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Sisters and a Paramedic Farmer

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Joe was thirty-eight and lonely. He was tall, average looking and successful. His problem was judgment. He had given up looking for someone to share with, someone to love and be loved by. How he wanted that. Yet, every relationship he ever had ended when his chosen woman cheated on him. That confused him because he was an attentive lover, a good provider, even-tempered and respectful. Wasn’t that what the women wanted?

Corrine was afraid and horny all the time. She had little experience with sex, none of it satisfying. She was thin and far from ugly. She looked younger than her nineteen years but her body had that Jamie Lee Curtis sex appeal. Her father had been mostly absent in her youth. Even though he was an abusive drunk, every day during her early teens, she hoped he would notice her and say something nice to her. Instead, he called her names, said she wasn’t smart and always sent her into rooms away from him. Her mind, soul and body yearned for something. She knew she did not want the yellow house in the suburbs with a picket fence, two and a half children, three televisions and coffee clutches with female neighbors who talk about how much they hate their overworked spouses. She could not answer what she wanted. For now, she had bigger, more pressing problems. She was sitting in her older Honda crying on the side of the lightly traveled rural road with a flat. Her boss at the restaurant where she was a waitress would be angry. He would yell at her. She hated that.

She jumped as a tall shadow darkened her window outside the locked door and said, “Can I help you? You seem to need your tire changed.”

“Thank you but I had better wait for the police to come by.”

“If you roll the window down just a little, you can use my cell phone to call them or you can just pop the trunk and I’ll change the tire for you. You do not have to get out of the car.”

His voice was gentle and assuring. She rolled down the window about an inch. Not enough to slip his older flip-phone through.

After the phone clanked against the window, there was a little impatience in his voice. “Maybe I should call the police for you. I can tell you are frightened and my presence is just making it worse.”

Corrine opened the window a little more, “No, I really do appreciate the help, I’m just not familiar with this area. I was visiting my sister and am late for work.”

“I understand. I’m Joe Sherman; I live in that house over there.” He pointed to an older well kept, 1970’s style California ranch style house in the front of acres of almond trees, as he slipped his phone through the slightly opened window. She took the phone and felt safer.

“I really would appreciate you changing my tire. I’ll pop the trunk, if your offer is still open.”

“Of course it is.”

He had the tire changed quickly and returned to the driver’s window wiping his hands on an oily rag that he had materialized from nowhere. He also had a dingy home printed card with his name, address and phone numbers.

“I’ll trade you my card for my cell phone and you can be on your way.”

Corinne had a rush of panic. Had he sabotaged her car? Would she break down before she got to town? Her hands were shaking when she took his card, just nodded and sped away, leaving Joe, the Good Samaritan, in a cloud of road dust.

There was no one to hear his words, “You are welcomed. I would not hurt you, but you don’t know that. Go disappear into the big bustling city, relax and feel safe.”

She was still trembling when she got to work. Her boss raised his voice but the scolding was quick; she was needed to help in the lunch hour rush.

Late that evening, Corinne was exhausted after her hot bath. The bad tire was in the shop. It was almost bald but still she was having it fixed. She would be asleep as soon as her mind slowed down. Her right index finger settled on her clit. Every night she would touch it just a little. Not for release. It helped her relax and clear her thoughts. Should she have paid the man something for changing her tire? She should have said “Thank You.” What did his face look like? There wasn’t a car in sight in either direction the entire time he changed her tire. He had told her how to get back to the main road.

Her finger sped up drawing circles over her moistening slit. Her mind raced, “I was helpless, lost and he knew it. He could have kidnapped me. Hid my car. No one would have known.” She arched her body and slipped a finger into her pussy. “He was so big, so strong. He could have done anything he wanted to me. I would have had to submit, be his slave.” A little moan escaped. She was getting closer and slipped a second finger in. “He could have tied me up, made me suck his cock, fucked me anytime he wanted, kept me nude in his house, spanked me and hurt me.”

Corinne had been so tired, so worried, so broke for a couple of months. The local college would not even let her register again until she paid her delinquent bill. Her fingers tightened, painfully pulling her clit tight against the bone. She was taken by surprise when her first climax in a couple of months raced through her body. Her fingers lingered moving slowly; she imagined how his cock would throb inside her after he had cum in her belly.

Corinne awoke to the morning sunlight, started to stretch and realized that her fingers were still inside her pussy. She had slept so still and soundly that she had not moved her hand all night. Her fingers felt good. She thought of the tall farmer, being helpless and being captive. Again she came, enjoying the unfamiliar squishing sounds from her cunt.

Every day that week she thought about how big and strong he was and how helpless she had been. Every day she masturbated and came. This was not like her.

That weekend, she did not have to work until Sunday night and was visiting Alice, her sister, again. Sis was divorced and just about ready to give birth. She needed help cleaning, shopping and just getting out of chairs. She was going to have a big boy, her second. Over Sunday morning coffee, Corinne told her sister about the flat tire and the helpful farmer. Corinne could not explain where he lived.

“You still have his card! Why don’t you call him and properly say, “Thank You.” Not everyone would have stopped to help, you know. He was probably, hot, tired and hungry. He was probably on his way in for lunch. And still he took time to help.”

About noon Corinne was ready to leave and decided to call the tall man. “I apologize. I was so harried; I forgot to say “Thank You.” Can I send you some money for your trouble?”

“No, no money. But since you are close by again, you could stop by the McDonalds at the interchange and have coffee with me before you head back to the real world.”

