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Candice and the Handyman

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“Please, come in.” Candice smiled, she opened the door wide stepping back to let the men into her house. “How long do you think this is going to take?” she asked politely.

“Maybe a few days, but it shouldn’t really be more than two.” One of them replied, smiling. She looked at his crisp, navy work shirt, it said ‘Bud’. He was quite handsome, maybe in his late thirties.

His hair was a little long, more so than she usually liked on a man, his face was scruffy, but he had bright green eyes that sparkled against his deeply tanned face. The two men sat their tools down and went back out for the rest of their equipment.

“Just let me know if you need anything,” she called after them “I’ll just be in the kitchen.” Candice headed to her kitchen, she had a lot of work to do. Today she was baking cookies for a big client, 300 decorated cookies for a product launch party, she wasn’t sure she could do it. It was probably time to expand and hire some help she thought.

Candice lost herself in her task. Periodically she’d hear noises in the other rooms and then she’d remember the two men there. She was having some of her rooms painted and some shelves put in her office, both things she was sure she could have done, if she had had the time. That was her biggest problem these days. She didn’t have time for anything anymore, especially relationships. Candice had been divorced for over a year, time flies she thought to herself, in that time she hadn’t really tired to meet anyone. She had been on dates, sure, but nothing serious at all. Her mind drifted to the two young workers, they were both quite handsome. One was definitely young enough to be her son. While Candice was in her early fifties, she looked and felt much younger. She had worked out and stayed active all her life to maintain her trim figure. Her breast showed some side effects of aging, but they had always been a little low, even when she was young, because of their large size. She looked at her broken reflection in the doors of her double ovens, not bad at all, she thought.

Candice continued her work, measuring and mixing, it was always relaxing to her. She had made these recipes so many times she barely needed to think about it. Her mind drifted again, she didn’t know what it was but lately all she could think about was sex. Sure it had been a long time, and maybe it was because she had went unfulfilled in her marriage for so many years, she just found herself yearning for a male touch. She thought about Bud, his young, fit male body, her husband had never looked that good, even before he got old and pudgy. What would it be like to be touched by his hands, she thought, to feel his hardness against her? She sighed out loud, grinding her hips a bit against the counter, trying to get some relief. Her head rolled back as she ran one hand down between her legs and the other began fondling her breast. Just then the kitchen door opened startling her out of her fantasy.

Candice couldn’t help blushing when she saw the young man entering her kitchen. How much had he seen, she wondered? His eyes were on her chest, she looked down and saw the flour handprint she had left on the top of her apron. She laughed, brushing it off and smoothing her hands over the front of her apron. “Did you need something, honey?” she asked sweetly, looking right at him, daring him almost. His work shirt said ‘Matt’, so handsome, he seemed to be in his twenties. His hair was much darker, he had glasses and some facial hair but it didn’t hide his youth. He was tall, over six feet, and looked to have a wonderful body.

“We need to know, uh, what finish you want on the shelves.” he stammered, looking her over with an appreciative male eye.

“I think painted, white, will be fine.” she said smiling.

“Ok thanks.” Matt walked out of the kitchen, smiling. Did he just see what he thought he saw? He wondered to himself, as he headed outside where Bud was working on the shelves.

Candice spent the rest of the day baking all the cookies for her client, and planned to decorate them the next day. She was exhausted, her muscles ached. Making that many cookies was hard work, mixing and rolling all the dough. What she needed was a nice, long, hot bath. She undressed as she ran the bathwater, smoothing her hands over her achy muscles. She put her long, brown hair up in a loose bun, watching herself in the mirror. She ran her hands over her breast, the nipples hardening slightly at the touch. Then she cupped them, massaging each one and pinching the nipples, making them super hard. She thought about Matt, the hunky handyman, so strong and handsome, young and virile. What it would be like to have his hands on me, in me, she thought. She continued massaging her breast with one hand while the other worked its way down between her legs. Her fingers tangled in her dark curls as she rubbed her mound. With one foot on the tub for better access she slid her fingers up and down her moist slit, getting wetter with each touch. With two fingers she rubbed her clit then down and pushed them as deep as she could into her wet pussy. She continued rubbing and fingering herself, her motions becoming faster and more frantic, the closer she got to coming. Her other hand squeezed hard on her nipples and breasts. As her body shook with an intense orgasm, she felt her pussy tighten around her fingers as she rubbed her clit with her thumb.

