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An Apology in the Morning

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Ed Friar wasn’t surprised to discover his son Nicholas waiting outside the front door of his flat when he got home from work — Nick had arranged weeks before to stay that night, as he was going to a party near where his father lived — and nor was he surprised to find that Nicholas had a girl with him — Nick had said something about that in advance, too. What left Ed bemused was that the first thing he saw of either of the two visitors was the girl’s nearly naked bottom.

It was, Ed reflected as he climbed the stairs, a very nice bottom, and in many ways it was the most attractive sight which Ed had come home to in many months. It was just unexpected. Nick and the girl were embracing, too wrapped up in each other to notice Ed’s arrival at first, and Nick had his hands fondling the girl’s hips, unintentionally pulling her short skirt up so as to expose her to the gaze of anyone coming up those stairs. The fact that she was wearing a lacy thong so skimpy that it couldn’t be said to cover her buttocks in any meaningful sense was, Ed had to admit to himself, a bonus.

Still, he felt obliged to cough as he reached the top of the stairs, and the pair broke apart with unselfconscious smiles; Ed guessed that they hadn’t realised how much he’d seen. Nick introduced his friend as Louise while Ed found his keys, and Ed apologised for his lateness as they entered the flat. Nick accepted in his usual chilly manner; Louise was actually much more charming about things. She was definitely attractive, Ed decided, slim, with coffee-coloured skin and hair a mass of short curls, and she smiled a lot at Ed, which he couldn’t help enjoying.

Ed had shown the couple to his spare room, where he noticed something indefinably odd in their reactions to what he said about their using it. Then, Louise announced that she’d travelled a long way, and asked if she could use the shower. While she was doing so, Ed took Nicholas to the kitchen for a cup of tea.

“So,” Nicholas said, “what are the rules?”

“Pardon?” Ed was bemused.

“The rules — your ground rules for your house.”

“Oh good lord. Nothing like that. You’re my son and my guest — the place is yours.”

Nicholas looked startled for a moment, then actually smiled. “Okay, yes, you’re not like Mum.”

Ed laughed, understanding. “Oh, no,” he said. “She’s the sort for ground rules in her house, I suppose.”

“She is.” Nick looked at his tea. “In by midnight, don’t disturb her, girlfriends to sleep on the sofa…”

“Oh, but I hope that you’d take the sofa and let Louise have your bed.”

” I would, but Mum made it clear that her beloved son got the proper bed, and any visiting girl would take the sofa and be grateful. And it wasn’t just Louise, by the way; I think it was Mum and her rules drove at least one of the others off.”

“There’ve been others, then…” Ed bit his tongue; relations with Nicholas could be difficult enough, without seeming to pry. But Nicholas found his own sort of retaliation.

“A few,” he said. “How about you?”


” I assume that you have a romantic life.”

Ed laughed. “I’m a fifty-two-year-old man living alone in a small flat and working long hours to pay off the mortgage on your mother’s house. Not very romantic, I’m afraid.”

“Well, you managed to play around when you were with Mum.”

“According to her, I take it. There are two sides to every story, you know.”

Nicholas stared at his father. “Really? So what is yours?”

Suddenly, Ed tired of his months of effort not exposing his son to the details of his divorce. Nicholas was an adult, who could stand a bit of truth, and it was clear that his mother had been quick enough to put her own slant on the business when she got the chance.

“It was simple enough,” he said, “believe it or not — and I know it’s an old line — we drifted apart. Truth is, we hadn’t had sex for nearly a year — but that’s not the point. It was just a symptom. Anyway, I got friendly with Kate Jones…”

“Kate Jones? ”

“Yes, she was an old friend. I know you found her dull, but she was unhappy, and we ended up spending time together. Then your mother found out…”

“…And chucked you out for screwing Kate Jones.”

” I wasn’t screwing Kate, as you so charmingly put it, and I don’t want anyone thinking that I was. Her husband was in hospital, and she needed moral support. We might have been tempted, I suppose, but Ian Jones is an old friend and I wouldn’t have betrayed him like that, and I don’t believe that Kate would either.”

