”

His eyes snapped up from her rather sizable breasts. “Uh, no, I’m a…I work as…I’m a systems analyst.” He finally managed to get out. “My company sends me all over the world to detect problems in computer systems and I’m on a yearlong assignment for a major corporation here in Paris. I got here two months ago.”

“Wow. That sounds really impressive. It also sounds like it could be bullshit and you’re totally unemployed.”

Jason laughed. His laugh was loud and booming, and when he threw his head back she could see every one of his perfect white teeth. “Trust me, when you see my apartment you’ll realize that I’m most definitely earning money.”

Rachel raised an eyebrow. “When I see your apartment? Presumptuous much?”

“Am I? I assumed you would like to go there first instead of me taking you right here in the train station.”

“It sounds like you’re no longer worried about me being put off.” Rachel had said with a smirk, but her mouth had gone completely dry at the look on Jason’s face. He moved closer to her, so that she could feel his hard dick on her leg. Based on what she was feeling, she would not be disappointed by an interlude with him.

“I want you. You are so damn hot. I want to bend you over and ram my hard dick into your pussy and hear you scream.”

With that, he placed his hand on her crotch and rubbed. She stepped back a little at the intimacy of the touch, but she couldn’t deny she wanted him too. However, two could play at that game. She stepped back toward him and ran her hand up his thigh and let it rest on his dick, which was straining at his zipper. She screwed up her courage and made her decision. The intensity of her wanting was so extreme; she didn’t care if she didn’t even know his name. She wanted him to bend her over, too.

“Well then, why don’t we find somewhere more private where you can fuck me?”

His jaw set, and he grabbed her hand as he strode off in the opposite direction. Rachel thought about what she had just done as she was being towed along behind him. She vaguely wondered where they were heading. It didn’t matter. Her panties were sopping wet at just the thought of him, burying his face in her pussy, then fucking her with that dick she had felt. She didn’t think she had ever been this horny.

Jason pushed open the door to the men’s room. He didn’t even bother to look around to see if there was anyone else in before he pulled Rachel in and kissed her. Rachel had never been kissed like this before. She wasn’t a novice by any means, but Jason put every ounce of the want he was feeling too into that kiss. The force of it slammed her into the door of the nearest stall. Jason pushed her into it and closed the door behind them.

He moved the straps of the sundress she was wearing to the side, letting the top fall slightly. Rachel moved her arms out of them entirely, and it fell to her waist. Jason pinched her nipple over the thin lace of her bra, and she moaned quietly.

“Your tits look amazing in that bra,” he whispered in her ear as he continued to fondle one breast. However, he was using the other hand to undo it, and it fell to the floor. “They look even more amazing without it.”

Rachel thought she was beyond speech at the moment. She certainly couldn’t think of anything witty to say, so she reached down and undid his belt. She pulled it off and used it to bring Jason closer to kiss her again. He reached up with his hand under her skirt. He pushed her panties to one side and slowly put a finger inside of her. She undid his pants and wrenched them down. Putting one hand down his boxers, she finally felt what she had seen hinted at earlier. She was right. It most definitely wouldn’t disappoint.

She dropped down, sitting on the closed toilet. Slowly at first, she started to take him into her mouth. There was a lot there, so she took her time. With every thrust, she took a little more into her mouth. Her fingers found his balls and she began to play with them. She could hear the ragged breathing coming from above her. She knew he was having a hard time being quiet, but she felt the need to torment him a little. She started to use her teeth a little, causing just enough pain to send him around the bend. Sure enough, she started to gasp and gripped her head a little tighter. She could feel his leg muscles tensing with the strain. She slipped a finger up behind his balls and pushed gently. He swelled in her mouth and abruptly pulled out.

“Oh, I have no plans on coming yet. You will pay for that.”

With that, he dropped to his knees in front of her. He pushed the bottom of her dress up to her waist. A fleeting thought ran through her brain: she was so glad she had waxed in preparation for the trip. Jason leaned in close and breathed hot breaths on her very wet pussy. Just the sensation of the hot air followed by the cooling off was almost enough the drive her over the edge. He pushed her panties aside again and licked her swollen clit using small delicate strokes of his tongue.

“I love a woman who’s totally bare down here. It gives me the most wonderful view of her cunt.”

“You’re welcome. I aim to please.” Rachel managed to squeak out. She was already using her arms as balance, raising her hips toward Jason’s face.

He smiled a smile that said he knew just how crazy he was making her. He lowered his face back down and started to suck on her clit. Every muscle in her body tensed. God, it felt good. He slipped two fingers into her snatch and started sliding them in and out. He then added another finger, then another. He just kept finger fucking her while he sucked on her clit, until she couldn’t help herself. She cried out as she came, grabbing Jason’s head between her legs. He resurfaced using his shirt to wipe his face and didn’t miss a beat. He lifted her up and turned her around. She heard a slight click and turned her head to see what it was. Before she could get a view however, Jason had used his pocketknife to cut off Rachel’s panties. He pulled the wet mass of lace away from her and dropped them on the floor. Bending her over, he pulled his cock out from his underwear and rammed it into her pussy.

She cried out again, not caring who heard. This was a busy train station; surely there were other people in the bathroom. It didn’t matter. She had never felt this full before, as Jason’s dick stretched her vagina almost to the breaking point. She looked to the left and was shocked to see a pair of eyes looking back at her. There were slats in the stall walls, and someone had managed to make a small space between two of them. That person was staring at her breasts that were bouncing every which way as Jason fucked her and didn’t notice that she had seen him.

She made to stand up, but Jason pushed her back down again and said, “Not until I’m done. I want to fuck you until you can’t walk properly.”

