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Against Smooth Skin

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Bridget set the last pin holding a stray curl into place. Twirling her finger around a single copper strand, she ensured her hair looked perfect at a glance. Taking a soft brush from the counter she ran it back and forth across the pink compact. Tapping the brush against the sink she lifted the bristles to feather the color along her cheekbones.

Setting the compact on the porcelain she lifted the tube of lip gloss and removed the lid. Leaning forward she parted her full lips applying a thin layer of gloss. With one last glance in the mirror she blew herself a kiss and turned off the light switch.

Stepping from the bathroom she walked over to her travel bag on the dresser and pulled out her body spray. She popped off the cap and began spraying a light mist of wild honeysuckle onto her thighs and across her arms. Placing the fragrance back into her bag she turned to see her husband sitting on the edge of the bed looking handsome as always.

Softly clearing her throat she grabbed his attention away from the flat screen “Well how do I look? Do you think she will like it?”

Eric stood up and whistled as she sauntered over to him.”Darln’ you look absolutely gorgeous. Turn around a little baby and let me see the back.”

Slowly she turned half way around twirling her little black dress for his assessment. “You know how much I love this dress. I thought this would be decent but also a little flirty.”

“A little flirty is an understatement baby because you look irresistible. I’m having a hard time concentrating right now with this erection you’re giving me.”

Bridget ran her palms down the sides of her dress. “I’m so very nervous for her to see me for the first time.”

“I know you are darln’ but take a deep breath and try to relax. Trust me when I say she will not be able to keep her hands off of you tonight. Now lets get going before I try to have my way with you. Little Eric is scratching like a rat in a cage and I can only control him for so long.”

Giggling at his remarks Bridget bent over slipping her nylon covered toes into her black high heels. Running her fingertips from the sides of her ankles, up over her knees, and across the inside of her thighs. Lifting the hem of her skirt she checked her garter belts holding her stockings in place. The moment she straitened her back Eric was suddenly behind her flush against her body. Grabbing her hips he pressed his body harder against her ass. She could feel his hard erection pressing into the small of her back and immediately felt that wonderful flow of liquid pooling to her sex.

Tilting her head to the side his warm lips left scattered kisses upon her neck. She could feel his tongue moving across her skin. “I will admit that I am a little jealous I will not be the one removing this dress from your body tonight.”

Turning to face her husband she took his rough chin into her hands and looked into his hazel eyes. They were so full of love and lust for her making her heart swell. “Eric we do not have to go through with this because nothing is worth loosing what we have. It is not too late to back out. I love only you and nothing would ever change that.”

“Baby I want you to experience things that you desire. I love you more than you will ever know and I want you to explore your sexuality. Our Life together is amazing. Making love to you feels like the first time every moment we are together. I think you are stuck with me my love.”

Stretching on her toes Eric met her halfway with his warm lips brushing softly against her mouth. They kissed passionately for some time before breaking their lips to hold one another close.

She could feel his heart beating as her cheek rested against his chest. Moving her head to Look into his eyes she smiled softly. “I think it’s time.”

Running his palms up her arms he paused reaching her bare shoulders. “Yes it is. Come on baby lets get you downstairs. I am so hard right now and my cock is burning at the thought of lifting this dress and bending you over the edge of the bed”

Taking her husband’s hand she giggled. “I’ll be back before you know I’m even gone. We will have plenty of time for you to do as you wish to me over the edge of this bed”

Walking from their suite and down the hall Bridget felt the anticipation growing stronger. They stepped onto the elevator waiting to take them downstairs to meet her lover for the night.

Sharon had crossed and uncrossed her legs more times than she could count. Her drink was empty and she had nothing left to detain her thoughts from the woman she was so eager to finally meet. They had met from a personal ad about six months ago. After getting to know one another and a few hours of wonderful phone sex they were meeting tonight for the first time.

