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Karen’s Second Massage

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Karen had spent the first few days following her visit to the massage parlor savoring the memories. No matter what she did, something would cause her to think about Tess and she would be off on another long erotic daydream. It was a good thing she had little on her schedule requiring deep concentration.

She awoke on Saturday morning and remembered that her second appointment was that evening at eight. She had originally scheduled an appointment with Tess for 2:00, but later, on her way home, she reconsidered Sam’s announcement about the two-girl special. She had stopped right there on the shoulder and called. Sam said she would see what she could do about their very crowded schedule. When Sam called her back the next day she told Karen that the girls would be pleased to stay late and they would see her at eight on Saturday evening. Karen agreed and that was that.

Karen spent the day lounging around her new condo pool, soaking up sun and resting and imagining what a massage by the two young girls would be like.

Before she realized, it was six-thirty and time to get dressed. She started to draw a hot bath but then laughed, realizing that a foamy tub was the first thing she would be enjoying after she arrived. She did a quick shower anyway to rinse off the sun tan lotion from the pool and then she started fanning through her closet hangers deciding what to wear.

After passing on a number of possibilities, she finally settled on white cotton shorts to show off he fresh tan and a wide-necked and sleeveless black cotton tee. Once that was decided, she moved to her lingerie drawer. She picked out simple silk briefs. She passed on a bra as she usually did. Small, firm breasts have their good points.

Once dressed, she slipped on white sandals, brushed her hair and did only a minor touchup with cosmetics. Karen was quite pleased with how she looked, indeed.

She turned off her car engine and walked to the front door of the spa. . When she pushed on the door it was locked. She was immediately worried that she had gotten the day or the time wrong. Peering into the window, she saw Sam look up and rush to let her in.

“I am so sorry Karen. I thought I would see you drive in, but I guess I got busy on the computer. We have been very busy.”

“That’s fine, really.” Karen offered.

“We are never here so late and I was worried about having the door unlocked after dark. Please have a seat and I’ll get one of the girls.”

In just a couple of minutes the curtain opened. Karen expected to see Tess once again, but it was Claire who came to greet her.

“Karen.” Claire said. “I’ve been looking forward to meeting you.” Claire handed her a glass of wine. “White, I believe?” she asked.

“Oh, thank you. I think I might need this.” Karen said.

“I hope you’re not too nervous. There’s no reason to be, I promise,” Claire said. “This way when you’re ready.”

Karen walked through the curtain and down the short hall and into the room where the tub was located. The tub was empty. She turned to Claire and asked, “Oh, no soak? I was looking forward to it.”

Claire moved in close and put her face under Karen’s neck, inhaling gently. She then knelt and did the same near her navel. She leaned forward, bringing her face near Karen’s crotch. Then she stood up.

“Your scent tells me you are a bit aroused.” She said.

“I took a shower just before I left home,” Karen said. She was a little taken aback.

Claire smiled. “I certainly wasn’t complaining. On the contrary, if you were thinking of Tess and me, I consider that a complement.” She paused. “Were you thinking of us?” she asked softly.

“Yes. I was actually,” Karen admitted, blushing slightly. Claire unbuttoned Karen’s shorts and lowered the zipper. She slid them over her hips and they fell to the floor. She then pulled her tee up and Karen raised her arms to allow Claire to pull it free. She knelt and slipped off Karen’s sandals. When they were cast aside Claire slid her fingers into the top of her panties and pulled them down. Karen stepped out of them.

When Claire stood she took Karen’s hand and led her out the door and down the hall. She passed the room where Tess had given her massage on her first visit. This time Claire opened a door on the opposite side of the hall and stepped aside. Karen went in.

The room was totally black except for the light entering from the hall, but then Claire closed the door, Karen heard the lock click. Claire must have found a dimmer switch because small sconces along the walls began to glow and then brighten only enough to imitate dim moonlight.

Karen could only see the center of the room where there was a king sized bed with black satin sheets. There was no headboard of footboard visible.

Claire led Karen to the bed and turned her so her back was to it. Claire gently pressed her palms to Karen’s shoulders and Karen sat down. Claire then took hold of the bottom of her own tee, raised it over her head and tossed it aside. She had marvelous medium sized breasts and was as firm and perky as only youth can provide. Karen looked on in a trance-like state.

Claire untied her silk wraparound skirt and pulled it off. She was not wearing panties. Her pubic hair was totally shaved. Karen looked at the beautiful young girl. She had no tan lines. Claire sat on the side of the bed. “Lay back and move to the center of the bed.” She told Karen. Karen centered herself on the bed and lay back.