“We should be done this afternoon,” Bud told her as the two workers arrived the next morning. “all that’s left is to paint one room and finish installing the shelves.” Candice watched as they brought in their tools and began setting things up, she kind of stared off into nowhere for a few minutes, thinking about her fantasies. Finally, she snapped out of it, “If you need anything I’ll be in the kitchen all day again.” Candice told them before leaving the room. Matt watched her as she walked out, she had a great body, he though to himself.

This was the part that Candice loved, and hated, to a degree. Decorating cookies was fun, but she always got stressed out over making them look perfect and trying to get them done on time. No matter how much time she allowed herself it seemed she was always finishing things up at the last minute. Candice started by making the frosting, royal icing, which was mostly powdered sugar. She was going to need four colors for the corporate logo she was drawing on the cookies. She mixed the icing, slowing turning the white into beautiful shades of color, then she filled her piping bags and was all ready to get to work. Everything was quiet for the first couple of hours, they must be painting that room, she thought. Then a loud kind of banging startled her, and she knew they must be putting in the shelves. She thought she’d go check on the progress, it was time for a break anyways.

“How’s it going?” She asked as she walked into her office. It was newly painted and the new shelves were installed. She loved the smell of fresh paint, everything looked good and she was very happy with their work. “Everything’s done,” Bud said “I have to head off to check on another job, Matt is going to stay here and finish the clean up.” Candice caught Matt’s eyes and they locked for a few seconds, he had a knowing kind of look on his face. He continued watching her, holding her gaze, until she looked away. “Uh, well, you’ve both done a great job,” She nodded as she backed out of the room. “Thank you.”

Matt watched her as she left the room, he thought back to the day before, when he had walked into her kitchen. How her hands had been on her breasts, her head rolled back in pleasure. She was so beautiful to him, he enjoyed seeing a woman get her pleasure, he also enjoyed being the one to provide it. He had already made his mind up, he was going to have her, no question about it. He had a plan in his head of how it would play out.

Candice headed back to her little world in the kitchen, those cookies weren’t going to decorate themselves. She guessed she could finish with a couple solid hours of work, she looked at the clock, it was mid-afternoon. She wouldn’t be done too late if she kept up her current pace. Two hours went by quickly, just as she was finishing up Matt came into the kitchen. His smile was warm, his eyes bright and intense. He watched her for a moment before speaking. “You are a very talented woman,” Candice smiled, blushing a little “it takes a lot of patience to do a job like this.” Matt walked closer to the counter she was working at.

“Thank you. Yes it can try my patience at times.” Candice watched as Matt moved closer, his masculine scent filling the air around her. Every nerve in her body was on high alert, she felt electric, as if all he had to do was touch her and she would spark.

“You are also very beautiful.” Matt moved until he was standing close behind her. She felt his breath on her neck, and a chill ran down her body as he put his arms on either side of her, resting his hands on the counter. “Maybe you can teach me something,” he said, putting his big, work roughened hands on hers “like your secret.”

“Secret?” Candice asked nervously, this man, just a boy really, was throwing her off balance and she didn’t know if she liked it.

“Yeah the secret of decorating cookies like that.” He chuckled, and she felt his body move against hers. It had been a long time since Candice had felt like this, she wasn’t sure what to do.

“Uh, there really is no secret. It’s kind of like you can or you can’t.” Candice didn’t know what to do with her hands, or the rest of her body. Her brain was trying to think of a way to duck out of his grasp, her body wanted to lean into him and feel the hard planes of his muscles. “Well I’m good with my hands,” Matt offered, stepping back and moving his hands to her shoulders, gently rubbing and massaging. “if that helps.”