Well, in for a dime, in for a dollar, she thought. She ran her hand down her stomach and began to rub her clit. She brought her hand back up to her mouth and looked directly into those eyes while she licked her finger. They widened, and then closed. He was obviously taking advantage of the show to take care of a little business of his own. When they reopened, Rachel was still looking right at them. She winked and bit her lip. She then threw her head back and said in the breathiest voice she could conjure, “Oh God, fuck me hard!”

Jason complied, pushing every inch of his cock into her. She could feel his balls slapping against her clit and ground her hips against him. Waves of pleasure started to radiate up and she knew it wouldn’t be long. She reached up and grabbed her breasts, pushing them together and pinching her nipples. She looked up again to look into those eyes as she came.

“Yes! Oh fuck yeah! I’m coming!” The eyes stared back as he watched her come then closed as the stranger reached his own end. Rachel could hear both men breathing, Jason’s was steady and the stranger was uneven. She heard a quiet moan from the next stall and said to Jason, “Don’t stop, keep going. I want you to make me come again.”

Jason was still thrusting with abandon. He gave her a small slap on her ass. She gasped, and said, “Oh yeah baby. Spank me. Harder!”

He smacked her again, this time with some sauce on it. She felt that wave rise again in her.

“Spank me again. Harder!”

He really gave her one, and she knew that was going to leave a mark. She reached down with her hand again, rubbing her clit as he fucked her harder and deeper than she had ever been fucked. She felt fire shoot through her body and she came hard on his dick, enjoying the feeling of extra tightness as her muscles contracted.

Jason was clearly enjoying it too. “Oh God, your pussy gets so tight when you come. It feels so amazing to be fucking that tight little pussy.”

Rachel once again ground her hips into Jason’s pelvis. “Come on baby. I want you to come inside of me. I want to feel that big dick swell in my cunt.”

Jason shuddered, and Rachel got her wish. She felt his balls contract as he came in her, releasing everything he had. They were still for a moment, and then Rachel stood up. She leaned over and licked a small drop from Jason’s dick, causing him to flinch slightly. They looked at each other for an awkward moment.

Jason said, “So, are you still interested in seeing my apartment?”

“Hell yeah.”

“I’m Jason, by the way.”

She stared at him in a moment of amazement. She had just screwed a man whose name she didn’t know. She recovered her senses and said, “Rachel. Nice to have met you.”

She had gone home with him that night, and had been staying there for about two weeks now. They had had sex in almost every way imaginable, and Jason had a very active imagination. He had also been showing her around Paris, although most of the time it was just an excuse to have sex in some new outdoor location. She had been screwed at the Eiffel Tower, outside the Louvre, inside the Louvre, and in the gardens at Versailles among other places. Jason was very creative about avoiding things like cameras and security. So far, this had been the best trip of her life.

A couple of days ago, Jason had brought up a new idea. They had just finished up another round in his apartment and were leaning up against the cupboards in his kitchen. Rachel didn’t think it was very fair for Jason to ask her things after he had banged her; she was always in such a good mood she would do anything he wanted.

“So, I know you’re here to try new things.”


“I had a thought.”


“What do you think about a threesome?

Rachel had actually lifted her head to look at Jason at this. “Are you serious?”

“It’s just an idea; you don’t have to if you don’t want to.”

Rachel was silent for a moment. “With another girl or another guy?”


“So you already have someone in mind?”

“I have a friend that really enjoys them. She says she digs eating another woman’s pussy. She’s always said that if I ever find a willing participant she would love to have one with me.”

“And you’ve never found a willing participant? I would think most women would do whatever you asked them.”

Jason smiled a little at the compliment and then brushed it off with a wave of his hand. “Well, that bathroom thing was actually a first for me. It had popped into my mind then that you were someone who might be up for something a little more adventurous, but I didn’t want to ask you right away.”

“That bathroom thing was a first for you? Really? You seemed to know exactly where you were going.”

“Well, I had fantasized about it a lot. I knew what I wanted to do if I ever got a woman in there.”

“Did I ever tell you that someone was watching us from the next stall?”

Jason lifted his head at that. “No! Seriously? Through the slats?”

“Yup. Well, we were making quite a bit of noise. Lots of people heard us; it’s not really a shock someone wanted to see us.”

“Yeah, but…why didn’t you say anything? We could have moved somewhere else.”

Rachel snorted. “At that moment? You could have pulled out and we could have gathered our clothing and moved. Right. Besides, it was kind of a turn on.”

“Did he know you saw him?”

“Oh yeah. We kept eye contact through one of my orgasms, actually.”

Jason sat up, forcing Rachel to do the same. He just looked at her for a minute or so, making Rachel think he was angry with her. Then he smiled. “My God, you are amazing. I’m getting a little turned on thinking about another guy watching you come, actually.”

Rachel looked down. Sure enough, he was getting hard again. It really did not take him long to recover.

“Oh he saw everything. He watched my boobs bounce as you fucked me, and he watched me rub my clit…” She moved her hand down there as she spoke. The poor thing was a little raw, never having had so much abuse, but it started to swell as she ran her fingers over it.

“He was jerking himself off as he watched me get taken from behind, as he watched your big hard dick spread my lips open and slide into my pussy.”

Jason was fully hard again. Without another word, he lifted her up and plopped her ass down on the counter. “Oh God, you make me crazy. All I want to do is fuck you all day long. Just ravage your cunt with my dick until you cry out for mercy.”

Before she could comment on his use of the word ‘ravage’, he stuffed his dick inside her again. She leaned back and moved her hips forward on the counter so she could take every inch of him inside her. She felt as though she could fuck him all day long too, until they were both exhausted and couldn’t stand. She leaned forward and ran her fingernails down his back hard. He picked her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist. He carried her over to the nearest wall and shoved her into it. She loved how strong he was.

She used his shoulders to move up and down on his dick, making him moan. “Louder baby. Tell me what you want.”

