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Slam It Up Mine!

Category: Gay Male
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I was watching a hot, nasty porn tape, dick in hand, having a perfectly good solo time one Saturday night at my new place. I’d lived here just a month after answering an apartment-sharing ad Jimmy had placed. He had a nice, spacious two-bedroom spread in West Hollywood that he needed to share with someone, and the rent was good.

I didn’t feel like being stuck in one of those overpriced apartments near the beach, having to pay all the rent on my own, and had no problem sharing a place with a straight dude. I’d done plenty of that in college. When I went up to look at the place and met Jimmy, I explained right away that I was gay, and that didn’t seem to faze him at all. A few days later I moved in.

I guess the volume must’ve been turned up on the a TV and I was so absorbed watching and jacking off that I hadn’t even heard Jimmy let himself in. But there he was, suddenly standing right in front of me, staring away. I’m sure I blushed a deep crimson as I quickly stuffed my dick back into my jeans.

“Oh shit, I thought you weren’t going to be back till much later.”

“Guess you were wrong,” he said, an amused smirk on his face.

There was an awkward silence as I reached for the remote.

“Hell, don’t let me stop you. If you’re feeling horny and wanna watch some more and jerk off, that’s cool. I’ve done plenty of jerking off sitting on that couch watching videos, believe me.”

That relieved me a little, his casual attitude, but, still, this was a gay video I was watching and I just didn’t feel comfortable continuing with Jimmy back home now, catching me whacking off like this.

“Hell, maybe I’ll sit down and watch it with you,” he said.

“But– but– it’s gay stuff, you know, guys with– with guys doing–uh– stuff with guys–” I stammered.

“Yeah, well, like I said, I’m real horny, so who knows what’ll turn me on tonight,” he said as we looked at each other, then turned to the TV screen. On the screen a slim young guy was sticking a really big one inside another stud while he was sucking a third guy’s cock.

“Holy shit, look at the way he can take one that big up his ass,” Jimmy said, a little amazed. “That’s always been my problem. I got one that size and it’s a rare chick who’ll ever let stick it up her backdoor.”

I couldn’t believe my ears; how frank Jimmy was being with me, having no problem watching the boy-boy action. Then he looked over at me.

“Hey, pull it out again, and I’ll pull mine out too. It’s been ages since I jerked off next to another dude.”

Suddenly there we were, fisting our cocks, eyes going back and forth between the TV screen and the sight of dick being slapped. It took about ten seconds for Jimmy’s cock to come up to full mast, and I could see he wasn’t exaggerating when he compared himself to the stud in the porno video. He was huge! And he noticed me staring at his awesomely oversized dick and smiled at me.

“Think you could take one this big up the butt?” he asked with a sexy leer. I could hardly believe how brazen he was, wondering where all this might be heading.

“Possible,” I said, with a coy smile. “I kind of like ’em nice and big. How many inches you carrying down there anyway?”

“There’s that tape measure in the kitchen, why don’t you go get it and we’ll measure it.”

Like a zombie in a trance I went to kitchen and came back with the tape measure, handing it to him. He hesitated a moment and then handed the tape back to me.

“Here, why don’t you measure it; you’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

I could hardly believe my ears. My straight roommate was actually urging me to go ahead and measure the size of his dick! And so with excited, nearly trembling fingers I unrolled it and laid it against the length of his monstrously erect penis.

“Mmmmh, ten and a half, almost eleven inches,” I said, trying to sound cool even though my heart was pounding in my chest with almost unbearable excitement.

“Are you sure? Press it up against my balls, I think I’m good for a solid eleven.”

And so I did press it against his balls. It didn’t quite top out at eleven, even though I told him it did. I could tell he was one of those exceptionally well-hung studs who had fallen in love with his own cock, a cock-narcissist, pure and simple.

“Thick too, huh?” he said, loving the attention I was paying to his big penis.

To gauge the thickness, I set aside the tape measure and wrapped my fist around the rigid girth.