His hands felt wonderful. Candice really didn’t want it to stop, she couldn’t stop herself from imagining those hands on the rest of her body. Was she really going to let this happen? Did she even really have a choice? Her head rolled back as a soft moan escaped her lips. Once again he moved so he was right behind her, his lips were on her ear as he whispered. “How long has it been since you’ve been made love to?” He kissed her neck, his lips warm and wet. “since you’ve had a real man, that appreciates this beautiful body?” He ran his hands over her hips and back up her sides, his fingers barely grazing her breasts. “I know you need it, I saw you, yesterday. Who were you thinking about?” He continued kissing her neck and nibbling on her ear as he began to massage her breasts. Candice leaned back into him, she could clearly feel his erection pressing against her. Did she really want this? It had been a long time, but was this the right thing to do? “You’re a beautiful woman, you deserve to be taken care of. Let me take care of you, if just for tonight.”

Her body was screaming ‘YES! YES! YES!’ as he slowly turned her around to face him. He was so handsome, he was just a boy, but he felt like all man, like he knew what he was doing. He kissed her then, slow, soft even, at first, then he deepened it, exploring her mouth with his tongue. His hands exploring her body, soft and curvy in all the right places. He reached back and slowly untied her apron. Everything he did was slow and sensual. She ran her hands over his chest, so strong, he was hot under her hands. He began to slowly undress her, nothing was rushed, he took his time, as if that was all he had to do for the rest of his life.

Candice was on fire. Matt left a blazing hot trail of kisses on every inch of her skin he uncovered. He unbuttoned her top, slowly pulling it down over her shoulders, kissing the exposed mounds of her breasts. She fisted her hands in his hair, holding him to her breasts. He continued kissing his way down her body as he unbuttoned and unzipped her pants, slowly pulling them down over her hips. Candice felt a little self conscious as Matt stood back and looked at her. She fought the urge to cover herself with her hands, she just stood there, not completely exposed to him, but enough to make her feel hot under his gaze. Matt watched as she struggled with standing half naked before him. She was so beautiful, but he guessed that she had not been told that nearly enough.

Matt was struggling as well, struggling to hold back. He wanted this to be all about her. He wanted to give her a memory that would bring a smile to her face whenever she thought about, not something that she would regret later. He took a step forward, reaching out and taking her hands in his, he looked in her eyes. “Maybe the men in your life didn’t tell you this enough, but you are a sexy, beautiful woman, and tonight I want to make you see that.” He took her face in his hands and kissed her deep and slow, he felt her melt and soften in his arms, as she began to kiss him back. They were still in the middle of her kitchen, Candice broke the kiss and turned away, taking Matt’s hand she lead him to her bedroom.

Candice couldn’t remember the last time she had felt this way, if ever. She felt sexy and desirable, she was becoming less self conscious, starting to lose herself in the moment. Matt watched as Candice took off her bra and panties, she was beautiful. Her large breasts hung full and heavy, her pink nipples hardening under his gaze. Matt stood there in a kind of stupor, until he felt his cock twitching. He began undressing, as Candice laid back on the bed watching him. Once he was naked he laid beside her on the bed, she turned on her side to face him. They laid there in a comfortable silence, taking in the sight of each other’s bodies.

Tentatively Candice reached out, touching his arm lightly, running her fingers over his smooth skin. Her fingers continued to wander, exploring his body, tracing down over his abs and lower. She almost felt like she was doing this for the first time as she studied his half hard cock. His cock was quite large, nice and thick, she could see it pulsating, twitching as it became hard. She took him in her hand, he was warm and hard, yet soft. She began stroking him, making him completely hard. She explored him further, feeling rather virginal and glad that he was allowing her to just touch him as she was. She gently cupped his balls, squeezing the hefty sac. He was rock hard now, she began stroking his cock again, after a minute he reached out, gently grabbing her by the wrist. “Enough of that,” Matt said, his voice raspy “you deserve all the attention.” With that he leaned in and kissed her, his hands finally cupping her bare breasts, warm and heavy in his hands. He kissed her jaw and neck, her shoulder as he worked his way down, finally taking a nipple into his wet mouth, he sucked and gently nipped until it was a super hard bud then he turned his attention to the other one, his hands squeezing and massaging her breasts at the same time.