Nicholas stared at his father. “So you’re saying that Mum threw you out for having a non-affair with Kate Jones?”

“Yes. Believe it or not as you choose.”

Nicholas stared a moment more, then reached out a hand to pat his father’s shoulder. “You know,” he said, “I do believe it. It all fits. Which means that I owe you a hell of an apology…”

But then, Louise returned, changed into another skirt no longer than her first, and accepted the offer of tea — and by the time the social niceties had been observed, it was time for the young couple to head out to the party, with Ed’s spare door key in Nicholas’ pocket. After which, Ed made himself dinner and retired to bed with a good book.

It was well after two in the morning that he was woken by the sound of the door being clumsily unlocked and opened; he was unable to resist a glance at a bedside clock. There seemed to be a positive stampede of footsteps heading into the spare room, accompanied by some low voices and a couple of theatrical shushing noises as somebody presumably remembered Ed’s presence in the house. Then everything went quiet for a moment, and Ed smiled and turned over, preparing to go back to sleep.

Then more sounds began. First voices, male and female, then creaking as weights moved on the spare bed — and then loud moans, and gasps. For a while, Ed lay frozen, startled though not unhappy; clearly, Nick’s sex life was going just fine at this immediate moment. The noises, though, were persistent and pressing; Ed decided that Louise couldn’t need to breath in very much, as the feminine moaning was more or less continuous, occasionally punctuated by deeper notes which suggested that Nick was also enjoying himself to the full.

Nothing you can say, Ed told himself, and What’re you going to do — interrupt them? Well, it was a Friday; he’d just have to catch up on any missed sleep over the weekend, and be happy for his son. But now he was wide awake, and his fully conscious mind was telling him that he needed to empty his bladder. So he slipped out of bed. He was wearing just pyjama trousers, and he thought of grabbing a dressing gown, but it was a warm night, and he didn’t expect to meet anyone on the way to the bathroom — Nick and Louise sounded totally preoccupied — so he slipped down the hallway, past the spare room, towards the bathroom.

The spare room door was ajar — almost open.

Ed just smiled at that; evidently, Nick and Louise had arrived with far too much on their minds, and that door did have a tendency to drift. Still a little muzzy from sleep, Ed didn’t consider angles of view, and didn’t think to restrain himself from glancing in as he passed the room. And then he froze.

The room was illuminated through its thin curtains by a street light outside, and Ed saw Louise at once. She was naked and kneeling upright, and Ed’s brain registered with interest that her nipples were large and dark; her eyes were shut in ecstasy, presumably because, as she knelt over Nick’s face, his mouth was working assiduously at her groin. But the two weren’t alone in the room, and Ed decided he could now understand the volume of female speech he’d heard, and for that matter the intensity of Nick’s cries of pleasure. There was another woman, also naked, also kneeling, facing Louise; from where he stood stunned, Ed could see his son’s balls, and it was clear that Nicholas’ cock was deep inside the girl, who was rocking back and forth, her hands on Louise’s thighs as she concentrated on the act of sex.

Then Louise opened her eyes, and her gaze locked with Ed’s.

His instinct was to look away in embarrassment, to leave the trio to their fun — but he was still paralysed by the unexpected sight and by fascination at something so far beyond his experience. Nor did Louise look angry; startled at first, and then amused, she continued to move slowly, gently rotating her crotch over Nicholas’ mouth as he worked on her. Then Louise leaned forward, and the other girl raised her head. The two kissed, full on the mouth, for long seconds.

When they broke apart, Louise whispered something in the other girl’s ear. The other girl looked around at Ed. He was expecting her to look annoyed, but instead, she smiled broadly.

Something about that broke the spell. He fled to the bathroom. Behind him, the sounds of enthusiastic fucking continued.

When he’d finished peeing, Ed threw cold water in his own face and stared into his small shaving mirror for a full minute. The problem was, he’d have to pass that open door again on the way back to his room. Eventually, he resolved simply to keep his gaze fixed forward, showing no reaction to anything he glimpsed.

