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Amy’s Good Morning

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The night had wound down, and Amy was on her way back home with one man in the front seat next to her – her husband – and another in the back – their friend Sam. Sam was drunk as a skunk – he’d been knocking back Jack and Cokes all night – and her husband was more than a bit buzzed as well, having had about a dozen beers, himself. Amy had been getting high all night on flattery and friskiness – her own and the others around her.

She wasn’t a 10 by any standards, but her long, brown hair – which fell to the middle of her back – and her D cup tits seemed to get enough attention. Her eyes were a greenish-blue and she had an impish smile. At 25, she was the youngest of the bunch that went out that night. She was also one of only a few women who turned up. And this group was quite comfortable with each other…and all more than open about their sexuality.

Over the course of the night, Amy had been groped by a few men – mostly Sam, who stayed by her side almost the entire time – and kissed by one woman. If she’d been interested in the others, she might have been able to get more, but she was more than stimulated enough for one night. Sam had spent most of the time they were at the bar sitting by her side – “guarding” her from a one-time fling who wanted more – and alternating between running his fingers up under the edge of her skirt and kissing, biting, and sucking along her neck. He was a good looking guy – and almost too sweet for her tastes – with sandy brown hair that he kept in a spikey, mussed-up style, and baby blue eyes that just made you melt. He was the type that all but asked permission before violating a woman – even when she was begging for it.

Across the booth from where Sam and Amy had sat was her husband, David. His hair was almost as long as Amy’s – and almost the same shade of brown – and his eyes a deeper blue than Sam’s. He reached across and held Amy’s hand on a few occasions, and divided the rest of his time between turning another woman to mush with his fingers…and scaring the hell out of a homophobic jerk who’d shown up to hang with the rest of them. He drank beer after beer and only wound up sloshed because he hadn’t eaten anything all day. But even then, he could hold his own fairly well.

As they drove back to Amy and David’s apartment – where Sam was crashing for the weekend – the conversation seemed to die down. Sam reached up behind Amy and started stroking her shoulders, neck, the sides of her face, trying to keep her alert as she got them home.

Once inside, her husband went to the restroom and Sam started to undress. He was bigger than her husband – broader in the shoulders and heavier all over. His chest and stomach were covered in a thick layer of curly hair. As she watched him undress, it occurred to her just how opposite these two men really were. David was thin and almost hairless – and what hair he had, he shaved off somewhat regularly. Sam was gentle; David rough. Both can be good at the right time, she thought to herself.

Sam laid down on the guest bed they’d made for him in the living room, and Amy sat down next to him, running her fingers through his chest hair and smiling down at him, wondering what she should do next. Just then, her husband came out of the bathroom, looking drunken and grumpy, and said, “There, you have your boyfriend,” and flicked his hand in their direction as he slipped into the bedroom and slammed the door.

“I’d better go,” Amy said. “You sleep well and I’ll see you in the morning.” She leaned down and kissed him, sucking his bottom lip into her mouth and biting it gently. She gave him a wink and headed to the bedroom.

Crawling in on her side of the bed, she ran her hand up under David’s arm and onto his stomach, stroking it gently, and gave him a kiss on the shoulder, breathing him in. She loved the smell of him.

“You could have stayed out there, I really don’t care,” he said, in a tone that betrayed the words coming from his mouth.

“I’d rather be in here with you – you know that.”

“Hmm… yeah, I know.”

With that, he rolled over and gave her a kiss. It was already about 3am, and they were both exhausted. Without saying anything else, they both drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, Amy woke up fairly early, stomach grumbling, and decided she would make breakfast for the guys. Her husband stayed in bed, fairly hungover, so she put on her silky green robe and went out to the living room to wake up Sam. He was dead to the world, all wrapped up in the blankets and laying diagonally across the bed. She slipped under the covers and spooned him, whispering, “Wake up, sleepyhead – I’m going to make breakfast. You like pancakes?”

“Who doesn’t?” he mumbled back, eyes still closed, a smile creeping across his face.

Slowly the two men in the house made their way out of bed and they were both sitting in the living room, rubbing their eyes, by the time Amy was done making breakfast. After eating, Sam laid back down on the bed (which they’d been sitting on while eating because it took up most of the main room of the apartment) and David headed back into the bedroom to lay down. After rinsing the dishes, Amy heard her husband calling for her to come lay down with him.

Crawling into bed, she asked, “Everything okay?”

“Yeah, everything’s fine. Why?”

“You were pretty grumpy last night,” she said, wrapping herself around him.

“I was? Yeah, maybe I was. I’m fine, though. Really. I was just in a bad mood last night.” He kissed her, their tongues playing, teeth grazing lips, their hands pulling each other closer. When the kiss broke, they both smiled. They laid there talking for a good while when it hit Amy that they were being very rude.

“Sam – come snuggle with us!” she called out, half expecting him to laugh it off and decline.

“What??” he answered, as he walked into the bedroom.

Amy pushed David further over and made room on her side of the bed. She pulled the blankets back, patted the open space, and said, “Here… come lie down and snuggle with me,” an impish grin spreading across her face.

