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Peter and I were had been in LA for a couple of days, staying in a cheap hotel in Venice. Mostly we hung out on the beach, which is where we met Nola, Lara and Val. They were about my age and all very cute. Nola was a white, tall brunette and had a kind of wicked attitude about her. Lara was short — about my height — with beautiful auburn hair. Val was somewhere in the middle, and a California blond.

They were listening to one of my favorite bands from the 90s, L7. We struck up a conversation, and they invited us to stay and play cards. (Peter read a book.) After a couple of hours, we decided to go get something to drink. We found a restaurant and sat at the bar.

“So what do you guys do?” I asked.

Lara and Val chortled.

“What did I do?” I asked.

“Nothing,” said Lara. “It’s just that Nola has a very peculiar job. She beats men for a living.”

“And fucks them up the ass. And pisses on them!” said Val.

“I’m a pro domme,” said Nola. “And they’re more or less right. Like everybody else in LA, I’m working on a script, and domming beats waitressing.”

“I know, I used to be one, too,” I said.

“You’re kidding!” said Nola. “That’s so bizarre! Did you like it?”

“I liked it a lot,” I said. “You meet all the types. But the good ones outweigh the bad ones.”

Nola gave me a fist-bump.

“Gotta weed out the bad ones,” she said. “And keep the good ones coming back.”

“What about you, Lara?” I asked.

“Production assistant for a film company,” she said.

“Assistant editor for a company that does videos and commercials.” said Val. “Not nearly as fun as it sounds.”

“So how’d you and Peter meet?” asked Nola.

“He was client of mine,” I said.

“Wait — when you were a pro domme?” asked Lara.

“Yup. I met on my first day, and we kind of ended being friends. My dungeon got shut down — apparently, strap-on sex counts as prostitution in New York — and our relationship became more …”

“Complicated,” said Peter.

“So are you dating?” asked Nola.

“Kind of. Not conventionally,” I said.

“We like each other and we like to fuck,” said Peter. “And we also fuck other people.”

“I’m bi,” I said, “and I still like to fuck girls.”

“So hold on,” Lara asked, “Peter — what kind of kinky shit were you into?”

“Flogging? Caning?” asked Nola.

Peter nodded ‘yes’ after each question.

“Nipple clamps? Hot wax? Cock and ball torture?”

Yup, he’d done though, too.


“Hell, yes,” I said. “He loves anything anal.”

“Wow,” said Lara. “Kinky boy.”

“Shut up,” said Val. “I thinks it’s cool that Peter can admit he likes anal.”

“What can I say,” said Peter. “It turns me on.”

“Sounds?” Nola asked.

“What are those?” asked Peter.

“You’ve never been sounded?” she asked.

“Never. Never even heard of them,” he said.

And neither did I.

“They’re medical tools,” explained Nola. “They’re stainless steel rods, of varying diameters. You sterilize them, lubricate and stick them into a cock. Basically, you’re fucking the inside of a dick.”

“Whoa,” said Lara. “Does it hurt?”

“Not really,” said Nola. “But it is very fucking intense.”

A silence fell over the table.

“Do you think you’d like to try that, Peter?” asked Nola.

I could tell she was switching into domme mode.

“He’ll try it,” I said.

Peter looked over to me.

“Can we watch?” asked Val.

“Of course,” I said. “Peter’s an exhibitionist as well. He’d enjoy performing for you.”

“Is this true?” asked Nola.

Peter was blushing. But I knew he’d do it.

“Yes, Nola, I’d like to be sounded,” he said. “And I’d like it if Lara and Val could watch.”


Nola took out her phone and called the dungeon. She confirmed that it had a room open for the next couple hours.

“OK, we’re on,” she said, writing down an address in West Hollywood. “Peter and I need about a twenty minute head start to set up. Why don’t we go now, and you girls can finish your drinks?”

Peter kissed me and headed off with our new friend. I saw Nola grab his ass on the way out the door, and hang on.

This was going to be a good afternoon.

Lara, Val and I finished our drinks and paid the bill. We got in our rental, and they helped me navigate LA traffic and get on the 405 Freeway. We took that to Santa Monica Boulevard and took that to West Hollywood. We found the building, an old, Art Deco-style business building. The dungeon occupied all of the top floor, above a gym and a yoga studio.

I found that a little weird.