Bridget was not the usual type of woman that she was attracted to or looked for in a lover. She was a few years younger and had never been with another woman before. With her being inexperienced with women it was more of a turn on than Sharon had thought possible. The thought of being the first woman to taste those luscious lips made her nipples hard and her clit throb with anticipation.

Looking up from her watch she glanced in the direction of the front lobby and spotted Bridget and her husband stepping off the elevator. She was wearing a little black dress just below the knees with stockings and black high heels. Her hair was up atop her head with loose tendrils rippling down framing her face. She was more beautiful in person and her smile alone lit up the room.

* * * * *

Stepping from the elevator Bridget felt butterflies in her stomach. She spotted Sharon at the bar and was not surprised to see her wearing her favorite color. She had told her over their last message that she would notice her as the lady in red. She smiled at the thought and was even more eager to finally meet. Walking into the bar they moved towards where Sharon was standing. She was wearing a short and sexy strapless red dress which hugged her body. The dress showcased her shapely figure with the hem resting mid thigh showing off her gorgeous legs.

Sharon closed the short distance between them hugging her gently. “Hello beautiful. It’s so nice to finally meet you.”

Bridget could feel herself blushing as Sharon placed a soft kiss upon her cheek. Returning the kiss she then whispered into her ear. “Oh sweetie I am so happy to be here with you as well.”

Stepping forward Eric took Sharon into a friendly hug. “Nice to meet you Sharon. I hope you have not been waiting long?”

Looking over her shoulder then back over to Bridget she smiled. “Not long at all. I have just been enjoying the music and a drink or two.”

Returning the smile Bridget could feel her sex begin to throb as she looked at the woman across from her. Her nipples straining against the lace underneath her dress.

Motioning his hand in the direction of the restaurant Eric broke the silence. “Shall we find a place to be seated ladies?”

The three of them walked to a corner booth and settled in for a few drinks and some conversation. They talked and laughed for about an hour before Eric excused himself to head back to their suite for the night.

Taking Bridget’s palm he leaned forward brushing his lips across her cheek. “Goodnight my love. I will see you in the morning.”

Bridget softly kissed her husbands lips. “I love you honey. Sleep well.”

“It was nice meeting you Sharon. Take care of my girl for me.”

Sharon looked over to Bridget and sent her a flirtatious wink. “I will take good care of her. You have nothing to worry about.”

Standing up from the table he placed one last kiss on his wife’s hand. “I know you will.”

Bridget watched as her husband walked back through the lobby and stepped onto the elevator. Looking across the table she smiled shyly at the gorgeous woman sitting a few feet from her. The woman she was trusting her body with for the night.

Looking into the mirror at her reflection Bridget saw a sensual woman. She had taken a few pins from her hair and loose curls cascaded further down her back. She was wearing a black satin and lace bustier with ruffles around her hips. The garter belts stretched down over her black panties as they were attached to her stockings resting along her thighs. She felt sexy and ready to give herself to the woman in the room waiting for her.

Stepping into the room she turned to the right and into the view of the bed. Sharon was lying across the sheets in a red chiffon top with ruffles across the hem and along the straps. Her nipples were dark through the sheer fabric and her tummy looked soft to the touch. Her shapely legs were long and breathtakingly beautiful. Her skin tone was a beautiful color next to the white of the sheets beneath her. Bridget suddenly felt very awkward at the thought of this perfect woman seeing her naked.

Sharon got onto her knees and crooking her finger into Bridget’s direction she spoke in a soft seductive voice. “Come to bed beautiful. You are so far over there, as I am way over here alone on this very big bed.”

Bridget took a deep breath and walked slowly over to the bed. She could smell her sweet perfume as she neared the mattress. It filled her senses with a desire to savor every inch of her body. She stopped as her thighs brushed the edge of the bed making her butterflies return. Sharon wiggled her way closer to the edge and reached out to run her hands up and down Bridget’s arms.

“You look so gorgeous in this. Did you get this to wear for me and me alone?”