“Oh God. I want to fuck you while someone watches. I want you to turn another man on with these beautiful tits, and he can stand there jacking off while you get fucked.”

“Yeah, baby. Oh, God yeah!”

He pinned her against the wall with his strong body and started to rapidly move his dick in and out of her pussy. She could feel her orgasm rising already, just from the angle of his strong thrusts. She came hard, her juices running down her leg and all over his cock. He came right after. She never got tired of the feeling of his cock swelling inside of her while he unloaded.

He put her down and she went to the bathroom for a quick clean-up before meeting him in the bedroom. They lay down on the bed together in silence for a while and eventually Rachel heard the rhythmic breathing that meant Jason was asleep. Rachel was lost in her own thoughts. Did she want to try this? She had already been much more reckless than she had planned. She had never been with a woman before. She didn’t know if she even wanted to try it. She knew though that it all started with a decision. She was still wrestling with it when she drifted off.

When she woke up the next morning, she had made her decision. She looked over and Jason wasn’t there. She threw a tank top on and followed the scent of bacon to the kitchen.

“You know, it really isn’t wise to cook bacon while naked.”

Jason looked up. “Morning, beautiful! I thought you deserved a good breakfast after our double round yesterday.”

“Always so thoughtful. Thanks. You do look really hot in the buff though.”

Rachel let her eyes rove over him as he stood there. Jason took really good care of himself and it showed. He was long and lean, but very well defined. Her favorite part of him was that tantalizing “V” that led down to his dick. It was like an arrow pointing her to where the best time was.

He was looking her over too. He walked over and took her tank top off, leaving her there in her panties. “I still love to just look at you,” he said. “Amazing.”

Rachel had always been on the busty side. Her impressive tits were perched above a small waist and what she had always thought was an ample ass. When she was a teenager she had hated her figure. She was always told that she was lucky to have such an hourglass figure, but when she was younger she had envied the girls with small tits and asses. They probably didn’t have the trouble finding clothes that fit. It was only as she got older that she realized that she really was lucky. Teenage boys liked the girls with no ass. Men preferred her curves.

She grabbed her tank top and put it back on. “Down, boy. My nether regions need a break. And you’ll burn the bacon.”

He stopped. “Your nether regions?” he shot back with a laugh. “Nether regions. Seriously.”

“Laugh all you want but you’re not the one that has a large shaft ramming into her repeatedly.”

“I thought you were enjoying the ramming.”

“It’s kind of like having large amounts of chocolate. It feels really good while you’re doing it, but you know you’re going to pay for it later.”

Jason walked back to the frying pan. “Okay, we’ll let your nether regions breathe today. Probably just as well, I have a meeting with my clients I have to get to. Will you be okay on your own today?”

“Of course! I don’t want to interfere with your life; you have a job and such. I’ll probably just laze around the apartment, applying cold compresses to my nether regions.”

“Stop saying nether regions. It makes you sound like my grandmother.” Said Jason, but he smiled every time she said it.

“Your grandmother said nether regions? She sounds like a cool lady.”

“Stop it! Ouch!” He said as some grease jumped out of the pan and burned him.

“I told you it was a bad idea to cook bacon while naked.”

“Well then you watch the bacon while I go and put on a T-shirt.”

When he got back, Rachel said, “So I’ve been thinking about your idea.”

“Oh? And what conclusion did you come to?”

“I’m in.”

Jason froze with the pan in one hand and some bacon dangling precariously off the fork in his other. “Really? Don’t tease me about this. Really? You don’t have to.”

“Put the frying pan down before you drop it. I know I don’t have to. I want to. I want to try new things. This will be new. Do you trust this girl?”

Jason had turned off the element. “Yeah, I really do. I’ve known her since I got here. She’s pretty experienced; she throws key parties and things like that a lot. I’ve never been to one, I haven’t had the courage. Or the right partner as you have to show up as a couple.”

“I would like it to be as anonymous as possible. I don’t really want to go over and have to make it through a dinner or something before we get on with it. I’m not sure if I can handle having to make small talk.”

“Okay, I’ll tell her. Are you sure you want-”

Rachel cut him off. “I’m sure. Stop asking.”

“Okay,” he said, and then he grinned. “Awesome.”

Rachel grinned back, feeling a thrill of anticipation.

So now she found herself in this beautiful apartment, being led up the stairs by the man she didn’t even know three weeks ago to have a threesome with him and a woman she had never met. He had called his friend, and she had been more than happy to set everything up. They were to show up and let themselves into the apartment. She told them to go upstairs to the bedroom and get started, she would come in later. That way no one had to make small talk and Rachel would remain anonymous, at least in name.

They walked into the bedroom and Rachel gasped. It was gorgeous. It looked like a movie set from the forties, with gauzy drapes flowing from the ceiling and soft creams everywhere. The bed was enormous. Like, ten people could fit into it with ease kind of enormous. Rachel thought of the key parties that were thrown here and wondered how many people had been on this bed doing what they were about to do. It was sumptuously decorated with satin sheets and mounds of pillows.

Jason turned to her. “Ready?”


Jason started kissing her, first on her lips, and then slowing moving his way down her neck to her chest. I cannot believe I’m doing this, she thought. She was half paying attention to Jason, and half expecting this mystery woman to walk in at any moment. Of course, Jason would not be ignored.

“Are you sure you want to go through with this?” He asked. “I wouldn’t be angry if you didn’t, you have nothing to prove to me.”

Rachel took a deep bracing breath. “I’m sure.” She said. “I’m just nervous, that’s all. I’ve never done anything like this, but I guess that’s the point.”

Jason gently placed his hands on either side of her face. “I mean it, Rachel. You absolutely don’t have to do this. Just say the word, and we’ll get out of here.”

“I really do want to at least give it a try. If it gets to be too much, I can always excuse myself to the bathroom and just not come back.” Rachel smiled at Jason. “I’m sure you and your friend can carry on without me.”

