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Swim Couch Seduces Coed With Friend

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The next morning, I awoke to the sounds of the water. Seeing Mandy next to me, I figured it must be Katie enjoying an early morning hot shower. I could not believe how happy our experience the night before made me. I began to gaze at Mandy’s sleeping face, so sweet and young, and so peaceful now.

My mind raced as I hoped she wouldn’t wake and run out of the room, appalled that she let us have our way with her, and wishing this moment would last a bit longer.

Then, as I kissed her face softly, she awoke, mumbling something about how delicious our cuddling had been. Our feet met underneath the covers, warming each other and reminding us of our new bond.

“Who’s in the shower?”, Mandy asked.

“Katie, of course, but its ok, you can shower downstairs if you need to leave right away…”I stammered trying to make her exit more graceful, in case she had any morning after regrets.

“No, that’s ok, Steve (her fiancé) is in D.C. for some conference until Monday, and my parents think I’m Santa Barbara with Stacy and Cassie….I’m free as a bird…” hummed Mandy, to my obvious delight.

I took her by the hand as we approached the half open door, steam pouring out of the top of the doorframe, as Katie allowed the water to rinse the last of her conditioner from her blonde mane.

“What are you two up to?” asked Katie as she slid the opaque glass panel a bit to see us huddled and peaking at her. “Why don’t you two join me…I know you’re both dirty girls in need of a good scrubbing!” I laughed. Mandy wasted no time, sliding off the oversized tee and white athletic socks she had borrowed to keep warm last night.

A glance passed between Katie and I. We were both obviously delighted at her enthusiastic attitude toward our fun loving games. It was like a dream we both hoped would not end, thinking too much about it could only ruin it. Were we opening our up until now exclusive relationship to this young 19 year old? Or was it a mere fling. An exploration of long repressed desires we could share without repercussions? Could we enjoy this without jealousy or feeling threatened by her incredible looks. She was like a young version of Jennifer Connolly, from her clear blue eyes, to her dark long locks, and full D cups, so firm and sweet.

But for now, we could not resist, I was already nude and thanks to our huge shower stall we all stood in the center allowing the warm water to relax us. After a few awkward giggles, we began to focus our attention on Mandy, our hands massaging her shoulders and back. I grabbed the soap and shared with Katie. Time seemed to slow and a nice silence descended on us, our hands spreading the smooth texture of the soap over her smooth skin. It was sensual at this point, but not very sexual, as we concentrated on her back and lower legs and arms, ignoring her more obvious erogenous zone for now. We then rinsed her off, our fingers barely touching her mound, just grazing it, as if to make her beg us to do more.

Suddenly, as if I psychic light flashed simultaneously in both Katie’s and my mind, we looked over at the shower stall bar on the far end, normally used for hanging our face towels and such. Katie smiled and articulated what we both were thinking, “Mandy, why don’t you turn this way and put your hands here for a moment.”

I chimed in, “yes and tilt your torso forward a bit….place your feet a bit more apart….” We both watched as Mandy complied with our request to place her in a most vulnerable yet sexy position. Her legs firmly planted, with her body tilted down, exposing her precious buns to our loving exploration.

We took the soap again and began to massage her tush, caressing its firm flesh, squeezing and delighting in her youthful bounty. We occasionally spread her cheeks, allowing us glimpses of her sweet hole. Then, when I felt I could resist no longer a let my soapy middle finger slide between her cheeks as Katie spread her for me. Mandy jumped a bit and her body tensed. Sensing she need a little encouragement, Katie leaned toward her ear and whispered, as far as I could make out, “its ok sweetie, if you want us to stop we will, but I promise you will just love the sensation, just relax a bit….it feels so nice…., ok sweetie…” or something to that effect….

Then, as I slid my fingertip back and forth there she tilted further and I could sense her relaxing….I need no further encouragement and I let my fingertip press slightly against her rim. It took only a moment for my soapy finger to enter. She gasped again, then let out a sweet moan. I could feel her tensing then relaxing as I slowly slid it in as deep as she would let me, using the soap for lubrication. I then slid it out and slowly back in, just to the first knuckle. I could hear her soft moans as my moved it in and out wiggling the fingertip to explore her a tiny bit more each time. I was so engrossed I was slightly surprised to see that Katie had begun to tease her nipples, pinching them and tugging them until they were fully erect, as I continued to explore this apparently new territory. I was next able to insert my finger to about the second knuckle, when I felt her knees buckling a bit. Katie helped her stay up and continue to whisper naughty things to our sweet new girlfriend, “doesn’t that feel so nice….I bet you’re so tight there, just relax and enjoy the sensation…”

She was very tight there…even when she relaxed, which only reminded me how hot she was and how much I would enjoy exploring her even further.

I then slid my finger out and rinsed her there thoroughly. We grabbed some towels and led her to the bed. She seemed a little light headed and almost putty in our hands, as if we had put her in a slight trance.

We climbed into bed and I locked in a firm kiss with Mandy, as Katie caressed her feet and calves. Katie had a bit of thing for feet and began to lick and caress Mandy’s gorgeous little toes.

I suggested that Mandy get on all fours, and she was again enthusiastically compliant, seeming to look forward to what we had planned to do next.

Katie joined me to admire the excellent view this afforded of Mandy’s adorable buns, which framed her sweet puckering hole. I spread her cheeks slightly and Katie moved her lips toward it and kissed it sweetly. All Mandy could do was moan with delight. Katie proceeded to lick it around the rim then press her tongue into the center. Mandy seemed to tense up again, but only at first, and she began to warm up to this sensation as Katie wiggled her tongue in more forcefully. Katie stopped to let me have a go and wasted no time, spreading her cheeks and pressing her upper torso toward the bed to allow me to slide my tongue inside even further…I wiggled it in deep and was delighted at how tight and clean she tasted.

At this point, Katie’s hand reached around and began to gently caress Mandy’s little clit. Mandy’s moan grew louder and louder as we took turns tongue fucking her sweet hole endlessly, teasing her clitty simultaneously, extending her pre orgasm phase to torturous delight. She began to softly whimper, never succumbing to actually begging us to make her cum.

Finally, Katie moved her face below our young girlfriend and began to tease her clit with her expert tongue. Mandy grabbed the pillow hard and began to writhe and wiggle. We held her firmly in place. I replaced my tongue with two fingers and probed her now very lubed hole with my saliva. I plunged my fingers in deeply and pressed them toward her pelvis. Katie slid a finger inside her cunny and we could feel each other’s fingers inside her… some point Mandy began to scream. Not a slight scream but a scream we thought the neighbors might hear, a scream of utter delight. At the same moment we noticed a bit of her sweet juice squirt onto Katie’s fist and which then dripped into her mouth, as Mandy rocked her body back and forth, our fingers probing her as deep as possible, pursing her pleasure centers to the edge and back.

“Oh my GOD YES RIGHT THERE….OH GOD THIS IS TOO MUCH…OH GOD DON’T STOP….RIGHT ..OUSHSAS MMMMA AAA AAUH OOOH” Mandy’s sweet angelic voice filled the room as brought her to what seemed like a five minute orgasm.

Finally, we relented, and she collapsed face first onto the bed. We both moved next to her and held her tightly between us…wiping tears of joy from her cheeks, and assuring her that we cared for her very deeply and that this secret meeting would remain ours.

(To be continued…)

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