Blushing at her question Bridget bit on her lower lip before answering.”I did. I wanted to look sexy for you. I wanted everything to be perfect. I know that sounds silly but I…”

Bridget suddenly felt the tip of Sharon’s finger pressed lightly upon her lips. “Shh… just kiss me sweetheart.”

Feeling a little brazen, Bridget placed her lips upon her lovers and sighed at the touch. She was incredibly warm and soft against her kiss. Moving her hands to rest against Sharon’s slender neck, she deepened the kiss. Their tongues took to massaging slowly as their lips moved in sync. With her thighs trembling they felt over weighted to continue standing as she was. She placed her knees one after the other onto the mattress. Slowly she lowered herself atop smooth skin and found herself straddling supple thighs. Running her fingers through Sharon’s long brown hair Bridget felt her sex swelling, her clit throbbing.

The kiss became more demanding as their bodies began to press against one another. Removing her lips from her mouth Bridget began placing soft kisses along her jaw and down her slender neck. Sharon’s breathing became louder as Bridget slipped the ruffled straps down her shoulders, exposing her breast. She had beautiful firm breasts with tiny pink nipples. Guiding her hand she began massaging the firm breast atop the sheer material. Sharon’s back raised slightly as she rolled her taut nipple between her thumb and forefinger. She continued caressing her breast softly, her nipple growing more erect under her touch. Bridget dipped her head to the exposed breast closing her mouth over smooth skin.

Sharon’s gasp of breath whispered through the room. Flicking her tongue over the pink tip she felt it harden further. Suckling the tiny nipple inside of her mouth Bridget could feel her sweet cream dripping onto her panties. Sharon’s skin tasted wonderfully sweet against her tongue. Removing her mouth from the glistening tip she placed gentle kisses across her lover’s breasts. Sharon’s skin was soft against her mouth as she moved over her shoulders and back up along her slender neck. Opening her lips Bridget ran her tongue across her beating pulse savoring the taste.

Bridget suddenly felt something smooth glide along the inside of her legs. Sharon’s knee was sliding against her thigh and across the top of her black panties. The sensation sent warm liquid dripping from her sex soaking the lace. Looking into her eyes Bridget leaned into Sharon’s lips once more kissing her with urgency.

Her hands drifted along silk skin searching for her sweet pussy. Reaching further across the inside of Sharon’s thigh and towards her sex, she felt the red fabric soaked with cream wetting her fingertips. Bridget began rubbing her palm over the moist satin and felt Sharon moan against their kiss. Sliding the silk to one side her knuckles brushed along soft lips. Her trembling fingers took to circling the warm liquid over slick folds and pressing lightly against her hardened clit.

Sharon began rocking her hips forward against Bridget’s palm. Slipping a single finger deep inside her welcoming heat Sharon’s gasp of pleasure filled the air. Stretching her as she pumped slow and steady reaching further inside. Placing her thumb against the swollen nub Bridget pressed gently upon her clit. Sharon lifted her hips pleading her for more. Sliding two fingers inside she steadied the pumping into a quicker rhythm. Slipping from her core she paused for a moment caressing the erect clit with her thumb. Dipping back into her sex Bridget felt the warm liquid flowing onto her fingertips.

Sharon’s voice whispered softly. “Oh yes right there… it feels so good deep inside me.”

Leaning down and taking Sharon’s lips for her own she continued thrusting quicker and further inside. The tips of her fingers touched deep within, massaging that wonderful sweet spot. Breaking their kiss Sharon’s cries of pleasure grew louder with every touch of her her hand.

She slowed the pace pumping lightly against the inside of her sex, then slipping back out. With every stroke her fingers brushing against the hard clit. Wanting another taste, Bridget took a tiny nipple into her mouth. She nibbled the tip gently with her teeth, then soothing the bite with her tongue. Her hips began rocking quicker as Bridget applied more pressure, slipping back inside her slick pussy.