“That’s not really the point of the evening, though.”

“If I get too uncomfortable, I’ll let you know. I promise.”

Jason kissed her again, hard and heavy. He pushed her up against the door they had come through, and it closed with a slam. His tongue weaved its way into her mouth, and this time Rachel returned the kiss with all of her attention. Jason’s hands moved lower and started to unbutton her blouse. Rachel leaned her head back and let Jason’s hands rove all over her body. She loved the feel of his palms on her skin, especially when he was taking her clothes off. Jason’s hands moved down to her skirt, quickly sending it fluttering to the floor. Rachel had gone shopping this afternoon for some new underwear, and was pleased to see by the look on Jason’s face that he had noticed.


Rachel smiled. She wanted to look coy and alluring, but had a feeling she might just look a little sheepish. “Do you like it?”

“You look so hot right now. I’m not sure I’m really willing to share you with anyone.”

Rachel looked down. She had taken her time choosing what she thought Jason would like. She had finally decided on a kelly green set. The bra was lacy and low, so that it pushed her boobs up but showed off a lot of them at the same time. The panties were also lacy, but there really wasn’t much to them. Rachel wasn’t used to thongs but it seemed to be having the desired effect. The cherry on top, Rachel felt, were the lace topped thigh high stockings. Jason stepped back and looked Rachel over from head to toe. Her heels were still on, so she was a little taller than him at the moment. She stepped out of the pool of clothing at her feet. “So what do you want to do with me exactly?”

Jason stepped closer, a greedy look in his eyes. “I want to fuck you until you’re raw. I want to make sure you won’t be able to walk properly for a week, and then I want to fuck you some more.”

Rachel threw her hair behind her shoulders. She ran a finger down to her bra strap and slipped it off of her shoulder. That seemed to be all of the invitation Jason needed. He took the last step and kissed Rachel again, so hard her lips hurt. She started to walk toward the bed, taking Jason with her. She could feel his dick hard against her leg, so she reached down and unzipped his pants. She gave them a good tug, knowing that his boxers would come off as well.

She then gave Jason a solid push backwards. He fell onto the bed, panting. She straddled him, and then leaned forward to undo his shirt. She took her time, kissing his chest after every button she freed. She knew she was wet, all he would have had to do is move slightly and he would have slid right into her. Jason must have known it too, but he seemed to be waiting for the party to start in earnest. After Rachel had taken Jason’s shirt off, she slid a little further down his legs until her ass was in the air and her mouth hovered over his dick.

She looked up, but Jason seemed to be determinedly avoiding eye contact with her. In fact, she could almost hear him mentally reciting some old boring facts, trying to keep himself from getting too carried away. She started to lick. Not much, just a few quick jabs with her tongue. Jason was writhing. She then licked the whole length of him. She put his head in her mouth and sucked for a few seconds, all the while playing gently with his balls with her fingers. Jason was breathing so heavy Rachel almost didn’t hear the faint click of the door closing behind her.

The next thing she knew, there were a pair of hands on her, running up and down her thighs and over her ass. She tried to focus on what she was doing to Jason, but this whole experience was just so new. She cleared the new addition from her thoughts, and took all of Jason into her mouth. He let out a loud moan, and she looked up. He was watching her now, but his eyes kept going from Rachel to the woman who had entered the room. Rachel then heard in her ear, “Just keep sucking his cock, you look so hot doing that.”

She obeyed with gusto. She ran her mouth up and down the full length of his dick, while she felt the woman’s hands slide up her thigh and to her pussy. Rachel almost stopped breathing, but felt herself throb. She was turned on by this woman. The woman tickled her lips before slowly putting first one, then two fingers inside of Rachel. It’s okay, you can handle this. It’s not much different than having a man do this. The woman started to move her fingers, and Rachel started to go a little harder on Jason, using her teeth every now and then.

Jason must have decided he was getting too carried away. He pulled himself out of Rachel’s mouth and flipped her over, so that she was on her back. Rachel was able to get her first glimpse of the woman she was about to have sex with. She was average height, but like Rachel was wearing heels. And nothing else. Her skin was darker, she might have been Mediterranean. Her hair was long and dark and tumbled over her breasts. She wasn’t rail thin by any means. The woman pulled Rachel’s feet so that she was diagonal along the bed, then looked directly at Rachel and smiled. “We are going to have so much fun.” She slid Rachel’s panties off.

Rachel wasn’t sure what to say to that. Everything that was happening certainly felt good, but she was still a little scared. There was no going back from this. Just as she was wondering if she should pull the plug before things got too out of control, she felt a jolt. Jason had lay down and placed his head between her legs. Jason licked and sucked on her clit, and she felt an orgasm building already. The woman lay down next to Rachel and started to kiss her. Her lips were soft and warm, and the gloss she was wearing was slightly vanilla flavored. She reached up and started to fondle Rachel’s breast. She leaned her head down and moved the lacy green bra out of the way. She then started to suck on Rachel’s nipple. Rachel could only see her dark hair spread out over her chest, and she made her decision. She reached out and drew the woman’s head back up and kissed her, reaching down with her own hand to the woman’s breasts, pinching her nipple. The woman looked up at Rachel and smiled.

“I need something to call you.” Rachel said, barely able to get the words out. Jason was now using his tongue to fuck her pussy, and she was racing closer to that release.

“You can call me V.”, the woman said. She leaned down again, and as V sucked on her nipple Rachel felt that familiar wave crash over her. She arched her back and cried out. Jason stood up and wiped his face with a nearby tissue. He looked very pleased with himself. Rachel barely noticed. V had swung her leg over and was now straddling Rachel. She moved down her legs just as Rachel had moved down Jason’s earlier. “Oh God…” Rachel managed to get out. V started to massage Rachel with her fingers. Jason moved up and kneeled on the bed over Rachel, so she could take him in her mouth again. Rachel didn’t know what to focus on. She decided to just let what was happening happen. She figured there probably wasn’t a right or wrong way to do this.