We took the elevator to the fourth floor and knocked on the door. A sign read “Fleming Consulting.” It looked completely inconspicuous. The lock buzzed open and we walked in.

And my jaw dropped.

Dungeons in New York are vaguely shabby affairs. They’re hidden in industrial buildings, and they’re always the chance that neighbors will complain and you’ll lose your lease. So the owners, who don’t tend to be rich, don’t put a lot of money into their places.

This, though, was different. They spent money here.

We walked down a small, dark hallway. The walls were completely upholstered with black leather. We turned the corner to find a phone girl sitting behind a small glass desk. It held a new looking iMac and a vase of flowers. A black leather couch sat against one wall. Electronic music played softly from somewhere.

The phone girl was gorgeous, and fully done up in fetish gear. When she stood, I saw she was well over six feet tall. She had on heels, but I bet she’d be just as tall as Peter flat-footed.

We told her we were here to see Nola, and she opened up a door (covered in red leather) and led us down to another hallway, past their rooms. Some of them were opened and I peaked in. They were huge, each done up in a different theme, each done beautifully.

There was a schoolroom, with adult-sized school desks, a blackboard, a globe and old-school posters depicting the male and female reproductive systems. There was even a stool in the corner with a dunce cap.

There was a Chinese torture room, with a throne, a series of suspension devices, a whole lots of canes, and cases and cases of acupuncture needles

There was another room lined that was painted to look like the inside of a castle. I recognized most of the equipment — St. Catherine’s cross, a rack, a pillory, even a wheel. I’d never seen one before, but I knew how it worked. The wheel is about six feet in diameter and is hung from the ceiling. The slave is tied backwards to the wheel at the wrist and ankle, which is already an uncomfortable position. At the bottom was a large wooden trough, which would be filled with water. The wheel would rotate slowly, and the slave would experience a drowning sensation as he was dragged through the trough.

These guys played hard. And I wanted to try out the wheel on myself.

But there was one item I did not recognize. It a triangular piece of wood (equilateral, to be precise), about two feet per side and six feet long, which had been lacquered to a high sheen.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“It’s called the Spanish horse, or the wooden horse,” explained the phone girl. “The slave is suspended above, then lowered onto the top point of the triangle. He — or she, I think it actually works better with women — has all of his weight on his perineum., which is very painful. So he will try to support his weight by pressing his thighs against the horse. That will work for a minute or two, but soon his thighs will give out.

“If the slave is persistent, we’ll tie small buckets to his feet and toss stones into them,” she continued. That usually breaks him.”

OK. Maybe I was out of my league here.

We passed a couple of rooms that were occupied. But I could hear screams coming from one, and sobbing coming from another. A woman sobbing, actually.

“Do you have many female clients?” I asked

“A lot,” she said, “but they’re almost always part of a couple — gay or straight. Sometimes they just play by themselves, and sometimes they use one of our pro dommes. But a lot of people are looking for a safe, clean place to play, and they’re willing to pay a premium to get something nice. Room rentals are the bulk of our business.”

Wow. That was completely different from New York. But these rooms looked like movie sets. I began to think Peter and I might need to make a return trip.

“And here we are,” said the phone girl. “Enjoy.”

We opened the door and walked into what looked like an operating room. Tile walls, tile floors. A drain in the middle of the floor. Huge surgical lights overhead. In the middle of the room was Peter, strapped into a medical chair.

His legs were spread as wide as they good go, and beige leather splints on his legs insured he couldn’t move. He also had leather splints on his arms, and they were spread out from his body. A beige leather posture collar pushed his head forward slightly, so he could see what was about to happen to his cock. Three wide leather belts held his chest and waist in place. And a bright red ball gag was stuffed into his mouth. He could only move his fingers and toes — he was completely immobilized.

Nola stood in front of him, naked save for a white lab coat. Several surgical trays, covered with white sheets, were at her side.

“Ready, ladies?” she asked. “Why don’t you come down her and have a seat?”

Around her were three high aluminum stools, like bar stools. We sat down and prepared to drink in the show.

“This is what’s going up Peter’s cock,” she said.

She removed the cloth from the surgical tray. We saw sixteen shiny steel rods, divvied up into two groups.

“These are the rosebud sounds,” Nola said, pointing to one of the groups. “They’ve acquired their name from the their enlarged tips which resemble, to the kinky eye, a rose which has yet to bloom. The rods are eleven inches long, and made from surgical-quality stainless steel, and weight several ounces each.”