Claire went to a table along a dark wall and when she returned, she crawled onto the bed kneeling next to her. Karen could see she had a black strap in her hand. She started to ask a question when a door lock clicked and it opened.

Tess closed the door and walked in. “I see you have gotten started.”

Claire looked at Tess and smiled. “Just starting to get acquainted.” She explained.

“Then I haven’t missed anything?” Tess asked.

“Nothing at all.” Claire said.

Claire slid her palm under Karen’s lower back. “Lift.” She instructed.

Karen rose up and Claire slid a strap under her. She pulled both ends so the crossed at Karen’s navel, She gave them a slight tug and when she laid the ends across each other Karen heard the sound of Velcro and the band was firmly around her waist.

Tess had also went to the table and returned to climb up on the opposite side of Karen. She had two shorter but wider bands. She put a hand under Karen’s left knee and raised it high pulling her foot up to her thigh. Tess wrapped a band around her ankle and used a chrome snap attached to the end of the ankle band to hook it to a ring on the side of the belt on her waist. Claire moved off of the bed and Tess took her place repeating the same with Karen’s right leg. Karen ankles were tightly hooked to the belt on her waist and she was finding that it provided her with very limited movement.

Claire had returned from the table once again. This time she knelt on the floor at the head of the bed. She took Karen’s right arm and pulled it over her head. Karen could feel a similar band being placed on her wrist. Claire took her left arm and placed a second band on that wrist. Tess joined her sister and each girl took hold of an arm and pulled it back and down toward the floor. Karen could hear and feel snaps being connected to the armbands. When the two girls stood up Karen realized she was bound securely to the bed.

Claire raised Karen’s head and shoved a thick pillow under her, lifting her head and allowing her to see down the front of her body. Claire put her lips to Karen’s head and kissed her then she whispered. “Wouldn’t want you to miss anything.”

The two girls moved to the foot of the bed. Tess was drinking a bottle of water. Claire stood behind her. Claire pulled Tess’s shirt up and off of her. Then Claire untied Tess’s wrap and pulled it free. Both Tess and Claire were totally nude and both gorgeous. Karen couldn’t decide which girl was more beautiful or desirable.

Claire came to the side of the bed and lay down next to Karen. She snuggled up as close as she could and kissed Karen deeply and tenderly and Karen returned the pleasure. Karen felt the weight of someone on the bed and saw Tess crawl between her legs. Claire kissed her again and said. “Tess gets to enjoy you first. Isn’t she the lucky one?”

Tess lowered her mouth to Karen’s right breast and took her nipple into her mouth. She sucked it and licked it and kissed her all over her tit, then she switched to the other breast. Claire was kissing Karen and letting her tongue slide onto her mouth and down her throat. Claire kissed Karen’s face and neck and when Tess moved her mouth to Karen’s abdomen, Claire took a breast in her mouth and sucked hard on the nipple.

Tess was letting her mouth roan over Karen’s tummy and across her pubic mound. Karen was moaning and pulling at her wrist bindings. When Tess reached Karen’s clit, Karen tried to raise her ass off of the bed but her bindings were secure and held her firm. She cried out as Tess sucked her clit, pulling it into her mouth. Tess released her clit and used her tongue to spread her vulva and slide it the length of her sex. When she was at the bottom of her vulva she lowered her mouth and licked Karen’s asshole and then she let her tongue make a return voyage up to that sweet hard swollen clit.

Karen was twisting and breathing in short gulps and grunting every time her clit was touched. “Easy, baby.” Claire said. “I don’t want you to hurt yourself.” She had left Karen’s breasts and returned to her waiting mouth. Claire kissed her and ran her tongue over her lips. “Don’t you want to make sure I get my turn?” She asked”

“Oh God this feels so good. Yes, please, I what you to have a turn too. Ugh God.” Karen froze and began to shiver and she was panting and gasping and grunting. “I’m cumming, Oh God, Please.” Karen was oozing juices into Tess’s mouth and Tess was lapping her sex rapidly to gather as much of it as she could. Karen twisted and writhed as far as her restraints would allow. Clair used her mouth and Tess sucked hard on her clit until finally Karen fell back, exhausted.

The girls rose off of the bed and Karen could hear water running and girls softly giggling and Karen closed her eyes and smiled to no one. When the girls returned to her Claire knelt between her legs. :Oh god no, I can’t, please, I’m exhausted, I couldn’t.”