She took all of Jason in her mouth again; running her lips up and down his cock at the same pace V was dipping her fingers in and out of Rachel’s snatch. Suddenly, V stopped and curled her fingers. Rachel gasped as a new sensation washed over her. She grabbed Jason’s cock and started to jerk him off. He was watching V finger Rachel. Suddenly, V stopped and got up. Rachel took the moment to make sure she was still breathing, it seemed like all of the air had been sucked from the room.

Then V was back. She was holding a light green dildo in her hand. “So, do you want to take two cocks?”

Rachel nodded. At this point she probably would have agreed to pretty much anything. Jason leaned in so she could take him back in her mouth, and she felt V slide the plastic dick into her cunt. She moaned, which apparently felt good on Jason’s cock, making him moan. He angled himself slightly, so he would be able to watch V glide the dildo in and out of Rachel.

Rachel meanwhile was floating. She felt so good, to be so stimulated at once. V was being very gentle, making sure not to push it in too far so as not to hurt her. She thought she could handle a bit more, so she took Jason out of her mouth and panted, “Harder!”

V sped up, pushing that dick into Rachel even further. She felt the cock inside of her, running up and down her pussy. V then started to rub her clit, and she came before she even realized she was close.

V then leaned her head down and started to lick Rachel’s pussy. She really was very good at it, extending Rachel’s orgasm. She spread her wet lips and used her tongue to dance over Rachel’s clit, then pushed into her tunnel. “Your pussy tastes amazing. Is this the first time you’ve been eaten out by a woman?”

Rachel tried to answer with Jason’s dick still in her mouth. “Mmm-hmm.” Jason moaned as the vibrations ran over his cock.

“You are so wet, I love tasting you.” With that, she buried her head back between Rachel’s legs and fucked her with her tongue. Rachel was moaning. She couldn’t really grasp what was happening, but it all felt so good. V pulled back.

“Would you like to taste me?” she asked.

Rachel realized what V was offering. If she wasn’t up for it, Rachel could continue to be a passive partner, keeping the tryst as one sided as possible. Rachel thought about it. She had come this far, she might as well try everything. “Yes, I would.”

Everyone shifted positions. V lay back at the head of the bed across the pillows. Rachel knelt down in front of her, and Jason stood behind Rachel. She leaned her head down and took her first, tentative lick at V’s pussy. This was just so foreign. V lay very still, letting Rachel work up whatever courage she needed to continue. Rachel looked over V’s body, taking in the olive skin and long limbs. She leaned back in and ran her hands up V’s legs to her pussy. She was already very wet. Rachel took her time, first fingering V’s cunt. V leaned back and pushed her hips toward Rachel. She put two fingers inside V, and moved them in and out slowly. She realized that it would not be difficult to please V. All she had to do was what she liked to have done to her. She leaned her head down and found V’s clit with her tongue. She heard the sharp intake of breath that meant she was in the right spot.

“Oh yeah, baby. Suck that clit for me.”

She started to suck, trying to make sure she wasn’t being too rough. Jason was still rooted to the spot behind her, so she turned around and said, “Are you going to going to put that dick to good use, or do we need to bring out the plastic one?”

Jason came out of his reverie and slid his dick into Rachel’s pussy. It felt so good that she almost forgot about V, but when she opened her eyes V’s still wet snatch was right in front of her. Rachel went back to fingering her pussy while she sucked her clit. V had started to squirm, so Rachel picked up the pace. She couldn’t believe how good this felt, to be licking a woman while being fucked by a man. V grabbed Rachel’s head and pushed her further into her pussy, allowing her to dig even deeper with her tongue. Jason was still fucking her, rocking her whole body with his thrusts. Rachel was going as deep into V as she could with her tongue. She was now fully committed to what was happening. She wanted the whole experience. She flicked her tongue over V’s clit time and again. Suddenly V arched her back and Rachel felt the muscles in her pussy contract. My God, she had brought this woman to orgasm. The feeling was slightly unbelievable.

“Oh, I want to feel a dick inside of me, fuck me!” V said to Jason. He pulled himself out of Rachel and she moved to the side. She blinked as Jason rammed his dick into V. She had actually forgotten this part, the part where Jason has sex with another woman. She watched while he slid his cock in and out of V, and a small part of her wondered if this is what he saw when he screwed her. Another part of her however, was very aroused by watching them. She thought Jason looked amazing while he was having sex with her. It apparently wasn’t limited to just her. He just looked amazing while he was having sex, period. She reached back and undid her bra, finally taking it off completely. She got up to V’s mouth and kissed her as her body rocked with Jason’s every move. Rachel grabbed V’s breasts and pushed them together. She kept kissing V hard. It was a little different to kiss a woman. There was no sense of dominance there, just softness and that small bit of vanilla. She reached her hand down and started to rub V’s clit while Jason was fucking her. V responded to her touch by raising her hips. Rachel moved so that she was straddling V’s face, facing Jason. He lifted his eyes to hers, and she smiled. She leaned forward and kissed him. The sound of V coming from underneath them brought them out of the kiss.

“Don’t stop fucking me, keep that dick inside of me!” she panted.

V started to lick at Rachel. She made sure she was giving V all the room she needed. As she started to suck on Rachel’s clit, she used her fingers to fuck Rachel. Jason was wide eyed, watching V and Rachel. He slowed his thrusting down, letting V focus on Rachel. Rachel threw her head back, feeling the warm sensation of the coming orgasm wash over her. She knew she was a mess down there, but it felt so good to have V’s mouth on her clit that she didn’t really care. A few more strokes with V’s tongue, and Rachel came hard. She grabbed her breasts and held her own nipples, so hard she knew she was leaving fingernail marks. She eased herself off of V, and lay down on the bed.