As it turned out, what he glimpsed was slightly less dramatic — mostly the second girl’s back and bottom. She was standing behind Nicholas, gently massaging his shoulders, as he knelt between Louise’s thighs. Louise was lying back on the bed…

Ed walked briskly on. The noises of sex became a little less intrusive after that, and eventually, Ed drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, Ed was lying in bed as the morning sun flooded through its own curtains. Despite having slept for a while, he’d had a restless time since he’d seen … what he’d seen; he was inevitably turned on by the sight and sound of two attractive young women naked and fucking, but also confused and rendered unable to deal with this in any sensible way — even simple masturbation — by the fact that it was his own son he’d seen involved in the threesome. He was just deciding to put it all in the back of his mind, to treat it as an exciting but disturbing dream, when there was a knock at the bedroom door.

“Come in” he called, expecting to see his son, but it wasn’t Nick who entered. Rather, it was Louise, now wearing a long t-shirt as a nightdress of sorts — followed by the other girl. In the clear morning light, Ed could see that she was a pale-skinned redhead, with straight shoulder-length hair; she was wearing what was presumably her party costume from the night before, a glittery gold top and tight blue satin trousers, and carrying a large black purse. Both the girls were looking quite theatrically contrite, Ed noticed.

“Ah — sorry” he said, realising that he was sitting up in a crumpled bed, bare-chested as well as bleary-eyed.

“No, really — no, don’t apologise.” Louise replied. “Actually, we’ve come to apologise to you.”

“To me?” Ed was feeling slow, but he was also feeling too guilty to take this in.

“For disturbing you last night. We were drunk and we got carried away, and we must have been making a hell of a racket in there.”

“No — no, really.” Ed smiled tentatively. “You’re guests. Any friend of Nicholas is welcome… Anyway, I’m the one who should be apologising.”

“What, for looking through a door that we left open? Don’t be daft.” It was the second girl who’d spoken. “That was our bloody fault. And it’s not like we let it stop us.”

“This is Gina” Louise announced, evidently realising that introductions had been missed, and Gina dropped a slightly sarcastic curtsy. “Gina, this is Ed, Nick’s dad.” Ed made a vague hand gesture, unsure of the etiquette when being introduced to someone who one had first seen as the naked recipient of one’s son’s rampant erection.

There was a brief, tense silence, which Ed broke. “Where is Nick, by the way?” he asked, trying to distract himself from the frankly too-pleasing sight of Louise’s naked thighs and Gina’s satin-clad legs.

“We told him to fix some breakfast” Louise replied, “but actually, I think he’s gone back to sleep.”

“I think he was worn out” said Gina artlessly.

“I’m not surprised” Ed blurted, and then almost bit his tongue in half. But the two girls looked at him and then each other, and then folded up laughing, causing Louise to flash more of the buttock that Ed had admired at first sight the previous evening.

“You’re right, you’re right” said Gina. “I mean, he’s a nice lad, and he does his best, but — eyes bigger than his stomach, like they say.”

“Stomach?” Ed said, which induced more laughter. Ed discovered that he could still blush like a teenager.

“Now, now” said Louise, evidently inclined to talk and perching on the edge of Ed’s bed to hold forth. “Before you get too shocked — we came back here to crash out, and then we dragged Nick into bed for a bit of fun, and fun we had, no worries. But we wouldn’t want to annoy you or anything.”

“I’m not feeling annoyed.”

“Course not. But we sort of feel we missed the point. Well, Nick’s point, which was a good one.”

“What do you mean?”

Louise paused, waving a hand in an attempt to fill in the gaps her words were leaving. “Nick was telling us last night about what he heard from you, about his cow of a mum chucking you out, and you being stuck here on your own. He was trying to work out how to make it up to you about thinking the worst of you for the last few months. And we wanted to help him with that. Messing with your head after we came back here to be nice to you doesn’t seem fair at all.”

“I think my head can stand it” Ed replied.

” Good. Because we reckon we owe you a proper apology.”