She started to say “No” but thought, “Maybe I should. Maybe if I meet him, see him; I will stop fantasizing about him and getting wet. Maybe life will get back to normal.”

“Sure, I’ll stop by and say “Thank You.” I know you did not have to help.”

He was thinner than she remembered — taller, stronger and more wiry. But his voice was calm and deep. He was very self-confident and relaxed. He had already worked enough to count as a full day for most people. She caught his clean but sweaty scent when he was close, serving her coffee. For apparently no reason, her heart raced and her face flushed.

“No wonder you were so afraid of me. With you sitting in the car, I did not realize you are so tiny and so young.” He paused, obviously looking at her body and added, “Pretty and sexy too. Thank you for having coffee with me. You have made my day and given me a wonderful break from work.”

Again she felt his strength, a little fear and the draw of his masculine body. “It’s Sunday; you are not having to work everyday are you?”

“I love to work, Pretty One. The almond trees don’t care if it’s the weekend or not. There is enough work to more than fill every day of the year.”

“You don’t talk like a farmer.”

“After college, I was in business for a while, then taught some. But I wanted to work for myself. I bought some land and put in almonds. This is my fifth year. It will be my first full crop. It looks like it will be a good one and Blue Diamond has accepted me into the co-op. I don’t know how long I’ll do this but I love it right now.”

“Oh, I have to run. I’m on the evening shift tonight. I’m a waitress.”

“Please don’t be offended by what I am going to say, I realize I am at least twice your age. I really enjoyed having coffee and talking with you. I hope you will call me and talk some more on the phone. Maybe we can even have coffee again next time you visit your sister.”

A couple of weeks went buy. Corinne did not call. Joe had given up. He knew rejection and gave up easily. Farming, the hard work and the quiet life he led was not what most women wanted. Being alone sucked, but, truthfully, he didn’t want most women either. He wondered if something was wrong with his libido.

It was one a.m. Thursday when Joe’s phone rang. Even as a volunteer fireman that did not happen often. The dispatcher said the two local ambulances were out and he was the closest first responder to a woman who had just gone into labor. She was alone at home with another small child.

The woman was in hard labor, less than three-minute intervals. She and the bed were wet. She was sweaty, verbally abusive, uncomfortable and worried. Nothing seemed to bother him anymore. He made contact with the local ER and set up all that he needed while trying to comfort the agitated woman. “You are going to be fine. We’ll deliver the baby together here. I’ve done it lots of times. Just relax and breathe as evenly as you can.” His calm voice concealed his exaggeration. He had delivered several calves, a colt, a litter of pigs and two lambs but this would be his first human baby.

The woman said something like, “Fucking idiot.”

“What is your name, mam?”

“You already know that, I told the 911 operator.” She grimaced, groaned loudly and folded forward as a strong contraction violated her body.

“Well I’m pretty sure you are Alice, so let’s forget the paperwork for now and see how you are doing.” Joe was surprised that she was dilated as much as she was. The heart monitor blinked away transmitting her vitals to the hospital and blinking them at him. She was definitely stressed.

After two more contractions and being called a few more names, Joe knew he would be on his own for this one. He could see the top of a black haired head starting to stretch its way out of her body. He wished he had a partner; he could use some more light. As he stood to turn more lamps on, she reached out to him and said, “Don’t leave me.”

“Alice, I won’t leave you. In a few minutes you will have a beautiful new baby and your body will quit torturing you. Where is your other child?”

His words were crudely masculine, but very assuring. She knew what was happening. It was baby number two. She knew he was right to ask about Bobby. “His name is Bobby. He should be in the first bedroom down the hall. He sleeps very soundly. Please call my sister to take care of him. Her name is Corinne Johnson and her number is in the book by the phone.”

Joe thought a moment about how small the world had become. Then his patient screamed in another contraction. Joe hoped Bobby would sleep through it. A screaming kid trying to defend his mom was not something he wanted to deal with right now.

In about an hour the regular paramedics came in an ambulance. Alice was mostly cleaned up, resting, holding her new healthy son when they clambered through the front door.

Alice would not let go of his hand when she was slid into the ambulance. “You will be fine now, Alice. You are in very good hands and will be at the hospital in thirty minutes. I’ll stay here with Bobby until Corinne gets here. Don’t worry. We’ll all come by and check on you this afternoon.”

Corrine got to her sister’s house about four a.m. Joe had a cup of weak coffee with cream and sugar waiting for her, just like she fixed it at MickeyD’s. She had been too asleep when he called for everything to register. She remembered “paramedic,” “sister,” “labor” and “come take care of Bobby” but she did not catch who the paramedic was.


“Yes, I’m the paramedic for the local volunteer fire department. That’s what I did in the service before college.”

“You’ve done a lot of things. Where is Alice?”

“When an ambulance came available it was dispatched to take her and her new son to the hospital. I told her I would bring you and Bobby to see her this afternoon.”

“Did you deliver the baby?”

“Yes, he’s about eight pounds, strong and complete with ten fingers, ten toes and an extra appendage.”

She started to laugh but suppressed it into a smile. When the coffee disappeared, Carl announced, “Corrine, I’ll go back home and get some work done for a while. If you want, I’ll pick you and Bobby up at noon and we’ll go see Alice. I’ll find out first if she’ll be staying another night.”