Jason pulled out of V, and lay back on the bed next to Rachel. She looked over at him. “You’re not tired out, are you?”

He grinned. “A bit, but Lord knows I’m not going anywhere.”

“Well, maybe we should make this easier on you, then.”

She knelt over his dick, slowly lowering herself onto it. They both moaned. Rachel was sure she had never been so wet, everything was so smooth. V came up to the head of the bed, and kneeled over Jason’s face. His regular strokes became a little more erratic as his attention was divided. Rachel stared at V where Jason was licking her. Jason’s focus on V let her take a break, and she sat on top of him, watching him eat out another woman. She was so turned on. V looked up and caught Rachel’s eye. She slowly ran her hand down and cupped one of her boobs, raising it so she could kiss her nipple. Her other hand went down lower. She rubbed her clit as Jason tongue fucked her, keeping eye contact with Rachel the whole time. Rachel had started to grind on Jason’s dick, if only because she couldn’t sit still anymore.

V leaned forward, keeping her pussy within tongue’s reach for Jason. Rachel mirrored her movement without thinking. She reached her hand out and caressed V’s breast, enjoying the soft feel of the mass. Her head went down and she took it into her mouth, licking and sucking. V’s hand had come up to meet with Rachel. V was fondling her breast at the same time.

“Kiss me again,” said V. Rachel was more than happy to comply, although she found herself a little taken aback at how much she was enjoying herself. She hadn’t known what to think walking into this, but she had never been so aroused. Jason had stopped what he was doing to watch V and Rachel. Rachel was putting everything she had into this kiss. Her tongue snaked around V’s mouth, wanting to take in as much as she could. At this point, Rachel and V were mirror images: each with one hand on the other’s breast, and the other hand on their own clits.

Jason managed to get out from under them, and said, “I want you two to spend some time together.”

They didn’t really need much prodding. The intensity between them was almost tangible. They moved closer without Jason between them and switched hands so that they were rubbing each other’s clits. Their lips never parted, except to make the occasional foray down to the other’s boob. They spent some time like that, chest to chest while rubbing their clits. Rachel leaned her head down and started to run her tongue around V’s nipple. She took as much into her mouth and sucked hard, leaving marks. She loved the feel of V’s boobs in her hands. They were so soft and heavy.

V pulled away, and told Rachel to lie down. She did as she was told, knowing that V had much more experience with this sort of thing than she did. V lay down as well, but further away. She then slid closer to Rachel, so that their cunts were right up against each other. V started to grind. Rachel leaned back on her elbows, enjoying the sensation that washed over her. She moved her hips in time to the rhythm that V was setting. Oh man, this felt good. Nothing direct, nothing penetrating, just one swollen clit against another. She ran her hand down and started to run her thumb over V’s clit in smooth circles. V pushed her hand away and suddenly sat up. This motion pushed their hips even closer together, and Rachel felt a jolt through her body as her clit took the new angle. She sat up as well.

V wrapped her arms around Rachel’s neck and ground her hips into her with all the strength she could muster. She leaned down and used her tongue to flick Rachel’s nipple, then she bit lightly.

“Oh yeah. Harder.”

V bit down and Rachel threw her head back. She came as V continued to grind into her, biting her nipple and scratching her nails down Rachel’s back. She buried her face in V’s neck and screamed as the orgasm washed over her. She had lost count of how many times she had come. She was sure this wouldn’t be her last.

V said something Rachel couldn’t hear, and then she sensed Jason going for something under the bed. He emerged with the longest dildo Rachel had ever seen in her life. She didn’t care. She didn’t know what the plan would be for it, but she knew V had it handled. V pulled away from Rachel and let Jason put one end of the dildo in her pussy. She motioned for Rachel to come closer. As she did, Jason put the other end into her pussy. He then moved it back and forth between the two women. They lay there, being fucked by the same dick. Jason increased the intensity and speed, until Rachel needed a break. She pulled away and took the dildo from Jason. She pulled V into a kneeling position then slid down and lay on her back, looking up at V’s snatch. She dived in again, this time with no hesitation.

She headed right for V’s clit, enveloping the small nub with her whole mouth. She slid three fingers into V’s cunt, not really bothering to be gentle anymore. She slammed her fingers in and out, sometimes pausing to wiggle her fingers while they were inside V. She took one of her fingers out and let it rest on the opening to V’s ass. V groaned. “Oh, just a little bit.” She said. Rachel put her fingertip in the hole, and was immediately rewarded with a sharp cry of pleasure from V. She also heard a deep moan from her left. She looked over to see Jason, jerking himself off slowly while watching them.

“You like watching me finger her pussy?” She heard herself say. It actually surprised her to hear herself say the words, they sounded so brazen. Jason nodded. “Do you want me to finger her ass too?” Jason nodded again, looking as though he may pass out at any moment.

“Oh God, yes. Put your finger in my ass while you finger my cunt.” V breathed.

Rachel repositioned, and started to finger V in earnest. Two in her pussy, one in her ass, all the while still licking her clit. She took a quick moment to congratulate herself on her multi-tasking ability before fully focusing on V. V was moving with her, her cries getting louder and louder as she neared her climax. Suddenly V tensed up, and Rachel’s face was covered in V’s juices. It took her a little off guard, and she sputtered for a moment. She wasn’t given much time to recover.

V had leaned forward when she came, wanting to taste Rachel while she climaxed. They were now in the 69 position, or so Rachel assumed. She never thought her first foray into this position would be with a woman, but V was making it very hard to think anything rational at the moment. V sucked her clit and put her fingers back inside Rachel. V was so good at this; she brought Rachel right to the edge of orgasm. Jason moved behind V’s ass, and Rachel knew what he wanted. She pushed her body away and spun around in one fluid motion. V resumed her work between Rachel’s legs, and Rachel got a great view of Jason taking V from behind.