“What does that mean?” Ed asked, gazing at Louise in confusion. She said nothing in reply, merely nodded towards the other side of the bed, where Gina had quietly moved while Louise was talking. Ed looked around, to see Gina, who had placed her purse on the bedside table, stepping out of her satin trousers. He first glimpsed a neatly trimmed red bush, then was distracted from that as she drew her metallic top off over her head. Her pale skin was like porcelain; her breasts were neat, with small nipples. She lifted the duvet up and slipped into bed alongside Ed, who had frozen in total confusion.

” Like I said” Louise was purring in his ear now, “we wanted to help Nick apologise. We both know what his mum is like — she split Nick up from Gina months ago by being such a pain in the arse, and she’s been trying to do the same to me. Nick finally saw just how she can be last night, after you talked to him…”

“…And I got this idea about how to balance things…” interjected Gina, her hand burrowing beneath the quilt to find Ed’s cock, which was already growing hard thanks to to the sights he was seeing.

” Yes, well, it turns out that Gina would do anything that might possibly annoy Nick’s mum” explained Louise, still whispering in Ed’s ear. “So she came back here with us. But then we got carried away with Nick — and then we wore him out and woke you up in the process.”

“Umm. Right.” Ed was just about taking all this in, despite the distracting feeling of Gina’s hand tracing up and down his hard-on.

“Yeah, well, anyway. I’m feeling bad about that, and Gina hasn’t changed her mind — so we might as well say thanks for your hospitality, and make your weekend a bit more interesting.”

Ed looked back round at her. She was kneeling on the bed, hauling her t-shirt off less gracefully than Gina, but enthusiastically enough to make her breasts bounce.

“…Nicholas…” Ed gurgled.

“Nick’s cool, really. A lovely guy, but all the girls know that he just wants as many shags as he can get, so he doesn’t have any claim on us or anything.” Louise yanked the duvet down, and Gina unfastened Ed’s pyjama trousers and pushed them down his thighs, exposing his straining cock, then turned away towards the bedside table. Ed mustered the last remnants of his ability to resist or argue.

“So this is a pity fuck?” he asked, as Louise took over the work of tracing teasing fingertips up and down his erection.

“No, it’s a revenge fuck” Louise answered, glancing at Gina, who’d been rummaging in her purse.

“What’s the difference?” Ed asked.

“We’ll explain later” said Louise, “But right now, Mr Friar, I suggest that you concentrate on the really important thing about it.”

“What’s that?”

” It’s a fuck.”

She had a point, Ed admitted to himself. He’d had a very long dry spell — hell, he’d not actually got laid since the divorce, and what he’d told Nicholas about the time before that was true — and now Louise was holding his cock in her hand while Gina returned to the action — opening a condom packet, as it turned out. Slowly, teasingly, Gina rolled the condom over and down his shaft, while Louise looked at the sight thoughtfully.

“Actually,” she said, “there was another reason for this. We were wondering…”

” What?” Ed was reaching up now, fondling her breast — god, it was good to feel that shape in his hands again, to find one of those lovely large dark nipples puckering under his touch, and her pert young breasts were so different from his ex-wife’s…

“Nick’s so popular for a lot of reasons” Louise explained, “and we wondered if some of them run in families. Well, it looks like they might.”

Then, she threw a leg over Ed, and raised herself above him. Looking at her, Ed saw that her dark pubic hair was neatly trimmed into a narrow band along the line of her vaginal lips — the way that girls did things these days, he gathered, but this was another first for him. Then, Louise reached down there with one hand, parting her cunt lips, and Gina reached forward, helping to guide Ed’s cock into the welcoming entrance. When they were ready, Louise sank down on him, engulfing him with a gasp of pleasure.

If it had been a joy to feel a breast in his hand again after so long, there were no words to describe the feeling of a tight cunt around his cock. For a moment, Ed almost lost control entirely — but if he couldn’t resist the offer of this fuck, he told himself, he could at least make it good for the two girls. Carefully, he began to move his hips, as Louise did the same. A lecherous smirk appeared on her face, which broadened to a grin as he reached up with both hands and began to fondle both her breasts.

“Not … bad” she murmured.