“Due to the risk of infection, the sounds were sterilized in an autoclave. And I washed my hands with a sanitizer just before you arrived. In addition, I will be using a surgical lubricant, one which contains an antimicrobial compound. Peter, I would recommend you urinate shortly after our session has ended. And then drink cranberry juice. Do you understand?”

Peter nodded his head slightly. The posture collar was doing a pretty good job of keeping his head in place.

Oh, and his drool was now coming out from around the ball gag. And his breathing was labored. I think he was scared about what he’d gotten himself into.

“And these are the Hegar sounds,” she continued. “These have no tips, but are of uniform size all the way down the rod. What makes these different, and kinkier, is the slight s-shape to the sound. This results in a greater contortion of the urethra, and a more intense sensation for the patient. We will use these in the second round.”

She took Peter’s semi-flaccid cock in her hands and squeezed the head, opening the urethra. Then she inspected the collection of rosebud sounds, and selected one that looked too big to me. She applied surgical lube to the rosebud, then squeezed a drop into Peter’s urethra.

She placed the sound onto of his pee-hole, and slowly pushed it in.

It was riveting. I’d never seen anything go into a penis before. Peter let out a loud, guttural moan. And she’d only gone in an inch.

She pushed again, and the sound went deeper into his cock He moaned louder, and his cock began to come back to life. Nola pushed again and again, and the sound was deep into his cock. Then she slowly pulled the whole thing out.

Peter moaned loudly and fought against his restraints. But he wasn’t going anywhere.

Nola pushed the sound back in all the way, and slowly began to fuck Peter’s cock with it. Bubbles of spit were spilling out from around his ball gag. I saw him try to buck his hips, to fuck the sound himself, but the restraints were too strong. His eyes were riveted to his cock, as inches and inches of stainless steel entered his cock.

My God. This was hot.

I looked at Lara and Val, and they were spellbound. None of us had ever seen something like this.

Then Nola picked up a rosebud that was just a little bigger. Peter’s eyes were bugged out. I don’t think he was in pain, but he was clearly freaked out.

This was intense.

A little more surgical lube, and Nola finessed the sound into his cock. Peter moaned louder now, and sounded like some kind of wounded animal. His cheeks were flushed, and beads of sweat appeared on his brow. He looked up to the ceiling, and succumbed to the inevitable. He let his cock get fucked.

Then Nola put down the sound and picked up another, slightly bigger sound. I looked down at his urethra. It seemed bigger — a little. But the sound Nola was going to use now looked to be twice of the size of the first one.

A little more lube, and she positioned the sound at the top of his cock. I thought I heard Peter whimper. But Nola was as cool as the proverbial cucumber. She started to corkscrew the sound into his cock, but then I saw her look up at Peter. She was enjoying her own show.

Peter looked at the ceiling and went silent. I saw him tense his body and just hold it. Nola moved the sound up and down slowly, and Peter closed his eyes. A few more strokes, and she withdrew the sound. Finally, Peter relaxed. But then he started twitching against his restraints.

I knew this reaction — he was having an orgasm. But there was no cum — a lot of pre-cum (his whole cock was soaked) — but no cum. He’d had an internal orgasm, like when’s he fucked in the ass. But here it was the inside of his cock that got fucked.

Nola picked up one of the Hegar sounds. It wasn’t as thick as the last rosebud sound, but the slight s-curve was intimidating as hell — there must have at least a quarter-inch swing. That doesn’t sound like much — I admit — but take a look at a urethra sometime. It’s only a quarter-inch big to begin with.

Peter was truly scared now. I think he was trying to shake his head ‘no,’ but the posture collar kept his head in place. He was grunting now, and sweat was running down his face.

I stood up and grabbed the sheet which had covered the surgical tray. I folded into a small square, and walked over to Peter’s head. I dabbed his brow, and wiped the sweat and drool from his cheeks and chin.

“Relax, baby,” I said. “You can’t fight it. It’s going in your cock.”

I leaned over and kissed his ball gag, tonguing it slowly.

Nola slid the Hegar sound into his cock, just up to the first curve. From now on, she would be prying his urethra open.

Oh my God, I wanted this. I wanted to see this.

She went slowly, but you could definitely see the urethra open up. And Peter felt it. He moaned loudly, and then made several short, guttural sounds. Almost like he was barking.