Claire slowly and gently rubbed Karen’s sex, cleaning her only slightly. The room was full of the smell of sexual arousal, not that Karen could notice. Claire tossed the wet cloth aside and leaned over to lick one of Karen’s nipples. Karen moaned into Tess’s mouth. Claire licked her and kissed her across her chest and down her rib cage and when she reached her naval she pressed her tongue into it and Karen jerked and tried to roll onto her side but the straps would not give. Claire remained buried in her belly button and the more she licked the more Karen writhed.

Claire lowered her right hand, found Karen’s vulva and rubbed her thumb between the labia. When she touched the hood, Karen grunted and Tess pulled her tongue out of her mouth and began to suck her nipples. Claire licked at her navel as she slid two fingers into Karen’s very moist vagina. She pushed their entire length in as Karen grunted again.

Claire finally released the captive navel and lowered her mouth to Karen’s clit. She sucked on it, withdrawing her two fingers and returning with three. She fucked Karen with increasing speed while she sucked the clit and Karen was crying out in pleasure. When Claire added her fourth finger Karen began to beg. “Please, I can’t. No. Oh God, no, yes, please.” Karen was babbling and sucking in gulps of air. She was whipping her head sideways.

Claire could feel her juice starting to run over her fingers. She released her grip on Karen’s clit and lowered her mouth to lick up as much as she could. Claire loved pussy even more that her two sisters. She lapped at Karen until she grew still. Claire withdrew her fingers and raised her head. Karen could see her clearly. Claire proceeded to lick her fingers clean while looking into Karen’s eyes and then she lapped on Karen’s labia a few more times.

The girls were gone when Karen opened her eyes. She tugged on the straps and she was still bound tightly. She lay there for a few more minutes until Tess returned alone. “Claire missed lunch today.” Then she giggled realizing what she said. “She’s fixing a little something, she will be along is a minute.

Tess sat on the edge of the bed and kissed Karen. Karen looked at her. “I want to please you too.” She said.

“Baby, this is about you and taking care of what you want.” Tess said.

“But that is what I want.” Karen said. Tess laughed softly and patted Karen’s cheek.

“Okay,” Tess said, “If that’s what you really want.” Karen was nodding yes.

Tess scooted up beside Karen’s head and looped her right leg over her. She was straddling Karen’s face. “If you change your mind just pat me on my leg, okay?” Karen didn’t say anything. Tess looked down between her legs and Karen looked back at her.

Karen wiggled her bound arms. “How am I supposed to do that?” Karen asked.

Tess giggled. “Well okay then,” Tess said.

Tess took Karen’s head in her hands and lowered herself onto her waiting mouth. Karen’s tongue immediately thrust out and into Tess’s cunt. Karen was slurping her like the amateur she was but Tess just smiled and lowered herself farther onto Karen’s mouth. Karen’s tongue felt wonderful and it was very rare when one of her clients wanted to return the pleasures she provided them.

Tess smiled. Thank God she had her sisters and that they shared a two-bedroom apartment where at least one of them had to sleep with one of the others every night. Thank God they loved each other. Thank God Aunt Sam taught them how to love each other. She looked down at Karen and smiled again. “I’m a very lucky girl indeed,” she thought.

Tess refocused her attention to Karen’s tongue. “Lick me baby. That’s it. Real deep. Get it right in there,” she groaned.

Tess started to slide back on forth on Karen’s mouth, pushing herself lower as Karen licked. Tess eased backwards and guided Karen’s lips to her clit. When Karen latched onto it, Tess cried and came into Karen’s mouth. She drenched Karen’s mouth and the excess ran over her face and down her chin and neck. Tess came in waves as she always did—she never liked to warn her lover ahead of time. She was cumming and smiling and rocking on Karen’s mouth and moaning.

Tess finally slid off of the bead and brought a wet cloth to wash Karen’s face. “Thank you baby.” Tess kissed her cheek and then her lips as she heard the door open. She looked up to see Claire enter with a with porcelain bowl filled with fruit.

When Claire crawled onto the bed between Karen’s legs she said. “Did Tess tell you I missed dinner?” Karen nodded. Claire held up a strawberry. “I love strawberries.” Claire said and popped it into her mouth. She took another one from the bowl and looked at it then she lowered her hand and rubbed it up and down Karen’s labia. He then brought it up and popped it into her mouth too. She looked at Karen and licked her lips.

She took a slice of peach and put it in Karen’s vagina, rubbing her labia as she tucked it inside her.