“I don’t know how to get to the hospital, so that sounds like a good idea. If she is going to be released today, I’ll follow you to bring her home and you won’t have to come back here.” As she spoke she went to put her empty cup into the kitchen sink. Joe followed to do the same.

He was standing directly behind her and reaching out when Corrine turned tightly rubbing her shoulder and breasts into his arm. She was looking straight ahead directly into his chest. He did not move and she felt a shudder go through her body. She seemed to relax and freeze in position. He stepped to her right and pulled his right arm back rubbing its length across her left nipple. Still she did not move. He stepped back into her and leaned his weight forward pressing her into the counter. She was very still. Using her chin, he tilted her face up; her eyes were closed. Ever so lightly, Joe kissed her lips. She exhaled slowly, not quite a sigh. He pushed her hair behind each of her ears and lightly kissed each ear lobe before his mind began to work. It had been a long dry spell for his very male body; her warm softness was too much to resist. He thrust gently to press his hips one last time into her waist. Her eyes were still closed.

“Don’t be afraid of me, Corrine. You are very enticing and your body seems to draw at mine. I would never hurt you.”

Joe imagined she pressed into his swelling cock as he pulled away, “This could not be considered professional on my part as a fireman, could it?”

She did not say a word but followed him to his pick-up. As he started to drive away, she said, “I’ll see you at twelve and we will all go see Alice.”

Alice was in great shape and the hospital was releasing her that same afternoon. Probably, she had no insurance. After they all visited for a few minutes, Corinne and Joe sat in the waiting room and talked. “Are you mad at me for being forward this morning?”

“No, I was half of it.”

“You were so still and passive; I wasn’t sure. Was it sort of a role-playing fantasy?”

“Maybe a submissive fantasy, but I enjoyed the reality of your body touching mine.”

“You know, I want to learn all about you? You know, I want you?”

“I’m not experienced; I would disappoint you.”

“There is no way you could do that. I would enjoy your company anywhere.”

Alice and her new son were ready to go home. Joe loaded them into Corrine’s Honda and they were off. Joe thought, “History repeats itself. I’m left in a cloud of dust – this time by two women.”

For the next couple of days, Corrine told her sister bits and pieces of what had happened with Joe. Finally, Alice shocked her with her comment, “I may be your older sister, but if you think he is too old for you, I would love to have that tall-drink-of-water cram his cock up my pussy just as soon as it gets back to normal.”

“You are such a slut.”

“Maybe, but he’s had his hands inside and outside of me. Even with the pain, I liked his touch.”

“Call him then.”

“I’m mostly teasing you, Corrine; I’ve seen how you look at him when he is not watching.”

“It’s so silly. He’s a lot older than me; he’s not like anyone I’ve ever found attractive, yet I keep thinking about him.”

“What do you mean, thinking about him?”

“You’ll laugh at me.”

“No, I won’t. I promise.”

“He seems big, strong and dominate to me. I feel like he can do what he wants to me and I can’t prevent it.”

“More like you don’t want to prevent it. You’re finally old enough to get horny. Wait till you’re in your thirties like me. I size up everything in pants.”

“Some girls wear pants.”

“Women get horny when they get older. I said, “I size up everything in pants.” And I mean exactly that.”

“You are horrible.”

“Maybe the horrible part comes from my father; remember we only have the same mother.”

“Yea, but she was married four times.”

“And had at least a-half-dozen lovers to boot.”

“She did not have lovers.”

“You did not know your mother, you were too young. She was a randy one. I know, I am too.”

Corrine was quiet, rethinking her recent increase in masturbation, fantasizing and feeling drawn to Joe. Her sister had to be wrong; he was too old, too tall, too countrified, too experienced, too relaxed, too everything — he wasn’t right for her.

Her sister brought the subject up every day for the next three days before Corrine had to return to work. Right before she drove away, Alice chided her, “He’s done about everything he can to tell you he is interested. You are going to have to pursue him some too, if you want him.”

For the hour and a half drive back to the city, Corrine kept thinking about what type of man was right for her. Was it the guy who took her to the prom — he pawed her and had slobbery kisses and kept trying to push his hand up her dress? Was it the assistant manager from work — God’s gift to women, who bragged about his exploits and felt she should feel privileged to be with him? Was it the beautiful man from her health club who had her pay for their dinner on their only date? Was it the overweight man who lived above her with his mom and talked about video games all night after they saw “Star Wars IV” on opening night? Was it Carl, ever present, ever needy, asexual Carl, her confident and gossip partner? Her list went on and on. She had all kinds of friends and acquaintances, but none that made her fantasize. No one who looked at her and said, “I want you.” and made her heart skip beats. No one else made her wet at night, made her want to submit or caused her to masturbate.

When she got home it was dark. She had to work every day for two straight weeks to make up time lost so she would have enough to pay her rent and bills. Joe was easy to talk to. She wanted to hear his voice.


“Joe, this is Corrine.”

“How wonderful that you called me. I thought you had forgotten about your old farmer friend.”

“No I didn’t forget. Alice kept me busy. I’m back in the city and needed to hear a friendly voice.”

“How about a friendly, tired, naughty voice. I had a long day but I’ve been sitting here thinking about you. Not all of my thoughts have been platonic.”

“What could you have been thinking related to sweet innocent little me?”

“I’ve been thinking about how your body pressed into mine. How your nipples reached out for my chest. How when I pulled away your hips followed. How when you excited me and my cock started to grow, your warm belly nestled and welcomed it. And then I sat here and dreamed about how each part of your wonderful body would taste.”