“Yeah, nice and thick,” I purred, stroking it now as I stared into his eyes, blazing with arousal as his breathing went deep and heavy. He had reason to be a show-off. Not only was he huge, but Jimmy had himself an absolutely gorgeous cock. It was nice and straight, the knob perfectly proportional to his shaft. Some really hung dudes like him, their dicks are so big that gravity actually makes them hang a little. Not Jimmy’s. It stood up hard and straight from his flat, washboard stomach. And it had that nicely etched muscle running up the length of the underside, a detail I love to see in a cock.

“You know, I’ve been told it tastes as good as it feels,” he growled, giving me a hard, sexy stare.

“Maybe I should taste it then.”

“Maybe you should,” he said, reaching down with a big hand to run his fingers through my hair as I lowered my face. Maybe my new roommate wasn’t as straight as he claimed, or maybe, walking in on me like he had and feeling extra horny, he’d chosen just this opportunity to taste some new fruit.

I stared up at him as I began to slowly drag my tongue up and down the length, the skin of his erection tautly stretched as I lapped away. I teased him, dragging my tongue over the rough skin of his balls, slowly licking every inch of the ample surface of his cock before I finally opened my lips and took him in my mouth, looking up again. His eyes were closed and he sighed deeply as he felt me work my tongue along the sensitive underside as I hungrily sucked him down now.

“Oh yeah, suck my dick, suck my big dick!” he growled, pressing down on my head, pumping it into my mouth. The stud had an aggressive, horny manner about him, a manner I always appreciate in a man.

Finally I pulled away.

“Let’s go to my room,” I said as he stood up, and followed me.

Inside we both quickly undressed and I realized that a dildo was sitting in plain view by my bedside. I had taken it out earlier, thinking I might use it. Sometimes I like to stuff one inside while I beat off.

“I see you like to play with toys,” he chuckled mischievously, noticing it too.

He fell back on the bed, showing it off to me. I came down with him, but surprised Jimmy by turning him over on his stomach rather than going straight for his cock again. Now I had his muscled buttocks staring me in the face. I massaged those hard, smooth buns of his, then spread them apart. A moment later I was down there, digging my tongue into his crack. He must’ve loved it, the way he started groaning as he reached back with an arm to press my face between his rugged buttocks.

I took my time rimming his hot little hole, before I turned him over again and resumed my cockfest, giving him a blow-job I wanted to make sure he’d never forget. Finally, though, he pushed me away.

“Got something else for my cock?” he snarled with a sexy grin.

“Yeah, I think I may have something you’d like,” I said, getting up on elbows and knees and sticking it out for him, nice and nasty. He sure liked that, staring with an insatiable leer at my exposed and vulnerable ass, the ass I was freely offering to him.

“Nice butt, I want it!,” he hissed as I reached back to hold myself open for him. Then he took hold of my buttocks with his big hands, massaging them as he spread them wide open. For a long minute I just knelt there, my hole exposed to his view, knowing he was thinking about it, anticipating how he was going get to enjoy a rare treat – stuffing those thick eleven inches of his up a tight, willing asshole.

Suddenly, he pressed his face between my buttocks and started lapping away at my sphincter with an eager hunger that stunned me. I’ve made it with straight guys and most of them will gladly have you suck their dicks and gladly will fuck you. But not too often do you see them willingly get behind you and start rimming your ass. Maybe he had been a rim freak with women and just liked to eat ass, or maybe he had tasted a man’s ass before and was hankering for the taste once again.

He took his time, making a leisurely meal of my asshole. Then, looking over my shoulder, I watched him squeeze a little jelly out of a tube sitting next to the dildo and slap it into my crack. The next thing I knew he was sliding a big finger up my slick, greased ass. We gazed at each other as I pushed my bottom back against his probing finger.

“Like my tight little ass?” I cooed as I reached around with a hand to take hold of his cock again. It was so rigid it felt like it was going to burst.

“Love it!” he hissed.

“Bet your cock’s gonna love it too,” I said, as he now slid a second finger inside me. He took his time reaming out my ass with his stiff fingers, twisting them inside me, adding a third and then a fourth. A lot of dudes, they’re like jackrabbits. All they want to do is get a quick blow job or stick their cock inside you as fast as they can and get off. Not Jimmy. This stud obviously liked to savor it, first eating me up with his wet, hungry tongue, then taking his time to probe my innards with his eager fingers.