Claire lay forward and put her tongue at Karen’s vagina and let her tongue find the peach. She hooked her tongue under it and worked it forward until it slipped out an into Claire’s mouth. She sat up and chewed the peach slowly and watched Karen watching her. Claire removed another peach slice form the bowl and inserted it into Karen but instead of going after it she took a second slice and pushed it in.

Karen was glistening with sheen of sweat and starting to breathe heavily. Claire inserted a finger into Karen and forced the peach slices into her vaginal canal. She looked at Karen. “I want you to concentrate and give me back my peaches. Okay?” Karen nodded.

Claire lowered onto Karen’s cunt again and started sucking peach juice. Karen was working her hips and Claire could feel her vaginal muscles contracting. She was trying desperately to please Claire. Before long Claire could feel a peach with the tip of her tongue and she started to wiggle her tongue and the slice slowly came forth. Her waiting tongue worked under and behind it and tugged it into her mouth. She ate it and immediately started to search for the second one.

Karen was humping onto Claire’s mouth and trying to squeeze out the other peach slice. When it finally flowed into Claire’s mouth it was carried on a flow of Karen’s sexual fluids. Karen was gasping for air.

“Easy baby. We don’t want to get you to the end too fast. I have a lot of fruit left.” Claire said.

Claire reached into the bowl and removed a slightly green banana. She watched Karen’s eyes as she slowly peeled it. When finished, Claire tossed the peel and pointed the banana at Karen’s vagina. Karen grunted when Claire pushed four inches of it into her.

“You want more?” she asked. Karen nodded and raised her lips until the straps stopped her.

Claire pushed in the remaining four inches and Karen groaned. Claire leaned down and put her mouth on Karen.

Karen waited for Claire to start chewing and to slide the banana out of her. Instead, Claire used her tongue to push it another two inches deeper.

“Oh my God.” Karen cried. That feels so big.” Claire shoved two fingers into her and when they reached the banana she pushed into Karen until the farthest end was inside her a full eleven inches.

Karen was twisting on Claire’s fingers and shaking her head from side to side. When Claire put her mouth on Karen’s cunt again Karen cried out. Claire licked her and sucked until the banana finally reached her tongue. She continued sucking, and as the banana revealed more of itself, she would bite off a piece and continue her efforts.

Karen was having a slow continuous orgasm, moaning and grunting and panting every time the banana slipped a bit farther down her vaginal tunnel. Her flood of juice was helping the extraction and Claire was lapping it up and she ate the banana. Karen bucked when the final bit fell into Claire’s mouth and she lay there and enjoyed an amazing climax.

Clair sat up and smiled as Karen’s ass was still rising and falling onto the mattress and her labia were squeezing out more cum juices. It was dripping onto the sheet and making the biggest wet spot of the evening.

Claire was on her knees when she pulled a grape from the bowl and pushed it into her own pussy. Then she inserted another one and another and another. She pushed in eight in total. She used the fingers of her right hand to pinch her pussy lips together as she crawled from the bed and walked to the opposite end. She stood at Karen’s head and raised her right leg, placing it beside her head. She then placed her left leg along the other side of Karen. She was facing Karen’s feet.

Claire lowered her sex onto Karen’s mouth. Karen’s tongue immediately sought her vagina, forcing Claire’s hand out of the way as it entered her sex. A grape popped from Claire’s pussy and Karen swallowed it and searched for more. Claire started making small circles on Karen’s mouth and Karen’s tongue searched for another grape. When it slid out into her mouth, she inhaled it and lapped Claire, her mouth begging for another.

Over the next five minutes Karen had been served up all of the grapes and Claire was in the throes of an incredible climax. She was rubbing her labia on Karen’s mouth groaning as she sucked the fingers of her right hand into her mouth.

As Claire rose, finally spent, Karen kept stretching her neck forward, wanting to keep the taste of Claire’s sweet pussy on her tongue as long as possible.

Claire smiled at her and patted her cheek. “I have a feeling we are going to have many more opportunities for you to do this now that we know you enjoy serving us girls and much as you like being fucked by us. That is right isn’t it?” Claire asked.

Karen nodded her head rapidly. “Oh God I love being with you and Tess.” She said.

Tess knelt next to Karen and took her arm and unhooked the clasp, pulling off the Velcro band. “Were you serious?” Tess asked.

Karen looked at her. “You mean about liking do serve women?”

“Exactly.” Tess said.

“Yes. Does that make me weird or something?” Karen said.

“Does it make ME weird or something?” Tess asked. She moved to the other side of Karen.