Corrine all at once was shocked, excited, speechless, wet and warmer.

“Did I say too much and frighten my little beauty away?”

In a raspy voice she responded, “I am not a beauty.”

“To me you are. I still remember your smell and the touch of you from two weeks ago. When I think of your taste my body aches. If all that is not beauty, I do not know what beauty is.”

She did not know how to respond, how to reply or how to feel. “Can we change the subject and just talk?”

That question made Joe feel old and that he had misread her, “Sure we can Pretty One. What is your work schedule for the next few days?”

Over the next thirty minutes they talked. More specifically, Corrine responded to his questions about Alice, the boys, what Alice did and a dozen questions like, “What is your favorite food?” “Do you like animals?” “What size shoe do you wear?” She had liked the teasing but did not know how to reply because she had not decided how she felt about Joe and their age difference. She sensed that Joe would be happy to talk all night with her but she had a lot to do and needed to get some sleep for tomorrow’s workday. She was struggling not to tell him that he excited her, not to enjoy him so much and wanted to get off the telephone. As she was maneuvering to say “Good Night,” Joe took over:

“Corrine, you know that I am infatuated with you and enjoy your company. I will not push you anymore; I can tell my teasing is not comfortable for you. I am a very playful and oral man. If my feelings are not shared by you, it is alright. If everything is not one-sided, you make the next call. Let’s have dinner and work out some ground rules that you are comfortable with. Tell your sister and her sons that I am wishing them the best. I enjoyed talking with you tonight and thank you for calling me. Hearing your voice made my evening. Sleep well. Good Night, Sexy.”

After a long hot shower, Corrine put her tired, sleepy body to bed. The sheets felt good but sleep avoided her. Again she let her hands slip down under her flannel bottoms and a finger slip over her clit while her other hand slid a finger inside her body. She kept her hands mostly still and pumped her hips like she imagined Joe would like. Her body was not accustomed to moving like this. After five minutes she was wetter, sweat was popping out between her breasts and she was breathing through her mouth noisily. After two more minutes she knew she would not stop even if her entire body cramped. Joe was starting to thrust gently into her but she was still working the hardest, pushing up against him. A whimper filled the air, followed by a gasp. Her legs tightened. So did her belly. Her sheath wanted to be stretched and welcomed a second finger and then a third. For the first time she arched forward to go deep and felt the mouth of her cervix and when she relaxed she felt the electric surge from the spot inside her just under her clit. She pushed at that spot and rubbed circles around her now fully emerged nub. Every muscle that was not tight, now tightened. She was holding her breath and a couple of spoonfuls of liquid flooded her fingers and she called out, “Joe. Harder, Joe.” She had cum but was not satisfied like usual. Her hands kept up their movement and her hips thrust lewdly up into the air to meet her three-finger cock as she drove into it violently, slapping into her wet lips and disturbing the finger that was trying to please her clit. Her breaths were pants now. For a few moments she felt she might not cum. That thought vanished when she screamed, pressed both hands as hard as she could into her cunt and curled around them. Her body convulsed two times, then a third time, then was still. Corrine could hear her rapid heartbeats and feel her lungs suck for air to return to normal. She felt the cold wet spot but just wiggled deeper under the blanket without moving her hands. Now she thought of Joe buried deep inside her. She felt him twitch. She smiled knowing he was tender also and she went to sleep thinking of him inside her.

The alarm the next morning was rude, noisy and unwelcomed. When she went into the fresh cool bathroom she smelled how she reeked of pussy and thought, “Joe would like that. He would make me late for work.” She shook her head to dislodge such ridiculous thoughts. She showered, dressed, ate and drove to work using her will power to keep thoughts of Joe and thoughts of sex out of her mind.

Each night Corrine masturbated. She bought a rabbit vibrator and brought herself off thinking of Brad Pitt. “Finally,” she thought, “Joe is out of my mind.”

She did not call Joe. In two weeks she was on her way back to see her sister and help a few days. She went out of her way to go by Joe’s and was surprised to see two other trucks and a vet van parked outside his barn and several people scurrying about. As if on autopilot she stopped. Joe had one horse, a mare; she was struggling to give birth to a foal that was too large. The mare’s water had broken and the foal was turned wrong to exit the birthing canal. They were close to losing both.

Joe did not say, “Hello” or anything to Corrine. He just yelled to the vet, “She can do it.”

The vet responded, “She is too small, not strong enough.” The vet’s hand was all the way inside the mare and he was sweating profusely from the effort he was expending. Joe was soaking wet with the mare’s wetness and looked exhausted.

“She is small enough to get both hands inside and turn it.”

The vet, paused, “It just might work. If not we have to open her to try to at least save the foal.”

Joe pushed Corrine to kneel behind the mare and told her how the legs were twisted and how things had to be shifted.

The vet had second thoughts, “Damn it, Joe that foal weighs more than she does. This won’t work.”

“Doug, it’s my horse, let’s let her try.”

Corrine had not said a word since arriving. She was needed, told what to do and now had one arm up to the shoulder inside the mare trying to feel what Joe had described. The mare was tight and she could understand why the large men’s arms were not helpful. She was not thinking only feeling out her instructions. When things felt right, Corrine began to work her second arm inside and struggle to grab the slippery legs and pull. Twice her grip slipped. The third time she pulled herself so tight she buried her face into the mare’s ass but everything inside began to turn and kept turning. Her forearm was kicked painfully by something hard but she did not let go. Joe was talking loud. The vet was barking instructions. Corrine just held on. She could feel things moving. First one hoof emerged and then a second. Then one of her hands and then the second. Everything happened fast after that and Corrine did not know when to let go and hit the ground hard when her hands lost their grip but the foal came on out without a problem.