“Looks good to me” Gina agreed, and Ed glanced her way, then paused in his movements.

“What the hell is that?” he demanded.

“Video camera” Gina answered, continuing to look at the device — at the viewfinder, Ed saw — as she pointed it at the junction of Ed’s cock and Louise’s cunt.

“Did I… What are you…” Ed was startled beyond words. The girls just laughed.

” Oh, don’t worry. We’re not going to misuse this. We just wanted a permanent record.”

Ed thought that he ought to argue. But then, Gina leaned forward, moving the camera closer to the cock-and-cunt action, and brought her own breasts down toward Ed’s face. He found that his tongue was literally hanging out, so he began to run it over Gina’s small, neat nipples. She murmured appreciatively.

“Yes,” Louise said, continuing her methodical fucking action, “Gina’s got lovely tits, hasn’t she?”


“You’re more polite than Nick, you know? He’s always trying to talk with his mouth full.”

“Too much information” Ed gurgled, and both the girls laughed.

“Now, where was I?” Louise asked, and moved more firmly back and forth on top of him. Gina backed away and got off the bed, moving around it to film the fucking from every side, before climbing back up to stand precariously with her feet either side of Ed’s knees while filming downwards from above Louise’s head. Then she crouched down behind Louise, putting the camera aside, and began to kiss Louise’s back and neck and run her hands over the other woman’s body, competing with Ed for her breasts, adding extra force to the movement of her hips until Ed gasped, then probing into the place where Louise and Ed were locked together to ensure that both were being well stimulated.

Louise clearly liked this, and suddenly threw her head back and moaned, then threw herself aside, collapsing onto the bed. Had she been alone, Ed would have regarded this as sheer cruelty, but Louise nodded to Gina. “Your turn” she said, and Gina crawled forward a short way, grasped his cock, and took him into herself.

The situation ought to have felt almost unchanged, Ed thought, but the line of Gina’s thighs was subtly different, and her breasts were something completely new again, rounder than Louise’s; he was deeply aware that he was fucking two different women here. That realization suddenly hit him in the balls, and he surged and pulsed, pouring what seemed like all of the semen he’d not expended for months into that condom. Fortunately, Gina was evidently already well turned on, and she gasped her way to orgasm before he could deflate.

A few moments later, Ed was lying back on the bed, a naked girl on either side of him, their giggles and the way that their hands were straying making it clearly that they weren’t done with him. They both wriggled downwards, and Louise plucked the condom from his relaxing cock with a quick move and dropped it in the bedside waste bin. Then they set to work, kissing and tonguing his balls and the base of his cock while fondling his thighs.

Damn, thought Ed, why couldn’t this have happened to me when I was young enough to take full advantage of it?

But the two girls were determined and patient, and in a moment, Gina left Louise to work on Ed’s crotch while she herself moved back up to rub her breasts against his chest while nibbling his ear. You know, Ed thought now, perhaps I’m not as old as all that.

Louise evidently agreed about the evidence. “Result!” she called from where she was working, and Gina punched the air theatrically, rolled off Ed, and rummaged another condom out of her bag. Then she joined Louise and fitted it to Ed’s once-more-straining erection. She continued to caress it, keeping Ed interested, while Louise threw herself onto her back beside him.

“Now,” Louise hissed, “Let’s have some more of that Friar family charm!”

Ed reacted immediately, kneeling between her coffee-coloured thighs and plunging hard into her. She gasped and grabbed at him, holding him firmly inside her, and began to rock back and forth, murmuring yeah yeah yeah. Then Gina was beside them, raising Ed’s body up a little so that she could squeeze in, placing her cunt over Louise’s mouth as she faced Ed.

“That’s it, sweetheart,” she said to Louise, “earn your fun.”

Louise stopped talking, and it was clear to Ed that this was because she was tonguing Gina’s cunt. Gina had the look on her face of a woman who was being very effectively fucked — although it was a long time since Ed had seen that, now he thought — but she allowed herself to be distracted enough to kiss Ed hard on the lips. When he broke away, he looked down, and the sight of four breasts, his cock working in that fascinating new cunt, and female flesh in two different (but equally enticing) shades was too much for him, and he gasped and exploded into another orgasm. Fortunately, the two girls were evidently enjoying themselves too, and both let go with squeals of joy before the threesome collapsed in a tangle on the bed.