“You’re doing it, baby,” I said.

But I don’t even know if he heard me.

Several more strokes, and Nola reached for a larger Hegar. Peter was sweating again, and his eyes were filling up with tears. The sound went in, and Peter drove his head back into the chair.

He squeaked.

Whatever was happening in his brain and his cock, it was pushing him to his limits.

“Breath, baby,” I said. “You can do this.”

Nola was enjoying being her role as torturer, but I began to think Peter needed some support.

Nola withdrew the sound and picked up a bigger one. I saw her smile — she loved doing this. She lubed it up and slid the first inch in. We were at the first curve of the S.

“Val,” said Lola, “why don’t you take this one?”

Lola stepped back and Val grabbed the sound and the cock. She was in wonderland. She began to push the sound in, and I watched the urethra spread open. It must have been half an inch by now.

“Oh my god,” she said, “you can feel the sound through his cock. You can feel it sliding down.”

Lara jumped up and put her hand on his cock.

“Shit,” she said, “that’s amazing.”

Then they took turns driving the sound into Peter’s cock. He was bucking against his restraints, to no effect. He was sweating again, and tears came out of his eye. I took his hand in mine, trying to give him support, and he squeezed me back. A few more grunts, and his body went tense. Val and Lara kept fucking his cock. His body went limp, then tensed up again. I looked at his face, but his eyes weren’t focusing. He went limp again, then tensed up. He looked up at Lara and Val, and then he went limp and let go of my hand.

His breathing slowed, and I used the folded sheet to clean him up.

“He’s done, girls,” said Nola. “Pull the sound out slowly and give it to me.”

Peter’s cock was now free.

Nola came over and removed the ball gag. I took a seat.

“Don’t try to speak now, Peter,” she said. “Just relax.”

She turned to me.

“Was that three?” she asked.

“By my count, yes,” I said.

“Congratulations, girls,” she continued. “You made Peter cum three times in less than thirty seconds.”

Peter looked up at me.

“You’re OK now,” I said. “You did great. You made me proud.”

I stroked his cheek.

Nola removed the sheet from another surgical tray. Underneath it lay a squat, beige box, a bunch of wires and what looked like a small dildo, with a silver strip running up and over it.

“It’s a TENS unit, Kathi,” Nola said, putting on a harness. “It sends out an electric current, and the metal stripe on the dildo will carry it inside Peter’s anus. He’ll feel a shock — a good one — and then the current will stimulate his nerves, and his anus will clench down hard, really hard. I’ve set the TENS to WAVES, so the current will increase and decrease. I’ve found this setting to be the best for fucking, anal or vaginal.”

Nola was impressing me. She was a real pro.

She put the electric dildo in her strap on and adjusted the leads. Then she stepped forward and wiped some of Peter’s pre-cum off his dick. She used it as lube for the dildo. And then she slipped the dildo into his ass.

“I’m going to turn on the TENS now, Peter,” she said. “Let me know when you feel something.”

She turned the dial up slowly. In a few seconds, his hips twitched and he emerged from the dream world he’d been sent to.

“Jesus Christ,” he said, “that hurt!”

Nola didn’t respond. She flipped a few switches on the TENS, then faced Peter. She put her hands on his shoulders. I stepped back

“Enjoy, friend,” she said.

And then she started to fuck him.

The waves were about fifteen seconds apart. I would see Peter enjoy his fucking, and then he’d tense up, moan and exhale deeply. The electricity had its own rhythm apart from the fucking, and Peter was digging it.

I could see Nola was trying to sync her stroking to the electricity. She was cruel, but she loved getting Peter off. His hands clenched and unclenched, then clenched again. He let out a low wail that got higher and louder as the electricity increase. His body twitched again, and he went limp. Drool came out of his mouth.

Nola pulled out and walked over to his head. She undid the buckles on the posture collar and removed it.

“Please turn your head to the side and open your mouth,” she said.

She turned down the dial and slid her cock into his mouth. He sucked at it in earnest, but it wasn’t big enough to deep throat. Then she hit the juice. Peter’s head jerked off the cock.

“Fuck, that hurt,” he said.

“I’ve put it on STEADY now, and I’ve cranked up the current. You’ve had four orgasms by my count …”

I nodded at her.

“… and I’d like you you to suck my electric cock,” she continued. “It will hurt, but it will be worth it. I’ll fuck your ass some more, and give you another orgasm.”