Sam shook his head, smiling, and got in bed, pulling the covers back over him. Amy rolled towards him and started running her fingers through his chest hair and David spooned her, his arm around her waist. Idle chatter filled the air and Amy changed positions, asking Sam to spoon her while she cuddled against her husband. She thought she was in heaven – she was just soaking up the attention of the two men in bed with her.

After a while, she turned onto her back between the two and stared at the ceiling. Then David turned onto his side and put his hand on her thigh.

“Mmm…what are you doing, mister?” she asked as he started to stroke his fingers up towards the crease where her thigh met her pussy.


She just closed her eyes as she felt his fingers play along her soft, smooth shaven mons. She whispered, “I think you’re being very rude, dear.”

“Am I?” he smiled, his fingers slowly dancing along her slit.

“I think you are,” she said. Sam just stared up at the ceiling, pretending not to know what was going on.

Then David’s fingers broke through the edge of her lips, pushing up into the warmth and wetness they were hiding. And she was quite wet – all the attention had definitely had an effect on her. He slipped a finger across her clit ever so slightly and she gasped. When his fingers started pushing up into her, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

She reached over and grasped Sam’s cock through his shorts – he was already starting to stiffen. When he let a soft moan escape his lips, her husband said, “And what are you doing now, slut?”

“I thought I’d pass along the fun,” she said, grinning up at him.

“I suppose it’s only fair,” he smiled back at her with a light in his eyes that told her she was on the right track.

As her pussy was being fingerfucked, she decided to put her hand down the front of Sam’s shorts and feel him flesh to flesh. Then she put her right hand down her husband’s pants and felt his familiar cock. Even their dicks are so different, she thought to herself. In her left hand, Sam’s was thick – thickest through the middle – and about six inches long. In her right, her husband’s was about as thick as Sam’s, but the same thickness throughout, with the big mushroom head as the thickest point. And he had an extra inch or two on Sam.

While David fingered her now soaking wet pussy, Sam decided to have some fun of his own. He rolled onto his side to face her, and began to grope her breasts with his big left hand. He had long, thick fingers, big palms. Her husband’s nimble, slender fingers played against her clit while the larger hand palmed her breasts. After a minute or two of this, David pulled open the top of her robe and took her right nipple into his mouth, sucking and biting. He knew how to bring her to the edge of pain and pleasure. In response, Sam pulled back the fabric from her left tit and began to suck on her other nipple. His mouth was much more tender, but you could tell he knew what to do with his tongue.

With a mouth on each breast and fingers working at her pussy, she began to tremble. The guys could tell she was close, and just pushed her over the edge. Sam had a big hand on her inner thigh, squeezing and stroking, while David pushed a third finger into her pussy, pumping faster and faster. She came and came, shaking between them, still holding on to a cock in each hand. During her climax she stopped stroking and just held on for dear life.

As she came down, David slipped his fingers from her cunt and licked them clean.

“Off with this,” he tugged on her robe.

No sense hiding anything now, she thought. She tossed her robe across the room.

“Not fair for me to be naked while sitting between you two who still have your bottoms on,” she said with a touch of feigned indignation.

Boys being boys, they didn’t argue that one bit. In a flash, David’s flannel pants and Sam’s boxers were both off and on the floor.

And now she had them both naked in bed with her. Thick, hairy and gentle to her left; thin, smooth and rough to her right.

She brought her hands back to their cocks, which had now grown a bit softer from the slight interruption, and they both lay facing her, each of them with a hand on her thigh that was closest. She hadn’t had nearly enough.

Amy kissed her husband and then he started to trail his mouth down her ear, neck, collarbone – biting, sucking, and kissing as he went. She turned her head to Sam and let go of David’s cock long enough to pull him in and give him a long, passionate kiss. His kiss was softer than David’s – less familiar – but it still made her warm inside. As David stroked her thigh, she reached down and put Sam’s hand over her pussy. He didn’t need more direction than that. Without hesitation, he sank his thick middle finger into her wetness and began to stroke it up and down along her slit. He found her tiny clit and began to flick his finger across it, making her moan aloud again. As he worked her clit, she felt his cock get harder and harder. Her right hand found her husband’s cock again. Sam pushed his thick finger into her cunt, then added a second. He started to work them in and out, occasionally running his thumb along her clit. David went back to assaulting her nipple, and – faster than the first time – she felt herself going over the edge again. She was drenched in sweat, in part from being under the covers between these two men, but mostly from these orgasms that sent her reeling.

While she was coming back down, Sam continued to stroke his fingers through her pussy lips, rubbing against her clit now and again, sending tremors through her. She finally had to make him stop. Both cocks were still rock hard in her hands.

She looked to her husband, and he had another gleam in his eye. “You know what I want to see?”

“What’s that?” she asked.

“I want to watch you suck his cock.”

“You do, hm? I think I can manage that,” she said, smiling.