“Ooooh yeah, ream me out, stretch me open,” I said, twisting his thick, steely inches in my hand as he dug his fingers in deep, stretching me wide open.

Next he picked up the dildo and worked that inside, in no hurry.

I closed my eyes as he fucked me with the dildo. Man was he ever sexy; he had such smooth, sure moves. It made me wonder, of course. Did Jimmy sometimes fuck himself with a dildo, did he fuck his girlfriends, other guys, on the sly? Maybe I had been entirely wrong about Jimmy being altogether ‘straight.’

“I’m ready for that big, thick cock of yours,” I groaned, now yearning for it.

Now he knelt behind me, cock in hand, as I looked over my shoulder at him. I’d been sort of celibate lately and hadn’t been fucked in well over a month. But the way Jimmy got me excited and prepped me with a good reaming, I knew I was good and ready for his big one.

“Tell me what you want,” he hissed, rubbing his smooth cockhead against my slick hole. “I want to hear you say it.”

“I want you to fuck my ass!” I begged, turning to gaze into his big, sexy eyes.

“How do you want me to fuck it?”

“I want you to fuck it hard, I want you to fuck it deep, I want you to fuck it rough!”

“Like this?” he said, pushing forward as he worked his knob inside me. Only now did I fully appreciate just how thick he was as he started to work it in. And with the first delicious thrust into my hot bottom I realized just how much I needed to get my ass fucked ,as much as he needed to nest that awesomely thick cock of his inside a welcoming butthole. He sensed it too, my eagerness, as he held on to my hips and slowly worked it inside, fucking me with deep, smooth, powerful strokes. And I did my part, pushing back against his strokes as he forced it inside me. Although I had acted so nonchalantly before, only once before had I been fucked by a dude equipped with one as big as Jimmy’s. That was years ago and it was a little tough to endure. But I’d had plenty of practice since then!

He kept slamming it inside me as I kept pushing back against him, until I realized that he’d managed to get every one of his thick inches inside the hot depths of my ass, his balls slapping against my cheeks, as he buried the full length inside me. My ass felt so deliciously alive as he filled and stretched it the absolute limits. I was going insane with arousal as I looked over my shoulder at him.

“That’s nice and deep, now how about the rough part?” I said, urging him on, wanting him to know that with me he didn’t have to hold back at all.

“Like this?” he said, picking up the pace as he pummeled it inside me with a savage fury. Jimmy was strong and muscular; he worked out seriously every day. And he was obviously horny as shit. And he had those beautifully stiff, thick eleven inches to go with the power and the passion. So now as he held on tight, digging his fingers into my hips and ramming inside me with a raw, steady ferocity, I realized just how much I’d been needing it since I’d broken up with Trent a couple of months ago. And this one awesome fuck was sure making up for months of celibacy!

As he fucked me, Jimmy reached around to take hold of my cock, finding it as stiff as his own.

“Ooooh, look at you, dude,” he said, twisting it in his hand as he kept burying his inside me. “You’re lovin’ it, huh?”

“I sure as shit am,” I said, looking over my shoulder at him. “My ass is yours!”

With his hand still reaching around to hold on to my dick he pushed me down on the bed so I was flat on my stomach and he was flat up against me, hammering me harder than ever now, pulverizing my hot, eager ass while he massaged my dick like he’d had plenty of practice. I’m sure he did, with his own cock at least, if not with other men’s cocks. And I couldn’t help thinking about that. There may have been other dudes, plenty of them. Or not. All I knew for sure was that Jimmy was having a hell of time fucking me and I was having one hell of a time getting fucked! So good a time, in fact, that a few seconds later he took me over the edge as I unloaded.

And just then I felt that unmistakable pulsating inside, felt his meaty cock throb against my obscenely dilated sphincter. And I knew that at that very moment Jimmy had found his pleasure, bathing my innards with his bountiful spunk, as eleven inches of thick beautiful cock found their pleasure inside me.

“Glad you moved in, Greg,” he whispered in my ear after we settled down.

“So am I,” I said, turning to look at him, luxuriating in the feel of his cock, still huge, though a touch less rigid, nesting now inside my tender, well-fucked, young ass.

BadFairGoodInterestingSuper Total 3 votes

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