“Right” said Gina after a moment, “now let’s see what it takes to go for three.”

“Greedy bitch,” said Louise, who had recovered the video camera and was filming the other two from as many angles as she could find. “Let’s go for it!”

Ed gasped. The idea that both girls still wanted more was flattering and fascinating, but he was seriously beginning to wonder about the state of his heart.

“Look,” he said, “you’ve worn me out. Give me a few minutes, and I’ll try…”

“Need some help, Dad?”

Ed sat bolt upright. Nicholas had appeared in the doorway, wearing a pair of jeans and a smirk.

“Nicholas? How long have you been there?”

“Oh, not too long. But it seemed only fair, after you’d watched me with these two last night.”

Ed stared between the two girls and his son. “Bloody hell. Don’t you lot keep any secrets from each other?”

“No!” the three said in unison.

“Much more fun this way” said Louise.

“Anyway, you’re doing well with these two” said Nicholas. “Totally insatiable once they get started, they are. But I can’t let them put you in hospital or something, can I?”

“Can’t you?” muttered Ed.

“No” said his son, stepping into the room. He reached to the waist of his jeans, but then paused, and Ed saw that Gina was had grabbed the video camera and was focusing it on Nicholas. “Now” Nicholas continued, “where’s my help needed most?”

“Here!” cried Gina, “I’m the one who’s not had you for months!”

“Not until last night” muttered Nicholas, but he unfastened his jeans and pushed them down. Ed noted that his son already had a rampant erection, and Gina tossed him a condom packet. He caught it in the air, tore it open, and rolled the condom onto his cock. Meanwhile, Gina had stood between him and the bed; now she twisted around, bending over the side of the bed to point her naked backside at Nicholas — while pointing the camera back at him under her torso. Nicholas smiled and stepped forward to grasp Gina by the hips.

“Reliable little sod, your son” Louise whispered in Ed’s ear. “But don’t forget about me. Though I’m prepared to wait for you to recover. Well, at least for two minutes.”

“Honestly, that may not be long enough” Ed admitted as Gina gave the moan of a woman taking a full length of cock in her cunt in one thrust.

“Hmm.” Louise mimed thought, a finger to her lips. “And, okay, let me guess — you’re old-fashioned enough that fucking your son’s girlfriend in front of him — or just watching him fuck — makes you a bit uncomfortable?”

“A bit” Ed admitted.

“Okay, well, no problem. Come on.”

Leaving Nicholas methodically thrusting into a moaning Gina, Louise led Ed along the passage to the bathroom. There, she rummaged in a sponge-bag that evidently belonged to her, and produced yet another condom packet and a bottle of some kind. “Bit of a small shower,” she muttered, “but that makes it cozy. Come on in!”

She dragged Ed into the shower before she turned the water on, and for a moment, both gasped as it ran cold. Then the temperature improved, and she squeezed up against him, kissed him on the mouth, and then opened the bottle. It turned out to contain shampoo of some kind, with a pungently musky but rich and pleasant aroma, and she worked handfuls of the stuff over both Ed and herself, from the head on down. For a moment, Ed reflected that he’d come out of this smelling unusually feminine, but as Louise kept squirming her breasts against him and laughing as she worked, he was distracted from any trivial thoughts.

Then Louise slipped down to her knees, putting her face on the level of Ed’s freshly-washed cock. Raising it with one hand, she engulfed its tip with her mouth for a moment, then ran her tongue along its length.

“Hell’s teeth,” said Ed, “where did you learn this stuff?”

” Oh, men are easy,” Louise answered as she stood up, ripped open the condom packet, and fitted the contents to Ed’s cock. “You just have to want to get results. Didn’t anyone ever show that to you?”

“Not really” muttered Ed, but by then, Louise was leaning back against the wall of the shower cubicle, her legs spread wide.

” Never mind,” she said, “now fuck me.”