The mare wanted to turn and clean her baby but she was in bad shape. Joe stared cleaning, the vet evacuated the foal’s mouth and Joe held the colt and scooted on the ground getting the baby to the head of its mother. He blew into its nostrils while the mare licked at her baby weakly. The baby began to breathe, struggle to get free and stand. It fell but struggled and fell twice more before it could stay up a few seconds. It was wet and beautiful with a brown and white face, white feet and the rest was brown. Tears rolled down Joe’s face, he looked at Corrine, started to reach for her but then sat and said, “Thank you, you saved them both, we could not.”

For thirty minutes they all stood around and watched. The mare did struggle to her feet and began to clean her new colt. Joe got them into a dry clean stall.

The vet gave the mare and the colt some shots and announced, “They are both going to be fine.”

Joe turned to Corrine, “Through the door, down the hall to the left, is the master bedroom. I’ll get your suitcase from your car. You bathe and get cleaned up. Thank you ever so much.”

While Corrine bathed she looked out the shower window. Joe had stripped and was washing with the hose attached to a spigot rising from the dirt halfway between the house and the barn. He had clean jeans and a denim work shirt on a stump nearby; his dirty clothes were being consumed by the mud puddle that was forming. His body was lean, hard and his long muscles showed down his arms and legs. His ass was tight and when he turned slightly she saw how the hair on his chest formed a cross and the base trailed down to his dark skinned uncircumcised cock and balls. The entire picture took her breath away. She watched while he finished and struggled to pull his clean clothing over his wet body. He must have gotten some sand in to his pants because he reached down into his crotch and tried to dust away the uncomfortable grains. Corrine laughed and realized she had two fingers buried in her pussy. Still wet, Joe jogged back toward the barn.

When she came out of the house carrying her dirty clothing and suitcase, Joe met her, put those clothes into a plastic bag and loaded everything in her car, including her.

“Corrine thanks again. If you, your sister and Bobby want to see the most beautiful colt in the world, drop by in a couple of days and watch him run, jump and play.” He looked deeply into her eyes and started to say something. Instead, he swallowed hard and said, “Tell your sister I said, “Hi.””

By the time Corrine got to Alice’s, she was shaking like a leaf. It was hitting her, what all had happened in the last couple of hours. Alice listened while Corrine cried, talked and recovered.

On Sunday, Alice, Corrine and her two boys piled into Alice’s pick-up and drove over to Joe’s. As promised the colt put on a show and even came over to meet the visitors.

Alice asked, “What’s his name?”

“Cory, because either he or his mother wouldn’t be here without your sister.”

Alice continued in her crude, experienced way, “Why don’t the two of you just get together and do what comes naturally.”

“Your tiny sister sees me as an old man with a boring life. Someday she will decide what kind of man she wants but she does not know now. You have known passion and been pleased as well as disappointed by a man, but you are almost my age.”

“What do you have on under those jeans? Is that all you?”

He was tired, assertive and playful, “Sweet lady, I have had my eyes and hands on every inch of you, so I’ll answer you honestly. I’m commando under these jeans and that is about half of what you would have to deal with, plus you would have another problem.”

Alice was clearly turned on by the play, “What would that other problem be?”

“I am very oral, you could cum a few times but you would have to stay awake so you could take care of me.”

Alice’s body flushed but she would not back down in front of her sister. “How would I have to take care of you?”

“I’m open to suggestions. What position is your favorite? Are you noisy when you cum? Do you swallow? Do you have a gag reflex? If you squirt you can just pass out and I’ll be happy to take care of myself.”

Alice could not respond to any of these questions in front of her sister. Besides it was her sister, she was trying to get to open up to Joe. Still she played.

“You had your chance to taste me.”

“Do you think I didn’t?”

This took her breath away. She had nothing to say. Corrine was standing there with her mouth open. Nature knew they were sisters. The crotches of their panties were wet.

The conversation seemed to be at a total halt. Joe loaded his visitors back into Alice’s truck and then leaned into the passenger’s window next to Corrine.

“Your sister and I teased a bit, but you know it is you that attracts me, don’t you?”

“No, I don’t know that.”

“I wish I was experienced and desirable enough to convey that to you.” He leaned in and whispered, “Maybe I could have been a powerful sheik and captured you. I could have tied you to a pillar in my bedroom and teased you for days and told you of your beauty. Maybe you would have realized your situation was hopeless and you would have given me your body to please for a lifetime. Call me and tell me what fantasy I will have to fulfill so I can have you and make you want to be with me.”

Alice’s truck was half a mile down the road when Corinne finally inhaled.

“What did that hunk of man say to you?”

“Not as much as he said to you.”

“That was all tease to get to you.”

“It doesn’t matter, I saw him nude the other day. He wasn’t hard. I would never be able to take that into me.”

“Listen baby sister, if an eight pound, nineteen inch long baby can come out of that hole, it can accommodate any cock on earth if it wants to.”

Corrine was thinking while she helped her sister unload the pickup and get the kids settled back in the house. She knew her sister was right. Still there was the age thing and the experience thing and the city versus the country thing and…

“You think to much little sister. Keep your brain going like that and no man will ever be able to fuck you to sleep.”