Predicament torture. I loved it.

As for Peter, he didn’t even think about it. He put his mouth back on the dick, but immediately winced. But he regained his composure and started sucking again. You could tell the electricity was raising havoc with his tongue and jaw, but like a good whore, he kept his mouth on the dick.

Nola pulled her cock out of her mouth.

“Not bad, Peter,” said Nola. “Actually, that was pretty good. I know how much that hurt.”

So Nola had sucked on an electric dick, too. Interesting.

But — seriously — it’s part of the domme’s code that you never do something to a sub that you haven’t had done to yourself. It’s the only way to judge how much something hurts. It’s part of what keeps BDSM violent and painful, but safe.

Nola re-positioned herself at Peter’s crotch and proceeded to fuck his ass. I saw that she had cranked up the dial a little more, and it was driving Peter crazy. Within two minutes, Peter had had orgasm s #5 and 6.

Nola turned off the TENS and pulled out of Peter. He looked exhausted, almost gaunt. I dabbed at his face with the sheet.

“Good boy,” I said, “you’re always my good boy.”

“Kathi, I’d like your help with this,” said Nola. “I’m certain Peter would like to ejaculate now, and I would hope you’d be willing to help with a hand job.”

This was not a problem.

“Certainly,” I said, beginning to stroke his dick.

“Just don’t let him cum,” she said. “Not without my permission.”

Peter was pretty much flaccid now — he’d been fucked out. But I knew how to get him hard again. He loved kissing, and he was good at it. So I put one hand on his cock, and wrapped my other arm around his head. And I kissed him.

I felt his cock begin to grow. I kissed him harder, and I heard him groan. Nola tossed me some lube and I poured it on his cock. I resumed stroking him. He was good and hard now.

“Stop,” Nola said.

She walked in front of us, carrying a cattle prod. She pulled the trigger, and I heard it buzz. She pointed it at Peter’s cock. I pulled my hand away.

“I’m going to give you a choice,” she said. “I know you want to shoot your load, and that’s fine. But if you do, I’m going to shock you. And it will hurt. It will be one of the most painful things you’ll ever experience. I know — I’ve had a cattle prod used on me.”

“Or you can stop right now, and go home,” she continued. “But I will order you not to touch yourself until tomorrow morning. Kathi — that goes for you, too. You can’t fuck him, or suck him, or touch him in any way.”

“So the choice is yours. Cum now and get shocked. Or suffer knowing there’s a big load in your balls that you can’t get out. What do you want to do?”

I said nothing. But I did put my hand back on his cock.

“Tell me what you want me to do, Peter,” I said.

He looked over at Val and Lara, then at Nola and the cattle prod. Then he looked up at me. He didn’t say anything — he just nodded.

I started stroking him again. He moaned. I quickened my pace.

“Look out at Lara and Val,” I said. “They’re your audience. You’re doing this for them.”

He moaned again, and he came. His semen landed on his belly.

Nola asked me to hold the cock and expose its underside. She pulled the trigger, and I heard the cattle prod charging. She hovered the tip above the cock, right by the head.

Then she brought it down and shocked Peter, right on his cock.

He bucked against the restraints and screamed.

It was over.

Nola released the restraints. Peter stumbled to his feet. I hugged him. Lara and Val came over and did the same.

“So how was it?” asked Nola.

“The cattle prod?” Peter asked. “Intense. Very fucking painful. But the pain ended immediately, nothing lingered. But it’s very fucking scary to see that thing coming for your dick.”

“And the electric dildo?”

“Wild. It made my butt clamp down on it very hard. But it also made me cum very hard. The blow job part was rough — that hurt a lot.”

“And the sounds?”

“Unbelievably intense. No pain, though. Just a sensation of cock being filled up. And the visual was incredible.”

“Thank you for letting us watch, Peter,” said Lara. “That was a hell of a show.”

“Yeah, thanks Peter,” added Val.

“Thank Nola,” said Peter. “She really knew what she was doing. I feel like she turned me inside out.”

Peter headed off to the showers, and then the five off us went out for dinner together. His balls were empty, and he was in a relaxed mood. We didn’t go out that night, but just headed back to the hotel to relax. We cuddled — didn’t even fuck.

But when I woke up, I was horny as hell and I destroyed his ass. He loved it.

And then we went to the beach.

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