V groaned as his huge cock slid into her cunt and the vibrations that groaning created on Rachel’s’ pussy were intense. Jason started to thrust his dick deep inside of V, and she broke away from Rachel to take a huge gasping breath. Rachel took the moment to prop herself up on her elbows. Jason and Rachel locked eyes and they stared at each other while he fucked this other woman. Rachel thought he had never looked so hot. Jason had his hands on V’s ass and was spreading her cheeks apart. He looked down to see the view and Rachel knew he wanted to give it to her in the ass.

“Do it. Fuck her ass, Jason. I want to watch your face as you slide your big dick into her tight little ass.”

V chimed in. “Oh God, yes. I want to feel your giant cock in my ass.”

Jason produced a bottle of lube from somewhere and started to apply it to his dick and finger it around V’s ass. He slipped a single digit into her ass and she gasped, causing Rachel to gasp as the cool air hit her snatch. When he was satisfied she was sufficiently slippery, she slowly slid into her ass. His face slackened as he felt how tight she was. V looked up at Rachel and smiled. “His dick is amazing. It feels so goddamn amazing inside me.”

He kept pushing until he was balls deep in her ass. She groaned as he filled her up. Rachel was entranced. She just watched as Jason started to rock back and forth, causing V to get louder and louder with every thrust. Then V said, “I want to fuck you while you watch him fuck me.”

She grabbed the green dildo, and started shoving it into Rachel’s pussy with the same abandon that Rachel had fingered her with earlier. She started licking Rachel’s clit again, with fast strokes that seemed to be merciless. Rachel knew vaguely that she was going to hurt in the morning, but couldn’t have cared less at the moment.

“Oh yeah, fuck me with that dick. Fuck me so hard, V.” Rachel had never wanted anything more than to have that dick shoved as far into her as it could be. She wanted every inch of it inside of her. V thrust that cock in and out of her at the speed that Jason was fucking her ass. After doing this for a couple of minutes, Jason pulled out of V. “I don’t want this party to end early.” He said with a smirk. V then placed the tip of the dildo right on Rachel’s ass.

“Turnabout is fair play, don’t you think?” V asked, a smile playing around the corners of her lips. Rachel froze for a moment. It had come as enough of a shock to her that she had played with V’s ass. She had never had anyone in that area, she didn’t know if she would like it. Or if it would hurt. V seemed to read her mind.

“Do you not want me to? Have you ever done anal play?”

Jason said heavily from behind V, “Oh, I want to see you take that cock in your ass.”

Rachel took a deep breath. “No I haven’t before, but just go really slow and watch my reaction.”

“I promise not to do anything you don’t want me to.”

V climbed off of Rachel and Rachel moved to the end of the bed. This way V could kneel right in front of her snatch. She took a smooth, smaller dildo out from a box under the bed. “This will be a little easier.”

Rachel raised her hips so that V could have clear access to her ass. Her heart was pounding. How far would she go tonight? She reasoned that she could stop at any time, and besides, V seemed to know what she was doing.

“Go ahead. Fuck my ass.”

V used a liberal amount of the lubricant on the dildo, and put in on Rachel’s ass. Rachel drew in a sharp breath, and V started to push. Very slowly, V began easing open the tight hole that she was offered. Rachel almost couldn’t breathe. It felt so odd, like nothing she had ever felt before. V placed something in her hand. She looked down to see a small bullet.

“Use that on your clit while I do this. It’ll make everything easier to handle, and it should feel good.”

Rachel turned it up to full power and pressed it against her clit. The effect was almost instantaneous. She practically sprinted to the finish line, coming hard before V had even finished pushing the dick into her ass. V looked up, startled. However startled V was however, it had nothing on how shocked Rachel was. She lay there panting for a moment. “Oh my God.”

V cleared her throat. “So, that was a hit, then? Do you want to keep going with this?”

“God yes,” croaked Rachel. She felt like she could just lay there for hours, coming over and over.

V eased the dildo back into her ass, as Rachel held the bullet hard against her clit. The combination of the two brought her right back to the edge. V slid the dildo back out a little, not letting her finish. Rachel moaned, “Oh God, please, please, make me come. I want to come so bad while you fuck my ass.”

V didn’t say anything, but kept moving the cock in and out of her ass. She never put it all the way in, but never took it all the way out. Jason moved over to where Rachel was and started to kiss her. He didn’t spend much time on her mouth, but moved almost immediately to her breasts. He fondled them, pushing them together while he rubbed her nipples with his thumbs. Rachel wasn’t sure how much more she could take.

Jason whispered in her ear,” I want to fuck you while you have another cock in your ass.”

Rachel nodded without really thinking about it. She had done so much tonight, what was one more thing? Jason moved to the edge of the bed where Rachel’s legs were propped up. He placed a pillow underneath her ass, changing the depth of the dildo already in there. Her pussy contracted involuntarily, but stayed just shy of coming. V let go of the dildo while Jason got between her legs. He pushed her back a little on the bed so he could get his knees on it. V stayed right with them, never taking out the dildo. V then used the green dick from before on herself. This was so out of control. Three dicks and Rachel had two of them. One was being operated by a woman, and was in her ass. She could see what this looked like if someone were watching, and just the thought made her pussy contract. Rachel could feel another orgasm building. She lowered herself a little on that cock, tightening up as it slid a little deeper into her ass.

“C’mon, Jason. Fuck my cunt. I want to feel what it’s like to have two cocks in me at the same time.”

Jason very slowly put the tip of his dick inside Rachel’s wet pussy. Rachel almost cried with anticipation. “Make me come, Jason. I want to come all over your cock.”