“You are one nasty talking bitch.”

“Yea, and horny too, just like my little sister.”

“It would never work for a dozen reasons. We’re too different.”

“Why don’t you invest an afternoon? Visit him? Talk to him?”

“I wouldn’t know what to say, if I called him. Or what to talk to him about for an afternoon.”

“Honey, he is a man. Ask him about his work and he’ll be in heaven talking to you until you figure out how to shut him up.”

“His work?”

“Yea, bat your eyes at him, look at all his trees and say, “Take me for a walk out through your almond trees and tell me what you do to grow them.” But take some water and a sandwich. He’ll still be rambling about pests, the market, bees, flowers and the price of irrigation water after a few hours.”

“You don’t really like men do you?”

“I love them all. Especially, tall, thin, naughty talking, caring ones. But they are pretty simple and don’t catch on quickly that when we ask about almonds, we really want to make out in the shade and get fucked.”

“That’s not what I want?”

“Don’t con me little sister. He might be older than you but I can see that he excites you. You told me your fantasies about him. You are going to have to take him out for a test drive to decide which way you want things to go.”

“You’re more forward than me. Sounds like you want him or that you’re mad at him.”

“He’s had his hands all over me when I was at my worst. He said he tasted me. Now you have to go taste him and tell me if I’ve missed anything special.”

Little Ryan cried. He wanted to be changed and was hungry. In a few minutes Alice returned with him, sat down, flopped out a milk-swollen breast and made him happy. She smiled broadly at her sister.

Corrine bit, “What’s so funny?”

“Do you think I should call 911 and see if “Joe the paramedic” can come over to help me on my other side? Maybe he would nurse on that side for a month until Ryan can drain them both.”

“You are absolutely horrible.”

“Tell me that you haven’t thought of him sucking your nipples?”

“I guess, I’m horrible too.”

“Then call him and go learn boring stuff about growing almonds.”

Alice knew they were only half sisters but they had talked on the telephone at least once every day since their mother had died four years ago. She did not hear from Corrine for two days. It was strange not to hear from her on Saturday or Sunday. On Monday when Corrine’s work called and asked if she knew where Corrine was because she was late to serve on the breakfast shift, Alice really got concerned and immediately loaded both her sons into her truck, checked her cell phone and drove to Joe’s house.

He was just coming out of the barn in just his jeans when she pulled up, “Have you seen my sister?”

“She’s still asleep. Her car is around back. Is there some problem?”

“She was supposed to be at work.”

“Damn, I forgot to ask her about that. We drove around a couple of days and last night we were up rather late. I knew, I’d screw something up.”

“Yea, I bet you did.”

They both smiled as they walked together into the house. It smelled like a well used orgy pen. Corrine was unsteady, still half asleep as she came out of the bedroom. Not much of her nude, cum incrusted body was covered by the blanket she was dragging behind her. Alice watched Joe turn a dozen shades of red.

“Joe, you go tend your almonds. I’ll get my sister whipped into shape, cook her some breakfast and then call you. Got your cell?”

“Yes, I do. Thanks.”

“God, girl, you had better be on the pill and mine had better be working. Just standing this close to you, I could get pregnant.”

That was funny, even to the half asleep, Corrine. They laughed, hugged and Alice sent her baby sister off for a quick shower with orders to come to breakfast quickly and tell her everything that had happened.

The first cup of coffee went down Corrine easily, but she was full of a million words that had to get out, even if the eggs did get cold.

“Every night at home, after Joe and I talked, I had to play with myself before I could go to sleep. So I did what you said. Shit, he knows a lot about growing almonds. Finally, yesterday evening, I leaned back into a slanted tree and told him that I wanted him to kiss me. At first he fumbled like an eighth grade boy who was getting his first kiss. It was getting dark and cold; his shirt and mine are somewhere in the orchard, so I asked him to take me inside where it was warm.”

“We made out on the way in, groped in the dark and wound up in his office. When he turned on the lights, I got scared and he picked up on it.”

“What’s wrong Pretty One? I enjoy being with you. You don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to. I’m satisfied with you just being here to visit me.”

“I’m frightened of you.”

“Joe looked really puzzled and very concerned, “Why, do I frighten you? I told you I would never hurt you.”

“I took his hand and led him to the bedroom and knelt in front of him and unbuckled his jeans and pulled them down and he stepped out of them. I wanted to touch his cock so bad my hands were trembling. He had been twisted and was only half hard. He is not circumcised. I pulled the skin back and could feel the blood pulse in his shaft when I kissed the drop of pre-cum off the tiny lips of his cock. He got erect quickly. My two hands wrapped around his shaft but the helmet was still uncovered. It grew and grew. My fingers did not touch wrapped around it.”

“He reached down, put his hands under my arms and lifted me completely off the floor and held me.”

“That is wonderful, Corrine, but I want to know why I frighten you?”

“I don’t think I can take you and please you. I’m not even sure I can get you into my mouth.”

“Let’s not worry about that. I haven’t seen your body yet. Please, may I unwrap the tasty present you have brought me?”

“He undressed me slowly, when I was nude, without shoes, I did not come up to his shoulders. He turned on the nightstand’s light, so it dimly lit the room. Then he looked at every inch of me. He had me turn all around, he spread my legs and knelt to look at my feet and shaven pussy.”

“You are more beautiful than I imagined. You take my breath away.”