“Oh it’s cumming… I’m cumming.” Her lover cried out.

She felt Sharon’s climax as her sex pressed firmly against the wide of her palm, her fingers reaching deep inside. Her thrusts coming harder and faster as the height of her release took hold. Her cunt began to grip and contract around Bridget, coating her fingers with warm liquid. Sliding her fingers from inside her lover’s essence she softly brushed the cream over her slick folds. Sharon’s skin was flush as her breathing slowed to a steady whisper.

Moving her hand gently from Sharon’s sex she brought the sweet cream to her lips. Closing her mouth over the tip Bridget savored the sweet honey against her tongue. She felt Sharon’s hand taking her by the wrist. Popping the digit from her mouth Sharon ran the tip of Bridget’s finger across her bottom lip. She then took it into her mouth and began sucking. Bridget closed her eyes as her lover began tickling her skin.

Bridget could feel the tip of Sharon’s tongue swirling around her finger. Opening her eyes she looked upon Sharon’s mouth to watch as she licked sensuously. “That feels amazing. Please don’t stop.” She whispered in a trembling voice.

Gently removing Bridget’s finger from between her lips Sharon guided her hand to the apex of her thighs. “I’m going to stop… but only so I may taste you here.”

Bridget felt the palm of her own hand slide down the length of her sex. She felt the rush of liquid pooling to her swollen cunt. Removing her own hand she felt Sharon touching her slit through the thin lace between her legs. The sensation making her hips move slowly against Sharon’s palm. Lowering herself to the mattress she sighed as her heated shoulders touched the cool sheets. Her thighs began trembling with anticipation.

Lying on her back she felt Sharon’s fingers slipping her lace panties to the side of her pussy. Suddenly a warm hand upon her knee pressed gently, opening her thighs further. She could feel her honey dripping from her folds, coating her rose bud. Closing her eyes she tried to relax as she felt the tip of Sharon’s fingers sliding up the length of her sex. She had the softest touch against her smooth skin.

Sharon’s fingers moved ever so slowly across her folds. The sensation making her clit throb and her sweet liquid flow. Without warning Bridget felt slender fingers breaking the entrance to her sex. She lifted her hips reaching for more penetration. Sharon slipped her fingers in softly then back out pumping gently. She was very close to release needing only a little more pressure. Bridget took to rocking her hips quicker as Sharon’s fingers dipped further inside.

Bridget’s climax came upon her quickly with intense release. She cried her moans of pleasure as Sharon continued thrusting her fingers deeper, her muscles contracting and pulsing. Her breathing slowed as her release subsided. Her skin felt hot under the satin and lace binding her breasts against her beating heart. She opened her eyes seeing Sharon’s beautiful face above her.

Lifting her head from the mattress she placed her soft lips to her lovers. They kissed passionately with their lips massaging, their tongues tasting. Breaking the kiss Bridget lowered her head back against the sheets. “That felt amazing. I came so quickly but I could not hold off a moment longer.”

“I loved feeling your release gripping me.” Sharon brought her fingers to her lips closing her mouth over the length, tasting Bridget’s cream. “Mm… your sweet honey coating my fingertips.”

Abruptly she felt warm lips pressed flush against her mouth. Bridget tasted her own arousal as their tongues massaged in rhythm. Guiding her hand between their bodies she brushed the tip of Sharon’s breast. Her nipple was soft against her palm as she caressed softly. Lightly pinching the tip between her thumb and forefinger Sharon cried against her her lips.

Breaking the kiss Sharon’s lips traveled down her neck, stopping at the base of her throat. “Baby you taste so delicious.”

Bridget felt the bindings between her breasts being pulled apart. Her nipples where erect and rubbing against the fabric. Sharon’s fingers brushed the swell of her breasts as she unlaced the ribbons holding the satin in place. She felt the cool air brushing across her heated skin. Sharon’s warm mouth closed over the top of her large breast. She began suckling her lips around the taut nipple. Bridget could feel her tongue flicking across the tip. The moment her teeth scraped lightly over the pebble, her back arched in response. Sharon soothed the sting with a warm wet kiss against her breast.