Jason suddenly thrust his dick into Rachel’s cunt. She screamed, not expecting the sudden feeling of fullness. Jason looked down at her, worried he had hurt her.

“I’m fine, I’m fine. Keep fucking me. Fuck me hard, both of you.”

Jason started into a rhythm, V keeping pace with the dick in her ass. Rachel had never felt so full, and she could feel the two cocks rubbing against each other between the thin wall that separated them. She thought she could do this for hours. She arched her back, grabbing her breast with one hand. She used the other to press the bullet even harder into her clit. Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God…

Her orgasm was explosive and lasted for what seemed like forever. Her body was covered in sweat and her own juice, and she never wanted this to end. V and Jason didn’t slow down when she came and she left the bullet where it was. Just as she was over the orgasm, another one hit with overwhelming force. Her muscles contracted so hard that the dildo was pushed out of her ass and she heard the sound of V coming behind Jason.

“Fuck, I love to watch you come!” Said V, breathing hard and red faced. “You look so goddamn hot when you come.”

Jason had slowed down, but V just said to him,”Fuck her tight little pussy.”

He started to really push himself into her. She felt Jason’s dick go in so deep, it started to hurt. His balls were slapping against her ass. V had lain down next to Rachel again, and was rubbing Rachel’s clit while he pounded her, not that she needed the push. Rachel looked at her. “I want to eat you out one more time.”

V smiled and knelt over Rachel’s face. She looked up at that woman’s snatch. She never thought she would be doing this, let alone craving it. Bu she loved it. She loved being with another woman and making her come. Rachel took the dildo and started to move it into V’s cunt. Not the whole thing, just the tip. In and out, in and out, until V’s legs began to quiver. Then Rachel pushed the full length into V. She gasped and grabbed her breasts. “Don’t stop; keep fucking me hard with that dick.” Rachel kept pumping it into V, as hard and as fast as she could. V’s legs weren’t able to take the strain; V had started sinking closer to Rachel’s face. As soon as she was close enough, Rachel pushed the dick in as far as it would go. Then Rachel closed her mouth over V’s clit and sucked. V screamed as she came, but Rachel didn’t stop. Jason had started to really pound her, and she thought if she could keep things going they may all come at the same time. Rachel moved the dildo around in V’s snatch, and just kept on sucking her clit. V was squirming pretty hard, but Rachel could feel the dildo move as the walls of V’s pussy contracted around them a second time.

Rachel managed to breathe, “Keep fucking me!” to Jason, as she started to move her tongue fast and furious against V’s clit. V had stopped moaning, and Jenna looked up long enough to see her and Jason kissing passionately. She went right back to what she was doing, determined to make V come once more. It was an adrenaline rush to make her come, almost as good as coming herself. Almost.

Just then she could feel Jason’s legs shudder, a sure sign that he was almost done. She pushed on the dildo with one hand, while sucking as hard as she could on the clit in her mouth. She used her other hand to rub her own clit. She knew she was close, she just needed Jason to last a bit longer…V cried out again, and moved herself off of the punishing force that was Rachel’s mouth. Apparently she had all she could take. She moved down and started to rub Rachel’s clit, pushing her hand away. She was close, she was so close. Finally, she felt herself crest that wave. She screamed and V silenced her with a kiss. She then got up and moved behind Jason, who had changed his rhythm to long smooth strokes. She ran her hand up the back of his thigh, and suddenly his eyes got wide and Rachel felt his cock swell as he finished inside of her. He stayed in her for a few seconds, and then he pulled out and lay down on the bed next to her. V quietly slipped out the door. Rachel didn’t even notice until she looked up a couple of minutes later.

“Where did she go?” Rachel asked when she felt she had the strength to speak.

Jason took some time answering. “Well, I told her that you wanted this to be as anonymous as possible, remember? She let us start without her, and she’s gone before we have a chance to compose ourselves.”

“I may never compose myself. That was…amazing.”

“So it was a good idea?” Jason asked, smirking.

“Don’t smirk at me like you didn’t get anything out of that. You must have enjoyed yourself.”

“You looked so hot. I can’t even describe it, Rachel. You looked fucking awesome. I’ve never been that turned on in my whole life.”

“Well, I don’t think I’ve been either. If I could be totally honest, I was a little startled when you put your dick inside her for the first time. I had forgotten part of the deal was for you to fuck someone else.”

“You didn’t like it?”

“It just was a surprise. Almost immediately I thought it was the hottest thing I had ever seen. When you took her from behind and then in the ass, I think I could have watched that all day.”

They were silent a moment longer, then Rachel asked, “What did she do at the end there? I saw your face change just before you came.”

Jason flushed a little. “Um, she…um…”

“What?” Rachel asked. She was now very curious; she had never seen Jason this flustered.

“She fingered my ass.”

“I see. And you had never had that done to you before?”

“Sure hadn’t. It wasn’t super direct, nothing went into my ass. She just took her finger and put in on my ass. Then she pushed. I’d never felt anything like it.”

“It seemed to get the job done.” Rachel observed.

“Indeed it did. Maybe that’s something to note for later.” Jason said as he rolled over and looked at Rachel. “Thanks again. You are amazing.”

He tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and she smiled at him. They lay there on the bed for a moment longer, and then both got up and started collecting their clothes. Rachel didn’t bother putting her underwear back on, she knew there would most likely be another quickie in the cab on the way to Jason’s apartment. As they opened the door to the bedroom, Rachel took a last look around. She knew that she could come back if she wanted to, but she also felt that this should be a one-time thing. Something special she could remember for years to come.

Rachel stayed in Paris for a few more weeks, finding new things to do with Jason. They never did go back to V’s place. Jason brought it up a couple of times before realizing that Rachel wanted to keep it special. When she went back home, she would always remember those few weeks in Paris. Whenever she thought of those hours with V and Jason, she would smile and feel her panties get just the slightest bit damp.

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