“He just lay back on the bed and reached for me. We made out for most of an hour. He got me close with his fingers a couple of times but stopped. I felt like slapping him. His kisses are soft and he likes to take the wetness from my mouth. His hands are a little course but his touch is gentle. The second, he touched my nipples, my pussy began to drip. I slid back along his body and his throbbing cock seemed to be half way up my back. I got very tense. He grabbed my hips and pulled gently from side to side making my widely spread knees walk up the sides of his body. I could feel my wetness rub along his hair leaving a trail of my cunt’s juice. Finally, he had me spread over his head but I was hesitant to lower myself to his lips. He rose up and sucked at my pussy’s lips, licked at my wetness and tugged at my hips, urging them to follow his head back down to the bed.

“I thought I was ready, so I lowered my hips and felt him slip a finger into me just as his tongue lashed out to touch my clit for the first time. I tensed and he thrust directly into some spot that has never been touched. When he pushed at it, my clit was pushed out, I felt like I had to pee, but my mind was swirling. I knew my body was being enjoyed more than it had ever been enjoyed. I wanted to give him more. I think he would have been content to kiss and lick me all night but my belly was already tight and my insides were sucking at his fingers.

“He reached up and guided one of my hands to the metal railings of the headboard. With both my hands on the railing, I was free to lean forward and work my spreading, wet pussy into his mouth. I could hear him moan, just loving eating me out. For a few seconds, I felt in control but his finger inside me matched the strokes of his tongue. He pressed inside and lapped with the flat of his tongue. My body began to tremble; my hands tightened on the railing painfully and I was so afraid that I was going to pee in his face.

“He must have known. He rolled his head away from my smothering pussy and said, “Please, just for me, just this once, Corrine, just let your body go. Let it lead. Let it fly as high and do whatever it wants. Please.”

“That permission freed me. My body let go like it has never done. I remember screaming and liquid spewing from me all around his lips. He tried to catch and swallow it all but I could feel streams running down his face, his neck, his shoulders, my thighs and spurting onto my belly. He reached up and caught my head before it crashed into the headboard. I was very close to passing out. He just pushed and our bodies were so coated with my wetness that I slid down and he held me as I trembled, struggled for breath and floated back down from the clouds.

“Again his cock was throbbing, stretched out along the crack of my ass but for long minutes maybe an hour, I floated in and out of consciousness. Each time I was awake he was holding me, rubbing me and kissing my face, my eyes and my hair.

“When I finally got my wits back, I sat up on one knee with the other leg bent and my foot on the bed. I grasped his cock and rubbed its shinny, tight, red read between the lips of my very sensitive pussy.”

“You don’t have to do that, Pretty One. Don’t do anything that frightens you. If you want, just use your hand on me. You have already pleased me more than you know.”

“I pushed and that mushroom stretched me like I have never been stretched. Only his helmet was inside. I could feel it throb and his words had made me determined to feel him pump his cum in my belly.

“His body was very, very still. He played with my breast. Mine are not big and dripping like yours but he seemed to love them, lick them and suck them with complete satisfaction. I pushed again. I felt some pain but it was good stretching pain. I had accidentally found the angle where his shaft would slide along my clit. I worked to push it into my body and then lifted to drag it back out. I guess, I moaned in pain because he reached up to steady and stop me. I put one hand on his chest and pushed him back and then thrust down again. We both moaned. It was so tight in me, I’m sure I was pulling the skin off his dick.”

The story had a long way to go. Alice had not noticed that her hand was pushed down into her slacks and two of her fingers were thrusting slowly into her stretched womb and her thumb was molesting her long unappreciated button. Corrine was unabashedly sitting with her legs spread wide on the kitchen chair and rocking her hips into two, three, maybe four fingers in time with her story.

“I did not look at him but I used my last breath to say, “Don’t stop me, I want to do this. I want to feel you all the way inside my body. I knew he had heard me because he whimpered, his body shook to gain control and he hoarsely gasped, “Yes.”

“My mind was shut down but my hand went between us. It did not register or frighten me that I still had more than half of him to take into my body. I pushed into my own hand gently and felt him slide ever so slowly deeper and deeper. The slide was still working but I had to stop. My mind had left me, I was only nerve cells, I needed to be the same old Corrine. I searched but she was not there. I started to push with gentle short thrusts. His hands left my body. I opened my eyes just enough to look. He had stretched out under me, grabbed the metal headboard bars and had resolved to withstand whatever I wanted and could take from his body. His chest hairs glistened with his sweat and my juices. I bent down and licked at his shoulder and then across his hair and sucked at his tiny nipple. His skin was salty and his hips rose, lifting me. I tightened my thighs, less I be impaled all the way through by his shaft.

“His body was still arched; I felt a struggle for control not to cum go through his body. I relaxed my grip and slipped slowly down another two inches. Now he was touching deeper inside me than I had ever been touched. The tip of his cock was kissing the tiny opening of my cervix. Still I thrust again. There was no stretching pain this time, but there was a greater pain. The pain made me angry. My own body was blocking him from feeling all the pleasure he could by having his entire shaft inside me. I thrust again and my cervix shot pain through me. To hell with it, I thought, and I bore down. Sweat poured from my forehead and I heard tortured sounds from under me. Little by little my body opened and with mind numbing pain and pleasure mixed together the last inch of him slipped into me. I put a hand down on my belly and felt his helmet push at the skin near my belly button and I pushed back at it.