Karen just smiled. “I see your point.” Tess unhooked her other arm and removed the band.

Tess moved to the end of the bed and freed both of Karen’s ankles. When her legs finally straightened again she moaned with pleasure. “I can’t believe how good just laying my legs out flat can feel.” Karen said. “God that’s wonderful.”

Claire left and returned to the room before Karen even knew she was gone. She had Karen’s clothes. The two girls left, allowing Karen to dress in private. When she was dressed, she pulled her cell phone from her pocket. It was eleven thirty. The girls had been with her for three and half hours.

“This is going to cost me a lot,” she thought. “What the fuck,” she told herself, “I’m worth every penny.”

When she pulled the curtains open Sam was at the counter and Tess and Claire were on the sofa. A very young blond was in one of the recliners. Tess smiled at Karen. “Karen, this is our sister Anna. She just came by to give us a ride home.” She was even more beautiful that her sisters.

“Hi.” Anna said. “I was off today. I’m sorry I missed your visit.” The girl was wearing sneakers with knee high white socks. She has on a very tight white tee and plaid shorts with matching suspenders. Her hair was in ponytails.

Tess stood and walked over to Karen as she handed her credit card to Sam.

“That’s five hundred for today’s session, as I told you when you booked.” Sam said.

“Absolutely.” Karen said. “Absolutely.”

When Sam handed her the receipt She realized she had put all of the pens away. “I’ll be right back.” She said.

“So, do you remember what you told me back there?” Tess asked.

Karen had a funny look as if she didn’t understand.

Tess leaned in and put her mouth to Karen’s ear. “About you really enjoying serving girls?” Karen nodded. Tess put her hand on top of Karen’s head and turned it toward the chair. “Nobody likes being taken care of more than my sister. She will let you have her all night long and beg for more.”

Karen nodded. “You might have to really insist if you want her to return the favor though, She is all about herself being happy and beautiful women is what makes her happy.”

Sam returned and Karen signed the receipt adding a two hundred dollar tip. “Another appointment?” Sam inquired.

“How about next Saturday?” Karen asked. Sam scanned the monitor. “What time?” She asked.

“How about eight again.” Karen said.

Sam said. “Oh, I’m sorry. We are starting a new offer.” She looked at Karen. “It’s an eight PM to noon sleep over.” Sam explained.

Karen said, “Oh, I see, well what do you have earlier?”

Sam checked. “I have 2 and 4 with Tess and 2 and 5 with Claire. Let’s see. No, Anna is only scheduled to work the overnight but she’s not booked yet so if she doesn’t get a client she might be available daytime.”

Karen thought about her options. “Well schedule me with Claire for five.” She hesitated and looked over to Anna who was reading a fan magazine. He legs were over the arm of the chair and her skirt had rose up on her thigh. “But if Anna should be available I would like to be with her instead.” She said. She felt proud of herself for speaking up for what she wanted.

“Got it.” Sam said.

Karen was safe in her condo when she finally leaned against the wall and ran her hands down the front of her shorts feeling the wetness still oozing from her vagina. She left one hand massaging her pussy and dialed her phone. When a voice answered it was one she didn’t recognize. “This is Karen Baker.’ She said.

“Oh yes you just left here, right?” The voice said. “Oh sorry, I’m Anna. Aunt Sam has already left and my sisters are cleaning up a little before we go home. Can I help you?”

“Well, I was wondering. Your aunt mentioned that the spa was starting a new weekend special.” Karen was struggling talking about the topic.

“You mean the overnight thing?” Ann asked.

Karen grinned. “Yes, the overnight thing.” She said.

“Sure. Anna said. “I’m doing it this week end.”

“Well.” Karen said. “Do you know the cost?”

“Sure.” Anna said. “It’s eight hundred dollars. That’s a lot isn’t it?”

“Yes.” Karen said. “Do you think it’s worth it?

Anna laughed “I hope so since I’m doing it but to be honest. I’ve never done anything quite like it before. Aunt Sam just came up with it at breakfast one morning and she asked if I would do it and I said sure.”

Karen hesitated. “I think I want to change my appointment from two on Saturday to the overnight.”

“Really?” Anna asked. “Are you sure?”

“Yes. I’m sure.” Karen said. “And by the way, I know what you like and I’m looking forward to spending the night with you.”

Anna giggled. “You do? Really?”

“Yes, I sure do.” Karen said. “I’ll see you on Saturday at eight.”

“Don’t be late.” Anna giggled again.

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