David propped himself up on his elbow and fixed his gaze upon his wife as she got up and pulled back the covers. She leaned down and ran her tongue along the underside of Sam’s dick, but it was softening. She took his dick in her mouth and realized he had gone completely soft. Nevermind, she thought, I’ll get him hard again. As she tried fruitlessly to bring back his stiffness, she looked up and saw him staring at the ceiling. Looking over at her husband, it hit her what had happned.

“Are you okay?” she asked, stroking Sam’s stomach.

“Yeah, yeah… I, um… I’ve just… I’ve never done this before,” Sam said, looking at Amy. “You know… not with another guy around.”

“No worries,” she shrugged. “We’ll just get back to this later, then.”

She laid back down between them, trying to think of what would work best, when she felt Sam’s fingers playing against her pussy lips again. She reached over to stroke him as he did this, and found his cock was almost instantly rock hard again.

“How about I watch him go down on you, then?”

Sam obviously thought this was a good idea, as within seconds he had slipped down between Amy’s legs and was smiling up at her. She ran her fingers through his messy hair and gave him a wink. He pushed her thighs up and out, and began to run his tongue along her soft pussy lips, going deeper with each stroke. When he found her clit, he attacked it with a long series of tongue lashes, causing her cunt to drip. He lapped up every drop.

As Sam ate her out, her husband sat up on the bed a bit and aimed his cock towards her mouth. She grabbed it and sucked it in greedily, taking as much into her mouth as she could manage. Amy loved sucking her husband’s gorgeous cock – taking it in as deep as she could and letting her mouth massage it. She’d pull it in and out, running her tongue along the underside, flicking the tip of her tongue along the underside of his cockhead.

She got more worked up with this treatment – receiving at one end and giving at the other – and then Sam pushed his fingers into her pussy as he licked her clit. For the third time that morning, she was done in. She let go of her husband’s cock as she started shaking, her pussy gushing warm liquid onto Sam’s hand and mouth. Just like before, he did his best to lick up every drop, not stopping until he was almost sure she was coming down from her orgasm. As she came down, he pulled his fingers out and began to softly lick her pussy lips clean. Then he gave her a kiss on her inner thigh.

Sam pulled himself back up onto the bed beside her, and she gave him a deep kiss – tasting her cum on his tongue, sucking it from his lips. She looked down and saw that he was still rock hard – this man definitely enjoyed his work.

Her husband’s cock was still up – partly from her efforts earlier, and partly from watching his wife being eaten out by another man – and she had an idea.

“Know what I’d like?” she asked, eyebrow raised. “I want you,” she pointed to her husband, “to get down at the end of the bed. Go stand down there, okay?”

David got off the bed and stood at the foot of it. Amy backed herself up to the edge of the bed, on her knees, her firm ass pointed up at him, and placed her face squarely in front of Sam’s cock. She looked back at her husband and said, “Okay?”

Of course it was okay – he knew this was something she’d always wanted – to be fucked from behind while she had a cock to play with.

Her husband lined up his gorgeous cock with her dripping pussy and was able to push home with almost no effort – he hadn’t felt her this wet in quite some time. Her pussy had a firm grip on him, but it was also slick as ever. Meanwhile, this view seemed to work much better for Sam – or perhaps he was getting over his inhibitions. He was still very stiff, and Amy held his cock in her hand, admiring it, before running her tongue up along the bottom of it. When she got to the tip, she sucked the head of his cock in, kissing it with both her lips and her tongue. Sam’s eyes closed for a second, a light moan escaping his lips. She swallowed him down. Since the head of his cock wasn’t quite as thick as her husband’s, she was able to take his full length – able to let his cockhead push just past the back of her mouth, into her throat. He groaned and put his fingers in her hair, pushing on her head ever so slightly.

As Amy worked on Sam’s cock, her husband worked on her, fucking her just the way she loved. He’d go slow, getting her used to his size, and then grab her hips and fuck her hard for a bit… slowing back down again after that. He would bring her so close to cumming, and then almost stop. His cock hit her cervix with each deep thrust – god, she loved that feeling. He made her feel so full.

She felt Sam getting close – that familiar spasm a cock gets just before it lets loose – and she pulled him deep into her mouth again, bouncing her head up and down, massaging the underside of his cock with her tongue, letting her bottom teeth just lightly graze him. Behind her, David began to pound away again – this time not letting up. He was fucking her for all he was worth, and she was having trouble concentrating on the cock in her mouth now. Suddenly she came – how many times this morning now? she thought – and held her ass completely still as David pushed his last thrusts into her pulsating cunt. She moaned around Sam’s cock, looking up into his eyes, and he lost it. He came spurt after spurt into her mouth, down her throat, and she swallowed it all – she was thirsty for it, she didn’t want any of it to go to waste. When she was done swallowing him and she felt her husband pull out, she turned around and took him into her mouth, cleaning his cock off. She could feel his cum – mixed with her juices – starting to drip from her pussy.

David smiled down at her and then pulled her up to his face, kissing her.

“I’m off to the shower,” he said, and left the other two in bed to their own devices.

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