“Neither of us dared move for long minutes. Me because I thought there would be more pain. Joe because he was about to cum and he did not want to cum yet.”

Both sisters moved in pleasure, slowing, but close, pure pleasure near the crest but not going over it. Together they learned to endure this level of bliss, to fortify themselves against the orgasm that they both had been denying for ten minutes, to take more so they could cum together with Joe.

“When I moved his shaft raked along my clit. No matter how I moved he rubbed it. When I thrust my swollen lips pushed into my body. When I pulled away they popped out. Always, my clit slid through our combined wetness. His voice was only a whisper,”

“I’m going to cum in you.”

“I lifted my legs and felt the pain of my cervix being pushed back the last possible millimeter. My hands clutched fists’ full of his chest’s hair. My hips were a blur sliding my clit into madness. His body lifted me completely off the bed. His face was twisted in agony and I felt his hard cock throb and jerk. I felt the first hot rope bathe me deeper than anything had ever touched me. Behind my closed eyes, I could see the tiny mouth of my womb open and suck for the sperm that pulsed again from his tight balls.”

Alice watched her sister, slip over the edge and climax on her own fingers. The sight pushed her over too. Their breaths seemed to be in sync and she knew their hearts were beating in time also. Finally, she spoke to her sister, “You are lucky, Little Sister, in my entire life, I cannot remember a more beautiful story or a more satisfying climax.”

“Keep listening, Big Sister, Joe was not finished with me. My pussy was tender. Even his small moves made my body wince. I could have slept for a month but then his shaft jumped inside me. He had not softened. He rolled over on top of me. Spread my legs wide so he settled deep and then held my ankles together in front of his body while he thrust not going as deep as before. He watched my eyes and that puzzled me. He pushed my ankles more and watched again. A third time he pushed and when he thrust, my body leaped into the wind and the head of his cock ground into my g-spot. For long minutes each thrust was a frontal press and slide inside me under my clit. We were too wet for his pleasure. He had stretched me so I was taking him easily. He pushed the lips of my cunt together and thrust. I jumped from one cloud to a higher one. I started to beg. “I can’t take this, Joe. Please, I need to stop for a while. Joe……………..”

“He did not listen. Just when I thought I could not stand it anymore, he spoke to me. “Little One, do this for me. Endure this hurt for me, so your body can give me this pleasure. Let her open; let her suck me, let her drain me; let her fly as high as any woman can fly. You can do this. Let go of all your rules and cum with me. Please, cum with me.”

“I cannot tell you where I went the next thirty minutes. I pray I will get to go again. I hope you can go there some day. Each time he thrust, the pleasure was good but the sensitive pain I freely gave to him for his pleasure. I wanted to give him more and more pleasure so I had to take more and more sensitive pain. I could feel drool flowing out of my mouth. I could feel my cunt spasming in tremendous sensitivity. I could feel each muscle in my body tighten one at a time to endure the pain. He did not call me Corrine now.”

“My balls are tightening. Woman your body is sucking the semen out of me. I do not know who I am, you pussy has engulfed me. Suck. Please, Please, Suck. I need to cum before I pour my life into you. Suck. Suck me dry.”

“I cannot explain, but every cell in my body sucked. My brains, my heart, my throat, my toes, my hands all cramped to suck his cum to please him. My sensitivity was gone, I was only pure sex and so was he. When he began to cum, my body spasmed with him. When he came in me, I came on him. When I felt him bathe my womb, he felt the same. Somewhere male and female had been lost; there was only wetness, flying, pleasure and exhaustion.”

This round of masturbation was not as intense as the last but both sisters breathed in climax together for a few long minutes.

“Little Sister, how did you get so much of his cum on your body?”

Through distant glistening eyes, Corrine added to her story. “About six this morning, I ran to the bathroom and he followed. I filled half the Hoover Dam. Joe stood in front of me. I took his hardening cock into my mouth and he pleaded, “No, don’t do that I have to go too. I did not move. He pulled at me and still I did not move. His naughty eyes flashed. He pushed my legs apart with his knees and he let go pissing between my breasts and farther down so his hard stream flowed down my body and dripped off my clit to fill the last half of the dam. He washed me as I sat on the toilet. He dipped a finger into me and tasted our combined juices from the night before. My body recoiled. It was too tender to touch.”

“I wanted to suck him off more than I wanted my next breath but he looked at me and said, “Thinking of watching you suck my cock, feeling my balls tighten and watching your throat contract as you swallow my cum is more pleasure that I should have now.”

“He guided me back to the bed, straddled me. He put one of my hands on his now hard cock and one of his. I could watch him suffer as he had made me suffer. His eyes rolled back and contractions racked through his body. His hand worked up and down his shaft. I wet mine and folded my fingers around the ridge at the base of his helmet. I watched his belly tighten and begin to tremble. I reached down and his balls could not be tighter. Still he was not cuming. I coated my finger in my cunt and then pushed it up his ass and he bellowed and came on my face, my lips, my neck down my chest on my breast and dribbled onto my belly. I tasted him and rubbed his cum down my body just as he collapsed on top of me. If I had smothered, I would not have disturbed him after what he had given me last night.

“He moaned, in a few minutes and I squeezed the head of his cock. The groan of pain was real.”

“Please, Pretty Woman, have mercy on a poor male. Make me cum one more time now and you will kill me with your pussy. I do want to go that way. But not today. There are almond trees to water. That will give me time to recover and so I can make love with you again tonight.”

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