His hands felt wonderful, his mouth felt even better. Candice was more turned on than she could ever remember being. Her pussy gushed as his hand found it’s way to her mound, rubbing her there. Her legs parted slightly for him. He traced his finger up and down her moist lips and then in between, gently rubbing her clit. He pulled away, kneeling beside her, he caressed the tops of her thighs, gently rubbing and massaging the muscles. Then he moved his hands to her inner thighs gently parting her legs and moving in between them. He leaned in and began kissing her thighs, each kiss getting closer to her center. His mouth was hovering over her mound, she could feel his hot breath, and then she experienced something so incredible, his tongue was lapping at her clit, the sensations were indescribable. Candice had never had this done to her before, it was amazing. She writhed and moaned as he flicked her sensitive clit with his tongue and then sucked it gently. He drove her to the edge, backing down just before she went over.

There was nothing that Matt loved more than getting a woman off, especially if he could watch her as she came, or feel her body cumming under his hands or around his cock. Her juices flowed, covering his face as he licked her pussy lips with fat, broad strokes. She moaned as he parted her lips and darted his tongue inside her, his nose hitting her clit. He opened her up with his tongue, her pussy gushed with each stroke, she was so wet. He went back to licking her clit, pushing two fingers deep inside her. She bucked under him, her pussy convulsing around his fingers as she came hard from his licking and fingering.

Candice had barely recovered from that intense orgasm as Matt slid into her. His cocked filled her up, he leaned over her and kissed her deeply, his cock moving slowly inside her. She had never felt pleasure like this, EVER! What she was feeling was hard to describe, it just felt so good. His body hard on top of hers, his cock filling and stretching her, she pulled her legs up and around his back. His thrust were slow and deep filling her completely. Her back arched as his mouth found her nipple, his pace quickening. Candice moved with him, their bodies colliding, the speed increasing. She was close to cumming again, another intense orgasm. His strokes were deep and fast, Candice was panting, their bodies were covered in sweat. He felt her body begin to tense up and knew she was about to come he continued his pace never letting up while her body started to spasm. He watched the pleasure wash over her face. She was breathing heavy and hard, he felt her pussy contracting around his cock, he was close to cumming as well.

She couldn’t believe the intensity of the orgasm she was experiencing. It was amazing, this man was amazing, he felt so good, he had done everything to make sure she had felt wonderful and had a great experience and she had so far. He continued to thrust into her, her pussy felt tight after her orgasm, with every thrust she felt a tiny aftershock. Then she felt his cock pulsing inside her and knew he was going to cum. He gave one last deep thrust, moaning and grunting as she felt his hot load fill her up. He collapsed onto his elbows careful not to rest all his weight on her. She felt his cock begin to soften inside her, sliding out as he lay there. He rolled over laying next to her, panting hard. She felt moisture dribbling from her pussy and run down to the bed, she knew it was his cum. She felt wonderful, she had never been made love to like that before. Better late than never she thought. She had been single for over a year and with this experience she felt she was starting her life again. She couldn’t help smiling as she turned onto her side, facing Matt, watching his chest rise and fall as he tried to get his breathing back to normal.

“Thank you so much for that.” she said placing her hand on his chest. He turned to her, smiling, “Thank you.” He reached out and caressed her cheek. “you are amazing, I’m glad you enjoyed it.” he kissed her again just like he had before, slow and sweet. “Just let me know when you’re ready for round two” he said laughing. Candice just smiled back, knowing she would take all he had to give her.

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