Her breathing became faster as Sharon moved her lips over her body. Lifting her hands Bridget ran the tips of her fingers over the top of her lover’s head and through the silken curls tickling her skin. Stopping above her panties Sharon lowered her head between her thighs and placed her mouth against her sex. Bridget felt her warm breath against her lace covered folds. Lifting from the bed, Sharon peeled the tiny black lace over her hips and down her thighs. Dropping the lace onto the sheets Sharon placed a single pillow underneath the small of Bridget’s back.

Bridget began kneading her heavy breasts and tugging slightly on her nipples. She could feel her clit aching for a hint of pressure. Sharon ran her palm from her ankle, up her calve, and pausing mid thigh. She then pressed her mouth tenderly on the side of Bridget’s knee. With her slender fingers Sharon unfastened the garters holding her nylons in place. Peeling the stockings from her legs she smoothed her hand the length of her thigh. Stopping to the side of her pussy she ran a fingertip slowly over her lips. Bridget moaned with pleasure from the soft caress.

Bridget sensed her legs spreading further of their own accord. They trembled as she lowered them atop the cool sheets. Sharon’s hair feathered across her thighs as she positioned herself above Bridget’s sex. She closed her eyes as her tongue ran the length of her folds. Her pulse began to race, her hands shaking. Sharon’s tongue continued licking up and down her pussy.

Bridget gasped as she felt her lips closing around her clit. Her warm mouth captured the erect nub, flicking her tongue across the tip. Breaking the suction she kissed her way further down Bridget’s glistening slit. She massaged her folds with her mouth, slipping her tongue just inside her pussy.

Bridget lifted her hips from the sensation, pleading her lover for more. Her tongue moved in and out of her slit. She probed deeply, following with long licks over her folds. Sharon’s mouth traveled upwards flicking her tongue over her clit. Bridget then felt something slender penetrate her aching cunt. Looking between her spread legs she saw Sharon’s tongue lapping her erect tip as her fingers slipped inside. Sharon started pumping slow and steady as she continued savoring her clit.

Bridget could feel her climax drawing near from the intense sensations running through her body. Closing her eyes she listened to the suckling sounds humming across her sex. She heard her cries of pleasure echoing through the air with every lick. Grabbing her breasts she massaged the weight in her palm, taking her nipples and tugging softly.

Slipping from her pussy Sharon took the tip of her finger and began caressing her rose bud. Bridget gasp as she slowly massaged warm cream over the sensitive flesh. Her heart was beating faster as she braced herself for her orgasm. Sharon closed her mouth over her throbbing clit and sucked. Biting her lower lip Bridget felt the beginning of her release take hold. She continued licking her pulsing clit between her lips while massaging Bridget’s tight pussy. She cried out from pleasure as she came with intense force. Her sweet cream flowed onto her her lover’s lips.

Bridget steadied her breathing as her orgasm began to subside. Her skin was flush and her body completely sated. She felt the mattress dip as Sharon lowered her body next to her.

Running her fingertips slowly over her tummy, Sharon placed a soft kiss on her shoulder. “You are incredible.”

Opening her eyes Bridget sighed softly. “I was just about to say that to you once I caught my breath.”

Sharon leaned over brushing her soft lips against her mouth. They kissed softly, their hands touching gently. Bridget tasted her honey once more against her tongue.

Breaking the kiss Sharon ran her palm over the swell of her breast. “I think a warm bubble bath is just what we need.”

Bridget’s nipple’s harden as her hand moved softly over her breast. “Oh that sounds lovely.”

Running her hand down Bridget’s thigh she placed a kiss next to her ear. “I have only just begun to show you how lovely.”

Bridget closed her eyes once more as she felt warm kisses scattered against her smooth skin.

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