Ed had to drop into a crouch to align his erection with Louise’s cunt, but she helped guide him between her soapy thighs, then nodded when he was ready. He straightened his legs, sliding her up the tiled wall as he did so, and she wrapped her arms and legs about him. He was carrying her weight now, but he found that he was full of energy — if the act of fucking had threatened to tire him, the joy of it had made him feel capable of anything — and he settled into a rhythm of vertical thrusts that eventually brought both of them to climax.

As they emerged from the bathroom wearing nothing but a couple of small towels not arranged for any sort of modesty, they met Nicholas and Gina in the passage, both also still naked. Nicholas had the video camera now, and with a cheerful smirk, he swept it over his father and girlfriend.

“This video is going to Mum,” he said.

Ed gasped. “You said it wasn’t going to be misused” he said accusingly towards Louise and Gina.

“Yeah, and this is exactly the right use for it” Gina replied. “Look, we’ll forget this — we’ll wipe the camera memory here and now — if you really want — but hear us out first. We’ve been trying to persuade Nick here for months that your ex is poison — she uses him, and you should see the way she treats his girlfriends when he’s not around — but it was only last night, after you talked to Nick…”

“The light came on” Nicholas admitted.

“Yeah. Frankly, we want our own back, and Nick needs to show her that he’s not buying her bullshit any more. The fact is, we reckon, she’s a dried-up old witch with a weird thing about Nick — but from what she’s said to him, she’s still got something about you, too. Half the time, she seems to think that you’re screwing every woman in the country — mostly the old desperate ones, if you believe her — and the other half, she talks about you as a lonely old fart who’s going to die alone, probably soon — and she smiles when she says that, by the way.”

“Okay…” Ed hated to admit to himself that this described the woman to whom he’s been married for half his life, but he couldn’t deny it fitted with the way she’d developed over the years.

“So we want to show her for good and all that you’re doing okay, that she can’t stop Nick having a sex life, and that she failed when she tried to drive me or Louise away from him” Gina finished in a rush. “And frankly, this seems like the quickest and most fun way of doing all that — in one go.”

“I just wish that we could see her face when she sees the video” Louise added.

“So let’s get this straight” said Ed. “So far today, I’ve discovered that my son is the regional champion of no-strings sex, and that two of his girlfriends have conspired with him to seduce me so that they can make a porn film featuring both of us — which they plan to use to humiliate his own mother, my wife of twenty years. Am I right?”

There was an awkward pause, and then Gina nodded. “That’s true. Or put it another way — you’ve found that your son is such a nice, popular guy that girls are literally queuing up for him. And two of those girls, who still like him despite the best efforts of his mother, also like you enough to give you a good time. And to celebrate all that, they want to do something to show the one person who’d tried to destroy the pair of you that she can’t win.”

Ed looked at her, and then down at Louise, who was standing close in front of him, squirming her buttocks slightly against his crotch. “Gina,” he said quietly, “come here a minute, will you?”

Something about his tone — perhaps because it was the voice of an older man — made Gina obey without a word. Ed took Louise by the shoulders and moved her aside. Gina stood face to face with Ed, looking up at him defiantly, her red hair falling back from her face.

All the towels had slipped to the floor by now. Ed took Gina by the chin and looked into her eyes. Then he kissed her hard on the lips, grabbing her buttocks in both hands.

Louise squealed and threw her arms round the pair of them. Nicholas laughed.

Eventually, Ed looked up. “Nicholas,” he said, “are you doing much today?”

“Well, I’ve got to edit some video onto a DVD on my computer, and put it in the post. But that can wait until tomorrow, I guess, if there’s something else needs doing. If it’s okay with you, that is?”

Ed nodded. “It is. It’s been too long since I had any fun with your mother,” he grinned, “and helping your little scheme will have to do. But right now, you were supposed to be fixing breakfast. And later, we’ll go out for lunch together.”

“And then?” Nicholas asked.

“And then, we’ll come back here with these two. It seems that we have some kind of family reputation to maintain, and I’d hate anyone to be disappointed with us…”

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